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/k/ - Guns in general Anonymous Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 11:24:19 No. 5906
Just don't talk about gun control
>>15384 Classroom training is where you want to be at, as well as simple ready-up drills, which can be done at home, dry-fire drills, which also can be done at home, to include dime/washer drills, and so on. There is never an excuse not to get more familiar with what you're doing. Add in more job-specific things like Kim's game for would-be snipers and recon elements, and you have enough to keep you going through this pandemic. Keep up the good work, and remember to be discrete about everything. Even though everything we're doing is perfectly legal, there are those people that would do you harm based on association alone. Train and operate in silence.
Anyone else disappointed with Ivan's What About Ammo? Was waiting for it for a while and when it came out it was basically just an updated Luty ammo manual. https://twitter.com/Ivan_Is_Back/status/1272557616242348034
(16.32 KB 360x184 PPShort.jpg)
(31.19 KB 270x360 PPShorty.jpg)
>>15402 Poor PPSh :(
>>15404 >>15410 Think of how good it would be for drivebys
>>5908 terrorist default weapon
>>15396 honestly didnt think it was going to be anything special
>>15479 I got myself excited for some DIY centerfire ammo
(86.57 KB 960x528 AR47.jpg)
>>15610 enough to arm the homies
>>15610 Actually kind of cool. AKs in 5.56 get thumbs way up from me. Don't know if real or airshit, though.
>>15610 Are those yours?
(1.25 MB 1024x574 snubby.png)
Has .38 special suffered from the ammo shortage? I'm thinking about picking up a revolver because I won't shoot it that much and will probably not maintain it etc.
>>15618 Revolvers are a bit more delicate and sensitive to rust than semi-autos. It's a bunch of clockwork shit compared to very physically simple semi-auto. That being said, you should maintain every weapon you own. It takes no more than a bit of CLP, rags, and a bore brush. There is no excuse.
>>15618 And to answer your question, yes, it has suffered. It's about $.60/round at the cheapest.
>>15622 Well perhaps a better phrase would be "neglect". I would without a doubt clean it every time I fired it.
>>15626 Firearms are durable mechanical goods, if you keep it in a clean, reasonably dry environment without dirt and salt or excessive firing residue in it there is little to go wrong, just keep the springs eased (hammer/striker down) for long term unattended storage and there's very little that will actually go wrong, similarly ammunition kept in cool dry dark places will last much, much longer than the manufacturer says it will on the box Just get a second hand glock or something, clean it after using it and store it properly when you aren't
>>15613 >>15616 They're Khyber copies, built in the mountains of NW Pakistan where there's a large cottage industry of arms manufacturing. Vice did a documentary on them years ago that's pretty interesting where they make a load of guns by hand, not sure if they've managed to get lathes yet. They don't have the AK gas piston and have an AR cocking handle so the AK parts are likely purely cosmetic, maybe due to stylistic choice by the craftsman or they're just easier to build. They could absolutely copy a full AR, but when you're producing guns by hand you probably want to find ways to cut down manufacturing time. >>15618 Revolvers also don't drop the brass when fired ;)
>>15637 > They're Khyber copies, built in the mountains of NW Pakistan where there's a large cottage industry of arms manufacturing. Vice did a documentary on them years ago that's pretty interesting where they make a load of guns by hand, not sure if they've managed to get lathes yet. Dera Adam Khel? If I go to KPK soon i'll check that place out.
>>15638 I went and found where I got the image and you're exactly right! Had it on my HD so long I had forgotten. https://twitter.com/CalibreObscura/status/1178371795503763458 Here's some gun guys who live there, maybe if you ask nicely they can show you around https://twitter.com/KhyberArmoury https://twitter.com/Ansar_Akbar Be sure to bring us some pics back :)
>>15639 Damn dude, I knew Pakistan had a gun culture but I thought it was mostly limited to dated munitions, so this is where you guys get all your fancy stuff from. Here in India the gun laws are pretty cucked, probably for the better though, since you wouldn't want the angry right wing mobs run amok with all sorts of firearms. The rich groups would probably overwhelm the military itself (not like they don't already), since they use pathetically outdated weapons and are under-equipped at that as well.
