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(13.54 KB 480x360 sam marcy.jpg)
Sam Marcy and Marcyism Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 08:25:35 No. 676691 [Reply] [Last]
Why do people always refer to Sam Marcy and "Marcyism" in a sneering, disparaging way? As far as Trotskyism goes, surely Marcyites are preferable to the left-anticommunist Shachtmanite and Cliffite crypto-neocons?
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>>677613 I'm tired of pretending western Maoists have anything of value to say or contribute to the socialist movement.
>>677623 this tbh
>>677623 Even Badiou?
>>677623 Just don't be hypocritical and admit that the same treatment would have to be applied to ML ant-revisionists in general, as >this maoist calls it "crypto-fascism" is obviously an attitude inspired primarily by Stalin.
>>677687 >admit that the same treatment would have to be applied to ML ant-revisionists in general Yes, most "anti-revisionists" are morons, whether they be Maoists, Hoxhaists or just ML/"Stalinists".

(178.52 KB 668x624 Screenshot_20200707_224117.png)
Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 17:43:07 No. 672978 [Reply] [Last]
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>>675124 Brazil got coup'd a few years ago broski.
>>674728 Adorno please
Just checking in. Any updates? He ded yet?
>>676041 >He ded yet? Nope
>>675279 Oh. Was it by the US?

(189.59 KB 900x581 corona.png)
coronamerica Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 10:12:14 No. 672138 [Reply] [Last]
Why the FUCK is the US so bad at handling coronavirus?
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>>676512 The entirely alternative solution for third world governments is to exploit the situation in order to get everything they want by talking to the EU and China. >"You must understand my situation! I am going to be unable to pay to keep my country running without income from the American tourist industry. I could keep the Americans from spreading the virus here, but it would require a better trade deal for me to make up for the losses..."
>>676457 so a huge part of this is also that school in the US is basically a day care system so both parents can afford to work, if the kids aren't at school then one parent can't work since they need to stay home to keep an eye on them house of cards and all that
>>676457 there is no reasoning with white people if they are from the suburbs. them and all their friends are magically immune to the virus for some reason.
>>676457 Ask them if they're ready for their kids to come home and infect themselves or their grandparents.
average go up

(269.01 KB 1080x1080 ECropVjUIAAvTMe.jpeg)
News 7/8/2020 News Anon 3.0 07/08/2020 (Wed) 20:39:24 No. 675712 [Reply] [Last]
600+ Groups Warn 'Unprecedented' Wave of Corporate Lawsuits Could Imperil Global Fight Against Covid-19 More than 600 civil society groups from 90 countries have published an open letter urging world governments to take action to prevent an "unprecedented" and potentially disastrous wave of lawsuits by foreign corporations seeking taxpayer compensation for profits lost to policies enacted in the fight against Covid-19. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/600-groups-warn-unprecedented-wave-corporate-lawsuits-could-imperil-global-fight BJP leader & family shot dead by militants in Kashmir Sheikh Waseem Bari, a regional leader of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party, has been shot dead in the disputed land of Kashmir. Bari’s brother and father were also gunned down, with police blaming “terrorists.” https://on.rt.com/alba Egypt parliament approves law restricting soldiers from running for office The law comes one year after the passing of constitutional amendments that allow President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a former army general, to stay in office until 2030. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/egypt-law-restricts-soldiers-running-office Ethiopia’s week of unrest sees 239 dead, 3,500 arrested At least 239 people have been killed and 3,500 arrested in more than a week of unrest in Ethiopia that poses the biggest challenge yet to its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister. https://apnews.com/761ba72fed4ba76cabbcbfadebced6bd Grenfell Tower inquiry: Lead fire consultant 'ignored' cladding email

