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Storytime - Superman Red Son Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 3352
What if instead of landing in the burger heartland, Kal-El landed in the middle of the Soviet Union? What if instead of Ma and Pa Kent, the man of steel was raised by the other man of steel?

In light of this thread >>>/leftypol/164364 I think it's time to storytime Superman Red Son. It's about 150 pages total, over 3 parts.
But IS true anarkiddies’ hate for MLs, their self righteousness and loosed organization make them a prime target for porky subversion.
Their hearts are in the right place but their actions usually fuck everything up. Still better than leftcom armchairs tho.
Since there's an adaptation coming, does anybody have thoughts on that? Are they likely to change anything in particular? IMO the strongest point of the comic is the art, and the animation is going to lose a lot of the character. Kind of like the adaptation of The Killing Joke.

As soon as the epilogue started I knew where it was going and my eyes rolled out my damn head.

Wondy was done extremely dirty but I maintain Batman was the most nonsensical and poorly conceived. Given the historical significance of anarchy and Batman's significance in the comics, it's pretty weak how little he's in the story.
Hey I'm not gonna say you're wrong because you're not. That's a very real weakness of anarchy. Don't want to start some sectarian shit, but anarchists' flaws and MLs' flaws could be significantly offset if there was more co-operation and accounting for the differences in strategy.
(682.59 KB 1988x3056 mha7r39jmbz01.jpg)
Batman: Red Son when?
Despite claims by casuals that Batman is an ancap wet dream, he is also anti porky and anti establishment like in pic related or Dark Knight Returns.
An actual socialist take on Batman would be kino as fuck
Thanks lad. Reading it rn.
Batman IS porky
>Batman is an ancap wet dream
Says who? Batman's class character is inherently porky and his actions are vigilantism see the Batman thread.
>Batman was the most nonsensical and poorly conceived.
Of course this is what a radlib American view of anarchism. They don’t understand it as inherently leftist but just “anarchy=le no rulez no tax!”.
(314.46 KB 1000x1000 batmancap.png)
>disregards the law, acting as vigilante
>has tons of gadgets invented by his military contractor employees (hypocritically dependent on the government)
>war profiteer
>collects child soldiers
>logo is black and yellow
What is class traitor?
So the movie is out, anyone watch it? Is it any good (fun wise)?
>>6636 It’s even worse/more libshit than the original. Straight up let Supes kill Stalin and make the incel Wonder Woman plot even more cringe.
>>6645 Ok, it was recomended by yt. But...HAHAHAHA the video department is fully controlled by libs right (and not even creative ones ,after seeing the killing joke). Ok, Sups with a caring hearth sees Big Joe go insane and kill him.(Makes sense if you cont the people working on it) But... How HOW can a person make the Incel WW more cringe enough?
>>8038 The complete gay as shit muh gulag screeching that’s what. >Superman to a secret gulag where he finds a dying Svetlana, who was imprisoned there because she knew his real identity. Enraged, Superman confronts Stalin about the gulag and destroys him with his heat vision. >Batman’s parents were gulaged This never happened in the book. The only mention of gulag in the comic was that red supes lobotomize people (which is hilarious considering how it was the Soviet Union that pioneered in banning the barbaric practice). After her depowering incel ww becomes lib and hating all violence but somehow still fought supes when he defended the USSR against the mass produced green lanterns.
>>8041 I think they find (or thought) that the brainwashed maid army was little enough to show the Eeevil of gommunism. So Svetlana, was the first love of Sups (wordplay with Lana amirite?)... Really a priority of the state to kill a good soviet citizen. Fucking DC movie studio.
>>8053 Which I really don’t get since why would Supes identity be hidden? Wouldn’t touting him as a farmer in a collective farm and the pinnacle of Soviet proletarian power like they did with Gagarin makes more sense? They’re just doing it for arbitrary red scare bullshit to spook the Amerilard watching. Probably because Amerilards would support lobotomy just as they did in the States.
>>8075 Oh fuck. Right! Hahahahaha. Truly shows who was behind of making this piece of....comic capitalism.
