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getting /r/politics to whitelist cpusa.org Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 01:45:10 No. 399264 [Reply] [Last]
*shameless personal army request* I am not affiliated with CPUSA. Comrades, this crisis is the time to spread communist ideology into he minds of young Americans. Many people dislike CPUSA for various reasons, but as far as I can tell, they are the most politically correct communist party in the USA today, meaning that they have the greatest chance of becoming popular on Reddit. If you join me in writing to the moderators of /r/politics to have cpusa.org added to their hyperlink whitelist, it will greatly increase the reach of communist ideology in the USA. Roughly one fifth of young Americans use Reddit. Please mind your privacy when filling out the form. I don't trust Google, and neither should you. required links: http://www.cpusa.org/ https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/wiki/whitelist https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc7cZufSTTMHqMYrwQ225qJ6tLpqlop837vlrpIoMKkqWupng/viewform
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>wanting a glow in the dark party representing us
>>399292 But won't they realize it's being astroturfed if they suddenly get a ton of requests just out of the blue? I agree with your rationale though, even if I don't know enough about CPUSA myself. Why not whitelist marxists.org instead?
A subreddit directly controlled by the DNC would never do something like that
>>399282 I don't think it's American or a topical site. This is what I worried would happen. Thread becomes about sectarian infighting. >Why not my favourite site? >X party is bad! >Did you know that low ranking member of x party said y over 9000 years ago? I will never support them.
>>399313 They hate Biden. Idk what you mean by "controlled by the DNC." Please just try. Everything is up for grabs right now.

Still waiting for a reply, my friends Xchan.wtf/db8/ 03/27/2020 (Fri) 00:28:12 No. 398949 [Reply] [Last]
>>47 No problem, thanks for the discussion. Well, obviously labour vouchers wouldn't be literal vouchers in this day and age, that's just their original name, they would take the form of a cashless card or similar thing. Basically the thing that makes them different from money is that you can't trade them with other people, only with the state/centrally planned economy. For example, if you are at the beach and you want a cone, you'll just swipe your card at the ice cream stall and that will be recorded like with a debit card. There's no way to go in and send vouchers to other people directly, except perhaps in some kind of authorised way (ie. it's possible to go through a middleman if you want to sell your car to the neighbour or whatever, or maybe you could just sell your excess stuff back to the state). Anyway, in addition, it's possible that labour vouchers might have an expiration date as well, or maybe not, but the intention behind that is to encourage people to live to the fullest. For example, in capitalism, if a band you really like comes to the city, but tickets cost $150, you might think, well, that's money I should really put into my retirement, so you will stuff the money in savings or use it for rent instead, and you'll be sad that you didn't go to the show. If labour vouchers expired, it would let you think like, "well, why shouldn't I go if I want to?". But other people think that them expiring would punish people who are thrifty too much, so it's an open question I guess. >Eventually, the masses will have divergent interests from the "ministers", this is inevitable. For example; let's say the majority keeps voting for policies that might over-populate an area and negatively affect infrastructure and resources, what then? What if they are dissatisfied with the dividends they receive? I don't think it's really inevitable, I mean if lots of people want to move to say, socialist New York, is that a big problem? Under socialism, there would be omnipresent public transport to reduce traffic issues, and there wouldn't be any more apartments laying empty for investment purposes or holiday homes. If there's still no space in the city, the city will simply have to grow, either outwards or upwards. Personally I think the future of humanity is hyper-urban anyway. will respond to rest later. Anonymous 01/27/20 (Mon) 17:11:37 No.50 >>49 Yeah, the future is hyper-urban, but that was just one example. My point is that, realistically, the interests (any interest) of the State will clash with the general population, it's just an undeniable fact of life. Democracy happens in degree, eventually a Socialist state will have to display its authority, further demonstrating the public/private false dichotomy is merely a socially constructed illusion.
https://xchan.wtf/db8/res/33.html We do in fact, value your opinions.
>>398957 Equality bump
>>398949 >>398957 >>398994 Hey, sorry, I did intend to finish that response but when you didn't respond the first bit, I figured that you had left anyways so I didn't. Since you're clearly still waiting I will finish it up tomorrow sometime. Thanks for your interest.
>>399011 Can you please clarify the part you're talking about? I apologize if I grifted over one of your main points.
>>399026 Btw, we have an abortion thread where a lot of conflicting views have been discussed; we'd value yours as well. https://xchan.wtf/db8/res/54.html Sorry to shill, but adults should be able to converse with each other, despite disagreements.

