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Furry General 2.0 Satan-kun 05/17/2020 (Sun) 06:12:12 No. 9660
I love you guys lol
(1.91 MB 3187x3263 Worlds_of_Amano_081.jpg)
>>11106 It's pretty cool. Now, Amano had few anthro pictures, mostly concerning that jaguar-man light novel series.
(114.79 KB 748x600 BjpsUrdJe_M.jpg)
(104.95 KB 662x800 BnPvEIJWVb8.jpg)
(76.67 KB 800x642 s88nqosrhYw.jpg)
(258.75 KB 737x900 is3OE0Wp4qk.jpg)
(45.24 KB 469x555 ByCzix_6VwU.jpg)
(43.37 KB 450x555 d7hRIVb6syQ.jpg)
(144.50 KB 1921x2048 bb71a0a24b4d40db434e90992b4ba153.jpg)
>>11183 >>11184 this shit's even weirder than anthros, ngl
>>11185 And vastly better drawn!
>>11183 >>11184 lmfao this dude took his fetish too far
>>11198 Come on now, those are just paintings, and classy ones at that. I can see worse things just looking at fa's frontpage at random.
>>11201 I feel like the fact that they're paintings makes it worse, they're less transient. But yeah idk just how the legs are like 3x as big as the top freaks me out.
>>11198 but it's hoooooot
I just love furry porn
This thread is far more standard, good.
(1.29 MB 1200x1200 81523977_p0.jpg)
I just watched BNA and I feel like that snine could cause me to develop a furry fetish. Well, maybe not. When they change the jaw shape into a muzzle instead of a human face it gets gross, but tanuki girl was cute.
>>11609 What are you talking about?
(208.99 KB 650x1193 81410235_p0.png)
(497.42 KB 1902x1309 81523977_p34.jpg)
>>11619 The anime, BNA.
(44.38 KB 655x527 aoiwjreopfjk.jpg)
>>11609 >>11716 I was somewhat dissapointed / let down by it My guess is that is such a nothing carbon copy of every movie rights movement thing ever except there is anime and furry bait, and even that is kinda underwhelming because of how cliche the furry bait characters are from what I saw I saw the first episode and didnt get motivated to see the rest
(347.31 KB 1816x1309 82054369_p61.jpg)
(303.20 KB 1816x1309 82054369_p60.jpg)
(2.39 MB 2480x3508 81696429_p0.png)
>>11718 I didn't like the first episode either. Give it another episode or two, it gets funnier by the time she becomes a pitcher for the bears in the slums, though I liked it more because the main lead is fun to watch.
Attention 8kun /fur/ has been abandoned by reactionary furries and Bell is fairly left-leaning. The board is ripe for use by bunkerchanists and you can take over essentially. Bell has also cleaned up the board of older shitposting threads, leaving plenty of good stuff. For non-censored content, simply switch to the board CSS he made. https://8kun.top/fur/ >Inb4 Muh feds! Its a fucking furry board, not a radical political forum. If you're this paranoid, use Tor.
(40.23 KB 441x741 233.jpg)
>>11718 >>11924 Actually the reason for the weird pacing is due to the production side of things and the studio(Trigger) upholding the tradition of having a great piece on their hands, having great ideas and then getting raped by the producer. In this case it was Netflix who decided to split the series into two 6 episode halves of a season that were staggered 2 months apart in order for it to be a dropfeed for the seasonal animes in spring that would release. Oh and they were on episode 10 when they were told there wasn't gonna be a second season and so the last 2 episodes are basically an entire season squished into 2 episodes. I mean you'd think they'd learn after the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING happened to them with FRANXX but I guess that's why they've decided to crowdfund from now on instead of using producers.
>>12125 Well Franxx was also shit for many other reasons as well.
>>12126 Well not to go into /a/ territory but the biggest thing wrong with FRANXX was the second half of the series was the rushed pacing and lack of focus, character development etc that has gotten people hooked in the first 4(?) episodes. Why did the second half suck so bad? Cause there was supposed to be a second season and the first season was supposed to be about episode 12-16ish content wise but stretched to 24 episodes. But then the producer told them no second season and so they squished the entire second season into the last half of the first season and jostled the content about to fit. Best explanation is that Kill La Kill is the formula Trigger works with: Buildup in the first season, hit them with the whammy in the last episode, second season builds off of that and all the stuff. Now imagine Kill La Kill without a second season and all that stuff is squished into 8 episodes in the first season and all the stuff in the last 8 episodes of the first season was squished somewhere in between and that's basically what went wrong with FRANXX and BNA. Again, it's always the producers that do it and usually while breaking the contract terms as well. Also I liked Beastars. That shit better get a second season cause the Manga has some really good moments. there's literally a moment where a small mammal is into IRL vore and wants to be eaten
>>12118 Am I actually allowed to talk about left leaning politics without getting banned now (when rightists had complete free reign)?
