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(81.06 KB 1798x893 strike_logo-featured.jpg)
General Strike 2020 Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 17:39:58 No. 402811 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.genstrike.org/ >The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is exposing critical flaws in the institutions we rely on for our daily lives. The wealthiest nations in the world are failing to protect citizens from this deadly disease, shamelessly neglecting the needs of the people. In the USA, too little is being done too late to protect us from the disease. Countless working poor people are having to go to work with symptoms because we can’t afford to take time off. >The federal government has been slow to respond, and the stimulus packages they have cobbled together are woefully inadequate to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. President Trump and capitalists across the country are expressing interest in workers going back to their jobs even before the pandemic is safely dealt with, callously proving that they put their own profits ahead of the lives and wellbeing of the working class. >This situation is, quite simply, unsustainable. >People are dying, and the wealthy elites are demonstrating that they value their profits more than our lives.
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yikes not enough saudi arabian muslim feminists in this online movement. stop trying to do shit online a la channology
>>402845 POC is old school woke. Welcome to the new school.
>>402861 How else are you supposed to do it if you can't go outside because corona
>>402917 if forced back to work people will get pissy
>>402850 >disabled No, they said the same thing thrice. >>402834 >We welcome all exploited members of society: workers, the disabled, LGBTQ+, indigenous people, the neurodivergent, the mentally ill, and anyone else who is suffering without adequate relief through this pandemic. Why does this feel cringy every time I read or hear anything that sounds like this? Why do I feel such a strong disgust response comrades?

(530.42 KB 2048x1361 Climate-Burning-Earth.jpg)
/climate/ general Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 00:37:44 No. 382582 [Reply] [Last]
I have a feeling this is going to be a good thread to have this year. Anyways, to start off, I have a simple question. Could the reduction in emissions from current depression + the pandemic produce such an intense drop in emissions that it reduces the effect of aerosol cooling and massively magnifies the rate of warming?
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>>402640 >degrowth, which fundamentally conflicts with the technocratic Hegelian socialist ideal of progress. De-growth is a poor slogan and is undialectical Well-intentioned Marxists have adopted a "de-growth" slogan while criticizing captialism's "growth at any cost." The idea is that since "economic growth," in capitalism, correlates with increased use of fossil fuels and other ecological disasters, the answer is "de-growth," or shrinking economic output. This slogan has many problems, because "growth" is not a one-sided phenomenon, but is multi-faceted. Economic growth measured in GDP in capitalism ALSO correlates with population growth, which Marx pointed out in Capital Vol 1 in his section on the reserve army of labor. This is really obvious since economic output measured in labor time (or labor value) would not change if you globally eliminated fossil fuel use, but maintained the same work hours and population size. However, productivity would go down in many areas. So there would be a "de-growth" of per-unit output in such a scenario, but it would be possible for labor time output to stay the same. Consider a scenario where most countries in the world switch to ecological, cybernetic communism. Every worker is given a 35 hour workweek to start with, thus reducing each individual's workload. However, the reserve army of labor is inducted into the workforce for full employment, keeping the amount of hours worked globally mostly the same. A five-year plan is computed to eliminate fossil fuel use (and some other forms of ecological destruction) while attempting to maintain and improve quality of life for the working class. The plan would require massive restructuring of every facet of social and economic life. Many different strategies would be adopted, such as urban farming, population densification to eliminate car use (means building a lot of commieblocks in sprawled countries like the USA), building of modern nuclear plants, elimination of plastic packaging, elimination of the advertisement industry, health insurance industry, military industry, etc., expansion of the agricultural workforce (for organic farming with reduced machinery), building railroads, it goes on and on. In this plan, some industries would grow both in unit-output and in labor-output. Some would shrink in unit-output but grow in labor-output. Some would shrink in labor-output but grow in unit-output. And some would shrink or be eliminated in both forms of output. Aside from output, there would be qualitative changes in each produced unit and in overall social life. Planned obsolescence would be eliminated, for example. Food quality would improve. Quality and repairability of pretty much every product would improve. Healthcare would grow and improve. Communal activities such as stage productions and local art would flourish. The de-growth slogan can not even begin to accomodate for this complexity. But there is a slogan that does accomodate for all this. That slogan is COMMUNISM. Marx already described the social, ecological crisis and its solution, communism, over a hundred years ago in Capital. We need COMMUNISM, not a "de-growth" slogan that is already being readily adopted by all kinds of liberals and anprim reactionaries.
>>402443 >can destroy all life "All life as we know it" would be more accurate outcome
>>402775 /r/collapse nihilistic “muh poopulation” “muh human nature” Malthusian pseudo-fash fuckers ==BTFO=/=
>>400412 am staying tuned
>>402443 >destroy all life Pure nonsense. Single celled life already survived multiple snowball earths and ocean poisoning(1) by life itself. In fact, there is increasing evidence that the proliferation of complex life actually began during a period of global glaciation(2)(3). (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Oxidation_Event (2) https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=117502 (3) http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150112-did-snowball-earth-make-animals

