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(82.55 KB 500x500 n8 just yiff already.png)
/furry/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:06:18 No. 1220
Yep, we back at it again.

Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.

I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
(377.50 KB 1414x1668 Yugo's_furry_suit.jpg)
I wonder if that ever ended up getting finished?
(25.19 KB 540x467 fed.jpeg)
Being a furry retard isn't a hobby; it's a full time job.
Is there a way to hide threads? I might be forced to do something drastic otherwise.
Yes there is, newfriend.
It's still not finished unfortunately. I'm too much of a nice guy to be pushy and ask for a "when".
I only see hiding the op so I assume eye rape furry shit is going to be popping in front of my eyes for a sec everytime I load the catalog.
Dude, cmon, hasn't it been like 2-3 years now? The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
It's actually only been a year and half. Also I just don't wanna push or be too nosey, cause I did that with my first maker and it went south real fast, albeit there were other factors like the fact I'd met that maker through a friend and I found out later said friend was abusing the maker and was passing along false information and yadda yadda yadda drama blah blah blah and that's why I'm being very standoffish and impersonal cause holy shit I don't want another drama.
Well, I guess it's your life, but damn did you pay already?
Only half, and it is coming as far as I can tell, plus it's kinda good cause I'm in a weird spot in terms of address(not homeless or anything just a lot of moving around cause of school)
I got you man. I still don't have a steady job so it's not like I'm any closer to having a suit.
get the FUCK out, you pedos and freaks are not welcome here
You have ruined Yugoslavia and Tito for me
(154.61 KB 1201x1229 1.jpg)
(53.64 KB 1227x526 2.jpg)
(74.69 KB 625x790 3.jpg)
heres some antiques i found on my hard drive uwu
(260.51 KB 585x379 purge im'.png)
>you pedos
>and freaks
>get the FUCK out
>fist pic
n8 looks high af
Are you that twat on leftypol who keeps saying GET, anime, the mods, and everyone else on the site is a pedo?
>get the FUCK out
Nu u, Methodists out.
>are u that cunt

Nope, believe it or not lots of people hate furries because you're fucking weird in a way that is qualitatively different than gays and trans etc, all of whom I have absolutely no problem with

>how dare u accuse us of being pedos!
>why would anyone be suspicious of group of grown adults dressing up like childrens costumes, claiming it is an important part of their identity, and often highly sexualizing the characters and the routines

>implying only a protestant ethic would find such a bizarre, aesthetically obnoxious, antisocial trend to be distasteful
>ur pedos cause kids like animals and you dress up in animal costumes
Are you fucking high or just that much of a schitzo?
(936.73 KB 2880x1216 sonic slut.png)
Can't unsee
(94.65 KB 425x1024 trap so.jpg)
cause stockings are life
(2.49 MB 2048x1686 milkshake.png)
lactose the intolerant uwu
(138.41 KB 1600x1077 2e6j271a5w701.png)
> Manifesto For A Furry Future
Why Soviet Ukraine? Is this a reference to something?
Probably because ukrainian kulaks deserve to be ruled by furfags tbh
(177.56 KB 518x499 hugh_jass.png)
Who /kemono/ here?
I tried to watch a bit of Kemono Friends, seems a bit too childish though.
"Kemono" Friends has human characters.
(575.28 KB 300x300 3_5508396347117535237.gif)
>hueg ass
Good joke.
And I thought this furry shit went out of fashion or fbi finely put you fags in the penitentiary.
Monosodium glutamate
Who's the best furry artist?
Someone share some SFW stuff, i don't got much
(1013.48 KB 800x480 91e.gif)
(43.60 KB 680x912 2b2.jpg)
(667.61 KB 680x1088 04f.gif)
Depends on your fetish tbqfh
Why would you ever think that lol?

