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/fit/ general Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 16:16:12 No. 7004
Ask your /fit/ related questions here. Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky" http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html how do i overcome the wall? i'v been working out for almost a year now, gained about 33lbs mostly muscles. i have no made any gain in the past 4 months now despite woring out and eating the same way. how do i get past this and gain muscles again?
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>>14585 Dude literally all the olympic and top athletes are on steroids, it has been like that since they have been invented, it is only that they use them in cycles to advance past the natural limit and then maintain that as much as possible. The only sports that aren't as reliant on opioids are combat sports due to how much it relies on skill and not muscle/physical ability. One of the reasons the eastern bloc kicked ass at the olympics was because they had state doping programs, because a scientist regulated your dosage instead of yourself for optimum performance.
>>14582 absolute chad
Is veganism a meme? Pretty hard to fulfill protein requirements too. Also are there any diet plans that are good, tried and tested (meat or no meat)?
>>14590 Veganism is a meme, don't fall for it. You have to eat far greater quantities of food if you don't want to become malnourished as opposed to a diet that includes animal products, if you don't eat vegan you don't have to think much about what you eat but if you are vegan you must be very meticulous if you don't want to have health problems. anyways, what do you want to achieve? losing weight? greater protein intake? health-related diet change?
(1.00 MB 683x1025 Goga Tupuriya.png)
>>14590 It's not impossible, but obviously much harder to do than with regular food. Pic related is an example of vegetarian athlete
(158.23 KB 1280x720 car.jpg)
>>14592 Take any professional athletes on a vegan diet with a grain of salt. As I pointed out here >>14586 they are all on and off various PEDs. Clarence Kennedy himself is vegan but you shouldn't take this at face value because he roids.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
>>14590 Well I read that how meat contains carcinogenic compounds and isn't healthy to eat. And then people started shilling for other kinds of fad diets and how they are healthier in the longer run (med, paleo, etc.). Of course I am looking for more info in this.
Fucking hell the servers are fucked up.
>>14594 Just don't have a meat based diet and you'll be good. eat a balanced diet of grains, veggies and animal products. Most of these studies are done on americans that gorge themselves on meat, I am an eastern euro and I eat maybe 250g-0,5kg of meat a week, but also grains eggs cheese & vegetables.
>>14599 Well my current diet is mainly grains and veggies, along with occasional diary, and rare meat. Thinking about putting on some weight.
>>14600 eat more grains and eat/drink more milk products to gain weight. meat is good for protein intake & maintaining or losing weight.
>>14601 There is also just a whole bunch of cult following regarding the ill effects of milk in the entire vegan community, though I think most of it is just pseudoscience.
>>14602 Pseud shit. Most of the negative health effects of food vegans attribute to animal products is due to factory processing, if you know a farmer to buy your goods off from or go to the market you should be good, and veggies & grain products are bad from supermarkets just as meat is, the veggies because they are sprayed by pesticides very thoroughly and you can never really wash it off apart from the peel-able stuff, and the grain products are always full of additives, mostly so they don't spoil. I worked in the food industry as a butcher & baker and I can tell you that anything from the city is trash, and you are eating things that have been treated in all kinds of chemicals and additives. your best bet is the markets and small butchers.
>>14603 also processed meats are more chemical than meat, if you are worrying about health don't eat them. only dried meats and meat you prepare yourself.
So all memes aside, is soy actually bad?
>>14603 Well then I might just happen to be in luck because I can buy a lot of the stuff you mentioned directly from the market and local farmers/butchers, but how can I be sure that they don't use pesticides and additives? At this point in the modern era almost everyone uses them to some degree otherwise mass food production simply wouldn't be feasible right?
>>14605 It depends, soy is estrogenic and if for some reason estrogen is bad for you you shouldn't take it. If you have a bad thyroid you should avoid estrogen like the plague. Otherwise it is a really good source of plant protein. Tastes like sponge though. >>14606 You can never really know, sorry. It helps to ask, in my country a lot of farmers advertise their stuff as pesticide free. As for the processing of food, I think most people selling food at the market couldn't afford that kind of setup for it, the additives and everything. For meat anything other than dried or raw has chems of some kind. A good bet of seeing if they use pesticide is buying fruit and seeing if you bite into a worm or find a worm, if you do it means it hasn't been sprayed. Lettuce is almost always sprayed heavily because grubs love it, things that need to be peeled like oranges are always safe irrelevant of pesticides or not.
>>14582 You keep replying to people with strawmen, relax your sphincter... or are you trying to crush coal into diamonds?
