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(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948
Post about drawing and painting and related
>>14635 Thanks man
>>14672 Thanks! I'm euro so that might explain that. Lately french animation has been improving a lot, thanks to new studios.
(41.48 KB 500x500 81gK57YwdVL._SS500_.jpg)
(316.20 KB 1000x770 15904893136390.png)
tfw igmi
(1.50 MB 700x595 Lambdadelta goes to space.gif)
Lambdadelta goes to the only place that has not been corrupted by capitalism... SPACE! I am IMPROOOOVING and I am happy with results, I struck some golden nuggets and managed to earn followers and 40 retweets for this work versus the old 0-2 per post. Now I just have to prove the people that I can make more stuff like that. I wish I could afford Spine, which is impossible to pirate and the permanent license costs around $300... I am animating in Live2D and I am not very satisfied with the programm.
>>15065 That's clean and nice, great job!
So correct me if I'm wrong, but most art autists consider realism to be peak art? I constantly see professionals whining about amateurs bringing down the salaries and quality level in the field for everyone.
>>15085 Oversupply causes competing workers to dump their salaries, same process as in every other commodity production. Maybe in the furry scene novice artists charging pennies ruffles some feathers, but the established and top notch artists aren't really affected by that because people commissioning them know what they're looking for.
>>15085 No, most digital artists work in semi-realism, like Ilya Kuvshinov, Ruan Jia or Sakimichan, because pure realism is not only rarely cute (the most important factor in appealling to wide demographics) but is also very hard to learn and produce. >amateurs bringing down the salaries and quality level in the field for everyone. Amateurs don't bring down the prices on works of people above them, you need skills to compete with professionals. 3rd worlders do, whether they are pro or not, because they have lower costs of living and don't need to earn as much to survive, thus they can dump prices in an attempt to gain greater share of the market (more commissions). In the end, it works exactly like perfect free market does: the uncompetetive suppliers (artists from rich countries) can't charge more than 3rd world artists and they can't survive doing art unless they are really good, thus they are forced out of business and have to find a real life job. It could sound cruel but in fact it is absolutely just because it benefits the most productive agents (3rd world artists who produce as much the 1st world but consume much less) and it benefits the consumers. In art there's no possible monopoly artifically restricting competition, the uncompetitive and unproductive artists are punished by free market without intervention from 3rd side.
>>15092 But if the first world artists aren't producing less and lesser quality but merely have a higher cost of living, then how is it fair? It's 'just' the same as outsorcing other industries' jobs, for the same reasons. Economic imperialism. And cute is not the only quality that is sought for in art.
>>15095 It is fair because the first world artists produce the goods of the same quality as 3rd world artists, while consuming more goods than them (which is reflected in the quality of living, the costs of living and the high purchasing power of the average 1st world citizen). You don't provide more valuable goods by mere fact you were born in the US. Would you support an American factory that requires input of 300t a steel a month just to produce 100 cars, while a foreign factory produces the same amount of cars but requires input no more than only 100 tons of steel? >It's 'just' the same as outsorcing other industries' jobs, for the same reasons. Yes, it is the same. And it is good, this outsourscing kills uncompetetive jobs. You want 1st world artists to consume more simply by the right of blood, not because they actually can produce something valuable. There's no exploitation in art, no boss to take your surplus value, everything goes to the workers. You are not entitled to earn $2000 simply because you were born in the US, you have to produce goods worth $2000 and in art the goods are cheap because the market is working really well, the free trade flourishes and there are very comfortable conditions for high skill specialization in programming, translation of art for 3rd worlders, unlike the real world market where we have tariffs, costs or transportation, monopolies and various restrictions distorting the market, thus making goods from other countries less competitive.
>>15096 I live in one of those third world countries, in fact. One of those that produces most artists. Comparing artists to factories is obscene, what is the input exactly, food? What data do you have that third world artists eat less than first world, somehow I do not think human calorie needs differ from country to country. But if we put it this way, there are two inputs, first is mental,- life experience, nature and surroundings impressions, consumed media, and imagination, subconciousness working to transmute it all together into something new. Second is material, in case of tactile media artists it's paints, pencils, chalk, canvas, paper; in case of digital media artists it's whatever their input devices and electricity to make them run,- so those are the means of production. And between any two comparable artists, those are exactly or almost exactly the same, no matter the world. Exploitation is unjust no matter which way you turn it. And the benefit of the customers gained this way is also unjust. Paying rates firstworlders would starve for to third world artists is as unjust as paying third world factory workers comparably. And it does not constitute to better art.
