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(1.51 MB 1024x1516 cultural marxism.png)
The Culturalization of the Left, or How Leftism Dies in the 21st Century Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 03:43:04 No. 667429 [Reply] [Last]
https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2020/05/first-as-tragedy-then-as-farce/ >In the end, Bernie may well be the last domino to fall for the entire Cold War–era Left fusion of social democratic economics mixed with radical liberal culture wars. Upon the final suspension of his campaign, Sanders supporters and even Bernie himself declared with confidence that “our movement has won the ideological struggle.” But the point of his 2020 campaign was not merely to win some ill-defined “struggle” or “battle”—it was to win power. That endeavor was an unambiguous failure. Instead, it would appear that the sleepy and confused Joe Biden was the one who presented an ideological vision more in sync with the desires of the Democratic primary elec­torate. In so doing, he in fact won the “battle”—while the activist Left succeeded only in preserving its own moral vanity, thereby derailing the greatest electoral opportunity for major social democratic reform likely to be seen in a generation.
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>>669214 1) so hard mode, assuming no revolution, what would be a viable path for reforming your electoral system away from first past the post? 2) what's with the anglo obsession with single transferable vote?
>>669326 >plus 2020 is after 4 years of the MSM blaming bernie for everything under the sun and screaming daily about bernie bros it's not comparable at all lol as if rural voters care about liberal screeching in the MSM. the same demographic that voted for Trump? give me a fucking break >Thinking that there must be alternate explanations instead of a collection of factors is precisely why you morons get called anti-idpol obviously it was a collection of factors, but the dominant tension in this race WAS Bernie's disavowal of rural voters, in the form of taking sides in the culture war. if you want to deny it and hide behind epistemic humility then it's fine by me, we don't need cowards here.
>>669411 meant for >>669327
>>667502 >The entirety of the Left right now is so idiotic that every shortcoming is attributed to outside interference Hey, this guy called me a idiuh! I'm not idiot I'm a super genius intellectual!! You are the moron!! MY FUCKING EGO... I am smart Marxist who Sherlock Holmes, I went to Yale, not poor working class person!
>caring about the shitshow called elections lel. us of a isn't even a democracy

(17.95 KB 980x490 59a59a8d79bbfd1d008b601a.jpeg)
Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 04:42:29 No. 642618 [Reply] [Last]
Tech Leak from Silicon Valley Anon. YouTube plans new Community Guidelines update to: a.) Mitigate excessive swearing in comments (repeated "fucks", etc) by flagging accounts. •Flagged accounts will have commenting temporarily disabled and directed to a short community guidelines course. b.) Unlist videos that promote extremist political ideas, including nazism, communism, anarchism or any that YouTube deems as violent, terroristic, and anti-democratic. •Paraphernalic media, such as anthems, music, or memes with any of their political icons and symbols may also be subject to unlisting. •Unlisted videos will not be accessable through search or recommendations; they require direct link access to view. This update is going to be announced on July 1st with implementation sometime during the month.
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>>675900 our message is gonna be censored on these mainstream platforms anyway, so what's the point?
>>675900 We use both. Thereby it wont hurt us as much / be unprepared when they finally do just delete all our uploads and disorient our followers (thinking here of the GETchan YT channel as an example, its vids have millions of views). Dual power or bust.
>>675913 >Dual power or bust. Agree
(69.10 KB 600x400 stampedeWmRLeigh.jpg)
>>675896 >>675913 Agreed, but I don't think any realistic amount of harassment from Silicon Valley is going to drive even significant fraction of normalfags off the clearnet. I've often fantasized about mounting a heavily automated cyberterrorist campaign of datamining/doxing and DoS attacks on normalfags and their surveillance services to force them into retaining their privacy and using decentralized services like everyone used to in the old Wild West days of the 'net. Except that, IMHO, nothing (including the services you named) are actually mature enough to handle normalfags yet.
>This update is going to be announced on July 1st with implementation sometime during the month.

