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(202.95 KB 1080x1080 EDdPpsRXoAI6Tt1.jpg)
/Agitprop/ General Anonymous 01/11/2020 (Sat) 04:00:16 No. 208286 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for sharing agitprop in all forms you've found or created yourself as well as any tips, tricks and general advice for creating and spreading agitprop online and offline.
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Is it dumb of me to print out big agitprop posters from a local printer to then flypost in the same town or next town over (IE would it be traced back to me or do cops not care enough?)
>>216653 As a fellow Scandi I can tell that that line of argumentation will not be effective. Feeling bad for the IDEA of natives will not be useful to push people left. And I say idea because Sami people is not in any way present in most peoples' lives or even geographic areas.
>>221556 buy your own printer better yet, try to find a working one in a dumpster or a charity store
Do we have some sort of infograph on nazi porkies/companies on how they funded the party and moved on unscathed after the war? I know there is one with too much text that pops up every so often. I think we need something more digestible with pictures and names.
What we really should discuss is the creation of a singular poster thats hard hitting and can be created in multiple different languages for added internationalism. I know that Nazis have done similar things themselves.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 03:49:58 No. 149940 [Reply] [Last]
How would technology be different if the USSR won the Cold War? Would discontinued shit like the unmanned space probes program, OGAS, or the Ekranoplan survive?
The bigger question for me is that it’s becoming harder and harder to see technological developments without the profit motive, planned obsolescence, or outright sabotage of your own products like in capitalism. Could this hypothetical USSR keep developing new technology the same way it did?
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>>149984 Here is a short documentary about the craft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hv2dsVkA38
>>149940 probably not that different to OTL.
>>219917 >steam turbine i don't think it was a steam turbine but an ordinary proof-of-concept with steam moving a ball through pushing itself through bent tubes. >>220042 please do. >>220045 Carlos!
>>220231 I beg to differ. With production and creativity not limited to profitability and marketability, people’s interest could be directly toward improving society as a whole. Individualist commodities like cars and private jets wouldn’t exist along with nonsense invention scams like the juicero.
>>149940 State investment bureaus like DARPA.

(80.13 KB 640x464 002.jpg)
ITT: most retarded anticommunist "arguments" Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 12:04:34 No. 194067 [Reply] [Last]
For me as someone who lives in a post-Soviet country the most brainlet and anti-reality argument has got to be "COMMUNISM IS ANTI-CULTURE" My family still has shelves with 100s of books they got in the USSR, real books like obscure classical works or science ones. You CAN'T find most of them in stores anymore because they have been replaced with lowest common denominator schlock like 50 shades of grey or cheap fantasy novels. You have to go to a specialized library to find books you could buy at any bookstore in the USSR. Little surprise that the USSR used to be "the most reading country". Socialism built and supported theaters, museums, cinemas etc and most importantly it made them available to the entire population instead of a small leisurely elite. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call the USSR the most cultured country in history if the criteria is the total number of people with access to "high culture" like classical music and theater. Don't even get me started on Soviet contributions to the art world like Prokofiev, Tarkovsky etc. Classical arts were preserved and promoted, folk culture was supported too. The only culture socialism "destroyed" was religion and culture of the ruling classes like decadent balls. That's what reactionaries truly bemoan. It doesn't matter that 99% of the population went from ignorant peasants to educated people who can appreciate intellectual and aesthetic pursuits, a few nobles couldn't have their shitty dances and lavish palaces all to themselves anymore, so CULTURE WAS LITERALLY DESTROYED!!11 You'd have to be completely ignorant of history and reality to say "socialism is anti-culture", or be a lying reactionary who by "culture" means "when you praise Jesus and kill nigs". It's especially annoying to hear this from Russian right-wing zoomers who know nothing but fortnite and low-brow americanized tv entertainment, and somehow blame socialism for this state of affairs instead of capitalist restoration.
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there is a common anti communist argument is horseshoe fallacy that equates communists with fascism, sometimes there this slur "red fascism" being thrown around
>>220142 red fascism is an anarchist/left-com phrase thrown out about MLs after MLs appropriated tankie and made it a positive thing. Horseshoe theory as an anti-communist cudgel is totally real too. There is a thread on 8chan /fur/ where some guy spent 20+ posts ranting about how authoritarianism is leftist because "muh free market" and how The Nazis LARPed traditionalism/nationalism and weren't really for privatization and shit because the government bullied small business and "muh fascist manifesto".
That's it guys, pack your backs, we've been BTFO.
(15.22 KB 480x300 no questions allowed.jpg)
>>197850 >Great Chinese Famine >15-43 million
>>221577 The 15 is the number counted by the party and modern historians. The other is counted by using projected population growth in comparison with the real population i.e. counting people who doesn’t even fucking exist. Some retard Nazis also use this method to say that the PRC and Vietnam have killed billions with family planning and birth reduction. Right wingers are insane.

