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(51.94 KB 612x811 hell yeh i like cute boys.jpg)
(410.53 KB 718x891 james mason pedo.jpg)
Esoteric Hitlerism General: Satanic Nazis Sage#+GbZOp 07/19/2020 (Sun) 01:37:06 No. 702127 [Reply] [Last]
This is all the evidence we put together in the last thread, in order, for any newcomers. I'm gonna add in a few bits for context as well and lines of enquiry without sources that we might want to pursue Evidence: >leader of neo nazi group "the base" a fed https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/23/revealed-the-true-identity-of-the-leader-of-americas-neo-nazi-terror-group >various themes involving the alt right, their connections to the intelligence services, and the esoteric hitlerist connections in both, alongside pedophile connections https://medium.com/@MKultrawoke/the-truth-about-the-alt-right-a-destruction-by-facts-and-logic-e3d07f27e8cb?source=your_stories_page--------------------------- > a video describing the Order of the Nine Angles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIkYhf3toG8 >videos of 09A ritual stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jKpikOvzNk&list=PL92ghcVduUkM-V3H2g439J39OmN6C3nxW&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VEyIuuH-qU&list=PL92ghcVduUkM-V3H2g439J39OmN6C3nxW&index=13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F15opwqezJc >AWD Pedo Cop with probable links to esoteric groups https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/05/met-police-officer-arrested-suspected-of-belonging-to-group-linked-to-terrorism >National Socialist Underground

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>>883841 lmao what it's all just a LARP. you should be afraid of the fact that people like fall through the cracks of our healthcare system all the time.
>>883841 To be fair, it is pretty spooky shit
>>883852 i've not looked at the actual channel, some of the other videos are a little unsettling. Like the video of the guy cutting himself, or the one of the guy creeping through dark woods grunting. its not like I couldn't watch it if i wanted to, just not very zen right now
>>883903 There's nothing graphic or even extremely disturbing on Neutegem's channel, but it's still very odd
>>883903 > Like the video of the guy cutting himself, or the one of the guy creeping through dark woods grunting. Wat?

Was self management in Yugoslavia unmarxist? Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 17:57:20 No. 876184 [Reply] [Last]
I was reading Hoxha's critique of Yugoslav self management and he makes the claim that it was unmarxist because the workers directly controlled the means of production, rather than controlling it through the state. Was this true?
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>>876390 weak bait
>>876677 >Mises I am a market socialist but how can you unironically site Mises
>>876677 fuking lmao this ancap
>>883010 How’s it bait?
>>876247 >dictatorship nigga please. my parents lived in the old yuga, it was no such thing.

"WOWZERS GUYZ DONTCHA KNO GOTTA VOOT BIDEN TRUMP IS LITERALLY ADOLF HITLER" Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 00:09:40 No. 883913 [Reply] [Last]
How can anyone believe at this point that Trump will be the next Hitler? Are they serious? Just hysterical? Trump is so obviously too stupid, unambitious, and plain lazy to ever do the things Hitler did. Like, he's willing to kill, sure, he'll do underhanded shit and tries to rule by decree, but I mean....Hitler was the absolute ruler of Germany within two months of being put in office. Trump, meanwhile, had his most far-right, fashoid element, his campaign buddy who was himself a moron Bannon ousted pretty damn quick. From there Trump was basically boxed in by the neocons and has more or less been a rubber stamp ever since but also a retard that's fucked up so many of America's endeavors that America itself was already too decrepit to pull off. Honestly, the best proof Trump could never be a Hitler isthe fact that for a split moment he had a decent popular base going but he utterly failed to mobilize it mainly because he was lazy and didn't give a shit. Then his own nutso rightoid fans couldn't help but pop their corks off in 2017 which more or less collapsed their growing momentum. If the horrors of the Third Reich arrive it will be on the inertia of this own piece of shit empire's decay. Hell, if Trump was what libs think the election would literally be meaningless, if they think he's such a threat why would the election matter? If he was the threat they believed he could have legitimately used this virus to gain an insane foothold, instead he utterly flubbed it. What do libs see in him?
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hahaha they say orange man bad and i say orange man not as bad as they say i say orange man kinda bad or orange man moderately bad hahahahah
>>883913 Screencapping this thread for future use.
anchoring cause too many america threads
The libs just want an excuse for their own coup in the near future, and they're amplifying the crisis (which the far right also wants for their own reasons). We've been a fascist country since 2001. Do libs forget the neocons goose stepping and the insane propaganda spewed out of media institutions? Literally the argument about "Russian hacking" is declaring the public has no right to know anything of importance, even something as minor as a few Democrat insiders having egg on their faces. The libs have been worked up into a frothing insanity, and you have about 20-30% of the country ready to hang Trump for treason. We're in for something much, much worse than the Nazis. It probably will never end, or won't end for a long time - like 1000 years.
>>883949 Burgers been chattel fascist since 1776.

