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(222.43 KB 1152x864 Irresponsible Captain taylor.jpg)
Comrade 05/19/2016 (Thu) 17:30:52 No. 51
So what animu does Bunkerchan like?

I really love any anime that has something to do with uchuu!
Planetes, NGE and Welcome to the NHK are my favourites.
Black Rock Shooter
(235.70 KB 500x375 1462322323214.gif)
Muh Gunda/m/.
(295.43 KB 700x704 1419027813330.gif)
(74.80 KB 737x700 1440432753472.gif)
(72.68 KB 942x942 1436734788099.gif)
(150.62 KB 1024x800 1419027619209.gif)
Let's all love Lain!
(363.29 KB 768x560 1461949778650.png)
(300.63 KB 525x672 00.png)
(35.47 KB 600x693 1449391231217.jpg)
Old school best school

0079 best year of my life
(255.96 KB 913x1200 57376320_p0.jpg)
Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Steins;gate and NGE are my favourites
>no Ghost in the Shell
For sham/e/.
Only one I can actually enjoy. Haven't tried very much else tbh, since I found out I can't even stand anymore anime I liked when I was a child (and that was just one show)
Planetes and the original Gundam.
I guess im just autistic for space.
(51.04 KB 546x896 464.jpg)

It's an excelent critique of Ideology.
Mainly moderately old (from late 70s to late 90s) romance, sci-fi and mecha. I'm bored so I'll post some.
Great to see /m/en and wo/m/en of excellent taste around here.
(158.81 KB 736x1049 rose of versailles.jpg)
(182.27 KB 595x836 maison ikkoku.jpg)
(1.35 MB 3699x3694 votoms.jpg)
Rose of Versailles, aka Robespierre did nothing wrong: the anime
Maison Ikkoku, a comfy romcom made by Rumiko Takahashi
Armored Trooper VOTOMS, the most /m/ anime ever made.
More shows:
>Kimagure Orange Road, another comfy eighties romcom
>Revolutionary Girl Utena, about two gay girls being so gay that they kill the patriarchy
>Patlabor, about a cute robosexual tomboy cop
>Gundam, because robots are cool
>Mazinkaiser, because read above
>Martian Successor Nadesico, because the same
>Legend of the Galactic Heroes, about based space jacobins fighting bonapartism
>Urusei Yatsura, a comedy about not!02 and her wacky japanese friends
>Shin Chan, about a retarded kid and his disfuntional family
(147.79 KB 900x902 harlock.jpg)
Space Nazbol Captain Harlock
Based taste

Planetes was really bad to me. Like irredeemably low quality and annoying in every way but it's the only time where I seem to be the only one who thinks so with a show.

