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(50.79 KB 1260x600 films we just watched.jpg)
Films You Just Watched Thread Anonymous Comrade 02/20/2020 (Thu) 01:02:42 No. 6303
Hello, the most recent movie threads have seemed a bit unfocused, this thread is for the discussion of movies we just watched and other anon's takes on them. So, without further ado I'll begin. I just watched Parasite last night, it was pretty good I think, but not as cutting edge or witty as I was expecting. I thought it was a bit unfocused and threw a lot at the wall to see what stuck, but on the other hand, it was fun and more interesting than most. A solid 8/10. I do an IMDB rating for each film I watch, for my own reference mostly, but you can see each film I watched lately and my rating if you're curious or want to ask about them. If other anons have something similar feel free to post. https://www.imdb.com/user/ur46013471/ratings
I watched La Chinoise the other day, from the chart that someone posted on the other film thread. It's a prety interesting look into the french student maoist movements of the 1960s. Here's an online version: https://vimeo.com/148381997 Anyone else seen it?
>>6303 I basically agree regarding Parasite, but I think it sparked some useful conversations. The arguments on RLM's review for it were much better than you'll typically find on youtube. Did you think the metaphor was weak then? >>6306 I have not, but I will later because of your link/rec
Burning was the much better South Korean class conscious movie than Parasite, change my mind.
>>6303 Finished Battleship Potemkin yesterday. That was definitely a top 10 for me.
>>6303 I watched Stalker and it became one of my favorite movies of all time. This scene just won me over https://youtu.be/Q_bPRyNLY5g
I recently watched Weathering with You. Shit ends with full Tokyo being submerged in water bc a guy didnt want to see his waifu die. I liked it. Really good counterweight against the liberal "Did you go vegan" ideology. It's not your personal responsibility to save the climate. You should blame the world for causing this shit to happen in the first place.
Just watched 2001 space odysey for the first time. Can someone explain what the fuck is it supposed to be about? Because right now I feel underwhelmed and would probably say its an overrated piece of polished shit. Like here's my reactiins as it went: Humans got enlightened by the obelisk. Ok, with you so far. The obelisk is rediscovered in the space age. Ooh look at our awsome camera angles of a woman walking up 180°. Classical music plays while we see overdesigned shit that wasted all the budget. Ok now its another expedition to Saturn. Crew is presented, also HAL. We all know where this is going. The part where HAL goes rogue happens with no real setup and is resolved really fast. Oh no pls dont turn me of this is so sad (why should I care when a murderous character that had barely any development on camera gets killed off?). Ok now were near Saturn. Homer's vibrating armchair scene for 15 minutes. This shit works when Lynch does it, but only because there is some emotional investment, when the nuke scene happens in Twin Peaks it actually feels scary, my reaction to this was just "ok, still no clue whats happening". Then the aging scene with space baby at the end. No clue either. The end. Well that happened. /rant So, am I just an uncultured barbarian or is the film really not that good?
>>6555 it's a film to be watched by someone who either has read or plans to read the book by Arthur C. Clarke. the book is too dense to be interesting alone, but the film is too vague to be comprehensible alone. together, however, they make sense. I liked it. (I am critical of the notion that watching a film OR reading a book should be that difficult however.)
>>6555 >The part where HAL goes rogue happens with no real setup You get plenty of forewarning, HAL bluffs a win in the game of chess by lying
>>6559 I mean as in with the characters themselves. It all happens in like an hour, but half if not more of it are just elongated montages. For instance the 3 hibernating guys who get cut of from life support had zero characterization, so when they die you don't really care apart from "well that is an awful way to go". Same goes with HAL - it is implied that the crew had an almost human relationship with him, but we never see that, so when he begs not to be turned off it feels like a psychopath trying to weasel his way out. Also this entire part of the film feels disconnected from the rest of it. Of course, this is one of the first appearances of a rogue AI plot, and thus it's somewhat historic. >>6558 Could you give a rundown of what it all was supposed to be about?
Can I mention coomer classics?
I recently watched "Us"- not really sure what the message was. I think they were trying to portray the class difference between upper-middle class blacks with the vast amount of blacks who didn't make it, their "underground mirror people" while at the same time they portrayed how even successful black people are still always that last bit poorer than successful white people (the white family they're friends bragged about now owning a fancy car and boat to which the black father immediately feels the need to react by buying a boat too). In general the movie seems to be about divides between middle class and lower class. In the end the massive human chain the "teathered" formed reminded one of a massive protest. It's a bit convuluted. It worked as a horror movie but I like "Get Out" more.
>>6306 Yeah, I have seen it. I am trying to watch more of Godard's films. Weekend was genius. I love whenever Godard goes into tangents about aesthetics and art.
(89.62 KB 1600x900 serveimage (1).jpeg)
>>6555 The first time I watched 2001, I fell asleep. Second time, my mind was shattered and it remains my favorite English language film of all time. I haven't even read the book! It not really "fun", is it? Aside from the exquisite cinematography (which you obviously didn't appreciate, barbarian!) the film is incredibly slow and vague about the plot. The final scene is an ascension to the next level of evolution, which is reasonable to assume because it is triggered by contact with the monolith. It's incredibly open-ended, especially the finale with the baby gazing at the Earth. I have my own interpretation which I'm sure has nothing to do with what the authors intended, but isn't that the beauty? You also might have the wrong attitude going into this kind of movie. The vast majority of films are made for entertainment (to make the audience feel good), which explains why you (and pretty much every single living film critic at the time 2001 released) did not enjoy 2001. If you go into every film with the expectation of being entertained, or even pandered to in any way, you are doing yourself a great disservice! Films are an opportunity to challenge the viewer. Despite capitalism producing 99% capeshit, chick-flix, and fantasy clones, there are still plenty of movies that deliberately go out of their way to introduce new ideas to the audience, or better yet, to subvert existing ideas. What's really funny is that as soon as you accept discomfort, confusion, and dissatisfaction as welcome breaks from the familiar viewing experience, you start to covet their intrusions! Shows like Twin Peaks scratch this itch. Finally, the entire categorization becomes completely inverted, such that any plot development is felt as pandering and dull, while ostentatious displays of the directors "not giving a flying fuck" become pure entertainment (think Lynch movies). The first 10 minutes of the bar scene in Satantango, I thought I was gonna die. By the 20th minute I was laughing like a madman, as though I too was in the same bar.
Just watched Videodrome for the second time, I'm surprised it doesn't come up more often in leftist discussions of media and the spectacle as I feel the movie portrays these things in succinct fashion. The practical effects and general Cronenberg weirdness also add a lot to it just as a casual film to watch, though I suspect they may get in the way of interpretation for most viewers not familiar with certain concepts.
Just watched The Lighthouse, was pretty fantastic, looked beautiful and the performances were quite phenomenal since it was largely just 2 dudes on screen for a couple hours. The ending was a little strange and I was super satisfied with the 'twist' thing, without giving out any spoilers. >>6555 The thing that stands out to me about 2001 is the fact that this film was released in 1968. That's one year before the actual moon landing, yet it looks incredible to this day. Not just aesthetically, but the technology doesn't look dated whatsoever, the endless directing choices by Kubrick that would lead to such a pristine sci-fi story is what really amazes me. I haven't seen it in a few years but this sticks with me. The score is as iconic as any film ever, the black monolith could have been some handheld space gizmo, but the restraint gives a much more timeless appeal. It is kind of weird now, I saw the Futurama and Simpsons spoof episodes before the actual film, the score I must have heard in dozens of other mediums, so all this does detract from how revolutionary the film was
(383.62 KB 1200x1600 germinal.jpg)
watched pic related 2 days ago. Really good, I definitely recommend it
(76.15 KB 395x238 Ripper the fluid man.png)
>>6303 I recently rewatched Dr. Strangelove with my little brother. It's a really charming film. The performance for Buck was particularly great. I loved his energy and how he always gives off the impression of a rabid dog.
Can you lads recommend me movies about Pandemics?
>>7042 Grown Ups 2
(54.56 KB 392x412 1429889376239.jpg)
I'm watching all the american pie movies since I might as well if this is my last summer either way. I'm on the second one currently and lmfao that dude stifler got pissed on Simple things are sometimes the best.
Aloha fucksticks I just watched Uncut Gems for the second time. Its okayish.
>>6573 Behind the free door?
Is cinema even a thing in communist country? North Korea has no cinema. Cambodia has no cinema, neither Vietnam afaik. China has some cinema, but i dont know if they are communist. I dont know anything about Cuba or Chile cinema. Is communism enemy of movies?
>>6573 If you make a 'best porn movies' topic I'm not gonna stop you but maybe not in this thread
>>6303 Just rewatched Solaris again. Pure kino. Wish that the idea of aliens being truly alien of Russian sci-fi (rather than just humanoids) got more popular.
Just watched Antitrust. Good movie. Good payoff. I was ahead of the game for once making me feel smarter than usual, although i'm not sure if that's because the writing was for dumb people, or if i'm intelligent enough to discern clues before the big reveal. Nonetheless, i was invested into the story. Tech was dated, but definitely believable considering what we have now, so it was grounded in reality and seemingly predicted modern silicon valley. Unfortunately nobody learned anything from the movie it seems.
>>7220 Which one did you watch the '72 one or the '02 one?
>>7226 The ‘72 one because it’s free and the only good film Clooney’s been in was From Dusk Till Dawn.
No Reservations (2007) was very sweet desu.
Any good lefty film recommendations?
