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For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Anonymous Board volunteer 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:05 No. 668788 [Reply] [Last]
🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 Visual Guide for New Anons https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/e7c5eab9a4fa215d646e6c8aaee497ef-imagepng.png Do not put your e-mail in the e-mail field First, Please read this OP. Since we're leftists, there shouldn't be many differences ideologically, but our community has its own jargon and idiosyncrasies which might be jarring to outsiders. Second, although we allow slurs, we are anti-bigotry and it will not be tolerated. Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. There is some flexibility. Where that flexibility is also requires some time to get the feel of it. Fourthly, don't put anything in the name, or email fields. Don't doxx yourself Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/catalog.html MOD LOG: If you wish to see the log of mod actions (ban, deletions etc...) see https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Useful threads are often remade when expired, search the catalog if these links are broken. Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >>829118 Internet General >>731360 Original Creations (Memes) >>853632 Market Watch >>8552 USA Unrest >>801173

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>>913185 Probably because of the US presidential debate happening tomorrow
>>913276 but theres only one sticky
>>913314 We care about that dog and pony show?
How do you do the big red text?
>>916276 Put == on each side of the words you want red.

How the post-left populists "got got" Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 02:22:25 No. 912911 [Reply] [Last]
>The struggle at the heart of post-left populism is a struggle of idealist categories. Normal person versus people of college. To be normal, much like to be a centrist, is to define yourself purely in relation to contemporary discourses rather than personal principles. Nagle arrives at the Normie political subject by critiquing subculture theorists who bought into the idea that there is indeed something special, something radical about these in-groups. But rather than escaping the idealist framework of cultural analysis, Nagle simply inverted this position. >Why she did this is quite simple when we realize that the normal political subject at the end of the book who enjoys trashy mainstream music is supposed to be a self-insert. Nagle, as well as Terese and their cohort have confronted the hyper-subcultural ingroups of the left and come away scarred. The dizzying factions, callouts, posturing and absurdity can be traumatic to many in the same way that imageboard culture can be to outsiders. I can hardly blame them. The betrayal at the heart of this trauma cuts deep, as it is often the betrayal of our hopes for the future of our world, coming at the hand of those we thought would be our allies, or even friends. >This trauma prevents them from escaping the paradigm of cultural analysis, and adopting principled, scientific understanding of capitalism. It is this trauma, in fact, that prevents themselves from attaining the normal political subjectivity they so covet, once it happens, there is no going back. Normalcy is a tortured subjectivity – it can only be understood once it has been permanently lost, and any attempt to regain it only moves one further away. Much like how a pure obsessive might try to fix their obsession by further obsessing over their patterns of thought, the cultural analysis of the normal people vs the people of college only pushes the post-left populists further away from normalcy, into obscurantist gobbledygook. But so long as they are trapped in this framework, there is no choice but to focus all their attacks on these cultures, these discourses, which offend them. >It is precisely for this reason that the post-left populists don’t try to turn reactionaries to socialism by appealing to their transgressive aesthetics, something Nagle rejects in her book. Instead, of changing form to spread the content of socialism, and doing something to slow the slide towards reaction of atomized young men identified in Kill All Normies, the post-left populists change their content according to what they perceive aligns with the cultural form of normal people, regardless of how reactionary. >There comes a point in every leftist’s life when they realize their participation in the political realm, fighting for liberation, will not cure their alienation, atomization, loneliness or whatever other traumas they bring with them. In the face of this disappointment, we cannot give up and embrace reaction, or else we would have stood for nothing in the first place. There yet remains the possibility of a better world with a logic not dictated by cringeworthy subcultures or capitalist overlords. https://newmultitude.org/kill-are-peemies-how-the-post-left-got-got/
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>>919391 Marx predicted a global revolution following capitalism's complete dominance of the planet. Socialism in one country just goes bourgeois every time.
>>919391 I wouldn't be so determinist about it. The German revolution nearly went communist. The Spanish Civil War could have been won by the socialists. France in 68 was almost nearly won. The Portuguese revolution in the 70s very nearly went towards socialism.
(158.44 KB 1500x1000 main_1500.jpg)
>>916074 >we are already seeing the beginnings of a revolutionary consciousness among the workers... You could have said the rest of this paragraph at any time in the past 50 years and been considered correct. The class struggle is always ongoing, workers are always becoming radicalized, but this does not make for a revolutionary or 'communist' movement. The unity-in-separation of capitalism, combined with generally declining rates of profit and devaluing of individual labor-power, have created an environment that is anathema to class unity. We have regressed to the labor struggles of 150 years ago, with isolated guild-unions protecting their privileges while the masses periodically riot in the streets, but are unable to come together in organized political projects, or conceive of communism as anything other than pure negation, or social democracy. The contemporary working class is atomized and balkanized, with the 'people of college' (which is not a class) going in one direction, unionized workers going in another, and the proles milling around below, occasionally getting swept up in identitarian protests because that unity seems more 'real' than any solidarity based on employment. In this environment any broad-based projects for class unity are just idealistic conceptions imposed on disunited and mutually mistrusting class fractions, and are easily wrecked from above by the bourgeoisie, or from below by identitarian squabbling. There needs to be a real attempt to grapple with this grim reality, to state it up front and be honest about the need to overcome it. Blithe dismissals of 'defeatism' as a way to justify whatever isolated activism you are currently engaged in are not gonna move anything forward, it's just an excuse to dwell on old, dead forms and sweep real problems under the rug.
>>921264 >You could have said the rest of this paragraph at any time in the past 50 years and been considered correct. You can't between 1990s to mid 2010s.
>>921013 >France in 68 was almost nearly won. Pure delusion, the students didn't have even a plurality of support among the population.

