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(10.72 KB 680x830 nmlogoblack.png)
New Multitude- leftypol related magazine Anonymous 08/22/2020 (Sat) 13:15:40 No. 793845 [Reply] [Last]
I want to ask this communities advice on how to proceed. Firstly, I still think there's a great wealth here. leftypol's strength is a great community from around the world and people who I believe have something unique to offer as far as leftist analysis goes. Leftypol's weakness is that this strength is fleeting, hence the Nm project. 1.While medium is ok I think it's time to move the magazine to its own website which will make it a hell of a lot more professional looking and attract more readers. 2. I have no tech skills. I need someone to help me build the website, linking the domain name etc. I have asked on /tech/ but I got mostly responses of "learn it yourself it's easy" sorry but I don't have the time to do that, which is why I hosted on medium in the first place. Is there anyone out there who could assist with this 3. getting higher quality posts. I think the idea of grabbing effort posts from leftypol is still valid, but it takes a lot of work to edit these into a quality I am happy with. Many of the current articles are curated debates, etc. I think they are good, but I also think it would be great to have some original essays too. We have some from Brazil anon and Singapore anon. I would love to work more with people here who have something unique to say. So I would like to offer something like $100 for an original essays/articles and various amounts for artwork too. I could fund this for while but.. 4.this would also mean that long term the project would need a patreon or something.I would actually like to do it so the artists and contributors got a fair share of any patreon money, so they could continue earning. Anyway this discussion is moot without first getting a reputation for quality and unique posts. 5. the name. So many people thought that many "New Multitude" was some kind of Hardt and Negri offshoot..I guess that's understandable, but it's not. What do you think about the name..I was also toying with the name "Swinis Multiude" which is the name the arch-conservative Edmund Burke gave to the common folk of England as an insult and which they reclaimed in jest. So yeah...Let me know what I should do. originally I set up a email for work, but quickly realised this wasn't a good plan. the best way to contact me is through twitter messaging twitter.com/newmultitude
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>>858617 website is being built. looking for quality contributions, particularly from outside US/UK politics (although we will include them)
>>866968 What would the podcast cover and what would the format be, ideally?
>>867024 It should just be a pod with leftypol randos talking their opinions. i guess it would only come out sporadically. But it would be a very good tool for outreach bc u could have guests on. A format i could imagine is every episode like 3 people who made good recent contributions to nM get to talk about it
>>793845 Hey, you could check out what I've written on >>886615 .
>>867071 I like that idea. It would encourage others to start improving the quality of their posts as well.

(1.15 MB 1200x674 14VflblrUIkGgj-HjuS943w[1].png)
(208.94 KB 1190x1000 Screenshot 2020-09-20 113234.png)
Jacobin - Incel reactionaries are created by economic downfall Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 18:33:45 No. 885583 [Reply] [Last]
bumplocked: safe to say this thread has reached it's conclusion >Even a glance at the "incel" subculture reveals vile misogyny, reactionary politics of all kinds, and multiple acts of horrific violence. The documentary TFW No GF also emphasizes that in part, that subculture is a product of the breakdown of institutions, the disappearance of decent economic opportunities, and a broader loss of meaning in America. >In all this, the 2008 financial crisis and the failing neoliberal order are essential hallmarks for Moyer. Amid the crosshatch of issues at play for the film’s subjects — childhood traumas, ailing mental health, awkward and often fragile masculinity — TFW NO GF makes it impossible to ignore the broader dynamics caused by economic crisis. >“The future that was sold to me is a complete lie, so I’m just going to do nothing instead,” explains Kyle, one of the film’s subjects. >TFW NO GF is a portrait of young men who are facing a future with no long-term economic opportunity and little in the way of meaningful democratic engagement or collective civic life. In particular, Moyer’s exploration of the American landscape draws our attention to the effects of the 2007–8 housing-market collapse and the subsequent austerity politics that so devastated public-sector institutions like education. As Kantbot puts it: >People used to graduate and go get a job, and that used to work pretty well for them. But now that’s impossible, you have no experience in anything, you’re from a small-town background and you don’t have any connections, so you end up living back at home, and your parents are telling you to apply to McDonald’s or something because it’s better than you staying at home. https://jacobinmag.com/2020/09/tfw-no-gf-incel-moyer-documentary
Edited last time by antious666 on 09/20/2020 (Sun) 23:30:03.
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>>886854 >but I believe there must be a solution that can be come up with, maybe something technology can conjur up with basically physical selection of populations or manipulating DNA for better physical looks, or state sponsored plastic surgery or fitness drives kek, this level of incel cope you won't go outside and only hollywood-tier simulacrums are beautiful, then you wonder why you have no gf. insecure cuties are everywhere, maybe it's your taste that is shit.
>>886850 yes they have work. Cant you read?
>>886869 >friends/work >bruhhh can't you reeeeeeaddd? CRINNGEE
>>886893 you said you met "guys who are exactly like this", but in next sentence you say they are not like this at all, because they are employed
>>886157 Have you ever considered that women view incels in the same light? That the pickiness that you show against ugly women is just a small component of the sexual-darwinism that also excludes you and other young men that are lower-ranking in attractiveness? For what it's worth, I bet the same fat/ugly chicks you write about feel the same way about incels and other lower-tier guys, lamenting that they can't get attractive guys as they consider these men beneath them. What you have to consider is that the problem doesn't lie on one particular gender, but rather on the broader cultural obsession with landing attractive mates. Honestly anon, if you're an unemployed, overweight virgin who spends their free time on forums (maybe you aren't, but I'm certain this applies to at least some of the /r9k/-esque posters here), I don't think you're really in a position to be picky. I get that our culture has set up the mythology of "work hard and you'll get an attractive wife someday", but the destruction of these sexual archetypes should be the goal, not abiding by them and hoping that an attractive gf will just land in your lap. Just accept that, until you really take the time to improve your appearance and your social standing, you are pretty much the male equivalent of the ugly girl. Recognizing this will help demolish the broader bourgeois mythology of sexuality, and will ultimately set you free to pursue life without /r9k/ looming over your head.