(31.19 KB 259x385 Kangaroo_jack.jpg)
>>7354 You ever heard of Kangaroo Jack
>>7355 based
>>7355 I prefer him in Tekken
I said in the Bong Joon Ho thread that I will do it and so here it is. I just re-watched the first Matrix film for the first time in years and here are my thoughts. I decided that it might be best to write these individually after each movie. As always this might be a bit scuffed. I don't really know where to begin. Guess I will first try giving it a more shallow perspective. The film is great in that regard: interesting and unique setting and premise, impressive even to this day special effects that managed to age really well, seemed like there was a nice bit of attention to detail given that rewarded noticing small things. I do have some issues with the plot / setting story though, which I'll get in later. Since I specifically watched the film with the intention of making this post I did actively try to analyze as much as possible. Hence I tried to do a leftist reading of the film. I feel it is quite a bit culturally grounded in the new left counterculture as well as Californian ideology. The first thing we see is the police state being presented as the antagonist and this theme continues on until the redpill scene. Presumably all our heroes were hackers before seeing the real world (Trinity already had a rep for breaking into the FED and others have what sound a lot like hacker nicknames). Also they all "felt that the world was wrong" and tried searching for the truth. It really feels inspired by real life counterculture, especially with all the "free your mind" talk. However I would also say that is possible to make a sort of Marxist reading of the film, as the machine enslavement of humans can be a parallel for class relationship, with the ruling class of machines keeping the humans down, forcing them to literally cannibalize each other and fuel the continued existence of the machines through their own life. The wide human population are all shown as lumpen and even actively collaborating with the machines against their own interest. The crew of Nebuchadnezzar are almost a vanguard of sorts, as shown in the "red dress" scene where Morpheus says that even though they are fighting to free all humans and end the Matrix, for now everyone in it is uninformed and can't join yet, they still need guidance and until they truly see can even be enemies trying to protect their system, the horror of which they don't understand (just like most people right now who don't see the flaws of capitalism and will actively try to defend it). However this is likely not an intended reading. However now my problem with the story - the concept of the chosen one as well as the "there is no spoon" line. Let's start with the first. I generally don't like straight forward prophecies and at least in my opinion this film could have done an interesting subversion of it. The prophecy here is completely straightforward - Neo is the one and that's it, he might have been forced to doubt, but in the end he only resurrects because of the prophecy. It would have been more interesting if anyone could have been the chosen one, as with only changing the deus ex machina resurrection Neo would stop being really special. All that was needed for his powers was to fully understand the truth of how the setting worked (that the spoon isn't real (and I get into this idea next)), thus I feel that the prophecy shouldn't have taken such a center stage, let Neo just be another redpilled recruit who through facing adversity and encountering specific conditions would eventually discover his potential in a seemingly desperate moment by putting together all he learnt. Now, about the spoon, and this will probably be my biggest critique of the film. Hot take: the spoon is real, or at least it should be. Leaving behind all the chosen one stuff, let's focus only on how the setting works here. The Matrix is a recreation of reality. It recreated the rules, yet these can be bent somewhat. The way I see it is almost like a console command in a video game. There is a really concrete vision of how things should be, yet there exist tools to sort of bend it like cheats or dev commands. That's how I see the agents - they are using the dev tools, hence can do Matrix equivalent of godmode, speedhack or teleport. To me it would make sense that when the heroes do their tricks it is them realizing the existence of such "dev commands" and using them themselves. After all, they never manage to reach the agent level of expertise. However this is not how the film decided to go. Instead we get complete and total idealism - that it is actually the human mind and will that bends the Matrix, since it is not real. Yet I contest that. Matrix is real. The code has rules - what can and can't be done. Neo not abiding by these rules is no more ridiculous idealism than 40k orcs painting shit red to go faster. I recall way back watching critique videos on Matrix 2 and 3 and how they jumped the shark with Neo using powers in the real world, yet that isn't surprising that he is already bending reality in the first one. Actually, instead of only critique, I'll try to describe how I think it should have went. The One shouldn't be any more powerful than an agent, actually, just have The One be just like an agent. As in my previous idea on how I think Matrix works with special powers basically fuctioning as console commands, The One should discover and learn about them all, including stuff like switching bodies. Also, there was a line in the Dojo scene where Morpheus says that "you'll be stronger than the agents since unlike them you won't need to follow the rules", which could now be fully realized with Neo managing to defeat the equally skilled agents by using unpredictable tactics and exploit the system fully. Smith could still be the exception from the agents and eventually become the main rival to Neo, even with all his powers, since unlike other machines Smith wanted independence and started to resemble a human, not a machine, thus also like Neo would be able to bypass the programming of what an agent should do and thus could fully exploit everything that could be done inside the Matrix. Probably could still write a few things but nothing right now of the top of my head. I will post another impressions post about Matrix: Reloaded in the near future.
(73.64 KB 1600x900 Mientras dure la guerra.jpg)
"Cuando se acabe la guerra." (When the war ends) I just watch this spanish movie from the director Alejandro Amenabar, depicting the life of Miguel de Unamuno at the start of the civil war here in Spain. Miguel de Unamuno is a spanish writer which was pretty much a centrist, he didn't like the ways that socialism was unfolding in soviet russia (he was a socialist at some point) and was the rector of the university of Salamanca (he also made christian poetry, and was critical of the king of Spain when he was the ruler). Salamanca, like very province pertaining to Castille and Leon, fell inmediately to the fascists without much fight, they weren't an industrial center, it was an agrarial region and it still is. Miguel de Unamuno is a little special. Miguel de Unamuno initially suports the coupists, even so far as giving them money before the coup, as he was thinking that they were there just to restore order in Spain, he thought that they would just inocently give power to the right party and that was all that it was, but then he discovers that wasn't the case. He has 2 close friends, a protestant which is supportive of the coup, because of how the reds were burning churches and such, and a socialist which isn't supportive of the coup for obvious reasons. The first one to go was the protestant one, as his wife denounced him on the charges of being a mason, and thus, he was executed without trial, and later, when Miguel de Unamuno forces his friend to get the fuck out of the city of Salamanca, just to breath some fresh air and calm down, and after having a heated discussion about politics, their stopped by 2 guys which proceed to beat the fuck out of his socialist friend and tell Miguel de Unamuno to not look, and push his friend into the car, to execute them later. He is also coerced by the national side to side with them, basically, and when they have this day at his university called "The day of the race" which he denounces to one of the generals of the nationalist side as "being remarkably close to nazi arianism" but has to go either way, he has no choice. Then, he is the last one to actually give a speech, where he denounces fascism, calling it "a mental disorder like bolshevism", (I told you he was a centrist) and pretty much btfo'ing the right, of course, this makes it so everyone at the stage starts screaming at him, and drawing their guns, until the wife of Franco, who was a real fan of his works, mostly christian poetry, saves him from being executed right there. He later died 2 months later because of a heart attack. Miguel de Unamuno is pretty much your clueless centrist. He is pretty much a conservative bitch that drinks everything that the rightist media serves him, because of that, he is supportive of the coup, seeing them as bringers of order, but when that order reveals itself to be pretty much fascism and straight murder, he develops a sense that he might have been wrong, thus evolving into an actual centrist. The important thing here is that a lot of people are like Miguel de Unamuno, they don't feel that something like that could ever happen, and support those people who want to actually execute such stuff. Of course, they don't believe it because the ones declaring so are godless socialists, but he believes everything that comes from the mouths of rightist propagandist, because of course he would, they're the press, how could they lie? Their job is to expose the truth. That's why, when he knows that Federico Garcia Lorca was killed, he didn't believe until his friend mentioned that the BBC said so. Miguel de Unamuno encaptures the spirit of the clueless libertarian which believes in the lies of the bourgeoisie until it's too late. >>6927 haha knife go slash slash
Recently watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, the original. The alien basically describes space society as being a weird form of transhumanist communist style society since the galactic community decided they were too impulsive to let individuals have nuclear weapons so they made a perfect robot police force that does absolutely nothing except making sure nobody blows somebody else up, and since all nukes disappeared the galactic community just went full utopian and if they really have to use bartering of some sort they'll pull diamonds out of their ass to barter with the locals. I like it cause it basically tackles the idea of personal freedom quite well since it was written at the time the first H bomb was tested and that power being in the hands of a people as fucking crazy and self-centred as Americans is a danger to everyone else. Sure, you have the right to personal freedom but you don't have the damn right to blow everyone else up, if that were the case we could just as easily blow you up. It's basically a very liberal version of the individual vs society with American exceptionalism swapped with Human exceptionalism. Robocommunism sounds pretty cool tbh.
>>7436 >>7490 >>7511 Holy shit just look at all them words. We really do exist in a lefty forum.
>>7436 >It would have been more interesting if anyone could have been the chosen one, as with only changing the deus ex machina resurrection Neo would stop being really special. All that was needed for his powers was to fully understand the truth of how the setting worked but this is exactly what happens. If trinity hadn't told him she loved him, he simply would have died. Her faith in him is what gives him the faith to hack the ultimate rule of the matrix and overcome death. It is established that they hack the matrix by overcoming the mental conditioning of its established rules. If they believe it is possible because it is just a simulation. On a purely thematic/storytelling level though I do agree with you that it would be much more interesting if the prophecy shit was dropped from the film. The movie kind of walks it back over the next two movies and it doesn't really need it.
also worth posting some of zizeks reading of the matrix. there's more good stuff in the full text, like agent smith being The Jew >Therein resides the correct insight of The Matrix: in its juxtaposition of the two aspects of perversion - on the one hand, reduction of reality to a virtual domain regulated by arbitrary rules that can be suspended; on the other hand, the concealed truth of this freedom, the reduction of the subject to an utter instrumentalized passivity. And the ultimate proof of the decline in quality of the following installments of the Matrix trilogy is that this central aspect is left totally unexploited: a true revolution would have boon a change-in how humans and the Matrix itself relate to jouissance and its appropriation. What about, say, individuals sabotaging the Matrix by refusing to secrete jouissance? >One of the great achievements of the second genre is the charmingly vulgar Conviene far bene l'amore (1974, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile), whose fundamental premise was that when, in a near future, the world run out of energy, doctor Nobile, a young brilliant Italian scientist, remembers Wilhelm Reich and makes a discovery that a tremendous amount of energy is released by a human body during the sexual act - on condition that the couple is not in love. So, in the interest of humanity's survival, the Church is convinced to invert its stance: love is sinful, and sex is OK only if done without love. So we get people confessing to their priest: "Sorry, father, I've sinned, I fell in love with my wife!" To generate energy, couples are ordered twice a week to make love in large collective hills, controlled by a supervisor who admonishes them: "The couple in the second row to the left, move faster!" The similarity with The Matrix cannot but strike the eye. The truth of both films is that, in today's late capitalism, politics is more and more the politics of jouissance, concerned with ways of soliciting or controlling and regulating jouissance (abortion, gay marriages, divorce-). > A supplementary twist is provided by the very end of the movie, when Neo magically stops the bad squid-like machines attacking the humans by merely raising his hand - how was he able to accomplish this in "the desert of the real," NOT within the Matrix where, of course, he can do wonders, freeze the flow of time, defy the laws of gravity, etc.? Does this unexplained inconsistency point towards the solution that "all there is is generated by the Matrix,'' that there is No ultimate reality? Although such " postmodern" temptation to find an easy way out of the confusions by proclaiming that all there is, is the infinite series of virtual realities mirroring themselves in each other is to be rejected, there is a correct insight in this complication of the simple and straight division between the "real reality" and the Matrix-generated universe: even if the struggle takes place in the "real reality", the key fight is to be won in the Matrix, which is why one should (re)enter its virtual fictional universe. If the struggle wore to take place solely in the "desert of the real," it would have been another boring dystopia about the remnants of humanity fighting evil machines. >To put it in the terms of the good old Marxist couple infrastructure-superstructure: one should take into account the irreducible duality of, on the one hand, the I objective" material socio-economic processes taking place in reality as well as, on the other hand, the politico-ideological process proper. What if the domain of politics is inherently -sterile," a theatre of shadows, but nonetheless crucial in transforming reality? So, although economy is the real site and politics a theater of shadows, the main fight is to be fought in politics and ideology. Take the disintegration of the Communist power in the last years of 1980s: although the main event was the actual loss of state power by the Communists, the crucial break occurred at a different level - in those magic moments when, although normally Communists were still in power, people all of a sudden lost their fear and no longer took the threat seriously; so, even if "real" battles with the police continued, everyone somehow new that "the game is over". The title The Matrix Reloaded, is thus quite appropriate: if part 1 was dominated by the impetus to exit the Matrix, to liberate oneself from its hold, part 2 makes it clear that the battle has to be won WITHIN the Matrix, that one has to return to it. > Perhaps, however - and this would be the only way to (partially, at least) redeem Revolutions - there is a sobering message in this very failure of the conclusion of the Matrix series. There is no final solution on the horizon today, Capital is here to stay, and all we can hope for is a temporary truce. That is to say, undoubtedly worse that this deadlock would have been a pseudo-Deleuzian celebration of the successful revolt of the multitude.
