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(2.22 MB 1600x1067 syndrome.png)
Dindu Nuffin Anonymous Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 01:41:38 No. 12060
ITT "villains" who did nothing wrong.
(164.00 KB 1366x768 daisy-fitsroy.jpg)
The eggs had to be broken.
>>17168 I was laughing out loud when the main character was saying "wow you're using violence, doesn't that make you as bad as the founders?"
(161.37 KB 837x603 satan1.png)
(233.45 KB 881x810 satan2.png)
>>12060 >Satan did nothing wrong. This should be everyone's first choice here.
(194.91 KB 360x450 AlAsad.png)
>justly overthrows and executes a western-backed puppet >gets immediately invaded by the United States >treated as an irredeemable monster throughout the entire game >>17215 Despite gunning down hundreds of police officers yourself.
>>17231 First choice is literally every villain in ancient Greek literature and mythology.
>>17627 Actually no, one exception, Sisyphus. That fucker deserved what he got. Entropy is the greatest enemy of the tyrant and the greatest friend of the oppressed, and anyone trying to surpass it is a true villain. So long as men die, liberty will never perish.
>>17231 If you hold that New testament Satan and Old testament Satan are the same being Satan is about half as responsible as God for the suffering inflicted on Job and the pointless and extremely cruel deaths of his family, friends, livestock and servants/slaves Apart from that Satan seems a pretty cool guy
>>17653 >held slaves The mother fucker deserved it.
>>16283 We don't see any of that TBF
Like every villain is actually based if youre not some retarded npc: Sauron - based Sith - based Voldemort - based
>>17779 >Voldemort - based He represents a cross between the Nazis (ideologically) and the Nationalist IRA (action-wise), so wrong. >Sith - based It's the ironic moment of "only sith deal in absolutes" because the Sith and Jedi are not black and white in their ideologies or actions. >Sauron - based Ah yes, I too have read the Last Ringbearer >>3331
>>17778 >>17789 https://youtu.be/q-ijGEjZXmE >Sauron is Tolkien's unconscious response to Nietzsche Ubermensch
>>17789 >The last ringbearer Bear in mind that the Lord of the rings is written from the perspective of the Hobbits. Who have no interest in the wider conflict other than saving their home.
>>17792 What does this have to do with 17778?
>>17796 Oops meant >>17779
>>17779 >Sith >Based How? Or rather, which sith? Though I'd argue they are all cringe. Jedi are bad as well due to their dogma and tendency to stagnate, but sith are just shit. >Old Sith Literal crabs in a bucket ancaps. They would only get their shit together when either a) an significantlly more powerful sith that they couldn't drag down emerges and unites the others like Gengis Khan, or b) theybare near exrinction so one of the remaining ones rallied power around him. And even when they actually were powerful their sole goal was just to gorge themselves on material excess and please their egos as much as possible, literal porkies. >New Sith Less cringe because they at least got their act together and due to the rule of two can ensure far greater power in their hands. Goals are arguablly even worse than the old sith. While those where just egotistical ogres, these ones are solely moved by wanting to end entropy for themselves, which if I recal actually lead to them physically fucking up the galaxy. So not just porkies... silicon valley IT porkies that want to live forever. Tge only good "sith" are people like Dooku the based nazbol, who pragmatically use the dark side, but not to gorge themselves and please their egoes, but to bring a wider collective boon. I think Revan is also like that, but I don't recal a lot about him.
(24.42 KB 260x364 Prometheus-god-of-fire.jpg)
>>17628 >Entropy is the best <No Prometheus is the best. Without him we would be still suck in the stone age.
>>17799 I havent read the EU because SW is cringe but Second trilogy is them ending the retarded priest Jedi caste as a necessary obstacle in their own self overcoming. Based nietzschean transhumanists. The rebels can get fucked for all i care.
>>17799 >Goals are arguablly even worse than the old sith Depends on the individual sith, plageious wanted to literally create a cybersyn planned economy which would so decisively end all strife that the jedi would be unneeded as mediators and eventually just would disband. others wanted to extend access to the force to all beings (with the caveat of making them adhere to the sith code of course), but then you had palpetine who was palpetine. >I think Revan is also like that, but I don't recal a lot about him. Revan pragmatically adopted the dark side and formed his sith empire because after the lackluster preformance of the republic in the mandalorian wars he knew there was no way they could beat the oncoming sith empire under valkoryian, who was like palpetine but worse, literally ate whole planets to sustain his life-force.
>>17897 >Second trilogy D-do you mean the Disney Sequels? Are you alright in the head? >Nietzsche is based No >Transhumanism is good I don't know where you see that in Disney Sequels, but no, transhumanism is almost always an easy set up for cyberpunk tier dystopia.