(11.79 KB 274x363 Carl_Schmitt.jpg)
"Good" reactionaries Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 13:16:51 No. 674665 [Reply] [Last]
Did you have read any reactionary theorists, which actually influenced your own thinking? In the past, I've been called to be a "Left-Schmittian", altough I never read anything by Carl Schmitt. Now I'm reading his book THE CONCEPT OF THE POLITICAL and it really blows my mind! Have you made a similar experience?
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>>675748 fuck Teresa, even most catholic clergy I talk to don't like her if not actively see her as a con artist defrauding the church.
>>675748 I was a Hitchens fan when I was a kiddo and his Clinton book from the 90s is good, but he was really a carny hack. What he was really good at it was coming up with a patented, distinctive style so he could churn out articles on a dime that could namedrop historical events and figures and so on and make his writing seem more impressive than it was. And his personality and character was a big part of the appeal, and his fans (many of them very young) could live vicariously through Hitchens as this hard-drinking, smoking "rebel" figure as he traveled the world and hobnobbed with various players. The whole neoconservative ecosystem that came into being in the Reagan years and had a big second-wind in the Bush years is interesting but in a really wacky way. Douglas Feith, a lesser-known neocon who was undersecretary of defense for policy in the early war years in the Bush administration, wrote a book called "War and Decision" that Hitchens favorably reviewed, and one of the justifications for the war that Feith gave was as like an exhaust valve for what he thought would be a fascist reaction inside the United States to 9/11. Whether this was a legitimate worry, self-serving ass-covering, or just ineffectual considering the whole war was pretty damn jingoistic and fascist anyways, is to be determined. Also what's noteworthy is that despite a lot of neocons flipping to the Democrats after Trump got in, there has been more carryover between other neocons with the hard-right anti-China people in the Republican Party and around Trump. Specifically the "Committee on the Present Danger" (CPD), which includes Bannon and also Frank Gaffney who is a long-time neocon going back to the Reagan administration.
>>675748 fuck Gandhi. National bourgeois counter-revolutionary nudist englishman cunt.
>>675823 >“Man does not strive for pleasure; only the Englishman does that.” - Friedrich Nietzsche That quote describes Hitchens to a tee
Maybe Juenger, Carlyle and Bismarck Most of the names mentioned in here are nothing more than fascist ideologues like Cioran and Schmitt

Soviet-Finnish Winter War Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 13:22:45 No. 661052 [Reply] [Last]
Opinions about this war? My grandma is Finnish and her father fought in the war so it has always been a point of pride in my family. Any Finns here? How do Finns view the Winter War nowadays? Also, what are their opinions on this guy (pic related)?
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>>666167 >And yet they did it anyway at the Treaty of Tartu (1920), Moscow Peace Treaty (1940), and the Moscow armistice (1944). Are you implying that a treaty made under duress is equivalent to negotiations with people not realizing it would result in a war? >. But all those hundreds of thousands dead on both sides, plus losing out on a ton of additional land were totally worth it just so the Finnish leadership could try to own the Soviets epic style right? Like a dumb fuck you are you do not understand that the Finnish leadership (Paasikivi/Mannerheim) WANTED TO GIVE THE LAND TO THE SOVIET UNION! You fucking cretin, absolute tool. Finland didn't give the USSR any land because 1. it took less than two months for USSR to start a war from the beginning of the negotiations. 2. You needed to win 5/6 of the vote in a DEMOCRATIC BODY. Like ignorant retard you don't realize that Finland is a democracy and that the deal had no popular support even when someone like Mannerheim resigned in support of it. PS. Winter and continuation war combined kept the Finnish deaths below 100 000 meanwhile about 400 000 soviet invaders lie deep below the ground.
Stalin and the USSR reduced its demands several times before the Winter War broke out. It's also worth noting that there was many negotiations. Stalin met with Finnish leaders more times than he met with his WW2 allies Roosevelt and Churchill.
>>668642 >Are you implying that a treaty made under duress is equivalent to negotiations with people not realizing it would result in a war? The point I responded to was: >you dont understand that Finnish leaders couldnt legally give out Finnish land to a foreign power which was demonstrated to be untrue with examples. Also the war was definitely foreseeable considering the events in Europe at the time and considering how the Soviet Union might have wanted to respond to that. All the Finnish leadership (including the government in general) had to do was accept the land swap from a rather desperate USSR. >it took less than two months for USSR to start a war from the beginning of the negotiations Again, the Finnish leadership (government) had to be mindful of the circumstances and understand that a good deal with the USSR was preferable than acting tough. They had several weeks to accept and they failed, even as proposed concessions to Finland were made more generous. It was the general fault of the government in being so petulant in dire circumstances that led their country to a great loss. Here's a work that explains the background to the negotiations; chapters 5 + 6 are especially relevant: https://ia600400.us.archive.org/26/items/MustTheWarSpread/Must the War Spread.pdf
(165.29 KB 1024x768 Ddraig's symbol.png)
>>664881 Anyone have Y Ddraig Goch of the Welsh with communist symbols? (just for fun)
>>671903 reposted to hobby