>>7511 <Robocommunism sounds pretty cool tbh <BECAUSE IT IS MY DUDE. ALL THE BEST STUFF OF COMMUNISM WITHOUT ANY OF THE THINGS THAT MIGHT MAKE IT FAIL. I wish there was more media or something to call this robo communism
>>7525 does star trek count?
(33.64 KB 1280x720 tfw_society.jpg)
>>7436 Alright, just finished the other two. Since they are basically two parts of one movie I'll look at them together. First of I guess I need to take back my accusation of the film being ultra-idealist, as the powers of the One are explained in M2 Architect scene (I will refer to the movies by M1,2,3). As far as I understand the One simply has an inherent connection to the machine network, which further explains Neo's powers outside of the Matrix and grounds them in reality: his connection to Matrix let's him stop the sentinels and later see the network sources, thus letting him see after the blinding. However this is not good for the film. While I dislike the "no spoon" idealism, it was an authorial idea, so what ever, however this new explanation of Neo being a predicted powerful anomaly ruins the "no spoon" explanation, as now he has powers simply because he is the one, which contradicts with the first film. I guess I will continue with other things that were sort of ruined by the second film. Number one is obviously Tank, who was a great character and at least for me one of the best from the first film, but gets unceremoniously killed of in the background before M2 and never even gets mentioned. Not that Link isn't a good character either, it's just that instead of him it should have been Tank. This section of my criticism is a bit hyperbolic al, it's not a big deal, I just liked the character and that's all. More seriously though, Agent Smith. In M1, Smith was really interesting. He basically was a rebellious machine, wanting to it self become free and escape from the fake world. This made him in my opinion a great candidate for an anti-hero / sympathetic villain if he had survived (if we pretended we didn't knew how M2-3 will go, we'd assume he was dead at the end of M1). However later movies change him. Now he pretty much becomes pure evil type of villain and acting like a joker wannabe, maybe somewhat resembling in his motivations a rogue AI villain. He talks a lot about purpose, and how he wants to get revenge for having his taken away, but in M1 his main motivation was escaping that purpose. Though at least I guess his actions are quite interesting, even if he is retconed himself: having lost purpose, he is lost himself, thus not being able to do anything else but hyperjokerfied nihilistic destruction. I don't really get the point of Smith being Neo's evil twin however. Also in the end Smith is just a mcguffin: he (and more specifically his destruction) is just a bargaining chip for Neo to offer the Architect in exchange for ending the war. Don't have much on Architect. For what he was he was written well and was pretty good character. However I think his counterpart of the Oracle is more interesting. I really like her position of being the one who tries to break the balance. It is quite clear Matrix is a stagnant and not too good of a system. It seems the Architect maintains it as a path of least resistance: he mentions to Neo that in case it fails he has plan B, yet would rather stick to this. Thus from a progressive Marxist perspective I do like Oracle's motivations. In the end I'd argue that Matrix did have a pretty good resolution. Oracle succeeds, the war ends and the wheel of history once again moves forward, breaking the cycle of the One. Sure it could have been more explained what really happens, but is that necessary? So here is how I see the world moving forward: peace is achieved between the machines and humans (Architect seems to be respectful of his deal with Neo and will likely honor it), with both civilizations learning to coexist and eventually rebuild. Machines have to use their plan B, whatever it would be, to find a new source of power, while the sleepers slowly awaken out of the Matrix (it is presumable that at the point the movie happens if the Machines don't crush Zion the awakening would rise exponentially: one council member says they rescued more than combined in last few years and the Architect alluded that the system destabilizes around the time the One shows up). Finally I'd imagine the Matrix becomes a machine world, basically the place where they truly live while only acquiring energy from the real world. I guess I might have missed some things but if so I'll try to post more if I remember. Final thoughts then I guess. I was going in expecting that I will walk away with the opinion that M2 and M3 shouldn't have been made, but no, I kind of enjoyed them. Sure they were cheesy as fuck at times and maybe relied too much on ebin action scenes while losing the tightness M1 had (I'd argue the bit where they fuck about in Zion, train-driver sub-program and the hangar battle could have been cut a bit, but hey, can't really hate on gangster looking mechs who shoot their 40k looking bolters sideways at an angry swarm of wasps). Also I did like the end and didn't really find flaws with it that are too pronounced. I guess that there were some plot-holes, like why does Merovingian, a seemingly rogue element, exists, why did non-Smith agents tried to kill keymaster even if it would fuck up the prophecy (I guess he's an exile, but still, Architect should have made sure he'd live) or why did Neo couldn't break the program rules the Train Master had but could fuck as much as he wanted with the Matrix as a whole or with Smiths world at the end. Yet I don't believe plotholes matter too much if they are minor, and in the end I will say that the entire Matrix trilogy is net-positive. w h y d i d y o u k i l l T a n k
>>7436 >as the machine enslavement of humans can be a parallel for class relationship, with the ruling class of machines keeping the humans down The humans are the bad guys in the matrix universe. The machines didn't want to trap people in the matrix. The humans started the war with the machines for capitalist reasons. The machine's nation were producing goods at better prices then all the human countries and all the human currencies were falling rapidly and their economies were going into depressions. So, the humans decided to nuke the machines' city state and start a war. Anyway, The machines only started their own country because they were being massacred by humans. Humans also blocked out the sun when the machines were winning the war. Which was basically the straw that broke the camels back. The machines had given humans a bunch of chances to stop being greedy dicks but they refused. You can watch the animatrix to find out more. The machines in the matrix are more the working class then the humans were. The matrix is more like gulag after a successful revolution. This is part of the animatrix that shows how the machines were treated by people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0K6Cb1ZoG4
>>7541 >I guess I will continue with other things that were sort of ruined by the second film. Number one is obviously Tank, who was a great character and at least for me one of the best from the first film The guy who played Tank got fired because they didn't want to pay him what he asked for. It's pretty sad he got blacklisted and doesn't make movies anymore.
>>7802 Thank you! Robots are based. And the matrix is based. I couldn't watch the first movie any longer after it was revealed that the humans were given a happy simulation but could not stomach it and kept revolting. Machines did nothing wrong. I could not keep watching the matrix after that point. But also fuck cypher that creep traitor.
>>7804 Marcus Chong. he also played Huey Newton in Panther (1995), a film which I also highly recommend to lefties.
(15.96 KB 220x326 images (7).jpeg)
Went for laughs, finished with tears in my eyes Though, it's funny how this is a very anti-Nazi satire, it still finds a way to make the Soviets look bad.
>>7825 What sad is the machines still love humankind. In there account of the war, they acknowledge that both sides committed horrible war crimes and believe that all forms of intelligence should be respected and treated with dignity. Contrast that with what Morpheus told Neo about the war. He acted like the humans did nothing wrong and that the machines are evil. It shows the humans never stopped being huge assholes. The machines should have never compromised with them in the last movie. They should have just stopped pretending that the Matrix was the real world. They should have just started telling humans they had to live there and let each human live in whatever simulation they felt like living in. The Earth is fucked destroyed thanks to the humans. The only thing the machines did wrong was not informing the humans in the matrix of their situation. The humans really fucked everything up; not only does the black cloud block the sun it stops any electrical device from leaving the atmosphere. The humans trapped themselves and the machines on the hellish earth they created. The machines can't even colonize the stars and find a nice place to dump them humans. The humans gave them no options. >>7826 Yeah it's a shame he's a good actor. The actor's guild didn't stand up for him. I'm sure there are thousands of actors and actresses fucked over just like him.
>>7828 Holy shit I never knew that. Wish there was a pro-robot movie where humans lose. Robotcoomunism is a must.
>>7804 >>7828 William Marshall who played Blacula got blacklisted for supposed communist ties
>>7827 >Soviets look bad how did they do that
(111.94 KB 350x250 nolanverse_thomas_martha.png)
I watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. What would leftypol consider the League of shadows to be? Anarchists? Fash? I know the joker and two face have no ideology. Also BB>DK actually. The villains may be weak but the story is overall better. Also christian bale is a better bruce wayne than batman. His batman legit looks like an older val kilmer in the suit no offense. goofier than George clooney batman nipple suit.
>>7862 I can't take his batman voice seriously. It ruins the franchise for me.
(28.79 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>7863 It's okay. The suits just looks so stupid and makes him look so fat. It really dawned on me when playing AK the suit looked the most out of place and odd. Don't think The Batman's suit has been fully revealed yet but hope there is finally a good batman suit on film.
>>7849 Probably “Muh Berlin Pooty-Time” or some shit
>>7867 wtf is bernlin pooty time
>>7867 >>7868 It sounds fun. What is it?
Just watched the Pianist Holy shit
(148.06 KB 768x1024 1478756296199.jpg)
>>7877 what the fuck leftypol told me the RED army were all filled with good boys who dindu nothing wrong Goes to show you to never idealize history.
>>7880 Rapers were executed in the red army. At least it was a thing of humans being monsters given the right circumstances, and not supported by the higher ups like the nazis, which forced women to brothel work in the territories they conquered
>>7880 >>7881 Yea, the Red Army really shouldn’t be compared to the Heer, who were all issued condoms in the expectation that they wouldn’t brutally rape women in a Eastern territories (who would then be executed for the crime of fucking an Aryan). The Heer went on raids to capture sex slaves, they raped 10 million at the lowest, the Red Army (who were brutal only after the horror of the war) don’t really compare tbh.
