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(82.55 KB 500x500 n8 just yiff already.png)
/furry/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:06:18 No. 1220
Yep, we back at it again.

Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.

I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
(377.50 KB 1414x1668 Yugo's_furry_suit.jpg)
I wonder if that ever ended up getting finished?
(25.19 KB 540x467 fed.jpeg)
Being a furry retard isn't a hobby; it's a full time job.
Is there a way to hide threads? I might be forced to do something drastic otherwise.
Yes there is, newfriend.
It's still not finished unfortunately. I'm too much of a nice guy to be pushy and ask for a "when".
I only see hiding the op so I assume eye rape furry shit is going to be popping in front of my eyes for a sec everytime I load the catalog.
Dude, cmon, hasn't it been like 2-3 years now? The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
It's actually only been a year and half. Also I just don't wanna push or be too nosey, cause I did that with my first maker and it went south real fast, albeit there were other factors like the fact I'd met that maker through a friend and I found out later said friend was abusing the maker and was passing along false information and yadda yadda yadda drama blah blah blah and that's why I'm being very standoffish and impersonal cause holy shit I don't want another drama.
Well, I guess it's your life, but damn did you pay already?
Only half, and it is coming as far as I can tell, plus it's kinda good cause I'm in a weird spot in terms of address(not homeless or anything just a lot of moving around cause of school)
I got you man. I still don't have a steady job so it's not like I'm any closer to having a suit.
get the FUCK out, you pedos and freaks are not welcome here
You have ruined Yugoslavia and Tito for me
(154.61 KB 1201x1229 1.jpg)
(53.64 KB 1227x526 2.jpg)
(74.69 KB 625x790 3.jpg)
heres some antiques i found on my hard drive uwu
(260.51 KB 585x379 purge im'.png)
>you pedos
>and freaks
>get the FUCK out
>fist pic
n8 looks high af
Are you that twat on leftypol who keeps saying GET, anime, the mods, and everyone else on the site is a pedo?
>get the FUCK out
Nu u, Methodists out.
>are u that cunt

Nope, believe it or not lots of people hate furries because you're fucking weird in a way that is qualitatively different than gays and trans etc, all of whom I have absolutely no problem with

>how dare u accuse us of being pedos!
>why would anyone be suspicious of group of grown adults dressing up like childrens costumes, claiming it is an important part of their identity, and often highly sexualizing the characters and the routines

>implying only a protestant ethic would find such a bizarre, aesthetically obnoxious, antisocial trend to be distasteful
>ur pedos cause kids like animals and you dress up in animal costumes
Are you fucking high or just that much of a schitzo?
(936.73 KB 2880x1216 sonic slut.png)
Can't unsee
(94.65 KB 425x1024 trap so.jpg)
cause stockings are life
(2.49 MB 2048x1686 milkshake.png)
lactose the intolerant uwu
(138.41 KB 1600x1077 2e6j271a5w701.png)
> Manifesto For A Furry Future
Why Soviet Ukraine? Is this a reference to something?
Probably because ukrainian kulaks deserve to be ruled by furfags tbh
(177.56 KB 518x499 hugh_jass.png)
Who /kemono/ here?
I tried to watch a bit of Kemono Friends, seems a bit too childish though.
"Kemono" Friends has human characters.
(575.28 KB 300x300 3_5508396347117535237.gif)
>hueg ass
Good joke.
And I thought this furry shit went out of fashion or fbi finely put you fags in the penitentiary.
Monosodium glutamate
Who's the best furry artist?
Someone share some SFW stuff, i don't got much
(1013.48 KB 800x480 91e.gif)
(43.60 KB 680x912 2b2.jpg)
(667.61 KB 680x1088 04f.gif)
Depends on your fetish tbqfh
Why would you ever think that lol?

That last pic is only 'SFW' on a technicality tbqh
(58.78 KB 744x1052 everyone is welcome full size.jpg)
(100.46 KB 511x602 nazbol gang.jpg)
(210.82 KB 1280x1217 make love not blocklist.jpg)
(203.86 KB 576x768 nazi furs fuck off 4.jpg)
(120.66 KB 1200x1200 nazi furs fuck off.jpg)
(145.62 KB 800x800 nazi furs fuck off 2.png)
absolutely disgusting
(415.52 KB 750x341 den-banner1.png)
I don’t know if this belongs here or in the grand strategy general, but someone should create a hoi4 mod based off of the gene wars in Chackat’s Den Universe.
This idea is horrible, I love it.

Though it sort of seems like missing the point that the idea is supposed to be about the post-war galaxy and unity between species.
(7.62 KB 360x532 pretty gay nate.png)
We need a bunkernate.
I have nothing against furfags. But this thread is fucking cringe, holy shit my eyes.
(53.53 KB 640x372 mxusbo0fzf131.jpg)
>Though it sort of seems like missing the point that the idea is supposed to be about the post-war galaxy and unity between species.
I don’t know. Their is the league which does slavery. And a lot of terrorists on Earth in that universe. Still a hoi4 game of the gene wars set in 2050 would be pretty fun. It wouldn’t be two hard, we could just import the tech trees from millennium dawn and reskin them. Just imagine furry doing stuff from the guerrilla warfare branch. Or humans using it against them.
i would if there was a canadian chapter
(87.18 KB 416x430 1ycc8enz47f01.png)
(22.28 KB 250x400 claws and starships.jpg)
Perhaps I'm confused, I'm thinking of M.C.A Hogarth's series, is that not the Chakat universe?

Be the change you wish to see in the world
Ahh, NVM then.

I think furry sci fi focussed around war are a bit edgy, I prefer the ones that are either about the utopian post-Earth future or furries being used as geneslaves by corporations and fighting for freedom.
>I think furry sci fi focussed around war are a bit edgy
Which makes for a perfect hoi4 mod where the leader of Russia is a literal bear, and most American Field Marshals are Bald Eagles.
(69.74 KB 210x210 Furry.png)
>tfw no anthro gf
Antifurs are invariably schizos.

Kemono artists seem to like big women, at least if the likes of Kishibe and kakuteki are of any indication.

Such as? As far as furry sci-fi goes I've only read Erma Felna EDF and that's focused on war.
Beastars is pretty damn good, just got caught up myself. Great writing, fantastic art, I'd definitely recommend it.
i got really into it too
i want wolf boy to taste the bunny, gently
Suit's finished finally. Now just gotta wait a month for shipping cause lol.
fuck yess

how to put in spectacle ticket for propaganda machine
Hooray! Good for you, happy for ya. You can probably make some funny OC with it or get buttfucked if that's more your thing
Hey Yugo-fag long-time no see. i miss chatting with you on /leftyb/, those conversations were hilarious. Have you talked with Tomoko poster.
Been talking to her lots actually. Also new phone who dis.
Thread should've ended here.
Well, sadly my pleas to create a fulltime /furry/ board have fallen on deaf ears so this will have to do for now.

Anyone done any fun fuzzy stuff lately?
(614.85 KB 1218x863 furry tomoko.PNG)
hi there
i like the furries too quite a bit
they're neat, posted >>1485 before
(3.06 KB 225x225 download.png)
NO furry's here.
(10.98 KB 128x128 get your laws off my paws.jpg)
yiff yiff motherfucker.
(463.28 KB 632x569 reddit rump rupture.png)
(20.97 KB 150x160 totodile laughing.gif)
>bitched about reddit
>shows his power level by using an old.reddit link
furry_irl is better
But anon, if you know what old.reddit is, and he knows what old.reddit is, that means you're both redditors!
Everyone but me is CIA and reddit.
(876.61 KB 1124x623 She took the knot.png).png)

To get back on topic, everyone in this topic post your fursonas!
people would trace it back and know i post here, i'd rather not
i'll say a black cat though

It's the tito one. I dunno what else to say.
how do i make a fursona, what do i do with it and do i need to learn to draw or have money for commissions?
You all should stahp!
since this is a leftist chan here's a furfag of interest to tear into:
Roarey Raccoon
Guy draws fat people with coon tails, and caricature 'paws' and uses them for his political messages, mostly about how evil communism is. He is also a tickle-foot fag. He's not wrong about gender and identity politics, but that's more a broken clock being right 2x a day than him actually being even the least bit class conscious.



He went on a video with Vaush just because but never actually watched the stream and still talks shit.
A youtube comment from the strem summarized him perfectly
>RoareyRaccoon is pure cancer and a lot of furries hate the dude to bits. He seems like one of those dudes who tries to sound like some smart philosopher by making long text posts with big words, pretending to be nuanced about a certain subject until you realize he just really wants social permission to call black people the N word. He's your typical "Oh actually people who get mad at you for saying slurs are the problem" kind of guy, and is overall just not smart or nuanced. He might actually have half of his brain missing.
Of course Roarey's circlejerk quickly began to lambast the quote.
Furfags belong in gulag
No shit. But if BO insists on not remaking a leftypol/leftyb/leftyweebpol board on 8kun.top or jawaworld (or even a basic trash thread) then we might as well have a furry isolation thread, no?
(118.17 KB 533x585 muh kwinthe.jpg)
Reposting from a while back; The Corporate and Other Crimes of Varka & Co.

Varka (Jan Mulders) owns E621, the biggest furry porn booru type site (and is the reason why it constantly has stuff deleted), admins and owns f-list, and furrynetwork and is a founder of Bad Dragon as well as;
- agn.ph (pokemon porn)
- twentypercentcooler.net (e621 with ponies)
- toypics.net (porn tube with dildos)

And many others, yet is so cheap as to sell a 50 cent coloring book for 40$

More domains: http://archive.is/y6qhw

- https://ecorp.azcc.gov/BusinessSearch/BusinessInfo?entityNumber=L17591659
- https://ecorp.azcc.gov/PublicBusinessSearch/PublicBusinessInfo?entityNumber=F15438049

Varka also owns a hosting company INPUT OUTPUT FLOOD LLC with their own data center (they host sites on their own servers): https://ecorp.azcc.gov/PublicBusinessSearch/PublicBusinessInfo?entityNumber=R19946450

There was drama about Varka of being involved in a bestiality ring and bad business practices:


It goes further; actual beastiality videos and brothels, with major members like Athus being literal animal rapists, with one being a human rapist as well whose swagger with Bad Dragon essentially got his rape accusations dismissed and the victim harassed by other furries. The only good part is Herpy got taken down which ex-admins tried to defend

Cum lube used by BD and other companies is also carcinogenic and toxic, just use corn starch, water, and a stove to make your own. (Or for shits and giggles use the recipe pic)
(52.46 KB 475x433 dragon cum.jpg)
Sorry here's the dragon cum recipe, fucking 3 image limit.
(337.81 KB 1125x843 furry fag.png)
Please fucking kill yourself.
This is why dragon dildos need to be a nationalized industry and should be supplied as is needed. The entire fucking fandom's overpriced tbh, all the good folks who actually charged a reasonable price got overtaken by the fuckers who charge thousands for some arts and crafts style stuff, cause competition 'totally' drives prices down and the cheaters will be ousted by the system.

>Share the Dong
Everyone a High-Quality Dong set when? Dildo re-distribution and collectivization when?
After seizing the means of dragon-dildo production of course!


BD alternatives:
>Still no one talking about Erasexa (Russian Bad Dragon that basically copies everything it can)

Someone buy a toy and review it.
- http://erasexa.com/product/fury-large-1/

It's mostly shut-down now but still has stuff.

