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(420.05 KB 1004x1252 ELNHJFTXYAEhD_z.jpeg)
Taking inspiration from Futurism Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 06:35:31 No. 218654 [Reply] [Last]
Both modern Fascists and Marxists suffer from not being forward thinking, from being reactionary. Some of the left wants some sort of idyllic USSR modern world and the right wants the 1950s. Both fail at being progressive and creating a visionary goal, an actual movement. I think we can learn a lot from futurism and apply it to our goals not verbatim, but understanding to be forwarded thinking, revolutionary, and artful. Good video on Futurism >https://youtu.be/rmCD9rUo1LU Futurism wiki >https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurism
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(910.61 KB 780x520 retrofuture1.png)
(82.01 KB 640x640 retrofuture2.jpg)
(174.07 KB 999x789 retrofuture3.jpg)
We honestly need a futuristic movement of our own, something that shows an ideal but realistic vision of a future built on collective effort and without exploitation.
>>218998 The unions didn’t get black people the right to vote, they just kept gains for whites. Literally labor aristocracy, and the unions are all BTFO’d now anyway.
>>221117 Where can I find more of these types of paintings. Is this genre called something?
What is: constructivism
>>221127 Just search for Retrofuturism and you'll find a lot of similar stuff. These particular works are by Syd Mead.

marxist derivations suck Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 16:50:22 No. 220683 [Reply] [Last]
outside of the far left marxists, of councils and commune fame, and obviously the anarchist thought inspired by some of marx's beliefes: most marxist derivatives are both oppositional of marx's intentions and thinking. as well as ineffectual ways of creating long term change. <leninists, maoists etc are memes who bought into lies of revolutionary works like /the state and revolution/ >anarchist praxis is the only real change brought by the left soz for unrelated pic
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>>220755 sorry lads, i didn't mean to do that I do hope to make an important point here. Marx and and his beliefs aspoired to the the stateless communist society. Through the many beliefs that tailed off, there are incongruously formulated vanguard parties and authoritarian states in pursuit of their own devolution. How do they expect the suicide and relinquish of power to truly happen? It is here we must ask why should we act in any other way than in the communist ideal and belief; praxis. Here, if you believe that actions mean more than promises, you can only side with the left marxists and anarchists. Those who act without the prejudice of useless authority, and the power games thereof, shall create much longer, beneficial change
>>220753 This peaked my interest. I've been thinking of practicing a sort of sophistry, where right wing goals are realized through socialism. I'm not sure if it's a reasonable tactic, the goal is to trick right wingers into leftism if that's even possible. But perhaps I prefer a racist union member that's willing to put aside his hate to better his or her personal situation than no union members at all. For example: >muh degeneracy A lot of it is because of capitalism, cite adorno etc >muh immigrants, muh race mixing People normally wouldn't want to leave their countries, capitalists have created a world where people have to choose to risk death by emigrating, or live in terrible conditions and perhaps die or get killed in their own country. Immigration also benefits capitalists, so they are not so keen on stopping it. And even if it didn't it is utopian to think that capitalists can destabilize foreign nations and at the same time prevent them from immigrating. >muh family values Read Engels >muh muslims How a religion is expressed in a society depends entirely on the social context it exists in. Poor societies tend to have more religious radicals, even Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. In multiculturalism, bad integration of religious, racial, and other minorities can lead to more radicalization, for the simple fact that alienated people want to feel they belong in a community. >muh crime Poverty is the #1 cause of crime (excluding financial fraud) by such a large margin, that it's basically irrelevant to talk about race, religion, culture, etc. Because one causes the other, the only effective way to reliably reduce crime is to reduce poverty. In basically every country where socialism has been tried, quality of life has increased substantially in a very very short time compared with capitalist countries. Capitalism, on the other hand, has been on a steady rise of wealth inequality, rent, real estate prices, homelessness, suicides, and a steady decrease of salaries and wages, home ownership, medical coverage.
>>220738 You can. My worldview is pretty Marxist, but I'm not a socialist.
>>220950 >>muh degeneracy >A lot of it is because of capitalism, cite adorno etc Anon - don't cite literal "Frankfurt School Rabbi of Cultural Marxist Witchcraft" to a far-right racist: you're gonna get stabbed.
>>220683 This is satire, right? Forgive me but with the amount of shit I see on this board I really can't tell who's actually a confused liberal and who's just pretending to be one. >>220753 Interesting stuff, any similar stuff in English?

