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(114.47 KB 1191x573 7uzielfju2ey.png)
ITT: leftypol funniest moments Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 17:53:45 No. 13989
not pictured because i don't have the screenshot: >that time anon made a post about trump being grown in a vat in somewhere france by the situationist to tank the us empire
>>14203 I tried to compress one of that guy's videos once with ffmpeg and the result was pure bitcrush. here it is anyway. dunno if it's exactly the same one you're looking for, there were a few others much like this one
(94.00 KB 600x467 thunderdome-8.jpg)
LOL they used a hardcore techno classic from 1995 in that clip Here's the track: >Vanugenth - The 5th Pussycat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxZJVXsZeE
>>14206 Is this the root of the nazbol meme? Was this the start?
the original parody nazbol vids were funny and its sad they got taken down. white juche isn't as good
(52.85 KB 1068x601 gigachad.jpg)
>>14206 Someone needs to post this in a qboomer Facebook group saying antifa uses it as propaganda to recruit. Imagine the shitstorm.
(629.16 KB 1256x1244 orcposting.png)
this is a classic it would be funny to add orcposting and compare it with liberals posting about harry potter
>>14204 Ask/look on the webm thread.
>>14211 Why did you sage?
>>14154 Verso fucked up a few of my covers as well
>>14154 it's supposed to be like that
>>14107 >>14108 >>14109 this can't be real lmao it's too over the top, no sane person wouldn't join the PKK because of a /leftypol/ meme while being a broke nothing-to-lose first-world socialist in fucking Damascus does Hezbollah accept women?
>>14216 Hezbollah Big Titty Battalion
>>14206 Thank you so much anon, I first browsing through my phone and when I clicked this shit it only displayed black with audio and got scared I wouldn't be able to see this shit again, though now it works perfectly, thank you a lot.
>>14208 No that's derivative. NAZBOL GANG is literally the start point.
>>14216 >Does Hezbollah accept women. As part of political wing, yes. As part of military wing, no.
>>14085 satanposter never actually posted her tits. I made that post, pretending to be her to troll her. The tits were taken from a 4chan "r8 my tits" thread for optimal realism. They were awesome boobs tho, and satanposter flipped her shit
I remember bullying milo and megyn fondly. Oh and the tankie who said he raped a nazi. Old /leftypol/ was fuckin wild. >>14221 If this is true that's sad and the only legit tits posted was from the hooker. Remember when the annil (maybe n1x) tried to get instructions on how to summon a demon?
>>14206 Holy fuck, someone found it. Thank you comrade!
>>14109 Holy motherfucking shit how did I miss this
>>14109 Hey guys, next time Something like this happens, help a comrade out. I never saw this, but I would have offered my help if I did. I don't care if she was a crazy Juche gang toadie, all we have in this life are comrades, and we owe kindness and goodness to each other. Only then may we do better. Rest in power
>>14225 As far as I'm aware "she" (if it even was a girl, could've just been a guy shitposting) didn't actually die, that article was edited. That's all we know 100% for certain, but as for the rest, I remember reading around here that the SAA doesn't actually prohibit women from serving, so that's fake too. The only thing which has the tiniest possibility of being real is that this girl/guy tried to go to Syria and either got there but couldn't join the SAA or any militia for whatever reason or she/he never or (the most likely option) it was all just shitposting.
>>14226 Real or not, this is a story of the chan, like the backpack cuck is for /b/
(2.83 MB 1696x5283 backpack cuck.png)
>>14228 What the fuck honestly
>>13999 >the Zodiac Killer outfit Spooky, but I don't think that this is serious.
>>14205 Did someone actually make the song to go along with it or did it already exist?
