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(11.18 KB 214x206 yua0xbgmpqc31.jpg)
/webm/ Anonymous 06/17/2020 (Wed) 20:31:05 No. 618486 [Reply] [Last]
The webm thread slid off the board and it's all your fault.
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>>676760 This is pretty cool. Which Scandinavian language is this and where is this from? Do you have a YT link?
>>666964 Kudos to you comrade. Your effort is commended!
>>676911 Swedish. Song is "Kampens väg" (Path of Struggle) by Dan Berglund. This video was deleted from Youtube with the uploaders account.
>>676911 Swedes made a fuckton of nice communist music Here's an anti-vietnam war song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHq2r6BQA0

(27.78 KB 700x394 52709877_303[1].jpg)
how does china deal with debt Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 12:35:23 No. 677048 [Reply] [Last]
in typical capitalist economies it's common that, due to falls in the rate of profit, that shareholders tend to have to engage in social instutions putting people into debt in order to lower wages and sustain constant capital which eventually creates a "bubble" that eventually "pops" causing recession and calling for supply-side intervention from the State. why does China seem to not have this problem? it's not secret that they still have wages, credit, investors, and rent so why do thy seem to not suffer from these typical problems in capitalism? what's the secret ingredient?
Banking in China is subservient to government policy, that's the long and short of it. Dependinv on macroeconomic policy demands, they just turn a knob and loans become easier or more stringent. Long as policy is conducted prudently, this should avoid financial shocks, though it does nothing for cyclical crises.
>>677080 > this should avoid financial shocks, though it does nothing for cyclical crises. what’s the difference?

(41.15 KB 630x455 5cc0f58c24000035002202a7.jpeg)
Gaddafi's Libya Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 19:36:41 No. 671114 [Reply] [Last]
Caleb Maupin just uploaded a video of himself reading the introduction he wrote for a new edition of Muammar Gaddafi's Green Book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN9_sSUvtRw He is of the opinion that, while Gaddafi rejected Marxism, it still influenced his thinking and that Libya under his rule was a successful (Islamic) socialist state that greatly improved the lives of the population and aided other socialist and anti-imperialist movements abroad. He also criticizes the Workers World Party (which he used to be a member of) for viewing Gaddafi's Libya as a "bourgeois nationalist" state as opposed to a socialist one. Thoughts? Is he right, and if not, what are the inaccuracies in his presentation of Libya, and what are the errors in his argument?
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>>673877 Someone address this. Was Libya on its way to becoming developed before Gaddafi? In terms of GDP (PPP) per capita Libya was already ahead of the US before he took power.
>>674874 You can't eat GDP and if you're illiterate odds are you don't benefit from it in any real way
(40.78 KB 596x607 us military.jpg)
>>672849 Ignoring that claim, what's your response to the rest of that post (and follow ups)? >How the fuck was he a socdem? Was the Jamahyria a multi-party state? No. Was the state organized around a single political entity? Yes. Was it a centrally planned economy? Yes. Did it engage in wide-scale systematization, home building and industrialization as a state-driven effort to elevate the conditions of the working class? Yes. Was right-wing opposition allowed to manifest itself publicly or politically? No. Did it enjoy wide-ranging and closely-knit relations with the COMECON, Warsaw Pact and USSR during the Cold War? Yes. I'm pretty sure that, despite its regional flavor and aesthetic peculiarities, Libya was in practice quite close to a single-party Communist country (ML). Short of calling themselves MLs, they did pretty much everything else by the book. >Some of the kiddies here really need to get up to speed on their terminology; social democracy means a very specific type of cold war leftism, that developed in the West and was specifically and deliberately anti-communist. >What makes it out to not be a DoTP? Is the recognition of itself as a DoTP the only requirement?
>>674920 Honestly I was under the impression that Libya’s economy was already mostly privatized, which it sounds like I was mistaken about. My issue isn’t so much with a rejection of the notion that Libya was socdem as it is with equating criticism with tacit support for imperialist aggression.
>>674874 GDP is a horseshit metric that doesn't take into account uneven wealth distribution; e.g. Bucharest has a larger GDP per capita than Berlin (144 v 118 as of 2019), doesn't make it more developed, innovative or a better place to live.

(12.57 KB 260x194 download (28).jpeg)
Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 12:46:57 No. 677071 [Reply] [Last]
I installed linux and I got to say, its really not that bad. I recommend you guys give it a try. Linux and open source software is consistent with socialist ideals, windows and apple are not.
We have a whole board for this kind of discussions >>>/tech/.
>>677083 er sorry about that
>>677071 >>677085 If you want to discuss about the political aspects of libre software I think that can be done on this board with slightly different opening message.

(153.45 KB 770x1026 6554147-MCXSTFKC-7.jpg)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 05:35:45 No. 671920 [Reply] [Last]
I majored in Poli Sci and am a commie and i swear to god every job i look for has some corporate sponsors and it's soul crushing what do i do??? should i just join maoist guerrilla groups or something?
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>>671920 Unironically work with all your might and learn, learn, learn from it. To see how business work from the inside will help you with theory.
Unfortunately that's the irony of polsci, sociology etc, it attracts young radicals and then sorts them into some of the most soul crushing corporate jobs imaginable such as HR, PR, sales and marketing. Unless you can get a job as a communist revolutionary, you want something that is bearable/lets your forget sometimes that you're working to make porky richer, so you can live OK and work for socialism in your free time. Recruitment isn't the worst in this regard and can pay well but involves making a lot of calls and people telling you to piss off a fair bit. Academia might also be k if your don't mind teaching bratty kids who might try to get your fired for some random non pc comment, and reading obscurantist liberal drivel all the time. Public sector work can be k and legitimately positive work for proles like NLRB or welfare rights. Non-academic research roles are rare and difficult to get into but might be an option in government. Then there's various administrative work which might be k if you don't mind being on the phone a lot.
>>671920 We all live in a society, and we all have to either be slaves, slaveowners, or some sort of overseers.
>>672083 What's the story behind the image? Celebration of agricultural achievements of based neolamarckist biology?
>>671920 my brother did polisci and he's in a soulless consulting career now enjoy anon

