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Leftist tabletop games Anonymous Comrade 04/07/2020 (Tue) 13:15:30 No. 7984
any other comrades injected leftistism into a tabletop game and if so did it actually make an interesting game?
>>7984 Pretty much the only table top I still play is Dark Heresy. Although my group is full of bourg grognards.
(111.78 KB Leftypol D&D.pdf)
>>8055 can someone make another one of these treads?
Here are the rules to Debord's boardgame. Also worth checking out: http://www.classwargames.net/
>>8059 Where do you find the games? I clicked on the link for one, Imperialism in Space, but the webpage is gone.
>>8062 Unfortunately Imperialism in Space disappeared four years ago, the other games should have materials at the bottom of their pages.
>>8058 8chan had automated dice that you can role in threads... bunkerchan doesn't have that functionality as far as I know and it's kinda essential
>>8071 posts have numbers right, just use the last number of a post as a dice roll
>>8081 that post for example would be a one
>>8082 There is simply not enough posters here for post numbers to not be utterly predictable.
>>7984 I think that the best way to go about doing this is to make a game with a leftist society rather than a game about leftism .
>>8090 >with a leftist society What did he mean by this?
>>8086 there are more then 300 posts per hour, here that is about 5 posts a minute, that should be more then enough to keep things unpredictable right?
>>7984 There's always Eclipse Phase; although I haven't played it in a couple years.
>>8693 I see that and I want to kill myself. >>7984 Some years ago, I've heard about the tabletop game "Deuda externa", foreign debt, it even has a page on ecured about how to play it. The problem it wasn't very pppular when it was sold in Argentina.
>>8693 Ms. Monopoly pisses me off less because of the retarded sexism and more because it's an entire new commodity to sell for what's literally just a fucking house rule.


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