(32.13 KB 584x342 partyrosa.jpg)
Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 09:00:12 No. 882154 [Reply] [Last]
post your rare images of your favourite lefties here!
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>>883612 is the girl someone I should know?
>>884778 No, you shouldn't and neither should I but it's Dasha from the red scare podcast.
(804.48 KB 977x595 Enver Hoxha.png)
Enver Hoxha heu Tungjatjeta.
>>883581 fuck value and profits not everything is a commodity
(34.75 KB 550x480 0.jpg)
My favourite anticommunist.

(1.02 MB 939x897 prepare.jpg)
News 9/19/20 News Anon 3.0 09/19/2020 (Sat) 16:55:58 No. 882768 [Reply] [Last]
Russia’s Communist Party rejects results of some gubernatorial elections after its candidates were barred from running Russia's Communists said on Monday that they were refusing to accept the results of the country's local elections in regions where their candidates were not allowed to run. The Communists are Russia's largest opposition party.“We do not recognize the elections that took place in the regions where our candidates were removed,” said Gennady Zyuganov, the party leader. His nominees were denied registration in five regional contests. https://on.rt.com/aqbk Communist veteran Roza Deshpande passes away at 91 Veteran communist leader and former Lok Sabha member Roza Deshpande died at her residence here on Saturday afternoon due to old age, sources said.Deshpande, 91, was the daughter of Shripad Amrit Dange, one of the founders of the Communist Party of India. https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/sep/19/communist-veteran-roza-deshpande-passes-away-at-91-2199155.html https://archive.is/h0nZH Colorado police conduct militarized arrests of Party for Socialism and Liberation members As part of an attempted frame-up, the protesters were arrested and jailed in a series of coordinated militarized raids while they were out in public or at home. Those arrested face a plethora of charges, which, if they are convicted, could mean decades in prison for their alleged roles in four protests and vigils against police violence that took place over the summer. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/09/19/apsl-s19.html Peru's Congress Rejects Dismissal of President Vizcarra The impeachment was promoted by the Congress after the Vizcarra's alleged participation in a corruption scandal."I have my head held high and my conscience is clear," President Vizcarra said after the Parliament's decision as he added that we must move forward in the fight against the pandemic in the country. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Perus-congress-rejects-dismissal-of-president-vizcarra-20200919-0003.html

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(342.19 KB 1360x1024 wild type banana.jpg)
(91.32 KB 630x451 ray comfort.jpg)
>>884301 Do all cultivar plants have this feature?
>>884306 >howto banana without seeds i have to look that up, might take while
>>884306 Seedless bananas were a natural mutation and cultivators propagated it via cuttings (asexual reproduction) thousands of years ago.
>>884301 Phenotype of an organism is dependent on a genotype and genotype is inherited, you might not see the feature you were breeding for in few generations because it might have been linked to more than one recessive gene, but with constant breeding effort eventually you will get there. Its true we don't get speciation yet but the thing you said about SINEs is wierd, SINEs are mobile elements that contribute to genomic diversity, but they are present in all mammals. SINEC_Cf is just a name for a certain type SINE sequences in canines.
>>884157 I'm not even a dengist, but given geopolitical tensions one would expect some sort of more serious move by China. By that logic WW1 would never have happened given how integrated the european economies were