>>8041 >>8038 >>6645 >expecting porky filmmakers to make the USSR make sense The entire conceit of red scare bullshit is that the communists are deranged madmen whose actions make no sense because they abandoned God.
>>8256 >Porky literally likens himself to a god Wow
>>8257 They pretty much did with this version of Luthor.
>>3354 I unironically like that hammer and sickle "S" logo; would love to have a patch of it.
>>6645 I fucking KNEW they couldn't even stay to the comic canon... can't make an animated american movie with communism without making it even eviler.
>>8687 It is a neat logo.
>>3374 Lmao that panel is golden
>>9848 What makes it better is that its an edit from where the eye-laser is being used to light Castro's cigar.
USSR is utopia realized. B-but people don't acrually wanna live in utopia, they wanna live in a shithole world. t. red son matrix
>>3352 I read this as Soyman Superson
>>10099 checked and based
(503.74 KB 982x1123 Russian anti-superman drones.jpg)
Can anyone sauce me pic related? It looks awesome (especially the concept of Russian anti-superman drones)
>>11536 >Darkseid being in any way hurt by robots Either he's being nerfed or those drones are fucking insane.
kek, just found out this existed. So the movie is 100% bourgeois propaganda? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpg2wnVisCk
>>3374 >Anarcho-kulak Batman. I don’t think Batman in that comic has ever showed himself being anarchist or espoused any anarchist ideals. Most of his motivations is revenge alone and he acts like any other dime a dozen gusano “colour revolutionary” that liberals like the author love so much. He even get funded by imperialist Luthor, something true anarchists would never do. This incarnation is just as much of an insult towards anarchism as V from the Wachowsky movie. Btw have you read the authority run by Millar, same idealist liberal shit where they crush the G7 corporations but only replacing the with more woke corporations. >>11536 >>11633 It’s Nu-52 supes. It’s shit.
>>11962 >something true anarchists would never do lel
>>11962 not to mention Batman's main enemy is the Joker who is the ultimate nihilist fedora edgelord
>>11962 >something true anarchists would never do <What is Rojava?
>>12001 >What is Rojava? Not anarchist.
>>11960 Saying a 100% is not enough, I would say that it is 105% with an margin error of 1%. >>12001 >>12006 How the world spins. Last time I checked they were anarchist AND feminist. Now, they are still existing?
>>12011 Checked where? Twitter?
>>12001 There’s a difference between funded by imperialism and utilization of inter-imperialist conflicts for revolutionary purposes. Rojava is the latter and this is from a non-anarchist. Using your line of logic, Fidel, the Vietminh and Lenin would also fit this.
>>12025 But we need to purity spiral endlessly so nothing ever happens in the real world, instead of celebrating comrades making progress (even if some realpolitik is involved).
>>12028 Based and armchair pilled.
>>11962 >Nu-52 supes. It’s shit. I meant the Darkseid looking fucker, that's Wraith right?
(289.37 KB 740x398 SuperiorDecay.png)
While overall the movie is not all that great, I think Superman's fight with Superior Man is much better, with Luthor's actions and his own 'patriotism' leading to his gruesome and depressing death. In the comics, his fight with Red Son causes the British to panic and launch a nuke at a city. So Superior Man does a Bizarro and sacrifices himself. While it makes him a sympathetic character, it takes away some of Red Son's legitimacy IMO, which is eh the movie does this scene better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNinzcfun2U
Something that rather annoyed me was that Red Son Supes is really weak in terms of feats compared to even normal superman... for like no reason at all.
>>18495 lol he literally starts sputtering amerikkk at the end over and over again
>>19144 It's not really funny, it's horrifying and pitiful.
>>19145 do they keep that horrible ending with the soviet union collapsing and luthor creating krypton?
>>19149 No, Superman pretends to die while sending Braniac's ship into orbit and detonating it, while Luthor and Lois retire, leaving Jimmy Olson to be president and Superman hiding among the population of America.
>>19151 sounds like the soviet union still collapses. mad cringe, and he lives in america? quad cringe!
>>19141 It’s a problem with modern, early-2000 writers like Millar. They’re big fans of the type of assholes with guns rather than supes so they’ll wank those guys to oblivion while nerfing people like Superman. Only Morrison do it right.


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