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(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948
Post about drawing and painting and related
I'm terrible at drawing how do I keep myself from being demonivated and how do I not feel like shit when drawing? Also my paste chalk I got for Christmas but only recently opened had broken sticks in them.
(81.18 KB 800x578 DunmerLadyThing.png)
>>5948 I been trying to learn how to draw from no experience rather recently. The goal is to make hentai This is shite, but it's where I'm at rn in terms of skill
>>5948 Taking an art class at college? >>5949 Practice makes perfect. Drawing improvement takes a lot of time and work. SO dedicate at least an hour to repeating basic shape drawing until a circle, square, cube etc. can be drawn casually.
>>5954 >Taking an art class at college? No they dont have extracurricular classes and I have nearly graduated anyway.
(1.31 MB 1024x1024 rebolusion.png)
what ya think? anyone can tell me where I can start doing this professionally?
(26.58 KB 379x321 fight choreography.jpg)
>>5973 Yeah, to be honest, I'd start with just drawing a basic human first. Or more importantly take the advice in >>5954 and master basic line and shape drawing before moving on to people and animals (by shifting people into shapes and transitioning. you also want to use a semi-hard to soft pencil like 2B or HB (or even H) and draw outlines like pic related before erasing extra lines and adding detail.
(1.74 MB 1024x1035 skeletal_march.png)
>>5986 this better?
>>6102 Where is the camera supposed to be positioned (what is its height) and what angle is it pointing in the Y-axis? If the camera view is angled parallel to the ground and its height is the torso of those skeletons, then you made the horizon too low and it should be around the torso, not their shins. If the camera view is supposed to be angled upwards (above parallel to the ground) then you made the skeletons too flat (not drawn in perspective projection, i.e., they dont look 3D). Two-point perspective (Drawing with Jacque Fresco 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGe18RGp2pA How to Draw in Perspective for Beginners (by Art of Wei) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn_0wEwZNEU Difference between Orthographic Projection and Perspective Projection (by Clan MacCAD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YtdGVzDFkw How to Draw People in Perspective (by Circle Line Art School) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIBgJgBvga8 PERSPECTIVE DRAWING 01 - THE BASICS - Horizon Line, Vanishing Points 1,2 & 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePv-9mVnTVk PERSPECTIVE BASICS I: One, Two, and Three Point Perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAlCyQqEZSU How To Draw ANY SCENE in PERSPECTIVE - Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMB14YjZxC0
(29.63 KB 680x544 902.jpg)
>>5973 >>6102 very nice drawings
>>6121 >Teaching kids how to draw don't make fun of me dickhead! >>6124 thanks
>>6126 >not watching kid’s drawing tutorials It’s for grasping the basics man. There’s no ridicule there. Also the two pics show a very marked improvement, good job.
>>5948 i can draw but dont know how to put it on the internet
>>6173 scanner
>>5948 I'm going to crit Wojak's gear choice. >standing pad up by itself Get a bookstand. You can prop up your tablet too. >Loomis I know nobody actually buys the books, but having gone through 5-6 authors I don't know why they are such a meme either. Figure Drawing for All It's Worth is not a gentle introduction, and Fun with a Pencil is too vague. Wojak should pirate Vilppu's Drawing Manual. >Sandpaper block >Expensive(?) pencils >Putty eraser All of these point towards mastering pencil rendering, but why get a tablet then? This is reaching/projecting, but I feel like someone on /ic/ told Wojak not to draw anime, and he absorbed their screaming to preserve his self-esteem, but never managed to resolve the contradictions between his artistic goals and using a weirdly-sharpened pencil to do online life drawing sessions in his damp suburban bedroom. With that premise in mind, >Sandpaper block Holding his extremely sharp pencil sideways probably hurt Wojak's wrist, which is why he's crying. >Putty eraser It makes a hilarious noise and is good for autistically refining pencil shadows. You can also use it to lighten underdrawings, but you're better off buying a scan printer and doing it digitally. Anyway, given that he has a tablet, it might be best for him to focus on painting. >Blind graphics tablet This is demotivation incarnate. Save up for a real one.
>>6251 I have one of those cheap tablets :( I can't justify the expense of a costly one when I'll never actually do any drawing due to mental illness and lack of willpower (see depression topic)
(574.41 KB 1333x1000 IMG_20200129_232725.jpg)
>>6252 I don't think there is any hobby that is worse for depression than drawing. There's no other way to disappoint yourself more frequently and totally. It doesn't go away as you get better; your standards just get higher and then you cut off your fucking ear.
>>6255 If I could draw anything that looked nearly like that though I would be happy. At least I think so. But of course you're right, as your standards rise you just get more and more dissatisfied, but that could be said for all creative pursuits surely.
(4.03 MB 2100x1500 Alunya over 4stag colored.png)
Here's something I drew. Also, something I would like to know is how to improve drawing chibis
>>6252 Buy a paper album
Reposting from the GET /leftytrash/ thread concerning how light (shading) works: When light hits a surface (from whatever source it emanates from) it cannot hit all of the surface of the object at once (at least not at full intensity like a torch or the sun). The area of the object that isn't hit by the light forms a shadow, the colour and value of which is instead influenced by other, weaker light sources. This is why white surfaces in anime often use a shaded by a tone of blue, because the weaker light that that is filtered by the blue atmosphere is that which fills the shadow created by the most powerful natural light source in any outdoor scene, that being the sun's light. The transition between the light and shadow is either sharp or soft depending both on the surface of the object or intensity of the light. On a sunny day or with a torch, you'll get sharp shadows whilst on rainy days or torches with an obscurer, they'll be soft. Also, if an object has a flat face with sharp edges, like a cube, the difference between one face and another will be razor sharp whilst a round object, like boobs, will be softer and have move transitional shades from light to darkness. This can get rather complex, but check out James Guerney's books and Alla Prima by Richard Schmitt. They'll get you on the right track.
(374.03 KB 636x1000 sporty anarcho-monarchist gf.png)
>>6252 It's fine to abandon the tablet for a while. Despite what I said about autism, I still think pencil and paper is the sword and board of drawing. Even with a display tablet, I find there's this weird loss of feedback and context, and zooming in becomes a necessity rather than an option. And things start to look wonky when you lean into the paper. >>6257 Okay, maybe Fun with a Pencil would be a good book. I don't know about chibis specficially, but the thing with these simple characters is to learn to place really basic 3d shapes in space. Also look at the Made in Abyss manga. It's more loli/shota than chibi, but the highly simplified characters seem to pop out of the page.
>>6251 >This is demotivation incarnate. Save up for a real one Using a blind tablet is no different from using a video game controller if you're not a fuckin sperg.
>>6178 i dont own a scanner
>>6329 Go to the library lol.
>Applied the Hegelian dialectic to drawing >Drew people like buildings >Bashed Loomis in writing How was Gottfried Bammes so based?
>>6365 Looks like joint bones
I am practicing but it's still hard. Faces I draw look completely off and I can't quit place the features as forms yet, I have trouble figuring out how the forms will look. The main problem now though is that I have trouble reading angles on pages. There are some pictures of heads where my mind is constantly jumping back and forth between then looking up and looking down, when the head is at a tilt. Hopefully it will improve soon.
>>6400 One thing that helped me a LOT with this was drawing skulls! It helps you get the anatomy of the face right if you know where all the underlying parts are supposed to be. (Eye/nose sockets, the eyebrow ridge of the skull, how the teeth sit in the skull, etc) That should, in turn, help you with head angles, especially if you were to draw skulls at different angles too.