Others known as the budged bad dragon:
- http://www.frisky-beast.com/
- https://www.primalhardwere.com
- http://fantasytoymasterlist.tumblr.com/masterlist
- https://fenicore.tumblr.com/post/166018962698/lets-talk-about-dicks

Even https://www.mrhankeystoys.com/shop has somewhat-recently began rolling out with some furry/anthro designs.
(219.16 KB 672x473 furry rp.png)
why when I'm having so much fun? Not doing anything against the rules.
>Sock & Condom Stretching: https://imgur.com/SJf78lU

>SurfboardPotato's Guide to Prostate Play: https://pastebin.com/cnkP5kdc

>Anon does the math with J-Lube: https://imgur.com/a/cuLRo2u

>JLube Testing by /ftt/ ScienceAnon: https://pastebin.com/EJsAc4GU

>Recoring a toy: https://imgur.com/a/gFS04

>Panty's Guide to Anal Training/Blowjobs: https://imgur.com/a/TrGhL

>Cleaning techniques and alternative methods: https://pastebin.com/FLWghXvy

List of shops and beginners guide: https://pastebin.com/fcZzua9K

Onahole guide from /jp/: https://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a

More complete shop list: https://squirrelmunkwrites.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/list-of-fantasy-toy-makers/
(275.35 KB 422x935 BD ruins dragons.png)
Nazbol looking appealing right now
The cult of pedos and dog corpse monglers need expulsion. They are cancer.
This thread was literally just minding it's own business until your mentally disabled ass started shitting itself the moment you got called out on your shit, that dramashitters had to invade didn't help either.
Besides those fringe fags frankly the issue is that 90% of furries even left-leaning ones would be counter-revolutionary rad-libs the moment collectivization begins. Being a full furry is a commodity based hobby that relies on market dynamics TBH
(115.75 KB 1111x1200 xu3gd3fbsnh01.jpg)
>Degenerates like you belong on a cross

Furries, if they can't stop being furries, better all be Natsoc, since all the primal cringe and decadence seeping from them will surely greatly degrade any cause that they would choose.
>cringe as an adjective

Damn, you aren't even being subtle anymore, as if you ever were in the first place.
>>cringe as an adjective
>Harping over chanspeak
Not really proving yourself here

Well it's that fucking time of the week again when ""those"" people come crawling out of the woodwork for..... reasons? I dunno what their endgoal is actually. Just bored maybe? Oh well.
I've seen worse tbh, that ancap wolf guy whose name's so pretentious I forget it because I mix it up with those auto-generated Xbox live names.
Didn't Varka shove the biggest Dildo in BD's inventory up his ass on a livestream?
Business idea: Replace the top of fence posts with dragon dildos so that there's a bunch of public dragon dildos always. That or distribute pants with dragon dildos built into them in the seam of the back.
I mean it's not really cumpusalry or anything, it's usually done by the majority in order to have some sort of identifiable personal stand-in, but sometimes it's created like it's just a d&d character or exhibits personalities they admire/want to exhibit(AKA insert fetish). I really wouldn't recommend drawing it or heaven forbid, commissioning it(furry artists need to chill the fuck out, we get it, you have a niche market corned but we don't want $900 YCH you pieces of shit). It's best just to keep it in your head or fill out one of those stock ones since it is for you and supposed to be a product of your creativity or you just like how anthro animals look and want your own. I did mine simply for the memes. It was a really expensive meme now 3 years in the making but it's worth it. Don't do what I did. I'm trying to find a flamethrower to complete the vidya but I'm afraid the fur might catch fire
(1.94 MB 2400x2492 aTF vs dragon dildos.png)
>ancap wolf guy
I have a rough idea of who you're on about. He's more outspoken but his own ancap idiocy makes him easy to dismiss and laugh at. Roarey is more moderate and so more people like his faggotry and agree. That said, any time someone serious points out his bullshit he nitpicks then blocks them.
>the biggest Dildo in BD's inventory up his ass on a livestream
I think so, not that I've seen it or looked TBH.
>fence posts with dragon dildos
>pants with dragon dildos built into them in the seam of the back
The latter probably. Furries are a minority of the social populationm Furries doing buttstuff even more so so public BD wouldn't go over well. Although that does remind me of pic related
I had to fucking google the guy's name "esoteric entity" it's more pretentious and more auto-generated than I thought. Also he made that fucking cringe hammer meme so I sure fucking hope nobody takes him seriously.
>Roarey is more moderate and so more people like his faggotry and agree
Is he Sargon's fursona or something?
>Furries doing buttstuff even more so so public BD wouldn't go over well
I wanna make a joke about everyone getting a dragon dildo whether they want it or not but I feel like someone would take that seriously
>that pic
I want dragon dildo wallpaper now. Also tbqfh the only part of that which actually took me aback was that fucking sergal body pillow. I need to do some google searches real quick.
(172.60 KB 364x444 furry standup.png)
>Sargon's fursona or something
No but he may as well be.
>I need to do some google searches real quick
Oh boy
>dragon dildo wallpaper now
Try searching for Bad dragon dildos on duckduckgo image search in tor, that image searcher gives the best resolution for any search I've cared for NSFW or not.
>joke about everyone getting a dragon dildo whether they want it or not
We're a tiny closed-away board on a tiny closed-away chan, go ahead, I'd enjoy more BD jokes.

Here's one you may know;
Why do they call it Bad Dragon?

Because the quality is bad and the wait times keep draggin' on.
>Try searching for Bad dragon dildos on duckduckgo image search in tor
Nah I mean like a real physical wallpaper for my room. For reasons.
>go ahead, I'd enjoy more BD jokes
Oh the joke was just going to be "everyone gets a dragon dildo whether they want it or not" but in an ironic sense..
>that joke

Also I was just asked to go to a masquerade event and when I asked what's the style they responded with "formal: suit and mask" and I had a terrible thought run across my mind. the awoo of the opera
>the awoo of the opera
That's a good one actually.
That guy's deer provides great furry humor. His animated video to the Grease song is really well made too.
>furries are inherently reactionary because they have consumer products related to their subculture/hobby, like literally every other subculture in existence
(25.07 KB 480x480 furry (you).jpg)
>Furies are just like any other consumerist hobby
No, Unlike say a game or movie or book series there is a limit to that shit, with Furries there is none. That's why you get 500$ YCHs when people in other communities do shit for free.
Or commissioned and paid stories when literally over a million fanfics have been written.

Consumer items like Diamonds, coffee and oil aren't supposed to be grassroots communities. That's the main issue with furries and why their subjectivity and cultural practices are interesting if not just straight-up depressing. You can find fake scarcity in all sorts of digital goods (videogames, music, patreon camwhores, etc.) and pointless shit with a marked up price because of arbitrary sign value (supreme brick, kanye west designer shirts, etc.) everywhere in the contemporary consumerist market, but only in furry will you find 1500$ YCH and other similar bullshit (as far as i know, tbh some weeb must have tried to pull a similar ruse by now). Even weebs, a disperse community that in certain regions places a focus on grassroots organization and items made by small, organized groups don't charge social capital for doujins at comiket.

The vast majority of furries, despite their surface level political convictions, would gladly break for fascism were the opportunity to come along. For practical purposes every "leftist" furry is unconsciously playing a status signalling game. signalling that you care about the poor and the unfortunate is a high status move. actually taking effective action to resolve the issue (or even speaking too harshly about the status quo) is not.

While the dominant ideology of the fandom is the left side of the californian ideology (libertarianism+60s free love culture), faced with actual socialism, or even social democracy imposed in a top-down manner, these people will disapprove. if socialism came by revolution, they would find themselves quietly supporting the white army logistically. if socialism came by elections, they would change the channel as neo-Allende called for citizens to take to the streets to stop the tanks of Pinochet2. If social democracy were restored, they would status signal that it simply wasn't inclusive enough, wasn't good enough, didn't deliver enough, and ever-so-often that they preferred using daddy's healthcare plan.
(1.16 MB 313x4096 butthurt comet.png)
A lot of words to basically say "I hate furries because of these things that totally don't happen in other communities".
(50.84 KB 640x635 furry execution.jpg)
If you're not going to bother reading a serious answer, don't bother answering. In fact don't even come to this fucking chan. We're leftists, writing and reading comprehensive arguments is standard requirement for a conversation here.
>haha ur just ass-blasted
Oh wow, what a creative argument, LOL.
I just like anthro animals cause they look cute/cool and dragon dicks, I don't see what the problem is.

The gayness is secondary.
Found another "muh shtoopid commies" furry. This time a furry brony - AlexSpastic

One of his anti-communist posts: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33990819/

As always everyone is like "equality of chance, not equality of results!" and "Sweden Socialismlite is best!" and other Succ-dem rubbish.

Unlike Roarey however, Spastic is actually a decent illustrator and its a shame he's so /pol/-pilled.
Not sure I get what the author of that is trying to say, is it pro-communist or anti-communist?

No.... just no..
(207.53 KB 1000x1000 kemono_friends45.jpg)
Same, I got through like half the first episode

but some of the memes are cute though

The english dub bloopers are good. I had to check to make sure it wasn't done by team four star like that other anime dub. Also the CGI shortens my life span.

geez, that video was a little weird, hearing professional voice actors use like memes from the generation after mine
The fucking "I got you fam" caught me off guard the first time. I still can't get over the fact that's the official voice actors. It's not even abridged. The future is now.
>The future is now.

We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again — a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings, or better than kings: Gods!

Okay but seriously, to get back on topic, heres my durrsona

You can just use a template to get a starting idea, that's how I made this one
(55.56 KB 277x354 5a708b5152d3c.jpeg)
What if a fursona is just a furry stand?
> It's not even abridged. The future is now.
Highschool DxD dub was doing this years ago.
(13.06 KB 190x104 what if you're an idiot.png)
(68.07 KB 240x240 Killer_Queen_Concept.png)
I'm just saying it fits pretty well. I mean killer queen looks like a cat.
Sorry, it's just the first thing that came to mind lol. I never watched Jojo and I think it looks dumb. Grrr.

(60.66 KB 700x700 owo pumpkin.jpg)
>I think it looks dumb.
Understandable. It is dumb. But I like it. Still dumb though lol.
Based parent knows to keep her child away from furfags
(159.73 KB 1181x1181 furry concerned dog.jpg)
but how did they do the eyes????

there's no escape, all will become one with the furpile in the end
furry communists?
(2.38 MB 480x360 Snort Snort.gif)
>but how did they do the eyes????
(222.03 KB 384x383 leftypolfur.png)
whoever the guy is who made the leftypol lynx sticker pack on telegram
thank you
(74.89 KB 430x500 tooth and tail box.jpg)

So, what are you guys' favourite furry games/media? Bonus points if they intersect with leftism.
(58.15 KB 211x330 BEASTARS,_volume_1.jpg)
Beastars I guess, I haven't seen any too out there leftist stuff in it but I can't shake the feeling that it's leftist, maybe it's cause of the fact the whole point of it is that the status quo is bad and must be changed for the better even if that means disrupting society.
So after sitting on my ass for a long time I've failed to come up with any ideas of what to do with the fursuit. My only idea that wasn't totally cringe was going to involve a flamethrower and yelling "Fucking nationalists" but then I realized that fur is inflammable. Otherwise all my ideas are just a little cringe lel. yeah yeah I get the irony

I need ideas for making fusuit webms for shitposting reasons.
This animu is actually not bad at all. The art is good and the rest passable.
Another "muh shtoopid socialism" furfag >>3225
it doesn't really have enough world building yet? to be coherently leftist tbh, we don't really know how their politics works other than 'there's mayors and schools get to choose a superhero every few years'
the herbivore-carnivore distinction which seems to be the main focus resembles sex more than it does class
(83.11 KB 794x256 furry conservatives.jpg)
This guy (forget his name) is my favourite, made this years ago
(138.49 KB 397x304 1574649775641.png)
(157.50 KB 306x514 harulul.png)
Now that's strong.

That artist's name is Jay Naylor btw, and not only is he a massive Randroid, but he also wrote one of the worst lines I've ever seen in anything form of pornography ever. Also sandworm cocks.
(132.08 KB 600x1473 canine penis.jpg)
>Also sandworm cocks

