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(105.19 KB 640x455 ofypCEcl.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/31/2019 (Tue) 01:00:10 No. 4857
One Piece is leftist
It vaguely is, you can definitely make the connection.
(246.39 KB 1422x1080 Luffy's dream.jpg)
>>4857 One Piece is libertarian, although left leaning. It's big focus is pursuing your dream no matter what and in defiance of authority. If there is any central ideology I can discern its Egoism. PS Yay, Finally a One Piece Thread!
>>4867 Its anarchist
>>4868 In a chaotic, egotistical sense, yes. On the Political Compass it would be leftist libertarian. Which is impractical IRL but a fun fantasy to read about.
(45.19 KB 577x198 SBS59_2_Thoughts.png)
It's Libertarian in some sense but I vaguely assume Oda has communist sympathies because he's got che guevara hanging up in his office and the fact that the revolutionaries exist in his story. Like Luffy's dream is being the most free in the seas, but naturally there are other pirates who value freedom that will fuck other people up like Blackbeard or Kidd. Plus Oda's shown us good natured Marines like Garp, Fujitora, Smoker, and several others. There obviously will be some form of government when One Piece comes to an end, it just won't be at the beck and call of bourgeoisie fascists like the celestial dragons. One Piece is a good baby's first leftism, I appreciate having it when I was younger, it helped me get here. (fun fact, in this sbs answer Oda makes it a point to say that his stereotypical thoughts are "world peace")
>>4890 He also knows a lot about communism. Dragon is directly based off of Castro as explained in the vivre cards.
(349.55 KB 736x468 1577900062072.png)
>>4902 Ah I didn't catch that, but thanks for letting me know. That's pretty based of Oda, though communism as understood by Japan is pretty light and soc-dem like, ain't it? At any rate, let's post some inspiring One Piece stuff. I've been meaning to talk about it in a leftist space for a long ass while.
>>4902 While initially true, I feel that Oda has either liberalized or been forced to liberalize One Piece because the Revolutionary Army in canon declared that it intented only to remove the 'bad kings' and World Government. Essentially playing the "good ruler stay/back in power" card
>>4906 It's just gonna be "not all kings" or some shit because of the good kings we've met, but I think getting rid of the world government in general is a good thing, or at least the celestial dragons.
>>4907 I feel as long as the celestial dragons and im are removed from power, that it can still be considered leftist. You could make an argument that keeping the good kings is still "democratic" since they are in a way chosen by the masses. Idk.
(100.33 KB 1200x675 Max_Stirner.jpg)
>>4857 I've just started watching the anime and've noticed that Captain Kuro looks a lot like Stirner.
>>4911 Even if they're making the Revolutionary Army a bit faggy, keep in mind that all the "good kings" were not actual royal families that ruled over those countries from the start. The Celestial Dragons were the actual kings of all the world's kingdoms before they moved to that heaven of theirs as seen with Doflamingo and Dressrosa
>>4918 shame hes just a shitty one shot villain
>>4918 also read the manga instead. youll enjoy it more. Toei has horrible pacing and adds tons of filler
>>4918 They have similar egotistical personalities too.
>>4911 >chosen by the masses no they aren't Alabasta, Fishman Island and DressRosa are exceptions as demonstrated in the reverie
>>4931 the only ones you've listed there that are true are Alabasta. As The Nerfertiti were dsecended from the original 20 world kings. Fishman Island is it's own thing, and Dressrosa was coup'd by a celestial dragon descendant.
>>4934 This. They're kings in title, but they have popular support from their kingdoms.
>>4934 Alabasta had a literal revolution when shit got bad after Crocodile's manipulations. The Revolutionaries could have removed Nefertiti but chose not to upon the truth being revealed, thus showing that the people in the case of Alabasta could do so. >Dressrosa Original rulers WERE Doflamingo who BECAME Celestial Dragons, before one of them lowered back to humanity and the last living member of that line took over Dressrosa from a different line of kings who were of the people. >Fishman Island is it's own thing It is a kingdom regardless, but the king is sort-of elected and they seem to have protest movements and such. All three of these kingdoms have people clearly ready to overthrow improper government but have kind kings. At the same time such kings are the exception among kingdoms. Making the whole 'good king' thing a liberal backtrack.
Skypeia arc was good at dealing with the "no gods no masters" thing
This is probably the most obvious reference to communism in One Piece. I don't remember the cover story too well, but it was something about a workers' revolution in a weapons factory.