>>14563 >drink soda Yeah, thanks for the excellent way to induce acne m8.
>>14611 It's not a strawman, most roiders just take steroids as an easy way to getting a physique and then fuck up their natural testosterone production. That is why their balls shrivel up. >>14612 He was asking how to gain weight, I gave him a method that works no matter what, I also pointed out that he will feel like shit because it is unhealthy.
>>14607 Well soy does contain phytoestrogens that are plant based, they do not react as strongly with human body, I think it has more to do with the scientific naming convention for these compounds. Still, if possible one can avoid, but a small quantity every now and then couldn't be too harmful...
>>14601 How about replacing meat with lots of eggs?
>>14615 It works great and it's cheap, just don't make it a dietary staple because they have a very large amount of cholesterol. Switching to an egg diet is good but it shouldn't be a lifelong change.
>>14614 It isn't just a naming convention. My mother needs to avoid extrogen due to medical reasons and the doctor told her to avoid foods with xenoestrogen.
>>14617 What if I remove the yolk and just go for the white?
>>14619 I don't know the macros for egg whites, Google it or I can check later. It will have less cholesterol but I don't know how nutritious it is.
>>14617 >>14619 >>14620 an interesting counter-perspective I found re: dietary cholesterol http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol/
Pandemic has turned me into a fat monkey man What can I do?
>>14624 Change your alimentation, count your calories and exercise.
(78.73 KB 749x735 Eb7Hj-SUEAELV0P.jpg)
(359.44 KB 1852x1850 1596789523366.png)
daily reminder to not be like this
>>14642 Fuck these lifestylists.
>>14642 Whats wrong though?
>>14644 1. Dumbass takes on starting off lifting weights 2. Dumbass takes about streetfighting 3. A general shrinking and hesitation when it comes to any possibility of improvement or change
(110.39 KB 768x1280 1588410327269.jpg)
>>7004 What are the best exercises for a nice butt
>>14668 Squats... lots and lots of squats
>>14668 >>14673 Won't help you if you're naturally flat though.
>>14668 lift weights and do lunges
(129.42 KB 252x326 false.png)
>>14675 this dude is a retard >>14668 do squats and deadlifts and carry heavy rocks around. proof it works: my ass
>>14690 also you need to lift heavy, at least within 90kg range if not pushing 100-120kg. just bodyweight squats dont work.
I do lots and lots of cardio but hate gyms and can't seem to get into the routine of home Bodyweight/ free weight routines Should I just take up swimming for more upper body cardio or is there some amazing home weights program I should try? Fuck gyms, I'd rather be turbo fast skelly boy than go to one again, entire culture of the ones in my area makes my head hurt
>>14692 What is gym culture like there? get kettlebells if you wanna work out at home and hate bodyweight stuff, but at least do pull ups and dips because no weight can replicate that.
>>14692 Work out early in the morning/ at a time when there's the least amount of people there. I've been to many gyms but I couldn't tell you what the culture is apart from what decorates the walls. I don't know what kind of gyms you're going to but I would implore you to reconsider and find a way around it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjDVtR5CyFU That being said, >>14697 is right, kettlebells are the best bang-for-your-buck if you can't afford a full equipped homegym. I'm guessing that there will be parks as well that have pull up bars and the like in your area.
>>14697 Just constant fucking noise, blaring shit music or Radio at all hours of the day, there's forever some class on showing people how to sit on a padded box and swing a rope around or some other retarded shit, 70% of floor space is cardio machines for sports I do outside and actually enjoy there,in the actually well equipped gym there's a cafe in the gym for some reason, in the one that doesn't have a cafe they have a deal with a cafe across the road so there's a stream of people going in and out during their workouts to get fucking coffee letting the noise of the road into the cacophony The people in it also all seem more concerned with taking photos of themselves and chatting then doing work, regardless of age or sex, and the staff at all of them are useless, know nothing about exercise and exist to change the jug in the water cooler and wipe sweat off the floor And they all charge something absurd like 250 a year for membership, if I had the space I could literally get a full weight set for that money >>14698 The places around me all open at about 0530 and they all have stupid bootcamp things on, i.e. gimped circuit training, which means there's 30-50 people in right in the morning for an hour and the place is a disaster for an hour afterwards, and they start the music and crap from their, I can't go in at actually quiet times like working hours because I have to work and can't fit anything worthwhile into my lunch break I guess I'll just buy a kettlebell
>>14712 Yeah that's most gyms. I am lucky enough to have a rubber floored free weights area in my gym though. I also use headphones to drown out shitty globohomo music.


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