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(53.09 KB 651x679 cat reading marx.jpg)
For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:32:55 No. 8537 [Reply]

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you can put the cat image on the post with the reading list below
Can we talk about the fact that leftybooru censors anarchist memes but keeps most of the loli-shit up. I was under the impression that this place was supposed to be non-secretarian, or are we still adhering to Old BO's shit tier policies?
censors how? I know sometimes users can downvote something below 0 and get it hidden too quickly.
Hey, I'd like to take over the spectre rouge magazine

Ideally it would be a place with a weighted balance of stories and analysis from around the world.

Not saying US and Europe not allowed, but I don't think the world needs another left wing mag focused on the west.

What do people think?
Hopefully the admin for that is still around on the board so you'll get a response

Rules, Moderation and Manifesto Feedback. Anonymous Board volunteer 09/08/2019 (Sun) 18:05:38 No. 57734 [Reply]
-post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit
-post any porn depicting underage (including drawings)
-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Strasserism, "Nazbol" Strasserism, National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)
-incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)
-post idpol outside the designated idpol containment thread

-be respectful, ask questions, and know your place if you're a reactionary
-feel free to flame, shitpost, and be sectarian if you are a leftist (just keep it somewhat within reason)

If you think that the mod team hasn't responded to your request in a satisfactory manner or that it was ignored, you can now contact us directly at comatoast@7chan.org
Comatoast, the vol who kindly proposed this, checks this email account everyday day but might not respond immediately due to work.

You can check any activity on this board, including the activity of the mod team (ban, deletions, etc...) here : https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js

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yeah for other people not for you nigger man :^)
>is all a mod conspiracy against me
If anything the mods probably hate me I complain about them all the time
Make another post with a less shitty OP pic
>hit me daddy UwU
Why do they hate you chinkflag anon ?

(29.22 KB 285x287 Nassim-Taleb.jpg)
Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 11:51:14 No. 127506 [Reply]
what are some good critiques of Nassim Taleb?
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To be perfectly honest, maybe Graeber wouldn't feel quite so out of place if he bothered to read a bit of Marx. His Debt book is definitely one of my top 5 books, but he occasionally has some weird takes throughout the book demonstrating that he doesn't actually understand what capitalism is.
You imbecile. You won't find any because there aren't any, it's simply not possible
The graphic implies Georgism
No coherent ideology. Has an idiosyncratic grab-bag of values which he holds together mostly thanks to a truly massive ego, leading him to read books about his groundbreaking new ideas he thinks everyone should read about and that will revolutionize the world.

There's plenty more like him out there. The dumber version would be Tom Friedman of NYT fame.
Dude believes in a weird grab-bag mix of ideologies involving one of his own coining called 'localism' (in a nutshell: the more local the more communistic, on a national and trans national level you just stop giving a shit about other people) and some bizarre Mediterranean supremacism (tbh he's right, Mediterranean countries are based). He's also in love of his own math and loves ranting about concepts he thinks are super deep because they involve math: ergodicity (you see, inequality isn't a big deal because it's not the same people who are rich all the time so on the whole it balances out), scale-variance (communism on a family level and ancrap on a federal level), fat tails (rare unpredictable stuff can happen), convexity (what if stuff wasn't linear? deep), and a bunch of other shit like antifragility (stuff that's survived a long time is more likely to survive longer, because reasons). He's also written basically the same book three times in a row much like Zizek.

He does have some interesting insights however, and for all his rambling and weirdness I don't think he's a grifter. He's very erudite, speaks at least 4 languages and drops a bunch of math and historical tidbits. He did take a spectacular dump on all the IQ fetishists by writing a comprehensive takedown that triggered all the conservatives because they couldn't understand all the math, he constantly shits on people like Charles Murray, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, Sam Harris and all the obnoxious alt-right/alt-center/alt-lite clique. He also got Nate Silver to call him a cuck.

