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Comrade 10/09/2019 (Wed) 16:38:29 No. 339
Should I just give up on love and women? Lately every girl Ive liked has been either swooned by someone else or just been generally disinterested in me and I havent even talked to them.
>and I havent even talked to them
Snce even you yourself think you are boring and uninteresting, why should others hang out with you?
Women want excitement and adventure, before adult married life forces them to settle down.
You are not entitled to have a gf. You need to work for it like everybody else.
Its not that I’m uninteresting I just haven’t talked to them personally
What is stopping you?
(134.90 KB 333x504 SOY.PNG)
It's like "incel" was the first thing that appeared in your head as you read the OP and you just issued the standard tired old copypastas. I'm pretty sure this is just bait but I'll reply anyway.

>Snce even you yourself think you are boring and uninteresting, why should others hang out with you?
He never said he was, you pulled this one out your ass for god knows what reason. Regardless, if you had a friend or relative who suffered from poor self esteem and saying that he was a boring person then I doubt you would say this kind of thing to him unless you're just a huge fucking asshole in general.

>Women want excitement and adventure, before adult married life forces them to settle down.
Most young people think like this regardless of their sex, you just framed it in a retarded redpill AWALT kind of way.

>You are not entitled to have a gf. You need to work for it like everybody else.
You might as well be saying that anyone who thinks they need to be raised in a loving family or that they have a right to healthcare is just entitled and just have to pull up their bootstraps. The detriments to overall health from loneliness are well documented. I'm not saying that people should be forced to pair up like in an arranged marriage but the conditions that we live under today leaves a growing number of people out whereas before the vast majority of people were more or less guaranteed to find someone simply because society wasn't as hyper-atomized as it is now, unless perhaps if you lived in a culture where polygamy was the norm.
How do you know they're not interested in you if you've never talked with them, comrade?
I know that looks and behavior play a major part in "finding" a relationship, but sometimes it's just luck too.
I wish I could give you some advice, but honestly the dating world in the west looks so fucking confusing and sped up for just a quick fuck.
To me it happened when a female friend I had zero interests in introduced me to her friend on some gig by chance, after a month I hit it off with her friend and we're celebrating our 7 years of being together tomorrow.
I know people often meme about "self improvement" and other such shit, but you really need to at least take some sort of control over your life, we all are fucking GODS and our ideal I is something that belongs to us, something that should be ours.
>we all are fucking GODS
You'd think that if all those Gods were getting all that booty they could be bothered to magic us some socialism
It's a hard road to socialism comrade, we work on ourselves and we work on others, only with unified strength can we achieve our goals, and we should seek to strengthen the weaker links.
But how can we grow stronger when we are constantly pushed down by the need to survive day to day. How can we actually achieve self actualization if we barely make ends meet.
(67.19 KB 960x678 thot vs trap.jpg)
Have you tried traps?
>Should I just give up on love and women?
Only if your failure in your love life stems from a subconscious desire to be alone. If so then recognize it and accept it, but otherwise you will just make yourself miserable.

If you're not sure meditate or do some drugs or whatever until you find out.
fucking incel lol
Don't give up, anon. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and no one wants to become an incel
some of the fish will die lone without ever having been loved
Imagine you were a woman for a second. Would you date you?
Try changing environment, countries, culture. What doesn't work in one place often work in others.
Shut the fuck up stacey u bitch

Depressed girls get boyfriends all the time hell I know a girl in a fucking psych ward who had a steady relationship and yet when it's the guy dealing with stuff suddenly he is to be denied all companionship because he is lesser fuck off thundercunt
>Depressed girls get boyfriends all the time
So do depressed guys, the fuck you on about?
like 50% of females with asd are in a relationship while with males it's only 15%, with neuroniggers it's 80%.
>inb4 they want to be alone
kill yourself
Autism is not depression, retard. But yeah, that sure sucks for autistic men.
(50.19 KB 650x350 PurFratGuy.jpg)

not that guy but to be fair the depressed guys who get girls tend to be more along the lines of stoner/drug guys who are kindof dumb pseuds. I know a guy like that he's basically a dumb druggie but he gets tons of hot girls who want to 'fix' him with his pseudo-intellectual faux-tortured thing.

helps to be good looking too

TBH OP, most hot girls are dumb and if you're too smart they think you're a nerd.

You should get a gym membership, work out and get buff, get a friend group of likeminded guys, get better social skills, and start going with them to raves and bars and shit.

If you're too awkward still drink or do some drugs, and try talking to chicks then. Chances are they will also be drunk and you'll probably be able to go home with one, I've done it and I'm not really even good looking.

A lot of times when people have these romantic problems its because of broader general autism and lack of social skills.

Once you have a friend group its way easier to go out together and try to hit on girls in contexts where its socially appropriate (i.e. nightlife).

(young) women aren't that complicated, they are the same as us.

Final thing i'll say is it is a numbers game. IF i had to quantify the ratio of success, which is the number of women i hit on compared to the number i actually end up fucking, it would probably be like 4%. So out of hitting on 100 women, most are not interested, 20% are vaguely interested, and maybe 8% are really interested. Out of those, the logistics end up working out half the time.

To maximize your chances of getting girls you have to go to places where young, horny, single people tend to congregate and imbibe substances which lower their inhibitions, and try to hit on as many girls as possible.

You have it backwards hitting on these girls that you've decided you like in advance and emotionally invested in whether or not they like you back. Crushes are stupid, if you like a girl try advancing on her right away, if she rejects you then just move on its no big deal.

numbers, BRO
And the majority of autism cases are men
(5.87 KB 320x290 1396908281102.jpg)
Tbh I kinda feel the same way sometimes. I'm pretty good at regular social situations, and hell I'm even fine with meeting new people at social events. I know women are interested in me and I have hooked up with women before who were super obviously into me, it's just I'm really retarded when it comes to this stuff and it's so difficult for me to be able to flirt and make a first move/judge if someone is trying to more subtly make a move for me or not.

Honestly OP if you have things your passionate about and aren't like super hideous or anything there's a pretty good chance there have been some situations where you just failed to read it too.
>waaaahhh my mansion is too small
Not sure that's true. I think many autistic women go undiagnosed because autism in women doesn't conflict as hard with the expectations of womanhood as it does with manhood.
There is literally no expectations of womanhood, you can do whatever you want and those of the opposite sex will want to fuck you.
>muh penis fuck vagina
Fucking hell, can you fucking worthless sacks of shit not have a single conversation about women that doesn't involve sex?
of course not this is a chan dude
Most people here are not incels.
>Be me
>have tremendous genetic adult acne!
>dads a schozo mom has asberbers
>depressed and anxious A LOT real problems with whether its genetic or eviromental, haven't seen a doctor in 3+ years
>had some desperate sex a few times never have known anyone intimately, feel inhuman!

remember helping comrades struggling with capitalist alienation is praxis

From the day to day im either a invincible Teflon harded in my struggle, or feeling hollows that shakes me to my core. Thats the human experience!
>had some desperate sex a few times
kill yourself sexhaver
you are not alone mon ami. I recommend getting a stable job with low commitment required, learn to forex on the side and fuck as many hookers as possible.
Whining and humble bragging about how you haven't gotten your dick wet in months is not a hobby. Take it to >>>/GET/.


no cookies?