(179.91 KB 720x720 smug pepe piss wine.png)
Anyone care to make up a graphic to go with this? Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 20:57:12 No. 886148 [Reply] [Last]
>Kyle Rittenhouse, also known by his real name Kahohl "Muhammad" bin Rittari, was part of a muslim rape gang that Rosenbaum was undercover infiltrating under the order of attourney general william barr. While Rosenbaum was on his way to the Kenosha FBI field office to report his findings and file a warrant, rittenhouse ambushed him and killed him under cover of night. The Deep State then fabricated court documents to smear rosenbaum as a pedophile, but the FBI can't publicly deny it without putting their other agents at risk. >#Q #WWG1WGA Circulate at your own leisure
1 post omitted.
>>886167 Here's some australian retard that converted to islam and blew himself up, just crop and low-res this face and rittenhouse's face, the schizos won't be able to tell the difference.
Remember to delete the thread after you get the pic to minimize the chance a /pol/yp sees it.
More like Shitinhouse IMO
>>886266 Gottem

(5.24 KB 224x225 index.jpeg)
Love is the most powerful ideology Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 02:27:00 No. 884135 [Reply] [Last]
I finally found the answer: Love is the most powerful ideology. Let me explain: What is the most important thing in the lives of people? It's the well being of their loved ones, their friends, family, spouse etc. You personally might adhere to a specific (political) ideology, but would you really sacrifice the security of your loved ones for it? Would you be able to kill the people who you deeply love, for your political convictions? As long you are not a remorseless psychopath (in this case, you wouldn't even be able to feel love anyway), you will always drop your political convictions, to save your loved ones. This is why love trumps every other ideology.
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>>884164 cope incel
>>885152 ok psycho
>>885575 predictable
(46.70 KB 1128x858 virginity skyrocketing.jpg)
Stupidest shit Ive read all life

(80.13 KB 640x464 002.jpg)
ITT: most retarded anticommunist "arguments" Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 12:04:34 No. 194067 [Reply] [Last]
For me as someone who lives in a post-Soviet country the most brainlet and anti-reality argument has got to be "COMMUNISM IS ANTI-CULTURE" My family still has shelves with 100s of books they got in the USSR, real books like obscure classical works or science ones. You CAN'T find most of them in stores anymore because they have been replaced with lowest common denominator schlock like 50 shades of grey or cheap fantasy novels. You have to go to a specialized library to find books you could buy at any bookstore in the USSR. Little surprise that the USSR used to be "the most reading country". Socialism built and supported theaters, museums, cinemas etc and most importantly it made them available to the entire population instead of a small leisurely elite. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call the USSR the most cultured country in history if the criteria is the total number of people with access to "high culture" like classical music and theater. Don't even get me started on Soviet contributions to the art world like Prokofiev, Tarkovsky etc. Classical arts were preserved and promoted, folk culture was supported too. The only culture socialism "destroyed" was religion and culture of the ruling classes like decadent balls. That's what reactionaries truly bemoan. It doesn't matter that 99% of the population went from ignorant peasants to educated people who can appreciate intellectual and aesthetic pursuits, a few nobles couldn't have their shitty dances and lavish palaces all to themselves anymore, so CULTURE WAS LITERALLY DESTROYED!!11 You'd have to be completely ignorant of history and reality to say "socialism is anti-culture", or be a lying reactionary who by "culture" means "when you praise Jesus and kill nigs". It's especially annoying to hear this from Russian right-wing zoomers who know nothing but fortnite and low-brow americanized tv entertainment, and somehow blame socialism for this state of affairs instead of capitalist restoration.
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>>197860 Aw that's lovely. I would answer: Don't you dare to use facebook because is free.
>>197877 >because prices don’t reflect supply and demand as they do in free markets. There's communism with free market. Communism =/= no free market. Although, central planning would avoid monopolies and oligopolies.
>>873566 Ok Yugoslavia
(90.57 KB 500x500 productivity vs wages.png)
(80.19 KB 814x717 productivity vs wages.jpg)
(21.88 KB 401x302 prices of college over time.jpg)
>Muh Minimum Wage is bad!!!! 7.25 x 40 = $290 a week. A fucking WEEK. BEFORE TAX. The minimum wage MUST be raised. When it was established, it was in line to be keyed to Inflation rates and the national average cost of living. Minimum wage is NOT set according to skill level. This is the "My Pie Fallacy" where people think they deserve to earn a much higher gap from "burger flippers" and idiots who disagree with raising the wage need to stop it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Other people getting more money doesn't mean you get less, you fucking MORONS. The minimum wage is supposed to be over $27 right now. That is how much Inflation has gone up since the wage was first set in 1938. In fact, thanks to corporate pandering in Congress, the minimum wage peaked in "value" in 1968, and this was back when the majority of those making minimum wage were teenagers who had families to supplement their major expenses, not people who have families of their own TO support. Many states have recognized this and have implemented their own increased wages. We are in a VERY precarious place right now with the minimum wage being as dangerously low as it is. We are about to see crime rates increase as more and more people keep being unable to live on their wages alone, as just LAST YEAR the supplementary rates of welfare and EBT systems reached the point where the wage problem surpassed it. We are being herded to financial ruin by billionaires who intend to crash the market so they can buy companies and stock at a record minimum costs only to turn it around again afterwards and reap the high values. We have seen this before. We MUST eliminate this enemy. If not the rich themselves, then the traitor Republicans they own and keep on leashes must be excised from power and replaced with a competent third party. Because presently they are not an American political group. They are ENEMIES. >Inb4 muh raised prices Price Ceiling regulations.
>>873566 Stfu Titoite, reas Marx

Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 10:35:03 No. 660833 [Reply] [Last]
Stalin: >ruled for 25 years over a territory of 22,402,200 km2 >population under his rule: 150million in 1927 - 196million before WW2 >average population number under his rule: 173 000 000 >3.3 million excess deaths under his rule (executions, gulags, etc. not counting the holo and the domor) >math: 173,000,000 / 3,300,000 = 52.42 Every 52th citizen died under Stalin. >Time And Territory Adjusted Excess Deaths (TATAED - a term I just made up, measured in metric units of "horror") >math: (every citizen dieded + time) * horror constant [100,000] / territory = (25+52) * 100,000 / 22,402,200 = 0.3437 TATAED: 0.34 horror, or 34 centihorror Anarchist Catalonia: >(un)ruled for 3 whole years over a territory of 32,108 km2 >average population under their (un)rule: 2.8million >excess deaths (executions, gulags, etc.) between 38000 and 72344, average: 55000 >math: 2,800,000 / 55,000 = 50.9 Every 51th citizen died under anarchism.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>857887 Based.
>>857114 Bumping for these to be made
>>838840 But it is not limited to the territory of Catalonia.
>>883475 >sage really dude
Still the best post ever made here

(16.52 KB 445x267 3000.jpg)
Navalny Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 12:50:46 No. 847389 [Reply] [Last]
Who poisoned this guy? The West especially Germany tries to pin this on Putin to cancel Nord Stream II to buy fracking gas from the burgers again. German military allegedly proved that he was poisoned with Novichok. It makes no sense to me that Putin would do this now an bury Nord Stream, and the Western media runs headlines that he was the most popular opposition politician in Russia which is hard to believe.
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Apparently he had alcohol parties with his friends for days before he was reported as being "poisoned" by Novichok. Once you realize that there's no way you can survive from a fucking military-grade chemical weapon, it all becomes obvious.
>>847389 >Western media runs headlines that he was the most popular opposition politician in Russia he's in the KPRF?
It's pretty obvious that this was US groups that wanted to sabotage the relationships between USA and Germany for a long time now, especially over gas supply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUcku5SEB2k US diplomat over a year ago threatening sanctions against german companies over the pipeline. Also potential actor is Ukraine, but if so obviously condoned by their US handlers.
>>875219 Ok retard
>>883170 well it made sense to kill her, but Nawalny? what was the play here?

(1.88 MB 288x288 whoa-dude.gif)
Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 00:51:56 No. 880785 [Reply] [Last]
GUYS, GUYS, I FIGURED OUT HOW TO LEGALLY TURN THE UNITED STATES INTO A DIRECT DEMOCRACY There's no constitutional limit on the size of the supreme court, right? So we pack the court with EVERY CITIZEN IN THE COUNTRY.
67 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>881960 Barriers to voting are dogshit and should be avoided at all costs, they will always be used as a political tool. The age requirement is only justified because of the possibility of parents controlling their children's vote, and even then the requirement should be as low as possible. 14 at least.
>>884637 We need maximum ages too.
>>880785 THREADLY REMINDER: Athenian Democracy is based. The Athenians already thought of this before you. In order to destroy the power of the oligarchs and aristocrats over the judiciary, Athenian democrats increased the jury for the Athenian court to 500 citizens. This made it impossible for the richfags to bribe the jury because there were too many citizens to bribe. Moreoever, Democrats eventually passed legislation to issue wages to jurors, so that the poor could earn a respectable wage serving on the court. It also served as an old age pension for retired citizens, who would draw a wage on a daily basis by sitting as jurors. All kinds of cases came before the court as there was no distinction at the time between criminal, civil, and other types of cases. Anyone could bring a case before the court. Therefore, it became an instrument of rule by which to attack the oligarchs and empower the demos, as the latter made up the majority of jurors and always voted in the interest of the democracy over the rich oligarchs
(45.92 KB 1000x1000 pe.jpg)
>>885348 >Blocks your path
>>885371 he implemented the jury pay i thought?


no cookies?