(36.58 KB 500x498 Takamura_16e4da_5901097.jpg)
Just some ranting on the "final crisis" and the falling rate of profit Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:12:15 No. 397024 [Reply] [Last]
>In capitalism, through every stage of capitalism, the tendency of the rate of profit to fall has remained true. >Austerity and destruction of capital and assets have temporarily set this back, but nonetheless it has continued to fall to ever lower depths. >It's logical to assume that since this tendency has been consistent throughout the existence of capitalism, this is an inherent part of the workings of capitalism >As the rate of profit falls(and capitalism becomes captured by finance), capitalism necessarily becomes a far more fragile system, something that can be shook tremendously by the slightest crisis. We're already seeing this with this pandemic, capitalism can't make profits for a week or two and civilization literally starts to split at the seams immediately. >The rate of profit is already critically low, this is expressed in what has become known as the "gig economy", subscription services are also an increasing factor. >The rate of profit will continue to fall, it has always been a historic trend and there is no reason to think it would not. If the rate of profit continues to fall, it is logical that at some point it must reach zero. >It is logical then to say that to address this issue, capitalism must by necessity of crises be forced to transform into something else. Either a neofeudalism, a socialism, or something else. While we are not necessarily in the final crisis of capitalism, we have seen the capitalist system use everything in its power so far to extract more and more from the proletariat. And it has all but exhausted itself. All it can really do to prevent itself from imploding is impose ever more austerity and take ever more direct and brutal control. This pandemic is nothing but a short test run in the grand scheme of climate change, pandemics like this are almost certain to be more common in the future, and god forbid a disease strike one of our pitiful monocrops like corn or soy. The capitalist system from this point forwards will be frayed, decayed, and unable to survive without looting itself. The question here is simply how long can it keep going? How long can it survive by cannibalizing itself?
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>>397024 >The rate of profit will continue to fall, it has always been a historic trend and there is no reason to think it would not. If the rate of profit continues to fall, it is logical that at some point it must reach zero. False assumption. There is such a thing as asymptotic functions y'know.
>>402904 Yeah, but since Labor most likely will be eliminated, and that is what causes value in the first place, it would fall to zero or near zero.
>>397572 I'll settle for the latter at this point.
>>402905 I'm just griping about the logical reasoning. But no, labour will never be fully done away with either, especially under capitalism, so you're wrong on that count too.
(94.71 KB 1280x720 cybernetic eco socialism.jpg)
>>402844 >Centralized planned economy socialism is a 20th century relic the future is planned high tech cybernetic socialism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U4CZ92ftE4

