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Fuck, it's really happening bros, we're transitioning to a true police state Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:58:18 No. 385105 [Reply] [Last]
The state and military, those evil fucks, recognize corona as the perfect opportunity to institute martial law, have tanks roll down the streets, disappear people permanently and legally without due process. It's really fucking happening. I try being calm during the day, I talk to my mom, my friends. I'm fucking terrified. I'm drinking atm because I just woke up from a nightmare about soldiers breaking into my home and killing me and my mother. I live in NYC, they declared a State of Disaster here, apparently they're going to bring in national guard, post cops in front of grocery stores, impose curfew, and have cops break up any outside gathering. I think they'll quarantine the city within a month. This is it, they're finally tearing the mask off, it's all happening so fast i cant even sleep. I'm usually brave, I try having courage, laughed and meme'd with people here; but now it's all real, I have nightmares every night, I'm terrified that my parents and all my friends will be executed for associating with a communist and I'll be dragged away to get tortured to death. Back in my college town I was involved in organizing, COVID ruined that, please comrades, what can we do? Its finally here, and now I finally see how terrifying that truly is. The Left is so fucking weak and anemic, all we have left are the Sanders fans, wtf can we do, we can't even reach the workers, what can we do?????
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go to bed, agamben
>>398340 That seems like something you could just make a bunch of copies of and distribute freely tbh
>>398370 Yeah or just literally type up your own version.
>>398370 >>398463 Ok but why would you? The lockdown is a sensible measure and has been forced on the government against their will by popular pressure

Operation: Spreading Truth Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:40:44 No. 352135 [Reply] [Last]
I'm making a thread because of an idea I brought up and some people agreed with it >>306426. The idea goes as follows. Many normies are turned off by socialism by default because of disinformation and misunderstanding of what socialism even is. This causes the average normie to believe in dumb arguments against socialism (see >>194067). We should provide a way to spread information easily on all platforms to change the perspectives of said people. I think that would work well with compiled infographics. Illustrations and colors hold the attention of the average person more easily than long winded text on a Taiwanese fishing instruction board. Infographics are concise and straight to the point by design. Infographics seem trustworthy when provided with sources. And lastly, images are very, very easy to spread on the internet on every popular platform out there. I'm saying we should create such infographics and later on spread them. Now how do we go about this? It's a collective effort. We will tackle 1 socialist misconception at a time. We make 1 thread were everyone gives their juiciest counter-argument to said misconception. Give numbers, statistics, historic facts, you name it. Afterwards we pick the best posts, distil their information to their most essential and effective parts and use it in the infographic. It goes without saying that we will need a good graphic designer for this as optics are very important to convince others. Nothing crazy, but a good color scheme and a well structured layout are important. So if you can do the graphic design, please help with this The first misconception/argument we are going to make an infographic for is Communism has killed bazillions of people!
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>>352135 >The first misconception/argument we are going to make an infographic for is Communism has killed bazillions of people! Normal people would learn from mistakes, but tankies readily admit their logic: "to put it brutally—you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs" You're not going to get workers on your side by simping for totalitarians who were happy to let millions of poor people die to protect their power. Even if you debunk that argument, states like USSR/China ended up being reactionary "market socialism" bullshit that is just another form of exploitative capital accumulation. Everyone knows the powerful do not actually care about about workers who are disposable in their ideological lens.
"Communism killed 100 million people" is not backed by any evidence and comes from a book whose own authors admitted they were exaggerating figures as much as they could. Here's a good debunk on it https://leftypedia.org/wiki/User:Anarcho-Bolshevik/compendium/section_1
Americans don't give a shit about history, I don't see the point in this.
>>359204 >bunch of autists >leftypol and you were surprised by this?

