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Warhammer Thread Anonymous Comrade 04/03/2020 (Fri) 02:35:43 No. 7806
Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it. To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more. https://youtu.be/eoCcpMW8fSs
My theory is, because: >the warp changes based on the beliefs of mortal beings >the chaos gods were created by mortals (Khorne emerged from human wars, Slaanesh emerged from space elf orgies) >all the chaos gods have "good" parts (Khorne has honor and self-improvement, Slaanesh is general hedonism, Nurgle is love, etc) The reason Chaos and the Chaos Gods are "bad" is mortals all constantly choosing to be giant pieces of shit and if they quit doing that there would be no grimdarkness.
>>7806 Most of the recent “official fluff” after 5th edition have been shit. Especially the whole return of rowboat. My take of the setting is that the constant threat of extinction presents a material conditions where communism and especially cybernetic communism was destroyed following the Age of Strife and the dialectic has reverted to neo feudalism. Which means socialist worlds could only be maintained in a planetary or system-wide scale like small communes of historical feudalism. Basically it’s fantasy with all the reactionary baggage that involves.
>>7819 Isn't it heavily implied that artificial intelligence rose up and to defeat it humanity pretty much lost everything, leading to the Age of Strife? I mean, in the Imperium they have specifically outlawed the creation of sentient androids and resort to Servitors and nobody knows why. Also, the Imperium isn't just neo-feudal. They have different modes of production on different worlds. I'm sure there are technologically advanced worlds that have a communistic structure. Planetary governors are allowed to run their planets as they see fit, as long as they adhere to the Emperor. >Basically it’s fantasy with all the reactionary baggage that involves. I mean, the entire portrayal of the Imperium is so over-the-top ridiculous, I feel like it was originally designed to be satire, like Starship Troopers. It's just that retarded /pol/tards can't tell when they are consuming satire, so they think it's some real shit. Also, the Tau are not bad, are they?
>>7844 >the entire portrayal of the Imperium is so over-the-top ridiculous, I feel like it was originally designed to be satire, like Starship Troopers The Starship Troopers book was serious, the movie was a satire, but yeah. The Imperium of the Man is basically "what if every negative stereotype about every government ever were true simultaneously?" So you have the Commissars executing people for having bad politics in the middle of the battlefield to drive their human horde forward into a meat grinder, and also they're eugenicists on a genocidal campaign to massacre everything for Lebensraum. You've got the Inquisition of Catholic Europe and human sacrifices of the Aztecs. You've got creaking inefficient bureaucracies and repressive feudal lords. They've even got furries. It's all terrible.
(115.42 KB 1280x836 DYv425KXkAESXrA.jpg large.jpg)
>>7844 Rogue Traders was straight up satire. It started as an off shoot from this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_Dredd:_The_Role-Playing_Game Much like "nazbols" falling for /leftypol/'s nazbol gang memes, people supporting the Imperium fell for (very blatant) satire.
>>7806 I always thought that warhammer was a dune ripoff? Will I like the universe if I like dune?
>>7854 Warhammer is a ripoff of literally everything. Dune is pretty high up on the list of things they ripped off, tho.
(5.18 MB 1884x2592 Dengoids.png)
>>7854 It ripped off so much shit it went full circle and became original again. Well at least that's before the curent GW shitfuckery. >>7844 >Also, the Imperium isn't just neo-feudal. They have different modes of production on different worlds. Yeah I know. That's what I said. I just mean that neo-feudalism is the dominant economic system. The mechanicus can be theocratic command economy all they want but without the administratum, the rogue traders and the mechanized feudalistic agri-worlds, they will starve to death. The same can be said for commie worlds basically existing like the Anarresti in The Dispossed novel, having a socialist society but unable to export the revolution outside of their system/planet.
>>7844 >he Tau are not bad, are they? are the tau actually commies though? from what i heard there more like imperialist religious fanatics
>>8019 They’re more like Hindu nationalists to me. Pretty much integrating everything into their repressive caste system to the point that each caste has begun to genetically diverge from each other.
>>8019 They are the best we get in this ridiculous grimdark universe. >>8026 Tau castes are not hierarchical though except for the Ethereals. Social standing is not determined by birth but within the meritocracy of a caste. They are also not racist/chauvinistic like the Hindutva people. There are even humans serving in the Tau armies, and I'd probably reckon they're treated better there than in the hyper-fascist-feudal Imperium. I would love to get more stories about human defectors to the Tau, or human worlds integrated into the Tau Empire, but that's probably not grimdark enough or whatever. There is also the hypothesis that the Ethereals use some kind of drug to keep everyone aligned, but that's according to Imperial scholars so it's probably propaganda.
