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(286.81 KB 1355x999 1563705440800.jpg)
I'm new here Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 20:05:13 No. 26928 [Reply]
So what should I expect? I forgot about your board until Hotwheel's said some people would go to 4chan and others to bunkerchan.

My background at 8chan was I used to argue against the Nazis at/christian/ and sometimes /pol/ though both boards kept banning me. I was also active at /philosophy/, but I seldom visited leftypol because I didn't want to fall into an echo chamber (unlike the rightwingers who clearly relish it.) I gave up on leftypol after some idiot hijacked the board and started deleting and banning tons of leftists. I read Current Affairs, the Jacobin, and watch Secular Talk, Contrapoints, Shaun, Sam Seder, and the David Pacman show.

I wish there were more leftistimage boards. Sadly, endchan is being taken over by Nazis too. I've tried to deradicalize people from right wing populism, but we are losing the war of ideas. Our ideas are complicated to explain and disseminate, while theirs only require some idiot to shoot up a Walmart to result in a victory.
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>I don't want an echochamber
>I'm going to leave because you're mean to me :(((
So you're just going to give up, like that?
They were liberal cucks who thought Deng didn't go far enough. If they got what they wanted China would have suffered as the former USSR did in the 90s.
Russia is a reactionary shithole but...
Fired first
Referendum results were exaggerated, but would've been in favor of independence regardless. No casualties
>Central Asia
Soviets were invited on behalf of the (socialist) Afghan government also not Russia
>Eastern Europe
Not Modern Russia

As to China:
Was a litteral theocratic slave state
Stop watching hollywood propaganda, and actually READ

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.40 MB 1080x1971 not a monarchy.png)
What was he thinking by the way? Was it autism with Vietnam and /pol/ pot?

(97.42 KB 640x640 czechoslovak tram.jpg)
Rail Appreciation Thread Anonymous Board owner 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:33:23 No. 29209 [Reply]
It's that time again. Post trams and trains and other rail vehicles. Both vehicles from AES and c*pitalist countries welcome.

I am looking for this one very aesthetic picture of a tram going down a grassy incline. I think it was from Czechoslovakia but not sure.
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>tfw yuge mass transit bonds were one of the few good ideas obumma pushed
>tfw most state governments actually refused the free money out of sheer spite
(589.52 KB 1800x1200 the hop.jpg)
Wisconsin here. Our governor vetoed a high speed train that would have gone from Chicago to Minneapolis in four and half hours. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS.

Pic related is our consolation prize. It goes less than 15mph and its tracks only cover less than a quarter of the city, which is a geographically small to begin with for "major city" standards. The part of the city the streetcar covers are the wealthy areas, not where anyone actually has to go for work.

Fuck Scott Walker.
I mean the state legislature is the problem.
Iirc, the SkyTrain uses a linear motor, which means the motor is actually split in two parts: an active part on board, driving the wheels, and a reactive part which is a kind of middle rail between the two where the wheels lay. The advantages are a smaller height of the train (which could save time and money if it's used as a subway by digging tunnels with a smaller radius), smaller weight and apparently they require much less maintenance than traditional rotary motors.
A drawback is the high, screeching sound it makes - it's the same with low speed maglevs.

Brought to you by Hitachi Rail Italy aka AnsaldoBreda, renowned for this product - which is pretty dope - but also one of the shittiest trams ever plus a nice scandal involving the clogs when they sold them "high speed" trains litterally falling apart while testing.
Iirc, the body is designed by Pininfarina, which is a nice way to throw away money in the project and btw, white is uneasy on the eye...

Those tram are made in Switzerland by Stadler, who is in part owned by an MP from a rightwing party...
I think the shit they are doing with the railways is the same thing EU member states had to do, but I don't know if Norway is under any obligation to adapt its laws also in this sector.
And the privatisation in the UK has been an unmitigated disaster, except for the profiteers obviously.

Just another proof Burger republicans are subhuman tier.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(125.32 KB 640x525 Pittsburgh Subway.jpg)

(0_0) Fellow Yinzer anon hello! We might have crossed paths at some point at one of the many leftist spots in the city. Thomas Merton Center, IWW meetings, Big Idea, etc.

Anywho. I'm still waiting on that glorious spine line expansion out to Monroeville. I've always been jealous of folks in the south suburbs for having access to the train. It takes me 2 bloody hours to get into the city from where I'm at after after a 25 minute walk to the bus stop.


