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(453.98 KB 1200x630 wfdy-logo.png)
World Federation of Democratic Youth Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 22:50:55 No. 213669 [Reply] [Last]
Anons what is your opinion on WFDY? As a ML myself I fucking worship it, and my organization is a member for quite some time. Do you have any critics of it's glorious work? SF/SN Glory to Stalin.
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>>213683 I am Yugoslav by nationality and in a Yugoslav based org lol, my grandfather got shot because he kept a picture of Stalin in his home.
>>213683 MLs and market socialists are generally on good terms these days. Most of the stories about Stalin and Tito are bullshit made up by the braindead faggots on libcom.org
>>213831 >Most of the stories about Stalin and Tito are bullshit made up by the braindead faggots on libcom.org What stories about them are made up? Why didnt Stalin and Tito like each other?
>>213669 there is no nember organization in my country only on paper because there are no young people left in the communist party Although I'm planning to ask the leaders of the communist party what they know about it.

(339.30 KB 1500x1500 south-asian-flag-map.jpg)
/SA/ South Asia General Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 13:15:35 No. 159210 [Reply] [Last]
For the following countries: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh

Talk about this shit-hole for as long as you like!
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>>191752 I remember hearing that the JVP is basically a Sinhalese nationalist party larping as communist
Today in India a nation wide strike was observed. https://youtu.be/Yqd1sjdtT04
(33.28 KB 590x355 nepal.gif)
what happens here?
(124.16 KB 741x784 1579052667021.png)
This is mean af.
>>214302 This is the funniest shit I've seen all day, it's like two South Park characters arguing

(3.29 MB 1000x651 ni71nuaxlvuy.png)
News 1/14/20 News Anon 3.0 01/14/2020 (Tue) 23:45:06 No. 213732 [Reply] [Last]
French pension reform activists set up mobile barbecue on Nice TRAM TRACKS mid-protest It didn’t take long for hunger to set in, but thankfully the rail workers had a novel solution to keep the march going: a mobile barbecue that was custom-built to fit the tram tracks. https://on.rt.com/a90q BBC chiefs deny propaganda role as papers reveal links to intelligence services BBC bosses denied that the organisation was still involved in propaganda against governments in Latin America and the Middle East today after a report revealed its involvement in a secret anti-communist plot in the 1960s. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/bbc-chiefs-deny-propaganda-role-as-papers-reveal-links-to-intelligence-services 17 Social Leaders Assassinated so Far This Year in Colombia Since the peace accord, the United Nations' High Commissioner Office for Peace in Colombia has counted "303 assassinations of human rights leaders." https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/17-Social-Leaders-Assassinated-so-Far-This-Year-in-Colombia-20200113-0017.html Berlin, London and Paris threaten Iran over 2015 nuclear treaty After the US assassination in Baghdad of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, Berlin, London and Paris issued a fraudulent joint letter Sunday, denouncing Iran as a threat to peace and demanding it respect the 2015 nuclear treaty Washington repudiated in 2018. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/14/euir-j14.html Chile: NIHR Asks To Investigate Chemicals Used By Riot Police

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>>213779 Has the ICC ever done anything good? Legit question
(48.57 KB 360x411 4er567.png)
>>213732 >Berlin, London and Paris threaten Iran over 2015 nuclear treaty Christ. With even all that talk Macaroon is still just as much as a cuck to America than any other Eurofags.
> tfw you are so defeated by capital, you are declared dead in the class war and made to live in coffins.

Peak Liberal Delusion Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 18:56:03 No. 213236 [Reply] [Last]
Post shitty takes from liberals Just found out about a shitty libtard YouTube channel that tried justifying their shitty failed ideology using unironic videogame logic and terrible simulations. I mean just look at this trash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFEgohhfxOA >Dude resources are unlimited and will spawn randomly lmao >What are cooperation >Selfishness and Altruism are diametrically opposition not spawning from the same source Which aren’t even true for simple fucking mammals like rats which only grew to this degree due to their inner altruism. How do channel like this and In a Nutshell managed to be so successful?
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(33.53 KB 421x501 blob.jpg)
>>213236 Well these creatures aren't an analog to humans, because humans do not have just genetically encoded behaviours but also learned behaviours. There also is a further complication that genetic traits can survive even when they are not useful, because there is epigenetic can switch them on and off based on environmental conditions. But wait there is more different traits can have emergent virtual traits, where you will never find a genetic sequence that encodes for it. There is obviously much more to this and also I have butchered this into simplicity. As far as communism goes, that's not really dependant on a question of selfishness vs altrustism, Consider the simplistic model from the video with self-fish and altruistic blobs where giving up food causes reproduction failure. If a capitalist blob exploits the blobs they won't reproduce, and then only the non-exploitable blobs survive and the capitalist blobs will loose their ability to exploit other blobs: Which means it's got a falling rate of profit too. Giving your surplus to capitalists will lower the resources you can divert towards your offspring, and that does lower your reproductive chances. Consider that child rearing is exceptionally successful strategy since most species that have a brain that is developed enough pursue it. There is also selective pressures on societies, that aren't based in genetics, that to some extend operate on evolutionary principles all be it that random chance plays a greater role given the relatively small number of societies. Consider that communist economics are better at allocating resources because they can do coordinated parallel deployment on industry, because they can run a full employment economy that neither overworks, neither under-employs people, and because it doesn't rely on market dynamics whose fluctuations periodically produce crisis, it will not inflict self-harm upon itself. A class-less society will have less structural barriers like lower-class children being bared from education. And lastly a socialist society doesn't have a penalty for technological improvements that tend to reduced profit rate. 20th century socialism even with it's many flaws managed to almost displace the capitalism as the dominant mode of production, in it's first iteration. The next wave of socialist societies will likely succeed given that capitalism has transformed the material conditions so that they no longer are favourable to capitalism. ----

