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Joker Comrade 10/14/2019 (Mon) 18:59:34 No. 7
What are your thoughts on the Joker movie? Could it be considered somehow leftist?
No, it couldn't.
Arthur is not a proletarian, he is a lumpenproletarian.
>It discredits every social upheaval
No, it doesn't, what the fuck?
>They start it because of the literal straw that broke the camel's back. The yellow vests happened because fuel prices were increased.
What about the social services being closed?
What about people being laid off their jobs?
The movie is set in 2009.
That is not what the word 'delusion' means normalfag.
Oh boy, are you one of the retards of the Wayne Internet Defense Squad?
>you had some rich assholes who where justified in their actions (Wayne punching a weird dude who felt up his son)
Arthur was just being nice with his half-brother since he never got to know him.
It's not Arthur's fault that he is an unfunny weirdo.
Imagine thinking Wayne is a good guy after outrighting stating that proles are clowns, after forging the documents of the madhouse (which is owned by him) and after proving that he is an hedonist asshole.
> and the Joker outright states he didn't give a shit about politics
Neither do I and here I am.
Politics is not an objective, it is a tool.
>It was a character study about a dude with mental problems and a shitty life who finally snapped
Imagine being so much of an NPC that you think that the things you don't understand are not real
>It's the kind of movie where people see what they want to see in it
Nice postmodernist analysis bro.
It shits on lemmings that only care about politics while ignoring ethics and the purpuse of such politics
I actually enjoyed it. Was a lot better than the Marvel movies. Glad there weren't many people there because a couple of the murders made me laugh out loud.
(41.68 KB 500x500 65f.jpg)
>because a couple of the murders made me laugh out loud.
Are you literally me?
The movie is hilarious but yet some people were fucking frightened.
>The movie is set in 2009.
uh, dude the movie is set in the early 1980s
(9.97 KB 241x291 joker.jpg)
>The movie is set in 2009.
Lmao what?
>Arthur was just being nice with his half-brother since he never got to know him.
Wayne didn't know that, he heard from his butler about some weird 40 year old dude sticking his fingers in his sons mouth.
>Imagine thinking Wayne is a good guy
I never said he was a good guy, but if some weirdo sticks his fingers in my kids mouth and then starts stalking me I'd punch him too. I hope you never have kids if you don't understand why a parent protecting their kid from a potential pedo is bourg.
>Imagine being so much of an NPC
/pol/ack detected.
Jokes is based.
Joker did litterally nothing wrong, also kill the rich.
The movie only gestures in the direction of class warfare and doesn't do anything with it, so politically it's not anything to write home about. However, Arthur's downwards spiral did start because he couldn't get access to his med because of state cuts, which is something at least.
I jizzed a little when he kneecapped that banker
I jizzed a little when he kneecapped that banker
Understanding the movie is impossible without understanding the setting of 1980s New York which it was set in. This was during the hight of Reganist austerity in America which cut a lot of social services, but especially cut mental health services. This was also way before NYC became a gentrified Porky playground and it was a dirty gritty postindustrial city where a lot of people lived in poverty.
So what was NY like before those cuts? Tbh I always thought NY was a shithole before Reagan came along since he was only a President.
If any political shit could be pulled out of it i'd say it's anarcho-nihilist. he doesn't dream of a better world or even particularly care about the protests he just wants pay back for everyone who lied and hurt him.
NYC used to be an industrial city, when offshoring hit in the 70s it was one of the first cities to suffer this prompted the first wave of budget cuts. Late cuts were came from the feds during Regan.
https://www.thewrap.com/joker-director-todd-phillips-rebuffs-criticism-of-dark-tone-we-didnt-make-the-movie-to-push-buttons-exclusive/ >Todd Phillips (Joker's director) : >What’s outstanding to me in this discourse in this movie is how easily the far left can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda. It’s really been eye opening for me. >the far left can sound like the far right Loos like just another centrist to me.
>>4664 Who was far right in the movie? Wayne?
>>4668 I'm not sure but I think Todd Phillips wanted to make the clowns rioters looking both like the far left and the far right.
>>1740 IMO it's a good cautionary tale of what happens if you simply try to react to failing capitalism instead of being proactive with a grounding in analysis. The people were ready to rise up, and the guy who inspired them was just some crazy guy. If you replaced Arthur with someone who had some materialist analysis, the people would presumably follow from that.
>>7 Overrated movie. Falling Down is better.
>>7 It's a DC remake of King of Comedy, except DeNiro is playing the TV show host this time. It also (partially rips off) some parts of Taxi Driver. Joker in this film is essentially a lumpen-prole; can't stand up for himself, doesn't try to do anything to help himself or make friends just wallows in self-pity until his underlying psychopathy explodes. The film is still done well but frankly it has little resemblance to Joker.