>>6365 >Gottfried Bammes More details please, this is intrigueing
(2.28 MB 3264x1836 20200224_161623.jpg)
(1.94 MB 3264x1836 20200224_161651.jpg)
>>5949 Just keep practicing and you'll be all good. Unironic tip for you, try with hentai as hentai can actually help you improve your anatomy.
>>6413 Kropotkin looks like he's seen some shit. If that's what you were going for, you did a good job. As for the other drawing, the fucked-up horse looks pretty decent. I like the ribs on that guy. For drawing characters from imagination, there's unfortunately no shortcut but studying. At this stage you'll want to learn to construct dudes out of cylinders and shit, make your characters have volume without adding any detail.
>>6432 thanks anon
>>6405 He wrote the most longwinded figure drawing book I can think of (Die Gestalt des Menschen). It is still probably best book for learning anatomy from a construction drawing perspective, with very clear diagrams and insertion/origin tables for muscles. The book also has a lot of text, much of it useful (describing the purpose and mechanics of body parts) but also a ton of spicy hot takes about drawing. I actually got the hard copy since I couldn't find the PDF in English (AFAIK there is one floating around in German). The first chapter looked cool as fuck before I could understand it, but it's mostly him describing his teaching methods, stressing the importance of a naturalistic/non-idealizing approach to anatomy, and alternately praising/shitting on other artists. It is still a fantastic book, though.
>>6434 >importance of a naturalistic/non-idealizing approach to anatomy Ah so essentially Leonardo's and Michelangelo's teachings modernized... interesting
(2.57 MB 3264x1836 20200226_235213.jpg)
>>6413 thoughts?
>>6445 Quite good in my opinion. The suits are a bit more bulky IRL but that's a nitpick. You might want to practised drawing stars, but that's not important. If you color it and really black-out 'Space', it'll be a good OC work.
>>6449 thanks anon,i agree on the star part now you mention it,i can improve it and black it out,the suits are not that bulky because this is supposed to happen in the future (the flag i drew obviously doesn't exist)
>>6453 if you care the flag is supposed to be anarchist,the bird/phoenix represents the people,the black the endless sky,freedom and anarchism,the red the flame the phoenix rises from and the communism that will lead us to the freedom/sky
>>6454 >>6453 Coolio.
(2.04 MB 3264x1836 20200227_203150.jpg)
(1.90 MB 3264x1836 20200227_203147.jpg)
>>6457 Took about 2 hours but I finished it
>>6468 Good job. Looks good. I'd just raise the brightness of the pic-scans.
(2.18 MB 3264x1836 20200228_013810.jpg)
>>6471 Fixed it,if anyone ever wants me to make something specific I'm open for that
>>6473 Fucking awesome, very good job. Get access to a scanner asap! You might be able to get a cheap second hand one. Almost all new printers come with scanners and people cycle a lot through printers for some reason.
(2.52 MB 3264x1836 20200228_231958.jpg)
(2.47 MB 3264x1836 20200228_232208.jpg)
Posadist gang
(1.99 MB 3264x1836 20200229_151813.jpg)
Made a poem with this one
>>6511 "their many kinds of parasites,creatures who go round,till they find you and suck you out you see the small pest,you dont feel your best that bloodsucker is not very nice,but the doctor might help.....for a price you feel your veins and wallet getting light,you go to your boss,giving you a raise he might he wants you to work more,you feel the parasite sucking to your core you make the company a dollar,they give you a dime,sadly your all out of time your dying as you realize this wasn't the first time you and a parasite met,the entire time.... IT WAS YOUR BOSS ABOVE YOUR HEAD remember kids,the true monsters are not the ones that look like it,their the people spending all their wealth to look like saint while people around him die
>>6512 its based on this song i heard today,its a good song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM6wrV0VLL4
>>6511 this is the first time i did one of these 'poem drawings',should i do more?
>>6514 Yes
>>6515 did you like it?
>>6516 Yeah :)
>>6518 thanks anon
Okay, I've just ordered an art tablet for my PC. How does I scribble dongs?
I wanna get into drawing lewd things. Besides basic shapes and anatomy, where do I start in terms of drawing and what should I look for in terms of reference?
>>6543 one piece of general advice i can give you is that even if you want to draw hentai or something its always better to first know how real humans look like,you know,know the rules before you break them,but you probably already know that so sorry if i cant really help you,i never actually drew lewds
>>6543 Draw from life as much as possible. It forces you to use more of your brain figuring out how to represent shapes, and it gives you an actual 3D reference where you can see the detail and complexity of the shapes. You may be able to find an opportunity to do figure drawing near you.
(416.82 KB 796x1000 easygoing american gf.png)
>>6543 The gestures you find in lewds are often not found anywhere else. If you want the really premium ref, you might end up drawing from PornHub or something.
>>6553 >>6554 Should have probably been clearer on what I was looking for and what my existing skillset is. All of this is already general knowledge to me since I'm a graphics art student and shape/pose drawing and drawing from real life examples are like some of the first things we learned in class, I was looking info specifically related to drawing porn, how to actually make what I draw appeasing to the viewer's eye and avoid common mistakes that people make when trying to make lewd material etc. Just as an example, I recently found pic related on a subreddit about common anatomy mistakes and it helped enlighten me about how ridiculous a certain hentai trope relating to a woman's cervix actually is and how you should try to avoid it if you don't want to make any viewers with a grasp of how the female body works cringe. >>6560 This seems like good advice, so I'll look into this. Thanks for the suggestion fam.
>>6575 >if you don't want to make any viewers with a grasp of how the female body works cringe. The people drawing cervical penetration know that's not how it works, the same way that people drawing over the top inflation porn know that's not how it works. It's a goofy trope for fetish purposes. The problem is people not realizing that's what it is and thinking it's normal to "hit the back walls."
>>6575 >I'm a graphics art student You already know way more then me then,so I'll just shut up >drawing from real life examples Like nude models?if yes,I heard this is always disappointing to actually experience because they take people of all shapes and sizes,is this true and to what extend?do they at least have some attractive women to work with?
>>6575 The thing you posted is shit and applies real world logic to fantasy. Drop it, it's nonsense; do whatever wacky bullshit your heart desires. Instructional images/serials like that are almost always reductive and needlessly constraining. Read the lit or do a master study instead. First off, two things: There is no easy answer or method for what you are asking. There is no "do this to make something beautiful". You will have to figure that shit out as you go. This extends to my recommendations, or any reading on art. They contain techniques and methods, that are useful to achieve a result, but are not law. Two, there is no "advanced" mechanical art theory. The baseline is the theory. However, that baseline is very, very broad and encompasses everything from anatomy, to colour theory, to material studies, and so on. What you have been introduced to is the extend of the playing field. Now you have to master it. The only hard rule I can give you for smut is anatomy. Tons of it, even (especially) if you end up simplifying it. That is, you need a VISUAL memory of contours, which is given by bones, muscles, etc. The shit you have been thought. Other than that a general knowledge of human anatomy (where organs are at, like you posted) is useful but not required. Cheating is always better if it is more efficient or more appealing. Check out Michael Hamptons Figure Drawing - Design and Invention, and I can recommend Stephen Rogers Pecks Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist as a general reference. It's possible the former doesn't work for you, so note down Gottfried Bammes' The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy and Michael D. Mattesi Force - Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators. I'd caution against Burne Hogarths writing on anatomy, though they're an interesting read if not very useful practically. Also teach yourself animation if you haven't yet, as the understanding of motion it will give is invaluable. Fucking necessarily involves motion, and knowing how to make that look appealing is tantamount. Take a look at Preston Blairs Cartoon Animation and Richard Williams The Animator's Survival Kit. Don Bluths The Art of Storyboard and Marcos Mateau-Mestres Framed Ink are more tangential, but still recommended, particularly if you end up making panels (which you will). None of these will teach you how to make something beautiful. That is all you. Therefore draw, paint, and above all steal from works that appeal to you. Only you can add beauty to a work.