If that's your term for non-mutilated cock, then shame on you my man
>worst lines
Wait is that NOT an edit? WTF.
Also like a typical rightwinger he's into cuckoldry, since his main 'protagonists' are constantly cheating and he has his red riding hood series where wolves dominate human girls and turn men effeminate. It's drawn well and all but fairly obvious.
Also Naylor is really autistic about people reading his shit without paying which is why he reports shit constantly.
(166.71 KB 676x864 Shai-hulud.png)
>>3464 >Sandworm cocks Frank would be proud.
(24.51 KB 321x322 i want to.jpg)
>>3464 >sandworm cocks Post example.
(73.34 KB 800x476 jay naylor 01.jpg)
(75.51 KB 800x582 jay naylor 02.jpg)
(128.85 KB 800x794 jay naylor 03.jpg)
>>4677 That anon is just an Americlap who is into Jewish tricks and can't appreciate a good foreskin (PS this board isn't SFW so I think it's fine to post porn unspoilered outside of OPs, nobody has told me otherwise)
>>4686 >Sandworm cocks was just a name for circumcised cocks And you had my fucking hopes up.
>>3467 >>4687 I told you man, I warned you about WASP Americans
>>4686 They don't look circumcised to me they look like he draws everyone with minor phimosis. Hell I've seen some artists that get lazy and draw all erect cocks and just tubes, even if flaccid they're clearly uncut. The vast majority of cut ameritards (myself unfortunately included) have 0 foreskin left over and often have a distinct scar that gives the dick two color tones, 2nd and 3rd related. cut or not I'd still go to town on them
Anyway, anyway, does anyone like any furry webcomics? I gotta admit I loved Twokinds back in the day
>>4739 I tried reading that and thought it was an interesting idea, but it seems so absurd, 'cringe', and somewhat dystopian that I'm not sure I can get behind it (ie how the furries make their kids wear fursuits too, that seems kinda wrong to me) However it's been a while, maybe I'll give it a try again
>>4742 I sorta thought the whole point was that it was supposed to be cringy since it's supposed to be a stand-in for religious/cultural practices and iirc it's supposed to be set in the 1990 recession which is why it's so shit. The opening chapter is definitely a bit harsh if you're just getting into it but the later chapters get really good. The one about the depressed cripple hit me hard personally, I'm 90% the artist just translates white-on-black crimes into the comics.
>>4751 *90% sure
(17.25 KB 480x400 Polit Compass Chart 1.png)
Post your political compasses and chat in this thread, it's actually quite interesting (make sure to sage). http://8kun.top/fur/res/97660.html
>>4779 I heard political compasses are a meme though
>>4780 they are unreliable but the thred linked has interesting discussion.
>>4779 >go to 8kun Aww geez, I dunno, I guess I can check it out but I can feel the DoD filtering through my shit when I go there
>>4819 You don't have to post, just read it. Or use the onion link + VPN. >>4779 Some dude is trying to argue that political spectrum is like a triangle because only leftism can be authoritarianism which makes Nazis and fascists automatically leftist. When he got BTFO on that regard he moved on to saying "Not real rightists" and trying to use the fascist manifesto as an excuse. Horseshoe plebbitors are everywhere!
>>3208 furries rely on the artisan class rather than (based) mass production, that's as textbook reactionary as you can get. maybe one day the chinese will start mass producing fursuits at prices normal people can afford and furry culture will move from viewing those with scorn to having them as the norm but as things currently stands most furries express unease about losing something "special" because the fandom might lose the "unique" talents of artisan suit builders. (ignoring of course that mass production would empower everyone to modify their own suits leading to greater creativity and diversity, not less.) art is a harder problem to turn to mass production, but furry has a dangerous parasocial element to the production of art. commissioners (subconsciously) imagine themselves part of a creative process rather than a commercial one. again, a community is encouraged where people buy goods from a select artisan elite rather than producing for themselves. theoretically all weebs are created equal: you just have to watch the shows and piracy is rampant. to really participate in furry, you have to open your wallet and pay excessive prices to a small elite of inefficient producers. this isn't reheated 2006 anti-furry memes from something awful, it's a material reality of cultural production. becoming emotional about this either way - pro or anti furry - ignores the fascinating implications of the economics of the furry fandom for general analysis of dot com capitalism. it must be emphasized that furry is merely the tip of the arrowhead. mass production is good. capitalism was a development from and improvement on feudalism. for some reason, late stage capitalism has decided to reinvent the worst elements of feudalism. this tendency is by definition reactionary (although dangerously appealing to anti-corporate types.)
>>4882 >this isn't reheated 2006 anti-furry memes from something awful It is though. Furry is no more inherently consumerist or reactionary than any other hobby. With every hobby you have to buy things to participate (hell even for walking you need sturdy shoes).
>>4884 He showed his hand as soon as he started comparing them unfavorably to weebs.
>>4884 >With every hobby you have to buy things to participate Wrong. Furries in the 90s didn't all have fursuits or massive sites dedicated to commissions. regardless this has been covered before >>3209
>>4889 Someone has never met an Otaku or a FGO fan before.
>>4891 But no you see those are okay because FGO has cute anime girls rather than *scare chord* anthropomorphic animals.
stop allowing your enjoyment of things to cloud your political analysis. it's okay to enjoy things made in less than ideal circumstances: you are after all living under capitalism. allowing your judgement to be clouded in this fashion is exactly the same thing as allowing yourself to be bamboozled by "but your iphone was made under capitalism!" tier argumentation. many fine authors, film makers, programmers, etc, have absolutely abhorrent politics. many people with excellent politics are terrible at producing media. >>4884 it's not about consumerism, its about the nature of *production*. that's the key thing that separates furry from other hobbies. (that and time. as i said: furry is merely the tip of the arrowhead. other fandoms will follow.) there's a separate social case to be made for the comparative inaccessibility of furry (it isn't reasonable to count expenses you'd incur anyway - like buying shoes or a computer - against other hobbies.), but it's not important here. we're marxists, not moralists. we should be making a serious and detached analysis of the production process, not getting upset because something we personally like has reactionary tendencies. surely we're mature enough not to get bogged down in the fallacy of association. >>4886 i used weebs purely because they're the other reference point common to imageboard users. i could have (and probably should have) just used the star trek fandom. the fundamental element is the same: you just have to pirate the shows to participate. there's an entirely different (and non marxist) analysis to be run on weebs versus furries. notable weebs are usually low social status, notable furries are usually high social status, hence the greater prominence of the anime right-wing and the radlib furry 'left'. (but again, this is a non-marxist social distinction mostly applicable within the US. this doesn't have to make the 'average' furry 'high status' - by analogy, imagine weebs as an colonized nation and furries as an imperialist one. even within an imperialist nation there is still a proletariat class.) >>4889 we aren't living in the 1990s anymore. modern conditions demand modern analysis. the problem is not that the content of furry is reactionary (a ridiculous notion) but that the methods of production are. by analogy: the american revolutionaries were preferable to the british loyalists, but this does nothing to justify modern US imperialism. equally, the former crimes of the US would do nothing to invalidate a future revolutionary USA, just as the crimes of the tsar didn't taint the soviet union. >>4891 >>4894 you're judging the content when you should be judging the form the content takes. don't do that. our situation would be no different were it weebs commissioning anime girl costumes and art of their waifusonas and furries pirating the latest tiny toon adventures releases. what matters is economic structures.
>>4897 >we aren't living in the 1990s anymore You missed my point. You're basically agreeing with my post without understanding it.
>>4897 >our situation would be no different were it weebs commissioning anime girl costumes and art of their waifusonas HAVE YOU NEVER MET AN OTAKU BEFORE!? They spend thousands on JPEGs of their waifu alone in Gatcha machines, let alone the lengths they go to to orde "authentic" japanese stuff AKA $400 for a limited edition manga with a special image of favourite girl.
>>4897 >notable weebs are usually low social status, notable furries are usually high social status, hence the greater prominence of the anime right-wing and the radlib furry 'left' oh you're one of those newfag tryhards that think looking at some imageboards and their wisdom of being 18 years old is enough of an argument for everything go jump off a cliff
(196.32 KB 426x441 1468759090918.png)
>>4897 >stop allowing your enjoyment of things to cloud your political analysis. That's exactly what you're doing though, the things you like may have problematic elements but are ultimately okay, but furry is inherently reactionary because you think it's icky or strange
>>4898 i'm agreeing in part. each reply to one person is also a reply to everyone. in other words, i'm trying to avoid misconceptions that you may not even hold because others who agree with you might hold them. >>4900 again, you focus on consumption instead of production. gatchas are not created by artisans, they are mass produced. limited edition manga are still (relatively) mass produced using industrial era technologies rather than handmade by one person. >>4901 none of these ideas come from imageboard use. if you must know, they come from excess twitter use. i could develop on them, but considering how hard it is to convince people of marxist ideas on a marxist board i suspect we shouldn't get sidetracked. >>4903 but i don't think it's icky or strange at all, this is a position you're projecting onto me. you're making the two key mistakes that lead to misinterpretation again: you confuse consumption with production and you confuse content with form. i don't know how to make this any clearer: a fursuit made in a factory is less reactionary than a chair made by an artisan. *what* is produced does not matter, what matters is the mode of production. riddle me this: if furry disgusts me, why would i argue that the mass production of fursuits would be a desirable development of productive forces? why would i want to empower furries rather than eliminate them? there are two answers: i'm fucking insane (quite possible) or i've inadvertently revealed some emotional investment and it's in the precise opposite direction to the one you propose.
>>4910 >limited edition manga are still (relatively) mass produced using industrial era technologies rather than handmade by one person It's like arguing with a blind man that the sky's blue; it's called doujinshi and is very much artistically based, and manga artists go to anime conventions to sell their own handmade anime merch. It's probably worse than the furries because people have gone bankrupt buying handmade figurines made my the artists themselves
>>4912 with handmade figurines and merchandise you are correct that they are artisan goods using a reactionary mode of production. the difference is that the primary element of being a weeb is not buying handmade figurines (not because weebs are superior, but again for obvious reasons of production. ultimately, being a weeb is about consuming the cultural exports of an industrial nation.) while individual commissions make up the bulk of the works produced by the modern furry fandom. in the case of many other self published works it's worth emphasizing that they are produced with industrial methods despite being made by a small circle. for example most self published comics or novels are still sent to a printing press to actually be printed using industrial manufacturing techniques, not hand stapled by someone at home with a printer. (i'd also note in passing that dōjinshi are group efforts at a higher rate than furry collaborations. this mostly follows from different form, however. it's easier to split the work on a manga than on a single artwork.) there are elements of mass production in furry too: when people sell badges or t-shirts (because like with self published works, they usually aren't printing the shirts themselves. a guy who owns a t-shirt factory takes a cut of sales in exchange for selling their custom design) and also with a movie like zootopia which was worked on by and marketed towards furries. nonetheless commissioned artwork is the predominant furry cultural product by far, and it's what predominates that matters. for example's sake: the conditions of production in weeb culture are those of modern britain: you can see feudal elements, but capitalism predominates. in furry, this is not yet the case.
>>4913 Otaku=/=weeb, Otakus are distinct in that they go for the merchandise and the """authentic" value of homemade Nippon stuff, they usually order merch through Proxies from mainland Japan, spending unreasonable amounts for that ""authentic""" feeling, versus weebs who watch anime and go to comicon or something. Otakus have rooms full of little figurines, a blanket of their waifu and maybe a body pillow, a weeb probably has an anime wallpaper and some manga, AKA Otakus are fursuiters and weebs are people who jerk it to furry art for comparison.
>>3177 >fun >leftists
can that fucking weeb just fuck off already with his derailing obvious shitposts? there's no way anyone can sincerely be this stupid
>>4910 >a fursuit made in a factory is less reactionary than a chair made by an artisan What the hell is the basis for this? It's a more 'traditional' mode of production sure but that doesn't make it 'reactionary'. I mean hell, you could argue that single person businesses like fursuit makers or artists is closer to leftism than mass production where all the profits go to the capitalists. In certain versions of leftism furry artists could continue their businesses unimpeded, whereas mass market anime studios would have to be reformed in all forms of leftism.
(33.88 KB 426x426 weeaboo.jpg)