(72.88 KB 595x636 Food.png)
(72.24 KB 759x499 Food-4.PNG)
(39.14 KB 649x381 Food-2.png)
>>15099 I live in Ukraine, which is poorer than any North African country and economically closer to India than Romania or Russia. > Comparing artists to factories is obscene, what is the input exactly, food? Goods. Any goods. You don't spend your salary on food only, do you? When the American workers were pissed off about the factory jobs going away to East Asia, they weren't crying about lack of food, because the food insecurity is not a problem in rich countries and even in poor countries it's not widespread, unless you are from Africa. If the American workers were concerned with food security only, they wouldn't need higher purchasing power, they would be satisfied with basic jobs in service sectors, but they are greedy, just like the people from 3rd world countries, they want to afford an apartment in one of the most popular countries in the world, they want food that went through countless production quality inspections, they want cars, phones, Internet, electronics, clothes, etc. Average American consumes a lot and doesn't notice that because he is used to it, he lives in the prosperous society where a Black low class worker in declining detroit has higher purchasing power than an average Ukrainian factory worker, when an individual fulfills his food requirements he doesn't settle on that, he wants more. So, why an American greedy bastard should get more by the fact of his existence, if another greedy bastard does the same and consumes less?. >Exploitation is unjust no matter which way you turn it. And the benefit of the customers gained this way is also unjust. Paying rates firstworlders would starve for to third world artists is as unjust as paying third world factory workers comparably. And it does not constitute to better art. There's no exploitation in paying free market prices, the price is not determined by monopolistic forces limiting your options but by the input costs multiplied by demand. By your logic, if only I could move to the US, I would automatically acquire a right to charge $100 for my work. So, I am, indeed, entitled to X amount of goods depending on the place where I was born? You propose to establish a restriction that would overhelmingly benefit the 1st world artists and harm the productive workers from poorer countries offering the same services? Justice is when you produce as much as you consume. The American artists don't produce as much as they want to consume, they want to consume as much as an average 1st worlder does but they can't produce that amount because for once they have to face perfectly free market competition where 3rd worlds get comparative advantage. Consuming more because you were born in the US is not "just", we would face the same field leveling in the real world if only markets were working there as good as they do in the web.
>>15100 >>15100 >Justice is when you produce as much as you consume. An american workers do not? Labor productivity is at an all time high, it's massive, yet no rise in wages anywhere reflected that. And what is the exchange rate of art to physical goods exactly? How do you determine that? Producing as much art (a good with a highly variable value for which lvt simply cannot be applied as is) as much as physical goods you want to consume is nonsensical. That theory, which also stated that under capitalism and the free market no productive workers ANYWHERE receive in compensation as much as they produce, not even nearly. And which also happens one of the main grievances of communists. Я из России в свою очередь. Жаль за то что случилось с вами после 2014. Кажется ты под впечатлением что в америке все живут как боги, наверное за 6 лет и при том что ты находишься на этой доске оно должно было повыветриться. Как и то что большинство художников раньше там, или где бы то ни было жили припеваючи.
>>15103 I deleted my wall of text to fix the typos and forgot to save it. Whatever, typing this much at 1 hour after midnight is very tiring.
>>15100 This is correct. I would also add to this that America has a massive trade deficit, it imports a lot of goods on top and has far less production. t. Third-worlder-worse-off-than-Ukraine >>15103 I think it has mainly to do with outsourcing a lot of their labour as well. Their levels of consumption definitely do not match their production.
>>15100 >Food Как Сёмин говорит, "Сытая бедность"
>>15085 >most art autists consider realism to be peak art No. It is the peak of Art TECHNIQUE, but in and of itself is not Art, which is why Pablo Picasso is an artist while some faggot making hyper-realistic shit is not. Art has subjective and objective qualities, its is not an absolute
>>15105 I don't want to continue the argument anyway.
Sup. I havent posted in ages but bump i guess.
>>14635 shit critique tbh
what do you think of my work, comrades ? It's inspired by pagan esthetics, that I relate to the idea of "luxurious communism" praised by french economist and philosopher Frédéric Lordon.
>>15690 Hey thats pretty good. The rocks beneath the guy shows a great understanding of perspective, what i would do differently is the following. An obvious area where you can see is in the back of the lion. The way you applied the brushstrokes horizontally flattens the dimensionality of it, since the stripes of the colour add to its implied form. I would try to apply your colouring in a way such that the pattern created by the strokes follows and emphasizes the volume of it. Adding a bit of the shadow linework that you have on the arms and legs of the man to the lion, specifically the underbelly, would also greatly enhance its volume, rather than leaving it as a flat coloured field. Doing this would also lessen the impact of the strokes of the colouring strokes i talked about above.