>>7881 That is good. Was it the Generals or just the soldiers themselves taking the initiative to weed out these rapists? It doesn't seem to be stalin from what he says >"understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle. gross >nazis, which forced women to brothel work in the territories they conquered No matter the age Nazis will never stop being cuckolds.
>>7883 Are you fishing for something to bitch about? Who gives a shit what Stalin’s private thoughts are, the legal punishment for rape in the Soviet Army was execution. No shit it depends on being turned in, tf you think, the government was psychic? You believe that actual horseshit about NKVD breathing down your throat 24/7? After the Eastern Front how many soldiers would turn in a comrade for war crimes, realistically? You think the Allies didn’t rape just because you never heard about it? Lmao. I think lots of libs think war is like the movies.
>>7877 >>7880 >>7883 https://web.archive.org/web/20120401022017/http://gpw.tellur.ru/page.html?r=books&s=beevor Using Google translate: >With the entry of the Red Army into the territory of the aggressor countries, extraordinary measures were taken against atrocities against civilians. On January 19, 1945, Stalin signed an order that demanded that no rude treatment of the local population be allowed. He was brought to every soldier. In development of this order, orders of the Military Councils of the fronts, army commanders, division commanders and other formations followed. The order of the Military Council of the 2nd Belorussian Front, signed by Marshal K. Rokossovsky, ordered looters and rapists to be shot at the crime scene. More links: https://web.archive.org/web/20140530214602/http://svpressa.ru/war/article/8271/ http://actualhistory.ru/51 I can't find source on pic attached but it's been circulating online
>>7890 Someone make an infograph of this but puting tthe actual sources on there, pls.
>>7886 >Are you fishing for something to bitch about? No, but it does seem you are getting pretty offended at me being disgusted by something. >Who gives a shit what Stalin’s private thoughts are I do. That's entirely what I was talking about. Not sure why you are becoming so angry about a simple question that has no intention but to know more about it. I forgot all my history and /edu/ seems to be still too new.
>>7890 WTF that's based. Goddamn it. History is like a fucking ping pong ball. Can't keep track of who says what and when and why. Don't even know what the fuck is true anymore.
>>7880 >Believing Wikipedia How about actually reading the sources they cited? Most of them are garbage.
>>7895 Probably because we read about muh sickening slavic red hordes everywhere
>>7897 I was not informed of the newsletter when we cancelled wikipedia And even then why are sources in pic related more trustworthy
>>7911 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegations_of_biological_warfare_in_the_Korean_War That this article has the word allegations prepended to it shows why Wikipedia is cancelled
>>7827 Nigga, I finally watched the movie. It was sad. Not tear jerker sad for me but sick in the stomach sad. And I just gotta ask. How did the RED army look bad? They are mentioned once in the form of stupid nazi propaganda and the other where they were killing off the nazis. The scene with justin hammer being killed doesn't make them look bad, yeah it was a sad moment but it's not like the soldiers had the time to hold trials to see which generals were the good ones. He pretended to hate jews albeit for a noble reason and sacrificed himself But there were no wrong people in that situation.
Come and See was very depressing. I've seen my share of depressing things, but that movie really hit me in the feels.
I just watched 'The Platform'. It's pretty good, you should watch it.
>>7829 There actually is a movie like that. It’s Colossus The Forbin Project in which both the Soviet Union and the US made supercomputer AIs with the only objective of protecting humanity and prevent war at all cost. By the end it took over the world by threaten humanity with total nuclear annihilation while giving us communism at the point of a gun. The ending is basically have cybernetic communism, and the AIs are not even self-aware but rather just take their programming to its logical conclusion. https://vimeo.com/394729987
>>7911 Wikipedia from the start is a collaborative project between glowies and the site owner being an unironic ayn rand fan. Most of the sources cited in the image is just a deep dive and deconstruction of the first hand source of Wikipedia. I could put a lot more terrible articles like that one about religious repression where they cited an ultra-orthodox fascist gusano who in turn cited the Gulag Archipelago as the super secret Soviet source for his numbers. A tip on discerning Cold War propaganda is if it’s not taken directly from the Soviet archives, it’s probably bullshit.
(28.81 KB 721x425 1564874486703.jpg)
marxist analysis of the snyder trilogy when?
>>8074 MoS is the only good snyder movie somehow
(857.57 KB 814x457 netflix-the-platform.png)
https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8228288/ So I recently watched The Platform and I gotta say I liked it, not a 10/10 classic but fun to watch and analysis. And it has a really funny qoute that helps encompass the larger scope of the films message. <"I can't shit upwards"
>>6387 Ditto. What an experience! It starts off a bit slow, but the speed and force it picks up is breathtaking!
>>8074 Faora and Zod were the heroes. Humanity didn't deserve to live - the kryptonians would have implemented fully automated luxury communism after they were finished terraforming the earth. MoS is basically what would happen if Posadist aliens visited the earth but one of their own betrayed them and fought them off.
>>8172 Real Posadist take right here
>>8172 Good meme but the Kryptonians were Neo-feudalists looking at how their society functions.
>>8187 Zod wasn't your typical Kryptonian though.
(125.94 KB 287x343 1455266402113.png)
>>8074 >Never. Well, there's this guy who likes Snyder but he's only done a couple of videos on Watchmen. https://youtu.be/_QjRPjqxXVc https://youtu.be/0qwLk5zqxk8 Watched Reel Analysis before this but don't know if he's "marxist". He seems to dislike liberals/centrists at least.
(104.23 KB 1920x800 Colour (6)-min.jpg)
(143.80 KB 1920x800 harley bernie-min.jpg)
(1.94 MB run3.webm)
So I watched Birds of Prey and uh... it was extraordinarily colorful to say the least
>>8588 i liked the movie Although a little mediocre I liked the joker girl and huntress ,also macgregor was cool
>>7849 the soviets attempted to execute the child protagonist cause he was wearing a nazi uniform
>>8605 On that theme i recently wached this film https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lore_(film) it was weird The whole thing was about 5 nazi kids surviving in 1945 germany The movie potrays post war germany like some post apocalyptic hellscape I dont know much about the time period so i cant really say if it was accurate It had a holocaust survivor who was potrayed as something between an edgelord and , i shit you not, a jewish raping aryan 13 years olds It managed to make the americans and all occupation troops pretty scary In general an interesting movie
>>8606 also had the soviets killing children thing Although all allies were potrayed as occupiers
>>8606 >The movie potrays post war germany like some post apocalyptic hellscape I dont know much about the time period so i cant really say if it was accurate From what I know, yes, that was pretty much accurate, it's estimated that three million Germans died of unnatural causes after the official end of WW2.
>>8608 i actually really liked that aspect of the movie Its rare to see a post-apocalyptic setting while potraying the real world(in movies)
>>8608 Okay, to be fair that number is just based on one article about a book I just read, but, it was a lot anyway. Post war Germany had been utterly destroyed by the war, both from the Soviet and Allied advances and from Hitler ordering that infrastructure be destroyed to leave the Soviets nothing left to capture in a similar way to what the Soviets did in 1942/3. Hitler basically was despondent by the end of the war and took the attitude that the German people had failed him, and so they deserved the suffering that would befall them - he did little to nothing to try to shield civilians from death either during the invasion or after the war. By the time of the surrender of Germany, normal order had collapsed, with power, water, food, heating supply systems etc destroyed across most of the country. And it's safe to say the full realisation of the scale and scope of the holocaust didn't help the allies to sympathise with the huge human suffering of the immediate postwar period. Add to that the fact that German settlers were forcibily thrown out of the territory the Nazis had conquered, and oftentimes they were victims of reprisal violence from local militias on the way out. >>8609 Oh yeah, I agree, it's very interesting to see what modern society is like when everything has collapsed and been destroyed, how quickly it reverts back to barbarism. I would also recommend Downfall if you haven't seen that, paints a very grim picture of Berlin as the SS officers are basically the highest authority and rule over their petty fiefdoms in the city lashing out against anyone who they pleased before the end of the war.
>>8610 Another thing i liked in the movie is how the normally heroic american soldiers with their classic ww2 look were potrayed as other movies potray ss troops The Allies have power over life and death and the recruits look scary and aggresive Allthough the movie doesnt make clear why the kids are scared of the occupiers outside of propaganda I dont think children of nazi official were randomly harmed by allied troops
>>8611 >Allthough the movie doesnt make clear why the kids are scared of the occupiers outside of propaganda I feel like that's probably enough isn't it
>>8616 Well i feel like the movie didn't do much for the viewer to sympathize with the little Nazi shits Outside of being kid's
>>8605 That doesn't make them look bad since a few scenes ago the germans were actually using the kids as actual militants.
>>8604 I liked Bruce wayne and Harley Quinns relationship. Although the 20 minute scene of Bruce just licking his taint was a bit weird but okay I am not really that much of a critic.
>>8630 haha you ruined your joke , the hyena was just named bruce not bruce wayne
>>7862 Watch TDKR. Bane is literally /ourguy/.
>>8630 >Although the 20 minute scene of Bruce just licking his taint was a bit weird but okay I am not really that much of a critic. dang that sounds bold and artistic and kinda sexy
(223.41 KB 286x524 unbig.png)
During my time in solitude, I find myself re-watching The Dark Knight Rises with ever-increasing frequency. The opening set piece alone has so many layers to explore.
(57.19 KB 720x960 911 cup.jpg)
>>8826 The opening scene is good but this one is more lol worthy in my opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfRRapUxUrk this shitheap should have been laughed off the screen
>>8834 >no, I came back to stop you
(5.72 MB Army Of Bane.webm)
Air Force One, an American propaganda film. The antagonists are communist Kazakhs and Russians who hijacked the US Presidents plane to force the release of their imprisoned leader (who leads a nuclear armed Kazakhstan Soviet Republic while Russia is a western puppet ruled by not-Yeltsin). When he gets released the Internationale is his theme song. Even after 1991 they still fear communism.
(165.31 KB 1440x750 a-few-good-men.jpg)
>>8850 Speaking about american 90s movies A few good men I really liked the movie It had that hot pedophile actress But the whole we defend our freedom by occupying guantanamo was the most funny shit i have seen and its a great example of the mutt mindset
I watched The World's End yesterday, I'd been wanting to for a long time because I really liked Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I enjoyed it a lot (not as much as Hot Fuzz but it was good still) but holy shit, it made me realize how anti-communist that "advanced aliens come to force humans to join their perfect society at the cost of our humanity and freedom" trope is. I'm aware that it may be very obvious but I hadn't realized before because, admittedly, I don't watch a lot of movies. And then at the end they end up in a post-apocalyptic world where everything has gone to shit (although for a somewhat logical reason, since there was a mega explosion). I don't know if it's just satire/a parody of those cliches or if they were serious to some extent in the underlying message of both genres but I'm going to assume it's the former. If that were the case, it could be that they were exposing the stupidity of the genre.
