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(309.26 KB 943x521 Darkest Hour.jpg)
/leftygsg/ Comrade 08/22/2019 (Thu) 06:25:11 No. 324
Thread for discussing grand strategy and similar games
Should 4X games be allowed in as well?

Also posting a link to Napoleon's Legacy, one of the few good things to come out of /gsg/:
Sorry anon I'm too stupid for spreadsheet simulators
(87.63 KB 192x194 ideologies.png)
Any thoughts on these ideologies for a HOI4 Mod set in 1930?

Its pretty much OTL but Bolsheviks seized power during the July Days which lead to a slightly longer and harhser civil war. Subsequently the KPD organise more before they tried to seize power(they lose anyway and Germany is nearly Balkanised)
Pretty good, just one small thing off the bat, I'd change nationalism to nationalist (to keep in line with the other ideologies) and maybe change military dictatorship and oligarchic since those seem less like ideologies and more like forms of government
yeah i've standardised the naming method but i see your point with the ideologies/government differences. i think i'll either compile them into one non-aligned ideology or just use the other 9
You could probably lump them together as authoritarian or something

But it looks interesting, I always enjoy seeing new mods
(1.87 MB 1728x1649 1567019688197.png)
maybe make a Marxist-Leninist and make a country where its run by a Marxist-Leninist party or make a democratic Socialist ideology like how Paraguay is all the time because they have elections and i know that's gay but it makes sense for that sense they do have elections
Socdems should be lumped in with libs and conservatives. Also remove Military Dictatorship and Oligarchic because those are pretty vague governments.
I still find the way they deal with ideology idiotic but this does look like an improvement
Yeah but at this point paradox isn't going to fix ideologies
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we could really do with a /lefypol/ themed mod for HoI iv
(281.45 KB 1280x720 Clips.jpg)
(705.14 KB 1920x1080 cF2Trzj.jpg)
(591.19 KB 1920x1080 1137372539_preview_INDUSTRY.jpg)
Since we're never gonna truly get the Paradox grand strategy that we actually want cause haha EU4 DLC did to Paradox what GTA Online did to Rockstar, I'm gonna make a guide on how to make some of the "newer" Paradox games actually tolerable and closer to their original counterparts.

I'm gonna start off with HOI4, you know painting simulator 2016 where spies are only getting added now and it's focused ENTIRELY ON THE FRENCH HELLO THE FRENCH WERE THE MOST FUCKING USELESS OUT OF ALL THE PARTISANS, THE SOVIETS LITERALLY INTEGRATED THEIRS INTO THE RED ARMY AND YUGOSLAVIA LIBERATED ITSELF, HELL EVEN THE CZECH'S MANAGED TO KILL HEIDRI- *ahem* anyways, let's talk about how to add some actual mechanics and depth to HOI4 that'll actually make it play and behave like a WW2 Grand strategy game and the associated playstyles and thought requirements.

Thankfully there's only one real mod that you'll need:
It comes in two parts, the mechanics pack and the GFX pack, the GFX pack is needed since it overhauls the game's graphics.
So what does Black Ice Do? Well Black Ice was a mod for HOI3 that just expanded on the gameplay for that game, in HOI4 it aims to not only bring back those lost mechanics and themes but improve on them. It overhauls how production works, instead of just producing "infantry equipment" for example you now produce rifles, uniforms, garrison equipment, bridging equipment etc. This of course means divisional organization has changed a lot, you can now change it from militias to infantry to irregulars to mechanized, semi-mechanized, mechanized support, cavalry tanks(haha France) etc. Techs have been changed to be unique to individual nations so Iran will no longer have Tier 3 heavy tanks just like the Tiger 2 or IS-3, and so each nation now has unique flavours and avenues of approach. Focus trees are now so big they will make your CPU grind on its own, seriously it takes a full minute of scrolling to go through the whole thing. They're also really cool now and very unique. For example Germany can choose to create the SS and get free units but this hurts PP, or choose not to and instead shoot Himmler for being a dumbass. Or you could research weird SS occult stuff and get a 50% tech bonus late game and get absolute mad stuff like rail guns(the big kind on rails not the gauss kind) or The P 1000 Ratte(yes). Economy and Politics has also been changed, there is now no clear best option like "free trade" or "complete mobilization" each choice now has a benefit and some sort of downside so it's situational, complete mobilization now gives better production but absolutely kills all civilian construction including repairs, ministers may now increase or decrease stability in random events or may die off cause heh Upper Class British inbreeding.

