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Zoomers Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 12:03:29 No. 663274 [Reply] [Last]
How based are they
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>>666407 sorry, it's just funny to watch you get so annoyed about it
>>666446 Really makes for good discussion and board culture in general when you post just to annoy the other users by being as stupid as possible. No wonder our board is doing so great.
>>666451 yeah because this particular thread is very very serious and important lol seethe
>>666451 Your write anon
>>666034 FurScience is a group that runs surveys at fur conventions.

(1.28 MB 1219x840 Russian_Civil_War_montage.png)
The Russian Civil War 07/03/2020 (Fri) 21:47:27 No. 664644 [Reply] [Last]
If the Whites won, would they have been able to industrialize and advance Russia the same way the Bolsheviks did and better handle the problems the country faced, or were they too splintered to be effective and would have collapsed within months of victory? During WW2 I think they would have immediately either joined or capitulated to the Nazis, too.
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>>664644 Nazi Germany would not be a thing if the Whites won.
>>666179 hard to believe
>>666277 True tho
>>664644 Most likely not. Soviet Russia needed to industrialize because it failed to spread the revolution to other nations. The whites wouldn't need to have done such a thing. So their industrialism would've had come much more slower or not come at all.

(635.40 KB 5000x3000 Mississippi Flag Redesign.png)
Mississippi Flag Redesign Thread Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 04:53:11 No. 662831 [Reply] [Last]
Apparently, Mississippi needs a new flag. Who better to make it than us? This is my first proposal. Remember, meme war may seem silly, but it is very important. https://time.com/5862506/mississippi-retires-state-flag-confederate/
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>>662880 >>662891 The act which passed mandated the text ”In God We Trust” to be on the new design, so it won’t be that one, at least not as pictured.
(1.06 MB 3508x2326 indogwetrust.png)
>>662977 God I hope they use a bad font, it'd be so funny
>>662874 >Japanese prefecture flags. OP looks much more like a UK county flag.
>>662874 >I never understood why these retards have a fetish for Japanese prefecture flags. cuz we are weebs/sinaboos
(731.65 KB 2480x3508 (you).jpg)
>>662831 /thread

(96.69 KB 1024x1024 xbcj2tg94me21.jpg)
4th of July Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 04:21:43 No. 665429 [Reply] [Last]
Its the fourth of July for my fellow burgers. We have failed another year to have any real progress. I sit here in debt, no money and no job (due to no lack of effort), my health slowly declining with plague rats outside slowly killing my fellow people idiocy and entitlement to cough on anything that moves. So i wait for the barricades to go up and hold and for the shots to begin. I want revolution. I am waiting. Where are my comrades ready? Why are we not taking the streets and our community's from that hands of those that enslave us? Have you got something better to do? https://youtu.be/QNrL_IXXcdg
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>>665979 That anon who describes the mental disorder of "reactionaryism" is honestly onto something.
>>665813 >Wouldn’t they WANT to wear a mask yes, if their world view was actually internally consistent at all, but it isn't lol.
>>665989 purge all the neocons
(227.41 KB 1200x1200 spirit animal.jpg)
>>665650 >be patient anon Oh i got patience. What i don't have is any indication of prole people in this country of change. No real organizing, no real opposition. Just complacency, even in the face of a crisis that should be incredibly radicalizing for anyone with an ounce of intelligence.
>>665571 >Early capitalism was only burgeoning industrial capital and finance capital in the form of slave bonds by the mid-nineteenth century. I thought that was a given. Liberalism and slavery, chattel , wage and prison kinda go hand in hand. But the american revolution, was still a revolution that led to bourgeoisie control over a country. The English were still Monarchists, even if they were swinging liberal. Thank you for the book recommendation.

