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(441.96 KB 983x983 alunya salute.png)
Welcome to /hobby/, plus mod feedback thread! Comrade Board volunteer 10/23/2019 (Wed) 16:57:58 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone, and welcome to /hobby/! This topic will serve as an introduction as well as the mod feedback area. I know that some people were not on board with our decision to merge the boards, but please give it a chance and hopefully you will find it to be as comfy as where you used to hang out, but with more population. In addition, Comrade King has kindly volunteered to migrate over all the topics that have had activity in the last few weeks so you can continue your conversations.

However, I want to stress that this board should be treated as a clean slate and you should make use of the freedom that it allows. In this space feel free to make topics about any kind of hobby, entertainment, passtime, interest or vocation. These topics don't have to be related to leftism, though of course you should feel free to do so if you would like. Overall, this board is intended to give refugees of 8chan somewhere to post about their favourite interests without having to go into whatever new skinhead-infested DoD honeypot is created to replace it. An example of the kind of topic that might be encouraged is to start a topic discussing your favourite workout routines or recipes, or discussing an interesting movie that has recently been released. We would encourage people to put effort into their OPs however, as one line shitposts might be more comfortable on /GET/.

As we have merged other boards in order to create /hobby/, we would like to remind all users that it is possible for more boards to be created in future out of /hobby/ if they demonstrate a good user count/post volume such that they would be able to support a board on their own.

Overall, the moderation standards here are similar to the ones on /leftypol/, and I have included their manifesto for reference, with the exception that posts do not have to have a political slant or basis. I hope you will all enjoy this board together and that we can have some good conversations.
Edited last time by caballo on 10/23/2019 (Wed) 16:58:51.
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(54.75 KB 756x654 elinks.PNG)
>>10690 >>10702 picrelated
>>10690 >>10702 >>10704 But that obviously leaves you without the "images" part of an imageboard (though you can open them in an external viewer). In a browser, you can add custom CSS (userstyle) using the Stylish extension. In conclusion, DIY, comrade! Use the means of production the FOSS movement has already seized for ya. Leave the admins to the task of maintaining the commons
(75.71 KB 300x100 1554234817543.png)
Can someone modify pic related with /a/, /hobby/ and /leftypol/ ?
Why don't you act on reports and delete spam you fags?