Downsides to the mod include killing your PC due to how autistically detailed it is, the AI being broken and unable to make actual choices, some stuff just being outright broken or missing but it's rather small compared to how frigging huge the changes are, I'd say do at least one run as Germany to get a feel for the mod as they're the most fleshed out nation because some people don't like being so autistic of whether your troops get the M36 pattern uniform of the M40 pattern uniform(those people are dumb and should play Imperator instead).

Dunno what game I'll do after this, Vicky 2 probably but that'd be a real easy one since there's literally only 2 real mods for it.
How would that work? Would it be based of the base game or millennium dawn? What would the ideologies be? Hoxhaist crypto-leftcoms? Dengist?
Replace "Fascist" with NazBol, replace "Democracy" with LeftComs, and replace "Communism" with Posadism. Then we'll have our meme game.
How do I into HoI 4?
what mod? i need to know
Bring the War Home, it's not been released yet unfortunately

It has its own subreddit with more information
I know jones Manson and Chavez
I’ve got no idea who any of the other people are if a Cali anon wants to tell me
Can Jim Jones be a burger pol pot in said mod?
>Would it be based of the base game or millennium dawn?

Either tbh, although because it has more ideologies, I'd probably go with Millennium Dawn, the classic version obviously, maybe Kaiserreich with the different flavours of leftist ideologies it has

What about non-aligned?
how do I get back into grand strategy lads? I feel burnt out on Paradox games because the AI is too easy and predictable, the only way you can make things "harder" is by letting the AI cheat, which isn't really solving the difficulty issue and just encourages more scummy metagaming.
Play with/against other humans?
even if you do, it is still the sandbox of the easily exploitable AI. casual games can be alright, but competitive games leads to the same metagaming bullshit as playing on higher difficulties.
Play '90s grand strat, early wargame and the lot, or just mod paradox games to living hell.
I'm not sure what else to suggest. Obviously AI isn't going to be as good as human players, and even if they were, it would be metagaming type BS that you mentioned. Ultimately GSG are too complex for there not to be easy exploits. Surely the best way to look at things is just to treat the game as if you are actually the leader of said country? You know, get into the roleplay side of it rather than treating it as a board game. That might make you play in a more organic and less mechanistic style and therefore the AI would be more of a challenge. Alternatively, you might just be bored of GSGs and should try something else for a while.
Hoi4 might be far from realism, but it makes up for that by having great LARP mods.
Anybody have that one screenshot of that reworked Soviet tree for HOI4 Kaiserreich?
What's the /leftypol/ consensus on the Hearts of Iron hierarchy? I do like many aspects of IV, like production and the streamlined command structures (if for no other reason that it makes starting a game easier), but I miss all those things that made the III so great.

Yet, as I recently tried to get back into III I immediately remembered why I never finished a full campaign. In my Japan game I was able to subdue China fairly quckly, after which I took a year to prepare the invasion of India and other European colonies in Asia. When I finally launched the invasion I found India basically undefended. There were maybe 5 divisions in total in the entire subcontinent. It's like the AI is incompetent to the point of making the SP basically unplayable. For all its flaws HOI IV at least is better balanced, and the Eastern Front doesn't end in a one-sided smack down every. single. game. Your allies are actually good for something, unlike in III, where USA can't even get its forces to Europe, or if it does it parks 200 divisions on Malta and starts making naval invasions to Italy one infantry division at a time, only to get killed by an insanely massive army of... Finns? Seriously, is there a mod that makes Hearts of Iron III playable, or is it simply too complex for the AI to handle?

I have Hearts of Iron II: Darkest Hour, but haven't really gotten into it. Is it a good compromise between III and IV, or does it have some game breaking flaws of its own?
Hoi4 has better mods. This alone makes it better. No one who is gang weed plays unmodded hoi.
Just play HOI3 as Germany with a tank/tech focus for the real experience, HOI3 at its core is just like any other paradox game that can easily be broken by exploits. Just keep stuff like paratroopers to a minimum although the troop transport research means you could potentially drop tank divisions instead. Ignore air and build just super heavy BBs and subs to whittle down the Royal Navy and try and be historical when bashing France. This usually is the most fun and fair way for me to play HOI3 my "super divisions" are comprised of armour, mechanized, SP, and engineers for maximum irl=game mechanics it might just be because of the fact that I try my very best not to break the game and play """"historically"""" ugh. Tbh in my last game I went to war with the Soviets in 1941 after wiping the allies out and almost lost until I pulled back from poland, now that was a fun campaign.