(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
🦅🗽 /USApol/ - United States Politics 💵🏈 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727 [Reply] [Last]
💀 END OF THE WORLD EDITION 🎊 210,000 DEATHS https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ What's Next: >Vice presidential debate Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City Now with livestreams! 📺 /leftypol/: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE Other Notable Streams:

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>>921319 children of the corn
>>921317 It's a means of distributing excess wealth gained in imperialism through the government in the form of necessary liquidity. In order for imperialism to work, the spoils have to be properly worked through the market one way or another. Running this through the agribusiness ensures that american farming corporations are capable of holding extremely competitive prices worldwide and gives them massive advantages in the market.
>>921321 >It's a means of distributing excess wealth gained in imperialism through the government The government doesn't gain any wealth though, the MIC does. The point of modern imperialism is to enrich defense contractors at the expense of the people.
>>921321 subsidies just mean an absence of taxes, any country can do that

(23.67 KB 973x819 china.png)
(936.83 KB 2000x1334 1552407442809.jpg)
/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925 [Reply] [Last]
A general thread for all China related discussion
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>>917235 I had almost blissfully forgotten of what a farce Hong Kong was.
(7.60 KB 277x182 download.jpg)
"Muh Uyhurs" Source: Adrian Zenz, Adrian Zenz run NGO #1, Adrian Zenz run NGO #2,Adrian Zenz working at 60 billion dead from cumminism memorial foundation, Adrian Zenz working for think tank run by weapons contractors, Falun Gong
https://youtu.be/2a7dOn9OAMs?t=22 >Live: President Xi Jinping delivers speech at UN Biodiversity Summit just finished streaming
>>920574 >nothing to see here, just a bunch of jails full of uighurs. you think this is real? ADRIAN ZENZ!!11!1!1 JANNY BAN HIM!!1!1!!
>>921308 >What?! America is packing its jails with black people?! So racist! <Haha, all those uighurs deserved it! After all, they are more prone to committing crime! Heh, uighurs? More like 'uiggers!

So you were racist before? Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 14:55:26 No. 921324 [Reply] [Last]
I've seen posts by people on here who claim they used to be Nazis and then made the switch to socialism. I guess this questions also applies to people who never were Nazis, but I am wondering if you used to be racist and you aren't anymore, what happened to change your mind? Why do you think you were racist to begin with?
No, there's no reason for me whatsoever to be racist.
>>921324 >Portuguese >African admixture the meme is true Moortuguese on suicide watch
I was borderline Neo Nazi from the age of 16 to about 17. I feel it was because I knew something was wrong with the world, and something especially wrong with the working class but I never got into the actual scientific analysis to reckon what the issue was as a whole. People want simple solutions to complex problems, and in that instance, it was the removal of all ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and le reds and le librools.