>>5149 Unfortunately that antagonist was a massive POS
(652.62 KB 942x1010 oda_che.jpg)
>>5386 it doesn't have anything to do with him. He just happens to look like One Piece Che Guevara, now he's in Japan jail. Oda's got a Che poster hanging up in his office, I've said it before in this thread but I found the picture and it's neat to see. His office has a lot of weird bullshit though so it could be a random visual flare type of thing.
>>5413 Based comrade oda.
(89.71 KB 960x960 fhm7gz5xmtb41.jpg)
Another find. Mariejois (where the celestial dragons live) is based off of Chateau de Chambord. While not exactly a pivotal building in the French Revolution, I do believe there's a connection to be made there. Especially since as if I recall correctly, Bello Betty is based off of that July Revolution painting too.
(505.50 KB 720x775 shonenmarx.png)
Saw this illustration in the newspaper and made it for fun. Don't really vibe with it since that cop is in this, but hey it's for the meme.
I really liked One Piece years ago but as my tastes developed I sort of lost my taste for it, and the series has been stretched out to the point where going over the story is a bit of a headache.
>>5566 I literally just got into the story and I can't get beyond dressrosa. There's so much to unpack, especially for a noobie I can't believe I made it this far. Not to mention apperently funimation has been doing a fucking chapter by chapter adaptation of the anime rather than skipping some parts which has made shit just drawn WAY the fuck out. Like long ring long island. I want to return too it and finish it and be there for the 1k episode, but, god damn.
>>5569 Please read the manga instead, not only is it faster but the art is a lot better and the anime literally RUINS scenes. Take for example, since you've watched up to Fishman Island I'll list a good example from that. The anime adds in a scene of Hody Jones and his band of fucks getting fucked with by adult pirates as babies, to set up them as idolizing Arlong when he saves them. This scene isn't in the manga, and for good reason. At the end of the arc, Hody says his hate for humans isn't based off of ANYTHING in particular, he's simply a byproduct of the generation before him hating humans. This is a very poignant part of the whole arc that's just ruined through the anime trying to add in more filler for time. Most of the time the filler is bad non-cannon additions to the fights, but there's stuff that's reprehensible. Please consider the manga if you revisit this series again, it really shines as a manga first artistically anyway.
>>5572 This. Im reading the manga rn and its so much faster than the anime and is way easier to digest. Toei ruined the anime with the bad animation and filler hell.
By the way does anyone else here post in one piece general on 4chan /a/?
I finally caught up with the manga. I'm gonna really miss reading it daily.
>>5572 Too clarify, i do not dislike one-piece. On the contrary i absolutely love it. I am just a large digester of anime rather than manga and it makes me sad that the anime is so fucked.
(475.03 KB 1000x671 rvO5p2J.jpg)
>>5585 I do, it's been terrible for nearly a decade or so, but I do. >>5589 S'all good comrade, was just letting ya know. Shame the anime adaption is as bad as it is, Dressrosa is a slog even in the manga IMO so I don't blame anime onlys getting tired from it.
>>5596 >I do, it's been terrible for nearly a decade or so, but I do. every thread on 4chan is terrible though so its to be expected
>>5597 That's a very fair point. I haven't really felt like 4chan's been fun since 2008 or so. I was a majority /co/ poster too, so it was just generally less of the /pol/ nightmare that the rest of the board was slowly becoming. Actually, for any other 4chanons in this thread, remember how bad the /a/ op threads were from around the turn of the decade? It was to the point that you'd see a lot of refugee threads on /co/ or /v/ for that reason alone.
>>5605 I started using the threads around dressrosa. I was the BTFOanon/Sanjihatefag
>>5626 I still say fuck Sanji. White Knight bastard keeps acting like a cunt so much it pisses me off. His Wholecake Island sarc gave him some new depth but still.
>>5628 Literally the worst gag character in the series.
>>5626 lmao, I remember trolling that Sanji-Nami shipper in that era. It was fun times. I didn't invent the "bullsopp" narrative but I helped propogate it.
>>5638 >Sanji-Nami They deserve each other TBH. He would serve her greedy wants tirelessly and she would never have to put out and he would be fine white knighting til he died.
>>5646 Nami's a sweet girl minus the greed, which is mostly played up for jokes. I'd rather Sanji end up forever alone for all his bullshit.
>>5650 Sanji belongs with kiku
>>5650 Shaji is the most annoying character. Very shoe horned. Very transparent.
