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/leftypol/ TV Anonymous Comrade 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:46:17 No. 3315
We can watch stuff together on cytube. The nazis have their own channel, why shouldn't we?


Right now there are prolekult documentaries on, some Soviet kinos, random classics, basically stuff I could find on youtube. But I will be uploading movies as time goes on.

>Why does it take long to upload a movie?
Movies are hosted on google drive. Google has an algorithm that compares the hashes of uploaded videos to hashes of known pirated copies of movies. So public torrent releases that you find on rarbg and tpb get flagged quickly and removed. To avoid this, a downloaded movie has to be transcoded (I only have a 4c/4t ryzen 3200g). The movie is then uploaded to google drive (this is the part that takes the least amount of time) and once it is uploaded Google has to process the video so that it can be streamed/watched (this can take anywhere from an hour to a day).

Feel free to suggest movies and shows you'd like to see and I will slowly add them.

If you register your nick with cytube (no email required, just username and password) I'll make you a mod so that you can adjust the playlist, change movies, etc.
If you wish to upload movies and add them you can!

How to:
>download a movie
>transcode (usually it is enough to just do a two-pass 1:1 transcode and copy the audio)
>upload to google drive
> "Get shareable link" from file
>add to cytube
Free google accounts come with 15gb storage, you can create as many accounts as you want.
You can't make any without a simcard anymore.
Maybe we should watch AVBC together
Yeah a bummer. Even yahoo doesn’t allow it now.
That's ok, I've got loads from before.


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