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(82.55 KB 500x500 n8 just yiff already.png)
/furry/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:06:18 No. 1220
Yep, we back at it again.

Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.

I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
If anthros existed irl would the also get carrona?
>>7225 In anthro world there's no sickness or STDs and if someone eats you you just come back to life anyways so I'm guessing no
>>7225 General speaking viruses don't cross the inter-species boundary which is why household cats and stuff don't catch it. On the other hand a bat anthro would be doubly fucked by COVID-19.
(195.61 KB 686x526 BatHazmatSoup.png)
>>7266 keep the bats safe
(96.27 KB 884x734 Bat 4chan.png)
>>7272 not fucking funny
(287.92 KB 800x450 HazmatFurry.png)
>>7283 No hazmat suits for bats, bat colonies are under sanctions. >The Bats are unreliable, and are frankly just bad people, we don’t like em’. On foxes get hazmat suits. t Trump
>>7289 The bats are bring drugs, they are bringing crime, and frankly some I assume are good people
Somebody posted this in a pol topic, no idea why but it's kinda cute lol Before you can even look away, the ausar woman’s on you like a animal, spinning you around and pinning you down on the table, hands held behind your back. You yelp out in surprise, nearly drowned out by the jeering of some of the nearby dive dwellers. “Silly little bitch, thought he could actually outshoot me. Well, a deal’s a deal, meat,” Syri chuckles, roughly tearing off your comfortable clothes, undershirt, and boyshorts to expose your nice derriere. Your tiny member pops free in the process, flopping helplessly against the edge of the game table as your clothes are torn off. It throbs with your quickening heartbeat as the alien undresses you, hardening slightly as you hear her own trousers drop. Syri’s pants hug her ankles as the alien girl pushes you down hard and gropes your bottom, clawed fingers scouring the sensitive flesh. You wince as she digs her fingers into you, squirming under her domineering assault. ​ “Stop moving, dammit,” she snaps, giving you a hard smack on the ass. You yelp, feeling your anxious pucker clenching and tool throbbing as the alien dickgirl spits into her hand, slathering a little bit of much-needed lube onto her own cock. You feel a hand spreading your cheeks, and brace yourself for the coming reaming - only to feel a gentle caress. You look over your shoulder, seeing Syri on her knees behind you, cheek rubbing on your taut flesh. “What?” she snaps, giving you a sudden swat that sends shivers up your spine and quivers through your skin. “I’m an ass girl like you wouldn’t believe. Humans have the best butts in the whole wide galaxy. So soft and squishy and gropable, I could fuck ‘em for days and days. And you... have a magnificient ass. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this.” ​ Chuckling to herself, Syri lets her long, rounded tongue drag through the cleft of your behind, stopping at the top to reverse course, slipping down and down your ass until she reaches the base of your diminutive dick. Your ignored member jumps to life as Syri’s tongue laps at the hilt of your prick, bringing you to full mast in a matter of moments. “Poor little guy, looks so lonely down here. He needs a nice, tight little ass to fill, huh? Maybe if you step up your game, you’ll get to fuck mine,” she says, planting a kiss on your head. She steps back, standing and grabbing her prick and stroking it fiercely. She grunts with effort, vigorously jerking herself off as one of her hands caresses your tight asshole, thumb pushing and probing at your tightly clenched hole. ​ “What’s that adorable rhyme you humans have? Little fig, little fig, let me in,” she coos, “or I’ll woof and I’ll woof and I’ll fuck your ass in.” ​ You grimace, but relax as much as possible, letting her probing thumb in. Syri sighs happily, still vigorously stroking off as her thumb plays around in your kiester, getting you nice and ready for the real fun. When she finally pulls out, you’re left feeling strange and empty, though not for long. Syri moves in, grabbing your flared hips and slipping her cock into your crack, letting you feel all eight inches of red puppy pecker, from pointy tip to the thickening knot at her base. You dread the moment when that monster comes, but you can’t help but wiggle your flared hips as Syri starts to move hers, thrusting into your moistened crack. A wet squelching sound taints the air as the ausar girl humps your behind with short, eager movements that soon have a big, swelling something pushing your cheeks apart. ​ Leaning down right next to your ear, Syri breathes, “You know, an Ausar knot can stay filled for hours. Your earth dogs have nothing on us, Retard.” She leaves you with a wet, affectionate lick across the cheek as she straightens and leans back, gripping her giant bitch-breaking boner and lining up with your puckered hole. You brace yourself as the pointed tip presses against your tight anus, barely putting any pressure on your ass at all before she leans back, grabs your flanks, and rams it home. Your mouth gapes in a