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Your view on accelerationism? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 21:59:42 No. 219394 [Reply] [Last]
Was listening to a podcast from two people who claim to be "accelerationists" and they had agreeing views with both the far right and far left. Anyways, their main thesis was that because of the material conditions of today there is no reason for Communists and Fascists to fight each other essentially because none of us will get to power, that liberalism and the system is too much of a behemoth. They argued in the 20s during the Weimar Republic the Communists and National Socialists had no choice to fight each other because they actually had a chance to get to power through vote. They view the fighting from the authoritan right and authoritan left as futile and unnecessary. What do you think about this? Tldr: Material conditions of today are vastly different than the 1920s, electoral politics is impossible, Nazis vs Communists dialectic is stupid and futile nowadays, the only enemy is the system aka liberalism. Things today are vastly more difficult and tricky.
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>>219479 Yes, let's try and overthrow the government with our second amendment rights so they can point the finger at us when they needed to roll in tanks to stop troops from dying. I am half accelerationist In the sense I don't care about the moral problems with hastening the death from contractions. Take Iran for an example if the United States actually attacked them after the base attack and it was war, yes it would be shitty and be probably one of the biggest atrocities in modern times but ultimately it would hasten the contradictions. The United States can't fight a war that brutal without everyone seeing it on social media, getting its Navy destroyed and turning the population even more against it. Noam and Yanis both said if accelerationism worked then why did Hitler come to power in Germany and this is correct we just need to be there to pick up the pieces or we are done for. That's the rule of acceleration.
>>219504 Shut up Trotskyist.
>>219508 Yeah, but can you tell me why I'm wrong 😂😂?
>>219482 Add some White Juche symbols and its real
(860.80 KB 1853x2814 1578853197166.jpg)
>their main thesis was that because of the material conditions of today there is no reason for Communists and Fascists to fight each other... liberalism and the system is too much of a behemoth. Worst take on accelerationism I've heard so far. The general take-away from accelerationism and its philosophers is that humans have lost their status as the drivers behind history. Instead it is capitalism, specifically techno-capital, that drives history. There's a long anthology of literature that make-up the foundations of accelerationism. From early 19th century literature to Italian Futurism, poststructuralism to postmodernism, cyberpunk to the CCRU, and blogs that cropped up in the mid-late 2010s.

How do you argue against nationalism? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 13:47:21 No. 218906 [Reply] [Last]
What is your main argument against this? Essentially he is saying a change of economics can't solve personal differences, past history, and that more or less the people want ethnic nationalism. How do you respond and why is he wrong?
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>>218906 >>218906 There is no argument in any of those images. It's the standard online rightist tactic of calling random, substanceless brainfart conjecture "absolute historical truth" and acting smug about it until their opponent gives up. It's literally nothing.
(187.97 KB 466x386 idealism.gif)
Does ethnicity exist? Yes >Does culture exist? Yes >Does history have an impact on the present social relations? Yes >Are these the main drivers of History and human development? lmao no, ask a starving african man about whether he wants to go to battle for some abstract ideal
You don't need to "solve" personal differences and past history is pretty irrelevant for majority of people's daily lives.
Talked partially about why nationalism (particularly nationalism as your describing it, not the national proletarian culture that comes into existence as a consequence of revolution) fails here >>208405, but >>218927 is close to on point about how the vast majority of ethnic conflicts do emerge from that of the economic.
I have literally no idea what they are talking about

Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 22:50:07 No. 208010 [Reply] [Last]
>Markets dude >it's the only way >lol free market has never hurt anyone now look at this map from heritage >Bro it's not exploitation its business now just I'm going to steal that Somalian kid's bread >IT'S FREEDOM BRO!!!
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>>208096 You need to set this up in tandem with your planned economy to fill the gaps so that you can then make >>208099 this one emerge out of it
>>208667 C4ss are diet ancaps, change my mind.
>>213764 Watch this debate between a C4ss guy and an ancap https://youtube.com/watch?v=F4bVhiOD8fI
>>208055 >Idk ask an obsolete economist whose ideas single-handedly sunk the Paris commune How 'bout no?
>>208013 >meets any resistance to capitalist exploitation >immediately starts dog-whistling socialism like pottery.