(116.65 KB 276x350 rosameh.png)
Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 20:35:55 No. 879791 [Reply] [Last]
Hello leftypol, please help me >german zoomer, enjoying my time on the internet >interact with a few "leftist" americans on discord >"I wanna be a leninist but like, without the marxism" >"the private business owners!" >exit community, find another >either larpers or the same >every american i meet spews the worst brainrot ive ever heard >american classmates are the most idealist people ive ever met >american media is hell >american country is hell >develop deep hatred for americans over 2 years >unironically despise americans with a burning passion, cant get rid of internalized stereotypes what do i do
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>>879791 I'm an American, it's 100% rational to hate America. There are some Americans who legitimately want to fix things but they're outnumbered by people who are either unplugged or completely batshit.
(132.32 KB 960x1196 gramsci.jpg)
>>879856 >Cultural hegemony explains how ruling classes (the bourgeoisie, the middle and upper classes; capitalists) maintain their power over the great mass of people by obtaining their consent to be ruled, even if the objective conditions — the ability to make a living, rent or buy a house, and put food on the table — of the working class are less than desirable. >Consent is created and maintained through education and the media, which develops and disseminates an approved ideology (an understanding of how things work; capitalism as opposed to socialism; democracy instead of aristocracy; American exceptionalism; neoliberalism) and culture (rugged individualism; “America, Love It or Leave It”; John Wayne movies; Father Knows Best; “As American as apple pie”). This mixture of ideology and culture, through which rulers and their rules are legitimized, is cultural hegemony. People are acculturated into it from the moment of birth; by the time they’re adults, it’s just the way the world works, even if the world stinks and is full of inequality and suffering. The wealthy are virtuous examples of personal initiative; the poor are tongue-clucking examples of personal moral failures. >A similar idea was developed by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky in their 1988 book, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Media. The media — newspapers, magazines, television news, the internet, movies — paint an attractive and benign image of America, especially of American actions overseas. If all is well in America, then all is well in the world. Or so it is assumed. America has the responsibility to maintain this world order, which everyone in America agrees is a Good Thing, perhaps ordained by God. The hypnotic power of the media ensures that Americans are indoctrinated with this vision of a benign America capitalism. It’s important to note, though, that manufactured consent isn’t the result of some vast conspiracy; rather, it exists because the media create, and are influenced by, the dominant cultural hegemony. As it happens, this includes a favorable view of the American empire and the interests of capitalists. >Gramsci’s cultural hegemony builds on Marx, who wrote that “the ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas.” The great value of cultural hegemony to the ruling class is that it allows them to rule with minimal violence (toward white people). People accept, without much thought, the legitimacy of government rules and the precepts taught in schools and churches; if the ideology and culture are legitimate, so the reasoning goes, then a predatory economic system like capitalism (which is part of America’s ideology) is also considered legitimate, even if it drives people into debt peonage. >The cultural hegemony of capitalism includes the precept that individuals are responsible for their own behavior, their own success or failure — and economic failure is looked upon as an individual moral failure. In Puritan terms, if you fail economically, then you’re not one of the Elect, one of the saved, and you are condemned to misery in this life and hell in the next. Nothing can be done about it; that’s just the way things are. The existence of systemic injustices is rejected as an insult to the superior personal initiative of the pious keepers of wealth and culture. >This is obviously absurd and unsustainable, yet it has persisted, even dominated, American life since the thirteen original colonies banded together to fight off the imperialism of their mother country. Gramsci, recognizing the absurdity of a forever stable cultural hegemony, also developed the idea of the “organic crisis,” which is a crisis so great that it touches on every aspect of the cultural hegemony developed by the ruling class: capitalism, politics, ideology, culture, and the environment. This is a period “when things fall apart,” a time of suffering and authoritarianism. A time, perhaps, of a pandemic. Or climate change. >Whatever the proximate cause, the crisis is due to the natural or organic operation of the capitalist system: the rapacious accumulation of capital, widening inequality, corruption or ineptitude which causes a loss of confidence in the government, and various system failures (stock market crashes, inflation, stagflation), all of which threaten the stability of bourgeoisie rule. Violence increases, and people are out of work, homeless, and hungry. The old is dying, but the new cannot be born … Suffering becomes common … Revolution is in the air … It’s a time of monsters …The monster of fascism rises … Or workers rebel and eliminate the ruling class. >Why do I think this is important? Because it describes much of what is happening in the U.S. right now. Our empire is collapsing. We’re losing allies. Our economic system generates massive inequality. As Umair Haque recently noted, half of America is poor. Angry, mistrustful voters elected a populist with authoritarian tendencies to the highest office in the land.

