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(475.37 KB 2400x2400 jucika.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 15:00:48 No. 2935
jucika thread pls
(1004.57 KB 1017x458 Jucika.png)
100 Ft a hideg lánogos gyere vissza Kádár János
(997.25 KB 1000x450 jucika3.png)
>>2935 FYI you got a booru for this Jucika.booru.org
>>2935 Since my post here was deleted. I would like to applaud this OP for bringing to my attention and interesting caricature I was not aware of. Mods need to learn to moderate properly instead of deleting everything they see when asked to help after hours of spam.
I want to sex her
>>13249 She wants to sex me :^)
who is Jucika?
(305.45 KB 1128x836 Juci 2.png)
>>13335 >sage Why?! >>13249 >>13288 Hello Paheal
Some actual content (if it isn't on the booru please post it)
I like this thread, if only because it made me laugh and reminded me of Betty Boop and Amelia Bedelia and other wholesome lineart girls.
>>16298 Why the hell would you do such a thing, a toothpaste blowjob would be horrible for both parties
>>16309 It's supposed to be a funny cartoon my dude, shut your brain off. Do you try pick apart Looney Tunes or Calvin and Hobbes like what you just posted?
>>16312 Its so transparently awful it breaks suspension of disbelief, Jucika is supposed to be slightly risque but still grounded, like cheeky moments from everyday life not whatever the fuck that was Like I could imagine someone doing/being in these situations >>16295 >>2940 >>2937 But no sane human being would ever do that
>>16313 >transparently awful it breaks suspension of disbelief No, no it doesn't. Toothpaste isn't fucking acid dude. And people love to fuck around with this kind of shit. Do you complain about porn ignoring morning breath too?
>>16312 Calvin and Hobbes makes much more sense.
>>16309 Bruh I've put toothpaste in my butt, it's not that bad. Feels tingly.
>>16309 It's rule 34. Don't question the logic of fetish art.
>>16295 >>16294 >>16298 I hate you guys so much. What the fuck is wrong with you
>>16331 >>16298 >>16295 >>16294 this is your brain on america >>2937 >>2940 This is your brain on the right side of the cold wae
>>2937 >manlets AND lanklets btfo dangerously based
>>16347 >omg how could you sexualise this obviously sexual character
>>16357 what's a "lanklet"?
>>16414 me you me you me you
>>16331 >>16298 >Rule 34 that keeps the spirit of the original Imagine!
I fucking love Jucika. The only good thing I got out of Twitter was learning about this comic.
(53.34 KB 700x284 435432453245.jpg)
>>18794 This is an original one right?
>>16348 WTF ı'm neoliberal now
(677.30 KB 1484x677 EUQy9e_WAAEaqgJ.png)
>>18807 Now this is a good one, lol. It's just the kind of asperger-tier thing to pull off.
>>18807 the old man should have thrown away an entire pack
>>16295 > Creator: Pusztai Pál rajza
Of course they make futashit


no cookies?