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Comrade 09/01/2019 (Sun) 04:44:36 No. 819
What side jobs to make money?
Being a physicist
Exploiting the proletariat.
depends on your skills (and more generally available capital), location, and tastes/willingness.
Easy jobs since you speak english:
- write for people online
- translate
- teach via skype
If you have a car:
- Uber/lyft/grocery shop app
If you're willing to do sex work:
- Prostitution (you can choose what you want to do, eg. up to BJs)
- camwhore (chaturbate, etc)
odd jobs:
- packing bags at super market
- moving company
- retirement home
- a warehouse
Since this is /tech/:
- websites
- wordpress's
- shitty apps for local businesses
>retirement home

I don't know how things work where you live but I work in aged care and it's not an "odd job." You need to have certain educated for any role in it and it's fucking hard work. I would not recommend it unless you can see yourself knee-deep in shit and piss every day.
>- write for people online
learn to draw and do furry porn commissions.
only true answer.
If you have the time resources and know how you can make computers and other hardware and sell it online
amateur thieving
>>828 >reply not found who doesn't want me to know what is this secret that lies beyond...
If you speak English you can also write subtitles for YouTube videos, TV shows, Movies, etc. If you speak something other than English this would be an even better job >>827 If you can draw do this furries are loaded.
>>7281 They pay for translating YouTube films?
>>7287 The owner of the channel has to contract you and then pay you. It works much the same way as it does when a YouTuber hires an editor for their videos.
If you want to be based make a fake pitchdeck with a phony app and grift some angel investors. Bonus points if you can grift all the way up to the vultures, then take all their money and run or give all your workers the cash
>>7281 Wait. Isn't the subtitle of YouTube is generated by artificial intelligence?
>>7328 It can be, but sometimes it is written by humans. Any time (auto-generated) is next to the language name, it was an AI, otherwise it was a human.
>>7328 Auto generated captions suck it's far better to have a human write them and some studios or creators might even pay to have them written. The keyword here being "might" some fans are very cucked and write subtitles for free, P*wdiepie's videos get subtitled in a ton of languages because his fans love doing unpaid labor
>>7341 i am repulsed by the amount of zoomers who laugh at simps and rage at onlyfans yet cuck out for their favourite epic gamer man.
>>7343 The amount of ire from g*Mers directed at idubbz recently has truly befuddled me. His gf makes cash over other people simping her onlyfans. How does that then make him a simp? How does that mean their epic youtube man betrayed them? He's the only one actually, physically, materially, and dialectically clobbering her pussy.
>>820 As usual, the first answer is really the only good answer.
>>7345 Oh yeah I recently heard about this. I guess idubbz wasn't as cringe as I thought before. all the people calling him simp have no relationships since they are projecting themselves into him and whiteknight themselves.
>>820 >>7764 w-what is carding?
>>7789 stealing peoples credit card info. too many security measures these days.
>>7790 lol no there isn't... >>7789 Carding is when you stolen credit card numbers off DNMs (they costed about 6 bucks last I checked) and use them to have stuff with high resale value shipped to drop sites near you. Easy, lucrative, insurance companies typically foot the bill.
Undertaker. Seriously. There is nowadays a lot of demand, there is one undertaker for a three towns. I am considering after get my driving license (late, I have 24) to be undertaker as side job and historian as hobby/vocation.
>>15213 It's a very difficult industry to get into however it is extremely reward, my only advice is do not let this distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.
>>819 credit card fraud
>>7798 what is a dnm
>>15322 is carding even doable in 2020?
>>7345 being okay with your girlfriend doing sex work is cringe, but last i heard she only did cosplay
>>7343 People have free time, the communities are accessible, and people are thankful for the work that you do. Fandoms are a space for spontaneous, creative, and voluntary labour. It gets easy to swept in this.
>>7322 We need more advices like this
>>15333 Dark net market place


no cookies?