But ew don't touch HOI2:DH, it's like what EU3 is to EU4. You'll honestly regret it because it doesn't have as many mechanics as 3 but lacks even more quality of life stuff.
>But ew don't touch HOI2:DH, it's like what EU3 is to EU4
It's the superior game, you mean? :^)
No EU3 is god awful, the only thing it has on EU4 is no $200 DLC, which is probably a very compelling argument. But seriously I tried EU3 once cause it was like $2 on steam and I never wanna touch it again. To give context it's still trying to emulate the board game rather than be an actual video game and so it's like March of the Eagles 0.5
Abbie Hoffman was a comedian that was like the 60s hippie leftist Sam Hyde
Curtis LeMay was a pro-segregation air force general
John McCain Sr. is pretty obvious
Harvey Milk was an openly gay politician in San Fransisco in the 60s that got assassinated.
Apparently Valarie Solanas was a 60s radfem that tried to kill Andy Warhol.
H. Bruce Franklin was an american historian that was temporarily a Maoist
Kathleen Cleaver was a black panthers official.
how do i get good at hoi4?
Play a game of Black Ice or some other overhaul mod on Ironman mode, lose about 6 times and you'll be good.
just started playing (pirated) hoi4, 1.7.1 i don't think its as shit as i once thought. its dumbed down sure but the streamlining makes me able to play more games in a row with less burnout i think.

anyway im already looking for mods but being pirated i wonder if its possible. I was able to grab blackice because they upload on gitlab https://gitlab.com/BlackIce-HOI4/black-ice-past-versions/tree/v4.1.2/1.7.1 anything else similar?
>be me
>log into steam
>layout completely diffrent
>everything confusing af
Why do internet companies constantly change their layouts? It’s serves no purpose and just makes things more confusing?
UI devs gotta eat
Because hahaha fuck you. No but seriously the new library update for steam is universally recognized as garbage, there's no way to change it back unless you're a wizard, and nobody was asking for this in the first place. So really nobody can answer the question "why" other than that valve is shit and has been shit since they stopped making games and started making money.
99% of the time when the UI for a website of application changes, it changes for the worse. Their should be a ban on UI changes unless it’s really popular. If not it should automatically be changed back.
Just paste the steam link for a mod here and you can pirate it:
sweet im gonna play kaiserreich
Anyone got recommendations for some Kaiserreich submods?
Anybody got any ideas for mods we can work on? I have a few I can share if you'd like
(520.18 KB 1920x1080 20191124150147_1.jpg)
Share away friend, my own motivation to work on mod ideas I've had has fizzled out.
Thanks, you should share as well, is that a screenshot of what you've made?

As for my ideas, I have a few. My main idea is porting over the Abyss/Armageddon scenario from HOI2 to DH or maybe HOI4 and also adding content as well. It's got some truly crazy stuff, like:
>Communist Britain leading the Comintern
>Bourbon superstate
>Fascist Prussia and Russian Empire
>Communist Japan ("People's Republic of the Rising Sun")
>Mao is dead and in his place Deng Xiaoping negotiates a peaceful end to the Chinese Civil War
>Fascist India led by Gandhi
>Liberal Cossack state led by Khrushchev
>Communist Italy led by Tito
>Communist Africa formed from a colonial superstate, led by Haile Selassie
>Communist Persia led by Reza Pahlavi
>Communist South America led by Peron and Vargas
And my personal favorite
>Weird union state between the CSA and a republican Mexican Empire (it is explicit in this)

Beyond that I had a few other shitty ideas
>Timeline where CSA survives the civil war with help from Britain and France, joins the Entente in WWI and afterwards descends into fascism
>Victoria 2 mod where the Burr conspiracy succeeds
>Victoria 2 mod to improve the depiction of socialism
Those are the main ones at least
Yea, the screenshot is of some hoi4 mod I play around with now and then. It's basically just if the Spartakist revolt happened in the 1920s with much more popular support so damages Germany badly. Also the Soviets won the Polish-Soviet war so they're biding their time.

I personally mod hoi4 so can't really comment much on the DH or Vic2 ones. I saw there was some other mod made on the Abyss scenario but was very generic. The scenario seems p crazy but I personally dislike how consolidated the world is, I guess its made to be this pseudo-balanced team deathmatch between the factions almost.
Sounds pretty cool honestly. I guess the Spartacists still end up loosing in the end though? Since Hindenburg is still President of Germany.

But yeah I think the Abyss scenario was made with multiplayer games in mind, maybe I'd be better off working on something else.
I think a Kaiserreich submod that splits up totalists and Leninists/vanguardists might be cool. Idea would be to add more of the IRL type communist leaders as choices for syndicalist countries, and maybe new totalist leaders for countries like USA, that already got Leninist ones
I've always felt that the DH Kaiserreich version is superior to the HOI IV one, and will forever be.