(74.29 KB 242x1024 1575673795158m.jpg)
(52.91 KB 1024x764 1578988015691m.jpg)
(204.90 KB 952x1344 IMG_20191104_040907.jpg)
STOP COOMING Anonymous 01/18/2020 (Sat) 06:07:41 No. 218642 [Reply] [Last]
Let be specific, if you coom here and there obviously that's fine, but never been a slave to thoughts, to your petty desires. Being a coomer reinforces the impotent, lethargic, anti-social, narcissistic worldview of late stage capitalism/liberalism, you live for revolution not for "I". I know I'm going to be called a reactionary, but if you want to be a revolutionary you must be a revolutionary person not someone who is a slave to their desires, to things that weaken you, make you apathetic and feeling defeated. Yes, the world is fucked, but the silver lining is that it's always darkest before dawn and there's no way capitalism will last forever.
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>>221529 Well fucking excuse me for not knowing that in advance. Also, if that's child porn, why hasn't it been taken down yet?
>>221541 That posters lying.
>>221545 Alright, then. Got any sauce?
>>221279 You made stirner into your own spook.
>>221281 >>221279 I don't know how to convince you guys that ending an industry that profits off the rape and manipulation of men and women is a worthy cause. "Dem spooks" is kind of a dumb thing to say unless you legitimately believe that rape is not bad. If you're saying that a moral argument against it isn't a great position, I still don't know how to address that. Rape is bad. End rape.

(952.64 KB 1280x833 1488043453593.jpg)
Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 05:25:57 No. 201358 [Reply] [Last]
>became a white nationalist at 17 >Big Trump guy until last year >Always economically leftist >Get disillusioned with Trump and conservatism in general >realize American radical right politics is a literal ponzi scheme meant to take disillusioned young people and lead them down a false road of revolutionary fervor for the wrong cause with the ultimate expectationn of burning them out or getting them vanned by the FBI >Hatred for global liberal capitalism intensifies >Admiration for the Old Bolsheviks >Replace hatred for brown people for TROTS >now a full blown marxist-leninist you won this one leftypol AMA
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>>201402 That sure is gonna be annoying as hell when I actually try to write a post referencing /pol
>>221484 Its gone already
>>221489 /pol/
>>221490 A shame

(10.32 KB 342x257 41ZQ5kVVFYL._SX342_.jpg)
Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 01:45:42 No. 219924 [Reply] [Last]
Is it a bad idea to wear a DPRK patch on my jacket in the USA?
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>>220656 There are plenty of defectors who engaged in illegal black market activity and fled to avoid getting caught.
>>220735 no i mean,the government allows it
>>220737 then he's a fucking liar
>>220737 The DPRK government may give more authority to managers these days however all enterprises are still owned and controlled by the state and by co-ops
>>220740 Nah, they allow informal markets in the DPRK. They became a thing to deal with food shortages during the arduous march and now the government can't really stop them without pissing people off.

Press F to pay your respects Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 20:36:13 No. 215172 [Reply] [Last]
101 years ago today.
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>>215581 Why do you make suffer with these visions of a better world?
>>215545 This is the only timeline we survived the Cold War. We shouldn’t have made it this far, God is punishing us.
>>215172 F. I'm no ML, but I'll take a Leninist over a """soc"""dem anyday
>>215362 >tfw we don't live in the IWW-Spartakus-CNT-USSR Federation timeline

Anonymous 01/20/2020 (Mon) 00:58:48 No. 221298 [Reply] [Last]
Would the USSR have survived it they had adopted Titoism?
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>>221303 lmao calm down son
>>221298 Being a market socialist is against the rules apparently.
Yugoslavia is the only socialist country that actually collapsed economically
market socialism is okay for transitionary period but the contradictions will either result in capitalist restoration or being forced to go full planning mode hungary was better than yugoslavia anyway ngl
(33.66 KB 545x416 378235.jpg)
>>221464 This, this, and a thousand times this! I swear that literally zero leftypol Titoites have actually went through the trouble of reading the 'theory' behind his and Kardelj's vision of market (((socialism))). I assume most of that shit isn't translated anyways (probably for the best). I unironically urge Titofags who haven't actually read the theory (i.e. most of them) to read Hoxha's book about Yugo 'Self-Administration' and what it actually entails. He quotes Kardelj several times, which should be plenty for everyone to see what sort of brainlet that guy was.

