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(121.38 KB 1198x1168 social democracy.jpg)
Crimes of Social Democracy Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 16:27:47 No. 26666 [Reply]
ITT document crimes of socdems in your country or others

An anon in the OC thread posted about the 1988 plebiscite in Chile that ended Pinochet's dictatorship, and there's a handy list of parties which were in favor of maintaining Pinochet's rule (the yes vote) and for ending it (the no vote). The social democrats were on the yes side, even the fucking christian democrats were in favor of ending it.

In my country (the Netherlands) it were the socdems who privatized rail, mail and energy in the 90s during a coalition government with the liberals. This same party opposed Indonesian independence and sent in troops right after we were liberated from the Nazis. They also prohibited the Dutch Communist Party from attending the memorial of the February strike which they had organized.
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Social Democracy is since 1914 a dead horse and there is no reason to defend it. Period.
Honestly, i see no harm in this. Ancestor worship needs to be treated like any other superstitious backwardness.

(English subs)

This made Kissinger so mad he almost had a brain aneurysm.
>letting someone fuck your dead wife

/vzla/ - Vuvuzela general Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 23:07:14 No. 16165 [Reply]
For all general news and discussion pertaining to Venezuela.

Some informative links:

Some of the most recent developments:

New Grayzone interview with Maduro:
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The US-backed PDVSA strike crippled the Venezuelan economy near permanently. Even during the 2006 "boom," GDP was still below 2000/1 levels.
Trump starves Venezuela, Democrats are silent

John Bolton tried to assassinate me: Interview with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
political hacker news posters are the fucking worst. they're either arrogant liberals or arrogant right wingers, and their takes are as hot and retarded as you'd imagine.
first video was really good
second video, translator was boring as fuck. I would've preferred subtitles.
good post.
I have like 6k karma on hacker news and I get warned frequently for explaining something in marxist terms, I usually get the dumbest replies ever back but end up positive. A lot of them like to think of themselves as "intellectually curious" so if you frame it in the right way they will at least pretend to be receptive. In particular since HN has a west coast bias people are generally pretty receptive to the concept of decommodifying housing
Well, they did it. Search about Petrocaribe. And the boogey man in govs. Of South america was the money of Venezuela and it's support for others (Search ALBA or Casas del ALBA).
The great riots of Haiti inthe last year were about Petrocaribe, the president embezzeled the money, a lot of millions that were for infrastructure

Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 23:48:16 No. 29303 [Reply]
Redpill me on pic related
(96.20 KB 800x480 430016.jpg)
Bumping this thread. Anybody got a good analysis or literature on this group?
Basically just Japanese RotFront
Anyone has the kickass webms of those guys rioting against the police?

(43.45 KB 425x594 peace068.jpg)
News 8/15/19 News Aon 3.0 08/15/2019 (Thu) 12:37:51 No. 28779 [Reply]
Portugal’s social-democratic government calls out army against truckers’ strike
With 35 percent of gas stations across the country already running dry, it voted to call up the army in order to break the strike and issue civil requisition orders to force strikers back to work.

Thwarted shooter in Norway mosque attack shows up for court with two black eyes
The man who attempted to shoot up a Norwegian mosque over the weekend showed up to court with a pair of black eyes Monday.

Trudeau broke rules in SNC-Lavalin affair, says ethics tsar
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau violated federal conflict of interest rules in the handling of a corruption inquiry, the federal ethics tsar has found.

Western forces fuelling Gulf regional tension: Iraq
The presence of Western forces in the Gulf is fuelling regional tension, Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim said on Monday.

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(219.53 KB 500x374 f9f.png)
>Portugal’s social-democratic government calls out army against truckers strike

Lol, shit like this always makes me wonder how any one could possibly call capitalism a voluntary economic system.
(186.66 KB 365x643 1.png)
>Thwarted shooter in Norway mosque attack shows up for court with two black eyes
look like a lesbian

Why is pol so low testosterone?
Do they jerk off too much?
could be facial swelling from being btfo
lmao he got btfo by capitalist alienation

(65.30 KB 479x471 DurbanWithTurban.jpe)
non-sectarian Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 15:13:11 No. 28097 [Reply]
Uh, how are we supposed to speak our mind, without risking that we offend the popular opinion? Smells like someone wants an echo chamber.
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>alienates angry kids wh don't care about history
fuck those kids, your job as an adult is to make them read no pander to their brainletry. there are already enough poorly read internet communist pseuds online, you aren't doing them a favor by letting them skimp on homework, it leaves them vulnerable to turning back to liberals in the long run
Err I guess if the North/South divide is really that important to this day. Otherwise the last two chapters are only worth reading.

Even if his indictment of southerners is way too harsh that I suspect he is a self hating Southerner.
Kill yourself
>I'm afraid of people disagreeing with me so that means you guys want an echo chamber
Lol get fucked pussy
why should we care if what we say offends the public

Space_##m0Wyzz 08/15/2019 (Thu) 04:53:42 No. 28525 [Reply]
Soooo what happened?
We ran out of space.
Plain and simple. I will make sure this never happens. By buying more space ASAP
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It's ok space.
We appreciate you, man.