Just read this: >One of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Tau concerns the Ethereals' control over other Tau, and how the Ethereals initially managed to unite a fractured, nomadic people constantly at war into a single people and military force. The proposed causes of this range from the psychic (as displayed in the Tau novel Fire Warrior) to the biological, that the Ethereals' diamond-shaped forehead ridge produces a set of pheromones that make Tau, and to a lesser extent other intelligent species, open to suggestion. This concept was introduced after people complained that the initial Tau Codex described the Tau in too much of a positive light, and that they were too "good" for the grim Warhammer 40,000 universe. This also led to the Vespid communion helms, which have a much clearer Orwellian feel that the Vespid are being directly manipulated by the Tau thanks to the helmets that are supposedly for "communication purposes." https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Tau This fan community is retarded. <hurr durr why you giving us COMMIES in a good light against the EPIC IMPERIUM hurr durr heresy deteced
>>8032 Retards that justifies the imperium existing as it is are reactionaries that take the setting as something completely serious and not just a mashup of everything a bunch of medieval history nerds though was cool. It has gotten worse as the retinue of writers slowly began copying Dan Abnett gritty depiction and flanderizing it.
(152.52 KB 1200x750 humans vs chaos.jpg)
This maybe the wrong thread to say this but having shit opinis never stoped anyone before. Old warhammer was infinitely better then warhammer 40k and still is. And the fact that it got murdered so that the bastards at GW could reboot it into high fantasy copyright wonderland is the biggest load of shit outside of the prices to start tabletop gaming
>>8104 *opinions
(175.56 KB 900x600 something_shit.jpg)
>>8104 Hey warhammer fantasy is still warhammer so discussion on that is still good. The problem with old warhammer is that it’s not like 40k in that the technology don’t stagnate but still slowly improving over time. The Empire before SoC is pretty much was going into an industrial revolution already, with Brettonia being tethering on a peasant revolt. But GW is too retarded to slide the timeline forward or do anything interesting so they keep wanking chaos again until everything collapsed into a black hole of unoriginality. Not to mention that GW themselves fucking hate the empire to the point that having the Orcs kicking Archaon’s ass in SoC was unacceptable and they had to sneakily retcon the whole thing so that chaos can win. And with no good faction being wanked to counterweight the bad guys, the result of end times was unavoidable. On other matters, I just wish that we could get fucking updates for Brettonia rules. Superhuman knights are cool.
>>8130 But there is a "good" faction in the lizardmen, albeit they're the counterweight to chaos and skaven, but that comes with the territory of GM being stupid about where to take the series. That being said it's so stupid that Nippon and other human kingdoms exist but only in texts, never any models or rule books. I personally think a "better" option is to have a Generations of warhammer fantasy. Starting when humans were primitive and the world dominated by the elves and dwarfs, then the sword and blade fantasy we all know, and finally a Industrial like setting. The industrial setting being where coal engines and rank and file riflemen wage wars like the Napoleonic era, but with the magic edge to it. Maybe a new faction of middle-class merchants or communist revolutionaries. But that might be a stretch
>>8139 I could have been a good direction to go like what GW tried and failed to do with the Horus Heresy line. But where they failed is that their love for Speess Murrines were too great and the only good thing to come from that other than the wank and bad writing in the later books was the Solar Auxilia. We could have had more exploration of the many xenos of the crusade era like the Rangdan, Laer, and the other human empires. But none of that we got. On the side of Fantasy they could just continue to update the rules, make new variations to customize already existing units while slowly introduce the eastern factions by art books and mercenaries units. In the same time making two new lines that run in conjunction with the normal fantasy setting. >The rise of the Empire with Sigmar and the original tribes of the old world like the Horus Heresy >normal warhammer >post Storm of Chaos era with the Empire becoming an industrial powerhouse and brettonia having to endure a peasant capitalist revolution There’s an old ass thread on /tg/ when I discussed this. Basically the Empire, Brettonia, Estalia, dwarves and the high elves all become imperialist assholes after chaos fuck off after storm of chaos. The Empire is actively colonizing both Ind and Cathay (after Cathay fell into a civil war between loyalist of the Dragon emperor and cathayan sigmarites). Brettonia having to overextended themselves in their new crusade against Araby and their merchant class getting filthy rich through trading they and the peasants instigated a revolution where the lady got pushed away into wood elves territory, with the Holy Grail taken and used to empower the capitalist class. Most of the old knights got disbanded and went into mercenary work while the new knights being just the olygarchy ruling over the proletarized peasants. Estalia got fully taken over by Skaven and became their proxy for expansion. Is continuing a genocidal war against the lizardmen. Kislev got wrecked by Ogres after they banded together and formed their new tsardom. Still bitter to reclaim their lost land. Dark Elves is fighting the Empire directly in the chaos of Cathay and preparing another invasion into Ulthuan. Dwarf in still fighting the Vampire counts and Green Skins expanding their influence in the Dark lands. Tomb Kangs stay the same more or less but now with Araby human troops as an added option. Chaos invasion are more frequent but still haven’t find another champion in the scale of Archaon (who is now a chaos spawn) so they keep failing. With this we have both Ind being apart of the Empire with new units and sub faction and Cathay being their own army.