(325.59 KB 811x365 BoliviaCoup.PNG)
(61.18 KB 640x803 BoliviaCoup1.jpg)
(146.45 KB 804x792 BoliviaCoup2.PNG)
Actual CIA Military coup ongoing in Bolivia Right Fucking Now Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 10:44:46 No. 121263 [Reply]
>Neo-Nazi's and IMF / OAS shocktrooper right-wingers rioting and attacking / killing Unionists Indigenous activists leftists etc
>Army has announced they wont "Stop the popular will of the people" Against a democratic election that they lost And will not stop the rioters / death squads
>Police Mutinying and giving weapons to / helping rioters
>Remaining Legal right-wing opposition have begun to openly push for regime change
Their "Muh dictator rigging election need to step down
>Tens of thousands of union members, indigenous people, and rural farmers are basically forming worker militias and fighting back and having pitched street battles with the Right-Wingers / reactionaries / Police / Army
They failed in Venezuela / Cuba / Nicaragua and are absolutely seething that Lula was allowed out of prison and their bullshit about Evo "rigging the election" fell apart so now their literally just going to kill him
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>#Urgente the "government minister" of #Bolivia announces the creation of a "special prosecution apparatus" to detain deputies and senators who do "subversion". The "hunt" as he called it now extends to the legislative branch.
BadEmpanada is about to do a stream on Bolivia.
Meanwhile on liberalcom, meerov21 is explaining what's really going on:
>I don't think Morales ' opponents can be described fully as "right-wing mob". There may have been various groups of racists and nationalists among them, perhaps some were organized, but the movement itself looks like a typical multiracial democratic protest movement.

>Morales is a shitty dictator who is friends with dictator Maduro and with the Kremlin. He nationalized part of the industry, and we know, from the Soviet Union to Venezuela, that this leads to economic collapse in the end.
I'd love to see a leftcom's plan for Latin America. Of course it would be and completely free and instant communism and a success will spread all around the place without hindrance, naturally, naturally, but what are they going to do with US imperialism?
no dude there are some real freaks on there. peak ideology with no real compassion.
scarier than fascism imo

(77.01 KB 400x400 Alunya furry.png)
(434.20 KB 1500x1059 alunya.jpg)
(369.69 KB 1511x1125 alunya2.png)
Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 02:53:29 No. 71758 [Reply]
Share Alunya art here
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> Cat Alunya
> anarchist colours
> sabotabby
Keep lying to yourself.
they exist in a spectrum of ideology catgirls where at least the tanky and ML catgirl are friends
anarchist and ML, whoops
the guy who made the original alunya drawing said it wasn't any specific ideology. i'll let someone else post the screenshot because i can't find it atm
(448.23 KB 1506x3190 alunya trap.png)
I wasted my whole day on this

Worth it tbh.

(108.65 KB 640x800 ewmtosf592gz.jpg)
Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 05:32:47 No. 129417 [Reply]
what do if trump gets 2nd term? serious thread

pic intimately related
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(9.34 MB Mike Pence.webm)
Be thankful that Le Drumpf forces shitlibs to pretend they're outraged by capitalism, thanks to Dup's anti-PC meanie poopoohead behavior huwting their feefees. As opposed to if someone more generic like Pence were impeached into office, let alone Guacobowl or Pantsuits'n'Mushroom Clouds having won the election.

This, setting aside his rhetoric, Trump is totally unremarkable.
(25.07 KB 584x329 1572893731246.jpg)
How dumb are you that you haven't assumed that Trump would get 8 years this whole time?
Same you did under last election: nothing. Same you did as under Obama election, who did same things as Trump (overthrow governments, jail child immigrants, drone people, be corrupt in the Ukraine).

