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Furry General 2.0 Satan-kun 05/17/2020 (Sun) 06:12:12 No. 9660
I love you guys lol
>>16362 If being an artist is a special talent doled out by the heavens why should you sympathize when they find it hard? Artists are broke and talented. Most people are broke and talentless. Artists get the good end of that deal.
>>16374 Talented in a very specific scarcely demanded or even cared for in society at large highly competitive ability to imagine and create images on flat surface to their own fancy. People who can't draw simply have other purposes and talents, not to mention are more often than not better compensated. You must sympathize with the proverbial Saglieri who killed Mozart out of envy and bitterness.
(41.00 KB 511x671 21315134.jpg)
Fuck artists. Get a real job.
(610.11 KB 618x800 MoebArzPage.jpg)
>>16381 Nobody makes you love them and we don't need you to love us. If you dislike art so much, cease consuming it, or anything that involves it.
>>16380 >People who can't draw simply have other purposes and talents Pure idealism. The bulk of people are talentless, or practically talentless. No, being able to complete GTA San Andreas in just 12 hours is not a talent on a level with being able to imagine and create images on a flat surface to your own fancy. You're looking at talent as a market prospect ("demanded" "competitive" "scarce"), which is in itself the wrong way to gather sympathy: The average artist could be an amazon slave or an artist. The average amazon slave doesn't have a choice but to slave away for Bezos and then die unfulfilled, whereas the artist who can't make enough to get by can still draw for his own amusement during his 1 day a year holiday.
>>16387 You seem to have a pathological fixation on drawing in particular, which puts you into a mind prison. There are many other things a man could be talented in, like carpentry, manufacturing, operating machinery, architecture, any of the sciences, etc. At least writing and music. The problem with modern education and job market is that it does a poor job of recognizing and channelling people's talents, instead streamlining the process, refusing second chances and shoehorning people into Bezos' wage slavery for example. But art-making is given an unhealthy amount of attention due to a small, closed clique of blowhards getting millions from rich fucks. Being able to draw is not all rainbows and sunshine, we don't have fountains of orgasms every time we put pencil to paper or what have you. It's far from inducing joy, more often it's suffering.
>>16388 >There are many other things a man could be talented in, like carpentry, manufacturing, operating machinery, architecture, any of the sciences, etc Equally, those are many things that a man could be talentless in. The "fixation on drawing in particular" comes because we're talking about the visual arts, you projecting prat. Artists get attention for far more reasons than just the few of them that find a wealthy patron. Art in and of itself attracts attention: Far more people would rather see mediocre art than would want to see the "talent" of being able to scan items at the walmart checkout at above-average speed. Life is suffering. Seeing artists (or any exceptional person, but we're talking about artists) circlejerk about how their suffering is more important than that of the unwashed talentless masses leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
>>16389 Most people have a talent at something, aware or not. You're the one talking about how having skill at art is like some kind of salvation and joy button from otherwise a grey and prospectless life. And you've been put before a fact that it is not, not in the ability itself, nor in the shallow attention from niche communities that it might bring. Most people don't care about art at all, just go outside and ask anyone. If it doesn't make money they wouldn't think twice about it.
>>16390 Let's stay inside and online. Actually, let's stay within the fandom: Are you seriously saying that being a broke furry who can draw is just as shit as being a broke furry who can't draw and that the one who can't draw should feel bad for the one who can?
>>16391 I've never one said that it's a salvation from a grey and prospectless life. It's a talent, not a fucking magic button. Being able to access "shallow attention from niche communities" is one hell of a leg up on being a total irrelevance. Otherwise see: >>16392
>>16393 >>16393 Then what was that supposed to mean? > whereas the artist who can't make enough to get by can still draw for his own amusement during his 1 day a year holiday. In those communities let's say that an average person watches anywhere from 200 artists to a 1000, the sky is the limit in extreme cases. You probably aren't gonna be their favorite. How much attention do you think are you gonna get, 1/200? Most people there aren't looking particularly for you in the influx of pictures in their feed, they might be glad when they see yours, but they will not particularly trouble themselves with your existence. They might see a journal from you and commission you if they happen to have money at the moment, and the interest is self-interest, it's rarely uncoditional love if that's what you seek and if it is you're better watch out for trouble, as in any parasocial relationship. Having relationships with watchers is more burdensome than enjoyable as soon as the novelty and the high wears off when you see that people don't seek you out much after the spike in attention from a submission or a journal recedes in time. There are better ways to look for love, like getting a girlfriend. Just admit that you're an attention-whore, that's all you seek out art being just means to and end, hence you failed to get good at it, because you tried doing it for all the wrong reasons. And cease projecting your want on all artists as a whole. If an artist as broke as someone who isn't then his art doesn't mean jack and shit and he's completely equal in his brokeness all thing concerned.
