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(43.53 KB 624x351 chazbased.jpg)
Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 15:34:49 No. 666189 [Reply] [Last]
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>>666189 >oh it’s another pro-Reddit camp threa- < free people's militia that can shoot black teenagers just as well Kek based. Fuck anarkiddysm and fuck chaz
>>666433 Yes CHAZ is literally McCarthyism 2. This is the materialist analysis I am here for.
(89.84 KB 448x300 baby_crying_iawp3j.jpeg)
post yfw a few dead lumpens have made the victims of gommunism far too numerous to continue
Weren’t the guys they shot like driving around shooting people and trying to ram people with their car and shit? I don’t really care about this topic but that’s what I seem to remember. It would probably explain why trump of all people decided to console their families in that scenario Because they died an epic matyr trying to kill LibTARDS or whatever
>mfw chaz can't even last a month

(224.15 KB 1000x660 Fish-Hook-Theory.png)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 18:02:19 No. 673017 [Reply] [Last]
thoughts on the fish hook theory?
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(185.24 KB 778x504 imgur-2017_08_15-01_27_49.png)
>>673783 Cringey strawman of the "SJW" position. Saying white supremacy is a thing does not mean you think whites are superior, and in fact many Klansmen think they're being victimized and are not in fact living in a white supremacist society.
>>673777 Yes. >>673783 I'm not taking the sjws side, and I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion.
>>673017 Autism
>>673783 yup honestly some "anti-sjw" motherfuckers on here sound like gamergate

(46.17 KB 672x372 anarchoind.png)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 21:51:00 No. 673454 [Reply] [Last]
Who here has taken the ghost pill? Where have all of the post-lefties, individualists, illegalists, and egoists gone? Has anyone here escaped the wage cage, or capital as a whole, in favor of making money through shady ways, or going off the grid and living an alternative lifestyle? Tips would be much appreciated, I'm done waiting; I want my liberation. Also to those who would decry this as bourgeois escapism or lifestyleism, I ask: why are you such masochists?
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>>673573 Well, it help if you are a petty bouj in the first place. Most of us have to work to survive though
>>673454 I’m still here, but I’ve fused my interest in Stirner with Marxism.
>>673464 Because instead of posting there you post here
>>673537 never gets old
I will shit myself to please my ego and nobody can stop me.

(166.11 KB 700x525 1591917355-image_from_ios_12_.jpg)
What can be learned. Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 16:47:03 No. 640942 [Reply] [Last]
So it’s pretty obvious that CHAZ has failed. This thread is took look at why it failed and learn what can be done better next time.
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>>671744 >"The driver was reserved and appeared sullen throughout his time in custody," Trooper James McGuire wrote in the arrest report. "At one point he asked if the injured pedestrians are okay." Sad situation all-around tbh
So is it time to throw the antitankies under the bus to deal with the inevitable hurr communism fails just look at CHAZ that's going around comrades?
>>673785 It wasn't real socialism
>>641501 So it was a lack of theory that caused the two black kids in the car to be shot?
>Reddit camp thread still going

(49.01 KB 800x480 Social-Democrat rose fist.png)
What has Social-Democracy done for you? Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 03:08:52 No. 671807 [Reply] [Last]
Lets go over a brief overview of the multiple countries that Social-Democratic governance had or has rapidly improved since its delimitation as its own ideology around the time of World War 1. >Virtually the entire Anglosphere (especially the UK Aus NZ and Canada) >Virtually the entirety of the European continent west of Warsaw. >Most of Post-Independence Indian history under the INC >Ending Apartheid in South-Africa under the ANC >Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador etc all the pink tide nations >Mexico under calles and Cardneas >Any of the Soviet bloc countries where Social-Democratic governance in the wake of 1991 prevented Russia 1993 tier economic collapse. If you live in any of these countries or lived in them during the period the Social-Democrats were in power you owe infinitely more of the lifestyle that has been achieved to your respective social-democratic movement then to your favourite Trotskyite internationale or true Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party with 5 members. <"B...But some of these places were overthrown/Became Revisionist overtime!" The same can be said of most Marxist nations and movements <"B...A,B and C were overthrown that shows its implausible because porkie will never let the..." The same can be said of most historical marxist nations. There is no point frittering your time away with arguing over whether Chairman Gonzalo or Mao are better or who would have been the better Minister for the soviet economy in 1982 when the greatest opportunity for socialist movement is ready made and able to be exploited for the working classes benefit in most countries.

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(27.17 KB 640x360 AMLO.jpg)
austerity,alliance with neoliberals and private interests,unemployment, making the average person think "left=shit", destruction of indigenous territory
Reminder that Socdems advocate for roughly the same nightmarish future as Eco-Fascists, namely masses of climate refugees from developing countries being slaughtered at the borders of Northern Enclaves The only difference is in euphemisms used
>>673266 i would have more respect for them if they actually advocated for anything at all, even that. but they have no vision, strategy or long term view, they just abdicate all responsibility and pursue strategically worthless short-sighted short-term goals while living in denial about the predictable consequences of their policies. they're like children, or the green party.
>>672537 explain your god-damn position already
>>673808 i already did. give me one good reason to do it again.