>>15690 Seems to be inspired by Mexican artstyle, quite nice!
>>15690 Très sympa
(3.46 MB 2523x3784 IMG_20200906_083702-01-01-01.jpeg)
help me I made my drawing too sexy. I wanted to do something that was the Renaissance-vibe: hunky men with great abs falling over and being dramatic. These guys are meant to be helping carry the middle one but it just looks like they're anal sexing. I don't really care for any critique on my technique I'm just interested if anyone can think of what I could alter to make this picture look less like porn? Coincidentally it would be the 69th picture on my blog but I didn't want it to be that forward. Also I've titled it The Horny Boys and no I won't consider changing that.
>>15905 Jerk off BEFORE you draw muscled men. >The Horny Boys Kek what a double-entendre
(718.34 KB 3000x3000 coom.png)
Don't worry, I'm aware this is shite. Does it at least succeed at being mildly uncomfortable?
>>16019 1) It's better than wojak shit 2) Yes it is uncomfortable
>>15905 It's great as is IMO. But you could move the top (lol) guy to the left a lot and have him arch to the right.
>>16019 Yes, especially the eyes, something uncanny about them.
>>16019 un 'señor sentimental' excepcional
>>15911 >>16025 Does this say "family-friendly! invite your kids" or something?
>>15905 You could draw an erect cock on the guy behind to show that it can't be in the ass of the guy in front of him.
>>16030 él stá llamata chisterr
(2.75 MB 4160x2336 20200912_182239.jpg)
(3.29 MB 4160x2336 20200912_163657.jpg)
(2.85 MB 4160x2336 20200314_195517.jpg)
So hey lads, kind off an artfag here. I've been trying to draw portraits and full bodies and shit, I've uploaded some of my work. What do you think of it? To be honest I think sometimes the expressions I make are kinda weird, and I also need to practice more shadowing and probably proportions. But what do you think other drawing enthusiasts?
>>16090 Pretty decent dude. I really like your Marx portrait. How long you been drawing?
>>16090 Marx portrait is great and your expressions are not bad at all (I am shit at faces so maybe not the best judge.) The middle female portrait could use some work on the outside shape of the hair. Easiest way to fix it for now would be to flip the drawing in Photoshop and muck about with the liquify tool, try to make it flow as best you can. You are going to need to study basic (the ankle bone connects to the leg bone...) anatomy for your full bodies. e.g. the tiddie definitely does not run up to the neck like that. Tiddies are the fat of the pectoral muscle and that stops at the clavicle. >>15905 Loincloths for all of them
>>16090 Basically what >>16109 said. I really like Chris Hong's portrait tutorial on skillshare. You can just make a trial account with a throw away email if you don't have the money to buy a subscription. And studying Anatomy definitely helps. I think most basic books are good and I'd see what your local library has. I found the one by Michael Hampton to be pretty good. Gl anon you're doing well. >>16111 This is pretty good.
>>16119 d-do you have any cute anime girls anon?
>>16129 got any normal girls?
Is it possible to be a digital drawfag without a tablet?
>>16151 Hiroyuki Mitsume Takahashi draws everything with vector graphics and a mouse, but he also seems to have more than one form of autism. If that's not your style, it's easy to drop simple colors and corrections on a scanned drawing without even touching a tablet. 3DCG is also usually done with a mouse, but that's probably not what you want.
>>16094 Thanks man :^). And well, drawing in general since I was a child, but trying to make portraits and trying to draw full bodies like since 2018. >>16109 Also thanks for your feedback, I actually have some books about the human body and how to draw it by parts (Force by Michael d. Mattesi comes to mind) but to be honest it's quite hard to me, and I guess and need lots of more practice. >>16117 And gonna check that! Thanks anon.
COLOR request >Wall: https://previews.123rf.com/images/thanmano/thanmano1506/thanmano150600021/41099339-old-brick-wall-and-plaster-peel-off-texture-and-background.jpg >PPSh-41: https://i.imgur.com/ccqKs5e.jpg >Soviet Belt: the buckle is brass and the rest is dark brown leather >Telnyashka and wolf: light blue and white stripes and Grey wolf fur. >The knife is stainless steel. pants are greyish green. The letters on the wall are blood red.
(1.34 MB 1396x1024 222.png)
>>16317 >>16320 Good work and thanks for the color job.
>>16327 No problem. I'm not the first poster though.
(288.06 KB 675x775 Goth couple.png)
I been working one my frist lewd pic for a while now, using a mouse because my tablet broke, my question is, aside from the janky line work, those this look good? I kinda struggle a bit with the hair and the skin tones.
>>16334 Oh. I wonder who that was then and why they deleted those other drawings


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