The world in DH Kaiserreich feels alive, as if it was breathing, atleast for me.
I'd also like to post another idea I had for a mod (not sure which game would be best, be it a Paradox title or even something like a Civ game), where the AIs become "self-aware" and realize they are trapped in a simulation, and then react accordingly.
(1.52 MB 1595x816 hoi4godspeedmap.png)
I'm really excited for this mod to come out for HOI4. What are your thoughts so far?
wat is
This sounds interesting, but how the fuck would it work lol. A self aware AI would immediately lose interest in the actual game.
Basically a mod with a lot of divergences in history which leads up to a world war which kills over 50 million as well as make the world experience a mini ice age. It's strange. I like it.
>Canada is the world superpower
>world in 2055
>China has gone full capitalist, the CCP renamed it’s self to the “National Development Party” They fought a war with India and won taking a bunch of land.
>In reaction the government in India that lost the war (INC) got overthroughn and replaced with a theocratic Hindu regime.
>In Russia a civil war is brewing between the Ruling United Russia and communists.
>The United States of Europe (successor to the EU) is struggling to hold on to separatist nationalist movements trying to breakaway.
>Britan which never became part of the USE because it left when it was the EU is now communist, and is trying to spread the world revolution, it is allied to other socialist countries like Norway, Angola, Cuba, Namibia, South Africa in an “Atlantic Alliance”

>Democracy in USA has been “suspended” corporations directly control the state. A civil war is started by either a socialist “American Worker’s Party” who are Communists or by a Christian Theocracy league depending on certain events selected. If “American Worker’s Party” wins they can either help Britain in spreading the revolution or go down a pseudo-Nazbol route where they try to annex the rest of the Americas.
>Climate change has wrecked a good chunk of the world in the 2040s displacing many people and altering topography and geography of countries that couldn’t afford seawalls. By 2048 things on that front are getting better as Carbon Capture technology has taken off and people use nuclear and renewables to power stuff.
>Plains, Ships, ans Tanks mostly use lasers now, and lasers are a big part of the tech tree
>So is genetic engineering which can make your population smarter and stronger (giving bonuses to research and construction speed) but can also allow you to create super soldier special forces division.
>"National Development Party"
Typical Western chauvinist doubting the dialectical materialism of Neo-Dengism.

Interesting ideas, what role do you think nuclear weapons would play? Countered by laser technology? My apprehension with mods set in any timeframe where nukes are in large quantities is how conventional war would be unrealistic for any nation which had a nuke stockpile.
>Typical Western chauvinist doubting the dialectical materialism of Neo-Dengism.
Come on, we know it’s gonna happen, the writing is on the wall.
>what role do you think nuclear weapons would play? Countered by laser technology?
A missile would have to be heavily armored to get though point defense. Maybe ICBMs for the most part get mostly replaced by SLBM or Satellite launched missiles.
Yeah I agree with you on China, would be interesting to see what their iconography/symbolism would become with mask-off capitalism.

And I was under the impression that MIRVs countered point-defense but I suppose modern forms of it could take them out.

