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(87.39 KB 588x437 foghorn.jpg)
management books + self-help for yuppies Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 18:24:47 No. 28466 [Reply]
Know your enemy. But I didn't know the enemy was so boring! Too bad. The most tedious thread from 8chan's /leftypol/ is back, made even more tedious by reposts. Feel free to suggest shit and I'll give it a go (if I can find a free copy).

In the meantime, have a repost: Bob Nelson: 1501 Ways to Reward Employees - This is an upgrade to 1001 blahblahblah. On the front, it says there are over 1.6 million copies of it in print and it promises "Low-Cost and No-Cost Ideas". I love the promise of no-cost ideas, so I took the pro-active measure of downloading this from a warez site.
>• Pay for gym/health club membership.
Nice one. You know the title says 1501 ways to reward, it doesn't say good ways. Big numbers look more impressive, so the title isn't "Three Nice Ideas"; and if it were, you would just look at the summary at the back of the book without buying, and that's un-American (buying something you have no use for is at the very American end of the spectrum). Speaking of being American, I'm not, so at first I was puzzled by this other thing from the list:
>• Pay a medical bill.
Maybe there's a different and more out-of-the-box way to think about that one, eheheh my American friends?

And now, millenials. Did you know that millenials, also called
>Gen Y, the Nintendo Generation, the Microwave Generation, Generation Next, the Net Generation, Generation Why, the Echo Boomers, and the Trophy Generation
>optimistic, hardworking, and high achieving, systematically setting and then achieving goals in rapid sequence
(I suspect the author got paid by word count)? Here is one of the
for interacting with millenials in your workforce:
>• Join and use the social networks they use.

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(12.63 KB 427x84 1.png)

(377.23 KB 600x800 The_Worker_and_Kolkhoz_Woman.jpg)
Leftourism Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 12:15:34 No. 31265 [Reply]
I'm going to Moscow soon, so what Communist attractions do you recommend to see?

I've got Lenin's Mausoleum on the list, VDNKh, Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, Cosmonautics Museum, Bunker 42.
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You go there to pray to the infallible Dialectics and its prophet, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (pbuh)
(142.82 KB 800x530 commetro1.jpg)
(14.38 MB 3080x4620 commetro2.jpg)
(261.10 KB 765x509 commetro3.jpg)
yeah and be sure to check kievskaya(киевская) station for socialist art :)
Not Moscow, but I thought I would give a tip for anyone visiting Italy. If you are ever in Bologna, the Museum of Modern Art has a small(one room), permanent exhibit called Art and Ideology. It focuses on the politics that influenced the art scene in Bologna during the 60s. Lots of good painting and sculpture. Try counting all the Lenins! Maybe you'll catch a Stalin or Mao too. It's worth checking out if you ever visit.
I was recently in Bolivia and wanted to visit the place where Che was murdered but it’s a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and a 7 hour bus ride from everything.
This reminds me that there are Serbs who are proud a Serb mercenary is the one that killed Che

(308.18 KB 564x687 comradegreta.png)
(196.89 KB 584x423 ECHVTrgWkAIScwi.png)
/greta/ Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 22:34:57 No. 30521 [Reply]
whats everybodys opinion on greta? is the climatepilling the zooomers? or is it just more spectacle. Why does she trigger the alt lite (PJW) for example so hard?
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If you're going to mine asteroids you might as well go the next step and bypass this shit altogether with abundant renewable solar power collected on the moon.
>microwave the earth
tight microwave beam. based. should make some helium 3 reactors up there while youre at it
>microwave the earth
The energy beamed back at one of these collection stations wouldn't even be enough to hurt someone, it would just make them feel a bit warm.
(27.90 KB 407x600 DKJPcMGWkAA31SO.jpg)
fox news: SOCIALIST proposes defeating global warming by MICROWAVING the planet!
tucker carlson: does concerned face "so, you want to microwave the planet... wont that make it hotter?"
Greta triggers the rightoids like no one else, so I feel almost forced to love her.