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(11.20 KB 1333x75 socdem.png)
hot off the presses
>>213802 Haven't laughed this hard in a minute.
>>213802 >>213808 Here it is (ironically in an anti-socdem thread): >>213097
>>213802 How delusional are roses, this is enlightened centrist tier.

(40.95 KB 640x546 D2NKaJeUwAAZ2CX.jpg)
French national Strike General Strike in France 12/05/2019 (Thu) 10:53:55 No. 149080 [Reply] [Last]
title says it all, hope all my frenchfags today are striking and protesting. Is their anything going on in your country bunkerfags ?
Edited last time by Nox on 12/07/2019 (Sat) 18:34:57.
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Is France finally becoming class conscious? >>183576 >Cocoa-chan Who is that?
>>213757 >Is France finally becoming class conscious? no
>>213757 >Is France finally becoming class conscious? Quite clearly.
>>213757 >Cocoa-chan Cawfee girl from "Is the Order a Rabbit ?" >>213768 >>213799 The duality of Man.

(120.64 KB 440x800 engels.jpg)
Anti-Dühring Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 18:10:32 No. 213122 [Reply] [Last]
Is this the most underrated Marxist text? Just finished it and thought it was fantastic, very enlightening on what socialism truly constitutes. Feels like my understanding of Marxist economics, materialism and history has improved immensely. Also absolutely hilarious.
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>>213636 Ban this anon.
>>213694 t. Queen of the Night
>>213698 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuBeBjqKSGQ I'm laughing my fucking ass off anon, thank you
>>213122 I really want to read that work, but I am now reading a collection of essays of Marx and Engels someone on here recommended: >The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism. Selected Writings on Dialectical Materialism
>>213716 oh fuck thanks, I requested somebody post that a while back.

(118.89 KB 1162x601 succdem.png)
(83.42 KB 825x631 bernie.jpg)
Socdem: ISHYG would stop doing this OP 01/14/2020 (Tue) 16:02:49 No. 212911 [Reply] [Last]
>Still being a social democrat after Sanders and Corbyn lost, shifted to the right and are commonly acknowledged that they wouldn't be able to do anything even if they'd won. >Not knowing this is fundamentally at odds with radicalizing a working population towards carrying out a socialist revolution, since welfare capitalism pacifies workers while simultaneously establishing a national bourgeoisie, to mount an overwhelmingly successful reaction as a response (since they are the ruling class and hence dominate their pet bourgeois democracy). >Not understanding that social democracy for about 100 years have thus been social fascism and that is the same for the present day Corbyn (who supported the removal of the word 'socialism' from Labours platform) and Bernie (who is to be materially affected by becoming a millionaire at his own prerogative, of which he could redistribute but chooses instead to hoard, without a doubt having psychosocial ramifications). >Not knowing that Marx & Engels didn't even approve of late 18th century socdems, and they still considered themselves Marxists and striving to explicitly abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism. >Yet you physically cannot stop blathering about the next anti-revolutionary performance artist in the game to scam workers into believing in a rigged hype-game and ruining their income as a side-effect (especially for the Sanders campaign) for what at best would result in socio-liberal opportunists capital gain and a hung parliament and at worst an assassination and a right-wing military dictatorship sponsored by national, but also surely international, capital. >Doing all this in my literal communist bunker in MMXX What do you have to say to yourselves?
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>>213097 It's class collaboration to stave off revolution. Glad we "agree".
Bump because revisionism everywhere.
>>213097 >Social democracy is the dialectical answer to the debate between capitalism and communism. <this is what socdems actually believe Social democracy is still capitalism. The means of production are still privately owned, you still have crises and recessions/depressions, workplaces are not democratic, etc.
>>213104 Lol, cause capitalist are known to tolerate any threat to the status quo. >>213411 >Socdem=private ownership. So I guess you've never heard of a mixed economy then.
>>213524 Fucked up the green text, but you know what I meant.