(3.00 KB 151x149 download (3).png)
PETA Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 15:18:05 No. 648324 [Reply] [Last]
what is the leftypols visual on a hypocritical terrorist organization called peta?
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(59.05 KB 320x240 montoya.gif)
>>653505 I do not think that word means what you think it means.
the only people who don't hate peta are the ones who don't know about them yet; or "just discovered-ecology" people
>>652198 >but is it really true that eating vegetables is unaffordable/more expensive than eating meat? It would be less expensive actually, depending on where you live you can get a lot of vegetables like potatoes and legumes very cheaply and in large bulks. For veganism to be cheaper however, you have to cook everything yourself, and not use processed/niche products like vegan cheese or fake meat. Those tend to be very expensive, even more so than real meat. The problem is that not everyone has the time to cook for themselves, especially not people who have a job.
>>648324 Peta people are the type of vegans that become vegan to boost their own ego and shit on everyone else. I had a friend who would all the time post peta videos from slaughter houses. All it did was normalizing slaughter. I've killed animals for food and I believe seeing those videos when I was younger sort of just made it easier for me to kill animals later. Don't get me wrong I love animals and I do treat them just as well as I would treat a dog or a cat but I care way more about people and peoples well being. I don't mind people becoming vegan. It's a good thing to be. But if you are going to be a little bitch about it and treat other people like shit you better get of you high fucking horse. Not everyone can choose what and what not too eat, many people would fucking starve to death without meat. In many cold areas such as where I live vegtabels and fruit can acctualy be pretty expensive since they are not localy produced, acctually they are very often produced by companies that has financed fucking wars. If you think being a vegan alone makes you moraly superior you are dead wrong. Peta has a tendensy to but like 95% of the blame on the consumer and the consumer does in many cases have when it comes to the food industry have little to no power, we all need food on our plates and most of us don't have the wealth to change our eatinghabbit to challange the food industry. Peta gives very little critisism to the CEO's and they don't even try to citicise the the industry that produce their food. They sit there on their high horse and drink soy milk and othe products that are very dangerous to the enviorment. It doesn't really matter what you consume because no matter what you consume someone either if it is an animal or a human have had to suffer for you to consume that product. As peta is critizising the meat industry and the horrible conditions some animals live in they don't seem to care the slightes about the inhumane conditions workers live in. If you want to change anything about the food industry or what ever you have to change everything. as vegan annon said, you have to be anti capitalist.

(411.69 KB 628x629 gommi_june.png)
imageboard popularity Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 10:52:59 No. 660859 [Reply] [Last]
I wonder why imageboards are so popular on the right and so unpopular on the left? why do 90% of leftists hang out on twitter/etc. ? what accounts for this?
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>>666121 Been that way for a long time.
>>666024 this is more likely. unfortunately since more right wing bans are coming that means more left wing bans are coming as well.
>>660883 >otherwise we'll have barberism NOOO I DONT WANT MY HAIR CUT
>>666121 current day 4chan is escapable and is actually incredibly difficult to get back into after you ween yourself off of it. twitter warps real life itself.
(127.69 KB 750x784 1488142075486.jpg)

Social Fascism Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 01:47:56 No. 662562 [Reply] [Last]
What is social fascism? And another question. Why did Mao call the USSR a fascist dictatorship of the German Hiterite type in 1968 and why don't Maoists consider the post-Stalin USSR to be socialist?
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(51.04 KB 318x312 Tudeh.png)
The only party with a flower as a symbol I respect is the Tudeh Communist Party.
>>665876 >dat face German Socdems are the original NPCs.
(43.37 KB 500x375 huge cat.jpeg)
>>663733 >5g corona pussy earth only has 1g gravitational acceleration that must a an enormous cat
>>665647 >implying anyone is surprised when a self-described "socialist" party are social democrats at best, and "social democrats" turn into neoliberals I'm sure parliamentary politics will work out any day now.
>>666069 nice evasion, as elegant as a tank in an hockey rink.

How would society turn out if the industrial revolution never happened? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 12:28:22 No. 665893 [Reply] [Last]
Imagine if for whatever reason that large scale industry never came to be or was not feasible, how would you think class society would develop? Would capitalism still happen or would a sort of agrarian communism would've taken its place instead?
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>>666070 Yes 🤪🤪🤪
>>666058 They were certainly weaker then at their hayday. But they still had influence, societal prestige, and wealth from ground rent and investment. I just don't think they would have been buried without WW1. Even if they were rotting. However in many places they are still there and haven't been buried. Especially in Britain, where the Queen appears to be immortal.
>>666025 Alt-history helps us analyze real history Anti-Fun LARPers BTFO
>>666079 What distinguishes capitalism from feudalism is generalized commodity production, not an aristocratic family in formal power or whatever.
>>666085 Agreed. I'm just saying it was stable enough to guarantee its upper class remained part of the upper class. It wasn't violently overthrown (minor a few exceptions), it was reformed into Capitalism. Also my main point of contention is the idea that somehow Feudalism was unstable just because it evolved into Capitalism. >Feudal economy:Production for sustenance >Capitalist economy: Production for exchange I honestly think Feudalist economic relations + Technology would be far better than Capitalism as revolution would be easier.