(444.10 KB 800x443 ny4opdcgo3sx.png)
Can we talk about how anarchism is disgustingly white? Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 13:29:43 No. 31372 [Reply]
Communists have people from all continents. We have or had people in Asia, Africa, Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and Latin America. An international movement. Yes, whitoids can be communists too, I have nothing against them per se.

But Anarchists? All pasty ass crackers with the most insane idealist views, including retarded idpol and towing the US State Department line on all foreign policy. I cannot for the life of me respect these "I Stand With Rojava" wh*toids who talk down on communists. Reminder that these are the anarchists you've been arguing online with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJqYozHj5g

Name me famous communists that are not from the Anglosphere or Western Europe. You can find a bunch.

Now, find me famous anarchists from anywhere outside Europe and Western Russia. I'll be waiting...

Anarchism is being complicit with imperialism and liberalism.
Banned for 2 days for idpol outside the containment thread/low effort shitpost.
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>ban everybody who disagrees with me

gee thats quite authoritarian for you anarchists, isn't it?
You asked about anarchism and race, I showed that race doesn't matter (or even country you grew up in)

sage goes in all feilds
(14.23 KB 250x213 nuclear.jpg)
thirded, OP is either making a bait thread or is a reddit/twitter tier sakaist
mods lock this thread for the love of god
race does matter in a sense. white people love liberalism than other people do. hence, white people love anarchism more than other people do.
Smells like idpol in here

(519.46 KB 800x1146 cockshott leads us.png)
Organising Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 09:14:29 No. 31079 [Reply]
How do I meet other leftists from my area to organise with? I live in Britain in an area full of fucking Tories. Where are the best places to meet (non-radlib) leftists?

>inb4 nIcE tRy Mi5
Go see if the local Trade Unions are hiring caseworkers tbh.
CPGB-ML has banned idpol i believe, you might want to give them a try
That's a cult my friend

(3.26 MB 2988x1693 cnn bugs.png)
Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 10:04:50 No. 29833 [Reply]
Why do news orgs keep trying to get proles to eat bugs? It's getting kind of weird to be honest.
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(30.42 KB 315x370 hunting.jpg)
>While nobody is actually a vegan you can eat a pretty reasonable diet with less meat, and the more plant-based it is, the more efficient it is (usually).
What do you mean by an "efficient diet"? Your body is primarily a carnivore and secondarily an omnivore. Pic very much related is how we spent 99% of our evolutionary history. Most of our civilizationary diseases (tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) come from the adaption of agriculture and are not found among people today living a mostly carnivore diet. Your body is literally can not tolerate a "more plant-based" diet and it gets sick if you do it.

Recalculate the "efficiency" of your proposed diet and include in it the medical costs it causes.
(47.40 KB 711x635 tfw u gay+retarded.jpg)
I ate something advertised as bug burgers. Taste was meh and it was kinda crumbly and bread-like. It was expensive and actually a mix of soy (lots) and just a very small amount of buffalo worms. Who would have thought that people advertising their stuff as bug burgers would bullshit with their marketing? But here we are. Wouldn't recommend. Most vegetarian fake meat is better and cheaper and a few expensive vegan variants also taste better than the soybugs (seitan>soy).
>If you'll eat crab, lobster, squid, or any number of other weird things
Are white people food really that bland that you find these shit weird?
If you're landlocked sure, rarely anyone I know here eats lobster, but they do like pig brains.
Ah that makes sense then. But yea if you live near the water you have to get used to eating squid and crab coz it is quite common

(511.25 KB 563x719 pilled.png)
(59.40 KB 320x240 rDAHDRUMPF.png)
Laugh at /pol/ thread Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 23:09:49 No. 10638 [Reply]
8Chan is Gone Edition

Given that the old thread from 8chan is now gone, I thought I would recreate the thread here.