(942.78 KB 1600x875 jebus.jpg)
Christian Leftist Propaganda Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 21:07:31 No. 671277 [Reply] [Last]
It's kinda wild to me that Christianity is so fervently weaponized in pro-capitalist/ pro-conservative politics when there are some pretty based sections of the new testament that pretty explicitly state yeet the rich. Lots of black working class folk in my neighborhood are very religious and the US south and appalachia has huge swaths of religious low income population that also have roots in labor organizing (coal miners etc). Is there a place for leveraging the ethics Christianity to propagandize people towards socialism/ anti-capitalism?
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>>671277 Matthew 22:21 and Romans 13 negate any and all leftist economic reading of the New Testament, rendering it a wholly reactionary text. "Don't question earthly authority because your Kingdom is in Heaven." /thread
>>671739 Liberation theology is effectively a Protestant movement derived from 20th century Latin American priests who lived amongst the poor rather than 16th century merchant-kings. It isn't Catholic because it rejects the hierarchy of the Church, promotes subjective exegesis amongst the laity, and incorporates Marxist thought (haram).
Try to live in a country in which the Catholic church has a lot of power and you'll change idea.
>>671868 it's essentialist nonsense. you're clearly a fedora tipper that somehow thinks your ideology is relevant to communism. it's the same thing as the cacs on this board that go on about how blacks are bad because they're "lumpen". it's essentialist garbage that suspends all abstract thought.
>>672123 the Bible contradicts itself. it was written by multiple people.

Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 10:35:03 No. 660833 [Reply] [Last]
Stalin: >ruled for 25 years over a territory of 22,402,200 km2 >population under his rule: 150million in 1927 - 196million before WW2 >average population number under his rule: 173 000 000 >3.3 million excess deaths under his rule (executions, gulags, etc. not counting the holo and the domor) >math: 173,000,000 / 3,300,000 = 52.42 Every 52th citizen died under Stalin. >Time And Territory Adjusted Excess Deaths (TATAED - a term I just made up, measured in metric units of "horror") >math: (every citizen dieded + time) * horror constant [100,000] / territory = (25+52) * 100,000 / 22,402,200 = 0.3437 TATAED: 0.34 horror, or 34 centihorror Anarchist Catalonia: >(un)ruled for 3 whole years over a territory of 32,108 km2 >average population under their (un)rule: 2.8million >excess deaths (executions, gulags, etc.) between 38000 and 72344, average: 55000 >math: 2,800,000 / 55,000 = 50.9 Every 51th citizen died under anarchism.

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>0.34 horror my sides were detected by fucking NORAD after reaching orbit
>>660833 And who goffed up Anarchist Catalonia all the way from here to Heck? 1) Stalin X) Ancestors to John-Caleb Bradberton, the inventor of the Nuka-Cola soft drink and CEO of the Nuka-Cola Corporation 2) Сталин You have to answer the question before this song is over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSB2TMFVkbI >>660861 Ha ha, maté goes SSSLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!
>>670540 where are your numbers? here's the math: >>661098
>>669741 big ass cope
>>673358 Did they hit them, or did the Patriots fail again?

(51.34 KB 600x600 ruccio_square.jpg)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 23:54:55 No. 673743 [Reply] [Last]
Opinion of David Ruccio?

(87.01 KB 1047x720 rail.jpeg)
rail appreciation thread Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 10:16:19 No. 672145 [Reply] [Last]
the previous rail thread died here's the new one post train related stuff
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the previous rail thread died reached end of the line.
(82.19 KB 558x745 eof tram.jpg)
(61.56 KB 660x483 jettrain1.jpg)
>no more 160mph turbojet train WE'RE IN THE WRONG TIMELINE COMRADES
>>673117 China just started testing a 374 mph maglev Amtrak has 150mph hsr
You asked for it to be moved to >>>/hobby/ you bunch of retards, dont then make a new one, jesus. Locked, obviously. Go to the thread you yourself asked to be moved.

(180.66 KB 1080x805 IMG_20200702_175552.jpg)
Nationalist movements within the United States Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 22:07:15 No. 662134 [Reply] [Last]
What do you guys think of the various Nationalists movements in the USA and Canada? Should we support such movements, such as New England Independence or Quebec? Would a socialist world order necessitate, at the very least, more autonomy for these regions?
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>>666094 Promote decentralization in bourgeois countries. Do you think the US will be as effective at imperialism if it were broken into a couple different countries? Look how disastrous that concept was for the USSR.
>>662262 AUS is the most prone to becoming Alt-Fascism
>>666074 Surely the battle standard is even worse
>>662260 >Joseph Stalin (although he isn't named Stalin in this mod) as a leader in Anarchist Argentina Uhhhh, no? He's an economics minister for Georgia in the mod
>>663911 >the devs even changed his appearance in-game a little to avoid being sued for libel by his family. Bruh, what?


no cookies?