(140.79 KB 838x1280 good MORNING Rodina.jpg)
'Self Help' from a leftist perspective Anonymous Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 03:55:46 No. 11977 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has any helpful resources for improving your life but from a left wing perspective? I find all the vacuous and trite content of the 'self help' industry where it's basically just con artists pretending to be rich and successful so they can scam other people for the secrets to be rich and successful, and I can't engage with absurd alienated advice about 'being an entrepreneur', 'marketting myself', 'just visualise your BMW until you have it' and so on. I'm very depressed and I find it hard to do anything. I don't have a job either and I live in my parents place. So any steps forward would be helpful. But for whatever reason I find it really hard to 'just do X' to improve my life. I feel like everything is fucked so what's the point in doing anything. Whilst I might understand that capitalism is a cause for many of the problems in the world including the ones that affect me, it doesn't really help me deal with it or find a way to make my life tolerable. So, is there anything that has helped you?
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>>11979 Mindfulness helps bring clarity to the day to day activities. We're always telling ourselves stories in our heads, sometimes it 's fantastical stories of a world where our dogs could suddenly talk, sometimes it's about a conflict with another person, a stressing meeting scheduled for next week, a difficult problem that is not easy to solve. All of these narratives that are clouding are heads all day are also clouding our judgement. If we are to experience the world as it is, we must also clear the clutter that impedes our vision. For leftist, the obvious obstacle for clarity is ideology, but it is also the clutter of our personal lives that makes us see things differently. If you are hungry and tired, you will more likely misinterpret someone's tone. This is where mindfulness helps, apart from the benefits of general meditation mentioned above. >Self-actualization/realization This is the hardest to come to terms with. Not all religions have "enlightenment" as a core goal. New age spirituality and (my western understanding of) buddhist religion do, and it's practitioners seek to further their overarching goal of reaching it, because that's the reason they came into this world. Capitalist ideology plays a very cruel game in terms of self realization. First it speaks about everything in terms of productivity, and of course, makes labor power a commodity, which further gets internalized as making humans a commodity that is owned by the individual. It promotes reaching self-actualization by having large quantities of money. It promotes the idea of entrepreneurship as a viable way to get out of poverty. It figuratively and literally says that your "worth" is tied to your personal assets value. Of course, people lose meaning and purpose all the time, modern capitalism is so alienating that it is very hard to see one's "value" in the chain of production, many modern workplaces have evolved to have easily replaceable human resources too. If one has pursued money accumulation their whole life, they might doubt the goal, what type of self-actualization is "having a lot of money" after all? I see at least 3 ways that people seek self-realization through capitalism: climbing the corporate ladder (or selling better in the employee market), starting their own business, maximizing cash/asset value. I see 3 other ways that people seek self-realization outside work: hobbies, children, religion/spirituality. As a leftist, seeing past capitalist ideology can be very depressing and demotivating. If you don't particularly enjoy your work, it can be even more alienating than it was originally. Where is the non-ideological self-realization for leftists? There are no catch all, be all, self-realization for leftists, instead, if one looks to Marx for inspiration, creation and non-alienated work is the cure of one's ailments. I once heard someone make the remark that our hobbies are what we used to do as work before industrialization. It is true that a lot of hobbies bring us satisfaction because they are productive unalienated work, but not all hobbies are work or productive. Many hobbies have a strong component of growth (skill or knowledge), that require a lot of patience to get going, but after some time start reaping large rewards. Many hobbies also have a component of community even when the activity of the hobby is individual (watchmaking individually, but also going to watchmakers conventions for example), which contribute greatly to fulfill the need of belonging. Is it possible to make leftist activism an attractive hobby? If so, should we? I see two core leftist related activity that act as a tool for personal self-realization. Organizing politcally is working towards a common goal, with a team, and putting in productive work. Depending on how tight the ship is run and how involved you are, people might depend on you to get things going. When you organize, ideally you bring your skills, knowledge, etc to help out. Likewise, others bring their experience to the table, which means that organizing will expose you to a myriad of different industry practices, teach you how people solve problems, how to interact with and organize people effectively, and potentially teach you useful skills that you can put into practice elsewhere (such as work or life). The learning, the unalienated work, the community, and the wider purpose makes political organizing a source of fulfillment of self-realization. My local org hosts cookouts, which makes organization much more relaxed and fun (and delicious). Perhaps the question is better phrased, should we work towards making political organizing more enjoyable? If so, how?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>11980 Of course, this is not an easy process, and we do have a tendency to ascribe bogus reasons to things when the real reason might be "I'm angry because I'm hungry and tired". Note that you do not want to victimize yourself or create pitiful narratives about why you have the traumas. This protagonism is poisonous and is also something that is best being exorcised. In fact uncovering the reasons of your traumas is almost useless, except for potentially uncovering more traumas. We are animals of habit, what we want to uncover is not why we have traumas but what traumas we have and how to get rid of them. For example, a gay person will probably have internalized homophobia, it is good for him to do the exercise of being on the lookout and constantly try to spot himself being homophobic. The reason of the internalized homophobia here might look obvious, but don't get fooled, this hypothetical gay person might have grown up in a very supportive household or might have grown up in a backwards anti-homo city; the trauma is there, the only thing that matters is to identify it and to overcome it. I will repeat this because self-victimization is very common and counter-productive: the reason why the trauma exists is almost useless, it is a mistake to get hung up on it. Identifying traumas is the first step, the second step is to solve it. Sometimes being constantly aware of it is enough (relevant: mindfulness), but sometimes it requires a material change in the external world to help fix trotted out thought patterns or normal habits. The change might be small, like deactivating social networks, or might need to be large, such as avoiding friends that could eventually lead to a relapse. As Zizek says, ideology is identified by putting the anti-ideology glasses ON, there are no ideology glasses to take off. In the same way, this exercise is an active process, you need to put the critical lens ON. There is a pitfall with criticism in general that must be stated. Criticism is useless if there is no concrete action attached to it to fix or mitigate it in the future. Just knowing you have a trauma is not enough to fix it. Find the root cause that triggers the trauma (note: this is different than the reason of WHY you have the trauma), and take actions to eliminate or mitigate the root cause. >Media-induced ADD/Depressive hedonia To tie this back to the mindfulness and the fulfilling hobbies mentioned above, consider your patterns that might be taking your capacity to concentrate or might be leading you towards a spiral of depressive hedonia. Mark Fisher writes, >Depression is usually characterised in terms of anhedonia, but the state I'm referring to is constituted not by an inability to get pleasure so much as it by an inability to do anything else except pursue pleasure. There is a sense that 'something is missing' - but no appreciation that this mysterious, missing enjoyment can only be accessed beyond the pleasure principle. In simple terms, this is occupying your time playing candy crush, refreshing social media feeds, having constant doses of dopamine, but never actually feeling satisfied or particularly happy. I argue that this is in great part caused by our constant access to media, such as games, social media, news, etc. Especially on our phones. This depressive state of constant pleasure, destroys our ability to engage more deeply with the activities we do. Even gaming can be reduced to a laborious process that derives little pleasure.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