(55.31 KB 799x533 2020-02-06-medical-camp.jpg)
Skillful means Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 00:54:15 No. 399098 [Reply] [Last]
As the world of the bourgeois uses the current situation as a staycation and opportunity to indulge in Zoom workout sessions, should we not hijack their captive attention? ITT Platforms and social out reach intiativates Hijack social media Momentum building Use this time We can do more than merely clap
skillful means? isnt that a buddhist line?

(31.93 KB 571x258 images (87).jpeg)
What is the /pol/ obsession with Jews? Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 12:04:13 No. 388629 [Reply] [Last]
I never understood what is their obsession with this and where did it develop? Antisemitism in its form is very unique to Christian societies. Jews held high positions in the Islamic world and instances of antisemitism in the Arab world only appeared after the belfour declaration and was directly inspired by nazi antisemitism (read about the of influence of nazism on the ideology of the Muslim brotherhood). Why are Jews in nazi ideology powerful devil like beings capable of destroying societies. I'm not Christian therefore I have very little understanding of the roots of antisemitism? But it seems there is a deeper mythology behind this that is not unique to nazi ideology.
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>>398749 Professional managerial class, the cousin of labor aristocracy.
"if one man calls you an ass curse him if the entire city calls you an ass buy a saddle" Ancient Hebrew proverb
>>398757 applies very nicely to Nazis, as well as the USA. what's your point faggot
>>398760 Jews will always tell you how he got pogrommed but he will never tell you why the Jewish bourgeoisie form a massively disproportionate power bloc in the united States and Zionists have unilateral control over both parties of the Congress along with a monopoly on the msm and increasingly even internet search engines just noticing this gets you into a lot of trouble Jewish power over the united States is so prevalent they literally made BDS de facto illegal three prominent Jewish leftists (sanders, Chomsky, and Finkelstein) who were nominally anti Zionist even all came out against BDS in lock step prominent career anti imperialist Chomsky even came out in tentative support for the zio wars against Syria because it benefits israel this should tell you everything you need to KNOW but I'm afraid this is a little too high speed for you
The Jews are pretty damn interesting. Their mysticism--Kaballah--is probably the most sophisticated pre-enlightenment metaphysical system to exist, and it's more or less where Hegel got dialectics from. Jews have played unique and key roles in nearly every super-structural development in the west: both good and bad. It's not the obsession with Jews that is the problem, it's the hatred and lack of nuance that /pol/acks have. On the Jewish Question is some of Marx's best work imo, and is well worth reading.

(123.94 KB 532x800 marx_statue.jpg)
Ed Sard 03/24/2020 (Tue) 18:51:01 No. 392335 [Reply] [Last]
Debate thread: Define "Marxism."
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increasingly broad umbrella term for a number of theories and practices that take the theories of marx and engels as a starting point in some way or another
Marxism is whatever you want it to be.
>>398442 Seinfeld today is whatever you want it to be
>>392396 >dialectical materialism LMAO
"Fuck you Bukhanin"

(726.78 KB 1193x811 nnngh.png)
/effort/ you'are mom 01/23/2020 (Thu) 15:29:57 No. 227349 [Reply] [Last]
This is effort posting general, or /effort/ for short. The fact is that the vast majority of posters and lurkers do not visit most threads. Their eyes are caught merely by some catchy topics, worse, ambiguous or contrarian shit, and they are drawn towards shitposting -- some term it "funposting", while objectively ruining the overall quality of the board. To counter this trend inherent to the format of imageboards as such (and the current state of this site/board, exponentially growing in a newfag userbase) this thread has the following functions: 1. Linking (aka. memearrowing) to effort posts, no matter the topic, in a readable format; 2. encouraging the userbase to read and engage with said effort posts. 3. raising the overall quality of the board. Participants in this thread are encouraged to follow this format: Title/summary - using 3 's or ' ' ' [without spaces, before and after title/summary] >>>no.of.post If you fuck up the format, delete your post, and correct it! Example: Value theory and its blind spots >>80953 You are encouraged to plug effort posts whether yours or others. Please do it anonymously and preferably without flags. (An effort speaks for itself without your particular identity or orientation -- if not better.) I recommend participants to NOT reply, debate, etc. with linked effort posts HERE, but in their RESPECTIVE THREADS. (A reasonable degree of meta-commentary is understandable, e.g. "wow, that [x]-flag poster has good content", etc.)

