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(866.68 KB 992x1472 unequal.jpg)
Biological Realism and Communism Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 22:52:51 No. 1174419 [Reply] [Last]
Are race and sex realism compatible with communism? Serious question.
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>>1175362 >Are you claiming that races lack distinguishable differences Why the fuck do you faggots always insist on putting words in our mouth when we've already told you exactly the opposite
>>1175367 Cause they like putting things in other people’s mouth
>>1174561 >No such thing happened in Africa guys I forgot what is Great Zimbabwe?
>>1176134 Or the kingdom of Mali.
>>1175714 They like putting black dick in their mouth. That’s the origin of this fixation on race differences.

basic income Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 00:23:23 No. 1170855 [Reply] [Last]
Why are there still capitalists who oppose basic income in any form? There are many different flavours of it, but they oppose all of them, even the most right wing version as proposed by Milton Friedman called a negative income tax. Neoliberal porkies are so pigheaded that I really think they may hand pieces of the Imperial Core to Marxists by the middle of this century simply because working class people will be sick of being homeless and hungry as the biosphere burns. All of this will happen while the West continues to get richer while all of the new riches gained go to the top 1%. I have read many of the Marxist objections to something like a basic income, but it seems to me like one of the more realistic ways of alleviating suffering around the world. https://medium.com/@ClaireConnelly/can-a-universal-basic-income-rid-the-world-of-bullshit-jobs-fc82d778b5f8
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>>1171919 >You are apparently missing the point that stabilization is not what is required at the moment. The question in the OP was why the establishment is not taking this stabilizing action. What we socialists think of it is irrelevant, the question is why are the proker sshooting themselves in the foot by not taking this lifeline? Though we might be seeing the embryo of a project for a new porky century in the Great Reset discourse.
>>1170855 They dont feel threatened by millions of people without welfare. Only profits and low taxes matter.
>>1173497 >They dont feel threatened I guess it's time to start being threatening then.
>>1170855 Verso has been having a fascinating roundtable discussion this month on Aaron Benanav's new book, Automation and the Future of Work which disputes the efficacy of basic income: https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/4922-automation-and-the-future-of-work-a-verso-roundtable
>>1170855 >I really think they may hand pieces of the Imperial Core to Marxists by the middle of this century lololol not this shit again. you're fucking delusional. they will kill you like a dog.

Moralism in Defenses of the USSR Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 03:15:04 No. 1175044 [Reply] [Last]
Whenever the USSR is criticized, tankies cry with responses along the lines of "you think you could do better? you don't know what it's like to lead a country" or "stop criticizing anti-imperialist heroes who have done more for communism than you ever will". These are thought-terminating non-responses and are moralistic because they assume the results of history are the consequences of the moral characters of "great men" e.g. Stalin. This goes entirely contrary to historical materialism and shows that tankies are illiterates who rely on personal attacks and will never be communists.
Strawstalins destroyed epic style
(110.81 KB 573x599 PalastDerRepublik3.jpg)
Anyone with future knowledge would have a decent chance doing somewhat better. Defending the Soviet Bloc rationally more comes from understanding these where huge party bureaucracies that didn't know the future and were reacting based on imperfect knowledge with imperfect solutions through compromises within the party.
>>1175044 >excluding communists Solidarity with USSR legacy defenders
isnt this a moralistic argument against moralisim ?

Operation Revival Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 00:14:29 No. 1174693 [Reply] [Last]
What if we all bought multiple copies of Capital Vol. 1, distributed them to friends/other people, and encouraged other leftists to do the same, en masse, in an attempt to get Capital on The Times best sellers list? The Communist Manifesto would work as well.
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>paying money for public domain books to own the capitalists epic
>>1174693 we are not all bourgeois like you
>>1174700 As a very convoluted form of praxis?
>>1174693 This has to be some Amazon Intern desperate for some sales on this book so he can win a bet
>>1174698 Remove yourself from the gene pool.

(22.47 KB 280x275 edge.jpg)
take the asceticismpill straight edge petty officer 11/19/2020 (Thu) 12:52:57 No. 1151768 [Reply] [Last]
“To the stoicism forced by the difficult conditions of warfare should be added an austerity born of rigid self-control that prevents a single excess, a single slip, whatever the circumstances. The guerrilla soldier should be an ascetic.” “The revolutionary in a clandestine situation preparing for war should be a complete ascetic; this is also a test of one of the qualities that will later be the basis of their authority: discipline. If an individual disobeys the orders of his superiors and makes contact with women, develops friendships that are not permitted, etc., he should be separated immediately, not merely because of the potential danger in the contacts, but simply because of the violation of revolutionary discipline.”
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>>1152834 Lol some fag here just yesterday told me that i should be a fascist if i advocate for stoicism. It seems at least some on /leftypol/ are sadly not ready to take this pill yet. >>1151768 Stoicism is based, but asceticism should be limited to times when it's necessary, not actively sought after. One should strive for peak health under normal circumstances. Also veganism is cringe.
Stoicism is useful for discipline but in its acceptance of the world as it currently exists is anti-Marxist.
>>1153205 I think daoism is better for this. There is a difference between letting the world work by itself, following the dao, and letting other particular beings conquer and rule the world for their own benefit, which one should be against.
>>1153188 >veganism is cringe Peak porky decadence, you advocate Stoicism but couldn't handle not eating meat, dairy and eggs?
>>1151768 ascetecism is just the flipside of consumerism the focus on what you consume is way inflated either way, this shit in the OP is ridiculous levels of asceticism

