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(558.21 KB 1280x1531 ffb887c882588c92aa3821fdce25a489.png)
Hazbin Hotel Anonymous Comrade 06/12/2020 (Fri) 04:21:00 No. 10484
How do you feel about it (and its creator)? also please spam Charlie pics
I like some bits but it feels too DeviantArt'y and for this kind of folks who would be crazy about 'nightmare before christmas' in the early 00s
It got overtaken by helltaker.
>>10484 I don't know anything about it other than the fact that some creepy women hating co posters want to have beat up this character and also may or may not want to have sex with her.
(15.58 MB Hazbin_Hotel.mp4)
>>10490 never noticed that assad had blue eyes, is he not a native syrian?
>>10497 some arabs just have blue eyes, the idea that he isn't a native syrian is sectarian shit meant to disparage Alawites
>>10488 You could make unholy Hazbin-HT thread alliance
>>10489 Is she Armenian by chance? Because she is doing the same to female characters of a Netherlandish kickstarter cartoon.
>>10489 What is with those people? Also yes of course they want to have sex with her (or just in general).
>>10484 One of the worst shit I've ever seen. Literally Disney but with "Fuck" and Sex Jokes. White Girl level humor. Pure Garbage. Haram/10
>>10503 I do not understand one thing tho. That people say Helluva boss is better when is obviously even less funnier and dull than Hazbin Hotel
>>10484 Mix in certain areas. Hell as a setting fails to be fully utilized since all it is just an edgier version of the wet nightmares of Reactionaries when they think of Detroit with a painting of Disney on it. The characters aren't really amusing (except for 1920's guy when he isn't trying being to be threatening). And the art is always teetering on pass, to give an idea imagine a pendulum scale of art depth that goes from 0 to 13, 0 = 12 oz mouse and 13 = Problem Solvers, the show is a 5 that when done bad drops to a 3 (a example that comes to mind is the character that gets run over in the beginning. Other wise it seems okay. >>10504 They're the same people that find the spider character as the best character, the edgy actions done (better by other shows) are funny.
(106.54 KB 750x729 fd4lzd8es0d41.jpg)
vivziepop burned my crops and killed my family
>>10509 >Bighead Post that loathesome cringe elsewhere... like /co/
>>10503 >white girl humor good >haram have sex incel
(73.47 KB 640x640 1578867232952.jpg)
>>10508 >They're the same people that find the spider character as the best character The show is fucking retarded, but I don't really care I just wanna jerk off to gay spider.s
>>10517 >jerk it to vague 2D shapes that our brain forms into a face with extra limbs Ok
>>10517 same
>>10521 2D cartoons are unironically hotter than 3D pig disgusting trash because 2D lets your brain fill in all the details with your perfect idea of attractiveness
>>10484 The plot is that hell is too overpopulated right? Yet it's apparently possible to permanently murder people in hell. But it's already the afterlife? Where do they go? >>10517 Is he a tranny? Why does he have breasts?
>>10523 >2D lets your brain fill in all the details with your perfect idea of attractiveness how's about i fill in your ass with my arachnidick?
I'd violently assfuck Charlie
(15.71 KB 375x463 IMG_20200608_215839.jpg)
>>10638 Based
(68.28 KB 960x540 pecs.jpg)
>>10558 Why does he have breasts? It's a puff of chest hair. Plenty of muscular dudes can squeeze their pecs to look like tiny tits.
>>10638 >>10641 Take this horny-posting to /GET/ you absolute cringelords
>>10638 I'd violently assfuck you anon. Post cheeks.
>The creator I only vaguely know there is supposedly some kinda drama. The show seems pretty fun, wish they could continue the show. Visuals are interesting though the animation isnt exactly as good as the linework (though thats to be expected in an independent webcartoon).
When does the rest of the shows come out, I've only ever seen the pilot
>>10484 I loved it and Alastor was my favorite character followed by the spider. Obviously the drawings are way too complex to keep up a good pace for animating it all, and everything's too colorful and cluttered, so in that regard Helluva Boss was better (except the human kid which looks like something out of a John K cartoon, it's absolutely jarring) >>10503 >White Girl level humor But the creator is a Latina??? >>10646 >I only vaguely know there is supposedly some kinda drama. As far as I could tell, that drama was based on absolutely nothing (like her drawing some internet celebrities that turned out to be "problematic", years ago, or her edgy representation of LGBT characters in hell being seen as "homophobic" somehow) I see no reason not to support her. >>10558 >Is he a tranny? Why does he have breasts? Not trans as far as we know, he's a (gay?) male prostitute. So basically a twink.
>>10657 I remember reading that it won't come out unless some big studio picks it up. But it appears that a new episode may also come out this or next year.
> Re: The creator some nonsense about her "stealing an art style" from someone else. but she was just inspired by another artist before developing her own style. normal creative stuff.


no cookies?