(10.81 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
/doomer/ thread Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 16:46:15 No. 640938 [Reply] [Last]
Capitalism won a long time ago The only path left is the destruction of our world and a transition from our current soft dystopia into a mask off dystopia There won't be a fucking revolution, maybe like 0.1% of Americans are class consciousness. The death of the USSR was the death of a path forwards towards an alternative to communism Honestly what's the fucking point, what's the point of continuing to fight. It's all so tiresome comrades...
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>>666081 >>666086 How are they the most reactionary dumbass
>>666086 >reddit There're plenty right wingers on reddit. Corona sub was racist cesspit a month or two ago. Facebook alone dwarfs all other sites though.
How many profiles with "anticommunist" in the bio do I need to find before we can admit generation zyklon is a lost cause?
>>641317 hahaha this shit is hiliarious

(177.50 KB 1200x800 Chinese robot.jpg)
the missing mastery Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 02:58:37 No. 649616 [Reply] [Last]
Our civilisation has mastered matter and energy, but not information. Do you think that human level A.I. is needed for actual communism in which there is no private property and there are no classes?
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>>662101 The thing that killed feudalism and created capitalism wasn’t any politics revolution, but advances in agricultural technology that lead to urbanization and eventually early textile factories and thus industrialization.
>>663581 >page 16 >Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs have earned a reputation as some of the hardest working in America, passionate young founders who pull all-nighters in a mad dash to get a product out, and then obsessively iterate that product while seeking out the next big thing. Entrepreneurs there do indeed work hard. But I’ve spent decades deeply embedded in both Silicon Valley and China’s tech scene, working at Apple, Microsoft, and Google before incubating and investing in dozens of Chinese startups. I can tell you that Silicon Valley looks downright sluggish compared to its competitor across the Pacific. >China’s successful internet entrepreneurs have risen to where they are by conquering the most cutthroat competitive environment on the planet. They live in a world where speed is essential, copying is an accepted practice, and competitors will stop at nothing to win a new market. Every day spent in China’s startup scene is a trial by fire, like a day spent as a gladiator in the Coliseum. The battles are life or death, and your opponents have no scruples.
>>665943 The communist party of china are the best capitalists.
>>665958 >page 21 - 22 >Silicon Valley’s and China’s internet ecosystems grew out of very different cultural soil. Entrepreneurs in the valley are often the children of successful professionals, such as computer scientists, dentists, engineers, and academics. Growing up they were constantly told that they—yes, they in particular—could change the world. Their undergraduate years were spent learning the art of coding from the world’s leading researchers but also basking in the philosophical debates of a liberal arts education. When they arrived in Silicon Valley, their commutes to and from work took them through the gently curving, tree-lined streets of suburban California. >It’s an environment of abundance that lends itself to lofty thinking, to envisioning elegant technical solutions to abstract problems. Throw in the valley’s rich history of computer science breakthroughs, and you’ve set the stage for the geeky-hippie hybrid ideology that has long defined Silicon Valley. Central to that ideology is a wide-eyed techno-optimism, a belief that every person and company can truly change the world through innovative thinking. Copying ideas or product features is frowned upon as a betrayal of the zeitgeist and an act that is beneath the moral code of a true entrepreneur. It’s all about “pure” innovation, creating a totally original product that generates what Steve Jobs called a “dent in the universe.” >Startups that grow up in this kind of environment tend to be mission-driven. They start with a novel idea or idealistic goal, and they build a company around that. Company mission statements are clean and lofty, detached from earthly concerns or financial motivations. >In stark contrast, China’s startup culture is the yin to Silicon Valley’s yang: instead of being mission-driven, Chinese companies are first and foremost market-driven. Their ultimate goal is to make money, and they’re willing to create any product, adopt any model, or go into any business that will accomplish that objective. That mentality leads to incredible flexibility in business models and execution, a perfect distillation of the “lean startup” model often praised in Silicon Valley. It doesn’t matter where an idea came from or who came up with it. All that matters is whether you can execute it to make a financial profit. The core motivation for China’s market-driven entrepreneurs is not fame, glory, or changing the world. Those things are all nice side benefits, but the grand prize is getting rich, and it doesn’t matter how you get there.
>>663581 mouther of god


no cookies?