(732.94 KB 1300x900 Étienne.png)
>>6580 >Like nude models?if yes,I heard this is always disappointing to actually experience because they take people of all shapes and sizes,is this true and to what extend?do they at least have some attractive women to work with? No nude models. Its more like at the start of the lesson (and this was during the first character design course, we're on our second one now) the teacher will do several poses and we have anywhere from thirty seconds to a full fifteen minutes to try and draw a sketch the best we can with a pencil and a paper notebook. Its supposed to be for training your eye to focus on getting the most important details right first when drawing a body. There was only like one time we had an actual model come visit and she didn't do any kind of nude poses. I'm not in like a dedicated art school or anything, its a university of applied sciences with my specific degree being one heavily focused on game graphics and how to make them. So, most of the reference we get is from the internet and by going outside to scribble stuff in a sketchbook and taking photos. Hopefully this sated your curiosity. >>6581 Thank you based effortposter.
(876.33 KB 416x410 1361029668538.gif)
>No nude models. Its more like at the start of the lesson (and this was during the first character design course, we're on our second one now) the teacher will do several poses and we have anywhere from thirty seconds to a full fifteen minutes to try and draw a sketch the best we can with a pencil and a paper notebook. Its supposed to be for training your eye to focus on getting the most important details right first when drawing a body. There was only like one time we had an actual model come visit and she didn't do any kind of nude poses. Also, what part of graphics are you under? Internal, asset handling, whatever wacky auxiliary shit they teach nowadays?
>>6581 >Instructional images/serials like that are almost always reductive and needlessly constraining. I have always felt this but could not put it in words. Main thing I would add is to be careful with the mannequin-style infographics (you know the sort). >Michael Hamptons Figure Drawing - Design and Invention I agree with this recommendation. I studied from it for a few months while I was starting out. The simplifications did not click for me but were a good starting point. My anatomy ref was and still is Bammes' Complete Guide to Anatomy for Artists & Illustrators (the thick chungus one). I've been meaning to check out Hogarth if only for the more zen/esoteric shit (gestural 'rhythms' and so on). Problem is that I couldn't find a full PDF of his stuff last time I checked.
(1.78 MB 1920x1080 House_render.png)
(1.31 MB 1920x1080 Stationary_Gun_Render.png)
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 Shotgun_Render.png)
>>6584 >Also, what part of graphics are you under? Not sure what you mean by this, but the courses I've participated in so far have been: >2D Background Design >2D Character Design >Introduction to 3D Modelling >Vector Graphics >Project Studies 1 (in which I made tilemaps for a isometric 2D hack-n-slash game) >Project Studies 2 (in which I also made tilemaps for a 2D game but this time it was an Angry Birds clone with vikings instead of birds) >3D Modelling and Texturing 1 >English Language Course >A week-long intensive 2D animation course >WWW & The Internet (basically make your own webpage the course, it was a really badly executed and useless course imo with the guy running it doing fuck all in terms of actual teaching) With my current courses being: >Another English Course >Portfolio Practice >3D Character Modelling >3D Animation >Game Testing >3D Modelling and Texturing 2 >Project Studies 3 (in which I make 3D assets and animations for said assets, pics related. Me and one other guy are wholly responsible for all the 3D assets in the project with him making character models while I make environmental assets and weapon models, the other two artists in the project group make the 2D assets such as UI and textures with the remaining four members all being coders, including the producer. The end product is supposed to be an FPS where you defend your homestead from invading gnomes and other mythical creatures.) I've learned to use 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Blender(self-taught) in terms of tools during this time. Hopefully this answered your question.
>>6587 Gonna caution against following Bammes as strictly as you have, assuming you're the thicc poster. The looser you can draw, the better of an artist you are. Took me years and years to realize that. >>6588 Ah, you're doing asset production? You mentioned you were studying at a technical institute, so I figured you were studying graphics code (can't have enough of those). If you want into the smut business, beyond just drawing whatever your heart desires, get serious about modelling. It's a billion times easier to make 3D scenes than hand drawning 2D ones, and with a little bit of programming knowledge you can fill niches like the lewd life sim hole. We should exchange info at some point. Busy for the foreseeable future, though.
>>6589 Flubbed: 3D production is faster, not easier.
(740.47 KB 1000x1560 chubby anprim gf.png)
>>6589 >assuming you're the thicc poster Spot on! I've only started doing quick sketches a few months ago, which is admittedly really fucking dumb of me. I was never able to get the balance/dynamics right when working slowly, so as a crutch I'd do lots of cowboy shots and so on. I only got bored of it after like a year, so it's indeed possible to spend ages and ages in that kind of analytic rut.
>>6560 >no neck >no posterior median furrow (vertical line/groove on back), fat people still have it even if it's more subtle >foreshortening/depth is off, try correcting elbows with the coil technique >shading delineation makes little sense >way too many strands and too much shading on hair for a sketch phase, have fun never being able to accurately transfer it to lineart and colouring phases and whining later on about how your lineart doesn't look as good as your sketches
>>6595 Don't post when you have no understanding or experience of visual art, thank you.
(1.06 MB 1920x1080 WIP Nugget.png)
>>6589 One of the things I actually like drawing and modelling the most is guns and when specialization was mentioned during one of the lessons I was thinking of specializing in weapons (not that you can't make sexy art with weapons, girls and guns go together as well as bacon and jam) Pic related is the second planned weapon for the player to carry in the game. Its still pretty heavily a work in progress since I haven't actually finished making the receiver or bolt yet and everything else still requires polishing (the stock is still very blocky, the sight has not been completely modeled yet etc.) and optimization. Our polycount limit is about 800 max per object and I've gone past that by about a 1000. It of course could be argued that since the player will be looking at their weapon quite a lot it should look nice but its gonna put a dent on performance on shittier PCs especially since I don't know if we'll even have any adjustable graphics settings in the release version. One easy place to optimize rn would be to not model the barrel separately and instead just make it an extrusion on both ends of the stock.
>>6597 >One of the things I actually like drawing and modelling the most is guns and when specialization was mentioned during one of the lessons I was thinking of specializing in weapons Cool beans! I don't know if this is still the case, but animators were hotly sought after ~4 years ago. Loosely related: check out the Doom community if you haven't yet, particularly the zdoom forums and Realm667. They love that shit and the community at large is shockingly friendly. You can also dip your toe in video game programming through zscript, if you so desire.
>>6596 you first
(1.09 MB 900x1500 Jucika In The Army.png)
Reposting my first attempt at Jucika artwork from /GET/'s /leftytrash/ thread.
>>6625 Dont combine hard thick outline work with unsharp shading lines, also reduce the thickness of your linework a bit.
(10.13 KB 300x300 02d.jpg)
>>6626 >Dont combine hard thick outline work with unsharp shading lines So should I choose either or then? I kinda went with both because I wanted some things to be more pronounced than others but I guess that didn't really work out in the end. >also reduce the thickness of your linework a bit Would it be fine if it was half the current thickness? I'm working with a 8px brush most of the time when doing the linework.