>>12075 LITERALLY. the protagonist is an actual CIA agent meddling in foreign elections. the movie is just one giant neocon propaganda film made for black people.
(151.35 KB 1510x1382 Technocratic Union.png)
>>17793 And the Hobbits are based on rural Englishmen, who don't like changes in their lives.
>>17912 I think he means the prequels you dolt.
>>17793 >>17923 The Hobbit and LotR are canonically written by the protagonists after the fact. Looking at the prose from that light, it's likely that the enemy factions are being described especially unfavorably, and the hobbits come across pretty racist.
>>17927 >Prequels I hope so. Still doesn't make the transhumanism or Nietzsche ideology a good thing. LARPing ironically about the Empire is one thing, but it's not actually based See >>13275 >>12516
>>12070 https://youtu.be/3q6V_YtQ0pY the old Planet of the Apes movies all had pretty good villains, most with justifiable motives to boot
>>17946 It's funny how Tolkien implies that if an orc actually manages to stop being evil, he simply becomes an Elf again. The concept of a purely evil race is certainly an aspect Tolkien himself struggled with.
>>17983 While true, at the same time, Tolkien's dogmatic race views IN THE STORY are permissible because A) he did not share this in his real-world view of other human races B) Orcs and Elves are beings created by gods, who unlike mortal people can be pure evil and embody metaphysical concepts (evil and good).
>>17983 Doesn't the setting have orcs that just do their own thing and aren't loyal to Sauron at all? Just like how there are men who serve Sauron and men who don't. >>17996 >>17983 Yeah, it's fine to posit a setting where there are different races who have certain innate qualities. Consider for instance a science fiction story where humans have been genetically engineered into a caste system with effectively different species. Christian theology also has ideas about good and evil non-human races which is relevant to Tolkien's interests and at least partly an inspiration for his setting.
>>17626 >burgers act like heroes as usual >they get assblasted by a fucking nuke as a result COD4 was based.
>>18003 >a science fiction story where humans have been genetically engineered into a caste system with effectively different species. Like in In A New World?
>>17983 Yeah he changed the origin of orcs to corrupted men instead of elves but was unable to rewrite the Silmarillion before he died. http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Orcs Look under origin.
>>17996 Orcs are Elves who are fucked, because they had to listen to Tolkien's version of Justin Bieber all day every day. The entire army of darkness were a bunch of Beliebers really, who followed a fool who thought he is the hottest shit ever. He was the favourite of Eru of course and had more leeway than the other 14. He wasn't even tied down by marriage like the others. I believe Melkor is Eru himself who after getting banned actually found the Flame Imperishable, creating a stable time loop.
>>18003 Consider that Sauron is just a mere Lieutenant to Melkor and a legit order-obsessed turboautist to boot. The reason he defected in the fist place was because of the lack of the order. It fitted with the theme Tolkien tried to make with technological progress. Sauron was a servant of Aulë the Smith. While he as an inventor has good intentions, it can cause bad side effects, like the clockwork brained Sauron. Of note is also that Saruman was also a clockwork brained servant of Aulë and Aulë also created the clockwork brained Dwarves, whom Tolkien intended to be evil as well until he had a change of heart, but whose element you can still observe in the Silmarillon. Even Tolkien made fun of him (and artificial languages) for creating the Dark Speech which the Orcs didn't bother to pick up. Aside from seething with evil, it was really inferior, and this was intentional on Tolkiens part.
Killian from Spies in Disguise DNW
(36.06 KB 170x315 al-assad flag.png)
>>18004 >>17626 Assad's speech during the "coup" <Today, we rise again as one nation, in the face of betrayal and corruption! <We all trusted this man to deliver our great nation to a new era of prosperity. <But like our monarchy before the Revolution, he has been colluding with the West with only self interest at heart! <Collusion breeds slavery! And we shall not be enslaved! <The time has come to show our true strength. They underestimate our resolve. Let us show that we do not fear them. <As one people, we shall free our brethren from the yoke of foreign oppression! <Our armies are strong, and our cause is just. <As I speak, our armies are nearing their objectives, by which we will restore the independence of a once great nation. <Our noble crusade has begun. <Just as they lay waste to our country, we shall lay waste to theirs. <This is how it begins. <[shoots western puppet in the face] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajr_XayCA_w Also his movement's banner looks pretty based.
(127.92 KB 340x227 ChallusMerc.png)
>sees the hivemind as the next stage of evolution and consciousness >stops typical human parasitical and capitalist behavior (asteroid mining) >gets a bad rap because the nobel goal's method was gruesome Necromorphs are comrades.