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Talk to the sane Americans in your local PSL or CPUSA chapter
>>883915 >german zoomer <"talk to burgers in your local psl/cpusa chapter" lmao, kind of proving his point.
>>883921 My bad, I assumed he was trapped in America in an undergraduate program or something.

bashar al-assad Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 20:47:55 No. 879833 [Reply] [Last]
How did this lucky son of a nig'uighur'ger >keep his position for over 20 fucking years >survive a us and backed revolution and a t**kish invasion And even start a counter-offensive Against them >not have the same fate as pics related and even outlive them >Secure an alliance with poot inn >win the 2020 elections after all of this >make everyone who said"ASSAD MUST GO" go And most of all: >be one of the only three folks that had both /pol/ and /leftypol/ prais them and call them based Is it the memes? I bet its the memes
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(195.39 KB 500x393 1417710614138.png)
Continue to i agreee chapoids. Your precious liberals are all coming down and Trump will continue to bleed the yankee dogs since the end of time.
>>882196 Fuck off Christopher Hitchens, shouldn't you be in grave?
>>881515 here is a hint: one of them they like because he would have gave all of Africa one currency and that *would have kept nigs away* and because he also said AFTER MY DEATH ALL OF EUROPE WOULD BE BLACK or some shit like that the other was so loved that and im not lying a Swedish Neo-Nazi group (look up legion wasa) volunteered to travel to iraq and help him against the us and other words its saddam and the green bitch
>>882618 I like Gaddafi but fuck Saddam. It's hilarious how so many communists still defend him after the Ba'th party pruge in 1979 where he slaughtered all the communists in their coalition and started persecuting them. He deserves no sympathy from communists.
>>883885 Yeah and he was the aggressor against Iran, he was a dear servant of the Saudis the whole time. That faith campaign bullshit set the stage for people like Zarkawi and ISIS to take the Sunni triangle.

(132.34 KB 600x452 015.png)
(59.78 KB 646x196 ss.png)
Zoomers on suicide watch Anonymous 09/12/2020 (Sat) 18:12:31 No. 862115 [Reply] [Last]
25% of 18-24 year olds have seriously considered suicide this month. t. Glenn Greenwald WTF zoomers is this TRUE?
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>>869129 >If I’m going to just be using somebody as a cum receptacle I’d rather just save myself the effort, jerk off, and play a video game or something For me, it's jerking off, playing video games and also lifting so the ladies will be mirin' after the Covid Lockdown ends 5 years from now and nightclubs/concerts/bars/shopping malls etc are open again.
(24.15 KB 496x279 image-20150508-1224-u9vm6y.jpg)
>>883689 >Not lifting for the inevitable collapse of modern society Shame
>>878455 Imagine being this illiterate.
>>883603 Do it the Schwarzenegger way, work out so much that pumping iron feels better than sex.
>>883698 Lifting won't save you (or really help you) in Mad Max. What you need to survive Mad Max is a group of trustworthy people, cardio, stealth and scavenging/resourcefulness. Only thing lifting helps you with is lifting heavy objects and impressing women.

(182.66 KB 1200x900 the dream.jpg)
Amerikkka Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 23:21:00 No. 883818 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me on the most secretive genocidal regime. Anchored: Too low effort to warrant its own thread, there already are more than one American related threads in the catalog
Edited last time by CL_anon on 09/19/2020 (Sat) 23:41:56.
Did you mean: Israel
I don't know. Why don't you ask the lovely people at >>796933 or >>531727 ?

(617.94 KB 896x658 sad.PNG)
Russia in the 90's Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 09:28:57 No. 225088 [Reply] [Last]
I don't know much about it, so how bad did things get in Russia (and the rest of the Soviet states) after the fall of the USSR in 1992?
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How strong is the Communist Party today in Russia ?
>>873557 If you mean the official party, it's not communisit in naything else but the name. They are controlled opposition. Right now Russia has a lot of small parties that mostly don't affect things on large scale and mostly unknown by people outside of lefties circles. So, not very strong.
>>873557 On a governmental level? Weak in Moscow, but the more local parties in various smaller towns and cities outside of Moscow and Leningrad are fairly active and unlike Zyugavno are actually opposing United Russia. Communist parties over-all are very active and agitating constantly online and IRL as best they can.
>>883498 I think for this it was worth it