What do you think would trigger Britain going Communist?
>And I was under the impression that MIRVs countered point-defense but I suppose modern forms of it could take them out.
Laser point defense could destroy any missile without sufficient armor. However, with Tungsten armer a few could probably get through. The main problem with military lasers is that they aren’t just better guns, they are weapons that concentrate heat on a target in hopes that enough heat will cause it to disfunction. So while hitting an object might be easy, a hit doesn’t garente neutralization.
>What do you think would trigger Britain going Communist?
Well the main reason why I chose the UK is that they are semi-issolated from the world being an island and all and are a major power capable of projecting some power outside their boarders, but not much. They aren’t China, or India who’d be the superpowers in this mod. A plausible scenario for them going commie would be Boris pushing through NHS privatization, and eventually the Torries allowing for rents to rise supper high, while wages are stagnate. Things boil to a point where enough is enough and people revolt.
>would be interesting to see what their iconography/symbolism would become with mask-off capitalism.
They could keep their high amount of state run companies and just take the hammer and sickle stickers off. While the amount of the Chinease economy that is state run is high, it’s not so high that an openly capitalsit country couldn’t have the same thing. As for why they’d do it. ITTL they successfully replaced America as the world’s superpower and did it so that American companies and banks would feel comfterble “immigrating" to China. Many major american financial companies are registed Chinese companies, headcorderd in Hong Kong Providence by the time the mod starts.
Also every state could have a “climate penalty” that has different negatives to stuff like division speed, attrition, and construction speed. By researching “geoenginering tech” these penalties can be reduced.
(44.79 KB 228x448 KkDTNPD.png)
Even though he's just a crypto-fascist using socialist syndicalist policies to get votes, I still say Long Dong is a pretty good meme. It doesn't help that the Syndicalist faction is called the "CSA" or that John Reed has about as much character as a cardboard cutout. Or that I've never seen the CSA win on its own, I've only ever see it win when either Britain or France send volunteers that win the war for them. A shame really.
Basically the AIs would have different choices for how to react, ranging from just acting like nothing's changed to trying to build some kind of megaproject to free themselves from the digital hell they are trapped in, or just destroying everything to end the pain of their existence
>refuses to add major historical figures like rockwell because “we don’t wanna attract fascists”
Into the trash it goes
Where do you see that?
Jesus Christ, I've always wanted a /leftygsg/ but this is fucking disgusting, you should all kill yourselves unironically
I can't believe you fucks are actually retarded enough to play shit like HOI4 and enjoy it - if you want to draw lines open up MS fucking Paint. Don't taint this site nor this board with your fucking child's play.
Also, actual buyfags? PLEASE gulag yourself, thanks in advance
Maybe phasing out war declaration as something that can only be done when the world tensions reach a boiling point. Relegating the war into proxy wars and gray zone combat of modern day.
The China bit is pretty interesting especially when most global warming maps usually show that Beijing is under water. The addition of climate change also adds the chance of some countries just not existing in this time (like Australia and SEA would just become uninhabitable).
Disappointing, hopefully they'll change their position but if not there's always the possibility for submods I suppose
Chica could probably afford to build seawalls so the map wouldn’t have to be redesigned around them. However for countries like Bangladesh, it defiantly would.
>No EU3
I really like the Balkan submod, it makes that part of Europe and the AH civil war far more interesting.
>blobhemia stretching to the urals every game
ok retard
What about EU4 with MEIOU & Taxes?
Oops, sorry, I'm a retarded. Didn't see you mention it.
>>3325 >Buying paradox shit Yeah no. >>324 Any plans to make communist submods for this? Having the only communist options being USSR remnants, Cuba and Vietnam seems boring as all hell.
Kaiserreich China update is out boys!
Gonna try and play a game of CK 2 from the 700 start date as Wessex king, try to form England/Britannia and become a Satanist in order to add flavour to the runthrough. Tips?
>>5202 Cornish world conquest though if you want to be serious, commit yourself hard to beating the sons of Ragnar because otherwise the vikings will be all up in your shit forever. if you want you can let them get conquered so you can holy war the territory back later, but you'd have to wait a generation or two because they will use their blood ties to stay allied to each other for a while. Gaelic cultures are slightly easier because you get tanistry succession, which lets you chose your favored heir as long as the electorate goes along with it, but usually the electorate and the king will have the same idea of who should be heir because of positive traits they have.
>>3459 proof that eu4tards have no hope
>>4774 Kinda disappointed the searching brother Ho quest line for the Indochinese Union remained unchanged. You would think that with German presence massively decreasing and China even more chaotic, he would have been apart of the left KMT.