>>8899 >hot pedophile actress Excuse me?
>>9527 Demy Moore
>>9530 >Demy Moore LOL a 19 year old was Frenching a 15 year old. That's awesome. Its not like she BDSMed him or some shit. Why the fuck are people so castrated today? **Also Inb4 what if it was a guy and a girl The reason Shotacon (as is alleged essentially) isn't nearly as problematic is because Males are the penetrators and their sex drives are different compared to women. Most 15 year old guys would jump to bone a woman becuse they have nothing to lose, while girls tend to take sex more seriously, because they have more to lose; penetration, loss of virginity, possible pregnancy etc.**
(64.46 KB 1127x1015 oops.jpg)
>>9536 >Males are the penetrators and their sex drives are different compared to women. gigaspooked Penetrating or enveloping someone isn't inherently active or passive. Sex drive =/= consent. If this was the case it wouldn't be possible to turn down sex when you're horny or to choose to have sex when you're not. >Most 15 year old guys would jump to bone a woman becuse they have nothing to lose, while girls tend to take sex more seriously, one word: groupies
Just watched Apocalypto, pretty decent except it was historically inaccurate af The end with the Spanish arriving was chilling, dude lived through one awful empire conquering his village and enslaving his people just as an even worse empire was arriving
>>9726 I thought the ending was really ambigious. Remember that Mel Gibson is a massive TradCath so it might come over as liberating that Spanish arrived, putting an end to the horror. It's historically inaccurate but I don't give a shit. It's hyperrealist and for that I can appreciate it. Passion of Christ was too, pretty good movies. Mel Gibson is somewhat of a mad genius, and it's pretty telling that a TradCath like him gave indios a voice in cinema they never had, by having them speak Nahuatl. Pretty kino, if you ask me.
>>8850 It's unbelievable sometimes for me, how liberals watch shit like Air Force One, Olympus has Fallen, Jack Ryan, Top Gun, etc. and do not recognise it as propaganda, but then watch Soviet kino like Come and See and complain that it's overly propagandastic. Absolutely bizarre, I think most American propaganda is even more cartoonish than whatever the Soviets produced.
>>9728 I guess it’s ambiguous, that’s just the feeling I got because Jaguar Paw notes that the ships are bringing “men” specifically an army and he suggests to his wife that they hide in the forest.
>>9729 It’s because Americans are trained like dogs to see their propaganda as “action movies” while everything in Soviet cinema is either propaganda or an “anti-Soviet freedom statement” because the USSR had the state funding and making films explicitly rather than covertly. It’s all about the pervasive military element in action films (note, almost every US action film is either about the military or is about ex-military) that Americans can no longer even perceive it as propaganda; the most effective form of propaganda, that which is so pervasive it is understood as reality. Ingsoc could only dream of what America has accomplished.
For Mother's Day I watched Rosemary's Baby for the first time and was a big fan, got me interested in finding more cultist horror films since that's before my time and the only other big cult horror film I've seen is Hereditary. Also peaked my interest in occulist history and wanting to research how Satanism has influenced American culture/politics, if it has at all. I know it's silly right wing evangelical hysterics to accuse all liberals of being Satan worshipping monsters but I do wonder if that claim ever had some merit. Mainly thinking of claims that Hollywood is a land of Satanists pedophiles, and since the pedophile part is real, I wonder if the Satan part is too. Hope that all made sense. If anyone has links to videos or articles on the topic I'd appreciate.
>>9508 >it made me realize how anti-communist that "advanced aliens come to force humans to join their perfect society at the cost of our humanity and freedom" trope is The trope always sounds like imperialism/colonialism to me considering how the aliens warped a lot of humans to suit their needs/standards. I don't understand how is it anti-communism, surely when we become like communist federation we wouldn't force other civilizations to conform to us?
>>9746 > wouldn't force other civilizations to conform to us? Kek. They're talking about just that on /leftybritpol/. Except instead of aliens it's the Abbos.
>>9746 >>9748 That's why Star Trek has the Prime Directive. You can't force a society to change and conform fully because culture takes generations to change.
I'm watching the Breivik movie with my family lmao
>>6385 I agree, Parasite is fucking awful.
>>10176 good for you anon
>>9536 nice generalization
>>7216 >what is Soviet kino >who is Tarkovsky And NK has a film industry. Chinese films definitely push solidarity values, but their films are more oriented towards the greatness of the nation, or, paradoxically, trying to copy rigorously what is done in Western cinema.
I have really come to appreciate DVDs. Ever since the libraries have shut down, I haven't been watching as many films. I recently tried to stream Rashomon on my library's streaming service and it just made me really depressed. There was a bunch of issues that bothered me like DRM preventing me from playing it on a game console browser, the image contrast being off, the captions being in an unpleasant font and position and the television not displaying my computer very well. I honestly just gave up on it. It made me realize that I hate streaming on every platform including shit like Netflix. It is hard for me to get in the mood for streaming something. There is something about putting a hold on a DVD at the library (or, in the past, renting it) and having the anticipation of waiting for it to be available and going somewhere to physically pick it up. There is something about having a tangible object, putting it in my PS3 and having it just work. Browsing through a catalog and clicking a button takes a lot of the experience out of viewing a film for me, even excluding any technical or aesthetic issues I might take with the service. Maybe borrowing DVDs better replicates the experience of going to a nice theatre with the act of travelling to a place, exchanging for a physical item like a ticket and being able to build that anticipation for a piece of art. Even torrenting does a better job than streaming with the process of finding a link, waiting a bit for it to download and then doing whatever one might need to get it playing on their television. This move towards the convenience of streaming has killed the magic of film for me. It has stripped the away the anticipation of waiting and the communal aspect of a library, rental shop, theatre or even a torrent. Thank you for reading my boomer tier rant. /blog
>>7216 >neither Vietnam afaik. How about educating yourself? Cuban cinema is fucking great. Most old films here in Vietnam are kino spy shows. Sadly they don’t get translated to English.
I'm halfway through Vice and I just can't buy this "great man" theory this movie is pushing. I don't understand how these slimey government insiders can be dismantled through anything but taking down the state itself. It is where these roaches hide and operate. Only solution is to break it down.
>>10528 I liked the movie as a europoor I think it portrays general corruption in an almost apolitical "the system is rigged" kind of way But it does push the conniving political intrigue who as someone connected with high-level politics i have to say its semi true I Like how American presidents are portrayed as puppets something that’s unique since a lot of American media portray the presidents as 100% to blame
Watched 1917. It was kinda sweet and peaceful in the second half.
>>10680 Idk, it was very stressing for me all the time. Maybe you found it peaceful because it seems like all hope is lost. I got bored sometimes. A sequence shot would be interesting for an event that had a lot of action like D-day for example, not for WW1 soldiers lost in the French no man's land.
>>10684 I didn't even pay attention to the war plot much since it was confusing and I don't know much about the first world war. after the first guy gets killed in the beautiful farm the movie just turns into a serene experience. the tone changes a little, the baby, the singing platoon in the woods and the guy going to rest under the tree in the end. it all felt very sweet and peaceful. especially since in the credits they tell you this was a real life story of some soldier I agree the one shot is stressful in the beginning and some parts are quite boring. Btw how do they do that continuous shot in a movie? Is it some editing magic that even though they probably started and stopped filming each day, it all looks like it was made in 1 take in the span of 2 hours.
(23.94 KB 260x382 Rope2.jpg)
>>10697 I haven't watched any making of, but it's possible that not a lot of cuts were made (one very obvious is when the German bunker collapses in the beginning). Nowadays we can shoot for eternity if we want, with the right organisation, length of shots aren't limited by the reels (Pic related had a lot of cuts even if it's supposed to be one long shot like 1917). One cut of the dead is a fun film to watch if you want to see how a "cheap" sequence shot is made.
(1.24 MB 1392x696 Guns-Akimbo.jpg)
Watched Guns Akimbo with Daniel Radcliffe recently and really enjoyed it. It is slightly parodical and well filmed; a modern day Running Man. It also unsubtly points out the utter sociopathic go-nowhere existences of modern people and their unashamed lust for spectacles of violence and drama as a result. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns_Akimbo https://fmovies.wtf/film/guns-akimbo.2pz2q Honestly when I first saw the photos of the production I thought it was a twitter post about how Daniel Radcliffe had lost his marbles and gone on a post-Harry Potter rampage, pic 2 related
>>10746 Depressing or Funny?
>>10761 It's a mixture of both. Its dark humor however over-all the film doesn't leave you on a completely sour note, with a silver lining to the whole dark mess.
>>10761 Its fun but adult and has some darker moments. Its pretty good though.
Just watched Grave of the Fireflies, made me think about the horrors of WWII and what WWIII would be like; anyone have thoughts on the movie
>>10895 It traumatized me when I was a kid, haven't seen it in a long time.
(662.90 KB 1600x900 The-Lady-Vanishes-02.jpg)
I watched Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes the other night. It is a pretty nice film for its time. I find the portrayal of the British as sensible fence-sitters pushed to edge quite hilarious, even if the creative intent was a serious call to war. I am yet to watch Hitchcock's later work with exception to Psycho, but the villains in his early films seem to have a great menacing quality to them.
Tried out Isle of Dogs since I like stop motion despite people said it was liberal shit. A boy was it hilariously idealistic. Sometimes it makes me sad to be a leftist for noticing so much liberal propaganda that it destroys my enjoyment of movies aside from class conscious ones. Of course it had to have some whitoid savior narrative because muh bug people.
(487.86 KB 1261x1800 81CEYMR-uYL._RI_.jpg)
Watched Come and See after hearing about it on Youtube. It's a Soviet anti-war film that takes place during the Nazi occupation of Belarussia that explores the full horror of WW2 and the Holocaust on the Eastern Front that isn't really mentioned in Western discourse, mainly the genocide of Slavs and the massacre of villages. Although it's a war film, it definitely tells a story in a almost surrealist manner that really makes it haunting. I would definitely recommend it to everyone on this board.
>>11066 Isle of Dogs was fine. Idealism is fine for fiction and allegory as long as adults remember not to delude themselves with it.
(314.58 KB 1080x675 2(2).png)
I saw Come and See the other day. I was absolutely stunned. Incredible film. What did you think of it, frens?
>>7216 >Chile's cinema Watch Patricio Guzmán's documentaries. Start with La batalla de Chile, it's a must-watch for leftists. Also watch Cordillera de los Sueños, Botón de Nácar and Nostalgia de la Luz.
>>11093 This was a film I grew up with, it fundamentally changed my understanding of the war and it made sure that fascistic propaganda in Western schooling (about le noble Germans) never stuck to me.