>>15641 It used to be shoddy old rifles and stuff but since the Vice documentary on them they've definitely improved. It's of course inferior to military grade stuff, and a lot of them are prone to jamming because a large portion of the parts are made with hand tools copied from military grade weapons they get their hands on, but there are some incredibly talented gunsmiths in there who can make them just as good as the originals. You can see them pulling off mag dumps on their twitters without much issue. Khyber guys stand out because they do it in the open and with rudimentary tools and were the first to really be known about, but there are quite a few underground arms companies nobody knows the location of that you see crop up from time to time. Probably based in a machinist sweatshop or after-hours off the book work at an arms factory, presumably in the former Warsaw Pact and Yugoslavia. The poor armaments and lack thereof in the Indian mobs is probably down to a lack of political will to arm them properly, wherever there are lathes and electricity guns can be whipped up on a pretty large scale. Unless they're all just woefully incompetent and dim, which seeing the state of the Indian right is a possibility.
>>15642 The mostly procure cheap Soviet era weapons as best, since they get circulated into black markets and between suppliers, due to them being mass produced and replaced old militias just scrap them off. Though after independence a lot of local shady gunsmiths did manage to construct makeshift weapons with essentially bare scrap metal, screws, pipes and gunpowder, they are still used but are slowly being replaced as they lose their efficacy and people in general finding ways to import much better military grade equipment. We mostly buy our equipment from Russia and Israel that is used up and cheap, I would say Pakistan has a much more modernized force overall and guerrilla trained, it is just vastly outnumbered in terms of capacity and formal tactics and training.
Anyone into skeet shooting?
hey folks which products would you recommend for reloading my own rounds?
>>15924 one of them cartouche-holders on a stick that you slap into something hard to toss the bullet out the cartouche in case you fucked up. get a mechanical scale, you can't know whether or how an electric scale fucks up that shit's like black magic. get some real precise bolt-action rifle to really test your rounds if you care about making your shit tight. don't worry about making your shit tight if your using intermediate calibres and don't reload if you're not worried about making your shit tight.
(18.18 KB 233x400 folding-SMG.jpg)
(46.73 KB 497x350 russian_pp-90.jpg)
>>6084 There's a number of folding SMGs of that same design. >>6084 >Why not an uzi then? Because the fold up into a more compact space than an uzi? An Uzi is just one type of SMG.
>>6644 >What would happen if someone fired off an entire magazine of a Type 56 AK when engaged in combat in an enclosed space (interior of a cargo ship in this case) where no-one participating has hearing protection? Does everyone just go deaf from it? Something interesting I learned recently, is the loudness is determined by the type of round and the length of the barrel. Because the barrel needs to be long enough to burn all the powder, or there will be more boom when it comes out, meaning louder and brighter flash. >How hard is it for someone with no practical experience (but plenty in theoretical) in firearms to handle the recoil of a 7.62x39 round? What about in full auto? I wonder if anyone here has shot full auto before. You can find ranges most places in USA that you can try a full auto at. If this person had practical experience in theory they wouldn't really use full auto I think. My general understanding is it's more or less considered useless on anything other than on something belt fed or with a drum mag or something. The rate of fire on the type 56 is 10 rounds a second. So on a standard magazine, that's 3 seconds of depressing the trigger. On a drum mag that's 10. You gotta figure in war, people are often fighting from a position where they can keep a surplus of magazines to go through as they continuously dump them, and the point of full auto is more fore "fire suppression" than to directly hit stuff most of the time. Nobody wants to get up and run from their cover when they can hear 10 bullets whizzing by every second even if they aren't well aimed. There's a reason the military changed their rifles to 3 round burst from full auto. They decided soldiers were wasting too much ammo with full auto. >Is .38 special enough to stop a man in one shot? If you hit them in the spine, brain, throat, arteries, lungs, yeah. >If not can you recommend a better revolver cartridge? Uhh depends what you're going for .38 special is a cartridge for guns that are designed to be small like snub noses. .357 magnum, .44 magnum, 9mm? <If it's not practical to carry a shotgun or a rifle, there isn't a big difference in the performance of the major handgun calibers (.380 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP or .44 Magnum). https://www.wideopenspaces.com/best-handgun-caliber-for-self-defense-debate-resolved-for-good/ >How big is the danger of getting hit by ricochet when in a tight corridor? High, depends which direction you're talking about. Ricochets will always be going faster the smaller the angle between their initial trajectory and the surface they're ricocheting off of like all projectiles. Imagine a tennis ball. So basically what I'm saying. If you're standing perpendicular to a wall and fire at it, the possibility of ricochet might be zero depending on the bullet, because it will flatten. If it is mostly grazing a surface, it will just slightly redirect itself and keep much of the energy. So if you're shooting down a long hallway with hard walls, like in your cargo ship example, yeah the ricochets will maximize the amount of projectiles flying down the length of the hallway. >>How do you actually perform a speed reload on an AK? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=speed+reload+ak