(412.13 KB 1366x768 20200113171746_1.jpg)
How am I doing so far? I managed to get the immortality event and passed cause I got the "Jesus gives martial advice" trait and it it never went away so my martial is thirty fucking two. Also its the third character, the first ruled for 16 years, the second only 26 days, but this guy has been a fucking beast. Been taking over England slowly, and got that spanish kingdom by marrying my second wife and then using the claim to put her on the throw, sacrificed her to a demon and change the inheritance laws, then murdered my son so I inherited it. Also my guy is gay for his horse doctor.
(63.45 KB 1100x819 1897735.png)
>>5269 >poland 1940 borders unironically looked best
(641.44 KB 2900x2300 buryatia irkutsk leak.jpg)
This leak makes Buriyata look so fuckin cool. >reviving the Union under the hopeful glowing light of Sablin's ideal
>>5295 So Yagoda is this timeline’s version of Beria? What happened to Beria and the other old Bolsherviks under Bukharin?
>>3153 >Khmer Empire Pol Pot masturbatory fantasy intensify
Jesus fucking christ being the high priest of the satanic cult is OP, I just keep vassalizing everyone because I first abduct them, possess them with a demon, release them and bada-bing bada-boom they accept vassalization. I basically conquered almost all of England by abusing this. It's so fucking good.
>>5304 just wait until you play as a hoarde
(102.31 KB 1235x819 better.png)
>>5269 loog i figgsd Uurop :DDDD
>>5306 GROSSBritannium
>>5306 ah yes das grobst srpskia :DDD
(65.96 KB 1235x819 1578942860573.png)
>>5316 now THIS is based
(1.23 MB 1560x2718 based_and_redpilled.png)
So I spent around 4 hours today searching for all info on TNO HOI4 mod that I can find. This feels like it's going to be the best one yet, better than KR probably, and from what I understand it is all some guys autism project.
(432.08 KB 1366x768 20200114202413_1.jpg)
UHHHHHHH I THINK I'M DOING IT WRONG So I found out that as an empire you can just vassalize entire kingdoms, so I abduct the heirs, possess them, kill the king, and boom an entire kingdom belongs to me. So after this screenshot I got all of Scandinavia and Western Europe. I was gonna export it to an EU4 game but it's not even 1000 and I've won because of maximum cheese.
>>5318 what the fuck is going on
>>5321 It’s the focus tree for the Deutsche Sozialistische Republik (RAF of TNO) still led by Meinhof herself. A bunch of young German communist that was radicalized from from being Speeroid liberals to full doomers hellbent on self-annihilation. They believe that because of the crimes of the system they’ve lived in, Germany is beyond the salvation of socialism. If they won the Nazi civil war, they would exterminate every single German that has benefited from the old regime (which includes themselves). Deliciously chaotic good.
>>5324 Sounds a bit too edgy
(334.31 KB 3416x1922 atlantropa.jpg)
>>5321 I really love the idea of this mod since it's the perfect mix of actually pretty interesting and realistic alt history ideas mixed quite well with absolutely insane bullshit on the other hand. Here are some of my favorite little things from this mod: >Hitler decides to do project Atlantropa after winning WW2, which, obviously fucking backfires. So hard in fact that it crashes the whole European economy since all the ports get fucked. Anti-German sentiment spreads over the Mediterranean fascist states, resulting in them getting kicked out. Now the Atlantic Dam is under Iberian (Franco's state) control, and it is found that the bloody thing is on the brink of collapse, which would cause the sea to flood back, killing millions of settlers of the new sand planes. I imagine if the Iberian player fucks up, this will happen. >After USSR collapses, it is replaced by a bunch of regional warlords. One minor of these is Lysenko, who is going full mad scientist now that he has no oversight >If USA goes neocon, it will sponsor the settings equivalent of Maoist rebels over in the colonial regions, and have a Vietnam-style war in South Africa against the Boers. >One of the leaders of the Baltic partisans is a Jewish man driven mad by vengeance who now seeks to genocide every single German settler. >According to what I learned about the mod, Himmler is a supervillain now, playing everyone against each other in hopes of causing a nuclear war, so he could establish his hyperfascist society with spartan characteristics after hiding out in bunkers. >Protracted British peoples war against the collaborationist monarchist regime >West Africa is terror bombed into the stone age by the Luftwaffe perpetually in order to destroy the remnants of Free France >India is most likely to have a communist revolution happen >Basically a 4-sided cold war between USA, German sphere, Mediterranean fascists and Japan, with a lot of rebelions, revolutions and civil wars happening anywhere, including Germany, where the liberals, old guard army men and SS are at each others throats, with a small chance for DSR to pop up.