>>16396 can you confirm for me that you're >>16362
Can you both shut the fuck up? God damn.
>>16400 As tedious as this discussion is, this thread was fucking dead before it started. It took 18 days for >>15531 to get a reply, and that was posted 27 days after the last discussion in this thread.
Yeah, I guess you're right. Oh, well, I don't know. I can't really think of anything to talk about, seems like everything in the world is stagnating including furries.
>>9738 >Jannies and mods hate us <literally have a furry mod innocuous and humorous furry shit is posted all the time. We hate shit like "squash de boss" crap
(58.34 KB 600x583 5fe.jpg)
(166.15 KB 2206x1541 jee10c8lu9e31.jpg)
>>18177 >literally hate furries <bumps thread Fuck off
>>17068 That is true in general though, I protect the furries on this site from tyranny, other sites aren't so lucky
>>18201 Of course the jannyies are furfags.
>>18203 I refuse to watch that
>>9739 i'm currently learning to draw and I wanna do it at a professional level. not gonna lie, this post inspired me to want to draw badass propaganda posters depicting realistic/semi-realistic anthro characters
>>18239 Based I'm glad to have inspired at least one person to produce more good content
(318.77 KB 2804x2600 furry thin blue line.jpg)
>>18239 That sounds cool as heck my man. Go for it!
(52.84 KB 996x214 fivey fox.png)
>>9660 when are we gonna see the first e621 posts?
>>18347 gonna take a while to learn though. less fantasizing about it, more work.
>>18460 Oh so that's who this fucker is? Who were the other furries in that OP pic?
>>18460 hopefully soon, if this site can create le /pol/ face we can create other memes
>>18478 So what you're saying is we need to create a lewd leftist fivey?
>>18479 we need to make fivey a massive slut to troll nate silver and his neolib worshipers
>>18484 Thats the only thing he seems to be good for
>>18484 Yes but a commie slut would be even better
>>18490 based
can we all agree that furry artists know how to draw curves?
>>19054 >looks at the terrible anatomy and curves of furry artists No, fugg off.
(101.17 KB 526x702 srirachagon.jpg)
I will never forgive you cunts for turning me into a bisexual crossdressing coomer
(151.91 KB 500x500 1463991857369.png)
>>19080 You should be thanking us, biscum have more fun
>>19080 >>19083 So you're still straight?
One day the /pol/fags will find this thread and use it as proof that we are all furry faggots
>>19135 So what?
>>19158 bad optics :'( granted theirs are even worse, that diaper tranny nazi discord haunts me
>>18489 >fox >massive slut checks out
>>19177 I predict a 99% chance of that! >>19159 Meh, optics are gay, just let it all hang out I say. /pol/ are gonna find something to cringe about regardless, if we can make furries radicalised it's worth it.
(42.09 KB 200x199 fivey.png)
I have just done five spirit animal tests. I got five different results: deer, whale, coyote, cat, and bee. How I long to be the industrious bee, who builds without first making a blueprint! But in all seriousness this tells me it's bullshit. Alas! I take no pleasure in reporting this, I was looking forward to a spiritual connection to a fursona of this or that species.
>>19202 real furries don't take quizzes. you make an emotional, or god forbid sexual connection with the species and it's done.
(206.50 KB 905x1280 1604634278.shockstk_fivey2.jpg)
>>19250 Aight, done, now what?
>>19274 you're a furfag now grazi
>>19285 Disappointed, was hoping for more of an epiphany or life change...


no cookies?