Imagine a fully expanded Pittsburgh subway/lightrail. I dream of it. I've also wondered if we could invent some form of light funicular to replace all the falling apart stairways around town.

(39.55 KB 474x765 418578967.jpg)
Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 20:27:20 No. 26955 [Reply]
REMINDER that if you wanna make the website better, you shoul go to >>>/gulag/
REMINDER that /ref/ is our /int/, go there to talk about regional stuff, there's a netherlands thread and a hispanic one, >>>/ref/
REMINDER that if you wanna see all of the posts of this website, in the top bar there's something called overboard
REMINDER that /GET/ is our /leftyb/, >>>/GET/

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day
The more than you know
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You just need some time to recover and for your brain to reform itself to a normal state or something lmao i'm no doctor
I have stats from spacechan that basically says porn threads are just wank and run.
Wanking and wanking to porn are two very different things.
Why not use traditional board names?
Why /b/ has to be /GET/ and /int/ has to be /ref/ here?
cause we are guests anon.

(199.95 KB 500x328 suburbs.jpg)
Suburbia Comrade 08/08/2019 (Thu) 19:09:03 No. 18122 [Reply]
How can suburbia be fixed, anons? What changes would be made under a more socialist regime to save this pile of stinking garbage?
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(12.02 KB 1411x102 galaxy brain.PNG)
Should we make a separate thread for train/transportation discussions?

Slightly unrelated but still related, Mark Fisher's text about (Brit) suburbia and how it is better than the city:

This is a shit take tbh. The real problem here is the drug companies and the government not gangs.
Gangs are proxies of the state. Also gangs exploit poor workers in a myriad of other ways. Geographically dispersed homes make gangs hard to form over said territories.
>Why do you think the US secures opium fields in Afghanistan?
Why do you think 99% of said illegal opiates wind up in the hands of street gangs, orgs that the government is ostensively against. It's like they're actually connected or something.
>The government doesn't need gangs to distribute drugs at all anymore.
Once someone is hooked on prescription opioids they move one to harder drugs like herion once their addiction starts getting out of control, where the majority of their money is spent. Theres 100 of billions of sales in hard narcotics every year, mostly to poor proles.
>The current opioid epidemic is the result of easily obtained prescription drugs.
AND the easy availability of opioids on the street. Like where do you think all these poppy fields in Afghanistan are ultimately going, do you think all those warlords have contracts with Pharmaceutical companies?
> Why blame some lumpeproles for the actions of drug companies?
GANGS MEMBERS ARE NOT PROLES Why don't you enlightenment me on how you think gangs make money.
They're lumpenproles, proles who resort to less-than-legal methods of making money. They still make money filling market niches that are illegal.
Lumpen proles aren’t proles but sell the their labor on the black market. Also they’re more akin to petite bourgeois, with the gangs rackets and and drug territories being their MoPs.

(292.85 KB 1496x1490 6054_full-retina.jpg)
Predicting the future Comrade 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:36:40 No. 29213 [Reply]
Because why not? We say what will happen to regions of the world and predict future geopolitics.

The sphere of China. I could see Japan teaming up with China against South Korea. A cold war between China and India. HK riots will either end in Tianamen Square 2.0 or libtard China
Pic related, although I expect the African nations more like having a good relationship than occupation with China.
Fascist vs soc dems. I could see a resurrection of the left (no, ML has no future) assuming the dialectic goes in our favor. Russia will try to extend its sphere of influence when US turns out to be weak.
North America
Fascist vs succ dems, but with guns and godzilions. There may even be a possibility with this ending with largest socialist state in existence.
South America
I'm in the dark here.
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I might be mistaken, but aren't the riot mostly victimless so far? Why would China even go full tankie mode all of a sudden? The worst part in this for China is the PR hit, but it's mostly just Hong Kongers hurting themselves physically and economically.
>Why would China even go full tankie mode all of a sudden?