(733.27 KB 1600x2162 warsaw.jpg)
(231.87 KB 800x467 urban.gif)
(227.48 KB 1262x798 suburban.jpg)
Housing market Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:41:05 No. 200598 [Reply] [Last]
Is there a better system than a housing market to distribute shelter?
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>>200601 Ok, Anon, I'm not an expert but I'll try to explain how I understand this. I'll start up by echoing what this (>>200603) anon said, as well as pointing out that rent of housing is economic rent. That sounds redundant, but I mean that landlords make money of owning housing. Not providing good housing, the cost of rent is whatever someone is willing to pay. But, given that everyone needs housing, there's a general tendency for rent to rise. Note that people will try and confuse this relationship by saying rent levels correlate with the quality of housing. This is a weak correlation. What's important is the quantity (scarcity) of that *kind* of house. If all the houses in an area were good or bad rent would be lower. But, a mix of good and bad quality housing means the good houses converge around one rent level, and the bad ones at another. A level lower than that of the good houses but higher than if there were no good houses. Although the total number of houses are the same, people can't reasonably use any kind of housing they want; an individual can't really live in an estate, a family can't really share a studio apartment etc. So the result is every type of house has less competition. Healthy communities have a full range of housing types, but capital tends to optimise for mass profits. This means building endless single-family residences and endless glass skyscrapers with very little between. Also, there's a conflict between the use and the exchange value of housing. This is best summarised in the quote 'Housing can't both be affordable and a good investment'. Any given party can only use one dwelling at a time, but people can own many. Housing is great commodity because it's hard to add supply but demand tends upwards as long as the population isn't collapsing. This means housing is used as a form of 'land banking' where people store extra capital in ownership of housing. A conservative investor may rent out to schmuck and use the rent to cover any taxes on the property. But, these kinds of properties do also often go empty. Housing people becomes irrelevant. There's a sick paradox where a greater demand for housing proves it's a safer investment so investors are willing to leave them empty for longer, with the expectation that they'll make whatever they spend on taxes back in the profit on the sale of the property. This, of course, intensifies demand. I'd day more but this is already too long >>202807 I've looked it up but I still dont understand; what are 'socialist housing communes'? As far as I can tell, the commune system in venezuela allows locals to form 'communes' run by direct democracy to address some local issue. A commune for road maintenance, a farming commune, etc. What does that have to do with housing?
>>201003 >If someone asks you why a house on one side of the city is more expensive than a similar one on the other side… I wouldn't know what to say. Why is land with nothing on it worth money? Different pieces of land can have different qualities, and classical economists talked about that – but I'm not thinking of land suitable for farming, I'm thinking of land for housing. Since we can teleport neither things nor people, we can think of transport time as a production time of sorts. Pizza service is making the pizza and delivering it, the pizza alone is not the product, the product is pizza plus delivery. Moving into a flat in the right place reduces your time commuting to your job and doing other things, and people pay a premium for that.
Even Adam Smith thought landlords were bad: in the context of being unproductive capital that siphons value off rather than re-investing it into the economy in other ways. The real estate market produces nothing. The real industries that produce housing are construction, architecture, landscaping etc etc. For most people shelter is their biggest expenditure. If you are on minimum wage in the UK working 40hrs it will be in the range 25-60% of your paycheck depending on where you live. Glasgow has cheap rent for example, London has high rent. All of that money is money not spent on other things by consumers and unlike money spent in many other places, the accumulation of wealth through land ownership produces nothing inherently. Were it not for extremely meagre housing standards laws, which require (infrequent and often avoided) repairs of the property, which can mean by default upgrading them, it would literally produce absolutely nothing. This is the sum total of a landlords productive capacity. If that money were spent on virtually anything else, besides paying off interest, the value created would at the very least be speedily reinvested, so as to keep the capitalist economy growing. Therefore the productivity associated with almost any other type of spending is larger than the productivity of the landlord. They are complete leeches. We don't need them. There enough homes in most western countries to house everyone without even building more homes. We literally have the technology, in our possession, ready to go. Its just a case of ownership. Land ownership in the UK is also one of the things that keeps us so reactionary. Even compared to other European countries a huge amount of our land is still owned by a concentrated landed gentry. Particularly in Scotland. Vast swathes of UK land are unproductive because they are fucking reserved for game hunting or fox hunting or some other bullshit thing.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(430.91 KB 1280x1491 global-avg-housing-pirce.png)
>The median American rent payment rose 61% in real terms between 1960 and 2016 while the median renter’s income grew by 5% https://outline.com/EfEz3V https://twitter.com/TheEconomist/status/1218945579352498178
Housing markets are a horrible way to distribute houses. Also, housing shouldn't even be a commodity to begin with; Post comes off as a shitty attempt at trolling. The topic is more than ok, but, at least try and put a little more effort into creating it.

Work place BULLSHIT general! Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:26:05 No. 200572 [Reply] [Last]
I work in the food industry and they keep pushing unrealistic production times, then freaking out when the standards, impossible to meet aren't meet. Standing over my shoulders FASTER ANON FASTER DISTRICT PORKY NEEDS A BONUS literally had the dude being all condescending muh lazy proles... had to take deep breathes before I got myself fired this thread is for you to share similar situations
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>>220420 Yeah, deff not a bad thought; I've entertained it before, but, the small town I currently live in is extremely reactionary. I plan to move to the bigger city soon. Hopefully that will help
>work as emtfag >"nonprofit" company pays us like trash($11-12/hr at emt level) >constant employee and truck shortages due to this >don't even get stations, we're expected to go call to call all shift >company is shocked that people get their paramedic license from the training program then jump to go work for local fire stations or the major hospitals in the area >one attempt at unionizing, company just tracked everyone who went to the meeting and then fired them
>>218705 Brutal famrade good luck on finding a new job
>>220752 Thanks! Doing training for a new field now in carpentry. now hoping to get work double former pay will see. Live with a group were we rent out (Because thats the only way to get anything for zoomers and millennials) and I can have a week or so here to try to find something. Appreciate the support.


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