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Television Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 03:35:09 No. 7366
Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days. Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
>>17133 I am not sure that is what they are trying to go for tbh,
i was gonna watch the boys but i heard there was some fucked up scenes which i was going to be uncomfortable with so i used this site to know beforehand so just dropping these helpful sites if anybody might suffer from PTSD or something else and wants to watch shows and movies but not be surprised with bad stuff that might worsen your mental state https://www.unconsentingmedia.org/ https://www.doesthedogdie.com/
Tbh, with the halt of the MCU due to Corona, and the takedown that is The Boys, maybe we might be at the end of Capeshit???
An epidemic related Russian TV show called To The Lake is interesting. https://archive.is/yReGO
anyone watching the new season of Fargo? 4 episodes in, it's kino so far
>>17440 isn't that the show based on that coen brothers movie how are they milking it into so many episodes?
Anyone watching pic related? It's a pretty powerful take on separatism and ethnic chauvinism, as well as what Marx called "the idiocy of village life".
hot take (maybe) - 13 Reasons Why is a garbage show with a bunch of force "muh homos and muh suicide crap that turns it into some quirky mystery shit that doesn't resemble real teen issues and drama at all. A big fucking mess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcQlJ46Kz3Q
>>17521 Pretty lukewarm take I would say, even from the premise it didn't seem all too promising. I totally agree that it is divorced from teen realities - while kids are commiting suicide, not even the edgiest teen girls are executing a contrived elaborate plan to draw attention to themselves after they can no longer revel in it. Not too mention it suffers from being hyper hollywood - high school where everyone is petit bouj and look like models. Also WHY the fuck did they show a suicide that graphic. Are they trying to contribute to gore folders.
>>17139 it has exceptional acting and pretty entertaining writing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYtFMmByfJk
>>17521 Didn't that show cause a wave of IRL teen suicide?
>>17534 Yes I think it did, becuse "suicide is so cool". Basically they took the "It's not just a phase, mom" and took it unironically and made all that edgy 90s tier shit and modernized it into megacringe.
>>17535 >>17522 >>17521 Hot take, that show was a psyop. I remember when it first came out and everywhere it was being posted "Omg don't watch this show it'll make you kill yourself" and it was just a really shitty finding Alaska. It feels like teens were goaded into killing themselves over this show.
>>16481 Pretty sure Mr Robot got plenty of recognition but the same network made another show even more leftist called Damnation but it wound up getting cancelled after first season. It also wound up on Netflix so maybe if enough people watched it another season would get made.
>>17548 That show was awesome, I highly recommend damnation. https://youtu.be/n7yW7h0YkPI
>>17539 I wouldn't doubt it was a psyop. The CIA has literally admitted that hip-hop and modern art were part of a program to "degenerate" american youth and we all know Henri Marcuse and Gloria Steinhem (le cultural marxists) were CIA assets.
Gonna watch the new episode of STD, pray for me anons.
>>17577 I've heard from some Twitter communists that the first episode is decent but yeah. I'll watch it too later because fuck it
>>17577 See the Star Trek thred, STD is utter trash. >>17578 >Twitter Communists The first episode is moronic contradiction after moronic decision, and the following episodes just get worse. If you want to turn your brain off and ignore that it's STAR TREK, you're welcome to do so, but beyond the SJW-politics, the acting and story is just hacked together ripoffs of older series' episodes and edgy youth drama.
that appleTV comedy show about a video game company has me interested anybody seen it? cringe and out of date or decently humorous?
(11.91 KB 338x319 d1931tcu49j51.jpg)
Anyone here watch Impractical Jokers
>>18025 no because i'm not a loser
>>18031 looks like I'm tonight's big loser
(107.15 KB 920x933 Dwight.jpeg)
>>16589 Speaking of puppet /tv/ shows Longhouse Tales is an obscure one that was always fun https://mega.nz/folder/gp922YDC#bHd72I2ARgBmM91yb_OtxQ They often told native american tales as stories https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Old_Man_Coyote_and_the_Strawberry
Seems like Queen's Gambit actually portrayed the Soviets in a fairly good light. It's a shame it's taken nearly 30 years for popular media to be able to do so in the US. Ending scene was pretty wholesome actually.