(789.53 KB 1668x2048 IMG_20190114_183843.jpg)
Podcast reccomendations Anonymous 01/11/2020 (Sat) 12:41:58 No. 208507 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone Lately I've been listening to Chapo Trap House, and even though they are funny, witty, informative and overall entertaining, they are a very liberal for my taste, and their conclusions and opinions on things almost reach the conclusion point, but always end up one or two steps down the line. Im looking for good leftists podcasts, wether they deal with theory, history, current events, humour or whatever the case. Random image from one of my favorite cartoonists, Enrique Cedillo, a communist from Mexico member of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM).
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>>216384 why is anti-imperialism in quotation marks and what is "ML culturalism"?
>>208948 I agree that their IdPol takes are retarded, but that doesn’t make them automatically ‘NeoLib’. Even if you don’t consider them Communist at all (and tbh I’m not sure if I do) that doesn’t automatically make them ‘Neolib’, which a word that refers to a very specific political/economic philosophy. You sound exactly like woketards who love to call every anti-PC person a ‘fascist’. Obviously I agree that actually Fascism and Neoliberalism must be stamped out, but both those words are wildly misapplied by Leftists with great frequency.
>>216384 I agree.
>>>212826 Fucking Maupin. He's weird but I love it. Everything is Bonapartist. He's the most hardcore Dengist in existence, but if you want to hear about American socialism and something happy in this unhappy time, listen to him.
>>216384 >>216426 Reading books and listening to podcasts aren't mutually exclusive. There's no reason you can't be learning while you cook, clean, and exercise. I understand if you'd rather listen to music, but some people would like to accomplish more with that time.

(81.50 KB 1184x586 RAIM1.jpg)
RAIM is dead Anonymous 01/17/2020 (Fri) 05:44:06 No. 217462 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.revaim.org/statements/2019/12/10/farewell/ A few years ago during my M3W-days, I even translated some texts for them. Well, good bye.
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Given what a movement is, and given the intentions of the successors on the contrary it seems the RAIM is finally alive
it's a good thing. sakaists and fans of Zak Cope. fuck them
I have no idea who these people are. Can anybody give some context?
>>220654 Small MTW org. I think they emerged out of the whole Monkey Smashes Heaven / LLCO thing in the first decade of the century
>>220662 >This org I never heard about split into what will probably be 2 more orgs and it came around when another org I have never heard about also split years earlier If first world leftist orgs were feudal lords, how inbred would they be at this point?

(132.21 KB 535x424 Settlers.png)
Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 21:17:29 No. 212025 [Reply] [Last]
Settlers is a controversial work. I have my opinions after having read it and interacted with its fan base. That isn't the point of this thread though. I want to know who J. Sakai is. Does anyone know what the J even stands for? Why doesn't he have a wikipedia page? He's supposedly done a handful of interviews with some obscure lefty publications but their authenticity cannot be verified. There are no pictures of J. Sakai on the internet. His life story is a jumble of rumors. Nobody even knows if he's alive anymore. Supposedly he was a Japanese American who was put in an internment camp during WWII and later became active in the west coast radical scene during the 70's and 80's. That is literally all we know. Am I really that crazy for entertaining the idea that this man is entirely fictional? A glowie even? Nobody else in the world (besides maybe Qanon) commands this much implicit cult-like trust among his fans despite lacking any public presence.
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>>219062 >>219064 >muh only wealthy raycists can criticize our holy book!!1!
>>219106 >>219062 >muh you are huite so your arguments against Suckai are invalid Sakai makes some racist remarks>>214712 >well, thas ok because he isn't settler this is some galaxy brain New Afrikan shit
Holy fuck will you faggs shut up. You're ruining a perfectly good thread. No one cares.
Bantu people in central and south africa are settlers, so are turks in east asia
>>218986 >good maoism Found your problem

(288.41 KB 720x958 20200118_184149.jpg)
/pol/ starting shit with antifa to divide pro-gun rallies in virginia Satan-kun 01/19/2020 (Sun) 00:21:21 No. 219658 [Reply] [Last]
http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/240044577 Bump this thread. /pol/ hatched a plan to dox everybody at a pro-gun rally to btfo the libs. We must convince them that doing so will only benefit the virginia government. We have a chance to build a pro-gun left in the USA, and we must not be denied this opportunity. Also read this article to help understand the situation. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/akwv4k/why-antifa-is-siding-with-thousands-of-pro-gun-conservatives-in-virginia https://archive.is/73Lvq
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>>220598 I mean, better prepare for another rally of a similar kind in the future then go to one sprinkled with confronationalists and spooked police and conservatives.
>>220598 Before I get in trouble I should also say this, the SRA is not a lobbying org, and their efforts to meet with their local representatives is not sanctioned by the national organization (as far as I know) my local cadre's membership is taking the initiative here.
>>220604 Kept fixing grammar, sorry. Like I said first time. Hope there's no double posts.
the only reason antifa groups decided to march in "solidarity" with all of the q boomers who decided to go to this is because they realized they would get blown away for milk shaking some old boomer
>>219658 is OP image a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot? >>219712 >hey look komrades! I posted on /pol/LOL cringe complete