Post /pol/ack autism from 4chan/reddit/etc.
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ive read plenty of story of him apparently he is in jail now. can i get a quick rundown on how he behaved in college
bump I also want to know
(21.52 KB 624x346 9ep7wgmjvpg31.jpg)
"no, u" - the ideology
The thing is that radlibs just give white nationalists another talking point and a fairly convincing one at that. Racism exists in pretty much every modern society whether its India, Japan, China and pretty much every African country. At lot of this was made worse by imperialist Europeans, but it still exists and a real problem isolated from its imperialist origins. Even among American minorities there exists animosity such as black people and Koreans in Las Angeles. It may not be as pervasive and systematic as racism by white people, but it should still be the duty of an anti-racist to call out and condemn racism across all borders and ethnicities. The idea that one POC can't hold power over another and abuse it is ridiculous.
Please don't take this as an excuse for white supremacy.
(63.20 KB 1008x169 1.png)
The guy is like an adult who got stuck in his personal development at around the first years of primary school. A mischievous little brat who gives everyone nasty nicknames. Now watch as pol adopts this new term.

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore! Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 15:41:56 No. 29991 [Reply]
Were in the middle of a mass extinction event, a climate change catastrophe is looming on the horizon, a billion people are starving, the wealth gap keeps getting worse and worse, and there is more slavery in the world than ever in human history, and on top of all of that, we have a circle of billionaire oligarchs that are above the law, that can rape and sodomize children on a whim, murder thousands with the flick of a pen, and will never ever be prosecuted for their crimes. Instead, they will go on to live the most lavish and luxurious lives of excess it is possible for a human being to live.

Our parliaments are filled with war criminals and prostitutes whom sell their loyalties to the highest bidder. This is especially true when you consider the reason why nothing meaningful is being done about the climate crisis is because the fossil fuel industry has a stranglehold on liberal democracies around the globe.

And then there is America, a nation that proclaims to be a beacon of freedom, equality justice, and democracy, and yet is the greatest promoter of oppression, inequality, injustice, and despotism all over the globe. The world is a much worse off place because of America and its coups, puppet dictators, war crimes, and acts of genocide.

And in the face of all of this, in a system that clearly doesn't give a fuck about you, about anyone for that matter, a system that is actively eating the planet and keeping billions of people impoverished and oppressed, people don't want to do anything about it. Even worse, some of them actively defend and do apologetics for it!

So on one hand you have the free market fundamentalists, and on the other, you have the reformers, the social democrats, the progressives, the "justice democrats" as they are called. Okay so good on them for recognizing that money in politics is a problem, but if the billionaires hold all they keys to the democratic process, and they have a deeply vested interest in keeping things the way that they are, what makes you think they'll ever let you guys have any actual power? The billionaires control the elections, and if voting actually changed anything, why would they let you do it? They'll just rig the voting machines again.

So if we can't vote them out, if our vote doesn't count for anything, if there isn't a court on planet earth that can prosecute these people for their crimes, than what can we do? What is to be done? In order for this injustice and inhumanity to come to an end, it will require the smashing of this unjust system and the creation of a new, just, fair, and humane system based on egalitarianism, humanity, and sustainability. And here people are going to the voting booths, thinking that it will really change anything.

We need a revolution. An actual revolution. Thats the only way to change this, and nobody wants to do it. The level of ignorance and denial and laziness of the general public to let this shit go on pisses me off so much! Like, we all know that they lied about Iraq! They lied about the terrorists! About Vietnam! For fucks sake, our President is a literal conman and a child fucker! What will it take? I ask you /leftypol/? What will it take before people say enough is enough? What can I do as a class conscious man in his 20's to try and build revolutionary institutions and revolutionary power? Please someone give me some kind of guidance or reassurance because this is really aggravating.
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>Don't organize as part of liberal faggotry, Organize in spite of it,
Good post lainon.
>The implications of the coming population bust occupy a large portion of Bricker and Ibbitson’s book, and they should occupy a much larger portion of the collective debate about the future and how to prepare for it. The underlying drivers of capitalism, the sense that resource competition and scarcity determine the nature of international relations and domestic tensions, and the fear that climate change and environmental degradation are almost at a doomsday point—all have been shaped by the persistently ballooning population of the past two centuries. If the human population is about to decline as quickly as it increased, then all those systems and assumptions are in jeopardy.
OK, so are you even doing any of that shit?
>communism is just charity
(26.41 KB 500x377 1443079240076.jpg)
From each according to their ability, to each according to their need

Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:22:00 No. 29199 [Reply]
Can Christianity and Socialism ever coexist?
43 posts and 12 images omitted.
>Unfortunately, people are jerks, and religious people are no exception.
I think religions are especially prone to it because at the end of their jobs are useless and technically any layman should be able to discover religion and spiritual truths for themselves. It's the fact that religious hierarchies claim to have a monopoly on religious interpretation and behavior that leads to abuse, because ultimately ceding these decisions to a hierarchy or authority for what are really meaningless immeasurable spiritual questions means they'll also use that same power to rule over people in other ways. Anti-clericalism was a big theme of the French Revolution for a reason. Read up on the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. Frankly, that would have been based had the French been able to implement it. But actually, anti-clericalism (i.e. opposition to church structures and officials, especially those of the Catholic church) has been a universal theme in European culture since the Middle Ages. As soon as lay literature emerges, in the 1100s, the corruption of priests and bishops is always noted and mocked. This is an age-old problem that has always existed, and therefore leads me to conclude that religious hierarchies, more-so than other ones, are especially liable to corruption
>They'll find a way.
I agree. But ways need to be found to mitigate the power of religion nonetheless as a reactionary force. Either manipulate it to preach leftist doctrines (like Nasser attempted to do with the Ulama in Egypt) or try to keep them hopelessly divided. Ultimately, though, repression and selective repression works- it just needs to be consistent. The USSR DID curb religion, even if underground churches emerged. I disagree with the logic (loved by liberals) that "if you repress it, you only make it stronger". This happens under certain circumstances, but historically it's just not true, especially with regards to long-term sustained repression. You think that the Muslim conquest, for example, strengthened Christianity in its territories because they created alien regimes? It did not. It took centuries but, eventually, Christian populations steadily converted to Islam because it offered better social and economic opportunities. In Spain, the Christian monarchs forcibly converted Jews and Muslims en masse in the 1390s. Crypt-Jews and Muslims persisted (we'll never know the degree) but over time the Spanish state made the Iberian peninsula entirely Catholic. Enforcing repression and dogma works, it just needs to be done strategically and with the long-term game in mind.
>let sects own people. To be more specific, let sects have the authority of banks.
I don't follow
>more-so than other ones
Well also it becomes more obvious too because religious officials are supposed to hold themselves to a standard of morality superior to laymen, so this always opens them up to criticism and scrutiny of their conduct more than other people, which is still good
(115.47 KB 1280x720 Commie.jpg)
Supposing a worker wants jo join a cooperative, but is economically shackled to another part of the market through loans. My proposal is for worker cooperatives to claim religious authority, to print the money required to pay off banks, and free said worker from wageslavery. This money could be guaranteed by the work output by the commune as a whole.
Technically, such a corporation would be possible with liberalism alone, but the human tendency to form hierarchies would inevitably cause oppression, because it would be de-facto slavery. I think that in the long run, only non-hierarchical sects would know how to weild the necessary authority for keeping their members in check.
Perfect combination.

Who should be allowed to vote? Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:44:34 No. 20271 [Reply]
In a perfect country, what would the requirements be?
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(61.24 KB 378x378 Shirt.png)
I'd prefer clear land ownership over the present banking cabal. How about granting a limited number of votes for the land owners with the biggest lots, and have them be responsible for (only) their own security, so people have someone to tear apart already. Them greedy fucks will trip over themselves to have a gun in their face.
>lesiure class people having nothing better to do
you can't seriously think this. manipulating public opinion is not done for fun. billions of dollars are poured into the enterprise. the entire purpose is to get voters to vote for your politicians who will do your bidding once in power, whether that's giving you money, passing bills that favor your company, expedites legal issues for you etc. etc.
you mean only in the pirate party? isn't that like saying "socialism was tried and failed"? also, I don't really see what was wrong with the pirate party implementation either tbh
>I don't really see what was wrong with the pirate party implementation either tbh
You may not know this, but in normal conversation "tbh" stands for "to be honest". What have you actually experienced or read about regarding that implementation?
Every single one with one vote. No exceptions. But real democracy not electing your dicators.


no cookies?