>>4914 Not the guy you're talking to, but with all due respect I don't think you quite understand what the words "otaku" or "weeaboo" mean. I don't exactly disagree with your point, but you're grossly misunderstanding the commonly-understood definitions of those terms. Otaku are just consumers of Japanese media and are often themselves Japanese. You make it sound like otaku are purely some Western phenomenon needing to use proxy services to get an "authentic" Japanese feeling. You don't even have to be a buyfag to be an otaku, it has nothing to do with actually buying products. I would assume most otaku don't spend much on their hobby since piracy is widespread in the otaku community. There are more hardcore otaku that really will go all out and spend a shit ton of money on stuff that really isn't worth it, but I suspect that's mostly contained in Japan, with some exceptions. Honestly the anime industry hinges on those Japanese otaku who are willing to spend $100 on 2-episode blu-rays of anime. But buyfags hardly make up a majority of otaku and it's definitely not some sort of Western thing. Weeaboos, on the other hand, are exclusively Western and the term itself originates from the term "wapanese", aka "wannabe Japanese". Weeaboos don't even inherently have anything to do with Japanese media, as the term itself refers to those who claim that Japan is the best country in the world and that Japanese culture is superior to every other culture while simultaneously knowing next to nothing about Japanese culture itself. They often insert Japanese words into everything they say (while not even pronouncing them correctly) and if they do watch anime they will often have only seen the most mainstream of garbage. In praising Japanese culture as the best, they ironically end up disrespecting it while cursing the fact that they weren't born Japanese. As simply as I can put it, weeaboos are basically blindly patriotic for a country they have never been to and know next to nothing about. See pic related.
(82.53 KB 245x241 1552013771017.png)
>>4925 >The guy who makes a serious attempt at doing economic analysis on a Marxist website is making obvious shitposts, not the guy who can only reply 'no ur weeb'.
>>4926 defenders of traditional modes of production as the exclusive source of a given commodity are opposing the development of productive forces, a desirable trend that makes more material goods available to greater numbers of people. let us assume for argument's sake that in the nation of hobbystan everyone but the (non petit) bourgeoisie is on a $1/day wage and that labor is the only cost faced in production. the argument that the artisan chair maker producing a chair a month is preferable to the chair factory producing tens of chairs per worker per day is an argument that only the wealthy should be able to afford chairs. (even setting aside that absent factory competition, the artisan would surely charge more!) the artisan chair will cost $30, but the factory chair will cost $1. i can see myself skipping one day's meals for a chair, but a month's? obviously in the real world we face resource constraints and other difficulties and we do not wish to tip over into overproduction as a result, but as the example surely illustrates the reactionary nature of opposition to modern production techniques. evil comes not from the factory, but from the factory owner. for a more general gloss i'd read over these chapters of "a characterisation of economic romanticism": https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1897/econroman/ii8ii.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1897/econroman/ii8v.htm obviously they are a specific historical critique, but we can easily see their resonance, especially with the thinking of some parts of the leftist furry manifesto posted in >>1430 because this is a rather bizarre document. the basic analysis of furry economics isn't too bad (in any case it's improved since cultural barxist, now recognizing that furry is primarily lead by the artisan class and being less zealous in arguing furry is already actually existing socialism) but then it trips up and imagines that the pre-capitalist artisan class are somehow the natural class allies of wage laborers while overlooking that most wage laborers don't work within the fandom, they work outside it and then commission people inside it. instead it takes a much more romantic view of the structure of all non-corporate furry production. the result is precisely the view post suited to the artisan class: anti-corporate (because corporations may eventually turn artisans into proletarians) but with little to say to the large numbers of furries who are already proletarians working outside the fandom. indeed the main barriers name-checked are that the proletarian status of furries working outside the fandom constitutes an income constraint to the fandom as a whole, and that raw resources come from global supply chains which are exploitative. nonetheless that latter note really reads are more moralistic than practical - with the suggestion of setting up furry factories for art supplies being both idealist in the extreme and disconcertinly moralist - moralist in the sense that it's concerned with ensuring furry production is 'ethical' as furry production, rather than with the democratisation of global supply chains. ultimately what is sought is the protection of a single class from modern modes of production. in this case it is more helpful to consider fursuit makers more than artists. the opposition to a corporation moving in and providing mass produced fursuits reflects only the class interests of the artisans who produce fursuits, not of the proletarian furries who buy them - indeed the proletarian furs would benefit most from a massive price cut, even finding themselves creatively empowered to make modifications to their mass-produced suits without fear of damaging something that cost thousands of dollars. the people who it disadvantages are existing fursuit makers, who may have to find themselves turning to wage labour instead. (i doubt this. artisan suits can always be a luxury good, though of course you lose the appeal of having a suit being a special and expensive thing.) anyway: the resultant sum of the ideology in the manifesto is fascinating: furry nationalism + artisan anti-corporatism + liberal idealism + marxist aesthetics and some elements of analysis. seriously, even if you hate my harping on about artisans and reactionary seating read this through the lens of furry nationalism, it's interesting. a lot of the elements that seem bizarre on their own suddenly make sense if you imagine this is the manifesto for a furry nation trying to push for autarkic development rather than a manifesto for transformation of a subculture within capitalist society. of course tongue in cheek it's always possible that they realized you can't give furries marxist analysis without stopping every 5 words to contradict yourself and say the fandom is great, since people will immediately jump on you with the assumption you're acting in bad faith or saying that a fandom with a worse economic structure is worse at being a fandom. anyway for those interested here's the predecessor to that manifesto: the cultural barxist. if you don't care about anything else i've said, please read the last two paragraphs at the least.
>>4928 I was talking mainly in terms of the consumerist side of things since it was the mainly relevant thing, especially since the Otaku big spenders are the "big whales" to use EA's language, those big whales are probably the minority but as because of just how much they're willing to spend they make up the vast majority of influence. Weebs on the other hand...... I see them mainly as diet Mishima nationalists but extremely white (insert /pol/ack saying the white race is dying with a bunch of anime stuff here). Otakus then in a very very general sense are the "core" japanese culture enthusiasts and are willing to go to great lengths to appreciate this, most relevant is through spending absurd amounts of money, whereas weeaboos will just lap up what they can without much discretion between the quality and whatnot, so in a very very very general sense weebs are watered-down Otakus(I know it's more complicated but we're looking at it from a consumption based perspective) As Otakus are more likely to order directly from a Doujinshi through a Proxy while Weebs will probably get something off Amazon, one is treasuring the rarity of the authenticness of coming right from the artist, inherently being non-mass produced, whereas weebs will take Chinese asbestos laced Astolfo mousepads or something. They just like the """aesthetic""" Also completely offtopic but does anyone have pics of the Yugoslavian fursuit guy? I thought he finally got it finished o something.
>>4932 >moralisticly crying about "reactionary modes of production" because his fanbase is better than the other shoehorning arguments based on jack shit >>serious attempt at economic analysis >>>Marxist go be a 16 yo tryhard somewhere else
(35.15 KB 678x452 thinking.jpg)
>>4937 >his fanbase is better than the other shoehorning arguments based on jack shit 英語でお願いします?
>>4936 >Astolfo mousepad >Yugoslavian fursuit oh hey yugo did you lose your pics?
(622.94 KB 700x998 dreaming of utopia 01.jpg)
>>4739 >>4742 >>4751 So, I tried reading it some. As you say it's a bit of a harsh way to begin, but stuff like this actually irritates me more. I mean, if furries as a religion/culture were actually a thing, people would get used to it yknow? Like if you're black, or you wear a hijab that covers your face, you'll get comments sometimes I'm sure, every now and then, but most people are going to be polite enough regardless of what they really think. It just makes the metaphor seem a bit overwrought and silly.
(540.19 KB 700x998 dreaming of utopia 02.jpg)
>>4987 Okay again, like this guy, furries have their own ghetto in the city, so it's hardly like he can be unaware of what they are. Surely he's perfectly aware of their existence and at least knows he has to be professional regardless of what he might think himself. I mean even in the South in the most racist places I don't think a black guy going for an interview at a big company is going to be called out to his face and told to fuck off, they'll just awkwardly go through with the process and dump his CV in the circular file afterwards.
(467.92 KB 700x998 awful somethings.jpg)
>>4988 Lol, I think this is about the point I gave up last time. First the weird kids explanation and now this. Not that I'm a huge fan of goons either but come on. Oh well, I'll keep going, I don't have anything better to do.
>>4989 well SA are the ones who're largely responsible for furrys being what they are. All of that classic 4chan furry hate is inherited from them
(631.43 KB 700x998 dreaming of utopia 03.jpg)
(590.24 KB 700x998 dreaming of utopia 04.jpg)
(124.23 KB 500x698 golden age furs are cancer.jpg)
>>4990 Sure sure, but I think it's a bit too far to portray them as being the hip brand for furry-murderers. Anyway, to get back my 'review', boy oh boy, someone is certainly judgemental of others despite all their protestations for tolerance of their ingroup, eh? I see why he set this comic in the 90s, since that's his 'era' of furrydom. Thank god we gave those supercilious blowhards the boot.
(42.96 KB 296x304 dreaming of utopia freud.jpg)
>>4991 How very perceptive dog-freud, it's like you're inside the author's head.
Someone give me another furry comic to review/dissect!
>>5124 not a comic, but a webstory, it contains a goldmine of ideology http://www.chakatsden.com/chakat/Stories/VennedDenmates.html
(694.43 KB 609x869 chillyalunya.png)
>>5125 Sure why not, I'll give it a try. -------------------------------- "I felt... peculiar. The first thing I noticed which was obviously different was my nose. Somehow, it sat way further in my view than I remembered. I raised a hand to touch and gasped. My hand was... covered in fur. Orange, with black stripes, almost like a Bengal tiger. It also had claws. With a flick of previously unknown muscles, I let the gleaming weapons slid out of their sheath, swallowing at the sight. Together with my obvious snout - so much I'd gathered by exploring my new mouth with my tongue by now - and the strangely mobile ears on my head, I was feeling definitely some sort of feline vibe here. The concept of furries wasn't exactly new to me. By now, furry people had become the norm around Venn Machines or heavily populated places. There weren't many of them, but enough to recognize them readily. Did that mean that my Samantha was a secret furry?" ====== Dream of mine tbh. Once we conquer the tyranny of capitalism we need to free ourselves from the shackles of nature and the limited self next. ------------------------------- "Bewildered, I put my hands up to feel them. They were firm and sensitive, especially around the nipples, and- A snickering laugh ripped me out of my self-exploration. “Boys, how typical.” Ilona laughed. “You give 'em boobs, what happens? They have to feel their knockers up. Always the same!”" "Uh, right... I tried standing up on all four legs, wobbling a little. “I don't know how to walk like this!” I complained, making Ilona snort. “Men are such wussies. Just walk. Don't think about how. Just walk.”" ======== Geez what a peach of a friend. -------------------------- "My friend winked. “You still got a penis, you know?” I almost sputtered. “What? I... do?” Bewildered, I raised a hind leg, looking under my rump. Sure enough, I managed to spot what definitely looked like a sheathed penis. Right. What was I, some sort of futa? This time it was Ilona's turn to be embarrassed. “Hey, stop that!” She pressed out. “We're still in public, don't waive your dick around like that!” Anxiously, she looked around. Damn it, she was right. I put my leg down again, noticing a couple of parents who looked at me with dark faces and shielded their kids' eyes from me. Good thing I had fur, otherwise they'd probably seen my skin take on the color of a tomato. “If you haven't noticed, you're basically naked.” She hissed, taking my hand again and leading me away. “Your tits are on display as well, and I don't think the fur is enough to keep someone from calling the police for public indecency. Shit, I've totally forgotten about Venning you with a top or something similar.” My friend sighed while picking up speed. “You still haven't explained to me why this shape.” I pointed out while following her. Ilona rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well... I guess I'll let Samantha do the explaining. Let's just get back to my car asap now. I don't want to ruin hir birthday by losing you to the police!”" ======= So this society has cheap or free body modification with seemingly no constraints and they still have a nudity taboo? Seems a little weird but hey ------------------------------- "I became partially aware of Ilona standing up behind me. “Aaaand now that the present has been delivered, I think we're gonna leave you two lovebirds alone now...” Grinning, the woman stepped past both me and Samantha and exchanged a high-five with Jennifer who was still standing in the open door. The two of them winked at us. “Have fun, Chakats.” Jennifer said. “Give hir a good pounding.” Ilona added, winking at both of us and using this strange pronoun again. Then they closed the door, leaving two dumbfounded people... cats... Chakats? behind." ===== Well finally I can unzip my pants! Wait, what, they're still talking... this is like a porno without the porn... ----------------------- "“Right.” Samantha looked at me sheepishly. “Okay, where to start... many years ago, in fact, long before the Venn Machines turned up, when I was still a teenager, I came across stories about a fictional race of gen-engineered people in the future.” “Chakats.” I said, and Samantha nodded. “Yes, Chakats. They are what you and I look like right now, felitaurs. Some critical voices have described them as an entire race of 'Mary Sue's' because they have been gen-engineered to be perfect. Anyway, once I'd read about them, I'd been hooked.”" ========= Okay, this is getting a little too meta for me, I'm not sure this is the right forum to address that criticism, uhhhh. ---------------------------- "We barely made it into the bedroom. In retrospective we were kinda lucky that we owned a futon bed - I don't think a normal bed would have withstood the love play of two 400 pound felitaurs. Eventually, I found myself looking down at my purring mate, her eyes sparkling with pleasant anticipation. My manhood was rock-hard by now, fully slid out of its protective sheath. “My God, you are beautiful...” I whispered breathlessly while drinking her magnificent shape in. Maybe the Venn Machines had tinkered with my sense of aesthetics, maybe not and I'd always been a hidden furry, but right now, this leopard spotted felitaur in front of me was the loveliest sight I'd ever seen. “See who's talking.” Samantha purred, lying down flat on the bed but turning her torso towards me and stretching out a hand to fondle my tits. “Don't let me wait, lover.” She continued, moving her tail out of the way and revealing a thoroughly moist vagina. “Fill me with your love.” She didn't have to ask twice. I had no idea how to mate in these bodies, but somehow it didn't matter - I instinctively knew what to do. I slid my lower body over my girlfriend's crouching shape, my forelegs going down her sides. My hind legs were anchored securely on the mattress, using my claws for extra leverage, and pushing my manhood into her ready vagina. The pleasure was better than everything I'd ever experienced before, the intoxicating scent of my mate, our fur rubbing together, our cat-like yips of pure pleasure - it simply was perfect. Like in trance we made love to each other for minutes, rocking our bodies together in perfect synchronicity, until I couldn't hold it in anymore and squirted my seed deep into my lover's womb. Spent, I went down next to Samantha, my dick slipping out of her body even while she went through the last waves of her own orgasm. For a few minutes, we simply snuggled against each other, hugging and licking ourselves silently. “That was... amazing.” I finally managed to say. “Is it always this good?”" ========= Welp, I skimmed this looking for sex before I read it, and this section is actually so brief/perfunctory I missed it. I mean what's the point in skimping out on the sex at this stage?