(1.54 MB 1406x1080 Capture.PNG)
How do commies define capitalism? Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 11:23:43 No. 1172726 [Reply] [Last]
Capitalism is a voluntary exchange of goods and services based on market demand for goods and services, can also be called commerce. This is the only definition that 99% of people agree upon. How come the communist one is the right one if 99% of people aren't communists?
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>>1172726 >Capitalism is a voluntary exchange of goods and services based on market demand for goods and services, can also be called commerce. this uighur thinks capitalism is when two peasants in a feudal society trade the produce they've harvested kek >This is the only definition that 99% of people agree upon. no they don't. next!
>>1174171 Jordan Peterson/neolib epistemology: markets determine truth
(144.42 KB 550x550 1596946488792.jpg)
>>1172726 >Capitalism is a voluntary exchange of goods and services based on market demand for goods and services, can also be called commerce I honestly can't take into fact libertarians, ancaps and other neoliberals do seriously consider this definition as what capitalism actually is. It's so grossly evasive regarding the elements upon capitalism, the social and economic system in which the world has moved towards since the 18th century, has founded itself and pretty blatantly induces debate into a sort of cosmogonical conclusion (i.e. capitalism has existed since ever, it's part of human nature, cavemen were already capitalism, etc.). I mean, how can you people take it seriously when it's wrong on so many levels?
>>1174560 *were already capitalist
>>1174560 i've actually heard a class cuck say ancient babylon was capitalist because they had slave markets. this shit is beyond parody.

(30.85 KB 400x400 oQF_Aw6c_400x400.jpg)
Everything I don't like is MARXIST Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 22:09:11 No. 1153167 [Reply] [Last]
https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:NaQNL_CBEnsJ:https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/31/how-to-keep-corporate-wokeness-from-destroying-america/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us >This helps explain the extreme left-wing movement taking hold in America today. First, the movement is extremely and obviously Marxist. BLM explicitly says it is a Marxist organization, and many of the radical left rioters and protesters, who are mostly white Americans, are the products of neo-Marxist indoctrination in our highly taxpayer-subsidized university system. >Just like Marxists of old, the new movement views wrongthink as unforgivable, but the new Marxism is also extremely corporatist. Yes, the useful-idiot foot soldiers might trash a Starbucks or loot a Target, but they have much greater ire toward traditional Christianity, the police, and America’s founding than they do toward any corporation — go ask them. >But they have fundamentally no problem with the existing corporate power structure. The wealth in cities such as Minneapolis runs in lockstep with politicians, not in opposition to them. The new Marxists want to ensure their own people hold positions of power in business and that opponents are pushed out, but there is no push to de-cartelize the economy, increase social mobility, or actually redistribute income and privilege. >It follows, then, that what we see today is some strange and insidious union between corporatism and Marxism. The focus of this corporatist Marxism is exclusively on issues of sex and race, to the point that anyone talking about inequalities in terms of economics is guilty of wrongthink. The left’s pushback against Bernie Sanders, who initially talked exclusively about class rather than race or sex, is instructive. >So yes, multinational corporations think they can ride this tiger for some time. Even the neo-Marxist college professors, who have trained this generation of neo-Marxists, reek of corporatism. They work in a protected and highly cartelized industry, rake in salaries far higher than the average American, drive fancy cars, and live in cloistered and often lily-white neighborhoods. what the fuck is up with the right calling everything they don't like "marxist" they seem to think any sort of "conflict theory" is "marxist", but only when its based on niggèrs and women rising up, but when its a conflict theory based on muh joos/sjws/globalists/satanic q-pedos, etc. then it's based nationalism and obviously true. Are they really this retarded? do they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that the neoliberals are "marxist" in any sense just because they don't like racism?
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>>1153577 Yep they'll get rid of the "Marxist" corporations for corporations that represent "real capitalism". the patterns of consolidation and monopolising will come as they always do. At that point they'll say the corporations have turned on real capitalism and have become "Marxist" again. A dangerous strain of petite bourgeois control.
>>1153584 The damage abrahamic religion has done to this planet is immeasurable.
Tbh this was also the case during the Cold War, so it's nothing new. This is also somewhat of a Burger thing and not nearly as common in other countries. The fact that Burger culture is still the world hegemon, means that some people in otjer countries are influenced by that mentality too though. The good thing though is though, that more people are seeing through their bullshit and are getting educated on their Bullshit. I would really recommend Plastic Pills Video about Postmodern Conservatism. Without the USSR, Rightoids need to invents some Boogeyman, whenever something big happens and this behaviour is quite a good example of it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SkVFssgvk4k&t=680s
>>1153584 amnen
>>1153584 based hoxha and mao eliminating the eternal christcuck brainrot