Is financial capitalism distinct from industrial based capitalism? Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 12:30:19 No. 397439 [Reply] [Last]
You often hear from the right that the main problem of the system is its heavily financial and that the west needs to reindustrialize. Some Marxists such as Hudson believe so too. This obviously creates an easy Segway into hating on Jews who are overrepresented in finance institutions. But is this critique valid? Are these two forms of capitalism disctinct with one being worse than the other in the sense that being burdened with debt makes it harder for a country to redevelop itself and that industrialized nations are on average able to create economic growth much faster.
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>>397439 I would draw a distinction, but the real question is whether we can return to industrial capitalism. the industrial capitalism based period (fordism) lasted from about the 50s to the 70s, was keynesian dominated, and had a place for the trade unions. that collapsed leading to neoliberal finance-capitalism in the late 70s through the 90s, first dominated by monetarists and then by new classical economists (with some LARPing 'new keynesians' who remain fundamentally neoclassical), and it did so for solid material reasons. whether new material circumstances will lead to the rebuilding of industrial capitalism awaits to be seen, but the fordist/post fordist distinction is already well established.
(15.52 KB 630x630 seizedamop.png)
>>397439 It's probably not a distinct form entirely, financial capitalism did grow out of industrial capitalism to facilitate imperialist expansion. That said capitalism with a suppressed finance like in the new-deal/social-democracy era did work better, and the financialisation does represent civilisation decline with some regression with regards to social relations resembling some aspects of the feudal era. If you posit the neo-liberal revolution had failed in the 70s you'd still have to consider that industrial capitalism was in a crisis, and it would have needed to change: The alternative direction for capitalism would have been what Marx expected, namely increasing nationalisation of industry, and the disappearance of financial power towards becoming a profession that is reduced to accounting only. Marx may still be proven correct after-all because when the shit hits the fan nation states do take control over production and resources directly, and ignore money calculation. As far as linking a distinction of financial and industrial era capitalism to Dajoos sorry but that's just a brain-worm. Dajoos are mainly a identity group, they stand out only in a historical context, but currently it can't be said that people that identify thusly behave in a way that is substantially different than other identity groups. De-industrialisation is an epic strategic blunder of the western world, and it's the reason we are looking towards a Chinese century. Which may not be a bad thing, because it holds the promise of being allot less violent. The rise of China has proven Marx correct that it's about getting the means of production. What has to be said about the financial era too is the shift from production economy to service sector economy, has major problems, services sector economy does not benefit from the technological improvements in terms of labour productivity as much. And it's much harder on people because the production sector only alienates people from the product of their labour while the service sector alienates people from them self's entirely. If you want a high level abstraction why finance capitalism is worse than industrial capitalism, it can be boiled down to a parameter reduction for decision making. Basically because finance reduces everything to a single variable: money. The world cannot be accurately described by one variable. This leads to worse decision making, that sometimes becomes apparent in the form of demonstrably stupid and self destructive decisions being made on account of increasing stock prices.
You should read “imperialism the highest stage of capitalism” and “debt the first 5000 years to understand this problem”
Can someone point me in the direction of some reading material/information on the state and nature of US industry? I have personally seen factories shuttered, and the mask production debacle shows a seeming inability to make basic goods- but I also have seen statistics that the US is second worldwide in terms of manufacturing output. Plus as the store I can find plenty of things made in the US, from cheap knick-knacks to more complicated goods. How fucked are we?

(612.75 KB 1600x1199 Parade.JPG)
India thread Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 18:52:57 No. 398176 [Reply] [Last]
In honor of the new Naxal flag, and this recent dope news http://www.demvolkedienen.org/index.php/en/asien/3717-india-the-plga-kills-17-police-officers-in-chhattisgarh, I declare India thread open. Let's talk about why Naxals are based and redpilled.
>>398176 What are the naxalites even? t. Pakfag
>>398293 Guerrilla Maoists going back to the 1960s who have significant areas of control in the eastern rural areas.
>>398293 Asian Maoist jungle rebels
it is in lockdown due to covid-19