I remember liking the manga tho.
Watch Legend of Black Heaven

It's "alienation, the anime"
(33.42 KB 635x468 image0.jpg)
Cute shit is good
>>69 >Urusei Yatsura Isn;t that just the original To-Love Ru?
Probably mostly faggot magical girl crap with shitty art made for literally 13 year old girls. I like Akira and Berserk, used to like Junji Ito, FMA is a classic, wanna read Vagabond because the art is tight, I love classic Miyazaki, and of course JoJo is fun as hell.
>>54 and fafner.
>>73 No it isn’t Only Miyazaki maybe How tf you say Naruto sucks but faggot shit is good?
(46.64 KB 260x379 BigO.jpg)
>>51 Metaphysical Mech Batman is excellent
>>51 Votoms and Samurai Champloo
(891.21 KB 500x250 gergtergre.gif)
Gruo is fine too, right?
>>8469 Fuck Blood S and all its spin-offs. A pointless mind-numbingly disgusting gorefest. At least Parasite had some interesting concepts.
(994.17 KB 500x352 download.gif)
>>8443 I remember watching this and ultimately being disappointed. Aside from the utterly insane blue-ball acid-trip ending (which I'm sure made perfect sense in the writer's head), the show suffered from a massive disconnect between the protag's non-combat activity and the mech fights. Compare to Eva, where episodes are similarly constructed with character interaction or exploration in the first half of the ep and combat in the second. However in Eva, all the things between fights inform the character's actions in the fights themselves, and likewise, the fights all have lasting effects on the characters. Big-O has literally none of this, all I got out of it was the godlike aesthetic. Also I want the android's butthole wrapped around my cock so tight that it almost rips it off, riding me in total silence so I can hear the little servos powering her legs as she slowly glides up and down
>>8590 >I want the android's Damn it /clang/! Also >butthole <Not going for the superior and pure-pilled pussy Get out heathen!
>>8471 There's literally nothing wrong with mindless gorefests you faggot.,
>>8631 >nothing wrong with pointless blood smears <"Why can't I watch horrific shit be trivialized!?" This is your brain on hedonism
(190.84 KB 640x960 Louise_3.jpg)
(199.37 KB 640x960 Louise_2.jpg)
Anyone here like some Familiar of Zero??
>>8633 This is your brain on reddit.
(299.36 KB 517x544 wallet boobs.png)
>>8647 >reddit Ah right, the default response of a brainlet on a chan. >>8637 Over here. Louise's is way too overbearing but the show itself was pretty well paced and interesting and didn't go nuts with the whole Isekai thing. Its also one of the few harem anime that doesn't end with a harem actually which is ironically counter-intuitive because of how (relatively) compelling the MC is.
(810.42 KB 360x264 RDRockets.gif)
>>8590 That acid trip ending kind of just made my brain cum so everything else is kind of a blur to me. So I'll just assume your criticisms are correct. I really wasn't watching it all that critically. In any case, R. Dorothy is the cutest.
>>8619 >For duty, a woman >For pleasure, a boy >For ecstasy, a [spoiler]watermelon[\spoiler] Jokes aside, pussy is for child bearing and making girls cum. Robo-pussy is probably a different story though.
>>8653 >greentext is incompatible with spoilers kill me this instant.
>>8654 >im[code][/code]plying
>>8650 >haha, i'm not reddit. The default response of a reddit faggot trying to push their moral agenda on an anonymous imageboard.
>>8650 I can agree that Louise is kinda over the top, even for a tsundere. Nevertheless, I really liked her. Especially when it got to the emotional scenes. Also I wouldn't call it a harem anime, because it seems as if the other girls come in and out and out of random, rather than having a set group of girls, always being with each other
>>8633 >muh trivialized fictional violence yeah, and video games cause mass shootings, it's ok donald, now take your meds
(79.91 KB 340x194 Derf 1.png)
>>8667 > other girls come in and out and out of random Saito got the interest of Louise, Siesta the maid, Princess/Queen Henrietta, the Zerbst heiress, the half-elf Tiffania, and Tabitha who were consistently interested in romantic relations with him by the final season. Honestly my favorite character is Derflinger. A talking sword isn't a new trope, but he's honestly a lot of fun. >>8660 >moral agenda <disliking pointless violence is moralism Hoo boy, lib-succs are amazing in their stupidity... but what else to expect from stirnerites? >>8669 >Donald Honestly, go back to /pol/ >video games cause FPS video-games have been demonstrated to cause violent tendencies in children... and judging by all the violent breakdowns by lets-play youtube gamers and the tendency of many of these people to go into drone-striking in the US military, this doesn't seem weird. But hey, anything pushed by porky as a "great product" (to consume), MUST be completely fine right!? >muh meds You first Abusive rules are trash, but being a mindless hedonist is worse than trash
(52.61 KB 384x288 absolutely ideological.jpg)
>>8676 Killing is not wrong. Prove me wrong faggot.
>>8690 >Zizek meme >prove me wrong <waaah don't tell me my enjoyment of horrific things is wrong!!!! Pointless killing is idiotic, and so are you.
I like /m/.
(28.79 KB 220x344 1587412178689.gif)
>>8692 Prove me wrong faggot.
(1.36 MB 1491x1118 1375308887309.png)
>>8700 Have an argument faggot >>8698 Mecha is kino
(4.04 MB 333x250 BigOPunch.gif)
>>8702 Hey you seem to know mecha. I watched the first two eps of RahXephon like half a decade ago and just remembered it; would you recommend that show or no? I remember some fellas sayin it was better than Eva, but that just be contrarimeming. And a gif of the beautiful punch sequence of Big O for all to admire.
(49.20 KB 500x500 1584752588660.jpg)
>>8702 I did retard. It's not my burden of proof faggot Moral fags seething.
>>8707 Big O was fucking dope I don't care what anyone says.
>>8707 Not them but RahXephon has very little to do with Evangelion beyond a few visual similarities. It's still a good show, and certainly a product of that late 90s/early 00s anime avant garde.
>>8710 >I did Saying "N-no, muh moralism!" is not an argument >spoiling faggot LOL >burden of proof Proof for what when I explained an argument and you haven't? Hedonists can't deal with logic and facts so they love to scream about "moralists"
>>8733 >It's not my burden of proof even though I am making the claim to moral realism. People like you should be shot.
(19.06 KB 320x241 wrong belong.jpg)
>>8741 > even though I am making the claim <People like you should be shot. Thanks for proving why you're an idiot, if you have no reading comprehension I'm not going to teach it to you.
>>8660 >trying to mock someone for being reddi <proceeds to reddit space Kek
>>55 How did you upload 4 images!?!?!?!
>>55 >>12185 > 05/29/2016 Old format
>>12222 Epic quads


no cookies?