>>19386 It's an interesting TV show but quite esoteric and not without flaws. Still worth a watch.
>>10608 I like it
>>17874 >that appleTV comedy show about a video game company has me interested What's it called?
What's everybody's thoughts on Designated Survivor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YGHMVjpedI
>>19431 Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet
>>19466 I liked it's spin off Surviving: Jack
> Post your thesis on King of the Hill Not much of a thesis or even a controversial take, but Mike Judge is an intelligent conservative and it shows in KOTH and much moreso in Idiocracy. Still, KOTH is an excellent show and I often re-watch the older seasons. I'm catching up on admittedly garbage AHS seasons since they dropped on netflix recently. Apocalypse was watchable, while 1984 was a god damn mess even if you enjoy slasher tropes. Please recommend me something, I want to watch something good.
>>17247 > maybe we might be at the end of Capeshit? The sneed power base does seem to be waning now that no capeshit was released this year. thank allah
I refuse to believe this is a real show
>>19471 >Mike Judge is an intelligent conservative and it shows in KOTH I want to hear more about your take anon. Explain.
>>19482 Tf Was that made in MS Paint?
>>17512 is it anti basque propaganda?
>>19482 We had Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Beverly Hill Hillbillies, along side modern trash like Loud House, are you really surprised?
>>19482 white trash ruined my box wine sales damn it
>>19483 There's not much of a take, KOTH is fundamentally a show about a conservative family dealing with liberal interlopers, often the show vindicates Hank's more conservative views. A good example is Bobby becoming a Husky model, Hank is against it from the get-go while Peggy (performing as the progressive in the show) is supportive, by the end of the episode Hank removes Bobby from a runway show at a mall (lol) seconds before highschoolers throw food at the fat kid models (also lol). Obviously Judge isn't the only influence on KOTH, but episodes he maintains direction over tend to emphasize this theme. There are also general themes of differing viewpoints coming together, Hank and bobby slowly understanding eachother, and the show is pretty favorable to John Redcorn and racism in general. It really is the best western animated show ever created, I absolutely love it. Idiocracy is absolutely based on a conservative talking point, the premise is the world IQ is dropping (which is a talking point today) and that will lead to a regression of tech/civilization. I kind of hate Idiocracy tbh.
>>19498 Are you dissing Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Name 1 thing wrong with it other than those "special" episodes
>>19509 i remember that episode. i thought it ended on a neutral point. i have seen the show up-to season 2 and just think it's pretty liberal for its time god i hope it doesn't get more conservative
So it looks like the Expanse is heading for a catastrophe like GoT. They only got renewed for another season which will be the last season, while still having more than three books to cover. Plus the actor who plays Alex got #metoo'ed for unsolicited dick pics and harassing female fans, so he won't be returning. They gonna have to wrap it up and we probably never going to see the Laconian Empire uniting all of humanity only to be taken down by our heroes which is supposed to be the great finale of the book series. Fucking shame after they spent an entire season four on this single planet with no outcome other than Murtry being arrested. It's considered one of the weakest books of the series yet they spent an entire season on this while still having so many books in front of them. What were they thinking? This is just poor planning.
(1.34 MB 268x268 tmblr moment.gif)
>>8913 Is one of the few series I have watched and still have them in my PC. So once every month I laugh at the jokes of the 5th season. Yeah it's pretty liberal, the radfem character becomes progressive in the last season but in the end a happy doomer, but a doomer nontheless, and Bojack gets what he deserves well, if one sees him as a nobody in the news, one would ask for blood, but as always the shady shit gets buried by PR/PC
Anyone here enjoy Amy Sherman-Palladino's shows (Gilmore Girls, Bunheads, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)? Or at least seen them and have thoughts? I think Bunheads is the best of the three, but ironically that may just be because of its early demise. Her other shows tended to get worse with more passing seasons.