My advice it to find a productive hobby and try your best to get good at it.My hobby is drawing. Everyday I try my best to get better and better. You'll probably be dogshit at whatever you do at first but conjuring up the will to continue on will make you stronger. I keep my old sketchbooks as a reminder of the progress I made. It may sound like I'm telling you to "just do x" but building up your discipline and willpower goes a long way trust me.What you learn from trying your best at getting good you should spread to everything else in your life.It won't be easy but its worth it.
>>11977 I hope something in the long ass article I posted helps you. What has helped me is just giving in to not doing anything, but also severely limiting the "easy" habits (social media, bunkerchan, etc). Also drinking enough water (sounds weird, but knowing I get depressed when not hydrated has helped me tons). Also small amounts of modafinil in the morning, like 50 mg. Waking up in the morning sometimes helps. Taking a 1 hour walk without electronics lets me cool down a little too. I've heard exercise helps, I don't like doing it though. My advice is, change your daily habits until something clicks. Try doing something that makes you progress. In the article I wrote I think I hint at more solutions.
FYI We already have a Self-Improvement thread m8s

/k/ - Guns in general Anonymous Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 11:24:19 No. 5906 [Reply] [Last]
Just don't talk about gun control
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>>11803 He should sportify his SKS to turn it into an assault rifle :^) Thing with the US is you may as well get an SKS and convert it to taking magazines. Most of the alleged assault rifles at this point are semi-automatic anyway so there's no real difference between a magazine fed semi-automatic rifle and what they call assault rifles. >>11601 Here's how you can swap an SKS out from stripper clips to magazines in just a couple of minutes for very little cash: https://youtu.be/C-XD7G4kyYU?t=86 This guy swears on the tapco ones. If you ever want to add more stuff to it like sights or whatever you could get something like this for it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SKS-Railed-Stock-System/324223530957 Don't think they make them anymore but they're on ebay fairly regularly Or you can go galaxy ghetto brain and just strap a 3D printed laser sight to it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3509179
>>11606 Thanks! I'm a really confused by your explanation on cartridges though. It looks like an SKS is 7.62x39 but before you said that 39 gets dicked by wind? So I should be looking for 7.62x51 stuff but that stuff is terrible for recoil so I should look for 5.56x45? Or should I go for none of the above and look at the 'other options'? As for the price, I don't really have a limit. I can afford to spend more than $500, but I figured for a first gun I wouldn't + shouldn't go balls to the wall and buy like a $2400 gun or something. But $900 for a rifle and scope seems reasonable to me.
Which readily available ammunition is deadliest? Also how do you recoup the costs of a gun if you have to move. Can you take it with you somehow to another country?
(99.35 KB 800x600 SKS w mags + rail.jpg)
>>11921 >If you ever want to add more stuff to it like sights or whatever you could get something like this for it This links died for some reason but if you want to save even more money you can pick up a part for the standard SKS that adds rails for what's currently on sale at $10, it's also actually in stock and won't require lurking ebay https://www.acmemachine.com/accessories/sks-one-piece-rifle-picatinny-scope-mount/ Considering most of the furniture alternatives either don't have rails or are $100+ picking this up while it's on sale would be a good move, even if you get it before your gun. If you ever want to swap out the wood furniture later you don't have to worry about getting ones with top rails then. Someone in the reviews also posted their mags + rail modified SKS, so you can get a good idea of what it would look like. >>11965 7.62x39 and 5.56x45 are fine tbh, 7.62x51 is overkill. 5.56 has more abundant ammo but the guns are more expensive even at their cheapest, and even then getting the cheapest 5.56 doesn't mean it would be as good as an SKS. The SKS makes more sense for a cheaper starter gun because then you have a decent gun, the time until you can afford an objectively better 5.56 isn't so pressing.
Pistol Caliber Carbines tell me about them what's some suggestions on the good ones

