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Political cartoons Anonymous Comrade 05/26/2020 (Tue) 17:02:28 No. 9942
Post leftist political cartoons, current or old. Preferably originals, but edits are welcome too.
(157.58 KB 1024x917 RNBSCElLbXLWAAExkXs.jpg)
(55.05 KB 465x660 RNBSD8X02tqXYAAPEsF.jpg)
(222.85 KB 1200x1700 00-carlos-latuff-mother-2005.jpg)
RedNBlcckSalamander does some good stuff but is such a fucking ankid that every post about "muh tankies" is just childish shit. His anti-capitalist stuff is good though... gets a bit grotesque at times. Here's an edit of his stuff I liked https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=10825 His tankie hate is ironic given his older works All in all I prefer Latuff's work
(529.44 KB 1046x1057 2ed0571434962444c38412851c994ddc.jpg)
(323.15 KB 1069x800 Ливия.jpg)
(431.86 KB 1350x1099 Natural Gas shills.jpg)
Anyone know where I can see Gulagtoss stuff? In terms of caricatures over-all I prefer Soviet stuff mostly, but Latuff had good content in the 2000s
>>10913 Soviet 'propaganda' was based
god damn that shit with Bernie aged so bad. get that fucking sellout porky defender out of this board
>>11552 Its RednBlackSalamander, what do you expect?
(571.25 KB 1000x779 Class Struggle Flick.png)
(300.79 KB 680x888 Romanov's flick.png)
(437.48 KB 772x800 Flick the thief poster pic.png)
Flick the Thief is a good laugh. Does a lot of good short comics and some satire on the side (pics related). https://flick-the-thief.livejournal.com/ https://twitter.com/flick06484765?lang=en https://www.deviantart.com/flick-the-thief
(57.03 KB 417x604 1579499846633.jpg)
>>15617 I didn't take the romanovs for brotherfuckers
>>15619 >>15620 LOL of course
>>15621 I mean fuck the romanovs and all that, but I'm pretty convinced they didn't fuck eachother
>>15620 As far as fetishes go, at least royalty + incest has tons of historical precedent
>>15625 True but a little straight shota memery is fun
>>15630 oh well, pic is hawt
>>15633 Yep, Flick is good at that.
>>15617 >porky mommy I didn't know I needed that.
>>15657 what porky mommy, alexei had 4 sisters, right?
>>15683 See pic 1 of the Flick post
>>15684 oh, I wanna see more of it
(527.72 KB 1111x762 4th Cursade Flick.png)
(424.31 KB 1111x846 Franco Prussian war Flick.png)
(166.92 KB 747x1104 clap your hands.jpeg)
>>15687 More flick
>>15796 >infistnity gauntlet 🤮
>>15796 >>15617 Who make these.i need names I DEMAND ANSWERS NOW.
>>16441 It's literally in the post, Flick, better known as Flickthethief, a Russian dude who draws stuff on the internet for his own fun and posts them for others too. >>15796 Why are the other 2 spoilered, they're not even lewd FFS >>16439 I thought it was funny
>>16441 Thank you i just didnt pay attention to the name
>>11552 kek I know, but it was the only other political cartoon I had saved >>15617 What I like about his art is that usually the guys he draws are attractive as well
(161.60 KB 960x792 crumb.jpg)
On the subject of political cartoons - is he the closest an absolutely retarded political illiterate has come to making genius satire?
>>16555 True that. And unlike Dahr, he keeps his erotica classy and tasteful. >>16716 LOL what the fuck is this
(80.76 KB 650x531 crumb1.jpg)
>>16717 It's Robert Crumb. He was one of the guys who spearhead the underground comix movement of the '80s, notorious for its ruthless criticism towards everything we would associate with neoliberalism today. From the bourgeois hippie and free love movements to the socio-economic malaise of his era and the resulting cultural excesses evolving around it, he seems oddly prescient at times. That being said, also kind of a tard these days and arguably always has been.
(170.00 KB 550x709 the-west.png)
Yesterday Quino died. Long live Quino
>>16728 >Yesterday Quino died. NO.... My favorite Quino book was Potentes, Prepotentes e Impotentes, I lost it in a massive flood. Literally one of my favorite books in childhood, I'd read it all the time, and his almost surreal art inspired me a lot. I would've loved to rediscover it again now in adulthood as a communist, that way I would've appreciated many of the cartoons I couldn't understand back then on a whole new level and, at the same time, it would've felt like reading it for the first time again.
>>16728 RIP ;_;
(884.20 KB 726x826 1574992693249.png)
(931.89 KB 765x1025 1574992660332.png)
source me this dude
(92.56 KB 700x569 Z1569345305164351267aero.jpg)
(351.21 KB 700x438 Z1564076748151154532.jpg)
1) "У Аэрофлота шаг скороходий - садишься у Балтики, у Тихого сходишь", СССР, 1960-е годы. Эскиз плаката, неизвестный художник. Возможно ученическая работа художника-графика Рыбакова Валерия Сергеевича. Москва. 1960-е годы. 2) "Строить быстро дешево удобно!", СССР, 1950-е годы. Макет плаката. Художник - Тишкин Валентин Павлович (1923–1978).
>>10115 >>10913 I love these >>16716 He is one horny fuck
RednBlack's commentary on communists who don't vote for Biden... fan-fucking-tastic.
>>18501 RednBlack is a bit hit and miss. Still subscribed to him though.
(1.93 MB 1000x1500 MarxistBrainstorming1[1].png)
(1.95 MB 1000x1500 MarxistBrainstorming2[1].png)
I fucking love existential comics
>>15617 wait flick does political satire ? I only know him from 40k r34 (which is pretty fucking hot ngl, bolter nuns dude)
>>18524 Flick does plenty of political and historical commentary in lewd and silly fashion. He's like Dahr, but without being grotesque. >>18523 Yeah, bloody love those, post more.
>>16717 >Dahr говно >>>/leftypol/1108204


no cookies?