(328.73 KB 3840x2160 flagge-der-ddr-100_3840x2160.jpg)
Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:38:18 No. 400807 [Reply] [Last]
How socialist is Germany? They seem to be the only country in europe who are able to contain the corona virus like China did. As far as I know they also have a very good healthcare system which has socialist elements. Are they socialist in disguise?
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>>402656 Oh, I know Europe is fucked and neoliberalism is devastating the continent. I know more about how UK is finally devouring the last of its nationalized industries on the alter of capital than I do what’s happening in Germany and France. I also know Sanders was full of shit. Surprised to learn Germany and France has a system like what Warren and Harris wanted, thought they had NHS but better. But yea, I know Germany and France basically rules the EU and forces austerity on weaker member states, EU is really just a front for their dominance, no?
>>400853 >Germany's Healthcare system was never the target of austerity google "Pflegenotstand" >>400807 >able to contain the corona virus like China did we just don't test people dying from it and tick them off as whatever else they might have had
>>402667 I mean, to be fair, Sanders bringing the meme into the world that goes like "the rest of the world has completely socialized medicine!!" is a rather useful one for you burgers. It allows you to go beyond the public option without appearing radical. NHS remains the most "socialistic" healthcare system in the Western world, I believe. Really gotta give probs to the crusty SocDems of Labour back in the 50s. The thing is, "officially" we still have universal healthcare, as it is required to have a job or to be in education. You can go to the public option and have your employer pay 50%. You can go get a private insurance and opt out of the system if you're wealthy. When you are in education, you get a student's tariff (about 90€) that you can keep as long as you don't study too long (then it becomes 200€). When you are unemployed the state will pay for everything. This disincentivizes some people on unemployment benefits to actually get a job, because they have zero social costs. If they'd start a minimum wage job, the taxes and the healthcare costs leave the worker with little more than the unemployment benefits, in the usual cases. In the end everybody is insured except some very few loopholes. But it is far from a perfect system. The good thing about it though that it covers almost everything except special dental treatments like teeth replacement - but everything from ambulance up to even cosmetic treatments (!) is covered. I never had to worry about not getting the treatment I wanted ever, although for some you have terrible waiting lines (MRT scans, or psychiatric treatment), that can go up to two months. >But yea, I know Germany and France basically rules the EU and forces austerity on weaker member states, EU is really just a front for their dominance, no? They also enforce austerity to a degree upon their own populations, just not as much. But yeah, the EU is a vehicle for French and German imperialist ambitions. It was originally designed for French imperialism, but since Germany had such a strong economy it quickly became more German dominated.
>>402670 Well the Pflegenotstand isnt necessarily a problem of Austerity, the issue is that there simply aren't enough people becoming Pfleger, which has many reasons, like it not being a very glamorous Job for Germans **if it doesnt start with "I" and ends with "ngenieur" its not a real job", overeducation of the population and just generally that Germany has real problems finding workforce right now, in all fields not only medicine. If you really want to see Austerity, go check out the NHS or southern European Countries. I'm not even gonna start with third world countries Lets see how the Pflegenotstand affects the situation in germany though. I got the impression that the fight against the Coronavirus is more of a "Materialschlacht", for a lack of fitting english term, all about how many ventilators and other medical equipment you have. But tbh I am not a medical professional, so I could be wrong.
>>400807 you must be a burger if you think having a decent universal healthcare system equals being a socialist country

