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(309.26 KB 943x521 Darkest Hour.jpg)
/leftygsg/ Comrade 08/22/2019 (Thu) 06:25:11 No. 324
Thread for discussing grand strategy and similar games
Should 4X games be allowed in as well?

Also posting a link to Napoleon's Legacy, one of the few good things to come out of /gsg/:
>>6621 I don't think HOI4 is that bad, it has some good QOL features which a lot of people translate to being casual. I'm probably biased though because A) I'm not one of the retards that put 300 hours into DH before discovering HQs B) Have a ridiculous amount of patience and more than happy to wait years to pick up all the extra features for pocket change off key resellers. >>6624 After decent playing mods for a bit you really do feel like the vanilla focus trees are fairly pathetic. Even the new LR trees are subpar for higher quality mods. Wrote this post as I was reading yours and basically just ended up typing the same thing lol
>>6621 Do people really play vanilla HOI4? What's the point in buying DLC when mods exist that spice up the game a lot better?
>>6621 Hoi4 is only good because of the mods, proof that free open source, community made software is better then corporate trash
>>6491 Where do i put the folder that contains all of the mod files.
>4 way Kaiserreich style Spanish civil war as the default "historical" path Paradox went full retard with the memes
>>6716 the paradox history/lore guy is a huge memelord and an unironic kaiserboo
>>6697 Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/
(4.36 KB 180x35 1.png)
>>6726 Also for mods to be recognized, their corresponding .mod files should be edited to include the file path
Got the recently updated KR for 1.9.0 but it keeps crashing while starting up. Anyone got an idea how to solve this?
Trying to come up with a full timeline for the HOI2 Abyss/Armageddon scenario and my God, Paradox has surprisingly little knowledge of history, or at least whoever came up with this scenario did, it's just ridiculously sloppy.
>>5437 DEFCON gave me nightmares when I first played it at 12 years old.
Bumping with some new TNO leaks
>>6411 >Ngl, I don't know enough about Futurism to know if any significant futurist even wrote about economics One of the founders of futurism co-wrote the original Fascist Manifesto, which called for universal suffrage, voting for women, a minimum wage, and an 8-hour workday, among other things https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascist_Manifesto
>>324 Are the Civ games any good? are they breadpilled?
>>6851 >two gun tank
>>6912 It’s supposed to be designed by the eternal addict Göring. Of course it’s retarded.
So what games do you guys play? What would you recommend? I don't know much about video games.
>>6912 Wait until you hear about the Sun Gun
>>6908 >>6924 The Civ games are pretty good, though they are incredibly liberal. I've only played I, II, and V though. If you want to get into grand strategy games Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings II are good places to start. Currently I'm playing Darkest Hour which is a pretty nice WWII game. Most Paradox games have fairly active modding communities as well.
Does anyone have any experience modding Darkest Hour
>>7306 So he actually died? Holy shit, I thought he was busy with other crap. F
Anyone one know i might go about playing Kaiserreich on a Linux distro?
>>6908 Civ is pretty good and goes on sale pretty often, but CK2 is my personal favorite strategy game and the base game is free these days.
>>7306 F. I bet he was a nice man.
>>7321 Red World would have been a lot better if he didn't insert his monarchist ideology everywhere
>>6908 >>6926 >>7314 Alpha Centauri > Civ Go play it and find out. And go play Victoria 2 too
Is there any hoi4 like grand strategy games that aren’t made by paradox that have a similar layout and game mechanics? My computer keeps crashing everything open the new launcher.
>>7374 Why does it have to be either HOI4 or not Paradox? Darkest Hour runs on a potato iirc.
>>7380 darkest hour doesn’t run on a mac
>>7397 Run it on Wine (use Windows 7 settings), DH only requires 128mb of RAM so it won't make a difference. https://www.winehq.org
The most annoying thing about Paradox games is their stupid horseshoe theory bullshit. Need to come up with some replacement ideologies for a mod I'm making and it's thrown a wrench into the whole process.
>>7400 >their stupid horseshoe theory bullshit wdym
>>7404 In the HOI games at least political ideologies seem to exist on a single spectrum, with the more "authoritarian" ideologies at the left and right ends and the "democratic" ideologies in the middle
>>7405 I mean in HOI there's only democracy, communism, fascism, and 'N/A' so I don't really know what you mean, are you talking about KR?
>>7361 >And go play Victoria 2 too Vicky 2 is that game that got me into Paradox grand strategy games actually. I have yet to play AC though so I guess I'll have to try it at some point.
>>7407 Talking about HOI2/AOD/DH and HOI3, though HOI4 does have a bit of it
>>7404 Victoria 2 and the historical mod for it are probably the worst. Liberal and Socialist governments will pass reforms and increase living standard to increase immigration. Communist governments don't want reform and decrease immigration. The historical mod takes it a step further since it's made by some edgy Ancap or something by renaming Communism to Dictatorship of the Proletariat(I guess they briefly grazed the first 3 pages of the Manifesto once) which wants to undo reforms including WORKERS RIGHTS AND SAFETY MEASURES LIKE LITERALLY WTF!? As well as no taxes allowed(huh?). And on the flip side they added a Dictatorship of the Bourgeois(isn't that literally just capitalist?) which adds reforms and stuff. I kid you fucking not.
>>7510 Proletarian Dictatorship and Bourgeois Dictatorship are vanilla governments though. That ideology behavior isn't though communists should only be able to add social reforms while the anarcho-liberals should only be able to repeal them.
>>7512 Even in vanilla Communist ARE allowed to give reforms but don't rally the support or the points necessary to actually enact them, I don't know of that's a bug in the game's code or intentional though. Plus Anarcho-liberals are the only parties in Prussia until Socialism is invented that allow reforms or gain support if they control the upper house iirc.
Which Hearts of Iron game is best for playing Kaiserreich? I want to try it out
>>7524 if you are a HOI newb then HOI4 is by far the easiest to get into, and from there if the game seems simple to you, you can try the Darkest Hour and HOI3 versions of Kaiserreich.
>>7524 I think the HOI4 one has had the most work done on it so far and is the most complete, to add on the other posters points.
>>7527 >>7542 thanks anons
>>7527 Is there really a HOI3 version? Is there even an active HOI3 modding community? The HOI3 forums are like the only ones left behind a paywall and I really don't want to link my Steam account


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