I never saw it, but I liked Socialism or Barbarisms video on it. https://youtu.be/-hoz10Gobfw
I think the movie can only be perceived as one of Joker's imaginary pasts. Because the actual Joker is anonymous, while this one has been called by his real name on TV. Also no, it's doesn't contain any leftist message, other then what Joker, i.e. the narrator makes up to make his story more appealing. The movie is overrated tbh "Kill the rich"... yeah, masses would never go for such a slogan. It's not only too violent, but also just too bland
Another hint that the story is made up (even in the made up DC universe): that short guy (cannot remember what his name was) would report the murder and would also tell the police that Arthur told him he'd be at Murray's show, so Arthur would never make it to the stage. Might be just a plot-hole though
>>7 >the discontented masses will take a homicidal maniac as their leader >everyone bites their tongue and gets on with it <only the crazies and the criminals riot Very subtle. Movie was garbage.
the kill the rich stuff was def leftist-ish but also the Joker is the bad guy. The joker is an unreliable narrator, so the whole movie could have been in his head. The riots might have had nothing to do with him but rather the garbagemen strike. maybe he only killed half the people. the fact it had revolutionairy stuff going on though is cool. Like Sorry to Bother You, a much cooler film, that had strikes going on. Even mentioning it gives some social conscious to the idea
Nous vivons dans une société
(197.75 KB 698x766 literally me politfilms.jpg)
Pic related is essentially the mainstay of every Hollywood year. BoP's place for example was held by Captain Marvel the year before and in 2016 was held by Ghostbusters (failed) reboot. The latest Rambo jerk-off is interchangeable with Terminator 5 or any other garbage targeting nostalgia without trying and Joker is the usual shallow "we live in a society" critique.
>>6407 This tbh, I agree with anon here with joker. Pretty bland with the formula of "we live in a society" critique and doesn't do much. Also the film might as well be tragedy porn.
(485.82 KB 568x670 Spider man vs Joker.jpg)
>Faggots keep creating duplicate threads and bumping them with boring single sentence replies <threads with plenty of posting space left to sink because no-one can use CTRL+F or the catalog search Twats
>>7044 get his ass spidey
(11.02 KB 396x335 huh.png)
>>7044 armpit cobwebs ?
(217.89 KB 817x1222 joker.jpg)
(93.81 KB 817x1222 capedjoker.jpg)
>>7061 Back when comics were more openly retarded they were supposed to help him glide
(11.02 KB 396x335 huh.png)
>>7076 >Back when comics were more openly retarded they were supposed to help him glide But that's equivalent of using a sieve for a bucket... Did it not occur to them the air would just go through the holes of the web ?
>>7084 >Did it not occur to them the air would just go through the holes of the web ? Considering these were comics from the 60s to the 80s? No, not even once.
>>7084 It wasn't avtually a web, it was just a transparent weaved cloth with web like 'strengthening' web patterns. It was supposed to imitate a Squirrel flight suit.
>>1581 My experience watching uncut gems. I was dying during most of the fucked up moments and people were giving me weird looks.
>>7233 what fucked up scene is there even in that movie the last shot? meh it was surprising and irritating but that's about it.
(893.68 KB 1920x1024 We lib in a society.jpg)
>>1496 >>1740 >>5603 This. It's just a centrist pseudo cool movie. I mainly think because of this cringe interview >>4664 from the director. You could really feel it during the last monologue joker gave at the show. It was like he was being some mouthpiece of some rich lib twitter righter calling for civility. >>1447 >>1150 >>1581 Regardless as these anons said. I loved it when those rich rapey bankers got shot. And smiled gleefully during the protests. Watched it a second time today and liked it even more. I am going to interpret it as I want it. I have taken the Jokerpill. This movie is not a shitty drawn out unsubtle soapbox tweet from a 50 year old hack who brought us the Hangover movies but actually a bretty movie with nice music that looks cool. It's whatever we want it to be. Take the Jokepill brothers and sisters. Start the Jokerposting. I know I will :DDD <At last I have truly become the Joker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.LT]!
Okay so do radlibs solely hate Joker just because incels find it relatable? Because I’m shocked that radlibs still despise this film for effectively no reason.
(42.18 KB 600x467 spider-smell tingling.jpg)
>>9074 Usually I hate these kinds of posts, but this time its actually funny.
>HURRDURR DIS IS LEFTIST >HURRDURR DIS IS RITIST BRO... Nigger why can't you just watch the film for what it is? It's a decent homage to Scorsese films and a pretty good film all around. I think it could have done a lot better, but it's not bad. The political message is whatever people self insert into it.
>>9185 >just mindlessly coonsoom bro, never analyze popular media from leftist POV
>>9189 "Bro is this leftist bro is this leftist", isn't analysis, it's self insertion. And it certainly doesn't make you a special non-consoomer.
>>9185 >homage more like shitty rip off.
>>9190 >isn't analysis, it's self insertion True but no-one is saying this except out of ignorance. Joker has plenty of space for marxist analysis. >>9198 I wouldn't say so.
>>9869 >>9190 >It isn't analysis, it's a message FTFY


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