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(16.75 KB 474x266 lokinet.jpeg)
Lokinet General Comrade 08/16/2019 (Fri) 07:16:02 No. 398
I don't know if I am the only person here who knows what lokinet is, but, basically lokinet is an encryption service provider that acts like tor; tor in the sense that it encrypts your packets with multi-layer encryption and bounces them around through a series of relays.

What makes it different is that it also acts like i2p in the sense that it also encrypts the encrypted packets in a secure SSL tunnel while bouncing them around making it truly anonymous.

It's also a decentralized network of relays and nodes of which anyone can spring one up and become a part of and on top of that you can use it as your default DNS provider meaning you can use this network as a vpn with out having to go through shady capitalistic datamines claiming to protect your data.

The down side is it's small right now and not a lot of people use it. It's fast though.

Furthermore, I can't seem to get the relays you need when you try to use lokinet as a VPN to work. I spoke with the staff on their IRC network and they told me the relays are down for those specifically.

I don't know if they ever got them up.

Does anyone else fuck around with lokinet on /tech/?

Here's their IRC:

irc.volatile.bz +6697 or +9999
lolikaastbgo5dtk.onion +6697 or +9999
(16.60 KB 255x235 smugalien.png)
so its like another TOR but without the ability to connect to the outside internet, only internal sites?
(200.13 KB 361x363 1565932421608.png)
No you CAN connect to the outernet which is why it's so amazing, because, it also uses secure tunneling on top of onion routing; all ontop of a decentralized network.

I just can't get the fucking thing to work as my fucking VPN so I can stop sending all my data to a random database.

It's good shit though, anon.
well let us know how it goes
it goes like ass. it wont play nice with my DNS for some fucking reason.
(328.38 KB 1269x738 LokinetExample.png)
So last night they where apparently doing maintenance on the network. It's back up and running now and giving me no issues.

Follow this to get it set up. It's easy:

Next I will be attempting to route my traffic through one of their exit nodes:

(61.24 KB 1280x720 4432563466.jpeg)

Apperently, routing through an exit node is still broken and in an "experemental" phase.


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