(77.65 KB 400x562 Voot.jpg)
/leftypol/ policy concensus poll Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 19:05:02 No. 219167 [Reply] [Last]
So, why am I posting this? Simple, because the ideology poll is highly flawed and quite possibly unrepresentative of the boards actual beliefs and only fueling sectarian disputes. Some problems with it are: 1) Too wide definitions. An ML can be anyone from someone who thinks Lenin offered the best theoretical analysis and strategies to ultra tanks. A libsoc can be someone who really likes Rosa or an Ancap with a human face. 2) Ideology doesn't have always have a definite list of what policies, which in the wide scheme of things is the only thing that is important. Thus I have decided to create multiple polls, each asking what would be your prefered policies that ideally you would want to see implemented in how society runs. I have not made the polls yet, as I would like to get the boards input on what other possible policies should be added / removed to the vote, or if an aditional subset of policies relating to something I have overlooked should be added. Right now this is the rough layout for polls: (PS I have decided to not add polls about idpol related issues) (PPS if this gets traction, I will try to post the polls in a separate thread tomorrow around this time) (PPPS I would especially appreciate input from anarchists / ancoms since I might be not too familiar with your preferred policies, thus might have missed them from adding to the list) Preferred organization structure for political movement: • Mass workers party • Labour unions • Decentralized groups • Spontaneous action Preferred economical structure: • Planned economy (Soviet type) • Planned economy (automated) • Bird cage • Market socialism

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>220030 >>220451 So instead of revolutionary dictatorship I guess one party democracy works too.
>>219167 >Guns For militia only BUT every able adult has to serve
>>220549 I think every grown man should be eligible to receive a bolt action rifle or perhaps an old SKS type semi auto in case of last ditch militia forming and or for hunting and sport.
>labor unions >planned economy (automated) >direct democracy >regulations on guns >secular state >volunteer military >direct intervention >self management directed towards state quotas >limited surveillance, less Burger and more Stasi >oversight of the press >modern speech restrictions >artistic freedom I have no idea what political philosophy to call this, and I don't particularly care. In terms of the socialism I'd accept, I'm basically down to clown with anything but some brand of anti-industrialism like Pol Pot had.
>>220587 >I have no idea what political philosophy to call this Socialism. Labels only serve to divide us. I feel like most people here would agree with most of what you wrote.

Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 22:45:31 No. 194440 [Reply] [Last]
How does anime factor into the material conflict of interests between the worker and the capitalist?
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>>220517 It is more similar to Sengoku Japan.
>>220458 Or just laws banning Jap studios from paying anyone inside or outside the country below-market rates. >>220517 Not a narutard Bleach was the ultimately disappointing "big 3" anime I got suckered into back in the day, but I've repeatedly heard it described as lowkey Maoist-Third-Worldist
Anchored for shit OP, which predictably led to a shit thread. Except for this post: >>194452
>>220517 Hehe, nobody denied that it’s gay
>>220522 Right, but nobody gives a shit. >>220522 >Or just laws banning Jap studios from paying anyone inside or outside the country below-market rates. This will never work. Porkies always find to circumvent laws like that, otherwise they wouldn't be porkies.

(34.06 KB 500x754 Sexy_Lenin_Laptop_red.jpg)
News 1/18/20 News Anon 3.0 01/18/2020 (Sat) 20:32:15 No. 219312 [Reply] [Last]
Julius Malema Reiterates Calls For A United States Of Africa The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader said he envisions continental unity at the political level and was planning to use South Africa as the launchpad for the idea if he wins the next elections. https://www.zimeye.net/2020/01/17/julius-malema-reiterates-calls-for-a-united-states-of-africa/ https://archive.is/SfQIH ‘We've had enough!’ WATCH German farmers drive tractors through Berlin to protest agriculture policy German farmers flooded streets of Berlin again to denounce the way government spends EU subsidies and its emission policies that satisfy neither them nor environmentalists, who are also taking part at the protests. https://on.rt.com/a9ac Protesters gather at Paris theater to confront Macron over pension reform Protesters opposed to the French government’s proposed changes to the pension system tried to force their way into a theater in Paris where President Emmanuel Macron attended a show with his wife. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-protests-pensions-macron/protesters-gather-at-paris-theater-to-confront-macron-over-pension-reform-idUSKBN1ZH0BD UK’s Prince Harry & Meghan to lose titles & funds, repay millions spent for renovation as they ‘exit’ royal family duties The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to lose their HRH titles and public funding, as they opt for “a more independent life,” Buckingham Palace has said, adding they are no longer “working members of the Royal Family.” https://on.rt.com/a9ap

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(29.63 KB 1148x792 consumer_whore.jpg)
>>220432 thats why a bunch of them will be lurking around outside the rally in a perimeter filming, to dox people who do get in fights and fuck them over
>>220405 People would leave flowers in Apple stores after Jobs died. What will happen when Elon kicks the bucket?
>>220463 Ritual suicide of his fanboys hopefully.
>>220463 We turn Tesla buildings into fucking social housing hopefully.

POLITCAL ART THREAD Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:14:12 No. 219011 [Reply] [Last]
post inspirign art for communism, socialism, anarchism, etc
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(163.44 KB 800x800 image.jpg)
>>219017 wht's the problm?
(161.07 KB 599x740 1567304068705.jpg)
(857.82 KB 722x662 1567525298552.png)
>>219037 First pic is very nice, got any more?
>>219037 Wait, since when did Moomin became leftist?
>>219037 Someone photoshop Trump's face over Teddy's in the 2nd pic, please. I could try but I'm still not sure how to hide/blur the transition so it doesn't look like an MS Paint job.


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