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(312.12 KB 1455x1000 asterix banquet.JPG)
Comics & Cartoons Anonymous Comrade 10/24/2019 (Thu) 22:41:31 No. 1424
Did you also grow up watching great shit like Asterix, /hobby/? What were the best cartoons you could watch on your country's television?
Also general comics and cartoons thread.
Dad had all the original Asterix comics in French. Lucky Luke too. I read them all multiple times. Ill never forget the hideous, bloated faces of the Roman elites. Porkies never change, they just change costumes.
i had a handful of the asterix and obelix comics but never saw the cartoon
(37.96 KB 270x247 S&F.jpg)
Asterix & Obelix, Lucky Luke, Tintin. One could say the usual suspects.
But let me tell you how fucking underrated Spirou & Fantasio is. It did inspire Grand Budapest Hotel after all.
I hate to tell you this, but there is a new Spirou comic called Spirou in Berlin that is basically PragerU tier:
https://www.jungewelt.de/artikel/365519.comic-wo-ist-meine-badewanne.html (sorry it's German)
Maybe because it only appeared in Germany, for I have never heard of "Spirou in Berlin" and in general I am not aware of any S&F releases anno 2019.
Are you sure this ain't fan fiction? Even the art style is drastically different.

But let's be franq here. Franquin era S&F was the best era. After him the quality took a nose dive, just like Asterix and Lucky Luke did, when Goscinny tragically passed.
Was the machine translation that bad? It's a brand-new officially licensed comic made by a "non-political" guy that is winning prizes I have never heard of everywhere and pushed big-time in Germany for the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The story takes place in the divided Berlin of 1989. The East Germans are evil torturers and want to start a big war.
Like I said, i don't know of any S&F releases in 2019.
Find me an English or French source, maybe you are more luck
>>1424 I swear I have run into this government department at least once.
(52.01 KB 650x366 blink.jpg)
(46.09 KB 459x640 s-l640.jpg)
Skippy, Blinky Bill & Lil Elvis were cartoons from Australia that were big in the 90s'
>>2726 Still better than Tintin in the lands of the soviets. Christ that was cringe. My country did us a favor censoring that garbage.
>>1424 This should be the separate thread for burger and nonburger /co/ content. What do you guys think about the subsidy in animation in Eastern bloc countries. Cat City used to be translated over here along with Nu, Pogodi!. Some absolute gems. https://youtu.be/5LNHYz89sNc https://youtu.be/NnJbtbh4tDE https://youtu.be/QKRG7PF73UA
>>5366 Nah, I think we need to keep them both the same for spacing reasons/current world internet globalism standards. If we want our ideals to be propagated: keep them sorted (be they revolutionary or mundane) Also my gosh that cartoon looks like rich commentary. Lot to unpack beyond the masterful use of color palette just in framing and character composition. Very interesting. The only thing to rival it from my United States side would be the strange obscure independent artist cartoons of the mid and early 2000s a now dead artist friend used to show me. Lot of posing like so it not like the modern buklshit cheap easy do a frame move mouths. Lot more weird stuff.
>>5366 I still have Cat City on an old 90s DvD from way back when
>>1424 As a frog I read every Astérix multiple times. I talked with Cubans and how they read a lot of Astérix too as children, since it's about a tiny village resisting its conquerors. The last 3D films realised by Louis de Clichy and Alexandre Astier are great, the first one is based on The Mansions of The Gods, so gentrification, and the second one is an original story. And F for Uderzo, he died on March 24th. even if he turned Astérix to shit lately, and Goscinny was the only real MVP
Astérix is breddy gud but Tintin is fucking legendary even compared with Astérix. I still have a few Tintins in my house. I think it's coz I went to a French school for three years, that is where I must have seen Tintin the first time. I'd be confident calling it the best comic series in the world, honestly. pic related is also the best comic book character in the world.
(8.34 KB 210x240 Malo_Korrigan.jpg)
Yesterday thanks to some anon I in SU thread I have rediscovered a childhood classic cartoon of mine, Malo Korrigan and the Space Trackers. I just watched the first two episodes and it really does live up to the nostalgia. Also I think I really wasn't mistaken that it was based as fuck: the very first episode has an underlying anti-corporate-imperialism theme, showing corporations muscling out any local competition, treating workers like shit and doing an imperialist genocide, and if I recall correctly, it only gets more based from here. Also the main casts ship has big red star painted on the side for gods sake. However there is a problem. This show seems to be really obscure (like only 300 people looked for the English first episode obscure). The YouTube channel with English episodes has big gaps between episodes. Then there are some episodes posted on daily motion, but again, with holes. The only full series I found was in French, and I can't understand it, nor have the time to learn. So, can anyone give any tips on how to find the full English version?
>>8792 I could get motivated to translate one episode or two
>>8793 I'd prefer not to exploit a comrade like that. If nothing comes up here I'll try asking the same thing over at 4/co/, though I never used 4chan apart from raiding /pol/, so I don't know if they deal in such topics as finding obscure shows.
>>8792 I was that anon, you're welcome, I didn't see your reply. Unfortunately I haven't seen the show in a while so the only current online source I can find in the past minute (in english) is Daily Motion. Russian Servers ought to have some torrents though if you check. >>8794 >exploit a comrade It's not exploitation is helping one another. He isn't losing anything, is likely enjoying himself and sharing it.
>>1424 Was thinking about Asterix the other day. Most European representations of Romans in art (films etc) have them as the antagonists while the celts gauls etc are the uncivilised other. Asterix seems to be one of the few representations where the Romans are the other.


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