(30.21 KB 960x960 vlady_yes_bigcrop.png)
>>6627 You don't have to blur any lines like you do in your work. Lines as an artistic technique are meant to abstract and simplify the point at which one form cuts out of another, no outline really exists in reality, it's prevalence it only due to it being a very base representation of how the mind processes visual information. Unless you're doing it deliberately for effect such as implying depth of field or the speed of an object, it's unnecessary and makes you work look unnecessarily messy. Also, I would personally recommend reducing the width of your lines if you want to go for a anime look. The exact numbers don't matter, just try to match whatever you want your work to look like and work from there. Last point; The most important thing I can recommend you do to improve your art now is to build experience with using the different parts of your arm. In short, use your fingertips for tiny lines, your wrists for medium-scale lines and your whole arm for large, canvas-sized lines. I don't have any further resources on hand, but you can probably find more stuff on this through searching for it online. Just try to do some straight lines on a blank piece of paper or canvas using said parts of your arm for each respective length. That is what gives you 'clean' lines along with being able to construct your form in three-dimensions in your own head. Good luck, stranger.
>>6626 You can combine hard and soft lines fine. It's not an obstacle. The problem with pic related is misapplying them. Soft is transitions, where as hard is for edges. And even that isn't a hard rule and can be stretched to get inventive results. >>6628 >Lines as an artistic technique are meant to abstract and simplify the point at which one form cuts out of another, no outline really exists in reality, This wording comes from James Gurney if I remember correctly, who's otherwise very much worth engaging with, but here is talking nonsense. Not because the statement is technically wrong (indeed, contours exist only in perception), but because it is irrelevant to the creative process. Edges are a vital component to visual narration, and appear all over the place. Richard Schmid in Alla Prima gives more useful insight in lines, edges, and shapes. Not to mention this assumes physical realism as desirable, which is controversial to say the least. >Also, I would personally recommend reducing the width of your lines if you want to go for a anime look. Moé, like any cartoon, is flexible. Line thickness is neither here nor there, as your own included image proves. It's an aesthetic judgement, best made by the artist individually. >In short, use your fingertips for tiny lines, your wrists for medium-scale lines and your whole arm for large, canvas-sized lines. I don't have any further resources on hand, but you can probably find more stuff on this through searching for it online. Using your entire arm is common advice for beginning students, so they learn to maximize the physical canvas and overcome meekness but I've never heard of this gradation though and on the face of it am hostile to it. Where did you get this? It doesn't really matter here, though as in digital you only need your wrist and at most your upper arm. Clean lines don't exist. Only straight and curved.
>>6633 Lines litterally do not exist in real life. There is no line in the edge of a form, real life isn't like borderlands. There is only places where a form ends in space revealing another one behind it. Nowhere is there lines on edges of forms. Lines are an abstraction created in our minds to represent objects.
>>6647 >Lines litterally do not exist in real life This isn't in contention and I affirmed it: <contours exist only in perception It is, however, not relevant for the creative process. Physical realism doesn't result in figurative results, mimetic or otherwise. Your statement here: >Lines are an abstraction created in our minds to represent objects. Is also confused. Contours stem from perception, and they're not abstractions. They also don't represent objects, it doesn't mirror the thing, but are a result of light transitions. What you in painting would abstract to shapes (which can have lines). >Nowhere is there lines on edges of forms. With regards to the creative process this statement is absurd: contours are everywhere. Observe. And this isn't even pointing towards monochromatic or cartoon works, where lines in all forms are ubiquitous. The placement of lines is a creative decision, not a law.
(30.55 KB 406x406 Miquel-Arenillas---Edgar.jpg)
>>6650 And this one.
>>6255 This. The same goes with making music.
(2.25 MB 3264x1836 20200316_222800.jpg)
>>6512 I made a new thing, thoughts?
>>6974 >what is says: BURN THE RICH Their once was a man, Called Nestor he would claim, Didn't have a roof or penny to his name Forced to eat rats, To get a job he was to poor, Had to compete with cats, Under a foreign floor 3 years ago he became this way, When exactly is hard to say, Somewhere between April and May He and his wife had to flee when they heard the landlords call, But each other then they lost, then Nestor found the landlords house by fall, now he could live free of cost if he also stole from the mall so under the rich mans house he hides,endures the hatred and rat bites but then he saw trough a hole trough the floor his wife dressed as a whore, as she sold her body to the landlords will Nestor snapped, he was ready to kill the horny pig saw a fire and felt pain in his back, Nestor will burn everything red till its ash black, he came from the floor so the pig would not breath anymore thoughts trough his mind as a madman trough a maze, the blood was as red as his face, and as he realizes the poor's might he perishes in the flames light
(27.86 KB 1152x648 sup.png)
fist tiem posting ples be kind
What's the SICP of drawing?
>>7247 the first one has anorexia and the second a brick for a head
>>7386 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
>>7390 i am utterly shell shocked right now how could you say these things
>>7247 Start learning to sketch. Who knows maybe your doodle can become the only representation of a person or event in the future.
(2.24 KB 211x243 man1.png)
Thoughts on how I can improve?
Doxxing myself because fuck it. Please no firebomb me. https://rpetkeportfolio.wordpress.com/
Also drew this meme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAzZvQSmFXY >>5973 >>6102 Very nice, I like both of them a lot. Don't listen to >>5986 unless you want to draw super realistic stuff. There's plenty of realist art our there. Draw whatever makes you happy. >>6255 Maybe if you treat art as a mere skill rather than a mode of expression and catharsis. Try not to be so judgemental towards yourself and just have fun! You'll keep getting better as long as you keep drawing. Critique is useful but the point of art isn't to "get gud".
(198.14 KB 570x885 advice.png)
>>7743 What software did you use for this? If it's MS Paint, that's your first problem. Pirate Photoshop or download Krita: https://krita.org/en/ If you're a beginner you can't draw anything complex, much less a human form, without sketching the big forms first and putting a layer on top of that for line work. I'd recommend 3 layers, ideally: 1. Loosely sketch broad shapes with indications on where facial features and other details go, paying particular attention to the volume of the shapes, 2. Loosely sketch finer details, and 3. Final clean, precise line work. This drawing itself doesn't look too bad honestly, I've seen MUCH worse. You at least have a sense of how the facial features sit on the skull. Just make sure that when you sketch out the big shapes like the sphere for the head, your guidelines should follow the contour of the shape. Does that make sense? I don't teach people art much. Here's an image that hopefully explains some of what I mean. I hope this helps! Please keep at it anon!
>>7751 Thanks. I use Paint.net to draw this. Thinking of converting to GIMP in the future, however.
I used to draw a bit back in high school, thinking about maybe picking it back up to eventually make comics or video game art, what kind of gear would you recommend? Just drawing on paper and scanning it in? Or maybe a tablet?
>>7859 Try krita. Its made for drawing unlike GIMP, which is aids.
>>7861 Pencil + paper to get back into it. Once you have done it for a while and know you wanna take it to the next level, buy a tablet.
>>7861 Depends on if you want to work in digital or analogue. Digital is nowadays most often used for comics and concept art ("video game art"). Don't do video game concept art professionally though, it'll suck your life force straight from your eye holes. That is assuming you mean those neat sketches and scenes artists make before a video game goes into production. Asset production (textures) and technical art (UI, fx) are an entirely different ball game (though very much worth going into and might actually net you a job unlike the first two). >>7859 Use Krita, or make use of the "free" market and get photoshop CS6. Coral Painter is regularly on sale and better than both for simulating analogue (if that is what you want, it lacks image editing features).