---------------------------------- "“I certainly hope so.” My lover replied. “It was way better than with the others.” She grinned toothily. “I guess it makes a difference if you do it with someone you love.” I chuckled, thinking of her previous partners. “Or maybe the others just didn't know how to use their male equipment.” Suddenly, a mischievous smile curled around the edges of Samantha's mouth. “Oh, you think we're inexperienced in using our male equipment? Shall we put this claim to the test?” “Huh, what are you-” My question was cut short and I yelped in surprise as Samantha rolled on her side and raised her hind leg out of the way, revealing to me a thick, already erect penis. My obvious surprise made her laugh giddily. “Oh my, why are you so surprised? I told you that Chakats got male and female parts. They are fully functional hermaphrodites.” She winked. “Surely you must have realized this means that I got the same equipment like you?”" ... "I grabbed her hand, closing my eyes. Her thick meat was deep inside me, and my body was hugging her manhood back. “It's... unbelievable. You're in me. We're one.” “I'm so glad you like it.” Samantha replied, and I could hear the relief in her voice. And then she started thrusting. The pleasure I felt as my girlfriend's penis slid in and out my vagina was simply indescribable, and I could do no else but loudly yowl in rapture." ======== Uhhh okay, a little full on for me, but I guess it's kinda hot idk. But still I don't know why they're being so brief and skipping through all the foreplay. It's supposed to be titilating. --------------------------- "She put some of my silky hair into her hand, stroking it gently. “You have this copper hair, and your markings are those of a Bengal tiger, also known as the Royal Bengal tigers. So I thought about... Copperqueen.” “Snowblossom and Copperqueen, huh...” I mused. Then: “I like it!” The smile which appeared on Snowblossom's face could have melted the whole Antarctic." ======= Lol somehow the fact that he's okay with the name 'Copperqueen' seems gayer than to me than that he just let his girlfriend fuck him. ---------------------------- "Quickly after Samantha's birthday - or rather Snowblossom's, which was my girlfriend's, now denmate's, chakat name, shi had started introducing me to hir Venned friends. I had been surprised that only a small part of hir furry companions had chosen chakat bodies - I'd already known about Ilona's skunktaur Black Trickster and Jennifer's Siberian tiger striped Blizzard, but some others had startled me a bit. Like Benjamin, a real hunk of a man in real life, who'd turned into a foxy vixen by the name of Lizzy. Or Samantha's best friend Emily, now aforementioned, very male and very hunky Nathan. Contrary to what I'd thought, chakats made up only a small part of the vibrant community Snowblossom had introduced me into, but from what I'd gathered, they formed its emotional and sensual core, remaining faithful to their fictional promiscuous nature." ======== Truly a blessed timeline, if this is ideology then pass me the ideolo-vape bruh. ----------------------------- "An involuntary giggle escaped my muzzle. Yep, right on the money. 'Boredom', can you spell that for me, please? Samantha and me were working in the same company, in fact that was how we'd met each other. It was a bit on the smallish side and the wages weren't the best, but a lot of fun to work for due to the down-to-earth management and friendly colleagues. “So I guess there's an important announcement I somehow managed to overlook?” I asked. The other chakat snorted. “Amen to that. You're aware of our recruiting problems?” I nodded. We were only a small company, a small sub-contractor for the big corporation which dominated our hometown. Due to our smallish size, we weren't able to pay the same salaries the big guys did, so our management tried to offset this with creating a pleasant working environment. It worked, to a degree, but it was still painfully normal for coworkers to succumb to the allurement of the bigger paychecks and resign, leaving behind a gaping hole upon their departure. “So, someone had the idea to allow people to appear Venned at work,” my mate continued, making me yelp in surprise. “The unions would scream bloody murder at such a proposal, but luckily we're small enough to not have any.” “Appear to work Venned?” I asked, not quite able to believe what I'd heard. So now management had devised yet another way to inspire people working for us, without having to raise salaries? If we'd be only half as innovative about new tech, we'd be the next Google for sure..." =========
========= I don't really see what unions have to do with body modification, if anything I feel that they'd be supportive of working rights for furries, but this is kind of a funny spin on the 'we're not stuffed like your granddad's company!' stuff you see today with beanbags and shit. ---------------------------- "“Seriously, Snowblossom – stop mewling and don't worry. I bet your colleagues are understanding.” She patted hir head. “You have no idea how much I envy you two. Too bad my employer isn't as modern and forthcoming as yours.” Our friend added wishfully. “Well then, gotta go. Tail high!”" ========= Uhhh yeah sure, maybe not literally though, that might not help matters. ------------------------------ "Oh, right. Hmm... this is going to be good. I quickly rattled down my number and then turned, walking back towards the door. I did a rough calculation in my head about Daniel's typing speed and the reaction time of our SAP system and adjusted my walking speed accordingly. He should see the name which belonged to that number just about... now. I turned around, exactly right on time to see him jerk in surprise. He gaped, looking at me, then at his screen, then at me again. “Uhh... this... you...” he stammered, before blurting out: “DENNIS?” Smirking, I gave him a conspicuous wink as I sashayed out of the room. “It's 'Copperqueen' when I'm in this body, hon.” I said sweetly. “But... but... but...” “You're cute when you're confused. Have a nice day.” The last I saw of him as I closed the office door were his eyes, almost as big as saucers. Oh my. That had been... hilarious. First I giggled, then I laughed loudly. The poor guy. He probably didn't know what truck had just struck him. Snowblossom had told me recently that in my chakat form I'd developed an affection for using the female sides of my physique and psyche to tease people. Looks like she'd been right there... girl, how much fun that was!" ====== Okay, one, this guy is a giant prancing homofaggot, and two, I find it a bit weird that they didn't at least have to call ahead first and let corporate send out a mass email about this crap. ---------------------------- I thought about this for a moment. Right, as a chakat, my personality was definitely taking a bias to the female side. In the sack, Snowblossom and me simply switched between dominant male and submissive female roles however our respective moods were at the moment, so there was no clear preference there. But otherwise, in public and generally when not having sex, we were definitely acting more and more like two female lovers, instead of a male and female one. Now, the important question here was: Did this bother me? I tried to listen to my inner voice, but couldn't spot any conflict. That didn't mean that there wasn't one going on in the background, but... I was happy right now. If acting more feminine made me more happy, wasn't this a good thing then? We were in the Venn age, after all. How important was your original gender really? I shrugged, shelving the fascinating thought. For the moment... Right now, I had better things to do. My muzzle curled into a mischievous smile. Let's see who else I'm able to fluster! ======= Again, wew, what a whore, but this world sounds pretty idyllic to me to be honest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHmevUH0kGg ------------------------- "“Hey, Denn- errr, Copperqueen, how about lunch?” Peter poked his head into my office, flushing at almost calling me by my human name. I flashed him an encouraging smile. My colleagues had known me for years, and expecting them to call me by my chakat name from one day to the next was unrealistic. Much less correctly using chakat pronouns. “Sure!” I said and locked my workstation. With a loud yawn, I stretched myself. I'd spent the last couple of hours working on my haunches since I didn't exactly fit into chairs anymore. It wasn't bad, I'd brought a blanket with me which I'd spread out in front of my desk. Working like this really was okay, and probably way better for my back than my human sitting position had been. It's just... I'd spent two hours sitting around, and my body clearly disagreed with physical inactivity, it wanted to run. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” a jesting voice called out, “Let's get to the canteen fast. Have you seen her fangs? That kitty-kat is hungry. If we aren't careful, she's gonna eat us!” I closed my snout with an audible 'snap' and rolled my eyes at the talker. Steven loved bantering, he was our division’s jokester. “Old Dennis would have loved eating us for lunch if he'd been able to,” Peter argued. “The new one is a lady. She wouldn't do that. Right?” I had to giggle at that. “Yes, contrary to you, I have table manners. I only eat high-quality meat. But—” “Oh-ho, shots fired, shots fired!”" ====== Dang I'm surprised it took them like, from clock-in time to lunchtime to get used to this. Now obviously, I hope that meat is vatgrown, or we'll have a whole other issue, but hey that's a side thing -----------------------------
"Snowblossom quickly answered my unspoken question. “Hi Copperqueen!” shi greeted me with a dazzling smile after I'd put my tray down and hugged hir. “You probably didn't read my mail, did you?” Her mail? I cocked an eyebrow inquisitively. In engineering, you could either read and answer mails... or you could do actual work. Doing both was physically impossible. Well, not quite. It might work if you'd Venn yourself into two people, but I wouldn't bet on it. So of course I hadn't checked my mail. I'd had work to do. “Your mail?” I therefore asked plaintively. My mate rolled hir eyes. “Yeah, I'm not sure why I'd expected anything else. I wanted to organize a little get-together with everyone who showed up Venned today. Angela, that's this friendly receptionist's name by the way, gave me the list of everyone who'd requested new IDs today, and I contacted them all.” Shi suddenly looked a bit embarrassed. “Getting the list miiiight have broken a few privacy laws, so it would be cool if our meeting here was... random. You know?” I wanted to reply something derisive about stupid privacy laws, but one of the others beat me to it. “Privacy laws are like mortgage-backed securities - a good idea which by now has been thoroughly perverted into a menace.”" Okay, yeah, there's no defending this one, PURE IDEOLOGY. I mean I'm pretty sure they could have just showed up at lunch and seen who wasn't a fucking humie to know who to get to know. -------------------------- "“Anyway, I'm Andrew, facility management. And since the tin-can here–” He pointed to the final... person... something... sitting next to him, “–is not going to strike up a conversation of its own, I'm gonna introduce it. This is Unit 826.” He... it... didn't react. Simply sat there and stared ahead, unmoving. Or at least looking ahead. It clearly was a robot of some kind, with roughly humanoid appearance, but its outer shell was open at the joints so that the mechanical inner workings were clearly visible. The feet were simply three-toed claws, two in front, one behind, and the hands were three-fingered claws as well. And its head was nothing more than an ovoid shape with a speaker and a faintly glowing sensor band. “Hey Unit 826, glad to meet you!” Snowblossom called out and offered a hand. The robot didn't took it. Didn't even react in any way. Andrew sighed and shook his head. “Told ya. This toaster here is the former Petra, one of my cleaners. She just turned up this morning like this with a message attached that she wants to be used. I first thought she was messing with me, but I learned fairly quickly that she was serious.” “Really? How?” Susanna inquired intrigued. The lion morph chuckled ruefully. “I told Unit 826 to scrub all the bathrooms with a toothbrush. I figured that eventually she'd become annoyed and give up, but... nope. It took the toothbrush and scrubbed all the bathrooms, until someone complained a couple of hours later. I guess Petra is serious. So I guess I lost an employee and got a robot. I ain't complaining. Unit 826 is way more productive than any human could ever be.” Snowblossom and me could barely keep ourselves from giggling, but Joanna seemed horrified. “But... that's like... slavery! You're taking away her humanity and taking advantage of her!” Andrew crossed his meaty arms. “No, I'm not. Petra took away her own humanity willingly. Venn Machines won't turn you into obedient slaves if you don't want to. That Unit 826 is obeying my commands means that Petra's mind inside wants to.” He shrugged. “Who am I to argue with her personal decision?” The girl still seemed unconvinced, but suddenly, my mate spoke up. “So if Petra wants to be a mindless tool to be used, why is she here? A robot doesn't need to eat.” Andrew chuckled. “I think I should let Unit 826 explain this... Unit 826, current state?” For the first time, the robot spoke up in a machine-like, clearly artificial voice. “Unit 826, charge level 87%, all systems nominal. Current task: Lunch break. Elapsed time since start of current task: 0.018673 cycles. Remaining time for current task: 0.022997 cycles. Re-engaging hibernation mode.” For a few seconds, there was a stunned silence. “Lunch break? For a robot?” I finally asked dumbfounded. “Labor laws.” Andrew growled annoyed. Snowblossom wanted to object, but he raised his finger, cutting her off. “No, don't say it. Yes, I know. Unit 826 is a robot. Robots don't need breaks. But Unit 826 is also my subordinate Petra, who is a human, and therefore entitled to a lunch break. And if she doesn't take her break, my ass is on the line. Therefore I ordered tin-can here to sit with us.” I shook my head at this. Petra was probably right at the threshold of what was still allowed to be Venned into and what was not. Her form probably wouldn't fly if she'd be in engineering or administration, having to work with people and, more importantly, clients. But for a cleaner, being a robot actually might be of advantage. Personally, I couldn't see how becoming a mindless slave had its appeal, but Andrew was right - it was Petra's decision, and we had to respect it." uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah I don't know how I feel about that one, is she getting off on this? Or does she just have deep psychological issues? Or does she just want to essentially sleep for 3 years and collect the salary as a lump sum when she wakes up? Either way this probably shouldn't be legal, at least without horribly strict ethical guidelines. Though this does raise the question of what the fuck do the people at this company even do, when this society has trivial access to entirely magical technology that can violate conservation of mass and energy and entirely restructure someone's brain. Like, it would only take one person to walk into the Venn chamber and request a 200 IQ boost before they essentially ascend to godhood and become and unchained master of reality. Who the hell even knows. --------------------- "Susanna chuckled as she noticed my gaze. “This body got special dietary needs,” she told us. “I'll get my food once I'm at home.” Something about the way how she said this, how her emerald, slit pupils glinted in predatory anticipation made a shiver go down my spine. I somehow got the impression that I really didn't want to know what she'd be eating tonight..." Yuck. Wrong. Don't do that. Illegalise this. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- "“So it's essentially a body mod?” Snowblossom asked fascinated. “Like in some science fiction tales where people modify their bodies to be different, just like humans wear different clothes?” Susanna shrugged. “I guess you could call it like this.” “And... your sex life?” I nearly sputtered the juice I'd been drinking all over the table. Snowblossom had definitely taken a liking to the laissez-faire approach to sex the fictional chakat species was renowned for, but shi regularly tended to forget that the majority of the still human race had not. But thankfully, the cobra didn't seem to have taken offense for the very private question. Instead, she simply smiled, showing off her venom fangs again. “There's nothing special to it.” She explained, “My husband is still human, at least most of the time, and we're doing nothing we hadn't done before. I didn't change for the sex, and while there are some differences, it's nothing big.” Snowblossom laughed. “Well, that's one thing I definitely can't claim.” Shi put her arm around me, hir tail twining all over my back. “Sex as a chakat is frigging awesome. We love it. It's such a big part of our culture, so it's safe to say that it's at least half the reason why we look like this.”" ===== Omg, stop? Clearly there's no workplace harassment policies in the future either, which I guess could be good in some ways but downright predatory in others. Either way though I don't think this is first conversation topic at work. Oh wait, they are furries, never mind then. --------------------
"The girl stared at her manicured fingers awkwardly. “Yeah, from the moment on Venn Machines turned up, I spent every free second as a girl. But... people who transitioned were still recognizable as their old selves. My male body was a lot different. Nobody would have recognized me.” She sighed. “So... I didn't dare do it. I was scared that if I'd come to work in this body, or just ask my boss if it would be okay to, and if the answer would be no, then everyone would know my secret. And I'd still have to come to work in my male body. With everyone knowing. That's just... nope.” “I guessed as much,” Andrew growled. “You were in the wrong body, got what should have been the right one for you from the beginning and are as happy as a queen. And now here's someone who claims to have been in the right body all along, still changed it, and is also happy. Even though, by your logic, shi shouldn't be... right?” “Shi?” Joanna inquired. “What's that supposed to mean?” “Chakat pronouns,” The lion explained. “They are neither male nor female, so you can't call them him and her or he and she. It's shi and hir.” Impressed at his knowledge of the correct pronouns, I looked at Snowblossom who reflected my own amazement. The dude had obviously done his homework! “Uhhh... okay... if you say so.” Joanna shook her head, then continued. “As for your question... yeah... I once witnessed how a dude got turned into a girl by a prankster. She went absolutely bananas and trashed the place until someone showed her how to turn back.” Andrew laughed brightly. “Oh sure, there sure are these types. Goddamn bigots, if you ask me. Can't stand the thought of losing their precious dicks. But for most people, it's not a big deal." Alright, now I get the ideology. Wowee. No, mutilating and body-raping someone shouldn't be considered a prank. Jesus christ. What has society wrought. -------------------------- "Snowblossom furrowed her brows. “You got more than one fursona? A dragonkin as well?” Now the big lion grinned. “Nope and nope. Sometimes, I just like to spend the night in a different shape. And I'm not the dragon... I'm the wolfess.” WHAT? I ogled the big feline in disbelief. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't imagine this stud in front of me and the sexy gal on the picture to be one and the same person. He retrieved his smartphone calmly. “The big dude is a good friend of mine. We didn't have any dates that evening, so we threw a coin to decide who'd become the girl.” He shrugged. “I lost.” Susanna chuckled. “And how far did you go?” Andrew smiled. “All the way... It was pretty fun, too.” He turned to Joanna, whose look of disbelief probably mirrored mine. “I've done a lot of Venning, and by now I have a pretty good clue about the stuff works. Venn Machines always make you feel comfortable in your new body. But that's only on the physical layer. Not the metaphysical one.” He seemed to sense that he was losing us there. “Okay, let me give you an example here. At one time, a prankster whom I foolishly trusted with changing me in a Venn Machine decided to play a prank on me. The asshat turned me into some kind of Lovecraftian abomination. Way too many legs and arms and claws and... you get the idea.” He shuddered at the thought. “Lots of screaming all around when I stepped out of the Venn Machine. Anyway, the point is, that I still felt fine, despite being turned into a shape which had no right existing. That–” He raised a clawed finger, “–is the physical layer.” “But even so, the moment I saw myself in the mirror, I lost it and ran back into the Venn Machine ASAP. I was horrified of what I'd become.” He raised a second finger. “And that is the metaphysical layer.” Joanna considered this. “So the reason why that dude went bonkers after being turned into a girl was–” “Because he was a sexist bigot who couldn't stand the thought of being a woman,” the big lion concluded the sentence. “Not because it felt wrong on a physical level. For the same reason, you're fine. Not only did the Venn Machine put you at ease in your new body, your mind openly welcomes it.” “You're saying Copperqueen and Snowblossom are cool with having guy and girl parts because they are mentally flexible enough to embrace the change?” Susanna inquired. “That's fascinating.” Andrew nodded. “Yep. Same reason for me. I really like being male. But I don't mind being female every now and then. If half the human population can cope with it, so can I. The sex is good, too.”" ======= Doesn't that mean you're speciesist against Lovecraftian horrors then???? Omg author, stop, you're letting your weird fetishes hang out (look a bit of TF con-non-con between friends is fine, but the difference is I don't actually think that should be allowed in real life) ------------------------------- "I took a deep breath. “You see, I've thought about this. A lot, actually. And now I think what's going on. Let me take a guess... you were wondering if either the Venn Machine has changed my personality...” “Pretty much, yes.” Snowblossom conceded. “Though, according to Andrew, that shouldn't be possible. Yet yours quite obviously changes when you're in this body,” shi observed quizzically. “...or if I'd been a closeted gay all the time and only letting it out now that the body fits.” “Uhhh...” My mate nibbled on hir lower lip. “Not... exactly. But...” I laughed. “The thought crossed your mind, right?” I laughed at the embarrassed look on hir face. “Don't worry, I'm not mad at you. I actually posed the same question to myself. And now I'm pretty sure that I got the answer. And it is no and yes.” “Huh?” Now shi ogled me. “Okay, you lost me there.” “No, because I haven't been gay,” I explained. “I was fairly happy being a straight guy. But yes because there really was no personality change the Venn Machine imposed upon me. What you're seeing when I'm in chakat form is all mine – it's just bottled up when I'm a human.” I looked at my mate with a smile. “I was a guy; guys act a bit differently from gals, and therefore I acted like one, suppressing some parts of my personality which are ascribed to females.” “But isn't that essentially the definition of being closeted?” Snowblossom asked doubtingly. I shrugged. “It really comes down to memories and expectations. Besides, I don't think it went this deep,” I said with another shrug. “I didn't hide my sexual identity and preferences. And according to Andrew I'm only into guys now because it's normal for my body. I think it's more like... hmm... how to explain this...” I searched my mind for a suitable example, then giggled as I found one. “Ah, yeah. There is this chakat impulse we have, to hug everyone and anything upon greeting. Yet humans are not accustomed to getting hugged by people they are not really close to, so we suppress the urge and go for the traditional handshake instead. We're deliberately subduing that part of ourselves because humans would frown upon it. It's on that level, I think.”" ========= I mean I think there's a certain element of truth to this, but then again, there's a certain element of untruth too. Male and female brains are different, from birth, not only from social conditioning. I mean FFS, who even cares anyway? Just let people act how they want, why do we need to care about what's masculine and feminine anyway? If you want to prance around in a dress and fondle cocks like a big gay then what does it matter what gender says about to. ------------------------------------ My mate gave me a coquettish look. “So... now that the riddle about your mysterious personality change has been solved, and since you're at ease now with your feminine traits...” Suddenly, shi smirked at me. “...does this mean I get to take you from behind again tonight?” I coughed. “You know, just because my personality got feminine traits doesn't automatically mean that in the bedroom I'd love to play the girl, too!” But my heart wasn't into the rebuke. After all, I knew what I liked her to do to me. And so did she. ======= okay, that's kinda hot.
“Hey, Copperqueen!” Joanna's squeaky voice suddenly interrupted him. The girl put her tray down and then hugged me, having taken almost zealous liking to the chakat way of greeting. “Still happy as a peach,” she said with a grin. “I guess your mate really took you out for a ride yesterday.” Said mate laughed out loud. “You should have seen hir last night. Shi simply couldn't get enough. In the end I'd pounded hir into a heap of happily purring fur.” I felt my cheeks heat a bit, but I wasn't even nearly as embarrassed as I'd been at the beginning of the week when our love life had come up in discussions. Sex had quickly become a normal topic in our little circle, and to my surprise, I'd quickly grown accustomed to Snowblossom speaking freely about our sex life. ========= Dude cmon, you're in public, pls stop ------------------------------ gonna skip this bit but they get the guy pregnant due to a misunderstanding ------------------------------ After Snowblossom and me had digested the news about my probable pregnancy, we'd decided to seek professional aid. Only... where to get professional aid for a pregnant chakat? Searching the internet hadn't offered us many clues. I was hardly the first Venned person to get knocked up, but it mostly happened to genderbent humans. We'd hardly managed to find any information about non-human pregnancies, except for a couple which had turned into snakes and produced offspring in a zoo. Of course, if you were pregnant you went to see a doctor... which my mate and me had tried, at first. Only to get turned down before even getting a paw into the ER at the local hospital. “Sorry, we're only treating humans,” the guard had told us, not looking particularly sorry at all. “Besides,” he'd said while wrinkling his nose, “pets are not allowed inside.” Luckily for him, Snowblossom had been too shocked by this brazen display of bigotry to consider simply shredding the ass to bits with hir claws. But this incident had pretty much ruled hospitals out for me, so what to do? Thankfully, Andrew had gotten an idea. Hospitals for humans might be out of the question, but what about veterinary clinics? They accepted all kinds of different species and were private, so they were probably inclined to take us as long as we agreed to pay the bill. Having to pay for my health despite having insurance scorned the socialist in me, but Snowblossom and me had agreed that this was the best course of action available to us. Especially since it turned out that an acquaintance of Andrew was a veterinarian. ====== If they have Venn machines in this world then hospitals should still accept Venned patients... I mean really now, it's a massive rights violation. This is just kinda silly. Not to mention, why do they even have hospitals anyway when a magic TF machine could cure anyone of any ailment, but whatever right. But hey at least our main character has a bit of socialist in him eh? --------------------------- "A purposeful harrumph interrupted us. The receptionist, a cute girl in her twenties, looked at us with a grin. “Who of you is the pet and who is the owner?” she asked brightly. We simply stared at her. “Okay, okay, just making small talk here.” She raised her hands in apology. “We get Venned pet owners quite often and they usually like the joke. Let's try again then.” The girl passed a clipboard to Snowblossom. “Please put in all the information about why you're visiting us here.” Shi swiftly took the board and scribbled the information down. The receptionist gave thanks to my mate, but then furrowed her brows in consternation. “Copperqueen, that's a fun name... and what's a 'chakat'?” I put a soothing hand on Snowblossom's back as I felt hir fur bristle in annoyance. “Don't insult my mate. Copperqueen is a fine name,” shi hissed with bared teeth. “And we–” shi motioned at our felitaur bodies, “–are chakats.” “Oh!” The girl looked at me surprised. Then she started to giggle. “So you are the pet.” For a moment, I feared that my mate would explode. I felt my heart skip a beat when shi stretched out a hand for the receptionist, and I was already prepared to see her pretty face disappear in a cloud of gore and blood when my mate's claws would rip into it, but instead, she simply snatched the form out of her hand. Without a word, shi grabbed a pen and stroke through the label “Name of pet”. Then she scribbled “Patient” over it and slammed the form down again. “You got a doc called MacIntyre here, yes?” The startled receptionist nodded. “Tell her that the chakat patient–” shi stressed the word, “–she's been expecting is here.” Without so much as giving her another look, Snowblossom turned and marched off towards the waiting room. I mouthed a silent “Sorry” at the poor girl and hurried after my mate. Looks like the rut really is doing a thing on her temper..." ======== Yikes, hopefully they don't have to call down the armed response unit/animal control with a chaingun. This chick is like 1000x less offensive than the guy who threw you out of the hospital. ----------------------------------- "The blue-furred woman snorted derisively. “Yeah, I guess. They got no idea how to treat someone who's not looking like a vanilla human. And even if they had, they wouldn't. Folks who Venn usually don't go to the doctor when they get problems, they just visit the nearest mall with a Venn Machine.” She giggled again. “They somehow don't agree with people using machines which can fix in moments what a hospital would do in months... and for a ridiculous bill. I can't imagine why...”" ======== I mean I guess that's an explanation? But somehow I think public opinion would have to give way to practicality at some point. --------------------------------- My eyes widened in surprise. “Really?” I blurted out. “We googled for babies from Venned couples... I mean, seriously Venned couples... like us. We didn't found much.” “Except for this snake couple in the zoo.” Snowblossom added. MacIntyre smiled. “And even their offspring, despite looking like relatively normal snakes, are clearly sapient and intelligent. Curious little buggers, I've heard. They love to play tricks on the zookeepers.” She shook her head. “But yeah, I'm not surprised that your search didn't yield many results. There are not many, and they rather don't want to advertise that their children are of a different species. For fear of bigotry, obviously. Besides, the government has no clue about how to deal with non-human citizens yet and rather would like to keep the lid on it until they've figured something out.” ======== There's sapient non humans being born and somehow it's obscure knowledge... uh huh.