(10.21 MB 6175x4146 pool of bethesda.jpg)
What's the general consensus on religion? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:22:25 No. 219018 [Reply] [Last]
what is the best religon to rally up the masses to our cause?
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(28.01 KB 676x676 cbs2.png)
No one knows if its true or not. In light of how technological progress is destroying social cohesion the community that religion gives is probably a good thing. Atheism is more cringe than religion.
>>219018 Religion is inherently reactionary, should be discouraged and suppressed.
No consensus, atheist and christian socialists each want to gulag the other.
>>220036 Christians are okay as long as they keep their "crosses" from kids

(18.64 KB 300x200 Marx.jpg)
Are Modern Companies Ponzi Schemes? Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 02:46:26 No. 218525 [Reply] [Last]
I noticed this in the company I work in. It started out as a fairly simple production of a media product, but gradually as the company grew, layers and layers of obfuscating bullshit grew around the same basic function. We have more buildings, more workers, we do a lot more day to day but materially what is actually being produced is the same as it ever was, in fact, at some point the team who actually produced the product got downsized by a good bit. There is no actual growth, only a sort of artificial growth of completely pointless bureaucracy and insider sub-contraction to do a bunch of nonsense that has minimal impact on anything in the real world. We've had like 12 new people come in to lead the company in a very short period of time, all changing basically nothing that can be seen. I think it works sort of like this. Investors give money in the hopes that the company will grow, and in response, the company pretends to grow by doing more meaningless labor, social media crap and outreach programs. Seeing this growth, this prompts more investment which means more profit which means that in a sense, the artificial growth became actual growth in profit. The cycle works forever as long as more people keep investing and nobody realizes that the growth of the company is founded solely on this cycle and not the production of a product. Is this a real tendency in the economy at large, or do I just work at a shitty mismanaged company?
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>>218942 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/4-reasons-youtube-still-doesnt-make-a-profit/ >YouTube celebrated its tenth birthday the other day, almost nine of those years being as a property of Google (GOOG). It would seem like a raging success: Some stars of the medium make significant amounts of money, companies use it as a powerful marketing tool, and Google harvests enormous amounts of user data that become marketing gold. YouTube is the top video site in the world, with more than a billion users and $4 billion in annual revenue. >What it isn't: Profitable, according to the Wall Street Journal. Some unnamed person at Google reportedly said that the site is "roughly break-even." >So, why isn't YouTube making money? And, if it can't, what other high-flying tech names might one day leave investors with the realization that the happy expectation of massive financial success will never come? <Significant portions of the tech industry, stemming from the dot com days, are built on the assumption that you can start a business, trade revenue for users at the start, and eventually become large enough to find a way to make money from all that traffic. <It was the theory behind Facebook (FB), which does make money now. But it was also the rationale for Twitter (TWTR), which still loses money, as does Box (BOX), and continues to be for companies like Snapchat and its recent $15 billion valuation.
>>218942 How the fuck can capitalism still be considered "human nature" after all of this?
>>218956 It isn't. Humans are by nature fucking terrible at logic, investing, judging risks etc, which is why we had to invent whole formalized systems and calculators to do it. Anything beyond 12x12 is beyond the majority of people to do in their head, we constantly gamble despite known low win rates. It is further worsened by the fact that modern economic purposefully obfuscates the real workers of capitalism with unusable ideological "laws" like pure supply and pure demand, which on its own cannot be used to plan rationally because future demand cannot be truly known and it explains nothing about costs. Economics and planning is already quite complex, it is made more insane with all the lies and half truths peddled as "economic science" to justify the status quo, which leads a lot of clueless monkeys betting money on things based on untrustworthy gut instincts (humans have been proven to prefer a lower frequency change over a 50 50 despite overal lower outcome, ie a 1/10 chance of 40 dollars vs a 50 50 chance of 5 dollars) and herd mentality, then using the few moneys who got lucky to justify their ungrounded gambling behaviour just like how gambling addicts get shown the lottery winners, and not the people who lost it all. There are very few people who are actually autistic and/or psychopathic enough to see through the bullshit and game the system to take money of the majority. Examples being high frequency traders and that one asburgers japanese stock trader who only rely on pure statistical analysis and not gut feelings, or the scam artists who take stocks facilitating betting behavior. The worst part is, if you are rich enough, and you gamble randomly, in the end you still make a profit due to sheer statistics and economical growth. More if you actually own stock in a company that actually makes products/services and profit, like renting out houses, amazon or retail, rather than being a pure venture capitalist.
>>218965 >ie a 1/10 chance of 40 dollars vs a 50 50 chance of 5 dollars Correction: People prefer a 1/10 chance of 40 dollars over a 50 50 chance of 10 dollars. 0.1 * 10 rolls * 40 dollars = 40 dollars 0.5 * 10 rolls * 5 dollars = 25 dollars 0.5 * 10 rolls * 10 dollars = 50 dollars See, this is how unintuitive chance is to human brains.
Ive been thinking about this for a while. I think it is the perfect example for what Marx talked about when he said Capitalism limits the productive forces. Companies have a tougher and tougher time generating profits from selling more of their products, but as long as they generate SOME profit there will still be reinvestment going into them. And because that money can't go into actually increasing production/innovating, because that is actually not profitable at all, it goes into creating bullshit jobs that improve the performance of the company marginally, if at all. Economic activity only happens when Capital is invested, but since Capital can often not anymore be increased through expanding actual production, we are stuck with this bastard system where the superficial form of capitalist production is still present, but the jobs that people are hired for become more and more pointless. Basically bullshit jobs are a sort of storage of capital, which at this point is invested mostly out of habit, or is actually fictional and will eventually come back to bite us.