(4.06 KB 158x214 Bike lock.jpg)
Sage 11/14/2019 (Thu) 16:03:59 No. 126583 [Reply] [Last]
You may not like it, but this is what the ideal communist party looks like:

Party members are members of both trade and tenants unions, not only this, but a certain department of the party will be trained so that they are active within these unions and are competent organisers in both these areas. If necessary, they can go knocking on doors and organise a neighbourhood, or salt a workplace and organise a workers union.

So, at this point they would be attacking rent and profit, two main drivers of capital.

One that is not organised around is interest, debtors servitude. The parties union department should be developing debtors unions. This is semi uncharted territory, but a very large area of exploitation.

This section of the party should be actively dedicated to organising as many workplaces and neighbourhoods of renters into unions as possible

The next department of the party is the community survival department which is divided into two stages. The first stage is the organisation of community survival programs. This may be anything that benefits a community. What benefits that community must be discerned by that community, thus this must be approached in a mass line fashion. The best way to achieve this in the immediate is to go round, knocking on doors, getting information and feed back, then through the party giving the people what they need, be that food, health clinics, shelter in the form of expropriated buildings, etc.

The second stage of this is the long term stage, which recognises the protracted nature of the struggle. All of these programs are the basis from which support grows, they are applied in certain communities who are receptive to them and solidified and developed, in order to strengthen the organs of working class power for the eventual crisis in capitalism coming to a head. Thus, these community survival programs must have a strong economic base to work from, this should take the form of a network of co-operatives controlled by the party, with its workers fully unionised, with taxes on the co-operatives by the party, in order to fund the gradual development of the other survival programs, which might then include co-operative housing, as well as the funding of full time union agitators and political organisers

>muh co-ops
this is literally in the BPP ten point program

The party should also be organising around the environment, in the form of confronting and opposing polluting big business

On top of this, the party should be promoting a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

It should be providing both ideological and physical training.

It should have an armed wing which in the immediate focuses on physical training, defence of marches, co-ops, strikers etc, but should ultimately be preparing for a defensive armed struggle, or a guerrila struggle when the time occurs.

This party should stay out of electoral politics entirely, until such a time as it has local neighbourhood density across most of its national area, at this stage, they may enter parliament in an attempt to take it over. Before that, this is wasted energy and will only demoralise the party members and working class.
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(80.97 KB 891x1341 53erdftg.jpg)
>>137264 the state-socialist plan for transition to communism is based on improving the means of production to the point where infrastructure layers can produce the material needs of people with quantity and quality that makes it impossible to coerce people to have to work, to not only survive but live well. At this point state-power will no longer be nessecairy because people have become materially unexploitable.
>c-c-co-ops don't work! A-A-A-Anarkiddy! https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/marinaleda-communist-village-still-withstands-capitalism morning star, the UKs foremost communist paper, disagrees
>>126655 lol What he means is: "It makes *me* more recognizable."
>>213157 >Every member of the co-operative earns the same daily salary of €47 (£39.40) for six-and-a-half hours’ work — which is more than double the Spanish minimum wage. Workers are called out in groups via loudspeaker. Decisions about the co-operative including, for example, which crops to farm, are made collectively in village general assemblies. Residents aren’t forced to become members of the co-operative and those who don’t sign up can still play an active part in the political struggle. >As a result of the co-operative, unemployment in Marinaleda is very low in a region which had around 36 per cent unemployment during the post-2008 financial crisis (up to 56 per cent for those aged 18 to 24) compared to 27 per cent in Spain as a whole. In fact during the crisis, when the profitable Spanish construction trade collapsed, unemployment figures in Marinaleda were arguably only caused by internal migrants from other parts of Spain. >Housing in Marinaleda is very different to the Spanish norm. The Ayuntamento, as the local government is known, has bought and expropriated thousands of square metres of land in order to convert it into communal property. Prospective residents have to donate 450 days of their own work to the construction of their new homes using materials provided by the local administration and assistance from professional builders. >The hours spent by the resident on construction are then deducted from the total cost of their house — with a monthly payment of €15.52 (£13.20) to achieve ownership. More than 350 homes have been built in this co-operative fashion in a village of less than 3,000 people. Homes are three bedrooms with a patio. However in order to preserve the special character of the project residents cannot sell their homes. >Marinaleda has few police officers with supporters of the “communist village” arguing that with little unemployment and inequality there is very little crime. Avenida Da Libertad is the main thoroughfare through the village with the man attractions including an amphitheatre, workers’ sports ground, house of culture, vegetable canning factory, a library and the “Sindactio” trade union bar. There are also seven privately owned bars and cafes in the village — but multinationals are not welcome.
Keep it on topic.