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>675763 I'm planning for Siberia
>>677499 I don't think they do, there are indications that people don't get as strong or lasting immunity as people hoped and that it causes permanent damage (to lungs, brain maybe heart & kidneys too) to people that get it, this includes people that have mild symptoms during the initial course of the disease. This means it's not the purging the weak and old, it's damaging the workforce and it's ability to work and produce surplus, they will get less profits the longer this goes on. Consider the strain found in the Americas are more infectious then the ones found in Asia, which means it's still evolving. Objectively speaking if you interfere with the efforts for containment you are siding with the virus against humanity in an evolutionary battle. There are now sufficient numbers of people as well as ways for rapid global transmission of viruses so that biological immune system of homo sapiens will not be able to counter-act this, we will not be able to adapt on a purely individual basis against this. Keep in mind that these viral outbreaks are likely going to keep happening. We will have to build immune systems additional to that in the body. This will have to mean government's will have to keep doing the temporary shutdowns during infection surges and it will mean looking towards early warning system, extending hygiene infrastructure and so on. Obviously if bio-tech improves the ability to produce vaccines, so that people get faster "anti-virus updates", that would work, but where is this magic bullet going to come from, it's not like we have a recipe that can be put into production, every outbreak of this type will require a new dedicated effort to produce a vaccine. ihmo: countries will compete for having good anti-viral procedures, and it seems like crisis management from external shocks like this will become a feature for this century. Vulnerability to interference by stuff like these investor-dispute-lawsuits might quickly become an existential liability, there's other crisis than viruses in the making that will not respect capitalist economic logic either. There basically are 2 options for countries, they either make official rules that remove or dramatically reduce the ability for reclaiming lost profits, or their do an informal strategy where they brick the administrative procedures where these claims end up in "bureaucratic purgatory".
>>675763 Gonna be a Canadian Pioneer: Hudson Bay is back baby.
>Bozo taking hydroxychloroquine Fun fact about chloroquine: the CIA used to give it to their operatives as a preventative measure in regions there was a chance of encountering malaria. They eventually stopped doing it because it gives people monstrous nightmares and can even cause psychotic breaks in them.

(15.37 KB 518x388 mcd1116.gif)
Difference between Co-op and LLC with equal partners? Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 15:58:44 No. 672707 [Reply] [Last]
Assume an LLC exists in which all employees are also owners of equal shares. 10 employees, each with one equal share. They're all each made a principal as well, if that's possible. Is this in any ways different from a co-op?
They can transfer their shares to others Other than that no
>>672711 I see - so effectively the difference is how seldom this is going to be the case, especially for LLCs with a greater number of employees. And what you said. Thanks.
(15.75 KB 278x181 coop-store.jpeg)
>>672707 Usually ideologically socialist leaning co-ops have some some sort of personal rotation, so that the people doing the grunt work and people doing the decision making are not always the same ones. So basically none of the capitalists organisational structures actually suitable for coops in raw form, they have to have modification rules added to it.
Other than this >>672711 there is probably no structure to ensure that potential future employees must also be co-owners, and any current owners have a clear incentive not to grant new hires this status.
>>672900 OP here (hope this thread isn't archived) but I do know that an LLC can be formed in a way where shares can't be traded. It's all about the charter and bylaws really. >>672801 Fair points - am still trying to learn "leftist" politics and economics in my spare time so I'm not trying to ask any trick question or anything like that. You all have a good day.

(332.29 KB 1200x1172 Anti-Wikipedia.svg.png)
Stop using Wikipedia Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 07:51:34 No. 654227 [Reply] [Last]
https://thegrayzone.com/2020/06/10/wikipedia-formally-censors-the-grayzone-as-regime-change-advocates-monopolize-editing/ https://thegrayzone.com/2020/06/11/meet-wikipedias-ayn-rand-loving-founder-and-wikimedia-foundations-regime-change-operative-ceo/ We all knew it, but the Grayzone helpfully synthesizes the issue of porky and fash shilling on Wikipedia in two successive articles. Long reads but well worth your time. Stop using Wikipedia.
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>>654227 Wikipedia is good for nothing except STEM subjects, and even then the articles are designed to be used by students in those fields not laypeople.
>>658996 Based
>>658996 >>661499 Clone them onto leftypedia
Wikipedia is useful as a way to find a jumping on point for the basics of something. Some key figures and concepts, some book names. And then you use that information to actually learn from there Do people use it for anything else?
>>654263 >the gray zone aren't our guys well, I think its clear who isn't /ourguy/ and it certainly is not the gray zone. Its not even like the grayzone is our guy. We are the grayzones guy

