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A Fascist’s Guide to Leftism Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 21:52:40 No. 27044 [Reply]
I’m gonna cut straight to the chase. I am a Fascist (Falangist to be exact) and I wanted to see what you guys have to say because I’m an open minded person. Ive started to get into leftism a little bit and now I’ve kinda dostanced myself from /pol/ propaganda. I’ve gotten pretty much the basics of socialism but there’s one part where I struggle in
You see, despite all the talk about “Worker’s Struggles” and all that, I can’t seem to find a single instace of a Worker riot or something like that. Is there a reason for this? Or am I just not looking into it enough?
Thank you for your hospitality
I dont like Nazism but I’ll use this flag to distinguish myself
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>and I think it would be beneficial for my country
but why
i lol'd
It was definitely anarchist/democratic socialism in the thirties. I really doubt that sort of class consciousness vanishes, and I'm quite sure I read an article on either Current Affairs or the Jacobin about how the current day influence of democratic socialism on Barcelona's government.
Most here won't go this far but I'm willing to say it, I would more than anything in my heart prefer for all fascists who aren't just stupid bougie or lumpenprole edgelords but actually are working class or allies to the working classes to become socialists. BUT if the spooks are simply too strong and no matter what you can't seem to break away entirely from fascism I want you to know I used to be the same way and I understand. I understand you and I don't want you to die or anything else because I know that you fight the same enemy I do and you're just confused as to their appearance. So if you can say to me "No violence against you or your cause until the current ruling class and their world order is defeated" I can extend that same courtesy to you. And I deaperately, desperately hope that in the course of seeing us struggle against a common enemy you might come around to my side and leave the dead end of fascism behind brother.
>But that isnt just a worker riot but a lower/middle class riot, correct?
Everyone who has to sell their labour-power to survive is a worker.
(92.14 KB 530x152 the great strike of 1877.jpg)

>I can’t seem to find a single instace of a Worker riot

Just stuff I know of because I'm from the mighty steel city.

The Great Strike of 1877 is the most prominent American workers riot I know of. It was independent of unions and political organizations. Workers had just had enough. It was so massive in my city that that whole blocks of downtown were burned to the ground scorched earth style.

Here's a whole website dedicated to the strike.


The anarchists who made that site went around down and illegally put workers history plaques up all over the place that masquerade as official government historical plaques. Many of them are still up.

Another infamous strike (more like revolt) is the Battle of Homestead and outside of Pittsburgh I know the Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest open rebellion in American history besides the civil war, and the anarchist Chicago riots are infamous too.

(41.50 KB 512x512 sEWtFDMA.jpg)
catgirl drawgirl Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 06:50:47 No. 24796 [Reply]
I've been out of the loop of leftist stuff for a while and I was wondering whatever happened to her? ofc i remember the whole r/socialism fiasco but she hasn't posted anything on twitter in over a year, did she just disappear or did something shitty happen?
also does that one artist that made the futa political compass still make comics? I'd appreciate a link
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Nah. She also streamed on twitch for a short period.
It’s pretty cool she was posting on leftypol as actual talent when most of the site was complete pseudo trash (including myself).
She needed money to live so she decided to spend her time building a portfolio that she would be able to show to potential employers, which is why she stopped producing catgirls.
Yeah, can't blame her. She use to interact with me on twitter from time to time.
She was pretty nice and I kind of miss her, but glad she's out there living her life.
(15.46 KB 220x326 220px-Kierkegaard.jpg)
I miss our cuteboi.
I never even got to see any of the pics :/

yoshiposting Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 11:05:51 No. 25022 [Reply]
so is commi yoshi a bunkerchan/leftypol OC meme? or does it originate elsewhere?
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>so is commi yoshi a bunkerchan/leftypol OC meme? or does it originate elsewhere?
8/leftypol/ OC expropriating intellectual property meme, it originates days even hour's before cripplechan's shutdown
I'm afraid you're stuck with it comr8s, it's born of a momentous event
Okay so I guess they are not shit then.

Stoshi was created by /expropriado/, a Brazilian communist board from 8chan.