(99.38 KB 555x768 Bukharin.jpeg)
Nikolai Bukharin Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 02:08:35 No. 660054 [Reply] [Last]
Was he right? Did he deserve to die? Would anything have changed if he was kept alive?
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>>662438 fuggen des 100%
>>661737 u literally reduced these men (comrades) to the status of "senile old men" a lá Joe Biden, and now you expect people to.agree with your narrative, LMAO! How deluded one can be!?!?
sabocat poster is an idiot, tbh
>>662438 the beatings will continue until morale improves.
The teenage Dengist tankoids spilling out of Chapo/Reddit are really doing a number on this board, aren't they?

/SEA/ - Southeast Asia General Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 11:59:39 No. 418709 [Reply] [Last]
Part 2 Pandemic Edition Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. If there’r still dozens of us! Kiwis are welcome! Last thread. https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/82372.html http://archive.is/0NhJH
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>>676240 When PAP brings back slavery, NTUC will haggle over the weight of the chains. What a clown world where I am legitimately hoping for a economist working for a think tank to beat the trade union leader who worked in the millitary all his life.
Behold a page of ST's Cooling Off Day coverage
>>676585 fugg I forgot that I can post more than one image at a time
God I fucking hate the 158. One of these days we have to #DraintheStraits

(11.87 KB 326x204 +_159d9a7b0107d00.jpg)
"Saying the word retard is wrong because it's a meanie slur!" Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 17:15:07 No. 644108 [Reply] [Last]
"Also you can't say stupid, idiot, crazy, ANYTHING, if you can't explain why someone is wrong don't say anything, insulting someone's intelligence is mean to the disabled etc, etc, etc" Okay, I know Leftypol isnt like this, but what's with so many commies being fucking thin-skinned pussies banning meanie words like it's fucking kindergarten? Do these faggots not know what the point of insults are? Do they think normies will see them as anything other than pathetic fucking pussies when they rant about how calling a Nazi retarded is ableist??? What's with modern commies and trying so fucking hard to look like faggots, what is this pussy shit? So many commies huffing radlib wokeness it's damaged their fucking brains. These fags go from banning nazism (understandable), to banning slurs (okay), to fucking banning the meanie words. Why? How do these fuckers survive in public? Mind you this is the same segment of commies that are usually deeply mentally ill with "muh anxiety" "can't leave the house" etc. God I hate these fuckers, watching yet another chat descend into their radlib faggotry, why, why, why??????
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>>676266 But you do understand that you have to separate ideas from material things for the materialism/idealism dichotomy to work, right?
>>676175 Now your audience contains someone who is offended by certain slurs and someone who gets mad if you don't use them. Now what?
>>676277 no, that's not how concepts and language work.
>>676024 whoa based post anon, you're so fucking cool. i want you to have my kids. you fucking pathetic imageboard addicted freak. i can see you now, typing out this post, thinking how epic you are. you fucking embarrassment. >>676091 words are important on a discussion forum. letting people spout retard like retards breeds retarded habits, you retard.
>>676823 My experience of forums is that posting quality actually goes down when you start to censor a lot of words like that. Conversely, I've never seen a single place become worse just because it's inhabitants say retard once in a while.

(200.17 KB 1411x2000 dsadas.jpeg)
Musk Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 05:55:06 No. 667538 [Reply] [Last]
I genuinely don't understand the hero worship around this guy. He started and sold a software company (paypal) and now is making a bunch of meme companies? Why the fuck is this guy so worshipped on reddit and in general by "entrepreneurs" etc? I don't get it? the hero worship is so fucking cringey. Why single this guy out i genuinely don't understand? does reddit literally think he's gonna end global warming or something singlehandedly? Do they honestly think he is anything but a manchild with lots of money? hes like the 40 year old version of the soyjack chud but if he had billions of dollars to play around with
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>>673856 who dis
>>674230 Ghislaine Maxwell's sister and some of the Musks I think.
(1.09 MB 1080x1920 pwsn5baavo951.png)
>>668420 For real I'd like to know how his ancestors got rich or whatever. (I know his dad had an emerald mine, but I want to know how his family got enough money to buy the mine.)
>>676793 >(I know his dad had an emerald mine, but I want to know how his family got enough money to buy the mine.) Sheer luck and being a whitoid Anglo in apartheid South Africa.
>>676797 a.k.a. someone probably got merced so he could dig up blood gems

Lefty music thread Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 01:57:33 No. 649535 [Reply] [Last]
I need my music fix comrades. Links and webm's plz. Also, let us discuss the validity of music as a tool for propaganda and keeping up our moral in these times of capitalism's slip into fascism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8_6lRywaxs
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>>674237 Aren't they the children of rich politicians and executives? How is this any better than Tucker?
I checked out this "Hatari" band. All I can say is that I prefer Laibach every day when I want anti-capitalist social commentary in the form of (untz-untz-)music. https://youtu.be/2BqLv2T8vSc


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