tankies Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 05:55:49 No. 674185 [Reply] [Last]
There's been a disturbing trend lately on the left internet. i feel as though people are shifting away from hardline communism/anarchism and more towards liberalism/socdem/anarcho-vaushism. I feel like shit is becoming way more liberal and idpozzed and theorylet
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>>675260 > every "hardline communist" org in the world Yeah I'm not seeing it with many Russian parties or Indias massive ML party which has been nonstop protesting for months now and has denounced this shit.
>>674376 More people need to read Judith Butler instead of reeing about "muh trannies" because they're missing out on a fucking crack piece of theory.
>anarcho-vaushism Good fucking god
(115.79 KB 960x720 mpv-shot0039.jpg)
>>674461 >And most that shit doesn't even apply to me Yes! I cannot critique anarchism because whatever I critique is always dismissed as someone else's anarchism or is defended as self-evident at an emotional level. I can critique the YPG or the theoretical incoherence of Bakunin but it's pointless since the theory is not operating at that level, making it pointless to "critique" outside of psychoanalysis. Hence the writing about the Lacanian Other, anti-semitism and so on. https://www.lacan.com/zizekother.htm https://www.lacan.com/essays/?page_id=276 You can read too!
>>675899 She’s a Kampala stan

(41.93 KB 742x560 8e6.jpg)
/DEBUNK/ GENERAL Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 15:33:34 No. 643776 [Reply] [Last]
Post right-wing/liberal memes, media, talking points, etc. that you want debunked
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>>676289 On the first graph of the first pic, what does "extreme poverty" even mean? Particularly in the context of 1820, when most of the people were more or less self-sufficient farmers? Certainly it's a bit sophistic to say that the poverty isn't "extreme" when 94% suffer from it, it thus being "normal", but still that graph seems a bit disingenuous. After all, since even the wealthiest and most pampered nobility have lived "shit lives" compared to today if we just look far back enough, "extreme poverty" isn't directly related to having a "good" or "bad" life. As an extra thought: There are dystopias in fiction where things are extremely well on some accounts, such as Logan's Run and Brave New Word. Still, these aren't exactly societies one would want to live in. And study those sources. It's not exactly a secret that the IMF and "Freedom House", for example, have certain interests that conflict with neutral reporting. And as a final note: Things are likely going in a better direction, but that may just be the nature of social and technological improvements happening over time. None of those numbers attribute it as being thanks to capitalism, which I see as an important distinction. Great progress was made in the USSR as well.
>>676364 That anon could've worded his post a bit better. At least it disproves the "30 million dead", nearly the entire population of the UkSSR, suggested by the meme. Debunk-threads should have higher quality posts than that, I agree.
>>668666 >Also what would be a rebuttal to "But Ukraine's numbers are low because the elders know the Holodomor happened."? The famine also affected southern Russia and was worse in some areas of Russia than it was in Ukraine.
(34.35 KB 1205x322 1.17 ratio.PNG)
(126.41 KB 1024x680 wild trump.jpg)
The 1/17 ratio comes to mind. The reason only one man reproduced per 17 women was due to some sort of cultural shit in agriculture and permanent settlement. Had nothing to do with the alpha male cave man. Agriculture probably caused polygyny.
>>676427 >dat filename Don't call Trump an orangutan. Orangutans are some of the coolest creatures on earth and don't deserve to be compared to Trump.