>>15637 >They don't have the AK gas piston and have an AR cocking handle so the AK parts are likely purely cosmetic It's the opposite: “The manufacturer(s) of these rifles have gone to great lengths in order to imitate the appearance and some of the modularity of the AR-15 self-loading rifle. Generally the modifications to these rifles include an mid-length polymer handguard, a ‘Picatinny’ type rail affixed to the top of the dust cover in imitation of a ‘flat-top’ design, an A2-type front sight base, A2 ‘birdcage’ type flash hider and other muzzle devices, and sometimes AR-15-style collapsible stocks mounted on buffer tubes.” “The cosmetic influence of the AR-15 is best seen in the front section of the rifles. The handguards are most often of the standard M4-type polymer design with an aluminum heat shield. Less common are those quad-rails. Both are likely of Chinese origin. In the examples found, all handguards are mounted using a delta-ring system. There are no known instances of ‘free-float’ handguards on the Darra rifles.“ https://looserounds.com/2019/10/24/dara-ak-15s/
(64.70 KB 640x480 laptop gun.jpeg)
>>16162 >the laptop gun was real
>>16172 >Perfect Dark. I don't know why I've seen anyone make a real auto sentry with a real gun. I guess it would probably be against the law, because it would count as a booby trap and booby traps are illegal. Man I remember seeing in the mid 00s people making homemade airsoft auto sentry that seemed to work perfectly. I guess the only difficulty with them is keeping them from being fooled by any moving objects. But it would be easy to make one that's impervious to small arms fire and can automatically guard a direction for you (just step in front of it lol.) Frankly doing something like the John Wick shit would probably be the best method, would even be a better sniper than a human at long ranges.
>>16182 >Frankly doing something like the John Wick shit would probably be the best method, would even be a better sniper than a human at long ranges. By that I meant something where you have a laser pointer that the auto turrets will target. Only saw the trailers, haven't seen the movie, but I had an idea like that like that before the movie came out. Mine was better frankly. My idea was to have a multiple drones with pistols following you that could auto target things on the ground when you point at them with a laser.
(88.71 KB 660x398 Syrian Stg Turret.jpg)
(907.20 KB 993x768 FSA SVD Turret.png)
>>16168 Interesting link, never seen this before. What I meant was that while there are AR cosmetic parts on it, the internals were probably solely AR, with the AK parts (the receiver pieces pretty much) on it just being there for ease of production or whatever and having no bearing on the internal function of the gun besides some structural tweaks. I was basing this off the rear cocking handle and presumably AR piston inside, since the handguards wouldn't fit an AK (presumably, can't say I've tried lol). But then one of the comments on the article says: >Judging by the safeties, I’d guess they are AKs inside. So it could easily be just as Frankenstein on the inside as it is on the outside. >>16182 BEHOLD!
(28.35 KB 736x255 AKMDiagram.jpg)
(285.60 KB 2560x1920 AKM.jpg)
>>16195 >>15610 >So it could easily be just as Frankenstein on the inside as it is on the outside. But look at the pin pattern around the trigger.
Literally wtf do I say the first time I go to a range? Also, what's a good noob gun?
>>16292 Are you bringing your own firearm or renting? Indoor or outdoor? Do they require you to use range ammo or can you bring your own? Are you going with a knowledgeable friend? Get a .22 pistol, ask them to show you how to use it, practice with about 100 rounds.
>>16293 I don't own any, indoor, range ammo, by myself. Thanks, I didn't know if they'd think i'm retarded for asking how to use it. I like AK-47s for aesthetic reasons, is it less autistic to get an AR-15 in burgerland?
>>16296 Election years are a bad time to buy and tbqh a $200 ruger 10/22 is prolly the best first gun. Ammo outstrips the price of the gun very quickly if you put real use into it. During normal times 5.56 costs about 30¢ a round, 9mm about 20¢, and .22 like 7¢. It's better to shoot often than to have a safe queen. Like any hobby, gun enthusiasts love introducing newbies. Call first, tell them you're new and would like to start with a .22 pistol and ask what if any models they have for rent. Watch youtube videos about that gun. When you actually go ask them to walk you through it again. It's normal and they'll be happy to drone on. AVOID POLITICS, most of these guys love cops and Trump and imperialism and American exceptionalism. If you decide to buy a medium caliber rifle, go with the AR. I like AK's too but ARs are cheaper, softer shooting and more accurate. First gun, tho, I'd get a .22 rifle for fun, or either a 9mm pistol or 12 ga shotgun for home defense. Combloc stuff is for if you decide that you love guns and want a collection.
