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(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948
Post about drawing and painting and related
(64.27 KB 767x813 1584562197787.jpg)
You suck at drawing Only thing you are getting practice of is procastination kys
>>6543 this reminds me, back when we couldn't afford internet, once when I felt really desperate, I just went to the toilet with a pencil and draw lewd stuff on toilet paper to masturbate.
>>9806 >still using dA >>9919 >Only thing you are getting practice of is procastination I-I mean, he's right... :(
>>9939 <be casul <draw shit for fun and store it on DA and have a account to see hidden content <have a set of favorites of well-made drawings and art >"hurr u still use DA?" Fuck off Also DA complaint thread here: https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/30376494
(1.51 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0638.JPG)
(1.23 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0616.JPG)
(1.18 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0617.JPG)
Dreams symbols
>>9961 Do you guys really see that weird shit in your dreams Like 4/5 times i just see normal shit that could semi-happen in real life
>>9963 Learn to lucid dream, and keep journals. You'll see all kinds of weird shit and be able to recall it with absolute clarity, as if it actually happened.
>>9963 I dreamed i cut myself open all the way around with a razorblade. Before that i dreamed the entirety of the inside of my mouth was covered in pulsing puss popping zits I wish i had normal dreams. If i animated my constant feverdreams i could probably get a youtube channel off the ground doing it.
man i wish i could symbol-draw everyone's so big on being able to draw properly, like being able to actually be a viable artist. i'd settle for being a marginally better artist than literal children, but while i could probably beat them in some technical ways (hey, i can draw a cube. usually.) they draw a dog and you think "cute dog with disproportionate legs and no perspective", i draw a dog and you go "is it a horse drawn by a man who lost his arms in a threshing machine accident?" this wasn't supposed to be a depressing blogpost btw. i guess i'm angling for ways to suck less at symbolic drawing? most art advice is for people with higher aims than mine. for people who have a real need to draw, rather than just wanting to have the same fun doodling that they did as a child.
>>9990 >>9963 >>9961 What is with this recent dream derailment?
>>10056 I think people usually recommend this book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" for training someone to be a better observer and thus better at symbolic drawing. I uploaded it for you here: https://mega.nz/file/fIhVWKjI#pYv8xrKgJQW5CHTCAoLWRUUv8iNOK8af0-jmH3BKjb0 I've read excerpts from it and the methods used seem like they can help you with what you want. I've also read of a good and interesting exercise that's similar to those methods and may help you: 1. Draw a shrimp. A shrimp, because, most people do not know how to draw one outright, but everyone has seen them. You are forbidden from looking at any reference images of shrimps at this step. 2. Google shrimp pics, trace one or two. 3. Copy some shrimp pics directly without tracing. 4. Using those same pics as reference, use them to draw the shrimp in a different pose or angle. 5. Draw a shrimp again, without any reference. Compare to your original drawing, and as you repeat this process with different subject matters, you will learn where you tend to make incorrect assumptions about reality, so you can watch out for those assumptions when drawing other things. It's like an exercise to learn how your own, individual artistic mind works.
(2.26 MB 3249x4470 foto_no_exif(1).jpg)
(5.65 MB 1521x1586 fRHjKNZrvQXXmxItOlsAscLc.png)
I tried to draw tankiegirl
>>10295 Not bd actually, just needs a bit larger head top. You made the lips well but too big while the nose is too small, however you've gotten the look down for the most part.
https://twitter.com/cartoonbrew/status/1270093881632325633 The comments keep bitching about asking artists permission on republishing tweets and that is utter idiocy. If you don't want your posts to be public you put them on a private feed. Public info is free to use for jounalists. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/animation-artists-reveal-salary-disparities-with-animationpaidme-hashtag-193034.html
>>10349 holy FUCK there are some truly AWFUL artists that make a lot of money. https://www.instagram.com/kaitsnod/ ^ this person makes $115k/yr https://olivewelsh.com/ ^ this person makes $100k/yr https://izaart.tumblr.com/ ^ this person makes $115k/yr I know starving artists that blow these people out of the water... really makes me feel sad that my friends are barely able to make a living when these people make like four times the average salary in the US. I guess financial success really is all about luck and who you know. I thought that universal rule wasn't entirely true for artists (sans "modern art" that porkies use for money laundering) but... it appears I was quite mistaken. Imagine if jobs went to those most talented and qualified to do them. what a concept. let's also get rid of the unspoken requirement in the animation industry where you're required to take out $200k of loans to get some shitty art degree while we're at it.
/ic/ is just a bunch of tumblr fags. Why are they all so pretentious?
Wish I'd done art classes as a teenager so I could've honed my skills and maybe developed into an artist. I used to love drawing. Occasionally I can make something kinda neat but it's still basically the type of scribbles you see in used text books. I just don't have motivation anymore.
>>10296 Yeah i noted the lips too. I also fucked up the teeth. I will keep in mind the need for a larger head top.
>>10349 Just delete your tweet if you dont want people to know how much you make. He used an include, not a screenshot. Bunch of dumbfucks. Twitter isnt a private chat.