>>7874 I guess I'd like to get into asset production and technical art as well then.
(1.38 MB 3000x3120 My husband is so handsome.png)
(288.09 KB 1131x1231 Арт модель-7-1.jpg)
So, after a year and a half long depression and only 6 sketches, I am trying to get back into art. 2 days ago I joined a couple of art communities where people try to draw each day and compete with each other, I already made 1 sketch for every day that passed since then and I want to keep it up. >>7861 You don't need tablet if you don't know how to draw. Can't draw IRL = can't draw with tablet
>>7977 He's doing an "art contest"? Making artists produce free work to """"earn"""" a commission. What a fucking pile of garbage.
>>7978 Do you think we could mobilize enough people to flood the submissions with poorly drawn penises?
>>7981 Best bet is probably the Chapo sub.
I come bringing art resources, I got a bunch. Andrew Loomis' books - https://www.alexhays.com/loomis/ Perspective Made Easy - https://b-ok.cc/book/566230/84db88 How To Draw (Scott Robertson) - https://b-ok.cc/book/2725857/2c0d5b Vilppu Drawing Manual (Glenn Vilppu)- https://b-ok.cc/book/702216/2a6966 Figure Drawing Design & Invention (Michael Hampton)- https://b-ok.cc/book/888363/00a7ec Analytical Figure Drawing course (Michael Hampton - goes very well with the book) - https://mega.nz/#F!8qA2FLDQ!9ADn1WRz-YcH7H9M3i11dg And then there's this 1TB torrent that 4chan's /ic/ made a while back, lots of useful stuff in there, including the stuff up above: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0aebc0f02e6c179b62e04c69af3e5adee3abee12&dn=IC-STUDY
>>7991 thx comrade
>>7989 https://www.reddit.com/r/ChapoTrapHouse/comments/fx10pv/lobsterman_is_accepting_submissions_for_book/ Fuck chapo and fuck reddit but I guess if that's what it takes. Can anyone with a reddit account please go upboot so it gets seen?
(556.53 KB 1498x1998 foto_no_exif (1).jpg)
(529.04 KB 1998x1498 foto_no_exif.jpg)
R8 my 1 - 2 minute gestures
>>7923 Nice drawings. How long you been at it?
(672.11 KB 1200x960 Череп-2.png)
(161.38 KB 1000x1133 Портрет--values-study-1.jpg)
(725.02 KB 1500x1500 Гестуры.jpg)
>>8017 Thank you. It doesn't matter how long because I didn't draw daily or weekly, even before I became incredibly suicidal and bedridden there were MONTHS when I did not draw. But now I draw pretty much every day at least 4 hours a day, I didn't skip a single day since I joined that art community (6 days) and I am feeling that I can keep going like that. Here are my first attempt to make a digital painting + my values study, both of them were made a couple of days ago. Right now I am working on a really huge challenge inside of that community, I am supposed to draw a storyboard for a music video (something along the lines of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z7YWIshHtE ), today I drew panels for the first 0:28 sec out of the required 5:30, I will drop it by the end of the challenge, 1st June.
>>8016 I don't know about critting gestures, these things are somewhat personal. Sometimes people with horrible scraggly gestures can pull a good illustration out of it. Personally I like to play up the overlaps and anatomical asymmetry where possible (thigh goes forward, calf goes backward--the tibia is nearly straight but a lot of artists bank it deep, especially weebs). Having an asymmetrical limb design also takes some uncertainty out of the drawing and saves time (i.e. avoid negotiating the symmetrical "blob limb" where possible) but be sure to catch the taper at the joints. One thing to try is imagining a rectangular cross section for your limbs, and doing the wrapping lines and connections accordingly. I get that from Ethan Becker screaming about cylinders on YouTube, but Vilppu's Drawing Manual has a chapter where he demonstrates this style.
>>8061 >But now I draw pretty much every day at least 4 hours a day god damn where do yuo find the time?
(13.51 KB 400x400 674747.png)
>>8110 Half of Europe + North America is sitting at home because of COVID shutdown. Plus I was a NEET for very long time before that, the only constraint I face is my mental health which is affected by my bad living conditions. Some artists on 4chan's /ic/ are bold enough to have a 8h a day drawing schedule but I find it incredibly tiring and soul crushing. To get real good in drawing you have to treat it seriously, it's very time consuming and you should treat it as getting a degree, you either go all in for years or you are doomed to be a hobbyist tier artist or a weeb, cuz weebs don't have to study anatomy and values (values in painting allow you to make realistic paintings while weebs can replace it with simple comicbook-like shading, like in this pic). Lots of famous weebs don't even bother to draw detailed hands, feet or muscular bodies, some, like Ilya Kuvshinov ( https://www.artstation.com/kuvshinov_ilya ), avoid full-body drawings alltogether and simply paint their flat generic animu girls 24/7
>>8122 Keep up the good work anon
>>8122 I don't really got time to get a degree besides also having a full time job man. But thank, you motivated me to at least draw for one hour again today. I would be able to do 8 hours if I didn't have anything else to do.
>>8133 Also god damn why is /ic/ so fucking toxic god damn. That place isnt constructive at all. How the fuck is the quality of threads so low and why are people just putting each other down and shouting "learn muh fundies" or "fuck proko"?
(2.15 MB 2048x2048 ArtSilenceSkinSweep.png)
>>8122 I can't fault your dedication, just remember to draw something fun once in a while (injecting memes and toilet humor into studies doesn't really count for this, and contests personally make me anxious-- I mean for e.g. personal character design work that you're passionate about). I find that weeb art from Japan itself has started to stagnate and the best these days comes from Chinese weebs, who tend to have wider faculties in rendering and environment design. Thanks, Deng!
>>8134 I visited Russian, Ukrainian, English language imagebards but 4chan is the most toxic of them all, and /ic/ is the most agressive board I have ever seen. I saw even god-tier artists being shittalked there, you are not good enough for them unless you belong to top 5% artists. They call each other crabs because 1) they can't draw 2) put crabs in a bucket and no one will escape it simply because they attempt to pull each other down. This guy was posting on /ic/ at some point and the people were ridiculing him for his skill https://www.artstation.com/firez Many such cases. Sad! >>8136 Fun is subjective, it does count for fun if one starts thinking so.
(324.69 KB 480x716 1477499145830.png)
>>8134 I've not visited /ic/ in forever for obvious reasons, but it doesn't surprise me in their 4channic contrarianism that they'd come to hate Proko. It's so fucking idiotic yet completely in character.
>>5948 I used to love drawing but my perspective and ratio of landscape are Hitler-tier. How do I fix this?
>>8217 Drawabox.com Also join the discord >>8202 Some guy said >He is only good at referential realism Like bruh what. Isn't that the whole thing he teaches?
(6.97 MB 4431x2616 boy.png)
>>8280 Cute
Proceed to the nearest rape center to let comrade Bukharin explain you how exploitation of the proletariat happens. I am incredibly happy with the result, I am leapfrogging my progresss in painting and growing stronger every day
>>8382 Oh shit as a thumbnail i thought i twas just a photo. naisu
>>8280 Fuck off with your trans shilling
(1.58 MB 740x4868 drawing a butt.png)
(220.51 KB 850x850 drawing breasts.jpg)
(101.08 KB 747x1069 hip squat tilt.jpg)
>>6543 Some guides
>>7749 >Don't listen to >>5986 unless you want to draw super realistic stuff. Nigga you pickin' a fight? How is basic anatomical eveness "super-realistic"? That's like saying Naruto or Dragon Ball Z looks super realistic.
