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Comrade 08/19/2019 (Mon) 18:17:31 No. 179
Hi anons.

What are some good podcasts about marxist economic theory?
I don't give a fuck about racism, troons being troons, philosophy, political science or Adorno's aesthetics.
I want to study marxist economics, not radlib bullshit.

Here are some I particulary enjoy:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh2UY1hxlMr4_7Az_iQ82HQ/videos (mostly news unfortunaly)
https://www.youtube.com/user/RichardDWolff/videos (econ profesor)
You already posted the most famous, Richard Wolf. Check his channel Democracy at Work. You can also check audiobooks of classic books like Marx's Capital or Lenin's Imperialism, but there is not much else that I know, I honestly recommend to just read books if you wanna learn about it. I wish the USSR had lasted a decade or two more, this way maybe Progress or some other editorial would have published CDs with marxist audiobooks idk.

I'll post a couple of pdfs that I have about political economy, you might find them interesting if you wanna learn about that topic. Also, I recommend that sooner or later you read some works on dialectical materialism, since they are the foundation of marxist political economy, otherwise your understanding of marxian economics will be superficial at best. Despite what some say, diamat is not a meme.
Books about marxist political economy:
>Value, Price and Profit
>The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx
>Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
>A Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
>Textbook of Political Economy
>Fundamentals of Political Economy, aka the "Shanghai Textbook"

David Harvey has full courses on reading Capital on this channel. He's a good lecturer and his videos helped me a lot when struggling to understand Marx. It's also orthodox economic marxism not intersectional bullshit
Chapo Trap House, while not specifically focusing on Marxism, is effective at pointing out the hypocrisy of capitalism and imperialism. I think they'd make a good introduction into leftism in general. They do seem to jerk off over Bernie a bit too much for my taste but otherwise I have to say their analysis is on point.

Chapo shits on the historical legacy of socialism, through.
What's Left with Aimee Terese and the other guy is pretty good.

Also if anyone knows where I can get the premium episodes for free, please do point the way.


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