wordless, silent scream, your voice failing as inch after inch of throbbing alien cock slams into your ass, stretching you apart. Your fingers dig into the tables, leaving long marks as your anal passage becomes Syri’s personal cocksleeve, wrapping around the girthy girl-boner until her thickening knot presses against you, utterly hilted. ​ “O-oh shit you’re tight... what were you doing, betting this little pucker, huh? Trying to suffocate my cock or something?” ​ You groan, entire body shuddering around the thick prick spearing it. Syri keeps still inside you, her veiny cock pulsing and throbbing in your clenched anal tunnel, letting you slowly adjust to its presence before she moves. Involuntarily, your body shivers as you feel a thick, steaming hot plop of canine pre drip into your ass, much hotter than any human seed. You groan as the ausar girl gently rocks her hips, dragging the smear down your rectal walls until just her tip is spearing you, holding your hole open as she adjusts her grip on your curvy hips and slides back in. She pauses at each zenith of movement, fucking you with agonizing slowness. Your dick twitches against the table’s side each time her thick tip rolls across your prostate, and soon you’re dribbling a steady stream of Alabaster, staining the faux wood and dripping onto the floor. Pretty soon, you’ve left a nice little lake between Syri’s furry legs. ​ Again and again the ausar’s hips slap loudly into your nice rear end, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing as your dog-cocked dominator picks up the pace, hammering your ass with increasing vigor. Soon, her long tongue lolls listlessly from her agape mouth. Syri’s panting with pleasure as she spears you over and over on her long knotty rod. You can feel a lake of her hot, salty pre bubbling in your hole, thick streams of it leaking out around her pounding prick to stain your thighs. Suddenly, a huge geyser of the thick alien cream seems to erupt into you; you cry out as Syri picks up to a furious pace, moaning with abandon as her prick spasms into you, flooding you with what feels like an endless tide of her cum. The boiling batter comes and comes, every thrust dumping more of her hot seed into your bowels until you feel bloated, stomach churning with the oncoming flood of ausar-cum. ​ Minutes pass, leaving you heaving and groaning and pinned to the table as Syri collapses atop you, breasts pressing hard into your back. Her cock twitches in your rectum, little trickles of her cooling seed dribbling out around her engorged knot, just outside your worn hole. “How’s it feel to be mounted and bred, fox boy?” she chuckles, her tone surprisingly affectionate. “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy being my little bitch for the night, Retard. A perfect ass like this...” she gropes your cheek, kneading it between downy fingers, “...can’t possibly lie.” ​ Your only reply is a low moan as she gently rocks her hips back, pulling her spent prick from your ass. “Just be glad I didn’t give you the knot, or we’d be here for hours. Of course, if that’s what you really want, little bitch, I’m sure that can be arranged. ” ​ Syri chuckles as she pulls out, leaving your hole feeling empty and well-stretched; your stomach gurgles plaintively, churning as her thick cum drools throughout your bowels. Plenty of it leaks out your tight pucker, dripping onto the dusty floor. She steps back and pulls up her pants, giving you a playful swat on the nice bottom as she saunters away to the bar, high-fiving some of the other regulars who just watched you get thoroughly plowed. Red-faced and leaking, you gather your gear and stumble to the restroom to get cleaned up.
I wonder how the species stuff would work in an anthro society, I assume it'd essentially be the equivalent of race or it might just go full on Zootopia Beastars.
>>7398 I think it depends a lot on if there are non furry animals for the predators to eat, I wouldn't be that shocked if, assuming all anthro species evolved sapience at the same time, there was a huge war of extinction with the prey species winning due to their faster breeding + much easier dietary needs + the fact that technology (even primitive spears) pretty much neutralises most of predators' natural advantages
(248.96 KB 600x480 boomer furry dad.gif)
I find it grimly funny that this thread went swiftly from discussion bout furries to straight up shitposting and apologism... pretty pathetic TBH.
>>7293 link to where you found this hfur stuff?
>>7293 >>7415 >Syri >Ausar Ah fuck its TiTs... Game has a lot of sexy scenes but because Fenoxo updates every goddamn week and can't finish the fucking thing it makes playing the game deadening as you try to maneuver through all traps and bullshit. only to hit dead-ends because you missed some vague item or he released an unfinished idea way before even remotely getting it finished.
>>7409 That's how imageboards work in a nutshell tbh.
(47.84 KB 600x435 1426287790508.jpg)
>>7409 >>7420 Yeah I mean, idk what you were really expecting anon, but if you want to have a serious conversation then go for it. Dang, I did say I would read that guy's manifesto, but, talking about porn is just more fun.