>>5335 Yeah it’s a pretty ambitious mod. But sure do need some addons to remove your normal plebbit enlightened centrist content. Also found this pasta. >The year is 1983, and at long last the world is free. >It was not the German madness, the insanity in the guise of National pride that brought salvation. It was not the Japanese way, that most imperialistic of anti-imperialist movements. It was not the American’s, the worst of the lot, with their false freedoms and empty words. >They were lies, all of them. New falsehoods concocted by the same class of bourgeois and capitalist war-baiters who have always used such tools to keep the workers of the world pitted against each other. Divided, so that they might be conquered. >No, it was something old that brought the world to its destiny. Something old, long thought dead, but risen once more. Socialism >The Proletariat across the world have united, and torn their chains asunder. A 4th Internationale reigns, the continuation of decades of struggle, yet greater than any of its predecessors. From England to India. From a reunited Soviet Union to an at last united Pan-African socialist nation, from Cuba to Iberia, workers to long enslaved and subjugated now stand united. America grows ever nearer to joining the revolution, its bourgeois ruling class kept in power only by the machinations of its false democracy and the sneaking skulking FBI. Germany and Japan lie prostrate, their Armies defeated by the workers they had once enslaved. Their Fascist overlords have abandoned all pretense of representative leadership, and maintain their rule only by the power of the Atom Bomb. But the workers of these nations, the last bastions of Fascism and Imperialism should not fear. The Internationale is coming for them. Thanks to the joint effort of members across five continents, the workers of the world will soon have nuclear weapons of their own, enough to annihilate any of the enemies of the revolution. For America’s unique brand of slavery, we do not need them, only our words and truth. They will see our cities rising, are factories churning, the glories of true Communism speeding ever closer. In the third world, Socialism has all but won its century long argument with Capitalism, Labor its even longer fight with capital. The red dawn has come, and mankind gazes into it, hopeful yet unending in its fight for liberation. >Or has it? While Capitalism and Fascism certainly have fallen out of favor with much of the world, this is more likely due to the weaknesses of those ideologies and not the strength of their replacement. The red flag rises everywhere, but it is not quite the same shade of red. In England it is mocked as rather a “pink” flag that tolerates capitalist degeneracy of all stripes. In Africa it is accompanied with the Black and Green of furiously nationalistic African Socialism, so vibrant in its love of the long suffering black worker that it imprisons and often executes all those who remember their old ethnicities, nationalities, or religions. The revived Soviet Union suffers from the same defects as the first, as workers shuffle from factories that produce unnecessary goods to rickety wooden barracks unendingly. In India, it is the peasants who rule over the small urban worker class, and over one another with the enthusiastic cruelty of the Raoist “Red Guards”. In Iberia, socialism has not yet decided what form it will take, and ranges from the carefully distributed madness of Anarcho-Syndicalism to the heavily concentrated insanity of Autosufencia. >Despite the bold proclamations of Premiers trying to outdo one another, America is not defeated, no more than any other super powers. Though the Internationale’s propaganda ministry funnels them ever more cash, the LNPP remains stubbornly unable to win either a majority of congress or the presidency. Plenty of workers and peasants still sport German and Japanese weapons as they kill their liberators in the name of their “dead” nationalism. >The red tide has risen, so high that only nations remain above who defy it. But is it the red of Labor, or that of Blood? Will the decades to come cement the history of the 20th century as the history of Socialism, or will they be the fall to its already occurring decline? Pick your nation, choose your difficulty, and then decide for yourself. >>5332 It’s made by libs and Chinese Dengoids, of course it would have some commies=nazis bullshit.
>>5343 Well, I don't think the DSR is that much of a dishonest centrist take. The left is literally dead in TNO's Germany, and they are inspired by The New Left, which in all honesty was a shitty and suicidal "class war now" movement by western idealists, and Pol Pot was something that did happen OTL, thus I don't think it is that unrealistic or dishonest to leftism that DSR would end up becoming a Sakaist-esque death cult. My bigger problem with the mod is stuff like >>5295. I mean, yes, in that situation Yagoda clearly has to go, but the underlying idea is mostly the myth of muh ebil totalitarian NKVD terrorizing everyone just because they can, even though that is overblown and in many cases forced by necessity to protect the state. Here it is just portrayed as purely evil, which is funny, since quite a few nazi / ex nazi / fascist paths in the mod seem to have more gray than this.
>>3324 HOI4 introduced me to strategy games, and I still play it nowadays with the MP and roleplaying games because it's fun, stop feeling superior for playing more complicated map games.
>>5344 >since quite a few nazi / ex nazi / fascist paths in the mod seem to have more gray than this. This is what I meant with how the mod is made by centrists. Most reformist Nazis are actually considered as good and it also continues to peddle the meme of “Speer the good Nazi” while in real life Speer was filthy weasel that lied his way out of execution even though he’s just as much of a Nazi as anybody apart of the Nazi upper echelon.
(586.82 KB 1280x896 communeoffrance1941.png)
Waiting a little longer before attacking Germany June 22 1941 sounds like a good date Vive la Commune
(560.26 KB 1280x800 brusselspocket.png)
get dunked on
>>5345 >stop feeling superior for playing more complicated map games. No. Stop feeling like you're equal when you play babby's first map game
(113.84 KB 820x443 RTW2-Rev-1.jpg)