(34.68 KB 720x588 IMG_20191030_020808.jpg)
I don't believe in Marxism anymore Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 17:44:05 No. 129848 [Reply]
I honestly don't give a shit anymore. Communism will never happen let alone socialism. No one believes in socialism. The working class has no revolutionary potential. I feel so disillusioned. I used to be proud of my working class background I felt good about myself for not being a rich fag. But now I hate myself and I feel like I'm gonna be stuck in my crappy flyover city forever and work crappy jobs for the rest of my life. I don't want this shit. I just wanna move to another city and be like those rich fags :(. I'm just so suicidal and depressed. I hate being a prole
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>The Russian communist party started with a bunch of drunk petty bourg larpers
>the CPC started with 12 fucking nobodies on a boat, all of which were arrested
What are you legit expecting for? For some galaxy brain intellectual to descend from heavens and guide the proles towards revolution?
If a person is genuinely feeling defeated, they should be struggled with, not banned, what's banning them going to achieve? Well ban /pol/ types because they're here to disrupt and destroy, they aren't interested in changing. Banning people who have doubts just pushes them into arms of /pol/.
>class is a social construct
Class is ones relation to the means of production. It's a "social construct" in the same way a factory is a social construct. Race, or at least the way you seem to conceive of it, is a social construct. For example "whiteness" in the sense it's understood today didn't exist in America in the early days of slavery. So what tended to naturally happen was that white labourers and black slaves would try and co-operate to better their lot, since they understood they had common, material cause. Whiteness - the idea that Irish, Germans and Angloes, Caths and Prots all belong in the same "tribe" - was invented to keep the white workers in line.

We call you brainwashed, because every single argument you make betrays that you haven't understood even the most basic Marxist concepts, showing that you've gobbled up your views from someone else. You haven't expressed a single original thought in this entire thread, absolutely nothing that would indicate you're operating as an independent, free-thinking man. The fact that you've even fallen for the race bullshit is just icing on the cake.
okay, if it's so easy why don't you do it then, i'll watch.
ok retard watch

(53.80 KB 1000x700 gender.jpg)
The role of gender and race Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 16:13:52 No. 15551 [Reply]
Notice: This thread serves as the offical /idpol/ gulag. Direct all threads that are pure idpol here.

Original OP:
I want this thread to be about a couple of things:

- Sharing arguments for a more rigorous understanding of how gender and race act upon people today.
- Using this understanding to form strategies to more effectively organize the working class.
- Building strategies to use this understanding to effectively criticize false or inept strategies of organizing the working class.

I wasn't a part of the discussion in the mod thread about having a general on gender, but I wanted to make a new one anyways because I think it is important to have a thread about both gender and race. Ideally this will not descend into screeds about idpol, though it is inevitable some reactionaries will be drawn to the thread. I want to see quality discussions that make good faith attempts to convince others of positions on identity.

It is not virtue signalling to say this is an important topic of theory for the modern leftist movement. It is clear that identity has had a large role in left-adjacent and liberal politics for the past couple of decades, reaching a peak within probably the last decade. As much as many would wish that they could just erase this and go back to a raw working class politics of trade unionism, it is at this moment a historical fact that the role of identity has come to take a dominant role in much leftist discourse and it can't just be wished away by ridiculing or denying it. The social categories of race and gender are understood now in very particular ways, often very confused ways, by large swathes of the working class. So it seems to me that the goal should be to form convincing and coherent understandings of these social roles in capitalism, to analyze how they are currently being used by both the working class itself and its enemies to achieve/maintain political power, and strategies for directing this in the most fruitful way.

Of course feel free to share books and articles about the subject here too, or to use current events to explore how gender and race effect the working class today.
Edited last time by pask on 08/10/2019 (Sat) 15:55:57.
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Sounds like the US is a shithole and none of this would happen under communism. Time to advance the revolution so you can get laid comrade.
>Just give a tip to journo when there is a shooting that it's an incel, they will say it and not check if it's true because it's the story hey want to tell.
This, the Aurora Colorado shooting is still blamed on the shooter imitating "The Joker" and being an incel, even though he had a gf and "The Joker" had nothing to do with his motivation.
They said this because he appeared in court with his hair dyed orange, even though the Joker has green hair. You'd think a fan of the Joker would know that.
Idk, all your commies seemed have been pretty soundly BTFO'd by porky.
They also kept women's day and feminism but not revolution day and socialism. really makes you think.