(73.53 KB 1200x725 Tor.png)
Tor is banned Anonymous Board volunteer 07/01/2020 (Wed) 22:13:28 No. 659377 [Reply] [Last]
Hello all, I've seen some people saying that they can't post using Tor, are losing posts, that they have tried to make their posts 35 times. Well, that is intentional. Tor posting is supposed to be disabled at least for the time being due to overload of spam and so on. In the last few weeks we've seen; CP spam, ISIS spam, general Nazi spam to a greater extent than usual, all of these are potentially dangerous to the site and cannot be allowed to continue, therefore Tor has been blocked. Yes, it is sometimes possible to still post using Tor but that is unintentional at this point, so if you try to post 45 times it's only yourself you're screwing over, frankly. For /leftypol/ users that genuinely live in authoritarian regimes where posting on /leftypol/ bareback is endangering your safety, I'm sorry, but 95% of Tor users do not live in that situation and have ruined it for you guys. Please do not post on /leftypol/ if it puts you at risk, you can still browse the site using Tor if you still want to lurk. I understand that some posters are unhappy with this and will be unhappy with this announcement, but ultimately we have to do what is best for the board overall, not just cater to a minority of posters who frankly do not 'need' to use Tor and can easily use their normal internet to post on this board. When the new board software is done, and we have better access to more advanced mod tools/automated systems, we may revert this decision and allow Tor once again, but as of now it is unrealistic to try to compromise. Thanks for your attention.
Edited last time by caballo on 07/01/2020 (Wed) 22:15:09.
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>>662663 Riseup subsists off donations. I dunno about the other ones.
>the staff would rather endanger their third world comrades than deal with a single cartoon obsessed nazi funny but also terrifying
>>660946 ok i think i will work on that for a while i need to learn JS anyway. You guys have link to bunkerchan software?
>>662756 Heard torposting is back with image uploads blocked
>>659541 prob cuz feds controlling its exit nodes

(19.02 KB 480x360 tvhat.jpg)
Late Stage Capitalism Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 12:50:08 No. 677082 [Reply] [Last]
Saw this article and there was no late stage capitalism thread, so, new one. Pic unrelated. BMW wants customers to pay a subscription fee to use features the car already has installed, like a heated steering wheel or adaptive cruise control https://www.businessinsider.com/bmw-subscription-model-for-features-2020-7 >In July, BMW will roll out a sweeping software update that includes digital personalization and on-demand functions. >The automaker envisions a future where people will subscribe to existing features on their cars, such as a heated steering wheel or adaptive cruise control. >The software will be compatible with BMWs with the automaker's latest Operating System 7, as well as the 2021 BMW 5 Series. ..
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Just found this on Reddit
>>677082 just like video games, if we don't start rejecting this shit it is going to be the new normal.
>>677082 >BMW wants customers to pay a subscription fee to use features the car already has installed, like a heated steering wheel or adaptive cruise control Yeah this is peak "pivot to rent-seeking" that capitalists do when regular commodity production no longer is profitable for them. The really important thing about this to understand is that you cannot generate surplus at a societal level this way. Profit generated from commodity production is non-zero-sum because it relies on productive labor adding new value to society. Rent-based profit simply takes value that already exists without adding something new. This is less "lat stage capitalism" and more "life support capitalism" because the more porky shifts in this direction the less surplus is being generated and the less time capitalism has to live. Note that BMW is of course a brand for rich yuppies which means that even they are starting to be squeezed for porky's profits. What used to be a helpful stratum for porky as a voting demographic and management caste is now becoming too expensive and needs to be bled for the value it is normally allowed to keep.
>>677300 >Yeah this is peak "pivot to rent-seeking" that capitalists do when regular commodity production no longer is profitable for them. Would you consider fincancialization of the economy (ie increasing amounts of capital tied up in usury and speculation) to be a symptom of this?
>>677313 Basically the same thing. At the end of the day there's two kinds of profit. There's profit from commodity production that adds value to the economy, and there's profit from rent seeking or other sources that just moves surplus around. The former can keep the system going and enrich the capitalists (and society) as a whole. The latter is zero-sum and can only give the appearance of growth if you look at the system selectively and ignore the places the value is being taken from. Fictitious capital has the added bonus where there is a lot of "virtual" value based on speculation and gambling shenanigans. This is bad enough by itself, but once you have that in play there's an incentive to fudge numbers and increase your apparent value, creating bubble situations. This helps with perception because most people intuitively understand that finance is really just "moving money around" and you can point to the fictional growth to tell them they're wrong and that actually finance wizardry is real. Then when the crash happens they will blame whatever specific thing was being falsified (e.g. subprime mortgage shenanigans) - the very thing that allowed them to pretend that the finance sector really was adding value and not just a shell game distracting people from the falling rate of profit. Just like finance itself the ideology is a shell game where they're shifting the blame around to keep people from suspecting this is simply the nature of the system.