(185.85 KB 1365x1024 Intersectionality.jpg)
A serious discussion on "identity politics" Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 19:50:34 No. 1173883 [Reply] [Last]
I hope the jannies don't ban me for this, as I seek to discuss this topic in good faith. I have noticed that a lot of people on this board seem to despise "identity politics", i.e. politics that focuses on issues specific to groups that aren't defined by class. There's often this notion that focusing on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. distracts from the "real issues", i.e. class issues. I object to this notion. Firstly, race oppression, gender oppression, sexual orientation oppression, etc. are real issues that need to be addressed. There are countless studies showing that women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT people experience hardships not typically faced by men, dominant ethnic groups, and cishet people. Secondly, it not necessarily true that those things distract from class issues, as a number of feminists, civil rights activists, and LGBT activists have been socialists. Examples include Victoria Woodhull, Emma Goldman, W. E. B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King Jr., Cornel West, Oscar Wilde, and Bayard Rustin. There are also many socialist organizations that promote these kinds of things, such as Rojava, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Swedish Left Party. Additionally, there's this idea that focusing on identity politics divides the working class by chasing certain people away from the left. This might be true to an extent for some people (most notably cishet white men), but identity politics could actually be a draw for some people. Women and ethnic minorities might find socialism more appealing if addresses issues specific to their groups in addition to class. Of course, there also plenty of white men who are drawn to socialism even if it talks about feminism and racial equality. My thought is for the left to put the most emphasis on the issues that effect the most people (most notably class issues), but still make an effort to address issues specific to non-class groups. Personally, I wish people here had less of a hate boner for identity politics, as there are many good discussions to be had on these sorts of issues. So what do you think?
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>>1174740 So have you read any of Du Bois' works? Which would you recommend?
>>1174810 ps. You can upload .pdfs here if you'd care to share
>>1174804 We'll call it "common sense" theory. MacArthur Genius Grant please.
Intersectionality is actually a lot like supply and demand in economics if you think about it. Both can be used to "understand" systems, and they both can't make any actual concrete, consistent predictions, and thus conveniently can't be falsified.
>>1174785 >Historical materialism Care to elaborate? >>1174810 I will admit that I haven't read any of his works (at least not more than some snippets here and there). I've mostly read about him. If you are more knowledgeable about his works feel free to correct me.

The conscious awareness of mortality is responsible for suffering, both individually and sociallyo Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 13:42:06 No. 1166342 [Reply] [Last]
According to Matt Christman, the ultimate gift and curse of mankind that compels people to utilize and exploit the labor of others and accumulate wealth is the conscious awareness of our eventual and certain death; something no other animal seemingly possesses. This same awareness, however, is responsible for our greatest accomplishments and achievements as well; as families, great works of art, great deeds, and the creation of movements for a better world allow for a sort of immortality borne from the knowledge that, even when you die there will be people who come after you who can remember you, who you can, in a sense, continue to live within. Thoughts? Diamat BTFO?
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>>1169753 revolution is not a cope and people are not fighting for it because it's "good" they are fighting for it because it's necessary, wether they realize it or not they are the forces of history in motion, also you should know fear of death is not fear to that that is opposite to life but to life itself since death is such an important part of living instead of living with fear of dying you should accept it and embrace it and fight for something bigger than your own individual existence tl;dr read kieerkergard
>>1169753 Yes. There are some things with permeance. For those that think otherwise reality may as well not exist if it ends with you, what is the point even of luxury then when the hedonic treadmill dictates it too will become meaningless? Why should one do anything? What is life or death with all perception subjective and temporal? The actor must justify themselves in the present, and define for themselves what is fundamental, and actual, and true, and will be eternal in the actions it drives them to take and transform the universe around them forever in such a way as to be self-evident for all; being that none chooses the station of their birth which is necessary for there to be a death. This makes socialism necessary as being worth doing for everyone you could have been, going beyond the simple limits of one's fleeting awareness.
>>1166365 retard
Lmao christman btfo anarchists this episode
>>1166345 both are overrated.

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
📈/crisis/ General📉 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply] [Last]
💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️ monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc. 🎩 👀 🐽 👄
Edited last time by krates on 11/26/2020 (Thu) 02:41:50.
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>>1171489 Holy shit.
>>1171489 This is almost universal instant karma because like 3 days ago they were celebrating everyone who "held through the bear market." If this is real, holy fucking shit, lmfao.
>>1171487 yo what /biz/ is that?
>>1174390 The OP is a bit misleading. I lost 3k in 1 day. If it keeps halving day after day tnen I will really be impressed.
>>1174350 Oh so that's why? I thought this was one of those unpropmted drops. On hindisght, it should have been obvious that the increased power of infrastructure over base would make it increasingly easy to manipulate markets with nothing but fabrications. I mean, seriously, look at the power that the owner of a mainstream media outlet has to fill his pockets by literally just lying. This is even more abusive than insider trading.


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