(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948 [Reply] [Last]
Post about drawing and painting and related
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(1.25 MB 1000x2375 Justice League.jpg)
(315.35 KB 1050x825 Makoto Makimura-1.jpg)
Drew a portrait of gf as a gift for her birthday today, the girl was ecstatic. I know that the portrait is muddy because I still struggle with brushwork and use too soft brushes.
(329.04 KB 1026x703 1574393198568.png)
(41.29 KB 675x480 anime face.png)
'nime face
(146.55 KB 736x947 1593646384707.jpg)
(138.67 KB 736x1070 1593646457740.jpg)
(399.86 KB 1490x2048 1593646524644.jpg)
Hand guides
I drew Helltaker porn fanart (it's a very short puzzle/bullet hell game where you assemble a harem full of demon girls, you can download it FOR FREE on Steam) and got a couple of people curious whether I will make more Helltaker stuff, which I was going to make anyway because Helltaker is the biggest albeit declining trend in the West right now. I also colored it using ONLY lasso and [b]gradient tool[/b], which is a bit surprising for me, I did not know you can make coloring this good and fast with simple gradients. It was the most useful day of my life because I also learned how to make the character's full white eyes shine and I now know that with Gaussian blur the quality of your line art will reach the heavens.
>>11015 okay thanks

(107.70 KB 284x318 reckful.png)
RIP reckful Anonymous Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 11:45:11 No. 11139 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-53277733 Byron "Reckful" Bernstein was one of the esports legends, one of the greatest World of Warcraft players and streamers of all time. Struggled with depression and committed suicide. PRESS F to pay respects
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>>11501 No there is just a bigger spotlight on depression on the internet than IRL, not necessarily more depressed people are online than not.
>>11501 I was recently discussing how systems western capitalist society exacerbate and pathologize mental illness. Either by creating a pathology for behavior that is threatening or ill-suited to social/state/capital norms (eg ADHD, "oppositional defiant disorder") or by creating shit life-values that make us never happy and and isolate us from our support networks. Not saying that mental illness is made up but capitalism and aspects of modern technology are explicitly making it much worse. So ya pretty much we are all getting a lot more depressed. My friend I was discussing with recommended this essay to me- haven't read it yet, they have a much better handle on academic writing than I do. https://www.uib.no/sites/w3.uib.no/files/attachments/ann_cvetkovich.introduction.depression.a_public_feeling.pdf
So who the fuck was this guy and why should I care?
>>11515 checked
>>11506 I agree. Maybe we should have a topic about depression on here? I dunno.

Podcasts Anonymous Comrade 07/04/2020 (Sat) 14:27:37 No. 11190 [Reply] [Last]
Any thoughts on the current podcast on russian revolution by Mike Duncan? (https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/) Any other interesting podcasts to listen to?
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>Any thoughts on the current podcast on russian revolution by Mike Duncan? (https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/) Sounds interesting. I might give it a listen. >Any other interesting podcasts to listen to? Both have been talked about and recommended on /leftypol/ a ton, but: Moderate Rebels -- Good anti-imperialist pod by the Grayzone guys Cumtown -- Funny (Stav is fat, gay and a pedophile) Does anyone know of any good film podcasts that aren't just people talking about the big, new, English language releases and the same old, 80s, cult b-movies? I want something that has a bit more variety with some foreign films and films from the 60s and earlier.
http://generalintellectunit.net/ General Intellect Unit, cybernetic Marxist podcast. They examine "the intersection of Technology, (Left) Politics, and Philosophy". Just found out these guys. They seem interesting.
Am I strange for thinking podcasts are largely boring?
>>11637 They're friend simulators for people who are nofriends such as myself.
>>11580 do they talk about the FOSS movement?

Martial arts thread Anonymous Comrade 06/05/2020 (Fri) 22:46:18 No. 10243 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades let's have a thread for martial arts, combat sports and self defense. Striking, grappling, all styles welcome (except fake ass shit). Let's talk about training, techniques, fights, fighters, etc. Here's a fun fact: One of the many achievements of the soviets was founding their own combat system, sambo, which proved to be extremely effective and is still widely practiced today. Also, Judo orange belt here (AMA if you want)
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>>11188 Nice trips and dubs... somethings fishy about this death TBH.
>>11009 Thanks for the advice. I sort of knew this, but you've put it in a new perspective for me.
>>11009 >>11035 Also putting emotion into your punches helps them increase speed, that's how Tyson was so powerful.
>>11202 >something fishy who would have a motive for murder? Dagestani mobsters or something? Some enemy of Ramzen Kadyrov?
>>11972 Unironically both would have a motive, but more likely he probably had some ailment, the doctors couldn't be assed enough to actually bother confirming WHAT caused the death, and just wrote COVID on the death certificate because it vaguely matched the results. >inb4 that can't happen several doctors have come out about being told by their higher-ups to just write off even a hint of COVID in a recent death as caused by it even if it could have been Pneumonia or cardiac arrest, basically its to rack up the numbers for the hospital budget so that they get more 'funding' and the media gets to fear-monger a bit more to keep people paranoid. Its a big porky mess.