(237.26 KB 1280x800 art_22_original_35986.jpg)
Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 04:14:16 No. 674082 [Reply] [Last]
So is anarcho-syndicalism only a means to an end for achieving Anarcho-communism? Could an anarcho-syndicalist society survive just as it is? Catalonia is one of the most successful examples, was that only a means to end? I'm confused by this shit.
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>>674088 Catalunya was anarcho syndicalist, but not only communist, especially the less developed farm lands functioned more collectivist or mutualist, and even the communist parts had not fully developed communism (many used labour vouchers as pay or people got paid the same rather then according to need) nonetheless the more industrial parts of Catallunya where communist in nature
OP, does this answer your question? also if you want to get into anarchism i recommend 'anarchy' by Malatesta as a introduction, then mutual aid by Kropotkin is a good start, dont read the bread book as a intro, it is not meant to be that
>>674082 they are two distinct modes of production and thought, the differences between them are in the weeds
>>674088 >you dont need to be a communism fuck just noticed that typo

(1.45 MB 800x835 800px-Randrebellion.png)
Thoughts on the Rand Rebellion? Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 12:00:54 No. 676951 [Reply] [Last]
The Rand Rebellion was a miners' strike in South Africa in 1922. Due to the crash of the price of diamonds in 1921, the bourgies in South Africa began cutting white worker pay and lifting the colour bar which would allow many Natives to get increased pay and be promoted to higher positions. The White workers were unhappy with decreased pay and the fact the Natives could be receiving higher pay. To give some context, the Whites employed by the Chamber of Mines were paid 15 times more than the African workers. The CPSA and many syndicalists gave their support to the strikes whilst saying they were not supportive of the racist aspects of the strike, that is, they supported the "Workers of the World, unite" part of the slogan, but not the "and fight for a white South Africa" part. Hypothetically, if the same situation were to happen today, should we as leftists give them out support against the bourjies?
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>>676951 Top 10 questions SCIENCE STILL CAN'T AWNSER
I think it's pretty obvious that syndicalists (very much more politically anarchist and uniformly informed today) would not support a white supremacist section of the working class against the others today but would instead vouch and fight for an across-the-board strike. Honestly I think this can be said about Communist Parties today's as well, but that was as result of events within the communist movement in as it was spreading internationally in the 20th century. 1922 was very early for this and the focus was elsewhere (international proletarian offensive and retreat, a very economic dimension). It was a different time. White supremacy and patriarchy are circuits of capital and need to be opposed today on that basis, as that is how they operate, like in the example given. >le idpole Not an argument.
>>677121 >like in the example given by OP*
incite strikes on the black side, do not support the white side. If blacks get more pay whites will either get more revolutionary and fight alongside the blacks in the end or they'd be reactionaries, if it is the former than that's nice and if it's the latter than it still means that revolution is possible by the large black population.
>the Whites employed by the Chamber of Mines were paid 15 times more than the African workers. Tell the retards that if the blacks are paid the same the pigs won't preferentially hire them


no cookies?