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friday night Anonymous Comrade 10/25/2019 (Fri) 23:02:52 No. 1522
it's now Friday night EST in the US. what are you doing bunkerchan
Not being in the Burger Time Zone lol
absolutely nothing
lmao gottem
No plans so I'm going to bed early to get some extra sleep.
Like a badass I'm sitting on my ass jerking off and watching anime and playing vidya. Shits fine I guess.
Playing board games in a local club
Well, it fryday was yesterday, yesterday there was a "horror film" festival in my town so I watched alien and aliens with some friends, it was good
That's lucky. I heard Disney isn't giving permission for 20th Century Fox stuff to be shown.
tbh they probably didn't ask permission, I live in a small town so it would surprise me if they did
sleeping after a rough work week
I was at work on a graveyard shift.
Setting up for a badminton tournament.
Procrastinating on homework while I'm supposed to be asleep.
Going back to work at this bullshit graveyard.
do u mean graveyard shift or do u work at an actual graveyard?
Seen anything spooky?
I work graveyard shifts, lol. I actually almost got the chance to work at a graveyard tho, but, I didn't get the job.

Nah, I'm an atheist. <tips fedora
But, I was sick that night and drank like a whole bottle of nyquil so I was actually tripping pretty hard, lol.


no cookies?