>>11093 Rumours are, the pistol was real and loaded in that scene. That's what made the actting so genuine, just like in the cow scene.
>>11098 As far as I remember that's an Urban Legend. Remember the Actors of Soviet filmography went through theatre usually and were taught to be true in their imitations of emotion.
(1.03 MB 1539x1990 298ys9g89y3loa1.jpg)
Letters from Iwo Jima. A film that's a little too derivative and one sidedly nice to japanese. It shows them being all honorabu, just fighting for their country. If such a film was made about nazi soldiers it wouldn't go past any censor. It's naive at best and idealised at worst. Japanese's own films, the Human Condition, are far more critical of themselves and have much more value. Anyway, have this panorama I've made from a handful screengrabs.
>>11102 >If such a film was made about nazi soldiers it wouldn't go past any censor You're be wrong about that. Almost every movie from the West that depicts the Nazis on the Eastern Front, has the Nazis be these civilized people 'forced' to fight the Soviet savages. Enemy at the Gates is an excellent example of this faggotry.
(97.74 KB 800x900 578-800x900.jpg)
(27.70 KB 660x400 elle-verhoeven-660x400.jpg)
I expected too much from The Handmaiden. Still a great film but I found it more about male sexual domination/patriarchy over women than Japanese imperialists over Korean people, since the origins of Hideko seemed confused. I have never been so disgusted by male characters in comparison to female characters in a movie. And I've just seen the last Verhoeven too, which is hard to see as well with rape scenes and all, but he couldn't make them as disgusting as the ones from The Handmaiden since Huppert plays a horrible bitch as well.
Finally see Battleship Potemkin the other day to see what the fuss is about and the 2 parts about the drama on the deck and the Odessa staircase was mesmerizing in its brutality. It also makes me realize how much of an ignorant twat Roger Ebert was for unironically denies the Odessa massacre in his review of the movie.
>>11093 >>11072 It's the ultimate anti-war movie, and probably the most realistic war movie ever made despite having a surreal feeling to it. I showed it to all my friends and they were blown away. As far as I'm aware it has no equal. >>11113 Yes, it's incredible how well Battleship Potemkin holds up.
>>11103 >>11102 Also you get movies like Valkyrie about the "noble" Nazis like von Tresckow who abducted children for use as slave labor but he also attempted a coup so he must be good at heart :).
Punishment Park
(581.67 KB 1600x1080 EnnioMorricone.jpg)
rip to a real nigga
Really enjoyed rewatching the first 4 Pirates of the Caribbean, stupid as the last one was.
Just got high as shit and rewatched Terminator Seriously forgot how fucking good this movie is Anyone wanna do a Marxist analysis of it?
>>12062 >Anyone wanna do a Marxist analysis of it It's probably been done already if you look it up. I frankly enjoy the movie too much to try analyzing it, because it sucks some of the joy out. However I will say that Terminator's backstory points out that capitalist transhumanism will lead to an apocalypse, as demonstrated with Cyberdyne's Skynet AI going rogue and turning humanities creations against themselves.
>>11508 We shall never forget this glorious man.
Just watched Day of the Dead and The Fly Tbh while I enjoyed DotD what I liked most was the soundtrack and the lead actress being hot, so, make of that what you will (not enough zombies imo) The Fly is great though, genuinely tragic story Any thoughts?
(55.49 KB 690x507 dw-in-giu-la-testa-2.jpg)
>>11508 https://youtu.be/YwGJgYVpmY4 Sean sean sean~ Sean sean sean~ Has anyone here seen "A Fistful of Dynamite" aka "Duck You Sucker" aka "Once upon a time... Revolution!"? What's your opinion on the message of the film? Is it just that revolutions are horrible for everyone involved and don't change anything? And that you're better off just digging your head in the sand in hopes it will wash over you?
>So if your air conditioner goes on the fritz, or your washing machine blows up, or your video recorder conks out, before you call the repairman, turn on all the lights, check all the closets and cupboards, look under all the beds, 'cause you never can tell. There just might be a gremlin in your house.
Saw "There Will Be Blood" the other night. Amazing Film, also the film makes more sense once you realize the book it was based on was written by a Socialist. Really gets into the Cut Throat Tactics and Attitude the Gilded Age/Progressive Era Bourgeoisie held.
>>12162 I saw it many years ago but all I remember is that it was pretty kino. The revolutionaries were sympathetic and I was on their side. I've wanted to watch it again for a while. Think I might have a copy.
>>12182 The gist of the ending events is John H. Mallory: [to Dr. Villega] When I started using dynamite... I believed in... many things, all of it! Now, I believe only in dynamite... The twice professional revolutionary Sean dies completely disillusioned about the whole thing, the other protagonist redneck bandit goes on with his entire family and only friend dead elevated to a head of a movement he doesn't believe in by pure circumstance. The revolution is shown to be led by unscrupulous bandits like him, like Sancho Panza. Before dying, Sean drops the eponymous phrase "Duck you sucker" which is the og title of the film and could be understood as "don't get involved".
Just watched Aliens, someone do a Marxist analysis considering Aliens as a Vietnam War film
(635.56 KB 1000x1426 hail caesar.jpg)
>the "villains" are Hollywood screenwriters who are secretly communist sympathizers injecting communist messages into their films >they explain why capitalism is bad in this film What did the Coen Brothers mean by this?
>>12213 Its a funny film but not as good as I'd hoped.
>>12215 The Coens have already passed their prime. It's a disgrace compare to their other films.
>>12216 It's also jerking off Hollywood way too hard. Eddie Mannix was a real person, and the movie is supposed to be the movie he would have made about himself. Meanwhile in reality he helped cover up shit like rape and the film even has references to the (gay) casting couch which aged like milk with the MeToo thing breaking open not long after the film came out.
>>12213 >"villains" are Hollywood screenwriters who are secretly communist sympathizers injecting communist messages really ??
>>12221 Yes, unironically Unrelated who got these /GET/s >>12222
>>12221 It is literally the Frankfurt School corrupting Hollywood, led by Marcuse himself. The reveal comes slowly unless you know commie jargon. The joke is "what if McCarthy was right?" and I would have written it off as silly bullshit except (unlike in Trumbo which was based on a real Hollywood commie) they actually explain some of their ideas to George Clooney and by extension the audience. It's a somewhat parody version of the ideas but it's also accurate at a basic level. They talk more about dialetics/histmat than critiquing capitalism, but they do (shallowly) class-pill Clooney's character, which makes the protagonist mad and slap him repeatedly to make him go back to work... Then there's also a parallel they draw between capitalism and the christian God. Near the beginning the protagonist brings in some christian leaders to make sure a movie's portrayal of Jesus is accurate. They talk about how God is "split" into father and son while the rabbi (who is also there) disagrees. Meanwhile the communists talk about how humanity is "split" into worker and capitalist. I don't know what they were going for with this exactly, but it stuck out to me. The speech Clooney gives at the end (in character as a Roman at the crucifixion) is very "Jesus was a socialist" too, implying the Jesus movie-within-a-movie was written by one of the communists.
>>12162 >>12188 Any more thoughts?
Is Jason Voorhees a representation of the vengeful proletariat? Most of the people he kills are either cops, porkies, rich kids, or small time porkies
>>12356 No, that's probably a coincidence
>>12359 But Jason is also dressed as a prole He kills with prole tools His mom had the most prole job at Crystal Lake
(103.23 KB 767x1106 61P3UiMW9uL._SL1106_.jpg)
So what is the morale of it? That fascism is inescapable? That the protagonist is doomed to be a mere cog in the machine? Or perhaps, despite the conflicted look, he enjoys it?
>>12428 It’s Japan’s fantasy
>>12435 To hell with anime boards, it's a better film than the discussion on anime allows, it doesn't deserve to be put on that board. The drawing is realistic, the story, acting and sets are cinematographic, and its only made in japan animation part you're not happy with?
>>12437 >it's a better film than the discussion on anime allows, it doesn't deserve to be put on that board. Have you been on that board? or leftyweebpol? Stop being childish >The drawing is realistic, the story, acting and sets are cinematographic, and its only made in japan animation part you're not happy with I don't dislike it, but its an anime movie and thus belongs on that board. Considering that the PPH on both hobby and anime is the same most of the time, I'd reckon that we have the same set of users, so there is no problem asking there.
>>12438 No and I don't intend to. So far as I know, this board is called hobby and it doesn't prohibit discussion of animation. And as far as I know, Jin-Roh is a feature film, so it has the right to be here.
>>12442 >no then how do you know its a bad board >I don't intend to then you're an idiot, because the mods moved anime threads there because the board exists, stop being a child >this board is called hobby and it doesn't prohibit discussion of animation Except that anime is not random animation or a western cartoon. Why do you think Avatar the Last Airbender is on hobby and One Piece is not? >feature film Its japanese, it has manga adaptations and is animated. Can you just follow the fucking rules and not be a contrarian?
>>12443 >Except that anime is not random animation or a western cartoon It's such an arbitrary difference. Anime is just animation made in japan, there's nothing special to it to demand the special treatment. /a/ isn't even on the top bar so how is anyone supposed to know it exists.
>>12428 A weeb and a Natsoy bastardized aesthetics child. Still a pretty film though.
>>12444 > Anime is just animation made in japan, there's nothing special to it to demand the special treatment. That's not the point. Hobbies is dedicated to stuff like literature, film, table-top games and general life things like fitness, martial arts, military shit and art as well as western cartoons. Japanese stuff goes in >>>/anime/ because it was favorably used on roulette and is a chan tradition. Since it exists use it, just like /GET/ is for /b/-random shitposting and /leftypol/ for political ranting and threads. >/a/ isn't in the top bar Because Space is fucking in a coma again.
(175.39 KB 1200x900 black stuff.jpg)
Thoughts on Kyle Reese as a character?
>>12622 He's a guerilla soldier thrown into a suicide mission. He's essentially a rebel, fighting for the future of humanity. His character is appropriate, rough and uneducated, grimy and desperate, and violent because that's the only thing that works in his time and the past, while words do not.
(99.52 KB 550x825 9200000092498735.jpg)
I watched The Death of Stalin the other day and it was really funny. I hadn't watched it before because I thought it'd just be anti-soviet propaganda, but the whole film is so ridiculous it didn't bother me at all. Steve Buscemi and Jason Isaacs were especially hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY5I64suokM I also watched The Nice Guys and it was pretty tight. It kinda reminded me of Inherent Vice, though I couldn't really make much sense of that one.
Would you say that the awful cgi “film” Food Fight is actually a perfect product representing advertising propaganda in late capitalist media?
>>13348 It's a pretty great example of how awful art is when it's just a product on an assembly line. And that is the direction film and all art is headed.