They aren't going to do that they're not stupid. The mainland government will just infiltrate the protests and wait for the movement to either lose steam or become so violent that it loses popular support.
Exactly, It'd make sense for China to intervene 20 years ago when HK was actually relevant; now their gdp makes up about 3% of the mainland. Even so, their riots aren't threatening CPC's rule - unlike the Tiananmen ones - so there's not much to gain by intervening.
>I could see Japan teaming up with China against South Korea
>Japan teaming up with China
not gonna happen
can someone edit a gun in Mao's hand

(53.82 KB 720x696 35000000.jpg)
Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 20:35:48 No. 32122 [Reply]
I've been waiting for so long and yet capitalism still hasn't come to an end
Why is my country not a soviet republic yet?
I can't live like this bros
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(39.22 KB 600x395 11715015.jpg)
Pretty sure you're not even him.
It's so depressing. Everyone in my country is fucking retarded. They won't even vote in social democrats let alone prepare for revolution.

>not from a "top down" approach
nah I'd rather be part of le ebic vanguard party and just purge anyone who doesn't agree.
and he was right
I have a feeling I'll see it


(348.17 KB 850x1252 1565978253709.jpg)
Request for notes towards a communist theory of World of Warcraft(2019) Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 20:37:24 No. 30346 [Reply]
I see these threads on /v/ all the time and they give me some sort of anxiety. Blizzard is relaunching world of warcraft vanilla, as there was a large market for "classic" wow. But why this spreading trend from movies to games now of reboots, remakes, etc.?

Is this, like many other trends, something exponentially increasing, but that was always a trend I only notice notice now that i'm finally old enough to be able to cleanly separate the past from the present?

Or is there something unique to the current situation that generates all this repetition of things past? Are we approaching the end of novelty? Did we think everything there is to think?
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>The lie
You mean the ironclad historical law:

>holding a nuMainstream hipster opinion
I'll bet you also think TESB was the best Star Wars

Sorry if that was uncalled for, I've just seen a few too many "Muh 5G! Muh eugenic depopulation mind control rays! REEEE!!!" conspiratard chainletter reposts.
>You mean the ironclad historical law:
No, I mean the outright lie.
Things have gotten worse, but it's never had anything to do with "automation".
And people fall for it? damn people are getting dumber and dumber by the day.
Yeah, we all just gonna become mechanics and coders and shit, cause these alone can absorb millions of people.

We are talking about the future here honey, not the present nor the past.
>And people fall for it?
They accept it and hope for the best because they don't know what else to do. In some places if you lose your job to automation or outsourcing you can get government assistance to go back to school for training and relocation and that sort of thing.

This was a big problem earlier in the recession when older folks were losing their jobs, some of which they'd spent decades in and were completely unsuited to anything else.

(592.34 KB 1064x560 binderbaren.png)
Dale Beran Interview Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 06:28:23 No. 33066 [Reply]
remember that guy who wrote the article about how 4chan gave us trump? well he interviewed hotwheels:
and he also did a youtube interview with some rando.