Why the most of leftist smoking? Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 09:37:52 No. 391309 [Reply] [Last]
I mean the leftist traditionaly smoke. What is this background? And If you smoke why you do?
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(7.92 KB 463x424 castro-vector.png)
>>397504 >What about Che, Fidel, and pretty much everyone else that has been mentioned itt? Did they not have that "iron discipline" because they smoked? Well Che and Fidel smoked cigars, the nicotin is absorbed mostly through the mouth rather than the lungs. So maybe because cigars are puffed that prevents some of the degradation of lungs. If you think that nicotine will improve your discipline, maybe try patches or gums. That way you can at least test if it's actually the nicotine that is responsible for the effect. It might be that it's not the nicotine and the discipline enhancing effect comes from the oral stimulation of sucking on something. In that case you might just opt for stuffing a small peace of pipe with some herbs that have pleasant odour and ad component to the pipe that mimics the air resistance of a cigar/cigarette and suck on that without actually lighting it on fire.
(1.96 KB 180x195 assblaster.png)
>>398030 Well it's both H2O, so technically this would be the case I don't know why you fear that people would assume that bidets and ass-blasters would be using grey-water.
(1.45 MB 326x256 blissful auts.gif)
>>398030 >tfw cum in the bidet and the next person gets a load of semen blasted up into their ass
>>398030 >t. never been to japan they have bidets on a lot of public toilets, and they are a joy to use usually. sometimes the shitty public toilet ones spray too hard though. some public toilets are squatting toilets, which are also better and you'd need less toilet paper after pooping.
(3.95 MB 2480x3507 sonkosn.jpg)
>>398017 They made me feel that way when I was 14 as well. Not borderline nauseous, but physically ill. It took me years of smoking very occasionally before I could finish a cigarette, but once I got to that point I fell in love with them. I wouldn't recommend trying to get hooked though, it is very hard to quit.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:06:19 No. 397816 [Reply] [Last]
Would you turn him in for $15m?
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>>397983 Former bus driver, current leader of Vuvuzela and one of few Latin Americans who have told the yanks to fuck off and survived the experience so far
>>397816 No, not based comrade Maduro
If Maduro was truly a south american drug lord then the USA would be supporting him
real talk: if he turns himself in, will he get the bounty?
Lie and keep the 15m. Spend half of it on ``el petro`` crypto and most of the other half on other petro projects. Leave enough to smuggle myself out of the US and into Cuba.

(969.96 KB 1216x1041 my-imag44e.png)
Leftist Tier List Thread Anonymous 02/21/2020 (Fri) 13:47:26 No. 290527 [Reply] [Last]
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>>342364 good job. this is the best list i've seen so far
>>353401 Engels is better than Marx? Can I ask why?
>>353401 >Kautsky higher than Lenin bruh
(188.85 KB 1440x1080 Kagura_bait.jpg)
>>290527 >Deng and Xi in the top of a socialist list
(942.65 KB 1064x812 my-image.png)
Naive youth, tfw no jian zemin

Any books on the fascist mind? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:14:11 No. 384586 [Reply] [Last]
Can you guys recommend me psycho-analytical works on the fascist mindset. My father comes from a military family, and he never refuses a moment to bootlick, despite looking like a complete idiot. I find it fascinating how someone could completely surrender their mind just to be seen by others as a contrarian. It's a particular mindset that is harbored by some even on the left (tankies) where they derive pleasure from subordinating themselves to a paternal figure or ideology. I can't explain it with my own words but I'd like to understand it better.
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Bob Altemeyer, "The Authoritarians" Adorno, "The Authoritarian Personality" Other research on the RWA scale
Can't go wrong on Umberto Eco's Ur-fascism, which goes through in part the psychology of fascism.
>>385482 He was originally a Nazi, his racial pathology, as he admits himself is because he was bullied as a child by other black kids relentlessly, in that sense he genuinely is afraid of black people; and even understands that some of his fears are unfounded, but very likely has PTSD. He's on record on old /leftypol/ as saying the reason he still spends so much time here is because he basically is a Communist now, or at least considers us to be correct, but he still hates Black people. To an extent it's partially a character because we all found him hilarious when he first started posting and he's still pretty funny now. I respect his dedication to the bit and see him as just a fixture of /leftypol/. It's plausible that he could just be a shitposting commie but it seems too far gone for it to be that.
>>389332 >>389362 >Whitness is just a social construct that can be changed at whim. No. I know people like to say that the Irish weren't considered white, but that too is false. 9 Irishmen signed the Declaration of Independence. If Irishmen weren't classed as white they wouldn't have been allowed to do that. Anti Irish discrimination during the 19th century had nothing to do with race. It was about a group of immigrants coming in an competing with native born workers for low skilled jobs, and also them being Catholic instead of protestant. So no; Mezitzos and Asians won;t ever become white.
>>389362 "Race" as a whole was made up to break up the workers.