(245.22 KB 680x993 65c.jpg)
>>7806 Can an empcom planet possible within 40k? A planet with socialism but still worship the emperor and consider the final goals of his vision to be universal communism?
>>8192 Why not? While the Imperium is often seen as being fanatic, administratively it's not unusual for it to be extremely apathetic. Hell, they've got literal medieval worlds which they haven't bothered (or realized in the mire of bureaucracy) to bring up-to-date. I wouldn't question it the least if something like that had popped up in the isolation of the Age of Strife, and neither the Big E or the Imperium since would've cared enough to interfere with their internal affairs... As long as they'd fulfill their tithes and duties, and avoid giving the Inquisition cause to turn its attention in their direction. Declaring the Emperors vision to be "universal communism" might cause some suspicions of heresy, but assuming that everything's running fine on the planet and nothing seems to be going in any presumably "worse" direction, I think they'd let it slide. While inquisitors are often portrayed as killing planets at any available reason (or by just making one up), plenty of gray-zone fuckery is clearly being ignored as not being worth disrupting working systems for.
>>8195 I really love 40k idea to canonisity of which everything is equally canon. Especially where they pretty much permit any kind of governance as long as you still pay your taxes and don’t piss off the inquisition. Reminds me of that time entire Stone Age worlds payed their tithes with building a Luna class ship with just metal smelting which took centuries.
>>7806 >Hur dur warhammer is for unironic retard consoomers only! Make your own place to hangout! <okay >NO YOU ARE INFILTRATING OUR GAME!!! I know plebbit is trash but why are imperial players so autistic? https://youtu.be/E7Dk7yU8QeY
(436.17 KB 1056x7627 Grimderp.png)
Reposting: "inmates running the asylum" problems of post-post-post-irony
>>8977 I'm not a fan of WH40K and even I have no idea what you're on about.
>>8980 Not the same poster but they're pointing out the retarded rightoids getting butthurt that lefty Warhammer fans made their own subreddit.
>>8977 >only two minutes in >it's already "gommunism killed 150 million people and there is no food under communism" It's all so tiresome
>>8977 i remember when i was 12 i used to watch and agree with this guy, what a faggot, did not change one bit in all those years
>>9066 If you can't make a breakout channel whining about SJWs in the 2010's-2020's you can't sell a fucking bridge to an idiot. This dude just needs to quit.
>>9069 I m confused by this analogy
(268.61 KB 340x537 Malal_1e.png)
I'd like to see Malal/Malice make a full comeback.
>>8977 JFC the comments on that video gave me cancer.
Slaanesh is from WH40K right?
>>9858 Yes. You probably could have googled this.
>>9876 Just confirming it here since I was lazy and the thread could use some extra traffic
>>9794 Here dude. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_C._Parker >George C. Parker (March 16, 1860[1] – 1936) was an American con man best known for his surprisingly successful attempts to "sell" the Brooklyn Bridge. He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often New York's public landmarks, to unwary immigrants. Thanks to this he owned 4 mansions. The Brooklyn Bridge was the subject of several of his transactions, predicated on the notion of the buyer controlling access to the bridge. Police removed several of his victims from the bridge as they tried to erect toll booths.[2] At least he only con stupid immigrant porkies.


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