Been watching the modern cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I know it's a "We love science" reddit soyfest, but I gotta say I've kinda been enjoying myself
I finished Black Mirror a while ago, let it sit for a while, and now I'll post about it. Coming through with a hot take right out the door: its actually not THAT bad. So, here's how I'll do it, I'll go over episode by episode. Since I don't recal the names, I'll think of new ones for my own little joke (haha). SEASON I: Episode I: The Phantom Cameron So I hear that the first season was supposedly good. Well, this first episode sucked dick. Well, not the episode, more so the libshit Sorkinite "muh decency optigz" writter did. I'm sorry, but making your piece of shit, ruling class, privilaged shitter PM fuck a pig live on air is funny. But now, the show goes on a moralist fingerwagging crusade about how le decent public would never want to actually see it and even the perpetrator kills himself in shame. Dumb. Also why the hell is the PMs wife pissed? The guy did it to save a life. Pretty understandable and forgivable imo. Idk, maybe its more moralism about how its bad to do this cuz you'll make the guy sad. Episode II: A big amount of Labour Vouchers with Burger characteristics Here we have to discuss an elephant in the room. Black Mirror episodes dealing with dystopias all have stupid premises. So, like this one: its about a post scarecity society that uses a fully planned economy based on pure Labour Time, but oh, arbitrarily the artisan entertainers are a ruling class (a ruling class that still labours), and the lower class is arbitrarilly put in hellworld burgerland living spaces. And the answer is simple - the writers are dumb ass libs, who don't know what the hell they are talking about. So the episode that, in fact, is a great critique of capitalism if you don't think about it too much, just becomes a mess on closer inspection. But aside from that, the episode is, as I said, good as an anti-capitalist piece: it shows commodity fetishism, the trend towards all culture descending to the lowest trash possible, the ability of the system to recuperate anything culturally as well as pointing out the bourgoise as the villains. Episode III: That one film where they switch their phones for dinner and find out each others secrets, Silicon Valley edition As I said in the title, its basically like that film which name escapes me that I described. Its the same "oh, is the secret better left burried?" plot. However it does something else. It lays out great criticism of the current day social media, where everything stays up forever. That is not how humans should function. What you did, what you said, where you've been, all that shit should bever be perfectly saved for eternity. And this episode critiques it, which I like. Season score: 4/10 SEASON II: Episode I: Attack of the Clones Think I stopped watching half way through and went on /leftypol/ instead. Bitch basic is AI real plot. Nice exploration on how its important for people to let go, though. Episode II: Crime and Selfies Seeing S1E2 made me think this will be another shitty premise dystopia episode, but no. This one was great. Think me and the writter are once again on different wibe zones as they, I think, wanted to horify you with the plot twist and show how its inhumane or something, while I found the premise pretty cool. Punishemnt isn't for the criminal, and it isn't for justice, but it is to keep people from commiting crime, a reminder what will happen to you. And in all honesty, white bear park is a great tool for pubishment. Its not a death sentance, which is good, and it is awful enough to be a great deterant, while also providing entertainment. Cool stuff. Episode 3: What if Cockshott was Blue and said bad things? Disgusting, awful, Sorkinite vomit. Nothing but pure bile thrown at the working class and populism in general, not to mention it shitting on direct democracy. Also it was not funny in the least. The fucking epic bear jokes sucked dick and were utter cringe. Burn in hell. Episode IV: I also played SOMA Good half of it is just the same old boring shit about AI rights. Guess its cool how the sextip guy workes as a person whose only job was to make people into commodities. Rest of that concept just feels as if they went "yea lets just throw in this scifi concept and thats the plot". But then there is the secondary plot with the eye thingies. Once again, dumb dystopia, as in you'd never have all people transition to that, but I like how it once again critiques technologies making things too easy, as here it shows the bad results of a hasty, emotional decision over silly shit that ruined many lives. Also lmao at the ending, nigga got shadowbanned. Peak first-worlder problem shit. RIP to all my homies who fell victim to the reddit gestapo. Season score: 3/10 SEASON III: Episode I: Karen Strikes Back Continiueing the shadowban thing, an episode purely about first world middle class petty bougie problems. I like this one since the tech here is purely complimentary. I love how it takes the piss