(91.73 KB 720x960 li5wg8ba50031.jpg)
Thoughts on Red Guard Austin? Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 21:11:27 No. 212015 [Reply] [Last]
https://twitter.com/HeidiSloanForTX/status/1216604271430512640 They seem to be incredibly sectarian Maoists. I think its funny but it's probably going to give Marxist Leninists overall a worse rep with DSA people. Is it possible they're just cops? I have heard a few people say that.
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>>212175 My theory is that they're probably run by right-wing reactionary elements within Texas state and local police rather than feds.
>>212757 While their harassment of DSA gets the most attention they destroyed a rival Marxist-Leninist group in the city by leaving death threats on their doors in the middle of the night with names of family members and so on. Some of the members of this rival group had spouses who freaked out and said they had enough. It made me think the Red Guards had been taken over or are at least being used by the police because the level of "intelligence" involved was pretty extreme, like (real) names and addresses of members that in some cases were not even known to the group that was being targeted. Like I said my theory is state police i.e. Texas Rangers which is state equivalent of FBI. >>218158 Serve the People, Defend Our Hoodz, Popular Women's Movement (after the Shining Path One), RATPAC... what else...
(327.31 KB 2048x1362 D_YdleYWsAM6qOW.jpg)
There are other weird things. Like they doxxed some goofy antifa type guy (not even a leftist, just some liberal prison guard who didn't like right wingers) who had claimed to have been feeding info to the feds on right wingers to try and push the cops into going after the right wingers, which seems like a really stupid thing to do if you ask me. Maybe the cops didn't like getting played like that. They dropped that on Christmas Day but there were also right-wing groups in the area who were gloating (I saw this) in the days leading up to it talking about a "Christmas surprise" and then gloating when the doxx dropped, and those right wingers definitely work with cops, and they had advance notice of what the Red Guards were about to do so uhhhhhh. Now speaking of those right-wing groups, let me tell you about one activist involved with them. His name is Christopher Ritchie, the bald leathery-skinned guy in the photo. He went to Charlottesville on the Nazi side. You could say he's more in the InfoWars crowd in Austin but I remember watching his livestreamed video of Cville where he commented on a guy with a Hitler t-shirt that he had a "nice shirt, brother!" He had a drug problem but is apparently clean now. Spent some time in prison. He's way down on the totem pole of far right activism and is mostly known for harassing left-wing protests with a camera trying to provoke. Everyone in Austin who is involved in protesting and so forth is familiar with him. Anyways, Red Guards messed his apartment up by splashing a ton of red paint on the exterior and then painting threatening messages on the sidewalk. He was so pissed he organized a little rally (see pic) against the left. Some anarchists showed up to "counter" (dumb) but no Red Guards showed. Then I heard that feds a few days later went around knocking on doors of anarchists and harassing them. If you ask me the whole thing was a setup / kayfabe conflict. Ritchie is back in the news recently because he showed up a DSA no-war-with-Iran demo and was harassing them with his camera. The DSA told him to bug off and he apparently did, or the cops moved him away, and immediately the Red Guards jumped on it and claimed the DSA are somehow "social fascists" because they didn't immediately escalate to violence in response in Ritchie's provocations, which therefore retroactively justifies the Red Guards harassing DSA and physically accosting a DSA-aligned candidate for Congress. See how this works? Like I said this is circumstantial evidence but it feels like state police in Texas trying to apply pressure on the organized left from multiple directions. You get harassed by the right and then harassed by the "left" for not falling for the right-wing bait.
(70.30 KB 1000x563 bar1 (1).jpg)
>>212414 >I am friends with one of the founders who had to start his life over in a different part of the country. There were nazis who were threatening to kill them, and he told me a.story about having to stay awake all night holding a semi automatic while everyone else slept. But whatever they were to begin with isn't necessarily what they turned into. That's pretty crazy. Didn't know that. But yeah the weird thing is that Red Guards did at least nominally get along with other groups in the beginning, although they were always known for extreme tactics. Anyways I wonder if this beef with Nazis resulted from that scrum at that cafe. Back story is that there was a family-owned pinata shop renting a building on the east side of town, which is historically black and Latino but was getting gentrified fast. Some tech guy bought the building and then bulldozed it in the middle of the night to "redevelop," destroying the family's livelihood. A bourgie cafe opened and immediately became a target of protests with Red Guards involved. Turns out the cafe owner's brother and friends were mixed up with Vanguard America / Patriot Front, the neo-Nazi group. So these neo-Nazis start showing up and hanging out at this place, along with these InfoWars people, with the "defending" the cafe becoming a case for them. The bizarre thing is that it was a cutesy, hipster-like "cate cafe" where you can pet cats that live in the cafe and sip espresso lol. Bourgie fucks. Shit escalates and Patriot Front get into a fight with the Red Guards outside. Apparently the Red Guards beat them up and the cafe eventually closed down. In conclusion: I dunno
>>218735 >Shit escalates and Patriot Front get into a fight with the Red Guards outside. Apparently the Red Guards beat them up and the cafe eventually closed down. that's pretty based tho ngl