(595.24 KB 3420x2260 malthus.jpg)
malthus Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 08:46:23 No. 663060 [Reply] [Last]
I know Marx hated this guy, but given the ecological crisis was he right at all? population can't increase forever
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>>676142 >>676155 Resource depletion can be greatly reduced by changing the way in which we consume. Socializing consumption allows for the repeated re-use of resources and vastly increases their effective lifespan. No, not everyone is going to have their own car, but there are means of getting around at a high speed that aren't cars. No, not everyone will have an LCD widescreen TV but we can make excellent forms of media consumption for the masses. Capitalist individualist consumption inherently means that they will have to try to sell everyone their own individual Earth, socialism means we can make an earth that fits everyone.
>>676214 Capitalism isn't leaving until every single resource has been used up and this earth resembles a wet Mars more than a green wilderness. You're also not going to convince anyone to be anticapitalist unless they think they'll have the same ridiculous consumption as before, so it's rather moot to speculate on how we could hypothetically avoid disaster.
>>676214 the problem is that those policies need to be enacted 30-40 years ago to be of any real impact At this point it's more a game of how do we prevent human extinction within the next century given the latest data
>>676248 Prevention is a fool's errand. At best it could be predicted where the rare long term survivors might end up living in the aftermath.
>>676073 >I think that by the point in time when we actually achieve life extension technologies, we will have begun to create space habitats There's absolutely no reason one would necessarily be invented before the other, given we have neither at present. >>676214 >Resource depletion can be greatly reduced by changing the way in which we consume This is true, but I would further add that QoL-independent (even lifestyle-invisible) conservation measures would be far more than sufficient, stuff like electrified transit, geothermal heat pump HVAC, district heating/cooling/steam, onshoring, cradle2cradle product lifecycles, etc. Well short of the radical and largely pointless lifestylism implied by >not everyone is going to have their own car This could have a variety of intended meanings, from "people will travel about as much as they currently do (minus routine shopping and work commutes that could be done more efficiently remotely) to all the places they do", to "people will be restrained to narrow routes of mass transit". >No, not everyone will have an LCD widescreen TV I have no idea what this is supposed to imply. People living in monastic cells or capsule hotels too restricted to even have a TV, forced to watch on cellphones or in theaters? Regardless, such matters are only incidentally related to capitalism/socialism/etc.

(21.88 KB 225x299 Rashid.jpg)
(97.87 KB 951x686 Sakaist.png)
(41.78 KB 540x648 Defying the Tomb.jpg)
NABPP and Kevin "Rashid" Johnson Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 00:53:47 No. 659846 [Reply] [Last]
http://rashidmod.com/?p=1125 I've been looking into the New Afrikan Black Panther Party recently, and I came across the above blog post by its co-founder Rashid. It's a polemic against Third-Worldism and Sakai as espoused by the Maoist organizations MIM and MIMP; accusing them of peddling petite bourgeois ideology harmful to the interests of the working class. I thought it was a very well written and persuasive post and I strongly recommend reading it. I posted it on /r/MoreTankieChapo in response to a post mentioning "Settlers" (which was probably a mistake) and I received a response highly critical of Rashid's post (the second picture is that comment). I'm interested in hearing what /leftypol/ thinks about it and how valid the comment by the /r/MoreTankieChapo user is. Beyond that, has anyone here read any of Rashid's books? This is the thread for anyone who has any thoughts, reviews, and opinions regarding the NABPP and its activities.
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>>660640 Tecnically yes, but in the mind of the radlib, fash and the feds that is a no
>>675681 We gotta break him out when America collapses, he'll be a Black Lenin.
>>675655 Where did he accuse Rashid of being a rapist??
>>675655 Gazi knows full well that Rashid is a real person. Rashid used to support black hammer before they went full retard and was even willing to do some tactical unity with them after the Anne Frank thing. Rashid literally called into a Black Hammer meeting to talk about prison. Gazi is literally just consciously lying.
>>660007 >dude trust me, Obama bombing other brown people was his half white manifesting, we need another black president and then we can start the race- i mean class struggle

(8.33 KB 301x167 download.jpeg)
worth the price Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 03:58:38 No. 676424 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrLFQnlf6lQ WORTH THE PRICE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War

(13.62 KB 320x320 1449892501800.jpg)
Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 03:04:40 No. 676375 [Reply] [Last]
Just got a job where I write patents for big companies, my boss is so bourgeois he owns dozens of fancy cars and flaunts them at work, and the very nature of the job means there are probably no lefties. At least I can pay my bills and afford nice things now though...
2 posts omitted.
>>676375 You should use this chance, to gather information, so you can later publish a book, as a insider from a big patent company. You should see it as an opportunity, to expose the patent-industry.
>>676391 expose it for what?
>>676375 Hang in there buddy. I have a very business oriented job and nearly everyone is a lolbert or neo-con. The sheer amount of dumb shit the say. Don't sweat it though, it's like the say the best capitalist are marxist.
>>676395 >expose it for what? See? That's why we need a insider!
>>676375 feelidarity


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