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(21.10 KB 236x329 josephplaneswalker.jpg)
Comrade 07/16/2016 (Sat) 08:45:20 No. 301
Who else spends his hard earned (or state given ;^) ) money frequently on commodity fetishes like M:tg cards? How is such behaviour to justify (there is no right living in the wrong)?

One pal of mine tries to get me into his rpg-group, and I'm honestly thinking about it, even tough I don't have much interest anymore in high fantasy-rpgs.

Any other non-vidya gamers around?
(389.58 KB 1701x1316 TRS-80_III_Hi-res_Hat.jpg)
I hoard 70's and 80's business computers. It's getting compulsive. I don't even play games on them, I just clean them, do repairs, and keep them in working order. I run a family farm my parents left me, and have no formal education in electronics. Im not even old enough for them to be nostalgic. WHY AM I COMPELLED TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS SHIT?

On a side note, telnet RPGs make me pretty hard.
>Any other non-vidya gamers around?
/tg/ thread?

I love RPGs, specially since I only need to pirate the books to play.
OP here; the friend I was talking about has also pirated all his books for his mother is working in a print shop. One can only tell the difference to my original books if you look very closely.
(677.13 KB 543x1169 1367056935721.png)
>playing Eclipse Phase with a bunch of commies and anarchists
Sounds perfect.
DEC fedora?
I play WoD:The Masquerade every blue moon.
>inb4 vampires are gay meme

Pen&Paper can be really fun, you should at least try. It's nigh-endless possibilities. I mostly play absolutely retarded characters and try to crash/sidestep the plot by any means possible. My current character is an edgelord anarchist calling himself "The Patriarch" who uses a shoulder-mounted anti-tank gun to snipe people from kilometers away and my plan is to rob banks and give out guns to civilians in the hope that this will bring down society.
I play Malifaux, Mei Feng in that is vaguely commie.
(160.05 KB 404x369 phanes.png)
I like to indulge in purchasing sexy expensive books on magick when i know i should be saving

D&D and other ttrpgs are borderline non-expensive, you only need to invest interest and some time

I've invested a bit on dice because im an autist fuck and i really like weird dice but its ok

*about mtg: just play pauper comrade*
You don't need to limit yourself to Pauper if you make proxies. Or play in Cockatrice.
Every sunday a few friends and I used to crash at ones apartment, drink and play D&D, stopped after one of them started working Sundays too, now it's a bit hard to arrange our schedules.
Has anyone tried "Comrades"?

(111.86 KB 1080x1376 Gunchucks.jpg)
(9.75 KB 194x259 images (5).jpeg)
(226.79 KB 1000x1500 1j5m4p59bkb11.jpg)
I'm in the same situation. I'm interested in starting a GURPS game, it's another tabletop RPG, but it built to be really flexible, and act more like a game engine that you can make any kind of RPG setting out of. There's tonnes of theme books including stuff like cold war intrique, and guerilla warfare, or gun kata. I wanted to make an RPG that was based on the illiad, but it was mall ninjas, fighting a rival dojo, who stole their Helen dakimakura, and have gun kata, I was inspired by pics related
That's not what commodity fetishism is...
(1.22 MB 1874x523 1557411983491.png)
I want to get more into magic so bad but the few times I've went to FNM it's been full of stereotypical neckbeards with high level decks. Seriously I can only afford a few ~$50 decks but everyone else has $300 burn decks. I called it quits when some fucking incel threw a literal hissy fit in the middle of a game because I tried playing an instant .2 seconds before he summoned a creature; he said that I ruined the game because before it hit the table "the stack" defined creatures as spells and since my instant said to sent a creature back to his hand it didn't count. Man I just wanna play a fun card game not be yelled at.
Yeah. They treat FNM as a tournament. They are lame. As a beginner, they have told you how to use each counter specifically in its best way. It's really rude.

I used to play mtg especially drafting because you get to keep cards while sharing an equal card pool. It's very casual and not so superficial. People understand that your deck didn't come together properly with your decisions especially if you are new to the game.

I currently play Cardfight Vanguard. (not sure if anyone here is into Japanese anime based tcgs) It is much easier to get into and very fun for me. I play on a competitive level but I haven't won anything of importance yet. But I am getting better.

Allowing tcgs in the future seems like a difficult task but I think how packs are bloated with commons probably would be changed. I'd say like a 10 card pack in socialism would be like 5 commons 3 uncommon 2 higher rarity from a MTG. Maybe instead of like totally random packs you could do different setup of packs. Like color based, for example in Ravinca. You can do Guild packs so you are ensured that you get cards from those colors so you can focus on the clan and go from there.
>I run a family farm my parents left me
nigger if you aren't making it an organic co-op farm at least you best be using the money wisely
(125.70 KB 300x300 Rook.jpg)
I prefer real games like Hearts, Rook, Rummy, etc. Collectible card scams so blatantly favor the rich weak-willed that they can't seriously be considered games. Games that require one to "collect" the ruleset by buying individual pieces are disgusting examples of predatory capitalism. I'm surprised people don't compare Magic: The Gathering to the day-one purchasable DLC that video game enthusiasts despise so much.
>I'm surprised people don't compare Magic: The Gathering to the day-one purchasable DLC that video game enthusiasts despise so much.
But, they do? Day-one DLC can be anything, like strictly cosmetic things. DLC in single-player titles isn't the worst kind of DLC. The worst kind is when you have a competitive title and the DLC gives you an edge. The shittiness with Magic's business model is specifically that it's like that type of DLC, combined with gambling no less.

What would be a "socialist twist" to collectible card games? Caning. Perhaps going the opposite route. Adding extra cards to your basic set only makes you weaker, but if you win under these conditions, you can take a handicapping card from your opponent or something like that. These cards better be pretty. Or maybe we'll just rip off the existing concepts with the only difference that you can't buy the cards anywhere, instead kids get them for top grades or doing pioneer stuff.
>pioneer shit
I think by making a game out of merit badges one could really incentives participation. You could set up a points list where at each level you could save your points to redeem for higher level cards or spend them on lower items: in this way you could also implement some sort of lesson on the ltv.
(45.91 KB 375x523 1554257504269.jpg)
Traditional card games are boring as fuck though, part of the fun of MTG is the artwork, the story, and the increasing complexity of card effects and their interactions with each other. Although it won't ever fly in a store, I've had friends that build decks online and just print the cards out on regular paper and stick them into sleeves.
I played MTG everyday for a long time but I eventually got tired of it. I'm sure if I knew more people I'd be more into it again. I'd love to have an RPG group and play Vampire: The Masquerade that shits awesome


no cookies?