We later brought it here.
BASED BRAZILIANS hopefully you get rid of your president before he makes you all hold your shit forever

(181.76 KB 365x698 leftypol3.jpg)
/raid/ Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 23:26:19 No. 27164 [Reply]
Leftypol has long has a policy of not raiding other boards and/or site, what do you guys think about changing this policy? the only raid we ever did was to back up batko geting mass flagged by /pol/ and that ungrateful cunt ran out on us as a side note this is what the yoshi gang memes could be good for, since its a relatively obscure meme to spam on imageboards
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i was joking, i hope you don't have a problem with raiding porky's skyscraper though
>shitposting in a youtube stream for publicity is the same as shooting up a walmart
>board raiding is the same as livestream raiding
Yeah pretty much. It's definitely not useful or anything but pissing off far-right radio hosts used to be fun. Anybody remember Ghost?
>you wanna stain our perception by stooping to the same level as /pol/
Most imageboards already have a clear bias against /leftypol/ the only boards that I know that have a somewhat a warm view of leftypol are /his/ and /lit/
although as this anon point out
raiding isn't that bad if anything is more close to innocent fun than what /pol/ is doing

(412.67 KB 576x566 9d5.png)
Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:15:06 No. 20165 [Reply]
Yes, /pol/, go and raid the albanian website, yes... Blame the joo.
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stay cucked for life
Lmao these attempts at """""""raids""""""" are fucking pathetic
We already here fam.
Why bump this thread?

(163.70 KB 926x729 image-20170209-28716-6qsolu.jpg)
Leftists and the Military Comrade 08/08/2019 (Thu) 00:47:21 No. 16418 [Reply]
Now that we can discuss this topic without getting banned, can we have a thread on leftists and the military? What are your takes on joining the military to acquire training? What about recruiting veterans or active soldiers into the cause?

Personally I think that depending on where you live (i.e. if you aren't a burger), joining your country's military could be highly useful. Most countries other than the US don't really engage in military adventurism, and most have reserve/militia units that you can join on a part time basis. It seems to me that between both these things, most Anons outside the US could join and not have to worry about any actual deployment as an imperialist enforcer.
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beause germany is a first world country thats a net beneficiary of imperialism, they're a willing participant in us imperialism not some third world hostage you dolt, if the eu wanted they could quit nato an kick the burgers out but its cheaper for them to have the burgers do their imperialism for them.
its still imperialism wether the german goverment supports it or not, its imperialism to the german people nonetheless, idiot. The Northern Irish Government primarily supported the British Army's military bases but that didn't stop Irish Republicans from saying it was imperialism now did they.
(4.74 KB 177x200 brainlet.jpeg)
are you telling me northern ireland isnt an imperialist state
But Mao didn't served imperialists

(3.01 MB 2225x961 marx and rothschild proven.png)
(89.45 KB 1000x1048 communistball (2).jpg)
(83.50 KB 500x500 anti-semitism-in-ussr.jpg)
Question from a board less Sheltered. Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 17:24:36 No. 25322 [Reply]
Greetings leftypol.
As im sure you are aware from the images i've posted I myself have am a right winger.
A National Socialist to be exact. (Hopefully the mods of this place wont contort that political affiliation into some childish gag but if they have, I am a N.a.t.i.o.n.a.l.s.o.c.i.a.l.i.s.t.)
And i come here, in as best faith as a right winger on a leftist board can, to ask a very simple question.
>>>In what way is Marxism Revolutionary?
Because you se to me at least.
Its fairly obvious that it was funded and created by the very same financial elite you claim to appose.
Im sure i have to tell none of you how the Ziffs funded lennin or how the capitalist countries of the world supplied and fought along side the USSR in world war two (despite the fascists being their "puppets" and the USSR being their class enemies according to Marxist doctrine)
To my knowledge their has never been a film produced by the corporate propaganda outlet known as hollywood that has depicted the holodomor.
Yet there have been countless films depicting the holocaust in extreme horrific detail.
Strange that the "capitalists" would use atrocity propaganda against their own class allies wile neglecting to use it against their class enemies.
When was the last time Noam Chompsky was invited to speak at Harvard, Yale or other centers of american power and wealth?
And when do you think they will be inviting Richard Spencer?
How many National socialists, race realists, and people concerned with questions on the JQ have been censored by the corporate entities of youtube and goolge for espousing their political beliefs?
And how many leftists have?
It is well and truly baffling how the capitalist class continually works against their own interests suppressing, demeaning and even using violence on their supposed foot soldiers while neglecting to stunt the spread of leftist ideas across the western world.
That is...

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(526.52 KB 1088x3779 66.png)
>Even the_Donald bans critics at reddit.
oh fucking hell, can't you sum this up on wikipedia?
(308.42 KB 1024x1179 14157418_f1024.gif)
Stalin was good
handsome devil
The primary enemy of Nazi Germany was, and always had been the Soviet Union. While Stalin was trying to form an anti-fascist pact with Britain and France, they were busy giving endless concessions to the Nazis. The Soviet Union killed more Nazi soldiers than all the other allies combined times two.