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>>381213 Based sabocat, feels like a lot of posters here are totally disconnected from reality sometimes.
(806.48 KB 1920x1080 effort.png)
Fresh from crisis.
From the trash thread in /GET/
>>382261 where do you think you even are?
Couple of related posts about petty bourgeois conspiracy theories from the New Multitude thread >>398729 >>398775

(278.20 KB 554x482 1.png)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 23:17:16 No. 396280 [Reply] [Last]
We are trying to start a 24/7 class conscious movie/series screening chat room. Currently we are trying out the functions of the site. Please join us! But first, follow the guideline: https://pastebin.com/7ApS6uuK It seems that Firefox works but Chrome-derivatives don't! Please give us feedback!) After you followed the guideline in pastebin, join our room: https://cytu.be/r/MarxLGBTQPOCantifa
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>>396366 It's the same show, Dragon's Den is the commonwealth/Japan version but America changed it to 'shark tank' for some reason when they licenced it.
(23.25 KB 1145x646 1.png)
>>396368 AFAIK "Dragon's Den" is the US version being given to UK porkies.
(78.16 KB 400x484 no.jpg)
>Google Drive Try again, with less surveillance and insecurity.

(108.83 KB 768x768 TrapChapHouse.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:16:25 No. 398573 [Reply] [Last]
I was listening to the most recent Chapotraphouse podcast for shits and giggles and then I heard them say that US should go command economy like they during WW2. Are Americans really really that ignorant about their own history? I mean they must misunderstand either the concept of command economy or how the wartime production was done in US. But then they went how we should totally go to central planning, a concept that hasn't worked since ever with even less complex economies. Another thing was them talking about how we shouldn't bail out cruiserlines because they aren't necessities and people won't need them. Of course they forgo that Europeans or Chinks will bail out theirs so Americans will end up using foreign services. Chapotraphouse is a satire right? I mean it really really must be, I'm not very familiar with it. This is only my 3rd podcast.
Read Cockshott
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>>398634 Pretty theft and hoarding isn't the major function of the economy. I'm talking about Capital allocation, worker allocation, etc. That was the core of the economy and it was certainly centrally planned.
(381.86 KB 750x661 1585254010999.jpg)
>>398598 >lean far left you're to the right of a socdem podcast, liberal
>>398634 >Yeah, no need to have necessities in hands of some private companies. What do you think is the reason to have any private companies? Isn't it always better to run a firm for public good rather than profit? Is that infeasible?
Mods why is this thread locked?
>>399228 I think because of the e-celeb mention in the OP and pic, I guess.

(401.88 KB 1170x520 3468908ß2349234.jpg)
Communicating over the internet safely Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:08:56 No. 398552 [Reply] [Last]
How to contact and communicate with others over the internet safely? Whenever there are talks to organize on a platform to discuss plans for people interested in taking action, others rightfully mention data mining and feds. Understandable. But what methods can we use to communicate discretely & safely?
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Get a usb, put tails on it, use the emailing and im chat.
>>398556 Break your neck with a rope
OTR messaging using Tor and encryption sounds decent to me at least.
(38.10 KB 461x595 discord-barf.png)
>>398556 ew no

(69.50 KB 1054x526 1481051801455.png)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 22:50:29 No. 396218 [Reply] [Last]
Oh Albania, red star that burns bright The world's illuminated by your light Socialism is mankind's destiny We swear to fight till final victory
(136.39 KB 1280x960 0004G7U8OIKD3BE2-C465.jpg)
It would not be worthwhile living if the star of socialism, the star of the future were not shining down on mankind.
(40.94 KB 925x703 1502051600409.png)
Rise up, fields and workshops! Come out, workers, farmers! To battle, march onward! March onward, world stormers! Eyes sharp on your guns, red banners unfurled, Advance, proletarians, to conquer the world! Oh you who are missing, oh comrades in dungeons! You're with us, you're with us, this day of our vengeance , No fascist can daunt us, no terror can halt! All lands will take flame with the fire of revolt! The Comintern calls you! Raise high Soviet banner! In steeled ranks to battle! Raise sickle and hammer! Our answer: red legions! We rise in our might! Our answer: red storm troops! We lunge to the fight! From Russia victorious, the workers' October- Comes storming reaction's regime the world over.

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