>>7749 >Draw whatever makes you happy. While that isn't untrue, you also can't approach drawings like anything you scratch onto paper is great, otherwise you never self-improve. Sure, don't beat yourself up over a bad proportion, but that doesn't mean you should sugar-coat it either.
>>8401 Stop being such a fag
>>8403 Fair enough. I didn't mean "super realistic"... the point is that I like what the poster was drawing and I don't think he necessarily needs to do a bunch of form work before he can draw full color stuff like what he is doing. If he wants to make it MORE realistic then yeah he should work on form like you are suggesting. >>8404 Yeah I think critique is valuable. I have sorta moved away from these sorts of objective measures though. Realistic art is kinda easy to find so I honestly value stuff that is kinda strange and disjointed more. Maybe that's just my taste though.
>>8413 > Realistic art is kinda easy to find so I honestly value stuff that is kinda strange and disjointed more. Non-realistic art is still rooted in realism. Remember that non-realistic art is subversion or exaggeration of reality, so knowing how realism work is essential.
>>8422 You have to be somewhat careful with what "realism" means and how this translates into a learning process. When I was on 4/a/ a really common factoidal advice was "learn realism and then simplify". There's got to be at least one person who took this as advice to learn cartooning via gridding or sight-size. I know someone who's doing this right now, just waiting for him to burn out.
>>8427 Yeah I agree. >>8422 No, not necessarily.
>>8422 >Non-realistic art is still rooted in realism. Remember that non-realistic art is subversion or exaggeration of reality, so knowing how realism work is essential. Do I know how realism works? Yes. Am I glad I spent as many hours as I did drawing still lifes and human forms? I guess it was fun. Is it relevant to the art I do now? Yeah, pretty frequently. Could I still make art that expressed what I want to express without having done all this realism work? Absolutely. Art is about expressing something, not just capturing a certain style or image. You gotta be able to get beyond studies in x y and z imo. The conceptual underpinnings to me are more important than any stylistic convention.
>>8431 >Art is about expressing something, not just capturing a certain style or image ok postmodernist
(218.62 KB 320x613 ic maestro.png)
Is it bad that I wish there were an "art skill" level beside every poster's name here? You really never know whether people spouting this or that advice are capable of producing good art or not. They could just be talking straight out their ass with an overinflated ego. I don't believe you can give truly good advice unless you're actually a good artist, especially the kind of broad sweeping statements being made here to beginners. It was the same with /ic/. Posters would admonish one another for whatever reason and then they post their art and it looks like this.
>>8436 Art skill =/= Understanding Some of the best artists are poor at describing the correct techniques. Some of the most mediocre are great at teaching. It is very rare for someone to be both. >>8432 That's not post-modern you idiot, any artist of the past will say the same. The difference is whether the expression is done with talent or not. That's what makes modern art shit. It doesn't express anything on either technical or other levels but the "artists" claim it does >>8436 >they post their art and it looks like this That's not a terrible drawing for an initiate though >4chan This isn't 4chan and as a former /ic/ lurker, the suggestions here are nothing like that, if anything they're fairly constructive, along the lines of - practise basic proportions and poses before rushing ahead.
>>8437 >Some of the most mediocre are great at teaching. I can't agree with this. How on earth can you teach something you cannot do yourself? You wouldn't expect a university to hire a programming professor who couldn't code well, a music teacher who isn't a good musician, or a math teacher who couldn't do math well. Why is it suddenly a different standard for art? I simply can't take the advice of a mediocre artist seriously. >That's not a terrible drawing for an initiate though It's not a great drawing for someone who is giving advice to others. I would not take anything this person says seriously. >if anything they're fairly constructive, along the lines of - practise basic proportions and poses before rushing ahead. Maybe for now it is... I guess I was conflating this thread with another art critique post on this website cause I can't find it now.
>>8439 Oh and fwiw I think sports/athlete coaches are different in this respect, because they'd also have to be physically fit enough to perform. But I'd expect them to have had some decent success as a younger person.
>>8439 Which board was it on?
>>8442 Sorry, I realize now that my projecting about that post I saw and spending too much time on /ic/ resulted in my above rant where I look like a total asshole in the context of this thread alone. My apologies, just ignore my previous posts.
>>8436 >Huh duh you have to be good at something to teach it What a childish view of education. To teach is a skill all of its own. That’s why people in art schools are rarely better than the successful artists. While on the other hand, the natural like Picasso or Van Gogh hated teaching.
>>8446 >That’s why people in art schools are rarely better than the successful artists. By people, do you mean the teachers or the students? If it's the teachers you mean, I agree, but not for the reason you stated. I think it's because most art schools are just a giant scam to make money and they just hire whoever is willing to teach art. There are plenty of good art teachers who are also good teachers, like on Schoolism for example, or people who were previously successful in the indistry and now do workshops like Steve Ahn. Those are the people who you should be taking art advice from.
(315.35 KB 1080x930 veye.jpg)
>>8432 >ok postmodernist What I am espousing is a pretty distinctively modern (ie avant garde) conception of aesthetics, not post-modern. You can even find precedent for this idea before the modern era. >>8436 >Is it bad that I wish there were an "art skill" level beside every poster's name here? You really never know whether people spouting this or that advice are capable of producing good art or not. They could just be talking straight out their ass with an overinflated ego. I am the person you have where arguing with earlier. Not the recent posts but you know, the guy who made the post you where originally upset over. You're welcome to critique my drawings if you'd like. I linked my portfolio from highschool >>7747 I don't have a particularly high opinion of any of those drawings, but it's not really my medium to begin with. Much more into art forms that combine many elements (namely musical theater). >I don't believe you can give truly good advice unless you're actually a good artist, especially the kind of broad sweeping statements being made here to beginners. I do not agree whatsoever. I am good at piano, trash at teaching it. Bad at math, but good at teaching it. Being able to teach something is not the same skill as being good at that thing. It has more to do with conceptual understanding and patience then it does with skill level.
>>8448 Fuck, made a typo, that should say: "there are plenty of good artists who are also good art teachers". >>8449 No you're not the person I was originally thinking of, it's a namefag poster. I found the post I was thinking about but I don't want to link it and call him out because that would be quite dickish. I'm still making an effort not to be an asshole here but I maintain my original position. >It has more to do with conceptual understanding and patience then it does with skill level. If that were true, then what exactly is preventing a good art teacher, who as you say, has the conceptual understanding to become a good artist and train others, from using that understanding on himself and also becoming a great artist?
>>8450 >from using that understanding on himself and also becoming a great artist? Discipline and free time.
...also there are limitations related to fine motor ability which can be immutable in some cases.
also you are assuming that everyone WANTS to be a great artist in the sense of being technically proficient. This is simply not the case.
>>8451 >>8453 I've replied to these two posts on this other thread I made so I don't derail this thread any further: >>>/edu/1095 I hope we can continue this interesting discussion there so we don't clutter this thread for people trying to learn to draw.
>>8439 > a programming professor who couldn't code well, a music teacher who isn't a good musician, or a math teacher who couldn't do math Because art is visual. Even a man with no hands can comprehend the concept of countours and lines and shading and proportion. As the saying goes, those who cannot do, teach.