(49.16 KB 427x300 a bit closer to heaven.jpg)
"“I'm not saying that it will be easy, but it's possible. And if you doubt it...” She looked insecurely for a moment. “There's one other option which I don't really like, but my medical oath compels me to put all the options on the table. If you think you're not prepared to be parents, there's the possibility of having an abor–” She didn't get any further. Luckily, she'd taken a seat behind her table again, or God knows what I might have done. Her mention of the... a-word somehow blew my fuses. Suddenly, I was filled with rage, felt my claws slide out of my sheaths, opened my snout to hiss at the woman threatening my– “Shhh, Copperqueen, all is well...” My mate's sudden embrace yanked me out of my fury, letting me think clearly again. “She means no harm... she just wants to help us...” I felt Snowblossom's love flow into me, calm me down, and embarrassed, I retracted my claws. “I'm... sorry...” I mumbled awkwardly. “I... don't know what came over me. There's no excuse.” “No worries.” MacIntyre chuckled tenuously. My threatening display had definitely made her blanch below her blue fur. “I'm actually glad that you feel this way. I'm not a fan of this... procedure.” She sighed. “Well then... I guess I'll just give you some insights into feline pregnancies then. There might be differences for a chakat one, but it's the best I can do right now. So, for starters...”" ======== Pro forcible transformation of others, anti choice about pregnancy eh? You are a strange one, author. -------------------------------- "My mate put on a serious face. “Bad? You scared the crap out of me! For a moment I thought you'd rip the good doctor to shreds. You looked like a badass tiger mama going all out in the defense of her cubs!” Shi shook her head. “So... no... not bad. Definitely not. If I'd have to look for a word, ‘awe-inspiring’ comes close, but it's still too mild to do your display justice.” I rolled my eyes at that, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I'm not sure if an aptitude for violence is a good trait for an expectant mother,” I pointed out a tiny bit worried. Snowblossom stopped dead in hir tracks. “Oh come on, that was just about the right response. Chakat mothers are renowned for going all out in the defense of their offspring. You know, before Venn Machines popped up and I became a chakat myself, I did lots of roleplaying games in the chakat universe. And it was well known to never put yourself in between a chakat mother and hir cub, except if you had a death wish.” Shi smiled at me encouragingly. “See it this way – this was your first test at being a chakat mom, and you passed it with flying colors!”" ========= Oh yeah, gee, great, you're an unhinged psycho. And I thought being Venned didn't change your brain makeup you lying liar? ------------------------------- And that's it! Well, it was a strange one alright, far from the best furry fiction I've read, I find that TF based stories are usually a bit weaker due to their inherent contradictions, but on the other hand it wasn't the worst. But yeah, oh boy, that author has some funny ideas about the world. Then again a lot of people would say the same about me, so hey. THANKS FOR READING MY BOOK REPORT ANON! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I EVEN STARTED CAUSE NOBODY'S GONNA READ IT ALL, BUT HEY, LOVE YA ALL ANYWAYS! <3
>>5139 >THANKS FOR READING MY BOOK REPORT ANON! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I EVEN STARTED CAUSE NOBODY'S GONNA READ IT ALL, BUT HEY, LOVE YA ALL ANYWAYS! <3 Their is more stories to analyze from the same site, Chackat’s Den is a goldmine for strange ideology. This one is written by the guy who owns the site, and is also a boomer btw. www.chakatsden.com/chakat/Stories/LifesDream.html how will future historians look back at the furry phenomena, will it disgust or just merely interest them.
>>5156 >how will future historians look back at the furry phenomena, will it disgust or just merely interest them. I doubt they'll really have to look back lol, they can just ask the genemorphs among them.
(54.72 KB 750x594 furry_hunting_permit.jpg)
(234.49 KB 496x514 huntswoman crushed by horse.png)
How do people get into furry communities anyway It's something alien to my brand of anthropomorphic autism, i just don't understand it. i tried a few times but it's been so long i can't even remember why it didn't work. there wasn't drama or anything i'm just boring and got ignored. I don't even know if it's realistic to expect someone else to explain how they did it, like being social is a mechanical process rather than something that just works for some people and not for others.
>>5214 Do you mean community in person or on the internet? If you mean online, well, you're in one, but I get what you're saying. Furries definitely trend much more towards an appreciation of art and sex than other topics, so if you're not very good at either of those, then it can be easy to be overlooked I agree. If you mean in person, well, I find furry meets are quite friendly, but they can also feel very cliquey and it can be hard to be the new fish. However there's bound to be other people who are in a smaller group or on their own and that's probably where you should start unless there's some kind of fun bonding activity going on that you want to get involved in. Obviously, having a fursuit definitely helps you stand out and be everyone's best friend, but clearly that isn't achievable for everyone. At a much lower pricepoint, it helps to come up with a character concept and buy some art, and maybe laminate a con badge to wear with your character. Realistically, a lot of the interactions in furrydom are about sex, which I don't think is a bad thing, so it's also useful to know what you're actually looking for in that way. Personally, I have tried furmeets but I'm just a kind of lazy and home-loving kind of person, so I do almost all of my furry fandom-ing with sexual partners or on my own consuming furry media. Sorry I kind of got off track there but my point is that you should think about what you want out of furry sexually and try to achieve/experience it.
man i'm just confused now the fuck is this
(19.32 KB 505x578 n8 hot dayum.png)
>>5264 By what? The feelings in your peepee when you look at n8chan?
>>5172 Wait how is that even possible?
>>5303 What do you mean? Horses are fucking giant and heavy. Crushing deaths for horseriders are relatively common.
>>5336 Man why even ride horses then?
>>5338 Because it lets the bourgies feel big and above the peasants (as literally confirmed by that story). It's the closest they can get to being noblemen of the old eras slaughtering peasants from horseback, just they do it to animals now instead, and animal rights activists trying to stop them flagrantly breaking the law.
>>5338 Cause horses are nice and they enjoy it if you ride them properly(read: not like a pompous ass) >>5339 Hey, not all horseback riders are assholes, just the ones that try and make a sport out of it. Personally my family's got horses from back when they used to pull the plough and I don't like seeing them just get Colic from not moving and eating grass all day so I just try and walk or ride them around. Seeing people beat or whip them to do jumps just sickens me.
>>5347 I'm tired AF and read that as "Cause horses are nice and they enjoy pompous ass"
>>5347 >Seeing people beat or whip them to do jumps just sickens me. Horses don't do that on their own?
>>5369 They do, but professional horseriders take it a step further and try and do some pavlovian conditioning. It's stupid and redundant cause they'd jump anyways, but porky doesn't need a logical reason to do bad stuff.
(55.39 KB 640x539 farmers only horse.jpg)
>>5349 uwu Now this I can get into
>>5377 I'm pretty sure those were the last words of Mr. Hands.
>>5393 That's as maybe, but furry is a wonderful land of possibility where 90% of your body volume can be filled with cock and it just feels blissful.
>>5393 The guy actually did it a lot of horse fence-hopping for a while. There is a video of him doing it which is separate from the actual accident that killed the horse-fucker. As a side note why are so many engineers into furry shit. Mr.Hands, Doug Winger etc. were all white-collars with big money.
(119.86 KB 1024x768 hc shake.jpg)
>>5377 Horsecum protein shakes are apparently good for health and muscle growth though only for women since digestion makes cum turn into an estrogen.
>>5412 That really sounds like bullshit bro science, but I wish it were true so that by feeding my trans GF I was feminising her more.
(1.59 MB 1076x2656 IR.png)
>>5412 Everyone knows that /pol/ loves interracial but they seem to dabble into beastiality too https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/110904194/#110909774 As a side note most porn featuring beastiality on horses has them able to fit and not flare like crazy because they usually tranq the horses so they don't kick the actors to death. Its really rare for a horse to willingly want to fuck a person or be fucked unless they're in heat and denied sexual release. >>5415 Ask Tomoko-poster if they're still around. They know something about it.
>>5416 I think neoreactionaries see interracial and interspecies as interchangeable. A dog or a horse fucking someone, usually a white chick because of the cuck aspect, is the same as a black guy doing the deed because black guys are not human to them. Hentai of orcs or trolls fucking fair princesses or something is also functionally the same. They like the idea of an aryan chick getting "defiled" because that validates their schizophrenic replacement fantasies. Or maybe vice versa: the replacement fantasies are a way to cope with the self-hate they feel over their fetishes Look at the comments on this track; it's all /pol/yps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1faGNp9xvNQ Now why they never seem to bring up furry men on human women is anyone's guess. It's like the perfect middle-ground between interspecies and interracial. Maybe it's too degenerate even for them, or comes uncomfortably close to perfection. The latter option might just be me projecting my own tastes
>>5418 Is that also why hmofa stuff is so popular on /trash/? Like how they also fetishize Asian women because of their orientalist delusions about Japan being ethnically homogenous and crime free.
>>5420 Most likely yes. For a good while I had a habit of lurking /trash/, and saw an upsurge in /pol/-tier fetishism right before I stopped. I think they had a successful shilling campaign. Seems like the extents of their interest in furry assumes the form of the delicate, submissive exotic waifu, rather than cuckoldry
>>5418 same shit with monstergirls ironically. They hate it for race-mixing yet still like it. (therefore a ton of MAGA hats on characters like Miia)
(86.33 KB 294x441 cards001.PNG)
>>5416 that's a little rude to assume i'd drink horse cum or know anything about it i'm not that depraved i do like furries though
>>5446 Tomoko I've been chatting with you for a long time now both on leftytrash and leftyb. I remember you clearly telling me why drinking horse jizz acts as an anti-testosterone dose due to how it digests.
>>5446 >i'm not that depraved Fattest lie I've ever heard.
>>5455 Holy shit someone actually saved my screencap of Tomoko's boomer cocksucking fetish post LOL. But enough bullying Tomoko.
(643.20 KB 680x640 laughing furwhores.png)
>>5446 >he doesn't drink horse cum
(218.65 KB 1280x1920 yr2r7wiwl0k01.jpg)
how does this image make you feel?
(23.89 KB 223x66 ScrapingTheBarrel1.png)
>>5570 I see that the US has PP to spare
(378.62 KB 685x677 all cops are bakas uwu.png)
>>5571 I'll show you my PP uwu
>>5570 DADT was a mistake
>>5588 America’s military is the gayist on Earth, if your country is being invaded by burgers you better hope you are a women.
>>5591 >if your country is being invaded by burgers you better hope you are a women. <countless rapes of boys and women in the middle east <many other brutalities haha very funny.
>>5593 aw cmon anon, lets make this a fun/nice topic
>>5598 with homophobe banter and relativizing of ongoing US imperialist terror, including rape? sure, that's the kind of stuff we're all here for
>>5604 i mean it's definitely what the guy drawing on the bomb was there for :3
>>5604 I'm pretty sure everyone in this topic is at least 80% homo
>>5604 >homophobe banter piss off, just because idpol thread is gone doesn't mean you should shit up other threads.
>>5631 >haha american military is so gay they rape only men that's funny >i'm not doing idpol, you're doing idpol for pointing mine out! ok retard
>>5632 Nigga I'm this poster >>5593 It's a stupid shitty post about the US military but calling it idpol and homophobic IS idpol. Go to >>>/GET/
Come on guys, chill out and pull the horse cocks out of your asses.
>>5656 But what if I want a horse cock up my ass?
>>5658 Well then that's fine, but don't take it out on everyone else <3
>>5634 >idpol isn't idpol when you shit on identity rather than promoting it as central ok retard go back to >>>/pol/
haha whitey is killing brown people btw don't call me out for idpol, that'd be idpol
(22.30 KB 414x600 nuclear butthurt.jpg)
>>3273 I always felt like this game was more of a liberals idea of da ebil ussr. None of the commanders or other characters/units treat the workers (pigs) like living beings. Theyre considered extremely dumb with no emotions even though one of the commanders sees a pig studying a piece of art on the wall. Ending is based at least. I loved the game though. Got it on release day and one of the few games i have actually chased achievements in.
>>5689 Yeah you have a point there, it's a slightly disappointing take overall, that portrays revolutionaries as just cynical power-seekers, I would have preferred a 'synthesis' ending where the commies just agree to go vegetarian lol, but there we go.
is it worth paying attention to furry if i have no interest in nsfw it seems pretty integral to the community