(110.89 KB 500x500 5498.jpg)
/Data/mining Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 21:02:17 No. 20568 [Reply]
Ok, so ITT we will ask these surveys about our ideologies, and from where we come from.
First, from where are you, comrade?
I which leftist front are you:
Your Ideology:
If you were a bunkerchan native, go here:
If you are a /leftypol/ refugee, go here:
If you are a CTH survivor, go here:
If you're from neither of them, go here:

Thanks for participating.
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probably because quarantine means fucking nothing in the long run and there are a fuckton of alternative lefty/chapo reddits already

reddit zoomers can't understand image board shit
Shameless naztrot bumpo
bump for knowledge
who the fuck owns this board??
(135.95 KB 723x960 enver_hoxha_118.jpg)

(148.48 KB 1081x913 Screenshot_2.jpg)
(45.22 KB 659x173 Screenshot_3.jpg)
VICE news article mentions bunkerchan Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 23:35:44 No. 13267 [Reply]
>Bunkerchan: Hosted in Albania, Bunkerchan.xyz has become the new home for 8chan’s leftypol, a board dedicated to discussions of political events from the left-wing viewpoint. Among the small number of users on Bunkerchan on Tuesday morning, however, the main topic of discussion was criticisms of the site’s PDF attachment symbol.

What do we make of this, Anons?
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OP, post the outline or archive links to the article, we don’t want to give VICE adds.
Extremism, when it comes from the left, is a virtue.
VICE siad “left-wing politics” in the mind of Western Journalists that means SucDems and Radlibs. They are going to shrill us to SucDems and RadLibs who will come here and destroy the board.
Extremism doesn’t mean violent. Extreme is a synonym for radical. We are radical left, so the label makes sense.
Bukerchan is where we will organize cyber campaigns to help the NPA bring down the Imperialist government of Deuterte.
This. It'll confuse the fuck out of them.
mother fuckers are múy famoso
Fuck'in hell
Actually pretty based

(376.13 KB 458x564 templ8.png)
Jimmy "gulag the poonanie" Dore Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 00:43:10 No. 20999 [Reply]
Let's not kid ourselves, comrades, Jimmy "kill porky" Dore is one of us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4212v5duBIM
24 posts and 1 image omitted.
>maybe he should stop defending them so much every time he gets public coverage.
Maybe you should stop fabricating positions of his so you have something to argue against. Wouldn't that be a better use of your time?
I'm talking about his positions. I'm talking about how he sells them in public, clearly omitting the problem Marxists have with the commodity form, etc.

I mean, I watched pretty much every video of Wolff where he's a guest in some mainstream stuff. Even in the Michael Brooks Show, which is clearly socialist-leaning and not afraid to talk actual Marxism, he shrinked back when Brooks mentioned exchange-value, immediately saying "that's not really the problem" and went on to give some liberal SocDem explanation to the question. Watch the video, it's from two days ago.

Again, I refuse to believe that you can't ever talk about Marxism to a liberal or blue collar audience without having to revising 90% of the shit Marx said. It's not rocket science. I think Wolff does this because he lived through the Reagan and Bush years, where even mentioning socialism or Marxism would get you shunned, but he doesn't seem to realise that the discourse has changed. I mean, hell, he even admitted as such: He said in the aforementioned Michael Brooks video that he was asked by some Berniebros to set up a tent and talk about socialism, and he immediately dismissed them, to which he admitted was a mistake because they did set up the tent and it was popular. He's still trapped within the "you need silky gloves if ever mention Marx" mentality that you needed during the Cold War but millenials and zoomers are pretty disconnected from that. They see the system failing and want answers. Explaining what a commodity and how production works doesn't seem like and impossibility.
I think the last bit is important because critics of Wolff often get dismisses as wanting to give a Ilyenkov lecture to a construction worker. This is not the case. I hate Leftcoms who get super pedantic about never ever formulating Marx differently, clearly you can rough stuff up/simplify it or use modern terms (which is by the way what Marx was doing in his times as he intended to write for the working class, but because it's the 19th century it now comes over snobbish) and still get the basic message across. What Wolff does is constantly harp on cooperatives and nothing else. He's a broken record at this point and I think he can do better, I mean he went to a fucking elite university.

I know that Marx thought cooperatives were good, but I don't see it as such a relevance to overcome capitalism in 2019. Most employees don't even want to hold a share in their company because the market is so erratic that they might share the risk of being bankrupt. Most cooperatives operate on a petit-bourgeois level which gets asphyxiated by monopoly capital. I think this co-op pushing stuff is outmoded, and if you look at co-ops like Mondragon, they shouldn't be idealised. Many Mondragon workers were complaining that they are just as alienated as anywhere else and that the executive board is pretty disconnected from them.
>broken record at this point
all honesty probably has to do with old age and failure to retain or reformulate new information. you see sanders also has this problem.
What's wrong with Chinah


no cookies?