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(749.32 KB 1175x577 button poetry.png)
Is poetry dead? Anonymous Comrade 12/28/2019 (Sat) 14:46:31 No. 4776
Button "Poetry" kept getting aggressively recommended to me in ads on Facebook, so I decided to check it out, and I have come to the conclusion that it is the most vapid psuedo-intellectual bourgeois spectacle I have ever seen (pic related) Libs eat that shit up when the poems aren't even well-written because it tells them what they want to hear. Sure, you can like what a "poem" is talking about, but that doesn't make it a good "poem", and the stuff they talk about is basic bitch lib shit anyway like "a cashier looked at me funny once at the grocery store, it was probably because I'm LGBT". Or stuff about muh depression. Newsflash; we're all depressed, honey. It's hard not to be in a society this alienating. If this is what's considered good modern poetry, can poetry be saved, or is it dead and buried? All of the examples of modern "poetry" that I can think of are similarly vapid, but I am very okay with being proven wrong.
I feel like poetry is kind of outdated, when we have music now (not that they didn't have music before but easily accessible to people).
>Button "Poetry" kept getting aggressively recommended to me in ads on Facebook There's your problem. This shit, and poetry slamming in general, is the lowest common denominator of poetry.
>>4776 Modern poetry is shit because school says that anything you can write out and read is a poem even if it lacks a rhyme or even a decent rhythm. Poetry Slam is just bootleg rap and is yet again an encouragement of capitalist education destroying culture into a nebulous undefined mass. It's the same thing with modern 'art'. https://nationalfile.com/norway-artist-who-spray-paints-with-anus-receives-4m-in-public-funds/ TL;DR: Post-modernism kills culture and make it all vomit worthy, rewarding the lazy and entitled over the hard-working.
>>4798 >muh pomo Meme. There's plenty of great post-modern literature, don't conflate it with the antics of trust-fund kids.
>>4800 > There's plenty of great post-modern literature such as?
Sounds like the LCD of stuff being more and more accessible due to capitalism
>kept getting aggressively recommended to me in ads on Facebook, so I decided to check it out …I have some poem just for you right here, buddy. ''OP waited. The light of his e-cig blinked. There were trolls lurking in the thread. He didn't see them, but had expected them, now for hours. His warnings to the mods were not listened to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. OP was an internet user aged fourteen. When he was younger he watched the threads on imageboards and he said to dad "I want to make the threads, daddy." Dad said "NO! YOU WILL BE BULLIED BY TROLLS!" There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got older he stopped. But now in his thread on Bunkerchan he knew there were lurkers. "This is Alice," some Discord chat cracker. "You must fight the reactionaries!" So OP got ready to concentrate by grabbing his "plasma rifle", if you know what I mean. "HE GONNA CALL THE JANNIES," said the trolls! "I will shitpost at him," said the nazbol lurker and fired his reactionary missile. OP plasmaed at someone posting pics, but then the wigs fell off and they were traps. "No! I must call the jannies," he shouted! The Discord said "No, OP. You are the reactionary." And then, OP was a fagot.''
>>4801 I'm mainly familiar with danish literature. Prominent examples are danish system poets, such as Inger Christensen. Danish minimalists could also count as post-modernists, and there are quite a few good newer "late-modern" poets who don't use formalised structures. If you can't read that shit, you could try reading up on some of the more famous french or american post-modernists - Kurt Vonnegut might be an example. For something related to post-modernism, but not explicitly part of it, Alain Robbe-Grillet's "Jealousy" is really good.
>>4806 That's a short-story, anon
>>4809 No it's a poem because I used the enter key a lot.
>>4810 Try reading it aloud.
>>4811 Ow-Pee *snips* wai-ted *snips* Thelightofhisecig… BLINKED! Thereweretrolls … lurkinginhisthread \(-_-)\ … /(-_-)/ Hedidntseethem … buthadexpectedthem HIS warningtothemodswere NOT listenedtoand NOW it WAS too LATE Far too late *claps* for *claps* now *claps* anyway *snips*
>>4812 Beautiful
>>4808 >Danish minimalists could also count as post-modernists >Kurt Vonnengut that's stretching it for PoM. I like Vonnengut but I don't think of him as PoM
I get genuinely angry when I hear/read poetry by somebody who doesn't understand how meter works, and it's 99% of poetry I've heard other than stuff I read in school.
You can't write poetry in English. Try learning a language that can express things other than trade contracts.
>>4841 >You can't write poetry in English Tennyson, Byron and good few more would disagree. English is harder of course but for those with a proper grasp of it, not impossible. >>4830 >this Every time I hear someone is going to do a poetry night I avoid it because experience has shown that A) They choose inane shit for poems and B) They read it like stumbling children.
>>4776 >They named their daughter Genocide. Brutal.
Anybody here watch battle rap?
>>4861 Rap battles of History had a few good ones and the diss-war between Tupac and Biggie Smalls was decent.
>>4861 Only the cringe ones that Critikal reviews lol.
>>4808 Vonnegut is definitely PoMo. So is Pynchon, Heller (Catch-22 is definitely PoMo), Phillip K Dick, DeLillo, Murakami, David Foster Wallace (obligatory), Hunter S Thompson, J. G. Ballard. PoMo just isn't a "new" literary form anymore, its actually getting pretty creaky now.