>>5794 What do you like?
(196.99 KB 942x1397 furry iww inflation.jpg)
SMH leftypol is popping off about furries again https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/240608.html
>>5813 WTF that's my fetish.
>>5813 condolences to that furry mod who had to deal with that shitshow
(26.56 KB 300x100 fur.gif)
>>5839 danke
>>5841 Nah nevermind, fuck you.
>>5842 That was rude of you anon, you know I can see you're the not the original guy right?
(474.41 KB 1000x1000 indoraptor eat.png)
(464.02 KB 1280x1280 anubis.png)
(19.79 KB 734x552 fux.gif)
>>5845 oh yeah I know, I'm just fucking around. I still think you're a fag though, banning people like that is petty as fuck and it's been a fairly old leftypol agreement to keep private stuff like fetishes, animu posting and furry shit on the down-low and n their own threads/boards (like this one). Posting "lol horsecocks" is fine for chan-talk when everyone is dicking around incognito but public media shouldn't have blatantly furry pics, especially weird niche fetish ones. A) Most working class people are grossed out by Rainfurrest-tier crap like this B) It's borderline NSFW due to being a fetish post C) It gives /pol/ and its allies ammunition to further strawman leftism as "le degenerates for helicopter rides". Even quickly scrounged up posters (pics related) are better for doing a "furry communism" poster. TL;DR: Furry fetish pics are not for public posting, it alienates most of the working class, and gives reactionaries a foothold.
>>5849 I'm gonna start making this a screencap collage for the booru at this point.
>>5851 >screencap collection <covering the posts up <twisting them and having them barely be visible. FFS learn how to make a basic screencap.
>>5852 Who said I started yet?
>>5851 It's all from /GET/, stop cherrypicking. Also you missed several screencaps that are pretty necessary for a complete picture. >>5813 >Muh fursecution! Good lord furries love drama. The thread clearly points out the same points as made in >>5849 Furry posting is fine here on the chans, 'cause we're just fucking around. to quote an anon on /GET/ >official profiles memeing like that is a fuck-up.
>>5854 >It's all from /GET/, stop cherrypicking Nvm, I'm making a collage of everytime you've said "wrong", "strawman" and "cherrypicking"
>>5855 >still no argument <making another (cherrypicked) collage Do you enjoy being so mad?
>>5841 Yeah I saw that you got shit for banning those guys for suggesting illegal shit like "gas all the X" and people just honed in on the anti-furry argument. Thanks for keeping a rather good composure, I'm sure it's tough when a lot of people shit talk about your decisions even though what you did was right, the court of public opinion is a sonuvabitch I tell you what.
>>5857 >gas all the X Nobody said that >people just honed in on the anti-furry argument Because a lot of posters made objective arguments why furry should remain on chans and other niche areas. >a lot of people shit talk about your decisions even though what you did was right Considering the ban was lifted by other mods... banning everyone who writes "fuck furries" is stupid bullshit, especially when others who type up disingenuous /pol/-tier bait are ignored (like sage poster) despite calls from people to ban. Stop bootlicking.
>>5857 >Yeah I saw that you got shit for banning those guys for suggesting illegal shit like "gas all the X" imagine a mod banning someone for a shitpost
(48.97 KB 640x480 furryshitmeme.jpeg)
(54.72 KB 750x594 furry_hunting_permit.jpg)
(211.09 KB 712x1024 1496484771004.jpg)
(161.59 KB 1472x2048 3.jpg)
(196.11 KB 1463x2048 2.jpg)
(189.74 KB 1365x2048 1.jpg)
for the irl leftist org i do stuff with, half the members are either trans, furries or both it's pretty great
>>5878 >I am a radlib What a shock
stop being addicted to pornography and go outside and talk to normal people
>>5878 Great you've ruined SotS for me now
(7.03 KB 412x328 914.png)
>>5878 Now that's what I call solidarity.
(237.26 KB 1280x1024 red guard pard.png)
i learned one of my professors (stem) is a devoted socialist because he puts his pronouns in his emails later i learned he had worked with a marxist-leninist i know (nonbinary) to organize union negotiations "leftism but without the weirdos" only exists online
>>5884 Disregard shitweeb dudebros.
>>5884 Well yeah, the population in general is quite varied and diverse, online it's easy to hide intentions, interests and general standings and it's easy to appear to generally neutral in terms of stance which is harder to hide irl when your general actions create a pattern of your personality. Socialism and communism isn't about creating a uniform thought pattern, it's about uniting everyone under a common goal, to alienate any group, especially marginalised ones, is counterproductive. It's "workers of the world unite" not "only some of the workers who I agree with on a surface level unite" after all.
>>5884 >a devoted socialist because he puts his pronouns in his emails lol wut? >a marxist-leninist i know (nonbinary) <leftism but without the weirdos imagine equating gender dysphoria and sexual identity to a literal fetish. >>5886 >not "only some of the workers who I agree with on a surface level unite" The irony of this is tangible yet subtle.
>>5887 kill yourself
(222.03 KB 384x383 leftypolfur.png)
>>5887 social conservatism is intersectional, a person who hates one deviant is much more likely to hate more, that's the only way i equate them i'm just pointing out that socially conservative leftism falls apart irl due to the sheer volume of the people around you who will fall into these categories
>>5891 that's a pretty nice speech, but it would be better if it was addressed at what we are saying
>>5891 Yeah basically that; when it comes down to socialism it's the bourg versus everyone else, there is no "mostly" everyone else, it's not everyone except that lot over there, it's not everyone except that guy Joe cause he made a Pee Pee joke once. Any socialist movement relies on the momentum and power that solidarity brings with it, to divide amongst ourselves over petty aesthetics, identity politics etc is just counterrevolutionary. There's a lot of different branches of the left I can't stand, I'm not fond of anarchists, I don't like Leftcoms, I think tankies need to be more critical, but they are not the bourg, after a revolution then petty opinions on how onions will be distributed under socialism can begin, but until then anyone you don't like but isn't bourg isn't a fucking bourg. There are people who are detrimental to the movement, who are blinded by bourg propaganda, those who sell themselves out of narcissism or to get a few scraps of the food, but again they are not the bourg themselves, petty-bourg at best like cops. Sorry for the off topic rant but holy shit I hate sectarianism and division. It's like having 1991 flashbacks.
>>5888 how mature >>5890 > socially conservative leftism falls apart irl due to the sheer volume of the people around you who will fall into these categories No-one is talking about "no fun" I'm just saying that being socialist shouldn't be relevant to sexualities and fetishes. Or at least in public. As I pointed out before, a furry commie poster isn't the problem, its the rather fetishistic image chosen.
Anyway y'all are gay
>>5894 >its the rather fetishistic image chosen Nah, that's what makes it so good. A furry communist everyone's seen in a cringe compilation, but furry communist wg? It's a novelty. My money's on that the next big thing will be some "step on the fash" poster that looks a little too much like the fash is enjoying it. >>5895 Yes.
(26.50 KB 631x490 nick feels good.jpg)
>>5895 Nice mang
>topic on 3rd page yo where ma dogs at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNOr2KbQXe4
>>5952 Meh I'm just waiting for all the people having aneurysms over seeing furries to get bored and find something else to type angrily about so I can get back to looking at funny fox pictures.
(31.54 KB 640x405 fox mcloud news.jpg)
(209.62 KB 800x1131 Fox 1.png)
(711.04 KB 844x960 political compass foxes.png)
>>5955 We can still use this topic regardless though, the porn will act as normie repellent. Post moar funny fox pictures
(260.87 KB 800x1131 fox 2.png)
(252.48 KB 800x1131 fox 3.png)
(243.41 KB 800x966 fox 4.png)
>>5967 >pomf
(53.91 KB 370x420 1411918420.oob_nobully.png)
(102.22 KB 500x700 n8leash.png)
(314.35 KB 1000x1000 prepare to get bullied.jpg)
>>5975 >No bullying Fuck off. You furfags are meant to be bullied. if you ignore /pol/tards, pedos and redditors or in other words around 90% of imageboard users, furfags are by far the worst people on imageboards. And now you’re telling me I’m not allowed to tell you to yiff in hell. Honestly just go and kys
(96.91 KB 650x700 n8censor.png)
>>5977 Man I'm not even a furfag, but you're just fucking annoying
>>5982 how was your day anon?
>>5982 That probably means that I'm part of that 90% of people worse than furries
>>5983 decent, drank some coffee and went out to play badminton
>>5985 coolios
>>5977 Can we talk about why you feel this way? Is it because deep down n8 makes you feel funny in your peepee?
(223.55 KB 979x849 YOUR TEARS FEED HEERO YUY.jpg)
>>5977 You must be 18 years age or older to browse this website.
>>1430 Time to print as many copies as I can and share them at the next furcon!
>>3174 Both my boyfriends are furries and they're both sexy af fembois soooooooooo S H U T
(693.48 KB 1074x876 Untitled.png)
>>3273 I'm a big fan of Legend of Grimrock, Redwall, Sly Cooper, Fables, Banjo Kazooie & Yooka Laylee, and of course the one, the only Robin Hood.
(72.68 KB 480x480 image0-165.jpg)
>>6013 Why do all the furry femboys only date chad ;-;
>>6053 who the fuck is the guy with the buttcheeks?
>>6073 I think it might be a jojo?
(80.73 KB 1024x578 e13.jpg)
Despite having all kinds of amazing animals to choose from, furries always go for a fucking wolf. Explain this phenomenon to me
>>6073 >>6074 Broly from Dragon Ball.
>>6087 The majority of furries are not canines. However, there is certainly a canine plurality. Is that so surprising though? They are man's best friend after all and have many attractive characteristics both physically and in terms of temperament.
(87.18 KB 416x430 1ycc8enz47f01.png)
>>6087 I'd probably say foxes are more popular for sex reasons and fennecs are cute. Also knots. And the fact it's easier to do art and suits with cats/dogs etc then something like a deer or owl.
>>6091 But isn't that circular? The reason foxes are seen as a sex symbol is because they became a sex symbol originally. How did that happen? I suppose my theory is that they're a naturally twinky counterpoint to the more masculine wolf/dog and so faggots were drawn to them.
>>6091 >>6092 So all furries are fags?
>>6091 >>6092 >>6104 If anthro foxes every exist it must be heard being one of their females.
>>6104 As I remember the latest large furry study/survey said (male) furries are about 1/3rd gay, 1/3rd bi, and 1/3rd straight
>>6092 Disney's Robin Hood started a lot of wheels turning in a lot of kids' heads. In general, foxes being more sexualized was common in early cartoons. It is, after all, the fox who's eyes pop out of his head when he makes an awooga sound because he saw a sexy lady. And in broader language, you have slang terms like "foxy." So the pump was primed for foxes to be the go to furry sex symbol.
>>5966 >political commas who’s the top left?
>>6104 Omnivorous sluts, very often with faggish demeanor but not always. You're supposed to be able to tell from their favored species what kinds of aesthetics they prefer >>6112 amen. it goes way back
>>6113 Fantastic Mr Fox, good movie if you haven't seen it
>>6117 >Omnivorous sluts excuse you, I'm a veggie
>>6227 Shutup and take my meat in your mouth, slut.
(386.46 KB 893x461 61f.png)
Being an anti-furry must be a truly depressing existence, I can understand not being totally into furry stuff are being impassive about it but having a knee-jerk reaction to every time you see a more-than-a-little-fur cat/foxgirl/boy really limits the amount of great shit you can see on the internet. I noticed recently that I have become completely desensitised to when porn art is furry or normal, 90% of online art has some furry stuff in it, most online fetish projects are also furry(TiTS, CoC etc) to lock yourself off to such stuff in the name of uhhhhhh whatever anti-furries believe in is honestly baffling. They must have sticks up their asses or something and I can't help but wonder why when they haven't seen the wonders delving into the deepest corners of the internet to look at kinky shit.
(3.66 MB 480x360 50b.gif)
>>6263 People have such knee jerk reactions because furries are everywhere and it starts to get tiring for a lot of people who just want to avoid this. Especially in leftypol and other discussion forums; as was rightfully asserted, furries is a niche, fetishistic interest and should be kept to appropriate places for that purpose (like this thread), so when people see it put into the open like the IWW did, their quiet frusteration boils over.
>>6264 It doesn't even have to be that. The mere sight of an anthropomorphic animal is enough to drive these idiots mad.
>>6264 And infantilism is as niche a fetish as you can get, yet here we are.
>>6264 The thing is though how are furry images any different from the omnipresent anime images online like on this site?
>>6267 > how are furry images any different from the omnipresent anime images online like on this site Anime isn't intrinsically niche or related to fetishes. It is a literal cartoon. Furries are inherently sexual in nature. Also nobody spergs out if you post a SFW furry pic while discussing something, people get aggravated when people try to insert full out furfag shit (like the Inflation fetish shit the IWW posted). People don't like full-blown animu discussion on leftypol either, it belongs on hobby as an aside for non-serious discussion and interaction, forming a clear definition between serious discussion and politics and posters just horsing around. TL;DR: posting SFW pics of a anthro animal or an anime girl isn't the issue but going full Weeb/Furfag is. The only reason furries were a hot topic of derision recently is because of how retarded it is to insert that into a "serious" workers organization. There is no point pandering to a minority fetish subculture with divisive radical left politics when its supposed to be addressed towards the working class as a whole, irrelevant to what your legal bedroom antics are.
>>6268 >Furries are inherently sexual in nature. Talk about projecting. Were Robin Hood/Zootopia just porn for children? I agree with your general sentiment btw, but saying furries are inherently sexual is hilarious because that basically implies you're turned on by them and mad that you can't help it.
>>6269 >Robin Hood/Zootopia just porn for children <talking about projecting while buying into this shit Robin Hood is not the same as being a furry. It was an anthropomorphism of animals around a classic british legend. Sexual attraction to animals was never even a glimmer in their minds. Zootopia was obviously pandered at furries as seen with the gratuitous yet SFW 'sexual' poses. >saying furries are inherently sexual is hilarious because that basically implies you're turned on by them and mad that you can't help it. Hardly. Its a square-rectangle situation. Furries like anthro animals but liking anthro-animals is not automatically furry. Furries are a fetishization of anthromorphs.
(926.87 KB 1105x561 Scjerry.png)
>>6272 >Furries are a fetishization of anthromorphs This seems more like just how you view it, there may be a lot of fetishization going in the furry fandom but again that doesn't make it inherent. >>6264 >as was rightfully asserted, furries is a niche .... Weren't you the one pushing that narrative? Talk about tooting your own horn.


no cookies?