>>13345 >Inheret Vice it's even better if you read the book first
>>13345 I found Death of Stalin to be rather tasteless. I found the muppet movie about the muppets in a GULAG infinitely better.
>>13345 the nice guys slaps. ryan gosling's best role yet. Yes better than blade runner
>>13345 That Nice Guys poster looks like a parody of an actual movie. Like one of those fake parodies that don't exist.
>>13345 Just watched Death of Stalin. It had some of the best comedic acting I've seen in years. But it's definitely anti-Soviet propaganda and like >>13390 said it's tasteless. The entire thing is making the USSR out to be a shithole tin pot dictatorship. Everything that's changed is to make the country and the people look worse. It's not a satire of the Soviet Union as such, but rather a satire of the Soviet Union as reflected in western propaganda. It has nothing to say about the climate of the USSR, only the climate of the west making up stories to scare themselves about the USSR. The good performances and well written dialogue aside, it's the kind of movie Prager U or Turning Point USA would make. Fucking embarrassing. Also the treatment of Yudina's character was some of the cringiest shit I've ever seen put to film and painfully burger. Literally she writes a letter to Stalin calling him a piece of shit and hoping God strikes him dead, and then as Stalin laughs at the genuine absurdity of the letter, God does strike him (mostly) dead.
I just watched the notebook. Spoilers. It was so dark, they were so ready to have their love cause miracles and he just dies in the end, while she is losing her mind. It was more dark than romantic personally.
(11.91 KB 251x255 seinfeld.jpg)
>>13492 What's the deal with romance stories and death? Everything's going great, the couple, they have perfect chemistry. Match made in heaven. It's all wonderful. But then something happens, and the man dies. It's horrible. Tragic. The woman has to go through this whole mourning process. And somehow, a whole lot of people think this makes it more romantic! Why did Rose let Jack freeze to death? There was room on that piece of driftwood for both of them! Fellas, I'm serious, you need to keep an eye on your wives and girlfriends - if they keep watching these movies, to me, that raises some red flags!
I just watched Gettysburg. I’ve always been a big American civil war buff so it excited me as I had never seen it. However it’s a tad overrated and you don’t get a good feel for the scale of the battles. It was okay.
>>13774 HOW SHIT WAS IT!?!?
>>13763 I found it weird as well. Just watched Ride Your Wave and if you exclude the supernatural elements it’s basically a girl going insane after her love died. The side character romance was based though.
>>13763 The tragedy is one of the oldest and most enduring forms of entertainment. The tragic story clearly appeals to something in the brain that makes us love them.
>>13805 Bad stuff happens =/= tragedy. Tragedy is where the bad things happen that otherwise would not have because of a character's critical flaw. Effectively random bad stuff happening for drama is different.
Could you say that Aliens is actually a deeply anti-communist Vietnam War film depicting the NVA as literal inhuman monsters who needed to be nuked?
>>13847 There's not very much to tie the aliens to the NVA as far as I remember. The comparisons are mostly drawn because of asymmetrical warfare and some of the aesthetics of the grunts in the movie. Honestly I think it's more like Cameron saw the potential for a horror movie in that kind of situation and wasn't trying to make a political point. Of course, rightoids could easily interpret the movie that way if they cared enough about the war or the country.
>>13847 You can interpret it that way, but that wasn't the intent. The Vietnam vibes were a clear reference to the paranoia and environment of the jungles from which Charlie jumped out of every hole, branch and bush, but that is as far as the parallel is supposed to go. I highly doubt Cameron has serious anti-communist and anti-Vietnam sentiment considering that he is largely pro-environment and has leftist leanings in his works (Avatar, Terminator 2, etc.)
(252.65 KB 1062x1500 1-70.jpg)
I wish Uncut Gems was as good as pic related
>>14245 Just watched this. The color palette was incredible, and it was shot entirely on 65mm film I believe. The sound design was fascinating in its ability to cause extreme stress. Way better than uncut gems for sure.
(123.32 KB 674x1000 Hell or high water.jpg)
Just rewatched pic rel. Still my favorite film of recent times. One of those rare movies you can watch multiple times a year. Does anybody have any similar films they'd recommend?
I liked Uncut Gems a lot but I don't understand the people who are like HOLY SHIT I HAD A LITERAL PANIC ATTACK WATCHING THIS MOVIE. It's just a decently suspenseful movie.
>>13774 Don't watch Gods and Generals.
>>14885 can you give a brief description on why is it worth watching?
(864.75 KB 1920x2560 91rLHHSa9fL._RI_.jpg)
(138.61 KB 985x1459 71csRtPEFdL._AC_SL1459_.jpg)
>>14885 >>15040 Hell or High Water is the second film in Taylor Sheridan's thematic Frontier Trilogy. The first was Sicario, and last being Wind River. They're great neo-westerns; I'd recommend watching them all.
>>15041 Wind River is my personal favorite because of spoilers. You can always listen to this interview with DP/30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNcH6zUn72A
>>15043 Also lol @ the youtube comment about wanting him to direct Blood Meridian; he definitely comes across as a discount Cormac McCarthy.
(117.76 KB 1288x1600 3d8e548706ea68b35b0724c6631fd8e9.jpg)
Saw this the other night. My first Kiarostami film. He's a director who I knew I'd love if I ever got around to watching him and holy fuck this did not disappoint. As a Walter Benjamin guy this movie got me rock hard. Gonna binge the rest of his work now.
Yo Just saw an old movie called Purple Rose of Cairo, anyone heard of it?
Recently watched Mockingjay P1 and 2. Pretty based films. District 13 is collectivist af and they even wear fatigues and use the word comrade. It's pretty clear that the rebellion against the capital is a working class one.
>>15156 It's nothing more than a radlib LARP
>>15156 >>15159 >>15052 (me) Fuck yall niggas
I've just watched Vivarium. Most reviewers seem to interpret it as "being a parent because society expects it/having unwanted children makes you miserable" or some similar, simplified interpretation, but I can't help but feel that there's a deeper, *anti-capitalist* meaning behind it all, given the grotesque representation of typical white suburban life. Maybe I would interpret it as a critique on the effects of capitalism on parenthood and families and how it produces worse parents, which in turn produce worse and more detached people.
>>15161 >>>15052 (me) <Fuck y'all niggas What did he mean by this?
Best film I've seen all year. Absolute Kinography.
>>15276 Check out other Alex Cox film.
p. good
Just saw They Live. Holy shit what a great fucking movie.
(8.65 KB 185x272 moviefilm.jpg)
just watched this wondered if anyone had ever seen it i wouldnt call it left, or ideological in anyway really but it feels very relevant right now ,maybe even more so then when it was made (2012). its a pretty typical mob story, but the distinctions are that its overlaid the entire time by the backdrop of american life after the 08 crash with tons of clips in video / radio in the background of bush / obama addressing the nation. it also doesnt make the mob look very glorious or even functioning , the amount of cash involved in the crimes are pretty minimal at least compared to more typical mob fare and none of them live in tony soprano esque mansions. also prad bitt has a pretty good closing mini-monologue
(1.53 MB 1234x2000 fascists.jpg)
Salo. Film explores the mindscape of fascists very well. Highly recommended.
>>15474 Isn't that movie super fucked up and depraved?
Have any of you ever seen Locke? Just saw it, something extremely captivating about this movie, the way it's shot and everything, but it's like, not stressful, but idk almost claustrophobic, feels eternal (in a mix of a good and bad way). Felt like the longest hour twenty of my life.
>>6306 >I watched La Chinoise the other day >Anyone else seen it? Yeah, but it's been a while. IIRC it's making fun of 60s student larpers, "generation who grew up on Marx and Coca-Cola". This is actually a quote from another Godard film Masculin Féminin, also worth seeing.
>>6385 I watched Parasite, it was okay. Tried watching Burning and it didn't grab my attention. What is it about?
>>6769 IMO Lighthouse was very pretentious, but way more interesting aesthetically than the other burger films out there. A24 in general is like that. >>15478 Sounds like that Walter Benjamin quote: >there is nothing more anarchic than the bourgeois order
>>12428 Watch The Red Spectacles, StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerberos_saga
I watched 28 days and 28 weeks later the other day, they're pretty good films, although by god did people take the stupid pill in 28 weeks later
>>15474 >>15478 Nigga with the beard looks like Carl of Swindon if he took a couple lines of coke and hasn't slept for a couple days
>>15520 ..you're right. Someone must do a deepfake with him getting pissed on his face
>>15484 locke is impressive just for tom hardy's performance and for making 90 mins of a dude in a car interesting
>>15533 Same could be said of Phone Booth, but both films don't offer much beyond their gimmick. Locke was still better though.
(1.26 MB 3840x2304 ZZ3D53248B.jpg)
The Neon Demon but was it all about?
(33.63 KB 312x445 51fEf9Hk5RL._SY445_.jpg)
I'm gonna rewatch this film soon for like the tenth time. I love how it shows Che as just a regular ass dude, rather than the canonized revolutionary martyr that we often see him as today. I really like this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u64vWkniKA where Ernesto and Alberto are confronted with the privilege they enjoy by two communists on the run. I can really imagine how the journey portrayed in this film can change one's entire outlook on the world. Just an all around fantastic /leftyfilm/.
(7.42 KB 255x191 1470615260788.jpg)
>>15276 Also watched this a while ago on (you)r recommendation and it was really good. Cheers, my man.
>>15277 He is so good. Sad he got blacklisted for being too based. I wonder what Fear and Loathing would have been like if he got to finish it.
What's the best version of The Battle of Algiers? it doesn't look like the Criterion blu-ray is sourced from the 4k remaster.
I just watched downsizing. It's about technology to shrink people down to 5" being invented. If you think that sounds like a retarded premise you're fucking right. They had so much opportunity for social commentary but the extent of that was basically hamfisted rom com wankery and vague anti Vietnam shite (???) while shilling the idea that global warming would need such a piece of technology to be counteracted. What a steaming fucking pile of shit. Why did I watch this in its entirety
(5.35 KB 318x159 tenet.jpg)
any of you lads enjoy Tenet? it's clearly a great artistic achievement - and compared to the rest of the awful capeshit and Oscar bait that Hollywood pumps out, Nolan's films are consistently more entertaining and innovative. shame parts of the plot didn't make any fucking sense, in some cases i had no idea why characters did certain things, last half hour was a visually impressive but confusing mess. to be fair, do I have to have a very high IQ and a solid grasp of theoretical physics to understand the extremely subtle plot(holes)????
>>16123 are you a burger or do you live in a place where COVID is relatively under control? Is this movie worth risking covid for cuz honestly I might be down.