>>4892 >All this is PoMo stop assigning everything to PoMo
(49.17 KB 546x410 poetry blah.gif)
<nigguh shit fuck shit <bitch git dat money shit <fuck smoke weed <nigguh nigguh <ooga booga fuck <shit bitch ass <nigga ass bitch <nigguh shit bitch <ooga booga dat ass <money money yo!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiM3sDcEPc4 anybody watch this? it's Soul Khan, self proclaimed socialist Jew who supports DSA and Bernie vs Dizaster, Lebanese gun right enthusiast and former Trump supporter
>>4968 Now that's just a fucking strawman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IggpgmH-UDY
>>5097 what is this? they're not even talking about committing violence to each other and making puns out of it
>>4776 >Is poetry dead? No, but society might as well be.
>>5097 >unrequited love >9 parts This is actually worse than shit like >>4968 describes (i.e. 80% of rap)
>>4968 you have to distinguish rap from rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STpRL3e_cPE
>>4968 /pol/ tier post
Haikus are easy Structure's dialectical Write haikus, niggas
>>5117 >muh /pol/ No son, that's reality, have you paid attention to rap? Half of it literally is about that because current rappers don't get why the originals talked about drugs and shootings; rather than pointing out the problems of the hood, they glorify them.
>>5126 Nah bro you're the one who needs to pay attention. Most rappers today (except for absolute hacks like 6ix9ine) are on some kind of emo phase and when they talk about drugs, it's about how they consume them to deal with shit like depression and what not. Hell, even fucking Kanye West is doing christian music right now.
Pick up a literary journal. The quality is quite a bit better, even if it's mediocre compared to "the greats". Instagram and Facebook slam poetry is for people who want to look cultured but aren't cultured enough to enjoy proper poems, so they need simple, in your face "verse" that can't be analysed in more than one way. It's usually pushed by art-thots in HS and art-thots who just entered university.
>>5130 >it's about how they consume them to deal with shit like depression and what not. Hell, even fucking Kanye West is doing christian music right now Well I was referring to the last shit I heard from 2016, I don't know what rappers are on about for 2019-2020 but that emo shit makes sense, though they're about 10-15 years too late.
>>5108 Most poetry is unironically incel shit about how hot some woman who won't fuck the author is.
>>5802 >incel shit about how hot some woman who won't fuck the author is <t.doesn't read 'poetry' outside of reddit, twitter and chan posts Try picking up poetry of classic poets m8.
>>4776 >>4778 >>4797 >>4798 I find it really sad as someone who was really into this in my teens and kinda still is.I used to win prizes for this shit in HS but now I have many unfinished ones that I wrote at work. It's sad that it's a dying genre as it's an incredible thing for self expression and critiquing society in my case.
(269.03 KB 940x627 GgroG1F[1].jpg)
>>4968 >>5113 the sidewalks he walked was fraught with peril. how awkward and thorough. the canine was barking, hogging the marrow. the smell of death was nigh, wafting from apartment to apartment where the echelon climb up put pajamas on the target. where the gentrified gotta put they're houses on the market. where the restaurants China shit. what kinda shit is the way that the diners tip when they're only serving one kinda dish? the politics pork barrel and the promises. the dot-commer hit, the walls narrowing and widening. the hot momma in the bordello with the jonathan. the wholesale buyer blow-drying all the opposites. the folktale giant dope buyer ain't accomplished if the rope gets tighter, no-lives, they gon' call us some low-lives? I swore the politicians swore us off by it. if the rope gets tighter, no-lives, they gon' call us some low-lives? https://youtu.be/CEEHYqLI_Jk
Whitman was influenced heavily by hegel and you can see some dialectics in his poetry. Just sayin
Maybe epic poetry should make a comeback since novels and the other types of poetry are dead art forms
>>4798 >muh pomo You know the Kafka story "A Hunger Artist" was based on a real thing, right? For a couple centuries in Europe there were people who got paid money to starve themselves to death and people would pay their penny to see the "performance." Freaky performance art predates modernism let alone post-modernism.
>>15036 Epic poems for socialist countries/territories would be based.
>>15036 t. Robinson Jeffers I do recommend reading the "Women at Point Sur," though. He's mostly famous for the stuff in Double Axes and Other Poems, for good reason as much of it is pretty good too.
>>4798 >rewarding the lazy and entitled over the hard-working it rewards insofar mediocrity is always rewarded in any field at any time as it provides confort instead of the distress, familiar thing good, unfamiliar thing bad and scary, this is not specific to post modernist literature or literature at all.
It isn't dead, it finds asylum in the culture of the effeminate middle class, existing as some sort of LARP. Same with the theater/playhouse. Both poetry and theater are fucking cringe and only live as remnants of bourgeois culture and need to be strangled in their graves, they had already progressed to superior forms of art in the 20th century.
Idk what time scale you're looking at but Seamus Heaney is absolute fire.
>>15091 what’s poetry progressed to?
>>15110 Music, songwriting and cinema.
>>4798 why in god's fucking unholy name are these people so obbsessed with sex, I love wanking, I'll prolly love fucking, and I have a list of fetishes a mile long, but this, holyfuckwhy? sweet god above, upperclass guys seem to have a tendency towards degeneracy
Slam poetry fucking sucks, learn to rhyme your pretentious cunt.
>>5095 Cringe
Why porky despises formal art so much?
>>15149 because it takes effort?
>>4776 This is true, Rap is also sorta dead too, because most mainstream rap - (LOL at rap being mainstream BTW) - is just cheap mumbling and screaming, as opposed to the aggressive but well-spoken messaging of older rap.


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