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Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 02:42:22 No. 2106
What are some good communist anime?

I liked kemono friends a lot.
What about good communist hentai?
>>2123 >Clannad >Nazbol Someone please explain this one to me. I literally don't fucking see it at all in any possible shape or form.
>>4840 1)classwoke 2)shit can't be reformed 3)promotes self-reliance 4)asserts the irrational 5)honors bums and outcasts
>>2123 >Youjou senki Why do you think Youjo Senki is leftist, the protagonist is literally a liberal ancap fash, I didn't watch the anime, but I have the suspect is Nazi apologetic and imperialism than other thing.
>>3474 Everyone of them.
>>5132 WTF? So Tanya the evil is a parody of capitalist and facist sumbags? The fucking writer is a comrade? I love Tanya now
>>5144 a hobbyist communist (共産趣味) it's not exactly a communist, is someone who likes the aesthetic, history and such of communism, but not necessarily the politics.
>>5150 Well the other thing say communist is a valid politic via, Maybe he is not myliting in communist parties and he's is not revolutionary, but is more than a Uesaka's SUmire fan of aesthetic when you denunced alienationa and capitalism.
>>5150 Sorry for my broken English
>>5152 sure sure, just pointing out what hobbyist communist means. Plus, he's a writer so he's allowed a bit more freedom of speech, but Sumire and other VA as well aren't allowed to have such opinions. Hell, depending on their agency some of them aren't even allowed to have blogs and social networks.
>>5150 Kyousan shumi are all cryptos I tell ya. Gives you a thick layer of plausible deniability in a country as extremely cucked and reactionary as Japan.
(70.05 KB 1024x745 BpPykgbCMAEAX5M.jpg large.jpg)
>>5258 I can't say since I don't know any of them, but Japanese people are good at hiding political opinions.
>>5144 >>5132 >>5263 >>5132 I find out this shit in /pol/a those retards doesn't know nothing about communism, but maybe they're right and the author is just pretending, but the source is not clearly at all though It could be a falcification.
(33.38 KB 538x261 1578885312918.jpg)
>>5266 Sorry wong pic
>>5267 Can't find the first tweet, but here's the second one and the translation is correct. He could be a crypto, an illuminated centrist or whatever, but it doesn't really matter.
>>5267 >human beings are complicated tell-tale mark of "both sides" centrists
(267.06 KB 1920x1926 irumakun.jpg)
It really says something about Japanese culture that whenever a character suggests that the world shouldn't be run through rigid hierarchies, or voices even the slightest hint of non-nationalist gekokujou ideology, they are always depicted as misguided at best and deranged and dangerous at worst. Right after this scene, the MC does a short speech about how they should work hard to win the competition even though they are weak and lack magic, and the guy goes "oh wow, you're right! We shouldn't try to change the world, let's just do our best and work within the system!" Bootstrapism isn't an American phenomena.
>>5368 Yeah, this is something that pisses me off. Manga and anime aimed at teenagers should be idealist, at least a little bit, but nope: it's always "gotta find my place in society, no matter how fucked up it is". If you're in high school and you've already given up on improving society in the most succdem of manners, you're a tool. Kill la Kill was revolutionary because it showed how "working within the system" makes you the most ferocious defender of the status quo.
(1.02 MB 983x894 leftists.png)
So finally reading high school of the dead, lol'd out loud at this.
>>5371 HOTD is pretty funny because it's all exaggerated and on the nose that you can't help but laugh. The author has no idea what subtlety mean. and now that he's dead he can't learn it anymore
>>5372 >he's dead good
(8.26 MB videoplayback2.mp4)
I have heard there is a Chinese made animation of Karl Marx's biography , but I have had no success chasing it down beyond the intro.
>>6009 That's The Leader, already discussed ITT. It's a bit unusual in that you see a lot of young Marx, since most representations are old Marx. The show got review-bombed on some Chinese website and I thought it was just ideologically motivated attacks, but after watching I have to say it really doesn't have much going for it. (Outro song is banging though.) Anything in German is totally screwed up. There's a scene where you see Marx writing Capital with weird numbers in pointy brackets. These are actually the page numbers as they appear in a HTML version. These tiny pointy things are no big deal by themselves, but their appearance is representative of the depth of understanding of the subject material and amount of care that went into the show. (Other viewers didn't like the body language and found it too Asian, though I have to say: Were you in Europe back in those day, hmmm? So maybe that wasn't off.) It also got issues with pacing.