>>16247 Good catch, I didn't spot that. I was just going off the upper receiver area, the charging handle and Stoner piston(?) perhaps meaning it has a custom bolt/carrier? Gotta remember this region has a history of making guns entirely from scratch by copying milspec guns they have lying around. I know I'm repeating myself here, but they've swapped out a core part of the AK dismantling process with a charging handle. I feel like that has some bearing on its function, they wouldn't bother putting it there if it didn't have a function as it's more effort than the button push disassembly they should have copied.
>>16300 >ARs are cheaper This isn't true anymore. Any non-failing AR costs as much as a foreign AK. I fell for this bullshit and it got me hurt. I don't know anyone that got a cheap AR without huge problems. >and more accurate This is fudd lore. Not only is gravity being a bitch to 7.62x39 not a problem because AKs are available in 5.56x45 (npap85), but they are also available in the vastly superiour 5.45x39 (which is now cheaper than 5.56) and being unable to easily go past 300m isn't much of a problem for most people. old.reddit.com/r/longrange/comments/itad2i/ >>16296 Be sure to read other posts, look at that subreddit's wiki, and play around with a calculator before making any purchase. And don't take a rifle to an indoor range. It's too loud. There is an organisation called the Socialist Rifle Association that is run by social fascists but is communist-friendly and some members there might be willing to let you shoot theirs. Wear ear-muffs over earplugs. If you're over the age of 21 you can buy a cheap lower assembly for an AR (or ask if you can buy the lower reciever as a rifle if you're under 21) and spend the money that you saved on and actually-good upper assembly. Primary Arms makes good scopes with amazing reticles. SKSs are always good first guns if you can find them for less than $420 and can see them and inside them before purchasing. Make sure you clean _and lubricate_ before their first use, you don't want and small bits of manufacturing metal flying toward you or anyone nearby or cosmoline sticking the firing pin forward.
best .357 or .38 snub nose revolver
>>16399 >This isn't true anymore. Any non-failing AR costs as much as a foreign AK. I fell for this bullshit and it got me hurt. I don't know anyone that got a cheap AR without huge problems. Define "cheap". A proper AK now goes for upwards of $1k, has little to no compatibility with optics, lights, lasers out of the box and magazines aren't as expensive, nor do they fit into most common gear. >5.45 Good luck finding a rifle in that caliber. With 7N6 being banned, you aren't going to find much. And 5.56 AKs either have special magazines or use plastic magwells that don't hold up. As for 5.56 being more generally accurate caliber, this is sort of true if only because you can get 77grn match ammo, but nobody is shooting that. The standard caliber currently in use is the M855A1, and that is definitely more accurate, though, again, good luck getting your hands on some and it will chew your feed ramps unless you get the new style magazines. Honestly, AKs are cool, but that's all they are. A good AR costs less in the long run.
There are only 300 win, 12 gauge and 6mm creedmoor up in ashland.
There are only 300 win, 12 gauge and 6mm creedmoor up in ashland.
>>10518 >They're just looking for self-defense. If that's the case, then just get yourself a good, concealable handgun Handguns are good for carrying obviously, but are pretty terrible for home defense situations. Rifles/shotguns are more accurate and are MUCH more likely to stop someone in a single shot than a handgun. There are countless horror stories of people unloading handguns into an assailant, only for the assailant to be mostly unaffected and keep charging them. Now obviously that's a rare occurrence, but that kind of shit will almost never happen with a rifle or shotgun.
>>16477 There's not really much of a point in carrying a snubbie .357 over a compact 9mm. The .357's reputation as a "manstopper" comes from guns with 4-5 inch barrels, anything shorter than 3 inches and it starts to lose a lot of it's power and velocity. Not to mention that a snub .357 has a ton of recoil and is loud as shit, and will probably give you tinnitus/permanent hearing loss if you ever actually have to use it.
>>16591 then whats a good compact 9mm hangun
(114.43 KB 560x404 1548745397244.jpg)
>>16628 glock 19 lmao


no cookies?