out of hyper online retards. The main character is basically a standin not just for normie ecelebs, but twitter cloudchasers and your agent Kochinski types. Fuck them all, and bless this episode for letting me laugh at their bungles. Episode II: Cyberpunk Epilepsy Moment Following from last one, it does the same good thing of keepig tech shit complimentary. Instead it focuses on personal, human issues. Mainly those of allienation from your family, your home. I liked it, kind of touching. Episode III: What if trollface made you do crime? Probably same as the Crime and Selfies one. I just don't feel bad for the "victims". Fuck them all. However, sure, vigilante shit is bad, and culminating in murder was a bit much. But I also feel this was, once again, the Sorkinite writers atacking online hacktivists, and fuck that. Episode IV: Cyber Heaven is Cool I didn't get it but I liked it. Maybe there was nothing to it intended, but can't shake kf the feel that maybe the writter was moral fagging about "muh souls". Anyway, it was fun to watch, had an absolutely lovely ending, heartwarming to be honest, good episode. Episode V: What if US marines had feelings? Once again, retarded concept for dystopia. Oh, so its a eugenicist purge by technocrats? Yea cool, they totally care and would totally let all infrastructure get fucked, as well as having barely deffective labour force be destroyed. That aside, it was an interesting concept. But as I said in the title, the funny shit to me is that actual marines wouldn't need their nightmare glasses - they would do that shit for fun. Episode VI: Judge, Twitter and Executioner I guess the writter liked the Cameron episode so much, that he decided to repeat it, now with ebin beez and none of the charm the first one had by using no scifi tech. Oh and this time the guy who is mad at the public being un-decent is the bad guy? Make up your mind. Season score: 6/10
>>20151 SEASON IV Episode I: Terky goes off Fun, lighthearted but still exciting to watch episode. Absolutely great. The concept is fun, the villain being an ego-maniac PMC is fun, I feel no sorrow for him getting an aneurism and just, hell, why can't more Black Mirror be like this or the Cyber Heaven episode? Episode II: Attack Helicopter Parenting I liked this one. Its a solid critique, but not of tech, but of the concept of helicopter parenting, that just used tech in this example. Not much more aside from that though. Episode III: Karen strikes again These last few episodes had a really good thing about them - they didn't really tackle some sort of supper massive "tech bad" apocalyptic shit, and they were all great for it, because, I believe, the writers can't handle that stuff. This episode gollows this formula again. Its a rather simple, tragic crime story. At best it tackles the topic of running from responsibility, but that is such a fifth grade ethics class topic it doesn't really count. Tech just plays a maguffin role, its ok. Episode IV: Horny Games Once again a fun, rather lighthearted episode. I think I started getting the writters vibezone at this point, since I called the plot twist of it being a dating app halfway through. Slight minus for it once again hitting the AI joint. Episode V: Bezos makes you his bitch Matt once talked on Cushvlog how allegedly the dogs were originally planned to be human controlled. I feel that was a missed opprotunity. Now its another one of those bad dystopia scenarios - oh no Amazon drones ran amock! I feel it would have been more interesting if the apocalypse was just some sort of regional collapse, but Amazon just didn't gave a shit and still protected their warehouse or some shit. Now its just Terminator. Tbh it was a cool episode, actually exciting etc. Not bad. Episode VI: Mysteries at the Museum Great, fun episode. All of the little stories were enjoyable. Once again overuse of the AI topic. I liked how they examined how misery it self would be commodified. Not much of a grand idea for the episode, and its better for it imo. Season score: 9/10 SEASON V: Episode I: DudeBro love I... don't know what this was about. Like, ok, so when your homie looks a certain way you want to fuck them... so? I just don't see anything here. This feels like one of those idea episodes, but there is nothing, and it is also rather boring. Episode II: I want to speak to the manager An anti-phonesbad episode. The main character fucks up and starts searching for who to blame. I liked how the CEO was some retard hippie who fucked off from the business and started lifestyleism shit. Not much else. Episode III: Mid 2000's kids movie Literally the title. The only topic really is that parents should interact more with their kids and that management interferance is bad. Asside from that its some shitty Alvin and the Chipmunks clone where the evil aunt wants to steal the golden cow and its to this brave teen hero and her toy to stop it, and it even ends with a musical number. Tbh I have no clue how a show that started with a libtard deffending Cameron's honor ends up with this. Season score: 2/10 The end.
>>20152 damn


no cookies?