(63.97 KB 813x600 James Baskett award.jpg)
(93.42 KB 680x508 Remus.jpg)
Not really a villain but a movie Song of the South It's not that he's a jovial free man, it's that for some reason people kept spreading this rumor that the movie romanticizes Civil War era America and makes slavery "seem not so bad." The film takes place post civil war, there are no slaves, only sharecroppers. The idea that it glorifies slavery is a misconception caused by an erroneous report given by the NAACP's executive secretary, who had not even seen the film at the time of writing the report. Most of the opposition to the film at the time of it's release came from northerners and Californians who had a questionable understanding of the South and probably thought that everything South of the Mason-Dixon line was racist hicks and cousin incest. Again that's the misconception that's been spread, mostly because it's a case of "since no one in America has an easy way to seeing the movie the urban legends end up overwriting what the movie is really about". If anything though Song of the South was the kind of movie that would have angered conservatives of its time simply for having a black actor who wasn't portrayed as a bootlicking slave or angry savage. You wanna know the whole movie? The kids in the movie literally all gather around Uncle Remus to here him tell traditional African-American stories about Brer Rabbit. The whole point of the film and the book (yes, like all Classic era Disney animation, it was based on a book) was to share the oral traditions of the post Civil War freedmen. It's even implied that the main kid's dad is an anti-racism newspaper editor and it's not just white kids listening to his stories. To quote someone else's comment quoting Lindsay Ellis: "Song of the South promotes the negative stereotype that black people are boring."; it's not as racist as the legends say, but it's also not a very interesting movie compared to better works like Disney's American Legends. I saw some people theorizing that those things combine are why it hasn't ever been re-released; the possible fallout for something so mediocre and memed about just isn't worth it for Disney. I personally think it should just be on Disney+ with the same insensitivity warning that's on several other things, but I doubt it will ever happen.' It's interesting to note that James Baskett was the first African-American actor to receive an Academy Award for his "able and heart-warming characterization of Uncle Remus in 'Song of the South,' friend and storyteller to the children of the world." Song of the South should not be hidden from public viewing (I mean you can watch The Birth of a Nation on multiple streaming platforms, including for Free with Amazon Prime video) and people should view it before making assumptions. >Inb4 "muh racism" or "Disney-fag" This has nothing to do with 'defending' Disney or 'racism' but with the merits of the movie itself. https://www.songofthesouth.net/movie/biographies/baskett.html
>>17626 The fact that every villain in modern burger media is someone explicitly fighting for liberation from western imperialism let’s you know how spiritually and mentally corrupted and twisted burgers truly are. This is like, imagine the Nazis won WWII and decades later made video games about slaughtering entire cities of wicked Jews plotting to nuke the Reich Such fucking despicable trash, it’s like everything that comes out of Burgerstan is designed to be utterly detestable to anyone with a semblance of a conscience.
>>18598 Now that goodguy Biden is back, can't wait for the second wave of Homeland-esque CIA whitewashing shows.
>>18607 I can smell the glowfaggotry coming over the horizon.
>>18598 Name some examples.
>>18598 Now that I think of it, I don't think popular US media has anyone like Chirico Cuvie from Armored Trooper that was a fascist mech ace with PTSD that became a one man army to kill his former fascist comrades to deal with said PTSD. Or Crinn Cashim from Dougram that was the son of the a colonial governor that became a rebel mech ace once he learned his farther was an asshole imperialists that committed a military coup against the local goverment.
>>18778 Almost every American war film that isn’t about WWII Almost every American action hero film Just about every glownîgger show The entire COD series for the most part
>>19164 Weren't both of those shows directed by the same guy?
> Madara Uchiha cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi upon the world in an attempt to bring an end to all conflicts. >Garyō believed that Madara's goals were admirable and could be achieved through different means. >In Garyō's view, the conflicts that Madara wanted to end were caused by money: money created inequality, bringing happiness to those with money and unhappiness to those without it. >In order to free the world from money's influence, Garyō formed the Ryūha Armament Alliance. In theory this dude is based, unfortunately, because the Japanese apparently can't write revolutionaries, they way they go about it is terrorism of Land of Waves... a literal backwater that has comparatively little strategic, economic or political value, and would be easier to convert into followers than bother with unnecessary murders and terrorism against the proletariat and peasantry. https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Ry%C5%ABha_Armament_Alliance https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Gary%C5%8D
>>19226 It's not from Boruto you retard, it's from the Kakashi Hiden novel which, like all the Hiden novels was illustrated and overseen by Kishimoto.
>>12202 Kel'Thuzad is a bitch, hes my pet. its very hard to take seriously the lore of a boss once you can have them as a pokemon
>>12142 >Christopher "I stabbed a Nazi in the chest so I know what being stabbed sounds like Peter" Lee I remember being like 11, me and my dad watching the 6 hour behind the scenes lotr dvds and that coming up. its stuck with me to this day, hes so fucking badass.


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