(456.30 KB 1279x1967 1 - hXvd53A.jpg)
(312.33 KB 1279x1967 2 - 99rJC6m.jpg)
(458.43 KB 1279x1967 3 - hRE5bAU.jpg)
Storytime - Superman Red Son Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 3352 [Reply] [Last]
What if instead of landing in the burger heartland, Kal-El landed in the middle of the Soviet Union? What if instead of Ma and Pa Kent, the man of steel was raised by the other man of steel?

In light of this thread >>>/leftypol/164364 I think it's time to storytime Superman Red Son. It's about 150 pages total, over 3 parts.
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>>11536 >Darkseid being in any way hurt by robots Either he's being nerfed or those drones are fucking insane.
kek, just found out this existed. So the movie is 100% bourgeois propaganda? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpg2wnVisCk
>>3374 >Anarcho-kulak Batman. I don’t think Batman in that comic has ever showed himself being anarchist or espoused any anarchist ideals. Most of his motivations is revenge alone and he acts like any other dime a dozen gusano “colour revolutionary” that liberals like the author love so much. He even get funded by imperialist Luthor, something true anarchists would never do. This incarnation is just as much of an insult towards anarchism as V from the Wachowsky movie. Btw have you read the authority run by Millar, same idealist liberal shit where they crush the G7 corporations but only replacing the with more woke corporations. >>11536 >>11633 It’s Nu-52 supes. It’s shit.
>>11962 >something true anarchists would never do lel
>>11962 not to mention Batman's main enemy is the Joker who is the ultimate nihilist fedora edgelord

(153.40 KB 250x291 250px-Rick_and_Morty_season_1.png)
How does Leftypol feel about Rick and Morty? Anonymous Comrade 06/08/2020 (Mon) 18:18:10 No. 10321 [Reply] [Last]
Tbh I liked it at first but imo Rick is too much of an unlikable sociopath, Jerry is too pathetic, the show comes off as simultaneously too self-important and too mocking of its fans who overrate it. Nonetheless it's overrated with absolutely autistic fans, and the whole sechzuan debacle, my God....
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>>10332 this tbqh. It's like American Dad! or South Park: a so-so show with some funny moments.
>>10714 American Dad was absolutely based and the only one of the three that made me laugh out loud in recent years. Honorable mention to Bojack for making me feel like utter shit
(341.89 KB 765x1225 EamGmX9XgAgkW4_.jpeg)
>>10321 I liked the first season, but the second was so meh that I stopped watching it. Rick felt like an updated version of a drunken Homer Simpson, with that cynical Gen X humor (even though he's supposed to be smart.) So the first season felt like watching the Simpsons again, before the Simpsons stopped being funny. I think that's why the show had so much appeal. I can't name any other current cartoons that fit the Sinpsons animated sitcom niche so closely.
Flashgitz did a good parody sketch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1kQYlBR0jo
Is President Morty supposed to be a communist?

(1001.82 KB 1254x1080 ascension-chakra[1].jpg)
Meditation Anonymous Comrade 06/08/2020 (Mon) 22:37:24 No. 10331 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAVPDYhW_nw Does anyone have any experience with meditation or mindfulness? Ive been seeing it again and again and it *supposedly, i havent checked myself** studies show it can help you focus better and reduce overstimulation from the outside world. As someone who has struggled my entire life being overstimulated by everything, and who has felt my anxiety increase and my ability to focus drop over the past few years, I wonder if i should try meditating. Leaving aside all of the spiritual aspects, and leaving aside all of the stemlord objections, are there tangible benefits? Did anyone try? How do i properly do it? For how long? Thank you.
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>>10353 Based buddhist anon. I am still appreciative of your answers the other day.
>>11560 Noice.
(5.23 KB 248x204 brainscan2.jpeg)
Well lets see meditation praxis in one form or another has been around for at least a few thousand years. And it hasn't caught on, so probably not. The scientific evidence where people got brain scanned shows that it definitely has beneficial effects, but it takes about 10 years of 2h+/day to get proficient enough to really make a difference. I would say changing your environment to fix root causes of your suffering is more cost effective than trying to change your brain. If you get rid of capitalism and the inherent wealth inequality, you probably won't need meditation any-more.
Letting you know that there is a Lucid Dreaming thread that has meditation guides
>>11931 Thanks


no cookies?