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Bong Joon Ho Anonymous Comrade 02/10/2020 (Mon) 04:50:51 No. 6059
So Parasite did great at the Oscars and looking at the rest of the director's films Snow Piercer and Okja are pretty REDpilled as well So is Bong Joon Ho /ourguy/ despite being a southron?
>>6059 I loved Okja and Snow Piercer but I didn't care for Parasite. I don't know why.
I actually haven't seen this movie. Is it as based as everyone says it is?
Parasite has been out for a while now, here the fuck have you people been?
>>6062 if you can put aside the gimmicky south korean movie screenwriting formula of excessive violence, frequent contrived coincidences and plot twists, it's okay
>>6062 It's excellent >excessive violence Not really, American R-rated movies are a lot bloodier. The deaths are relatively realistic even if its sometimes over-dramatic >contrived coincidences Not really >plot twists Make sense given the point of the story. All in all I rate it an 8/10
It's my favorite movie of the past couple years.
>>6059 >>6062 Parasite was good, maybe not amazing. I certainly found myself pondering it for several days trying to come to what I thought about it. I viewed it as quite against Marxist ideas at first. It seemed to be trying to say that people who use rhetoric about "the people/working class united" will always inevitably betray you. By a few days later it occurred to me that it might be trying to show how the anti working class rhetoric is corrupt and turns people against each other for no good reasons, never ended up deciding but I think the latter is more likely. Snowpiercer is still easily the best of the 3 films OP mentioned. >>6122 Yes. At least it wasn't done as a formula American trash horror/thriller movie, which is a type of film the story could have easily been placed in instead. >>6132 Reluctantly I second this. I don't want to like this movie as much as I do for some reason. It'll be interesting to see how the HBO spinoff series turns out.
Is not hard to see the topics of the film: ALienation and class strugle. Both are very anti capitalist, even there are a parody of worker rigth winer enajenation with a North Korea mention.
>>6059 The Host is based too
>"anti-capitalist" movie wins the fucking oscars <the elites are totally against us How do commies cope?
>>6540 >Dude it's shit but you can't do anything about it It's radlib at best. Not to mention the "message" is basically ignored by burgers.
>>6540 >anti-capitalist sentiment seeping through mass media means commies are in power read Adorno bro
garbage "film"
>>6574 Seconding this
It is a shitty version of Snowpiercer. Literally class essentialism with everyone acting more or less the same with rich= dumb and nice poor= smart and vicious.
both Parasite and Memories of Murder are amazing in my opinion, different movies dealing with different themes so i cant say one is better than another, both 9/10 - important movies
(12.94 KB 284x284 1483734159679.png)
>>6059 Gonna watch Snowpiercer too now. Sounds like relevant kino. r8 my quarantine movie night list fellow hobbygoblins. Tell me if I any of these are harmful >Big Short >Boss Baby >Vice >Joker >Ze Martial Panda Trilogy >Little Women >Despicable Me Dos >Despicable Me Tres >Jojo Rabbit >BlacKkKlansman >Despicable Me >The Irishman >The Good Dinosaur >1917 >Le Minions >Marriage Story >WALL-E >Hotel for Dogs >Knives Out >Last Christmas <Baby Mama (2008) Stocking up on all the movies before they run out of torrents in the Digi-World Any recommendations? Please keep it PG
>>6883 And yes before anybody points out the missing kino in the list like: Grown Ups Big Daddy Mr. Deeds Uncut Gems Pixels And You Don't Mess with Zohan Don't worry I've already seen them.
>>6883 >Boss Baby trash cashgrab that's vomit worthy >Despicable Me 2 and 3 are trash, the original was alright tho >Ze Martial Panda Trilogy Do you mean Kung Fu panda? In that case the first 2 is what I'd recommend I'd also suggest watching Up, and any other Pixar movie
>>6540 They know that they've won and they're just flaunting it here.
>>6883 >Snowpiercer <DON'T READ IF YOU DIDN'T WATCH YET I am conflicted about it. If I was being perfectly honest, I'd probably even say it's bad, however it being leftypilled saves it somewhat at least. My big issue is that it sacrifices good plot for political / ideological analysis that is supposed to relate to the current day. I don't mind a film doing that, however I'd say it fucks up with the ideology as well. So I will go in to these separate problems in 2 paragraphs. First is the movie if we take it at face value as a sci-fi story detached from our own cultural reality. Well, it's pretty shit and basically Divergent / Maze-Runner (or whatever the fuck it was called where they run away from a robo-maze into a post apocalypse scenario) sci-fi dystopia plot. Villains are comically evil, there is a random betrayal moment at the end that leads to nothing and the ending feels like shit, since right before it was established that the snow will pass, so it feels like the main character totally fucked up and killed everyone instead of waiting a year more. Oh and add in the stupid shit too like how the train structure is dysfunctional or the fucking glass shooting scene. However, most of that can be forgiven, especially when you consider most of it is symbolism to reflect to the real world. However, and this can be just me, the ideology falls flat for me, especially since at first I thought it was actually going the right way. Basically it all comes together with the final confrontation with Elon Musk stand-in. Up to that point all we saw were a) scenes of total contrast in the train and b) a few lines about "keeping the balance". Musk explains his view for why things should be as they are. It is 1 to 1 Holism. (I think there are different definitions of what Holism is, but I am specifically referring to the one pioneered by Jan Smuts, an anglo imperialist governor of South Africa. He, abusing the theory of ecosystems, came up to the conclusion that viewing humanity as an eco-system there are ways of insuring that it maintains total stability, with the "stability" of course being the insured imperialist hegemony of Britain. Almost the same ideas where started being promoted in second half of 20th century for ecology, saying that austerity and degrowth need to be ensured to maintain the current system, aka capitalism, completely ignoring the possibility of the system itself restructuring). This is clearly the same situation in Snowpiercer. The underclasses need to suffer in order to maintain the eco-system of the train, while the upper-class lives in luxury as a "necessity" for provocation. Now all of this is pretty good and draws attention to a great evil in modern ecologist ideology, however after this exposition the main character drops the ball, or more importantly, the story does. It falls pray to the very ideology it tried to attack, as the main character concedes to Musk stand-in, that indeed this is the only way. The largest flaw of Holism, that there is another way if you dare to restructure and change society it self instead of maintaining status quo, is never revealed. Instead the film subscribes to idealist bullshit like pic related, doomerism that no longer has any faith in the future as it is, choosing instead to let everything burn, including yourself, only leaving behind tiny hope for the future instead of fighting for it yourself as hard as you can with what is offered, no longer do you try to change the world. Also is it pure coincidence that the main character is called Curtis when the only other time I have ever saw Holism being called out was in an Adam Curtis doc?
>>6917 Is the Big Short good? Or is it porky propaganda? It is made by the same guy who made Vice
>>6930 It's pretty alright. Shows the corruption of the corporate capital pretty well. Also it's enjoyable as a comedy.
>>6933 Thanks. I am going to watch it again now.
>>6917 what is your opinion on the matrix trilogy
>>6673 What a garbage take. This was an objective improvement over Snowpiercer, I bet you still watch capeshit in theaters you moron. Parasite is pure kino by comparison (and it just is, in general).
>>7385 To be honest I really don't know. Most of my thoughts on it come from general popculture and such. Last time I watched it was a few years back when I still was a young teen and didn't actually try to look deeper into movies to find their meaning. Tell you what, I am quite interested myself now. I'll try to watch the trilogy over the next week and post my thoughts on it in the recently watched movies thread.


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