(75.34 KB 907x1360 61BFnU2XiqL.jpg)
Little Red Book Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 18:27:43 No. 392292 [Reply] [Last]
I'm new to reading theory and Marxism-Leninism in general. Even the manifesto seems a little daunting. Is Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung a good introduction or is it just for Maoists?
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(79.56 KB 960x1014 the irony.jpg)
>>393098 The criticism Bland is presenting is directed towards the lolbert notion that market mechanisms operate as a form of "economic voting" and that prices serve as a "signal" for what is wanted in society. Bland argues that "demand", as described in the analysis he critiques, is really something he calls "effective demand", which is just the amount of money that consumers with money are willing to spend. "Demand", in Bill's argument, does not refer exactly to the "demand" in the concept "supply and demand", but instead the average of the wants of the population. With the example of people protesting for bread, Bland maintains that, unless the protestors had money, there would be no "effective demand" - demand that the market system actually cares about. Bland then argues that, because production is oriented towards "effective demand" and not the wants or needs of society, irrational shit like empty houses and a homeless population exist because housemakers are not building houses to address society's wants or needs but instead "effective demand" (housemakers are producing for profit). This paragraph essentially explains the difference between production for profit (capitalism) and production for use (socialism). Further examples demonstrate the validty of Bland's statements. Take, for example, extortionate practices such as price gouging, in which companies raise the prices of commodities that are suddenly highly wanted because it maximizes profit, even when there is sufficient supply, or how some companies will take a product and essentially repackage and sell it at higher prices. Capitalism is a system that encourages the production and selling of any kind of commodity regardless of its utility to society. This is why GDP/c is a shitty metric for the standard of living. More GDP/c exists when a healthcare system involves unnecessary transactions fostered by bloodsucking insurance companies than when a healthcare system is highly subsidized or is paid-for by the consumer directly. More GDP/c also exists when people buy cars enmasse to get to work rather than use public transporation. Hope this helps
>>392292 Red Book is good but you'd benefit from having a grasp on Marx, Lenin and Stalin first. Try this instead. Nest introductory text there is: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/11/prin-com.htm
>>393190 Thank you based anon.
>>393098 Look at what is happening today. There wasn't a Thanos snap that just removed half the population, it's just that people have no pay check, therefore no money, therefore they can't pay their rent. Or look at what's been happening for years in places like London and LA and New York. There's huge demand for affordable housing, but the profit is in building luxury apartments for oligarchs as an investment. So the luxury apartments are built and homelessness remains.
>>392355 >Principles of Communism Yeah, the text Marx and Engels scrapped after realizing that communism maybe shouldn't be framed as a sect.

Soviet usenet posts during August Coup Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 03:36:10 No. 376661 [Reply] [Last]
I was reading about usenet a couple of months ago and stumbled upon a website that has an archive of posts during the August coup from the 19th of August to the 22nd. It has some posts on the website but most of them must be downloaded. They are in the .tar format but they can be read with notepad or notepad++, or any other text editor. collapse.su
>>376661 (me) Path: relcom!demos!fuug!mcsun!uunet!zaphod.mps.ohio-state.edu!think.com!unixland!sharon From: [email protected]nd.natick.ma.us (Sharon Machlis Gartenberg) Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet Subject: Re: Ukrainian nationalism Message-ID: [email protected]> Date: 18 Aug 91 15:45:24 GMT References: [email protected]> Organization: The Think_Tank BBS & Public Access Unix Lines: 61 In article [email protected]> [email protected] (Andrew Ukrainec) writes: Quoting a letter from The Globe and Mail: >Mr. Bush's opposition to self-determination for Soviet minority peoples is >hypocritical and racist. Canadians should know that the White House opposes

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Any autists dug up anything interesting here?
Xref: relcom talk.politics.soviet:3438 relcom.netnews:164 Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet,relcom.netnews Path: relcom!news-server From: [email protected] (Eugene Nesterenko) Subject: info from Russian Information Agency (English) Message-ID: [email protected]> Lines: 180 Sender: [email protected] Reply-To: [email protected] Organization: unknown Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 05:04:26 +0200 MOSCOW: THE DECLARATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA AT THE PRESS-CONFERENCE MOSCOW /RIA/. The President of Russia Boris Elcin declared last events in the USSR as a revolt. During the press-conference held

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(227.44 KB 546x745 1.png)
There are some Russian posts but they have some weird encoding
>>391425 /tech/ delivered comrades >>>/tech/614


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