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(251.58 KB 1005x668 1568227572560.png)
Leftism and spirituality Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 20:18:18 No. 207875 [Reply] [Last]
Hey, outsider here. Is there such a thing as esoteric leftist theory? I know leftism has traditionally adopted materialist ideas, but I know about fascist esoteric authors and I've been wondering if there is some kind of leftist counterpart
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Dunno how relevant it is, but I always assumed socialist principles naturally arise from the Bible and Christ's teachings.
>>208066 This outdated conspiracy ignores that it was institutions of monarchy that brought Jewish families like the Rothschilds into prominence. And, that it was in conjunction to the interests and activities of other non-Jewish families. In this day and age, the Rothschilds are a footnote compared institutions such as the Deutschebank and many other financial overseers. A relic. However, fascists will utilise any justification to oppress their favourite scapegoat whether it be biblical anti-Semitism or pseudoscience. The creation of a Jewish conspiracy obfuscates domestic conflicts into a class-coalition struggle against a big other.
>>216299 The creation of the Jewish conspiracy actually obfuscates the HIBERION conspiracy.
(126.27 KB 225x350 8Kk5p51.png)
>>216325 What?
>>216299 Who do you think owns the Deutschebank? Also, the Deutschebank is just a bank, the Bundesbank is the central bank.

(65.99 KB 402x402 h.jpg)
Was Trotsky right? Did Stalin betray the revolution? Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 04:05:52 No. 215653 [Reply] [Last]
Would you agree that Stalin betrayed the revolution?
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>>215956 Socialism≠Communism Marx's conception of communism requires a material base that the USSR (or any contemporary country for that matter) did not have.
>>215707 dude wat? >socialism is abolishing society
>>215970 Pretty rich coming from a bunch of tankies that just quote mine instead of waking up and realizing that they're actually a bunch of Proudhonist retards and actually reading Lenin.
>>216046 >Socialism≠Communism Marx and Engels both used socialism and communism interchangeably.
Pretty sure he didn't, although that doesn't mean he still wasn't a capitalist deep down, it's just that after the defeat at warsaw communism became materially imposible, you can't abolish the division of labour if your labour is not even divided in the first place, you can't abolish the contradiction between town and country if your towns are not properly consolidated, labour can't be done away with until you can stop accumulating capital, and the family can't be abolished until alll three are gone. So if communism became imposible what then is to be done? capital, one way or another the laws of political economy are reproduced. So in brief Bukharin was kinda right tbh, with him the ussr would have become a degenerate dengoid state, that would at least be growing until today, which would be better for communism than ruin in post soviet era states

(27.10 KB 338x365 fascism-799165.jpg)
Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 22:07:52 No. 213590 [Reply] [Last]
You should read what your enemies write to understand them. But Mein Kampf is basically /pol/ in book form. So what are some actually good books about fascism? PDF related, Doctrine of Fascism. It seems pretty solid, though if any of you guys know better ones I want to read them.
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>>213918 A literal idealistic lunatic that worships KKK trap furry God.
>>214671 >• Tomorrow We Live - British Union Policy 1938 I keep hearing this is a very good one. I'll have to read it.
>>214721 The only thing they read are visual novels.
>>213590 Does anyone have the wn “manifesto” someone was pushing on /pol/ last summer? I never read it, but it was written by a /pol/yp.
>>216183 Forgot 4plebs was a thing, I found it: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/224902216/#224902216 Screenshots in the thread of you don’t want to click the link in OP.

(105.62 KB 444x960 24630-3019-12404.jpg)
Anti-fashwave Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 23:09:50 No. 194453 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get a thread for fashwave inversions? This shit really pisses /pol/ off, and I find it funny.
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>>195391 It's a mash-up of two current trendy meme cultures, fascism and vapourwave. Seems to make sense to me
>>200637 Damn this cracked me up
>>197567 As soon as you start "preserving" culture ceases to be authentic.
>>200637 Holy fuck I'm crying.

(86.78 KB 1024x620 spurdo_in_minecraft.jpg)
Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 23:57:39 No. 212208 [Reply] [Last]
I want to know, and I'm sorry mods if this violates rules, but what is national bolshevism exactly? In its current state it seems like most nazbols out of Russia just hate brown people and want white communism, but on a serious level, what exactly is nazbol? In Russia it seems like it wants to bring back communism but only for Russia or maybe just for ethnic Russians, it's hard to tell. In that case thought wouldn't national bolshevism be basically what stalin did after seizing power? At it's core nazbol seems to be bolshevism in one country.
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It is a meme. Good meme though.
Kind of similar to this thread topic but can someone explain to me what CasaPound is? They claim to be the inheritors of Che's legacy and from the looks of it, seem similar to Nazbols. Main issue I see with them is that they might be a simple means of tricking potential revolutionaries into maintaining capitalism by cloaking it with aesthetics.
>what is national bolshevism exactly? Nothing. It's an incoherent meme for anticapitalist racists.
>>212208 Nazbol is Nationalism modified to serve Bolshevik purposes, and vice versa
This entire thread.