Your job is a thankless one most days.
Space the final frontier.
We ran out of Space_
How much space is the site taking up atm?
I Love to buy more Space_ I bet they are great in bed.

(130.96 KB 684x537 MarxistProf.jpg)
LEFTIST PRAGERU Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 23:23:03 No. 22869 [Reply]
Doing some research on this, this is what i found:

>Each video costs between $25,000 and $30,000 to create
>The organization has a $10 million annual budget, of which it spends more than 40% on marketing.

I'm thinking, can't this be done on a smaller budget, if we want to do a left-wing version?

Similar format to Prager u, doing leftist videos. Obviously the left doesn’t have oil billionaire money to fund that sort of things and the platform would have to be as anti-sectarian as possible to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Possible topics:

Climate Change (especially this one)
Gender Pay Gap
Proving the Labor Theory of Value
Debunking Race Science
Economic Cybernetics/Digital Political Economy

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(48.49 KB 523x662 cgpeers.png)
>Does anybody have any recommendations for animator software?
After Effects, cgpeers got open registration right now so you can steal both software and tuts
(12.07 MB 2160x3840 Batman_Render.007.png)
(1.37 MB 1280x1280 tfwtoosmart.png)
(804.87 KB 810x640 blender_2017-06-11_23-19-02.png)
so firstly, I made us a riot.im server to discuss this topic further. please reply with either your Riot name or Matrix ID so I can send an invite to anyone who wants.
secondly, I'm an "animator" (self-taught, not professional) who knows how Blender3D like the back of his hand. I learned it when I was 12 to make Minecraft animations and have been using it ever since for various other things (mostly making renders and videogames). I'm not any good, but a 2D project like PragerU would be a cakewalk compared to the other stuff of done. Pic related is all done by me in Blender. and before you ask, yes, Blender3D can be used for 2D animations, see: the animators for South Park, who use Maya3D to make their show.
The problem is I don't have a lot of time, I'm an undergrad Electrical Engineering student at a reputed school so I get boatloads of homework constantly, however I'd be willing to teach anyone who wants to learn so that eventually I won't be necessary. Blender is free, so if you want to help, install it (get 2.79, I have no fucking clue how to use anything 2.80 or newer). We also still need a writer and narrator cause I'm not doing that shit.
I can make Lego stopmotion videos.
That video animation was done by "AnActualJoke", a insufferable anarcho-liberal fatass. Once you tell them you're /leftypol/ they'll call you a red fash or something.
>Any thoughts?

(1.65 MB 320x180 HAPPENING.gif)
Portugal Strike Thread Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 16:02:02 No. 28899 [Reply]
So it seems fuel drivers in Portugal went on a strike. The government declared a state of emergency and driving fuel trucks without permission became punishable by up to 2 years in prison. The police started seizing trucks from the workers and the army was put in charge of distributing fuel across the country. It seems that minimum services were delivered by the drivers, but the government still fucked them over.

Fun fact: according to BBC, the union spokesman said that "No-one will respect the minimum service or civil requisition,", while according to reuters he said "I see this as an attack on the strike, because these people (the drivers) delivered minimum services.” It seems BBC was taking him out of context.

Can any Portuguese anons give their opinions and information about the strike? Was the army used for arresting truck drivers? That would be pretty interesting.
Portugal seems based tbh.
Portugal is like an inverse of Eastern European states RE its party politics. Instead of it having horrifically right-wing people masquerade as liberals, they have social conservatives pretend to be socdems because calling yourself right-wing literally means fascist.
Also their constitution has like state socialism in it technically (but it was never acted on). Still, they retained really strong trade unions also.

(23.08 KB 582x443 class unity logo.png)
Entire Rest of DSA on Suicide Watch Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 14:03:15 No. 27978 [Reply]
Class Unity DSA (Normal People Caucus) has become the first/only DSA caucus to translate their statement of principles into Spanish. (no really)

https://classunity.org/ (original English version)

Short version:
1. Class politics, not identity politics.
2. Material politics, not symbolism.
3. Mass politics, not subculture.
4. A true workers’ party.
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>when you prohibit ASMR clapping but it's okay when a landlord calls his tenant "crazy"
It's so fucked, it's beyond fucked.
Holy shit if the landlord thing is true then the DSA is more fucked up than I knew.
Bitch I was saying something along these lines before it was cool
It’s mostly good praxis for fighting a war of position/low class consciousness environment, apart from explicitly wedding themselves to Bernie.

(150.88 KB 1080x1080 despatito tito.jpeg)
Arguing for socialism thread Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 09:38:03 No. 28703 [Reply]
What are the best approaches towards arguing for socialism?
What are some good but uncommon arguments for socialism?
What are the best ways to respond to the usual shit like "muh human nature" and the gorillions
Who are the best demographic for redpilling?
>What are the best approaches towards arguing for socialism?
Pamphlets and revolutionary newspapers!

>What are some good but uncommon arguments for socialism?
Stalin did everything right.

>What are the best ways to respond to the usual shit like "muh human nature"
It doesn't exist.

>and the gorillions
Should have killed more.

>Who are the best demographic for redpilling?
Those who don't wish to be gulag'd.


no cookies?