>>5388 >>5345 You both are like little children.
>>5375 is hoi3 kaiserreich worth playing
>>5394 >hoi3 kaiserreich Errrrrr you thinking of Darkest Hour? Kaiserreich was originally a mod for Darkest Hour and Hoi3 has a DLC called Finest Hour which is completely different. Ok I had to google that but holy shit somebody backported Kaiserreich to Hoi3 in 2017 wtf, "This is my hearts of iron 3 mod this mod is based on the hearts of iron 4 mod by the same name that mod help to inspire this mod" WTF
>>5390 bote autism is more a wargame/rts than a gsg
how do I get political points in Crisis in the Kremlin?
>>5432 Hmm its been a while since the play here but I think you get those from events
>>5434 Maybe I should restart
>>5346 I took an online villain test and says my personality matches Speer
(181.77 KB 1024x768 EUscreen1.jpg)
also, anyone ever play DEFCON or Super Power 2?
>>5437 I used to love playing DEFCON. That was the shit back in the day on /v/ before it went to shit. No other game has such pure distilled strategy. Everyone's your enemy trying to kill you, and yet you have to find a way to work together. Its so satisfying.
>>5437 I got a free copy for DEFCON when my steam account glitched out. Good fun. Just wish that the systems are deeper.
>>5436 Man, I got Doenitz, I'm such a bore.
>>5436 I got Hitler. Well at least I’m not a ptsd ridden vegan like
>>5436 Took it & got Stalin. Interesting.
>>5346 Yeah, funny thing is that they could've kept Speer being a "reformist" (For lack of a better term) but have him do it because he believes it'll be easier for the Reich to manage their imperialist ambitions >>5343 >But sure do need some addons to remove your normal plebbit enlightened centrist content. Agreed, personally one submod for it I am definirely waiting for is one that'll dsiable the use of nuclear weapons >Chinese Dengoids Wait, what?
(11.94 KB 356x130 spanish anarchist tree.jpeg)
(121.60 KB 1080x1675 IMG_20200120_001816.jpg)
>>5436 Putingang gang
>>5463 This for Vanilla HoI IV or a mod? Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if the "Oppose the Communists" focus is chosen by the AI, every single time...
(4.38 MB 3108x3419 speer_tree.png)
>>5343 Hmm, maybe the mod isn't as libcucked as it first seemed. The bottom most event in the most recent leak of Speer tree for Germany (pic related) seems to hint at a possible socialist or at leas socdem path (that would most likely still have to be pretty revolutionary knowing the material circumstances) for Germany that won't result in >>5324
>>5480 >Blanked out name Hmm, any idea who it might be? Strasser?, Thalmann? (Assuming he wasn't shot in TNO's WW2)
>>5482 It seems to be an org name, so I would guess It's Spartakus. It also fits very neatly into the blacked out spot.
>>5483 >Spartakus Ah, right, didn't realise it was referring to the name of an Organisation Still though, I do wonder what happened to the surviving Strasser brother and mah boi Ernst Thalmann
>>5482 >>5484 TNO’s timeline diverged much earlier than ww2. It all started with Bukharin winning (and the subsequent execution of /ourguy/ Stalin) turning the USSR into a mega-Dengoid state completely unprepared for war. The second turn is that both Mao and Chiang died in an explosion before they can do anything.
>>5488 I thought that Mao lived through TNO's WW2?
>>5489 >Mao and Chiang died during the Battle of Chongqing in 1944, which resulted in the Japanese victory. According to reports from other soldiers, Mao was killed by an explosive charge, placed inside the compound in which Chiang was killed. Nope. It seems that the only option for communism in the co-prosperity sphere is the Raoists in India and the Vietcong in Vietnam.
>>5491 Raoists are absolutely cringe and possibly worse than Pol Pot. They are full on agrarians who think urbanism is reactionary and will most likely start a cultural revolution to enforce their ideas. However India does have a Marxist tree (which seems very familiar with IRL USSR) and an ancom one. As far as the possible leftist countries in TNO, so far these are confirmed: India and Vietnam as you mentioned. DSR in Germany Quite a few different warlords in Russia, who will likely form a united front from what I understand. Free England has a chance for the communist partisans to become the leading group or form some weird monarcho-socialism after victory USA seems to have an option if the Republican-Democrats support segregation, as this pushes the opposition far left. Iberia can collapse into a civil war, with Catalonian Popular Front being one of the sides, however the Communist tree is utter "muh ebil tankies" meme (not confirmed though, this tree was only shown in an April's Fool's dev diary). Fidel seems to have still won in Cuba Some more speculative ones: Free France might have a similar option to Free England. Algiers as cooperation between Free France and FLN was mentioned. Leader of Poland if it revolts apparently has a lot of leftist support, yet it might not meant anything. South America is currently devless, so it is possible for quite a few left wing nations to come from there, especially as USA in this timeline is fine with buddying up with Ho Chi Min so he would fight the Japanese. Wouldn't be surprising if one of the Middle Eastern countries would also have a leftist path after Italy loses influence.
https://www.humblebundle.com/games/europa-universalis-iv?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_1 Preddy gud bundle, you can give all the money to charity like I did. Gonna try playing as England first I guess cause nationalism.
>>3313 yeah they're only including non-fascists like uh... Jim Jones and Charles Manson


no cookies?