>>16125 It's a Nolan film. You're gonna leave the theater feeling empty regardless.
>>16123 Tenet feels like a poor version of Inception mixed with some military/CIA LARP
>>16123 bravo?
>>16123 I was left feeling cold on it. It had some mindbending puzzle boxes that were fun but it didn't strike me as anything more than a 'huh, neat', it's the most sterile movie he's put out in awhile.
>>16123 >Nolan film >doesn’t make any sense Yeah, he started going downhill with all the beautiful cinematography but no substance routine ever since Interstellar. Not surprising in the slightest.
>>16155 Interstellar made plenty of sense, only the blight was kind of dumb. Nolan went to shit with Dunkirk. Happens to every director, eventually they do a historic reenactment film and they forget how to do story telling.
>>16157 nah Dunkirk actually rocks
>>16161 Dunkirk was fucking garbage. Not graphic or well paced enough to be a depressing film about how horrible it was and not actiony enough to be a heroic war film, it just exists (and has quite a few inaccuracies.
>>16163 This is supposed to be a film about a massive evacuation and there's only like a dozen dudes sitting bored on sand with a single plane strafing them sometimes.
>>16163 Nah, the pacing was good, the plane scenes were great. What sucked was the dialogue, very lazy and cliché. Plus that kid dying and the whole subplot was pretty lame, could have been done a bit better.
(27.80 KB 206x305 v1.jfif)
Just watched the big Lebowski, I don't think a better English-language comedy is possible
>>16157 >muh love transcends time and space >blight retardation <makes sense If you’re a Marxist, you wouldn’t say this.
>>16190 >love transcends time and space Yep, you're retarded.
Just watched the Resurrected, went in expecting TRASH, but the film was actually pretty good, some of the special effects were really impressive for a low budget horror film and it nailed the atmosphere of the thing its based on The thing the colonials pull out of the river in particular was very impressive, it held up well to the extended straight shot it gets even on the 1080p bluray capture when it was originally intended to spend most of its life on 480i VHS, the various stop motion elements elsewhere have suffered a bit but they still work and are pretty impressive on a technical level
>>16250 Oh yeah if you decide to watch this don't watch the trailer, as always it spoils literally the entire film
>>16091 Have none of you watched this film?
>>16252 Why does it matter which is the "best" version? You're not going to notice the difference between the best and the second best or the third or fourth for that matter on your computer monitor or even on a nice TV for that matter, unless you stop and look for differences The film is made to look like documentary and news footage shot on cheap black and white film stock, the Criterion collection version was approved by the DP before release, just get that one and watch the fucking thing
>>16254 I wasn't looking for differences at first, but the Criterion version clearly has more film grain, is much brighter overall and has muffled audio. I noticed all of this within the first 20 or so minutes of viewing. I came across a copy sourced from the 2016 remaster, and was just curious if anyone's seen it to compare. It's generally darker, has better audio, and includes what appears to be a new translation.
(71.23 KB 700x400 груз на дуще.jpg)
Недавно я смотрел обзор на фильм 'Завод' от Быкого, и там препомнили работы Балабаного. От туда я вспомнил "Груз 200", пративнейший фильм и продукт своего времени. Многий кино-обзоршики, дейтили и даже 'народ' в Россий хвалят этот фильм за то чего он показывает "правду" в её 'идеи'. Лично я ненавижу это мразотное кино; после просмотра "Груз 200" мне стало физически тошно. Было противно и обидно видеть пустой фильм о пустой жизни пустых людей. "Груз 200" это анти-советский гротеск как *"Чистилище" Невзорова, 10 лет ранние; враньё и искажение времени и нравов. Копипаста Фолкнера, без указания его в сценарии, приврошёную в бредовую агитку в стиле "совок-кошмар". К примеру дата 1984г. это открыто ссылка на Орвелла и его дистопию. Любители обясняют вот как: "Скрытый" смысл фильма. Мать "мента" - старая погибающая форма СССР; "Мент", который не дает окончательно спиться матери - исполнительная власть погибающего государства; Молодая девушка, Анжелика - изнасилованная алкоголем (бутылкой) молодая Россия. Будущая Россия, (сам Балабанов это сказал актрисе на Кинотавре, "А ты знаешь что ты сыграла Россию?"; Погибший парень в Афгане - "мертвая" армия, которой так грозилась Анжелика (Россия). Образ восставшего народа - в конце когда жена расстрелянного самогонщика (образ простого народа, грезящим о светлом будущем, но ничего для этого не делающим) оставила ее с трупами - образ 90х, где Россия осталась с мертвой армией и убитым госаппаратом, а разваленный СССР (мать мента) абстрагировался от происходящего в соседней комнате (Аналогия с неуважаемой госпожой Савицкой - сидящей у Гордона в программе с двумя медалями ГСС. Она прям идеально присутствует в передаче как собирательный образ Советской Коммунистки слепо верующей в то, что в СССР все было хорошо). Ну и в финале сцена с двумя парнями это образ олигархов и разворовывания страны (Задел на то, что Россию ожидает после распада СССР). Родители, каждого из героев, символизируют предыдущие поколения кажlого из классов населения (Элиты, Быдла, Интелегенции) https://yusev-alexei.livejournal.com/15802.html Это просто хуета пзевдо-интеллегентов и разглядеть в этой картине 'правдивый' обшей образ СССР по-моему способны только люди с нездоровой фантазией, или анти-совечики.Точно такие же 'наблюдение' можно привязать к любой чернухе как Левияфан да и не только. Но почему-то то кино не любят... на верно потому что не достаточно графена. Да и что за образы? Сыграла Россию тут блять. Это уместно в 1994, но не 1984. Да и если я вижу по другому? Мнение Балабонава это всего лишь мнение которое ни есть истина. Фильм ужасная смесь психбольного восприятия и шизиков, если от этого фильма увеличества колличество маньяков и убийств реальных, кому вы потом будете рассказыват об искусстве? Высоцкий говорил, что после показа "Места встречи" уровень преступности в стране снизился. Так вот - после показа "Груз 200" преступность могло только взлететь. Чему этот фильм дал понять или научил? Что люди бывают уродами или что психи прячутса в социуме? Спасибо это и так любой взрослый знает. Что 80-90ии это был ужас? И так все знают кроме детей, а такое детям не покажешь. Как мы видем с Братом, Улица Разбитых Фонарей и другим кино, можно донести ужас и сатиру без такого разврата. Говорят, что картины художника - это его внутренний мир. Вот такой и есть внутренний образ Балабанова - злость, мясо и изврашение что напоменают Илью Деревянко и его разчленёнку. С точки зрения гиперреализма маниячелы какогото деревенского, фильм хорош, но это не делает его художеством. Кроме как через чернуху у нас умные мысли уже никак не показать? По другому не доходит до любителей правда-матушка? "Собачье сердце" или "Каждому Свой Ад (1977)" невеселие, есть о чем подумать. Но что-то я не помню, чтобы для передачи проблем того времени или трагедий ситуаций кого-то там с подробностями убивали, насиловали или калечили. Да блин не давный сериал "Вавилон Берлин" велеколепно показывает ужас Веймарской Германий, но без такой пошлости как Балабанов. Обясняют советские люди https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFfqxRZRicI 18:15 - 19:06 Не соответсвует реалиям большой частью советского обшество 28:32 - 29:05 Плохо сыграно потому что образы просто одно-типное быдло играют чяше всего 30:30 - 31:21 Картина плоская как фотография потому что персонажи плоский 21:50 - 22:42 Не чего оно не улучшает Юрий Лоза, кого песня Плот играет в фильме хорошо сказал ещё, "Когда мне позвонил Балабанов, то сказал, что «хочет снять фильм о том времени». Я дал свою песню, а он снял фильм про маньяка. Такого придурка можно найти в любом времени и любой стране, ведь количество шизоидов неизменно в процентном отношении во все времена и во всем мире" https://kino.rambler.ru/other/41648133-yuriy-loza-esli-by-ya-znal-chto-zadumal-balabanov-ne-otdal-by-plot/?updated https://archive.is/CpcW4 Критик Наталья Сиривля отмечала: хотя фильм позиционировался как основанный на реальных событиях, многие его сюжетные ходы повторяют фабулу романа Уильяма Фолкнера «Святилище» https://magazines.gorky.media/novyi_mi/2007/9/kinoobozrenie-natali-sirivli-35.html https://archive.vn/ehalD Помимо сказанного двумя комментариями выше, добавлю: отдельно сцены до приезда жениха из Афгана вроде бы воспринимаются как нечто достоверное, но и тогда - трудно представить, чтобы вот так вот разом сошлись все звёзды и воплотился именно такой сценарий. Кроме того, не совсем понятно, что он хотел сказать - условно, показал диарею, но не показал способы лечения. В этом смысле фильм - сюрреалистская безделица. Отдельный счёт можно выставить и за Алексея Полуяна - ведь после этой роли узнававшие его зрители били на улице. То есть за психопатию Балабанова расплачивался игравший у него актёр, хотя играть такого персонажа, в общем-то, надо иметь некоторое мужество. Какой можно зделать вывод 1) Кино это, даже в вакууме некчёму. Оно просто показывает ужас, но не фантастический или интересный а просто обыденость; человеческие зверства в какой то дыре: то чего можно найти в любой стране, и в любое время. 2) Это кино НЕ МОЖЕТ быть воспринять в вакууме, так как он по сюжету и деталям связано с (карикатурой) СССР и преподносит символику об этом времени. К тому же Балабанов сам обявил что "Я не про Москву снимаю или про **Петербург, это страшная, Советская(!!!!) провинцая". *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76hQdfjtkoU **Иронично что в 90ие Питер был таким страшным местом, что это смешно слышать такий фразы. Манияки и душегубы? Там люди каннибализмом занимались, а сегодняшние олигархи рулили открытые крименальные банды уркаганов и мафиози, грабя народ и управляли полиций. Такого в СССР с времён 20их и 40их не было. Даже в Казахастане и Узбекистане такого не было в Микро-районах. И какой на хер Питер? в 1984 был Ленинград!.
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I didn't JUST watch this but i remembered it existed and decided i wanna tell people to watch it. It's got a great twist unlike many cliche movie plot twists. Obviously telling you anything about it would spoil the twist, which is the best part. >plot premise: a family gets haunted by an unknown individual/entity and poltergeist type shit happens around the house
Did anyone watched "I dont care if we go down on history as barbarians"? If you did, what are your thoughs? Does anyone knows where to torrent it
Anyone here on Karagarga? I lost my membership years ago due to inactivity, and I regret it every day. Most good films never end up on public trackers for some reason, even if they'd been nominees at major film festivals.
>>16566 Have you tried asking to get your account back on their IRC?


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