>>6009 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T0a_jXHiDo all the episodes with subs are on this channel. its actually not the worst, just kind of bland, feels like a PBS special. i've seen it and don't regret it.
>>6014 also its like a very sterile portrayl of marx and marxism obviously. no whoring around, no alcoholism, no jewniggers
>>6014 Do the creators bring up the speculation of have Marx ever met Stirner? Or why EVERY female in Marx's family had the name Jenny?
>>6090 Becaus he was a supermassive autist obsessed by the Jenny the spinning machine.
(134.89 KB 1280x720 Hunter X Hunter East Gorteau.jpg)
>>2225 is this supposed to represent north korea?
(271.07 KB 640x514 kakin.png)
>>6123 Yeah, pretty much. There is also Kakin, which contrary to pic related still seems to be de facto ruled by a king, has a caste system and a battle royal death match for deciding who will be the successor of the king. >>2225 As you see, in the manga absolute monarchy (both de jure and de facto) is associated with socialism which means that it has nothing to do with movements intending to establish a classless society. Also the narrator concludes the Chimera Ant arc with saying that inequality and war is hoomen naychure.
whenever i watch anime it seems like half the problems the characters face wouldn't even exist if people had any resemblance of class consciousness. anyone else notice this?
>>6302 You could say that about most things in modern life. Do remember, though, that Japan might just be the most classcucked of all countries on earth. Even America, UK, Nordic nations, etc. have more revolutionary sentiments than Japan. Remember that perhaps the most significant event in Japanese history was when the Emperor re-took his thrown, not the other way around. I have also yet to see any truly revolutionary actions of organized labour or political activism in recent years nor do I know any Japanese figures, thinkers or philosophers that hold Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist or Communist views. It's shockingly bland.
>>6302 Half the problems in anime and manga are caused by misunderstandings and difficulty of properly expressing yourself, the other half by the lack of class consciousness. I guess it's too late for an anime adaptation of kani kousen.
>>2106 Violet Evergarden. Nothing really political there, just the story of a girl raised as a child soldier. Pretty good anime
(37.89 KB 181x195 hameru11.jpg)
Comment on her actions.
>>6448 Best girl
Has anyone noticed a slow tide in EVA haters? I noticed that literally all of them are /pol/lyps.
>>2148 Literally watch the movie. All of his work is detroyed by the carnage of the war.
>>6452 lmao as if his work could have existed without the war. Indeed his work is destroyed by LOSING the war.
>>2123 >>2125 >from the new world incredibly based, anons. but i don't think it has anything to do with communism at all. maybe you can add code;geass to the list? i mean it's not about communism, but it is about enacting a revolution.
>>6460 >as if his work could have existed without the war That's the conceit, mate. It's the friction between the ideal and the reality of the war that drives the conflict. It ends in a lamentation and acknowledgement of that. The issue isn't that Japan lost, but rather that technology that could take man to the skies was used for war. To conclude otherwise is just ignoring the context of the film.
(261.03 KB 1200x1776 Choose Your Character.jpg)
>>3474 I have little idea if this is good, but this is the only one I can find (called Marx Girl) and it hasn't been translated.
Having read the manga and seen the movie but not the anime, I'd argue that Battle Angel Alita is quite good when it comes to the display of class society.
Kill la kill was like directly based off of core leftist principles. >Ragyo/REVOCS = Capitalism >Life Fibers = Commodities
>>2126 This. Ending is kino too.
>>2133 Explain
>>2187 Based and Saiyan-pilled. Reminder that Freeza will make Cooler canon and fuse with him in Return of Z:amasu
Okay question about Little Witch Macadamia: is it leftist enough to actually go watch the show from the start? or did it just have like one themed episode with Akko striking and that's it
>>7394 It has some leftist themes but don't expect too much. It's still a good anime though. It has a nuanced critique of the Japanese school system, but I'm not sure how many people outside of Japan understood it.


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