(138.07 KB 620x419 LNbN5T3.jpg)
Mews 3/27/20 News Anon 3.0 03/27/2020 (Fri) 20:58:11 No. 400954 [Reply] [Last]
Boris Johnson is self-isolating after testing positive for the coronavirus A spokesperson for Johnson said the prime minister began to experience a cough and temperature on Thursday afternoon and was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus by midnight. https://www.businessinsider.com/uk-prime-minister-boris-johnson-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-covid-19-2020-3 Labour leadership: Departing Corbyn believes he won the fight When we sat down for an interview on Thursday, it was clear that he believed Boris Johnson's actions in the past few days had rather vindicated the approach he had taken all along, telling me he had been proved "absolutely right", because of the "amount of money the government is now prepared to put in" to deal with the coronavirus crisis. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-52056914 Profits before lives: German parliament passes emergency package for large corporations and the rich The message is clear: all parties in the Bundestag, from the Left Party to the extreme right AfD, are working closely together and agree to defend capitalism by all means and to shift the burden of the coronavirus crisis onto the working population. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/03/27/germ-m27.html Thousands of Workers Stuck On Remote Arctic Construction Sites Russian companies argue that work must go on, as they isolate several large industrial sites in the Arctic. The result is that many thousands of workers are stranded on site, unable to get back to their homes in the central parts of the country. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/03/27/thousands-of-workers-stuck-on-remote-arctic-construction-sites-a69781 Israel hurts Palestinian efforts to tackle Covid-19 by confiscating medical tents

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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thanks news anon
>>401415 if you just bothered to read the article, you'd know it's apparently because it expanded too much fuel, because the slot is should have occupied is apparently in possession of "Andean Community of Nations", (US bitches alliance), and so they had to place it on a slot reserved for Uruguay. How the fuck orbital slots are allocated is beyond my understanding though, i'd have said fuck them
>>400962 If he were to die who would succeed him in the British system?
>>402831 They do need to regulate slots so satellites don't crash into each other.
>>401270 >In Italy, when political analysts say, "Here comes the cavalry" ("arrivano i nostri"), they're not talking Hollywood Westerns. They're saying, "Here come our guys: the USA has got Italy's back." wtf is this faggot talking about >sees source ah

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 19:03:05 No. 361154 [Reply] [Last]
Aren't they basically our generation's Nazi Germany? The Saudis have brutal inhuman laws and are responsible for the destabilisation of many countries, live off of slaves mining the oil and spread their hateful ideology of Wahhabism across the globe. BUT they have oil. So they're not even just tolerated, they're welcomed with open arms.
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>>402576 The Saudis are Euro puppets
>>402576 Britain, said no. The British Empire promised the Sharif a caliphate of his own extending from Syria to the north, to Aden to the south, Palestine to the west, and Iraq to the East. Of course the British Empire just cucked him anyways, and after that the Sharif was also cucked by the Saudis. The British made deals with Ibn Saud to assure he wouldn't proclaim himself a caliph, Thus ending the era of Caliphates.
>>402607 >the British Empire just cucked him anyways, The Anglo always cucks, even cucked Israel
>>402691 Am I using this right?
>>402852 yea that's how the word cucked is used

(69.95 KB 850x478 John Reed in Moscow 1920.jpg)
Book scanning thread Ismail 03/28/2020 (Sat) 16:59:46 No. 402729 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread died so here's another. Myself and others scan English-language books and pamphlets, mostly from the USSR. Most recently I scanned a Soviet edition of "Ten Days that Shook the World" as well as numerous "What Is..." books the Soviets published in the 80s to introduce people to subjects like philosophy, capitalism, communism, surplus-value, revolution, etc. You can find the stuff scanned so far here: https://archive.org/details/@ismail_badiou I also have a forum area where I answer questions relating to socialist history and the like: http://eregime.org/index.php?showforum=719 (it also contains threads of PDFs on specific subjects, e.g. Marxist works on US history)
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>>402753 I do have a physical copy, but it's already online and can be found here: https://b-ok.cc/book/2384120/ab488c
>Ten Days that Shook the World I have a pretty well translated copy of that one in portuguese, if anyone wants I can scan and post
>>402814 Plz do comrade
>>402814 Plz link to it in the Brazilian general also
>>402818 >>402819 sorry comrades, I forgot that every fuckin reprography is pretty much shut down here because of the fuckin virus, ill remember to do so when I can find a way to scan it, might be months though. Also heads up it's in European Portuguese, so if you're Brazilian it might not be the most comfortable but you'll get like 98% of it just fine, also it's an old copy by editorial avante so there might be some antiquated or esoteric lingo in it, but again only a minor issue

/leftydeutschpol/- Bunker Edition Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 05:09:16 No. 11287 [Reply] [Last]
Jetzt wo 8chan, anscheinend für die nächste Zeit anscheinen down bleibt, können wir ja /leftydeutschpol/ general wiederbeleben.