>>8439 >You wouldn't expect a university to hire a programming professor who couldn't code well, Most people in the academia are not that good programmers. They are hired for doing research, not for producing code to be put in museums. > a music teacher who isn't a good musician, What makes a musician? They could be teaching theory, history, songwriting, etc. just fine without ever touching an instrument. > or a math teacher who couldn't do math well. Again, they are mostly hired to do research in their narrow field, but might be tasked to teach an introductory course in another field that they might not be that good. Maths is incredibly complex and I am sceptical of how much transfer is there at this level.
>>8439 >You wouldn't expect a university to hire a programming professor who couldn't code well Oh boy do I have news for you
>>8465 This.
(24.19 KB 612x642 how to do appul.JPG)
Okay, so since i got depressed and stopped drawing again, i wanted to get back into by doing something easy. An apple seemed easy enough. Well, this is how far i got. I am now again at the breaking point for me. I want to do shading and putting highlights etc. to make it look more interesting, put down more details to make it look like an apple i'd want to bite into. Not drops of water or anything too fancy, but some reflection and little spots etc. However, i have no idea where to even begin with the next step. I watched some shading tutorial by born-to-die but somehow it doesn't click. I don't really understand what he's doing. And when i make attempts the apple looks shit. No idea what brush to pick, no idea if i can set highlights with just going with low density and painting white over parts... it just looks weird and even if that were the first step, i just have no orientation where to go with it. Sorry for the rant. Question is: How to make appel look better for dumbfucks that can't into studying too hard?
(17.02 KB 500x500 1197.jpg)
(18.46 KB 374x402 3978.png)
(42.67 KB 259x300 1272.png)
>>8477 just google apple and compare what they did differently, theres countless of these with varying styles and levels of detail
>>8490 it all just looks off too me and isn't enough but then again, that's also way past what i can actually do oh well
>>8477 Do you want to just draw an apple (or learn one trick that only works once)? Or do you want to learn how to draw any apple (and pretty much all other things)? If you just want to draw an apple, find a photo of an apply and copy the edges and copy the shading.
(103.76 KB 1366x768 stuff.jpg)
>>8547 I realize you need specialized software for animation, but what's the advantage of CSP over Pirateshop for illustration?
>>8557 What a time to be alive, you can just use the same software giant anime companies use, for free. This is what communism looks like.
>>8553 photoshops more of an image editing program than a painting/sketching program >>8557 krita's good but they really need to add a "free memory" / "garbage collection" button somewhere, it's annoying how you have to close and reopen krita to free the unnecessary GBs of memory usage it builds up, not everyone has 32gb of ram
(811.95 KB 1400x1540 Clorox-1.jpg)
(434.10 KB 1080x1440 XXXZinovion.jpg)
So, I was reading my Twitter and suddenly I see a video where Trump proposes his supporters to drink bleach to save themselves from Corona. Made a quick sketch on this topic + made some progress during the previous weeks
>>8821 Nice work, though the third pic has the right tit a bit too small, even taking into account perspective.
(2.31 MB 3264x1836 20200501_115927.jpg)
Philip mainlander
Going sort of strongish on drawing the past few days. Doing a ton of construction exercises and getting a little bit better every time. >>8821 kek nice man
Drawing lewd material is against the state. All of you would be sent to the gulag
>>9089 gulag deez nuts
Oh just found this thread. I'm a huge paint eating retard, if anybody wants tips on acrylic, oil painting, casine or tempera and shit. I can maybe help if anybody's trying to get into making canvas shit.
(338.22 KB 1702x1826 self_portrait.JPG)
(14.82 KB 445x331 1589197610352.jpg)
(28.91 KB 694x442 1589197733112.jpg)
>>8477 Practice shading (value) on a sphere. https://www.thedrawingsource.com/shading-a-sphere.html After that you apply what you learn according the shapes of the apple. Since apples are mostly round, it shouldn't be that difficult to transition from a sphere.
>>9100 >self_portrait.JPG Huh, since when did Gringotts allow its employees to use the internet?
(102.29 KB 1300x889 1589282114586.jpg)
(2.16 MB 1000x1521 66373122_p8.jpg)
Has anybody else noticed this weird trend by Japanese artists of drawing abandoned classrooms taken over by nature? Cool but also a bit eerie when I noticed.
>>9483 What can I say? Urbex and the aesthetics of decay have a basic appeal especially to city dwellers. On the other hand, school is a locus of better times to newly-adult animefags. Combine them and you've got your trend.
Deviant Art Eclipse is horrendously shite.
Still drawing. Its hard but fun. Ive finally gotten over the mental block to just start drawing for fun no matter how shit it is and ive never felt as happy as i did in over a year.
>>9885 Happy for you anon. Sometimes we forget what got us into drawing in the first place.
(64.27 KB 767x813 1584562197787.jpg)
You suck at drawing Only thing you are getting practice of is procastination kys
>>6543 this reminds me, back when we couldn't afford internet, once when I felt really desperate, I just went to the toilet with a pencil and draw lewd stuff on toilet paper to masturbate.
>>9806 >still using dA >>9919 >Only thing you are getting practice of is procastination I-I mean, he's right... :(
>>9939 <be casul <draw shit for fun and store it on DA and have a account to see hidden content <have a set of favorites of well-made drawings and art >"hurr u still use DA?" Fuck off Also DA complaint thread here: https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/30376494
(1.51 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0638.JPG)
(1.23 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0616.JPG)
(1.18 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0617.JPG)
Dreams symbols
>>9961 Do you guys really see that weird shit in your dreams Like 4/5 times i just see normal shit that could semi-happen in real life
>>9963 Learn to lucid dream, and keep journals. You'll see all kinds of weird shit and be able to recall it with absolute clarity, as if it actually happened.
>>9963 I dreamed i cut myself open all the way around with a razorblade. Before that i dreamed the entirety of the inside of my mouth was covered in pulsing puss popping zits I wish i had normal dreams. If i animated my constant feverdreams i could probably get a youtube channel off the ground doing it.
man i wish i could symbol-draw everyone's so big on being able to draw properly, like being able to actually be a viable artist. i'd settle for being a marginally better artist than literal children, but while i could probably beat them in some technical ways (hey, i can draw a cube. usually.) they draw a dog and you think "cute dog with disproportionate legs and no perspective", i draw a dog and you go "is it a horse drawn by a man who lost his arms in a threshing machine accident?" this wasn't supposed to be a depressing blogpost btw. i guess i'm angling for ways to suck less at symbolic drawing? most art advice is for people with higher aims than mine. for people who have a real need to draw, rather than just wanting to have the same fun doodling that they did as a child.
>>9990 >>9963 >>9961 What is with this recent dream derailment?
>>10056 I think people usually recommend this book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" for training someone to be a better observer and thus better at symbolic drawing. I uploaded it for you here: https://mega.nz/file/fIhVWKjI#pYv8xrKgJQW5CHTCAoLWRUUv8iNOK8af0-jmH3BKjb0 I've read excerpts from it and the methods used seem like they can help you with what you want. I've also read of a good and interesting exercise that's similar to those methods and may help you: 1. Draw a shrimp. A shrimp, because, most people do not know how to draw one outright, but everyone has seen them. You are forbidden from looking at any reference images of shrimps at this step. 2. Google shrimp pics, trace one or two. 3. Copy some shrimp pics directly without tracing. 4. Using those same pics as reference, use them to draw the shrimp in a different pose or angle. 5. Draw a shrimp again, without any reference. Compare to your original drawing, and as you repeat this process with different subject matters, you will learn where you tend to make incorrect assumptions about reality, so you can watch out for those assumptions when drawing other things. It's like an exercise to learn how your own, individual artistic mind works.
