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(98.55 KB 1012x675 johnoliverfavslk_huge.jpg)
What is to be done Comrade 10/15/2019 (Tue) 16:53:01 No. 21
The misses watches last week tonight with john oliver. It is seriously corrupting her revolutionary potential with some cold hard neoliberal properganda. Ive tried showing her the empire files debunk of Venezuela but oliver did, but she wasnt having any of it. Plz halp! She also watches Samantha bee which is fundamentally worse
>She also watches Samantha bee
You should probably just put her out to pasture.
(44.32 KB 602x548 1569172022408.jpg)
Ikr? But the weird thing is shes been in one union or another all her working life. And Im not claiming that unions are more revolutionary, just the fact that she is aware of class, but now its;
>poc this
>woc that
>aoc said this
tbh lots of unions got pretty diverted yeah.
In my view, intersectionality just means that all these struggles (or at least, their material basis for being a struggle) intersects at class.
And that therefore, the best way to ensure everyone's rights is through the class struggle.
The US had to fight many decades for women's rights, and many more for black people's rights.
But in the GDR, USSR and Rojava, it's included in the package.
Ultimately, the left needs to get rid of the image that it's only for minorities. The white male worker shouldn't feel afraid he would lose his voice.
Nobody wants that.


no cookies?