>>12130 I mean I asked Bell and they said that if someone wanted to make a political furry thread they can, but unless someone wants one he won't make it. He's very light on the bans so far and if you don't want spoilered images to show as spoilered, just plug in the custom CSS he made for free-use. As long as you stay on the topic of furries (and keep the OP image SFW) you're good, at least in my experience in arguing for socialism there.
>>12129 >the biggest thing wrong with FRANXX The biggest thing wrong with them is that they tried to do Evangelion mashed up with Gundam and other anime and failed to actually make it meaningful. Like for every decent character/interaction or idea, they fuck it up by applying EVA Rebuild logic to it. I made a massive effort post on leftyweebpol on the Evangelion thread on just why this pissed me off so much.
>>12130 The rightists fled to /furry/ on julay.world and basically killed their own board there with shiposting. Its still active but its essentially utterly unmoderated /pol/ toxicity, all because they didn't like listening to the rules.
(379.93 KB 650x650 1424298906870-1.png)
Every time I see furries doing furry shit I feel sad :( I feel like I wasted my 'youth' not having fun or drawing or whatever. I'm gonna be 30 soon and then furry stuff would just be weird. It seems like a dumb thing to be sad about I guess (and it's hardly the only thing) but still.
(174.17 KB 661x1031 comedy or farce.jpg)
Soviet Union was a world's largest war machine - perhaps the largest of ever existing - and an industrial powerhouse, a nation created by Technocrats for Technocrats; modern Left is a bunch of pretentious, weak, over-emotional kids who rarely worked a day at industrial sector (yeah, struggle for "workers rights") who want stuff for free, coordinated by a bynch of lunatics whose greatest "weapons", unlike the unimaginably large weapon arsenal of Soviets, are covert infiltration into Western governments and Academia. Aleone is a wierd Nazbol furry communist whom I don't really agree with most of the time, but their content is great for creating rightwing/liberal butthurt: https://e621.net/posts/2319563?q=ussr http://archive.vn/eiqJh Anyone want to reactivate an e621 account and spread some pro-soviet propaganda?
>>12462 >Aleone >Nazbol Great yet another idiot who fell for the "NAZBOL GANG" meme. And look at that ridiculous "Tribal" crap he has on. https://e621.net/posts/1821905?q=aleone
>>12467 True, but at least its useful for giving reactionary furries something to REEEE about.
>>12400 Do you know how many older furries there are out there? There's even a term for it, graymuzzle. Dont let stereotypes keep you from doing furry stuff if thats hat you're into. People will think furries are "weird" at any age, fuck 'em.
(227.12 KB 2220x1248 542405-afp-gettyimages-51418355.jpg)
i remember visiting the fur board on 8chan and being genuinely unsettled by the fetishes i came across there i just want to look at cat people
>>13208 i don't know what it is with furries and diaper/scat fetishes. i just wanted to fap to shortstacks
>>13210 A man of taste I see
>>12400 I'm 28 and still a furry so yeah
>>13364 This isn't something to be proud of idiots
>>13389 I'd rather a furry than a square
>>11090 Bell kicked out all the nazis from 8kun fur so its free pickings. Direct them here. They shouldn't be forced to post there. It's inhumane.
>>13416 1) that's advertising which is illegal 2) its a dedicated board to furries with a lot of variety m8 >>13410 >implying
>>12129 I really loved the first half of Franxx, and BNA was cool up until the last two or so episodes. Trigger are probably my favorite anime studio now that Kyoani burned down. JC staff is also safe, and their series always are entertaining.
Why do furries complain about miles-df jacking up prices but don't care about art like this? >>13216 >>11089 >>11095 >>11148
>>13478 I can't afford either so what do I care?
>>13479 Do you only care about art you can buy?
>>13482 Because the latter is art for arts sake, the former is commission shit that is average among the furries. But regardless furries are largely trash community and like drama more than anything.
(23.70 KB 600x568 EYCx6b3XQAAhLGf.jpg)
I might be fucking stupid, but does it feel like this fandom is getting overpopulated by radlibs instead of actual communists/socialists? i've been seeing this a lot lately and it's been prominent, especially on twitter where everybody seems bent on moralization through performatism
>>13773 That's EVERY subculture on Twitter to be fair, so that might skew your perception to the extremes, but yes, on the whole, the furry fandom does lean very liberal.
>>13482 There is so much art in the world that it has become devalued. So, realistically, a cool picture that doesn't appeal to my exact interests and that I can't jerk off to is only gonna get a 'that's cool I guess' reaction from me.
>>13827 There is a lot of pornographic busywork, but real art that is unique and has something to say like above, the proportion of it has only grown less so. That's a dreadful view of art and I'm glad not everyone is like you.
>>13834 I don't agree that just because a picture is drawn nice, that it has 'something to say'.
>>9660 I feel we need to get this thread back to its roots, so, have you ever used a furry dating/sex site/app anon? How did it go?


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