>Landtagswahl in Brandenburg und Sachsen
Hab mir die Parteien die zur Wahl stehen angeguckt und muss sagen, dass das wirklich enttäuschend aussah, interessant war aber, dass sich die KPD-O in Sachsen aufstellen konnte, hoffen wir, dass sie ihr Prozente kriegen Anons!
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We should make a new thread, it says elections 2019 in the OP after all. >>400921 Not sure but I fear Bayern München is indestructible. >>402277 >What’s it like to be no clue. Are people allowed to talk about World War II? Of course, however it is illegal to engage in certain activities like denying the Holocaust.
>>402297 Sorry if my questions are strange, in America you rarely interact with people from other countries...or at least people from European countries.
>>402277 >What’s it like to be German? Be more specific. German mentality can be strange for some people. In general, like in every capitalist society, being a German worker you have more in common with most other workers around the world than with a German bourg. Germans dislike small talk, are hard to make friends with but usually a good friends when you made them. That's all I can tell for now. >Are people allowed to talk about World War II? Of course. There are documentaries on TV almost every day on some channel at least.
>>402808 >Be more specific Really just what’s day to day life like in Germany?
>>402813 I assume the work day is the same as in your country, we have a 40 hours work week. Most people live in apartments, because we don't have too much space, or a thing what you'd call "townhouse" in America where you have one of three houses being built together to save space. Big stand-alone houses exist, they're usually affordable for the wealthier part of the population though. You'll find that most houses here are made of stone and have thick walls, which might be different from the US. When I was in the US a friend of mine punched a hole in the wall there when he was drunk. Here, you'd just break your hand. Everything is cemented. Public transport is used by everyone, even wealthy people, to avoid rush hour. Everything has a public transport connection to some degree, if you live in a really rural area you might not, or have to walk 45 min, or only have a bus coming in two times a day. But that's rare. In a big city busses come every 10-20 min, subway lines come every 10 minutes, long-distance trains come every 1-2 hours. We also have sidewalks everywhere. We have big grocery stores and smaller ones. Most people go to smaller ones. They have everything you need and they are usually in about 10 min walking distance when you are living in a suburb or city. Every city has an oldtown as a city center if that wasn't bombed in WWII. It's not skyscrapers (except Frankfurt) but medieval buildings, churches, city palaces, city walls, etc. - here you have a city scene fro Nuremburg (Nürnberg) which is my birth city. https://media.spar-mit.com/image-handler/media/dms/24799ca4ae3a062862434bc630decf60d8aae9fa/w1024_0-0.041-1-0.625/Altstadt%20und%20Kaiserburg%C2%A9Pixabay.jpg It's where all the restaurants, cafes and boutiques are. You find malls a bit more outside, they look like this: https://images-urw.azureedge.net/-/media/Unibail/Country~o~DE/PasingArcaden/Images/Center/Center1_1214x507.ashx?revision=d378315c-f533-4aa2-8df2-1ea25eef9e87&mh=393&h=393&w=941&la=de-DE&hash=D3882C994E6474ACC3AC18C1965530CA German food is very quaffable and satiably, but not very spicy or heavily seasoned like in Mediterranean or Latin or Asian countries. Here are big potato dumplings, meat and red cabbage, a typical meal in the Southern part of Germany: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0psC40Hm2UI/maxresdefault.jpg Germany is a diverse state, every state has its own history, traditions, architecture and food. Almost all states have some form of town festival or village festival. It's usually some big beer tents, carousels, and food stands. In the south people were traditional dresses on these. Everybody gets drunk on there. Generally, alcohol culture is very liberal here. You can buy beer when you are 16 and liquor when you are 18, and you can drink it everywhere in the city except maybe in the city hall or something. It's normal to see people drinking a cold beer on their home from work. Beer is generally very good here. There are tons of tons of local brands, brewed by the oldest consumer protection law in the world (Reinheitsgebot from the middle ages) but still very affordable (you can buy quality beer for 1€ but you can also buy crappy beer for 30 cent). In their free time people do the same stuff they do in America, movies, dinner, sports, bars, clubs, football (soccer), etc. although the culture might be a bit different. Feel free to ask more.