>>14060 >get home from work at the Wal-Mart® ofices, want to unwind >sit down on my Lay Z Boy® recliner, and it automatically Skin-Sync®s to my biometrics >"High stress levels detected," chair says. >no shit, I'm burnt out from work >"Xbox® Game On!®." >pre-recorded message from Bill Gates comes on Apple® GeniusTV®, and syncs with all other Apple® devices on the iHabitat® >employer mandates we use Apple® work phones which brick themselves if they detect euquivalent competing products in your home >unsynced Bill Gates copies inform me from all angles that violent video games and high stress are risk factors for workplace violence >"Stress levels peaking" says chair, "Alexa® play something from the Netflix® work-com category" >Netflix® app opens on Amicrozon® Xbox 420®, and The Office® starts playing >"DISLIKE" I shout at the TV >"You are out of Dislike Coins® for the month. To get more, complete an Oculus® VR Ad Experience®!" >hate those things, but anything is better than The Office® >put on VR headset, begin boot process, BIOS and boot screen sponsored by British Petroleum® >VR Ad Experience® loads immediately >"Hello and welcome to the Raytheon-Boeing® Volunteer Soldier® app! Raytheon-Boeing® waives all liability that may be incurred by the use of this act, including but not limited to violation of the Geneva Convention. Use this app at your own risk. Nod your head if you agree to the terms." >feeling nervous about this >"Nod your head now if you agree." >reach up to take the headset off >Headset shows picture of my neighborhood from Google Earth® >"Nod." >nod >"Thank you for accepting your patriotic duty, soldier.®" >video feed changes to drone camera >see some people shapes walking around city streets in who knows where >red box appears around one of them, targeting reticule sponsored by RedBox® >"Terrorist identified. Please neutralize this Threat To Your Freedom®." >don't want to do it, stall >"This app has been authorized to post as your Facebook account. Now composing message." >message box appears off to the side, text starts filling up >false confession to sexually harassing Elizabeth Warren voters on Twitter >"Do you wish to post this message? Complete the mission to cancel." >start crying >use VR controls to aim the weapons >try to tell myself it's just a dot on a screen >doesn't work >decide that if I shoot to miss maybe they will get spooked and run away, but the simulation will be fooled >aim at open ground and fire a couple of smallest bullets >when they hit, everybody runs for the hills, including red box guy >voice clip from Call of Duty® plays: "Mission Failed. We'll gettem next time.®" >video feed switches to different drone camera >"Oculus® VR Ad Experience® brought to you by Raytheon-Boeing® will terminate with a mission success." >start sobbing and shaking >close my eyes >hold down the fire button and pray >and scream >"Mission success! Thank you for doing your patriotic duty, soldier!® You're a Real Virtual Hero®!" >take off headset, disgusted with myself >suicidial thoughts interrupted by Amicrozon® Alexa®. "You have been credited with... one... Netflix Dislike Coins®." >"DISLIKE" >"Sorry, but this is a Featured Classic Program®. As a Netflix® Bronze member, you are not permitted to Dislike." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyIVAm9PVrI[Remove]
>>14232 Good work
Does anyone have the post from the unpopular opinion thread where an anarchist furry had a shitload of hot takes?
>>14113 so relatable, thank you for helping them
>>14116 If the US does withdraw form the UN what city becomes unlucky enough to host them? Also I'm pretty surprised burgers haven't rioted at the UN building over some dumb shit yet.
>>15221 burgers would have to be aware other countries exist to understand what the UN is
>>14232 beautiful
>>14232 Remember to get rid of the [Embed] tag if you make copypasta so the links work, but thanks for saving this.
>>15363 What the fuck
(551.44 KB 1087x627 megalul.png)
(75.30 KB 795x635 lulzeroni mamma mia.png)
(35.76 KB 200x160 oga laughing.gif)
>>14228 What I have to wonder is HOW do people come to these fetishes. As in how do they get to the point in their lives where they WANT to be cucks... let alone be cucks in backpacks. My mind is just... what, how. Fuck this is just a level of disturbing that iI can only laugh.
>>17428 I think weird fetishes like these are triggered by a specific events early in one's childhood which may also include scenes in television or movies.
>>14111 Still better than newfag shit.
>>14113 > but I still saved a good amount of them I think, the ants just tipped me over the edge. POST THEM
>>13999 Wasn't he Socialism Or Barbarism's friend? All I know he was in his discord on his podcast at one point.