Debunking neoliberal concepts and theories Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 14:34:07 No. 218944 [Reply] [Last]
Can any of you share any good books on the debunking or rebutting of neoliberal concepts and shit? Share any media related that you know, doesn't matter if it's a book or not
Adam Curtis documentaries are great for starters. Particularly The Trap: What happened to our dream of freedom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y97Ywl7RtUw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d1ibtOVImg&vl=en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSVlPlnB8wI
Last book I read on that was pdf related. It's an ideological history of austerity. Blyth is an entertaining writer so it's a nice introduction.

(69.32 KB 634x423 aaron bastani.jpg)
/swoleleft/ Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 23:53:16 No. 98543 [Reply] [Last]
How many of you are phisically fit? I work out everyday to soviet music. You should too.
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>>216635 oh yea that's true. I've been shilling SL5x5 which has that. But the link appears to be strictly powahlifting so I guess it's more specialized. For something so specialized, like they say, you don't want to do extra exercises which would just use up your energy. I think the most important part of the link is the 80% rest days which I can't really comment on with knowledge but it sounds good.
>>216643 can confirm SL 5x5 based
How long does it take for you to realize a lifting routine "doesn't work"?
>>122659 What to do if i don't have friends and my family is far away?
>>218931 Speak for yourself, quitter.

(1.52 MB 2182x1161 The Beast.jpg)
News 1/17/20 News Anon 3.0 01/17/2020 (Fri) 22:07:32 No. 218290 [Reply] [Last]
Bolivian Senate Approves Extending Coup Government Mandate The Chamber of Senators of Bolivia, approved on Thursday the draft Law on the Extension of the Constitutional Mandate of Elected Authorities, which allows the de facto government to remain in power until May 3 when new elections are held. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/bolivian-senate-approves-extending-coup-government-mandate-20200116-0021.html Iraqis capture ISIS mufti so obese a TRUCK has to take him into custody, sparking slew of Twitter memes A top ISIS leader dubbed ‘Jabba the Hutt’ has been captured in Mosul – but proved so obese that removing him from his bolthole required the assistance of a truck, drawing a deluge of memes and jokes at his expense on social media. https://on.rt.com/a98d Left wing? You may be on police extremism list THE Home Office has lumped together left-wing groups and green campaigners with neo-nazis and white supremacists in literature and posters supposedly designed to educate officers about extremism. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/left-wing-you-may-be-on-police-extremism-list South Sudan rivals agree to meet unity government deadline South Sudan President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar in their latest talks this week also agreed that key outstanding issues under the country’s 2018 peace deal would be arbitrated within 90 days of the new government’s formation, South African Deputy President David Mabuza said Thursday. https://apnews.com/255ef99a16e5b44318c574a0da50b65e 'Like going back 40 years': dismay as Bolsonaro backs abstinence-only sex ed

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>218451 I'm not ready tbqfh but then again no one is
>>218512 what are you talking about? most people lived in isolated villages. Are you projecting your own live on others or what ?
TYBNA >>218449 The number of people in denial that a severe recession is imminent is astounding. The 2020's will quite possibly be the most important decade in human history and I fear that socialists and communists haven't done anywhere near enough to properly prepare for it. This is our last chance at revolution and progress, imo. Beyond this point it will simply be too late.
>>218389 Modern social conservatism is more of a sexual pathology than anything political or ideological. Just look at /pol/ to confirm this.
>>218518 depend on start or end of century industrialisation drained the country and big worker communities emerged around big factories and industries in many cities

(968.41 KB 4032x3024 pjirvxwlbua41.jpg)
It's server time Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 06:42:10 No. 218661 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone know of a VPS provider that's worker owned? Or at least one that isn't owned by Bezos and called AWS? Even if it's just known for being good to employees, that'd be nice. I'd like to migrate my shit to something better since I'm giving them $100 a month.
try asking internet cooperatives


no cookies?