That last pic is only 'SFW' on a technicality tbqh
(58.78 KB 744x1052 everyone is welcome full size.jpg)
(100.46 KB 511x602 nazbol gang.jpg)
(210.82 KB 1280x1217 make love not blocklist.jpg)
(203.86 KB 576x768 nazi furs fuck off 4.jpg)
(120.66 KB 1200x1200 nazi furs fuck off.jpg)
(145.62 KB 800x800 nazi furs fuck off 2.png)
absolutely disgusting
(415.52 KB 750x341 den-banner1.png)
I don’t know if this belongs here or in the grand strategy general, but someone should create a hoi4 mod based off of the gene wars in Chackat’s Den Universe.
This idea is horrible, I love it.

Though it sort of seems like missing the point that the idea is supposed to be about the post-war galaxy and unity between species.
(7.62 KB 360x532 pretty gay nate.png)
We need a bunkernate.
I have nothing against furfags. But this thread is fucking cringe, holy shit my eyes.
(53.53 KB 640x372 mxusbo0fzf131.jpg)
>Though it sort of seems like missing the point that the idea is supposed to be about the post-war galaxy and unity between species.
I don’t know. Their is the league which does slavery. And a lot of terrorists on Earth in that universe. Still a hoi4 game of the gene wars set in 2050 would be pretty fun. It wouldn’t be two hard, we could just import the tech trees from millennium dawn and reskin them. Just imagine furry doing stuff from the guerrilla warfare branch. Or humans using it against them.
i would if there was a canadian chapter
(87.18 KB 416x430 1ycc8enz47f01.png)
(22.28 KB 250x400 claws and starships.jpg)
Perhaps I'm confused, I'm thinking of M.C.A Hogarth's series, is that not the Chakat universe?

Be the change you wish to see in the world
Ahh, NVM then.

I think furry sci fi focussed around war are a bit edgy, I prefer the ones that are either about the utopian post-Earth future or furries being used as geneslaves by corporations and fighting for freedom.
>I think furry sci fi focussed around war are a bit edgy
Which makes for a perfect hoi4 mod where the leader of Russia is a literal bear, and most American Field Marshals are Bald Eagles.
(69.74 KB 210x210 Furry.png)
>tfw no anthro gf
Antifurs are invariably schizos.

Kemono artists seem to like big women, at least if the likes of Kishibe and kakuteki are of any indication.

Such as? As far as furry sci-fi goes I've only read Erma Felna EDF and that's focused on war.
Beastars is pretty damn good, just got caught up myself. Great writing, fantastic art, I'd definitely recommend it.
i got really into it too
i want wolf boy to taste the bunny, gently
Suit's finished finally. Now just gotta wait a month for shipping cause lol.
fuck yess

how to put in spectacle ticket for propaganda machine
Hooray! Good for you, happy for ya. You can probably make some funny OC with it or get buttfucked if that's more your thing
Hey Yugo-fag long-time no see. i miss chatting with you on /leftyb/, those conversations were hilarious. Have you talked with Tomoko poster.
Been talking to her lots actually. Also new phone who dis.
Thread should've ended here.
Well, sadly my pleas to create a fulltime /furry/ board have fallen on deaf ears so this will have to do for now.

Anyone done any fun fuzzy stuff lately?
(614.85 KB 1218x863 furry tomoko.PNG)
hi there
i like the furries too quite a bit
they're neat, posted >>1485 before
(3.06 KB 225x225 download.png)
NO furry's here.
(10.98 KB 128x128 get your laws off my paws.jpg)
yiff yiff motherfucker.
(463.28 KB 632x569 reddit rump rupture.png)
(20.97 KB 150x160 totodile laughing.gif)
>bitched about reddit
>shows his power level by using an old.reddit link
furry_irl is better
But anon, if you know what old.reddit is, and he knows what old.reddit is, that means you're both redditors!
Everyone but me is CIA and reddit.
(876.61 KB 1124x623 She took the knot.png).png)

To get back on topic, everyone in this topic post your fursonas!
people would trace it back and know i post here, i'd rather not
i'll say a black cat though

It's the tito one. I dunno what else to say.
how do i make a fursona, what do i do with it and do i need to learn to draw or have money for commissions?
You all should stahp!


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