>>10362 >art classes as a teenager Don't worry bout that, unless you're like 30 years old, chances are your art classes wouldn't have taught you a thing until college level. >>10351 >AWFUL artists that make a lot of money. There is some scandinavian fuck who stuck a paintbrush up his ass and painted a massive canvas with his ass and gets paid with public funding, 4 million dollars so far. https://nationalfile.com/norway-artist-who-spray-paints-with-anus-receives-4m-in-public-funds/
>>10366 What the fuck? nords are even more fucked up than I thought. I'm still willing to bet it's some money laundering scheme.
(502.82 KB 975x1050 Black Lives Matter-1.jpg)
What do you think? I will try to color it and if the picture on the most viral political event of 2020 won't attract me any followers, I will give up political drawings for a while and start drawing for fandoms.
>>10411 The picture confused me a bit. Or at least, the text does. Perhaps do something more straightforward like "workers unite against tyranny"
>>10415 """Workers""" are not trending, this is not the 19th century and the American working class does not give as much shit about class as about their constitution or political "freedom". The American protests is the most popular political event in 2020 and drawing same tired stuff on the class struggle right now is a bad marketing move. It's not like there's a wide audience for political caricatures, and the idea of drawing on outdated political ideas would doom to obscurity even the best artists.
>>10428 >"""Workers""" are not trending, And "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is? Are you joking? I love Hemingway, but I'll bet money on most American Youth not knowing or remembering who he is outside of Old Man and the Sea, let alone reading and knowing such a phrase. Would you like to reference Jack London too? Honestly man, pick a better argument against using "workers" than that.
(807.00 KB 1546x1080 karl nicholson.png)
>>10411 push the expression of the man on the right, looks too neutral. this might resolve itself when you start painting, but the area around the baton is pretty confusing. make sure to clarify the overlaps to hell and back, maybe even choose their race so that white overlaps black and vice versa.
>>8402 how to a damn draw fine ass
(620.46 KB 4128x3096 Cuddling With Sakuyamon.jpg)
I'm starting to learn how to digital draw and stuff, I been trying to the lineart stuff but I don't know how to make it look good, so I'm sticking to the "painting" method. This is what I'm working on currently, a digital version of an old drawing I made.
How does he do it bunkerchan? how is he so good?
>>10553 Insane amounts of practice, drawing hours upon hours every single day.
>>10553 He's basically an autist that does nothing but draw
>>10553 Who's he?
(3.86 MB 4165x6112 spoonfeeding.jpg)
>>10581 Kim Jung-Gi
>>10553 Literally who?
>>10553 He litterally drew hours each day since he was 6. He used the power of autism for something that isnt video games.
>>10583 >>10581 A Korean dude who spend so much time drawing he can draw super complex realistic stuff straight up without doing any predrawing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGbvhyTZXfs
(462.58 KB 788x1144 CaDdQDZW0AE_COg.png)
>>10593 That's fucking impressive. For my tastes tho, less is more.
Another insane example of hardwork and talent in the form of Rajacenna van Dam who draws 2 different portraits simultaneously https://digg.com/video/rajacenna-draws-two-portraits-at-once
>>10593 damn should I just kill myself?
>>10553 All I know about him was in this video https://youtu.be/FxoTwEdbbgQ
>>10597 Why? Get a grip of yourself. If you wanna go for a run or get good at running so you expect to become Usain bolt? Do you expect to be the next Leonardo da Vinci? The next Gordon Ramsey? The next Albert Einstein? You don't have to be the best in the world to create amazing things and contribute to your life and to society. Get this capitalist competition mindset out of your head.
(1.18 MB 600x1200 Samurai-1.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1000x2375 Justice League.jpg)
(542.28 KB 610x748 Misty the Rapist.png)
Grinding. I don't have much to brag about, I really want to start drawing for money but I have to improve my painting skills but I experience immense fear whenever I start painting with colors. Plus trying to imitate oil paintings while working without references is incredibly hard and fear paralyzes me... The only good paintings I have were done with references and God knows how much time I will spend trying to learn how to paint properly. The 3rd pic was one of the last unfinished paintings without refs and it along with some other unpleasant events broke my will.
I am drawing every gesture in boxes and from 3 angles to shock-therapy my imagination and slowly transform into KJG
(1.39 MB 1350x2000 gesture_new.png)
(2.45 MB 3264x1836 20200630_152758.jpg)
I made something, thoughts?
(196.92 KB 1551x2000 upsidedown.jpg)
>>11012 I like it. Some criticism though is to work on your symbol drawing especially for the eyes. I think you're drawing what you think you see rather than what you actually see. Learning the anatomy of the eye(and the skull in general) would help, but best thing to do is slow down and analyze what youre drawing. A popular exercise for improving observation is to draw pic related upside down. As you draw try to avoid thinking about drawing the arm or drawing the eye. Instead think about the lines,angles, and shapes of the drawing.
>>10840 Jesus Christ that looks difficult.
(5.32 KB 311x311 hfiagush9a4whgnkjsdbn a.png)
(1.25 MB 1000x2375 Justice League.jpg)
(315.35 KB 1050x825 Makoto Makimura-1.jpg)
Drew a portrait of gf as a gift for her birthday today, the girl was ecstatic. I know that the portrait is muddy because I still struggle with brushwork and use too soft brushes.


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