(15.94 KB 645x770 1601202046667.png)
Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 14:25:54 No. 914728 [Reply] [Last]
Is /leftypol/ actually responsible for this image being spammed on 4chan the past few days?
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>>921211 its just an experiment I don't really expect it to work but i am interested
Commie cope, this is how your average leftist ANTIFA looks like.
(18.49 MB homofascism.webm)
>>921313 nice try fash guy
>>921173 No I'm white. >>921313 >commie_soyboy_127 >127 Can't tell if joking or real rightoid.
>>921326 So is that guy

Boosting left online Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 20:29:54 No. 894488 [Reply] [Last]
How do we boost leftism online? We should really start making Youtube channels and the like and shilling the fuck out of them. This is a thread to discuss that, there's a list of other Marxist channels in Beardtube, but this is discussing how to both boost those and make more. Btw for anyone saying this is useless, remember how popular "SJW REKT" channels were 4 years ago? Yeah.
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>>894498 This video was going great until he mentioned decolonisation and settler states yeah like 300 million Americans are just going to deport themselves to Europe.
Surely Youtube videos and Facebook memes will revive the radical left, just like it did in 2016, and 2008, and 2001... After all, Marxism is about the battle of ideas, and converting people to your beliefs in order to transform their souls to socialism
YouTube channels will be pointless without training the YouTube algorithm to do for the far right what it could for leftists.
>>921288 I worded that terribly. I meant f or it to do for leftism with what made it push people to the far right
What exactly is the point of spreading propaganda to a bunch of people who don't have the will to do anything? There's barely been anybody on the streets who've watched Steven Crowder all day.

(99.21 KB 1080x1015 photo_2020-03-27_18-17-02.jpg)
Why are fash*ids obsessed with anime? Anonymous 09/25/2020 (Fri) 21:10:11 No. 901619 [Reply] [Last]
why do they liked japanese cartoons so much?
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>>918345 Anime is a medium. Artists tend to be left-leaning. Carlo Zen only likes communist aesthetics (not much different from your average /leftypol/ user).
>>908785 this makes me horny
>>919949 Who the hell is Carlo Zeno?
>>920466 Saga of Tanya the evil author
>>901627 This but unironically. Anime and fascism tend to draw manpower from the a similar pool - that is - social outcasts with low self-esteem and far too much time on their hands.

(162.36 KB 480x200 242kdz0ft9q51.png)
Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 14:57:00 No. 921328 [Reply] [Last]
How do we shift the overton window back? The general population believes that bernie/aoc is "far left" and can't even define socialism. Do we even have any forms of media that's not neolib? Stonetoss is shilled across the internet and people fucking draw over his shit to try to make the comics in their own words, meanwhile I can't seem to point out a 'left' stonetoss that doesn't have an artstyle that's absolutely atrocious or something that would be considered "degenerate" in the eyes of the general population. Also most left media seems very hard to get into, having to be adjusted to theory and its terminology, etc etc etc. The only thing I've seen recently is the gravel institute. Pic unrelated.

(386.53 KB 1440x1621 Screenshot_20200930_090351.jpg)
Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 13:14:29 No. 921047 [Reply] [Last]
Is this the power of the P.MC? https://reddit.com/comments/j294ea inb4 >leddit Why is it that the so-called labour aristocrats end up in sweatshops, just in physically safe buildings? Why do members of the P.MC vehemently defend working ridiculous hours, defending their corporate masters because "well, there's a deadline and we can't miss it otherwise the company loses out on profits!", and lavishly dishing out praise for companies simply not violating the weak labour laws on the books? And why does /leftypol/ circlejerk so much about P.MC hate as if office/mental workers are all trust fund babbys smoking weed in the bathroom of daddy's company?
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Heaven forbid people give a shit about the work they're doing, and try and be pleasant to their bosses and co-workers instead of being a whiny disruptive shit
>>921183 labor movements are all about disrupting the workplace
the fact that everybody has a different definition for P.M.C. should tell you how pointless the term is. might as well just call them coastal elites at this point
>>921055 Babby's first analysis.
>>921183 mmmmm that porky dick tastes goooood


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