(964.42 KB 2224x1668 PNG image 2.png)
King Lear 09/19/2020 (Sat) 07:48:07 No. 882043 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.strawpoll.me/20954997 Here’s a improved and simplified version of a Leftist tendency quiz. This is my definition of each tendency below: Anarchism: those who support a direct transition from Capitalism to Stateless, Classless, Communism. Left-Communism: Non-Leninist Marxists who oppose Democratic Centralism and instead support a Dictatorship of the Proletariat consisting of Workers councils, as exemplified by the ideas of Rosa Luxembourg. Trotskyism: Leninists who uphold Trotsky’s line that the Post-Lenin USSR and subsequent Marxist-Leninist countries are “Deformed Workers States”. Hoxhaism: Anti-Revisionist MLs who believe that that the Pre-Khrushchev USSR and Socialist Albania were the only Socialist states. Maoism: Anti-Revisionist MLs who support Maos line in the Sino-Soviet split that the Post-Stalin USSR was revisionist and that the only Socialist states were the Pre-Khrushchev USSR, Mao’s China, and Pol Pots Democratic Kampuchea. Maoist are also distinguished by their advocacy for “Protracted Peoples War” (ie. guerrilla uprisings in the countryside to surround the cities) and for the involvement of the peasantry in Socialism, and thus support the ongoing Maoist uprisings in Peru, Turkey, India, and the Philippines. Marxism-Leninism: Mainstream MLs who take the Soviet side in the Sino-Soviet split and thus uphold the Pre-Gorbachev USSR, the former Eastern Bloc states, Cuba, and the DPRK as Socialist states. They support Soviet-style planned Socialist economies and thus oppose “Market Socialist” countries such as the former Titoist Yugoslavia and Dengist China, Vietnam, and Laos, for extreme Revisionism and Capitalist restoration, while simultaneously opposing Anti-Revisionist states such as Mao’s China, Hoxha's Albania, and Pol Pots Democratic Kampuchea for being Anti-Soviet. Titoism: Those who uphold Tito’s Yugoslavia as Socialist and believe his “moderate” Market reforms are the right balance between Soviet-style Planned economies and full-blown Dengism.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by CL_anon on 09/20/2020 (Sun) 03:44:19.
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another thread dedicated to being salty about Dengism, an ideology followed by no western parties anywhere it's a market economy and yet they live rent free in your head
>>882756 no it is BASED.
>>882756 It's fake.
(291.38 KB 785x1009 (you).png)
Why did sh0eonhead vote 95 times?

(1.01 MB 2560x1392 homepage-header_new_1.jpg)
New International Organization Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 13:55:50 No. 869987 [Reply] [Last]
Progressive International an international organization uniting and mobilizing progressive left-wing activists and organizations. The International labels itself as aiming for a post-capitalist society. <Launched after the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) and The Sanders Institute announced an open call for progressive forces to form a unified front, Progressive International aims to organize worldwide progressive voices using the tools of policy, journalism, and activism. The Progressive International was announced on 30 November 2018 at a Sanders Institute event attended by progressive politicians, economists and activists including Naomi Klein, Cornel West, Fernando Haddad, Niki Ashton and Ada Colau. Formally founded and launched on 11 May 2020 amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, the International counters the resurgence of authoritarian nationalism worldwide as well as the rise of disaster capitalism Seems based to me, I think they avoid words like socialism/communism, etc. Because of the amount of international brainrot and anti-communist propaganda. Lots of great people are signed up to this organization and we definitely need this for our current time. Also: LIVE ONLINE EVENT: Internationalism or Extinction - Inaugural Summit of the Progressive International 18-20 September You can sign up here, it's free: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/internationalism-or-extinction-inaugural-summit-of-the-pi-tickets-118538117701 We could have a stickied thread or maybe restream it to cytu.be when it happens. I haven't done too much digging into this organization as of yet, I literally found it yesterday while half drunk half stoned, but it makes me hopeful that things are happening and maybe this will help the left internationally, idk. Thoughts? Also here are some links: <website: https://progressive.international/ <youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCksuNtEJ9-jUDQn5-yiIZlg <twitter: https://twitter.com/progintl
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>>879451 Poggers
(75.52 KB 254x257 pull_the_lever.png)
>>879451 I have a hard time to take Chumpsky serious after this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg-VQVs2rMw
>>870064 >>870080 >>870095 based takes. glowie release valves should be identified and crushed not supported. Sectarianism is bad but compitulating to porky is even worse. Furthermore I don't see we should agree to any transition period that keeps money or private enterprises around. You can still have a state for defence from imperialism but there must be systemic change. I think any org that tries to keep the system should be very critically examined.
>>870084 you are on leftypol, what did you expect


no cookies?