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Film Thread Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 23:06:57 No. 5191
Alright filmfags, show me what you've got. <S Tier - Timeless >Tarkovsky: Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Solaris >Klimov: Come and See >Bela Tarr: Turin Horse, Werckmeister Harmonies, Satantango (all very demanding) >Bergman: Persona, Seventh Seal >Herzog: Aguirre (I love them all but this one stands apart) >Kubrick: 2001 <A Tier - Food for the soul >Visconti: The Leopard, Rocco and his Brothers >Fellini: La Dolce Vita, Amarcord >De Sica: Bicycle Thieves, Umberto D. >Pontecorvo: Battle of Algiers >Cocteau: Orpheus, Blood of a Poet >Godard: Breathless, Band of Outsiders, The Little Soldier >Kurosawa: Yojimbo, Throne of Blood, Ran >Mizoguchi: Sansho, Ugetsu >Kobayashi: Seppuku, Human Condition >Fritz Lang: Dr. Mabuse, Metropolis, M >Bunuel: Discreet Charm, Simon of the Desert, The Exterminating Angel >Kieslowski: Dekalog >David Lynch: Anything, including Twin Peaks old and new. >Ki-duk Kim: Spring, Summer... >Gilliam: Brazil >Kubrick (pt. 2): The Shining, Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, FMJ <A- Tier - Entertainment >Cronenberg: Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers >Billy Wilder: One, Two, Three, Sunset Blvd, Witness for the Prosecution >Becker: Le Trou, Touchez pas au Grisbi >Melville: Army of Shadows, Le Cercle Rouge, Bob le Flambeur >Clouzot: Diabolique, Wages of Fear (the ultimate languagefag film) >Bresson: A Man Escaped, Pickpocket >Renoir: The Grand Illusion, Rules of the Game >Ferrara: Bad Lieutenant, King of NY >Jodorowsky: The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre >Peckinpah: Straw Dogs, Alfredo Garcia >Woody Allen: Annie Hall. All the other old-and-good ones too. >Carpenter: The Thing, They Live >Tarantino: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs >Scorsese: Kind of Comedy, Taxi Driver. The rest can kinda fuck off. >Hitchcock: Pretty much all of them. Let's talk about movies, then. Don't have to be lefty films but obviously recommendations on that front are also welcome.
>>5191 >>Scorsese: Kind of Comedy, Taxi Driver. >The rest can kinda fuck off. why tho
>>5191 I could post a list but it would be so much the inverse of yours that I don't think it would be fruitful discussion.
>>5192 Bit harsh maybe. He made some other good ones but those two are apart imo. >>5194 Wait, wouldn't that actually make it fruitful tho?
>>5194 Post it What did you lads think about the Irishman? Gonna watch it today.
>>5196 >>5198 Ok well alright. I'll just post my IMDB ratings 10 rated: Network (1976) Children of Men (2006) Canadian Bacon (1995) American Beauty (1999) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Battlestar Galactica (2003) Untouchable (2011) Actually never mind, I just realised there's a share list feature, you can press 'sort by: top rated' to see the top stuff. https://www.imdb.com/user/ur46013471/ratings
>>5209 >Avengers 1 star Based.
>>5220 I haven't seen any of the capeshit/new Star Wars movies tbh but there was a brief period when Avengers Whatever had a higher score on the top 250 than The Godfather which I think is a travesty... and I don't even like the Godfather.
>>5209 > The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012) lol what
(106.29 KB 360x368 serveimage (2).jpeg)
>>5209 Network is mega-based. I actually can't believe I forgot Sydney Lumet on my list got dam. >Sydney Lumet: Network, Death Trap, Dog Day Afternoon. I still haven't seen Children of Men yet but people seem to like it. Will check it soon.
Alright so some movies which I'd put in my top ten which people probably haven't seen would be: Paths of Glory(Surprised nobody knows about it since it's a Kubrik, but it did get buried by the French government for telling French history accurately COMPLETELY FALSE, THE FRENCH NEVER LOST A WAR!) Tora Tora Tora(simply because of how accurate it is compared to some *cough* other films) The Seven Samurai The Lobster(I have a soft spot for absurdism that manages to tell a play in film format) The French Connection(nothing revolutionary but it's quite accurate and tells the story it sets out to without convoluting it)
>>5224 IIRC I voted that because a story came out that they were stuffing their own reviews and scores and that behaviour should be punished. Then I saw it in my list again that I gave it a 1 and thought 'well maybe that's a little harsh'.
what's that fucking movie where a woman starts to cry because she can't believe how much less medicine costs in another country than in her own I've been looking for it ever since I saw someone mention that scene all the way back to old 8chan /leftypol/ FUCK which movie is it
All right here's my top films: Come and See A Boy and his Dog Reservoir Dogs Akira Taxi Driver (hated the ending tho) Full Metal Jacket Rango (that one is a real hidden gem) Super Bad Libertarias
I don’t watch movies that much, but here’re my top 5 anyways: >Casablanca >the godfather >12 angry men >Joker >Judgment at Nuremberg I should probably start watching some soviet films tbh. Even /tv/tards shill for them.
>>5250 I love 12 Angry Men, tho it is sort of peak liberalism
My 5 favorite, probably in this order: >Paris, Texas >Sunset Boulevard >Vertigo >The Brood >Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes Pretty random makeup I guess, but these are the movies I've enjoyed the most so far.
>>5227 >Paths of Glory Love that one, would be my favorite of Kubrick if it wasn't for Dr Strangelove. The ending of Paths of Glory always strikes an emotional chord inside me, just like It's a wonderful life. >Network (1976) Mega based. >I love 12 Angry Men, tho it is sort of peak liberalism Yeah, but the film still expresses the best that liberalism gave us. It's really emotive and strong.
What are some Soviet kinos?
(22.42 KB 500x245 serveimage (3).jpeg)
>>5250 Tarkovsky GANG Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's not for everyone and you might not like it, but you have to try.
Hey, has anyone seen "parasite" yet? People keep telling me it's good, but I keep hearing its analysis of class is shit. Opinions?
>>5285 >Tarkovsky Yeah. I’ve just found his stuff on youtube, gonna watch it tonight.
I liked The three colours trilogy. Especially Blue even though Red is the better film


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