An oldfag coming back Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 22:20:12 No. 151511 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone,

Im a 8chan /leftypol/ oldfag who got out of IBs a long time ago, but today, in a moment of nostalgia it occured to me "what has it been of /leftypol/?". I found myself with 8ch.net closed, and this chan open.

Let me put in context how long it has been since I left.

>was there when /leftypol/ opened in 8chan
>Was there when the logo and Cat-alunya were created
>was there when the original Bunkermag opened
>Was there when this chan opened
>Was there when Muke (aka Xexizy) started to promote his YT channel at /leftypol/
>Was there when Brennan left to the Phillipines and then when he sold the site

It may seem like im trying to brag my antiquity, but im not, im trying to put in context some important moments of /leftypol/'s past to contextualize the time when I used to be in the community, and see if there still are anons from that time.

Anyways, Im here to get in touch again with the community, catch up with what happened with 8ch.net in general and leftypol specifically, and see how things go.

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>>197557 Nah. Way back in 2006-2007 there was /n/ and it wasn't about transportation but about news. It was already nazi, it just had low traffic. Then it became /new/, then /pol/. At no point did i get the feeling Stormfront played any significant role. It was organically grown nazification.
>>197652 Whether or not they actually made a significant difference, they did make a concerted effort to nazify /pol/
>>197652 You don't remember all the Stormfront please go posts?
>>151511 I knew as soon as I saw this thread go up that it would be a shitshow... nearly a month later the 100s of posts of shit-posting BO bashing BO defending and just pure drivel all over here proves this to be true. So much for reminiscing about the past.
>>213297 The past to reminisce over is pre BO sperg out, it is BO own fault

Are MLs and Anarchists both working toward the same end? Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 03:47:37 No. 191414 [Reply] [Last]
Help a theorylet left-nat out here. Is anarcho-communism as practiced in Ukraine and Catalonia really the end result of the whole Marxist process? I know when Marxists refer to "the state", they are talking about the means through which one class oppresses another, and that it would wither away in a classless society, but does that also include the erosion of national identity, borders, or laws? also i know you guys are getting alot of threads on nationalism rn, but plz dont stirner-post me to the shadow realm, these spooks are my burden to bear.
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>>192339 >Work place democracy does not imply a need for markets You’re looking at the world in a vacuum. If we took capitalist society and simply gave ownership to the workers, it’s market socialism because commodity production has not been abolished. >>192339 Lenin wasn’t the first to theorize on socialism, though. In critique of the gotha programme marx clearly states that between capitalism and communism is a revolutionary transitional period in which the state can exist as nothing more than the dictatorship of the proletariat. > Namely, whether or not the end result aimed for by both Marxists & 'narchos is (regardless of disputes over praxis) the same. To that question, with an honest reading of Marx (and even Lenin/Stalin/Mao/etc.), I would say yes. Anarchists are unique though because of their extreme prejudice towards hierarchy. If MLs and Ancoms came together and understood that yes, democratic leadership is necessary, then we could live not as Anarchists or MLs but as communists. >>192339
>>191561 Looks like he said something wrong
all anarchists should be Kronstadted
>>192297 >So, the workers not only took part in production meetings to draw up production plans that produced goods for society, debated their managers... it still wasn't worked control? Just because the workers have some say in production does not mean it was directly under their control. Citizens have some amount of say in all liberal bourgeoise republics now, along with some measures to supposedly hold officials and politicians accountable, does that mean that modern day capitalist republics are actually dictatorships of the proletariat? >and directly elected them Your screenshot says they elected delegates to the production conference, not their direct managers. >It just seems to me you can't come to grips with the reality that worker control did exist in the USSR. These conferences were held ever six months, too. Maybe you didn't read the other screenshot? You're grasping at straws in trying to prove these lukewarm conferences were somehow the ultimate expression of worker power. All you've proved so far is that workers had some amount of voice in the USSR, not that they actually directly controlled things, because they didn't, the party did. >the workers elected their managers Proof? Your screenshot does not say they elected their managers. >and they took part in electing members of the party Only if they were members of the party, which was not a right. For most of the USSR's history party membership was less than 10% of the population, and at the beginning was less than 1%. >Then, you said - well - that definition doesn't matter. So, that means your definition doesn't matter either because we can arbitrarily decide what socialism is based on how we feel now I'm saying it's pointless to argue what is and isn't socialism when we have different definitions, so instead I'm arguing specific criteria, like worker-control. >showing that workers were able to directly elect managers at their workplace, they were recallable Haven't shown that. >and they took part in producing goods for society And US citizens take part in governing their country.

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