(2.26 MB 3249x4470 foto_no_exif(1).jpg)
(5.65 MB 1521x1586 fRHjKNZrvQXXmxItOlsAscLc.png)
I tried to draw tankiegirl
>>10295 Not bd actually, just needs a bit larger head top. You made the lips well but too big while the nose is too small, however you've gotten the look down for the most part.
https://twitter.com/cartoonbrew/status/1270093881632325633 The comments keep bitching about asking artists permission on republishing tweets and that is utter idiocy. If you don't want your posts to be public you put them on a private feed. Public info is free to use for jounalists. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/animation-artists-reveal-salary-disparities-with-animationpaidme-hashtag-193034.html
>>10349 holy FUCK there are some truly AWFUL artists that make a lot of money. https://www.instagram.com/kaitsnod/ ^ this person makes $115k/yr https://olivewelsh.com/ ^ this person makes $100k/yr https://izaart.tumblr.com/ ^ this person makes $115k/yr I know starving artists that blow these people out of the water... really makes me feel sad that my friends are barely able to make a living when these people make like four times the average salary in the US. I guess financial success really is all about luck and who you know. I thought that universal rule wasn't entirely true for artists (sans "modern art" that porkies use for money laundering) but... it appears I was quite mistaken. Imagine if jobs went to those most talented and qualified to do them. what a concept. let's also get rid of the unspoken requirement in the animation industry where you're required to take out $200k of loans to get some shitty art degree while we're at it.
/ic/ is just a bunch of tumblr fags. Why are they all so pretentious?
Wish I'd done art classes as a teenager so I could've honed my skills and maybe developed into an artist. I used to love drawing. Occasionally I can make something kinda neat but it's still basically the type of scribbles you see in used text books. I just don't have motivation anymore.
>>10296 Yeah i noted the lips too. I also fucked up the teeth. I will keep in mind the need for a larger head top.
>>10349 Just delete your tweet if you dont want people to know how much you make. He used an include, not a screenshot. Bunch of dumbfucks. Twitter isnt a private chat.
>>10362 >art classes as a teenager Don't worry bout that, unless you're like 30 years old, chances are your art classes wouldn't have taught you a thing until college level. >>10351 >AWFUL artists that make a lot of money. There is some scandinavian fuck who stuck a paintbrush up his ass and painted a massive canvas with his ass and gets paid with public funding, 4 million dollars so far. https://nationalfile.com/norway-artist-who-spray-paints-with-anus-receives-4m-in-public-funds/
>>10366 What the fuck? nords are even more fucked up than I thought. I'm still willing to bet it's some money laundering scheme.
(502.82 KB 975x1050 Black Lives Matter-1.jpg)
What do you think? I will try to color it and if the picture on the most viral political event of 2020 won't attract me any followers, I will give up political drawings for a while and start drawing for fandoms.
>>10411 The picture confused me a bit. Or at least, the text does. Perhaps do something more straightforward like "workers unite against tyranny"
>>10415 """Workers""" are not trending, this is not the 19th century and the American working class does not give as much shit about class as about their constitution or political "freedom". The American protests is the most popular political event in 2020 and drawing same tired stuff on the class struggle right now is a bad marketing move. It's not like there's a wide audience for political caricatures, and the idea of drawing on outdated political ideas would doom to obscurity even the best artists.
>>10428 >"""Workers""" are not trending, And "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is? Are you joking? I love Hemingway, but I'll bet money on most American Youth not knowing or remembering who he is outside of Old Man and the Sea, let alone reading and knowing such a phrase. Would you like to reference Jack London too? Honestly man, pick a better argument against using "workers" than that.
(807.00 KB 1546x1080 karl nicholson.png)
>>10411 push the expression of the man on the right, looks too neutral. this might resolve itself when you start painting, but the area around the baton is pretty confusing. make sure to clarify the overlaps to hell and back, maybe even choose their race so that white overlaps black and vice versa.
>>8402 how to a damn draw fine ass
(620.46 KB 4128x3096 Cuddling With Sakuyamon.jpg)
I'm starting to learn how to digital draw and stuff, I been trying to the lineart stuff but I don't know how to make it look good, so I'm sticking to the "painting" method. This is what I'm working on currently, a digital version of an old drawing I made.
How does he do it bunkerchan? how is he so good?
>>10553 Insane amounts of practice, drawing hours upon hours every single day.
>>10553 He's basically an autist that does nothing but draw
>>10553 Who's he?
(3.86 MB 4165x6112 spoonfeeding.jpg)
>>10581 Kim Jung-Gi
>>10553 Literally who?
>>10553 He litterally drew hours each day since he was 6. He used the power of autism for something that isnt video games.
>>10583 >>10581 A Korean dude who spend so much time drawing he can draw super complex realistic stuff straight up without doing any predrawing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGbvhyTZXfs
(462.58 KB 788x1144 CaDdQDZW0AE_COg.png)
>>10593 That's fucking impressive. For my tastes tho, less is more.
Another insane example of hardwork and talent in the form of Rajacenna van Dam who draws 2 different portraits simultaneously https://digg.com/video/rajacenna-draws-two-portraits-at-once
>>10593 damn should I just kill myself?
>>10553 All I know about him was in this video https://youtu.be/FxoTwEdbbgQ
>>10597 Why? Get a grip of yourself. If you wanna go for a run or get good at running so you expect to become Usain bolt? Do you expect to be the next Leonardo da Vinci? The next Gordon Ramsey? The next Albert Einstein? You don't have to be the best in the world to create amazing things and contribute to your life and to society. Get this capitalist competition mindset out of your head.
(1.18 MB 600x1200 Samurai-1.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1000x2375 Justice League.jpg)
(542.28 KB 610x748 Misty the Rapist.png)
Grinding. I don't have much to brag about, I really want to start drawing for money but I have to improve my painting skills but I experience immense fear whenever I start painting with colors. Plus trying to imitate oil paintings while working without references is incredibly hard and fear paralyzes me... The only good paintings I have were done with references and God knows how much time I will spend trying to learn how to paint properly. The 3rd pic was one of the last unfinished paintings without refs and it along with some other unpleasant events broke my will.
I am drawing every gesture in boxes and from 3 angles to shock-therapy my imagination and slowly transform into KJG
(1.39 MB 1350x2000 gesture_new.png)
(2.45 MB 3264x1836 20200630_152758.jpg)
I made something, thoughts?
(196.92 KB 1551x2000 upsidedown.jpg)
>>11012 I like it. Some criticism though is to work on your symbol drawing especially for the eyes. I think you're drawing what you think you see rather than what you actually see. Learning the anatomy of the eye(and the skull in general) would help, but best thing to do is slow down and analyze what youre drawing. A popular exercise for improving observation is to draw pic related upside down. As you draw try to avoid thinking about drawing the arm or drawing the eye. Instead think about the lines,angles, and shapes of the drawing.
>>10840 Jesus Christ that looks difficult.
(5.32 KB 311x311 hfiagush9a4whgnkjsdbn a.png)
(1.25 MB 1000x2375 Justice League.jpg)
(315.35 KB 1050x825 Makoto Makimura-1.jpg)
Drew a portrait of gf as a gift for her birthday today, the girl was ecstatic. I know that the portrait is muddy because I still struggle with brushwork and use too soft brushes.


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