>>7403 >assuming all anthro species evolved sapience at the same time, there was a huge war of extinction Bring new meaning to the phrase “let slip the dogs of war.”
is anyone else weirded out by suddenly remembering that the person behind the dog avatar is actually a human being, usually one as weird looking as themselves, but from america and with commission money
>>7467 Not anymore than the person with the anime avatar or whatever, the human face is boring, at least a furry pic tells you more about the person's personality (like for example if they're a pink fox/bunny/sylveon with heart eyes you know they're a cock loving little cute slut)
>>7467 >and with commission money I highly doubt most furfags have the money to pay for commissions >from America nah, it’s more likely from western Europe
>>7403 compare that map to the burger map, the fandom might of started in burgerland, but it’s more popular in Europe
(21.17 KB 620x367 2avknt7ihp621.jpg)
Other than CoC and TiTS is there other text-base porn games?
>>7495 Don't think there's any that are as full functioned, what were you after in particular?
>>7497 Actually NVM, I just thought of one, you should play Paraphore, super long and actually emotional and moving (to me). I genuinely felt broke up by it at parts. But you have to be able to tolerate cub
>>7497 >>7498 I actually have played Paraphone some time ago, seemed nice, but I kinda lost interest after wards for whatever reason. >what were you after in particular? Companions that you can romance, the ability to submit without having to lose a fight, seduction actually being useful, being able to recruit the enemies I defeat and stuff. Only Lilith's Throne come to mind to this, but it gets repetitive after a while.
>>7499 Ehh, not furry but free cities is fairly fun, other than that can't really recommend anything else. I'd advise you to give Paraphore another chance anyway, but, up to you OFC.
>>7500 Ty anyways Anon.
>>7501 NP NP I actually considered making a video about Paraphore cause it moved me so much for my YT channel (when I actually still used it) but I knew I'd get called a pedo and cancelled so meh
>>7502 I was planing to learn how to use Twine to make my fantasy state building/management porn game where you can recruit monster from the forest (either by defeating them by combat or convincing them through dialogue/seduction), but I don't understand how is it suppose to work even with a guide so I gave up, maybe I'll give it another go once I'm done learning 3d and stuff. >I'd get called a pedo and cancelled I always found the reaction towards cub/shota/loli to be incredibly weird, like, I get that media can influence the way we perceive stuff and whatever, but some people (excluding the ones that where abuse/know someone that was abuse, that's understandable) have this vitriolic hate for that type of art
>>7495 There's this weird CoC lite game called Nimin that I used to play a lot but isn't really supported anymore.
Not exactly a furry but OP's image brings back a few memories. Anyone else remember with infinitechan was just becoming popular with all the refugees and there was this sense of optimism that pervaded leading to such a burst of new creativity ? People were really excited about establishing a new identity, a new beginning. Kinda nostalgic now, although it really wasn't that long ago.
>>7492 >I highly doubt most furfags have the money to pay for commissions i mean if they have a furry avatar they probably do, unless you're on amino or something where actual children just "steal" art.
>>7520 Meh I've used avatars that I didn't commission for years, not every furry has a firm sense of fursona identity but just want to be furry
>>7530 fursonans seem to be a gen x thing, furfags that are millennials and zoomers usually don’t have them
>>7550 really? i'd say they're even more common with people who're 18-25 than with people who came of age in the 90s/2000s. (who sometimes still lack a fursona and only have "characters")
(6.20 MB 329x668 alunya.gif)
Hi guys, editor of New Multitude here (https://medium.com/new-multitude) I know fa about Furry fandom, and tbh didn't even realise there was a leftist component to it. I like the writing of the manifesto for a furry future. Would someone here be willing to write an article for the site explaining the intersection between furry and leftism for the uninitiated?
>>7565 No, stop. You're taking this to serious. This is like writing an article about how leftism relates to getting stoned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM-DNBEVDN4
>>7577 the point is that this sort of fluffy stuff (no pun intended) can help recruit people to leftism through it's very nature of being a non traditional political channel.
>>7596 >can help recruit people to leftism You won’t convert people to leftism through argument s on furafinity or dievent art, at best you might convert a person, a single person. At best.
>>7565 It's kind of likely seeing furry shit on the site will turn more people off friend
>>1220 What's n8?
(19.42 KB 100x100 322128562398429184.png)
Stop appearing in the overboard
>>7614 cope
>>7612 Furry is unironically the ultimate reddit filter, as evidenced by certain people on this thread.
>>7616 I hope you're not referring to our friend the analyst.
(105.82 KB 600x600 BNA.jpg)
>>7686 Is it on Pirate’s Bay?
>>7688 I got up to episode 6 on GoGo cause I'm a scrub.
>>7557 most people under 20 who are into anthro shit aren’t really part of the “furry community” they just post about furries on the web and fap to furry porn


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