Terry Eagleton Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:02:09 No. 402832 [Reply] [Last]
Sorry if this is a /lit/ thread and should be moved to /hobby/, but what do anons think about Terry Eagleton and his work in Marxist literary theory (and his criticisms of postmodernism and the "age of theory")? I was thinking about picking up a few of his books.

Burger-tardation Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 16:05:35 No. 402608 [Reply] [Last]
Leftypol, I am not trying to shit on burgerinos, in fact I am a burger myself, I come from NYC. All morning I've been going to different country threads asking questions to try understanding proles in other countries, but I fear my questions seem retarded as fuck because where I'm from they insulate you hardcore from the rest of the world. For instance, in /ruspol/ I asked some dumbass questions about prejudice in Eastern Europe because where I'm from they just teach you everyone from there is slavic, in /leftydeutschpol/ I retardedly asked what being German is like. You must understand, Americans don't interact with people from other countries much beyond immigrants from the 3rd World who usually just shit talk their own countries. I know pretty much everywhere else other than North America people move between countries interacting with different peoples very frequently, here, well, our version of that is meeting people from other states. Can anyone help a borger out? Just tryna learn about other peoples and cultures, they genuinely interest me.
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>>402608 >not trying to shit on burgers stopped reading there
>>402673 IMO this pandemic has a genuine chance of shaking the very foundations of the EU which is new but nobody can say with any certainty either way (fingers crossed), so as to the situation of the EU any predictions rn will always be highly speculative. As to how willing, possible is it that the Euro and EU just disintegrate it would take a global economic crisis no less severe then the one started in 1929 for that to even be a possibility, and however more severe then that it is the more likely said disintegration is. As for the Spaniards, they're just annoyed because the northern European right-wing is doing its thing of being suspicious of the southern countries and trying to said countries for being poor like it's somehow an inherent trait of latinos to be poor or lazy. I think nothing short of a complete collapse of the social order in Spain leading to political revolution or miraculously somehow a radical left party being elected with absolute majority would have a chance of a spexit. They're just butthurt (rightfully, my solidarity to them). As to the scenario of many countries wanting out, the whole EU political system is built around doing everything to make that as difficult as possible, in a world where that is already a reality they've already lost. They're not gonna go to war over it they're bureaucratic libdems, they don't start wars and are generally pretty cowardly and cucked. As to the mood here it's too soon to say and plus I'm autistic and don't get out much so I might be the wrong person to ask. I'm Portuguese btw
>>402696 Is Scotland better than England?
>>402759 Our Corona response has been worse, arguably. Slower to pick up on no eviction policies and so on. Possibly just waiting for the westminster lead but what is the point in that for a nationalist party. Generally though, our NHS is better funded and more robust. We don't pay for prescription charges or university and the English do. Our social democracy is moderately more advanced. But its rather a case of we had less cuts during the austerity period rather than we have advanced ourselves more than the English Scotland is on the whole I would say more left leaning and certainly less outwardly reactionary than England not to say their aren't lots of reactionary ideas common in Scotland, but due to the history and the strong Irish influence particularly in places like Glasgow or Leith in Edinburgh but also many other places, there is less sympathy to the historical british empire and union jack and so on. For the record the SNP are neoliberal scumbags posing as socdems and Alex Salmond probably is a sex pest even though he was acquitted in court


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