On Administrative Structures & Survival Startegy CuriousAnon 11/17/2019 (Sun) 15:29:38 No. 129746 [Reply]
Lets talk about the practical details of your socialist republic

>but that depends on the local context!

Yes, I know. I'm not asking for a white paper, just a general strategy.

Pick a random country below rank #30 from this list:


Congrats on becoming General Comissar!

1.What kind of socialism are you implementing and why (even if its obvious, still explain why)

2.How would you want to structure the new government? (Would ypu like a parliment? supreme court? etc)

3.Proky is getting ready to counter-attack with a global embargo. What is your survival strategy? (Keep in mind the average country cant support industrial society & total isolation simultaneously)
3 posts omitted.
>Implement Marxism-Leninism-Cabalism, the vanguard is a small group of like-minded individuals, and the president is a puppet of said shadow group
>Abolish parliamentarianism since it won't be necessary, abolish the house and senate
>Once this is accomplished, the shadow organization can come forward as the rulers and allow themselves to be subject to democratic principles
>Steal literally every economic, industrial, and trade secret that every other country uses since nobody will mess with us since my country is already an established nuclear power
>Unapologetically turn the country into a "north korea style hell" with actual hell characteristics
I will be speaking for a small developed country in Europe coming to power through 51% majority.
1. Form strong alliances with trade unions and other worker movements and spend political capital and party money on radicalizing and organizing them into organs ready to wield state power.
2. Have trade unions write up a new constitution that must then be approved by the party and then sent on a popular vote.
3. Abolish all parties from government and have the new trade union government take over.
4. Have the party function as the unofficial propaganda arm of the government.

But this is precisely my point. Socialism should improve peoples quality of life (I hope you agree), so if it ends up so cucked that it uses the majority of its fuedal tier productive capacity on repression and nukes. I would consider that a failure.

Abolishing bourgeois parties is one thing, but what about other socialist parties? Also, how would you deal with the prospect of global embargo? Anyway, altogether breddy good, especially in including the trade unions and using a popular vote to ensure legitimacy.

>the shadow organization can >come forward as the rulers and >allow themselves to be subject >to democratic principles
Why would they do this?
>Pick a random country below rank #30 from this list
That won't work you can only write about what you know. Ask people about their opinions on their own countries or regions.
Also you're ignoring the most important part: how do you take power? The answer to that will give you the frame in which you can act. If for example in the UK "getting into power" is defined as a Labour victory in an election, there is only so many things that can be done in the bourgeois-parliamentarian context. You can say that this is no real victory and the work then has to be to build a mass armed movement, but that only kicks you back to the question: how to take power.

(98.92 KB 756x600 craxi_arafat_berlinguer.jpg)
/ita/ - Spaghetti Communism Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 15:54:13 No. 19862 [Reply]
Forse 8chan è definitivamente morto. Proprio pochi giorni dopo che stavo cominciando a pensare di ritornare a effortpostare, ecco che un paio di /pol/tardati ammeregani si danno allo sport preferito da quelle parti e ora quel sito sembra diventato la fonte di tutti i mali del mondo. Col risultato che hanno purgato anche il nostro bel filo. E vabè. Si chiude una porta, si apre un portone. Raccogliamoci qui e ricominciamo.
219 posts and 112 images omitted.
read the wiki page on rossoni, guy sounded pretty based tbqh.
No, not really
Ogni tanto i media riscoprono che le curve degli stadi italiani sono piene di fascisti che fanno il bello e il cattivo tempo.
Ora la situazione è riesplosa con quello che è successo nella partita fra Brescia e Hellas Verona e le dichiarazioni del fascio di merda a capo della curva scaligera. Ma peggio di lui c'è solo quello stronzo di salvini che ha tirato in ballo gli operai ILVA che rischiano di perdere il posto di lavoro.
Figlio di puttana.
Quanto è chad Vauro?
(124.83 KB 1016x1600 fusaro re.jpg)
(52.55 KB 620x443 fusaro-monarchia.jpg)


no cookies?