Rando: Qanon is like the marvel cinematic universe of conspiracy theories since new conspiracies expressed under it. Also 50% of boomers believe it
>These shootings are part of a larger pattern of alt-right killings, generally young men, motivated by fascist ideology they absorb online, or their imagined status as superfluous human beings on the bottom of society as so called “incels” (“involuntary celibates”), or both.
Hmm. Elliot Rodger was an incel gone amok. But I think the connection between far-right killers like Brenton Tarrant and a lack of getting laid is much weaker than the author makes it out to be. True, you can look at many terrorists and see that they aren't in a steady relationship with a gf/bf, and I suppose being in such a relationship incentivizes somewhat against all sorts of dangerous behavior, but to pick out a particular ideology and make BETACUCKLMAO the key piece of your "analysis" just strikes me as an incredibly neoliberal move: I, the accuser, don't have an ideology whatsoever, so my ideological enemy is a loser/crazy. Just like calling an anti-capitalist crazy/dumb/wrong as "proven" by that person being poor.
>misogynistic harassment campaign known as gamergate
They did a lot of "cyber-bullying" (saying mean things online) targeted at male journos for incompetence and being intransparent with conflicts of interest. But these things don't fit the narrative of crappy game journalism like Kotaku and friends, so you won't find that information by asking Kotaku and friends.
>When 4chan trolls weren’t raiding children’s sites, they spent a lot of time harassing neo-Nazi boards from 2005–2011. And the same thing that had occurred with the 12-year-olds, happened with the neo-Nazis. They came to 4chan, saw an anarchic board with no rules, loved it, and settled down.
I lurked on Stormfront a bit and can tell you that it that far-right memery was not just an organic outcome of these people dripping into 4chan one after the other, but something they talked about how to coordinate on SF.
>Then in 2014, Quinn’s jilted ex
He left her. You had FIVE years to research this.
>posted a long whiny blog post about her
Gaslighting is harmless when women do it, amirite?
>4chan was upset that Quinn and others were threatening to introduce “feminism,” that is to say, fair depictions of women, into misogynistic video games.
Uhuh. Can you name three games made by that person? It's not like she became the boss of Nintendo. The criticism of the sanfran hipster gamedev/journo circlejerk is usually that 1. these games tend to be incredibly poor mechanically, 2. use the "artistic choice" of big-pixel graphics as an alibi for laziness/incompetence, 3. have clumsily shoehorned messages (even if you agree with the message, the way it's done is hackneyed like anti-drug episodes in sitcoms and cartoons from the 80s/90s), and 4. there is a lot of gatekeeping and journos "report" by writing hype about their friends.
>All they felt they possessed was a passport into fake ones, where they could live their cramped life roaming boundless virtual glades, as powerful studs, seducing pliant women.
Just like in my Quake and Tetris.
>A cottage industry of vloggers and bloggers sprung up around gamergate, attempting to generate ad clicks and raise money for vague anti-feminist campaigns…
Finally, a decent paragraph accurately reporting cringe.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Woops, character limit.
>The new chan philosophy was mix of conservatism “red-pilling” (e.g. adherence to a strict Peterson-style rule book of traditional values) and the classic ultra-nihilistic Yiannopoulos “black pilling” (e.g. stay in your mom’s basement and keep consuming fantasy and pornography).
What does Yiannopoulos have to do with that?
>Then Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree in 2014 in Isla Vista California because he claimed to be condemned to a life as a hopeless virgin. Rodger, as far as we know, did not frequent 4chan, but the Reddit board, based on the 4chan meme, “forever alone”, and the related incel and “Pick Up Artist” community.
Roger was an autistic narcissist and as far as I know people told him in these places he was mentally ill. He wasn't radicalized by them to do what he did.
>After the Rodger killings, /r9k/ and /pol/ were delighted
Edgy humor.
>To do this, Bannon sent Yiannopoulos to college campuses to preach memes and ideas he had culled from 4chan and 8chan. The result was a series of stabbings, shootings, and violent fiery riots in 2016 and 2017.
How is this sentence different from a Christian fundie writing that anime men with long hair had the result of making her son gay or whatever.
>Other things like (…) upvoting posts (…) were partially ripped from 4chan.
tl;dr: Yet another 3/10 article of librul handwringing over muh gamergays.
>Similarly, a new internet community has recently sprung up, “left-tube” or
>“breadtube,” dedicated to young people who realize radical leftist thought
>provides far better answers to their personal and political problems.

Breadtube is just a bunch of radlibs going full retard, ain't gonna bring those kids whom have gone to the dark side back to light, if anything it actually validates their fascist believes even more through confirmation bias.
Rodger was not autistic, the diagnosis was dropped when he was around 12 yo.
>caring about Gamergate in 2019

(14.44 MB 5342x7306 38a07uh9ore31.png)
Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 08:20:19 No. 14522 [Reply]
Good Guy Moot™ is making Google coin while it's open season for fragile white incels to shoot down the nearest brown child.

Why does the media hound down a cripple and not a confirmed sociopath?
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(826.84 KB 1704x2272 mootykins.jpg)
For real though how can I contact moot
Holy shit that fucker was in Chicago
>that pic
Man, I miss m00t. He was a faggot but he was our faggot.
Also not sure if OP is just a dumb /pol/yp pretending to be le outraged radlib or a legit radlib straight out reddit, either way fuck off my dude, you ain't fooling anyone.
he also made that image one of the 4chan banners

/Leftytrash/ Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 11:04:31 No. 33290 [Reply]
No idea where the previous thread went so here's a new one
5 posts omitted.
The news thread is mainly used for the discussion of headlines, not for more minor news or drama. That thread also isn't conducive to much discussion, as the thread tends to die after the day it's posted. For unrelated things that aren't worth a thread, there should be something else.
(54.71 KB 669x336 discord tranny.PNG)
Now that the ERPers are gone we should sneakily bring it back and adjust the rules to prevent their reemergence.
It looks like only 23 users are on GET after the leftytrash split.
Not much has been lost.
The trash thread was a unnecessary piece of shit. Its good, that it is gone now.


no cookies?