http://archive.is/8NBnM Everyone's favorite soyboy is getting eaten alive by his own. TL;DR from /tg/: >Wil Wheaton leaves twitter because they aren't mean enough to "fascists" like Alex Jones >Joins some new wanna-be twitter called Mastodon >Gets run off that by users and the people who run Mastodon a few weeks later after he causes a shitstorm by overreacting to a tranny pranking him >turns out Wheaton's constant celebrity boot-licking caught up with him >He used Randi Harper's ggautoblocker list back during GamerGate's height of activity >Harper was one of Zoe Quin's personal buttbuddies and also a total psycho >Harper got excommunicated when it was revealed that she was too much of a PR nightmare (and also vocally hated trannies) >Harper made another blocklist that largely included a lot of trannies in the indie game clique that she'd argued with >Wheaton subscribed to that blocklist also, thus "silencing" lots of trannies >some time later, Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist is outed as another male feminist sex pest >Wheaton has been tonguing Hardwick's asshole for years to try and get more famous so he wouldn't have to keep kissing Felicia Day's ass >The SJW torch and pitchfork mob has been going after Hardwick ever since >Wheaton has said nothing on the subject >SJW Mob has decided that Wheaton is guilty by association for not using his platform as a D-list celebrity to call him out >cut to this Mastodon shit >Wheaton is not a transphobic rape apologist according to the mob he's been trying to leverage into the gaming community to make himself more famous >he's now had to quit all social media because everyone is so mean to him >he can't cry that it's GamerGate or the Alt-Right's fault >even the lefty blogger/journo media is grilling him about all the times he was an obnoxious cunt on twitter >the blue checkmark brigade is on his case as well According to the SJW logic, he's guilty through inaction, regarding Hardwick. When someone gets MeToo'd, the expectation is that every bootlicking celebrity even remotely connected to the person should excoriate the accused, disavow them, and virtue signal aggressively to prove that they are still "woke". When it comes to the stuff with Wu, he's a crazy tranny retard who was deemed problematic when it was found he had been donating to the GOP for some reason. Wu has also been found guilty of embezzling campaign funds, but no one cares about that. Problem they have is that Wheaton has been blindly virtue signalling support without doing the requisite constant research on who is acceptable to support and who is a shitlord. To people like us, this proves that he's doing it because he's a simpering faggot who is desperately seeking attention and validation by regurgitating acceptable opinions and kissing certain asses. In the eyes of SJWs, Wheaton is using his minor popularity to promote a bigot. The last thing that got left out of the original greentext is the blockbot matter. Wheaton has some connections in the vidya industry and hollywood. Randi Harper's GG blocklist was apparently very curated and controlled, but the personal blocklist she created after getting exiled from the SJW elite clique was full of people she got into arguments with, many of them wannabe e-celebs, wannabe game devs, and/or trannies. Wheaton used that blocklist and supposedly told his industry contacts to as well, which led to lots of people getting blocked by assorted industry insiders and professionals, thus "silencing" them and damaging their careers. With all of these things, it's petty and dumb. Does this mean Wheaton deserves harassment and a constant stream of "Shut up, Wesley!" memes? FUCK YES IT DOES. Wheaton has been an obnoxious prick his entire life. He deserves misery and failure. He deserves to suffer for being the cancerous vector for so many cunts and faggots into our hobbies and communities. Honestly, he deserves to eat curb for the shit he's done… but ignoring that, he deserves to suffer because he drank the SJW/Feminist kool-aid. He's the quintessential social media obsessed soyboy beta male. He slept with dogs and got fleas. He chose to live by the pink dildo sword and now he has to die by it. Choose whatever aphorism you like on the matter. He did this to himself.
Saga of /strek/ Planet Killer faggotry and how /leftypol/ was targeted by the combined autism of /pol/, /v/ and /strek/ in all their impotent glory.
>>14116 >but the UN is fucked and worthless the US is the main reason for that though
>>14110 Because it's fake lol
(9.07 MB 640x360 Wolf of Starfleet.webm)
(4.10 MB 480x360 Comrade Rom.webm)
(14.92 MB 640x360 Data and Picard.webm)
(743.94 KB 1440x1080 Gaze upon thine self.jpg)
(46.61 KB 300x100 GQUEST Banner.png)
>>18522 Man i miss /Strek/
>>18780 Meh, I don't. The conversations and memes were alright, but before shit went kill rightwingers were all over that place.
(2.72 MB 1500x5000 1516774301890.jpg)
(1.42 MB 1500x1000 1516924968283.png)
(1.61 MB 1500x1000 1516936987014.png)
(1.41 MB 1500x1000 1517005788557.png)
(50.36 KB 572x442 dick sizes swco.png)
>>18784 >>18780 >>18522 /strek/ has gone full /pol/tard but at least it didn't have the autism of /swco/'s futashitposters and their bad edits and collage-posts
(563.63 KB 850x1275 1449625146416.jpg)
(365.70 KB 1500x1346 1516722969628.png)
(39.67 KB 640x837 1516866769190.jpg)
(1.24 MB 1619x3648 1521529745827.jpg)
(133.41 KB 720x720 1522125032149.jpg)
>>19167 >I spoiler all the images and it still fucks it up. Why do I even bother? Well while I'm at it, have some FutAhsoka autism.


no cookies?