(737.96 KB 1136x640 JoTEczk.jpg.png)
>all the sanji haters ITT
>>5687 I like all the strawhats he just annoys me more than the others. Him being kind and cooking food for whomever is always gonna be the best Sanji. Feeding the hungry is very noble.
>>5691 I hate the cuck part of Sanji that won't hit a woman
>>5694 ok incel
>>5696 Even Luffy hits women, anon.
>>4857 >One Piece People with basic bitch taste will be put to the gulag >>4890 >Oda has communist sympathies because he's got che guevara hanging up in his office and the fact that the revolutionaries exist in his story. Pics or it didn't happened
>>5701 All you had to do was scroll homie. >>5413 Also, fuck you.
Does big mom/tottoland represent liberal/radlib idpol?
>>5882 >forced diversity >a group of islands governed by children of a dictator whose purported dream is where everyone is equal >outright ignores this dream whenever greed attacks sort of I guess. It's more of a "le liberal monarchy/good ruler" parody
>>5889 What does Wano represent?
(546.45 KB 1200x873 9537.jpg)
>>5900 Hard to say since we haven't seen it in full yet. I want to say Wano has something to do with Oda's desire to see Japan be less nationalistic since Oden hated how cramped the country was, in addition to how the scabbards mentioned that they wanted to open the borders to Wano and stop making it so isolationist. This arc walks a tightrope of "Japan strong" and also "maybe japan not so great" at times.
>>5900 Japan historic and modern. 1) Industrialization is seen as bad because it is used to exploit the people and brings terrible living conditions 2) Instead of a proper feudal monarchy, the state is ruled by a "monarch" who is really more of a figurehead as part of a business and has international power (Orochi deals with World Government officials like an equal) which is similar to a corporate monopoly working with a national government 3) lastly Oden was a 'disgrace' because he lived freely and did not care for how others saw him, breaking the mold of uptight Wano citizens. All these feel like callbacks to moments in Japanese history.
>>5922 >3) lastly Oden was a 'disgrace' because he lived freely and did not care for how others saw him, breaking the mold of uptight Wano citizens. Lol everyone in the 4/a/ thread got mad and started shitposting over this. Theres a /pol/ presence there.
Someone should go through every major arc and say what they represent.
>>5925 >Theres a /pol/ presence there. No shit >in the 4/a/ thread got mad screencaps? >got mad and shitposting Fucking why? The guy is the definition of a hedonistic libertarian in terms of behaviour. He's just a libertarian with a sense of empathy.
>>5926 I was going to do that but then leftyweebpol went kill with the rest of 8chan so I lost my work.
>>5933 >Fucking why? The guy is the definition of a hedonistic libertarian in terms of behaviour. He's just a libertarian with a sense of empathy. Because the thread is full of retards who thing the celestial dragons represent jews and they didn't get their typical shonen stoic chad hero
>>6057 Unless you have something to add to the thread, bumping it like this is idiotic
>>5933 With the latest chapter reveal of Oden only dancing because he made a deal to save everyone, people in the /a/ thread are still saying Odens a cuck.
>>6185 LOL the most predictabl twist ever and /a/ just realized? >he's a cuck Fucking how? He has no way of killing Orochi who, along with Kaidou, fights dirty. He was putting his people ahead of himself.
>>6187 They just like playing up bad stuff they don't get contextually because being a part of the "outrage" is fun. If you meme "One Piece is bad now" eventually it just becomes popular opinion. Anyways in regards to Oden, everyone's saying that he should've just called Roger or Whitebeard to help him with Kaidou. Forgetting multiple facts like how Roger is dead at this point and that Wano's Den Den Mushi only have the limited range of the island. Even the "Kaidou is a kidnapper" complaint is dumb when you consider he's a pirate through and through, pretty much a barbarian, and we've seen him all throughout the arc trying to brainwash people under him, so the narrative of "why isn't Kaidou just wrecking everything" they're spinning is objectively dumb.
>>6191 >being a part of the "outrage" is fun Part of it is also because HxH retards try to slide the thread on a consistent basis.
Oda is sick. Do you guys think he got the corona?
>>6472 He gets sick constantly. I hope not TBH, him dying like the author of HxH would make those faggots intolerable and leave One Piece to be truly an ever-ongoing series.
(461.74 KB 728x405 IqO71RQg.png)
>>6474 lets send some dialectic to Oda so that he gets better!


no cookies?