(144.00 KB 1200x675 IMG_7666.jpg)
Porky's War on meat eating Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 17:01:27 No. 139109 [Reply] [Last]
The ruling class has made great efforts to propagandize eating insects and bugs. The UN has been making plans to replace red meat in the 2030's to "reduce climate change", but how much impact does the meat industry really have?

Bjorn LomBerg, an environmental scientist, shows that meeting eating only contributes 2% of greenhouse gases when compared to transportation, heating, and lighting: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2019/07/25/vegetarianism-climate-change-meat-vegan-livestock-column/1804090001/.
In fact, those last 3 contribute 80% of greenhouse gasses compared to meat's paltry 2%. So why are food companies and mainstream media pushing anti-meat propaganda and insect diets?

The answer is because it's cheaper than red meat. Black soldier fly larvae (aka maggots, yum) are being considered for the "food epidemic" and environmental reasons: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2019/07/25/vegetarianism-climate-change-meat-vegan-livestock-column/1804090001/

But you can't push cockroaches and maggots on working class people without making them mad. The poor, banned from simple hamburgers and forced to eat maggotburgers, while the rich feast on prosciutto and fine cheeses? That shit doesn't fly.
So they're trying to sneak state-e forced but eating through the backdoor by cloaking it in environmental reasons, despite the GHG's coming from utilities and transportation. An actual solution would be bullet trains that use green energy, but the rich would never pay for that sort of public infrastructure. Instead, they try to feed working people maggots to line their pockets and lie through their teeth about the environment.

Eat the rich, eat the porky.
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(77.84 KB 620x450 5drftgz.jpeg)
>>193057 >officials have attempted to tackle the swarm... that seems very inefficient
>>215910 >ex-vegan Maybe they shouldn't have turned dietary choices into an identity in the first place.
>>193057 >This will never happened in mainland SEA countries Why?

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 03:55:04 No. 187279 [Reply] [Last]
So climate collapse is beginning in earnest. All of india's major cities are going to run out of water in 2020, and australia is already at the start of its own death spiral. Just this year we saw truly massive die-off of sealife, and as that continues any country reliant on seafood is going to go into full collapse. The first blue ocean event has a good chance of happening within the next 5 years. Insect populations have declined as much as 80% in some places, and total insect biomass is in decline as much as 2.5% a year. The rest of the global ecosystem does not exist without insects. The apocalypse is here, and 2020 will be the year all the pieces start to fall into place. 2018 and 2019 were the warning signs, and going forward the beginning of total ecological collapse begins. And as the world very literally burns to death, global capitalism is also very clearly nearing its next major crisis, and I feel like it is going to be a crisis unlike any that has come before.
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>>214583 Even if it is certain at this point, we still have a duty to ourselves and to society to both prepare for immediate disaster and to overthrow the ruling class and save what little we may have left from becoming dust without wind.
(50.95 KB 960x540 5sdft7g.jpeg)
>>214578 Fuck, guess the old adage that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism will hold true to the bitter end. The pessimistic part of me believes the bastards honestly think they and their ilk will be able to ride it out while the rest of us will just lay down and die.
>>214600 Porkys always thought that, now it is just blatant.

And People Doubted Posadism Anonymous 01/09/2020 (Thu) 00:45:15 No. 205261 [Reply] [Last]
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What use are the communist aliens if they never come?
(33.79 KB 220x306 4354r56.jpeg)
(17.53 KB 182x268 546r.jpeg)
(145.69 KB 1280x1280 54dr6tgz.jpeg)
>>215691 >What use are the communist aliens if they never come? they could collectivise the universe
>>215721 Collectivize Earth now

(60.96 KB 480x600 saddam.jpg)
Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 17:18:42 No. 207576 [Reply] [Last]
have you taken the ba'ath pill yet /leftypol/ ?
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>>207611 >Hafez had such a weirdly shaped head, what the fuck. The Assads are ayys trying to bend humanity toward the true path of socialism! Assadism is Posadism in disguise!
>>212707 Saddam accused some party members of being pro-Syrian and wanting to annex Iraq into a Syrian dominated union and had them purged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvp68ZjXLGw
>>212737 I wonder if there's another video of that out there with better audio quality, because it's a pain in the ass to listen to it only in one ear
>>207578 Just ignore the repression of communists and contribution of troops to the coalition in Desert Storm.
(160.26 KB 800x1120 soong ching ling.jpg)
(140.14 KB 800x1059 chiang kai shek.jpg)
>>207585 Just like the KMT

(154.46 KB 640x872 1426600250483.jpg)
Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 16:17:51 No. 201772 [Reply] [Last]
Are NEETS heroes? NEETS dont participate in capitalism and aren't propagating this oppressive class system.
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>>209938 Not if you have socialism
>>201772 No? NEETs make up the rank and file of the fascists.
(719.01 KB 1270x1797 868730-3.jpg)
(504.93 KB 1280x1810 1017410-2.jpg)
(818.45 KB 1280x1810 1024071-4.jpg)
(453.91 KB 992x1403 865724-3.jpg)
(400.01 KB 992x1403 865724-4.jpg)
(290.44 KB 1280x1791 1540684-13.jpg)
(430.10 KB 1416x2000 1527285-2.png)
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