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(441.96 KB 983x983 alunya salute.png)
Welcome to /hobby/, plus mod feedback thread! Comrade Board volunteer 10/23/2019 (Wed) 16:57:58 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone, and welcome to /hobby/! This topic will serve as an introduction as well as the mod feedback area. I know that some people were not on board with our decision to merge the boards, but please give it a chance and hopefully you will find it to be as comfy as where you used to hang out, but with more population. In addition, Comrade King has kindly volunteered to migrate over all the topics that have had activity in the last few weeks so you can continue your conversations.

However, I want to stress that this board should be treated as a clean slate and you should make use of the freedom that it allows. In this space feel free to make topics about any kind of hobby, entertainment, passtime, interest or vocation. These topics don't have to be related to leftism, though of course you should feel free to do so if you would like. Overall, this board is intended to give refugees of 8chan somewhere to post about their favourite interests without having to go into whatever new skinhead-infested DoD honeypot is created to replace it. An example of the kind of topic that might be encouraged is to start a topic discussing your favourite workout routines or recipes, or discussing an interesting movie that has recently been released. We would encourage people to put effort into their OPs however, as one line shitposts might be more comfortable on /GET/.

As we have merged other boards in order to create /hobby/, we would like to remind all users that it is possible for more boards to be created in future out of /hobby/ if they demonstrate a good user count/post volume such that they would be able to support a board on their own.

Overall, the moderation standards here are similar to the ones on /leftypol/, and I have included their manifesto for reference, with the exception that posts do not have to have a political slant or basis. I hope you will all enjoy this board together and that we can have some good conversations.
Edited last time by caballo on 10/23/2019 (Wed) 16:58:51.
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Press the nine tiles button on he top right to see all threads
Is there a thread for making visual editing requests? I looked thru catalog but couldn't find one. Anyway I guess this is the right board for that stuff right?
>>4941 Could you explain a little more what you mean? Sound like the OC thread would be a good place for that.
>>4941 Yes I would use the OC thread for that. Though be considerate and don't spam requests too much.

Game Design Comrade 10/02/2019 (Wed) 02:04:33 No. 256 [Reply] [Last]
Aren't video games a most perfect realization of the spectacle? I fail to think of anything which has made a "concrete inversion of life" so effectively as video games. More than this it seems to exhaust all who play them of the tribulations of life there by converting them into the most significant population of last men to date. Recognizing this it follows that video games are only useful to the extent to which we can make games capable of waking their viewer to the theft of their life by the bourgeoisie, both in terms of surplus value extraction, and in terms of the spectacle.

It's entirely possible that many here could team up to make a game capable of waking its viewers to the theft of their life by the bourgeoisie, both in terms of surplus value extraction, and in terms of the spectacle. While making a quality 3D game is much more challenging it is possible to get good results with GPL engines as that screen shot shows. Even if nothing else it is a productive direction for leftists with this affliction to pursue, and on a personal level resist the spectacle and alienation.

Any ideas for plot or mechanics of a game of this sort?
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If you have any sort of plot idea, ask yourself: Wouldn't this work out better in a comic or written story or movie? The answer is almost always yes. So as long as you don't have an idea for a message told through game mechanics, you shouldn't bother. The stuff in good games that somewhat resembles story telling in movies is only built on top of mechanics. Mechanics first. "Story" in a game is usually a not entirely coherent hodgepodge of metaphors thrown together to communicate mechanics. Where mechanics and story/realism get into conflict, mechanics usually have priority.

The topic is capitalism, the relevant game mechanic is the prisoner's dilemma. Now go build something around that.
>Give up then. I don't get why people who are not interested in playing games want to be part of it's design.
I didn't really as I said I'm a programmer, I simply going to help individuals here who would presumably have a idea of a game that might implement the type of thing I was describing. I was really only interested in the project at all because as I mentioned I thought it might encourage individuals who traditionally don't contribute to the movement to do so. Considering the only response has been >>405 excluding the bad actor and based on some past experiences I guess I should at this point assume that organizing collective action over a imageboard is not viable. Perhaps if I had a more definitive plan and a repo I could recruit developers, testers, and designers from here, but I have my doubts. I could do this on my own by I have plans for other actions which might be more impactful.

>So as long as you don't have an idea for a message told through game mechanics, you shouldn't bother. The stuff in good games that somewhat resembles story telling in movies is only built on top of mechanics. Mechanics first. "Story" in a game is usually a not entirely coherent hodgepodge of metaphors thrown together to communicate mechanics. Where mechanics and story/realism get into conflict, mechanics usually have priority.
Why not just have great mechanics and a great story, and have them not interfere with one another. It doesn't sound unreasonable.

>The topic is capitalism, the relevant game mechanic is the prisoner's dilemma. Now go build something around that.
Maybe it's just me but the prisoners dilemma seems a bit too simplistic to be a solid mechanic for a game. Also I'm not sure in what way it would inspire a critique of capitalism.
Again, you have never played a game. Why do you want to make games?
You remind me of that Russian joke, where a guy wanted to become a writer, despite not being able to read.
>Again, you have never played a game. Why do you want to make games?
>I didn't really as I said I'm a programmer, I simply going to help individuals here who would presumably have a idea of a game that might implement the type of thing I was describing. I was really only interested in the project at all because as I mentioned I thought it might encourage individuals who traditionally don't contribute to the movement to do so.
>>259 That could be an interesting idea, It could work for a puzzle game where you encourage players to create puzzles for other players to solve , and you could have achievements for both creating and solving puzzles.

(129.36 KB 1024x629 fzwq934d9maz.jpg)
MilTech: Soviet Military Technology Anonymous Comrade 01/04/2020 (Sat) 04:07:11 No. 4949 [Reply] [Last]
Haven't seen this thread revived anywhere so I thought I'd bring it back myself ITT: Discussions about stats of Soviet military hardware, tactics etc. Not strictly limited to Soviet stuff despite name.
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*opens Jane's warships 1908* Lemme tell you about how the french built French pre-dreadnoughts after the HMS Dreadnought had already outmoded them 2 years earlier
(293.17 KB 1200x900 frogs.jpg)
>>5378 The French are notorious for spending shit tons of money on useless outdated garbage. Most notable is their tank force. During the period from 1933-1939 France was renowned for having the "best" armoured force in the world, its tanks were on paper simply the best, the Infantry tank Char B1 was the best and most numerous heavy tank in Europe, its size also meant that it carried a two-way radio. Supplementing this was the Sa35, regarded as the best tank in the entire world, mostly due to its very good 47mm gun combined with its good armour and mobility, it was the best all-around tank, and the pinnacle of pre-war medium tank design that mid-war medium tanks would try and embody and would be furthered by MBTs. The problem with the French tanks is that although they were the best on paper, the French lacked any real practical experience in designing them. As a result French tanks were complete rubbish in an actual battle. Their guns, although very good, were slow to reload due to ALL french tanks having one man turrets, this meant that the commander was also the radio operator, the loader, and the gunner and could do none of those very well. As well French tanks had terrible off-road suspension, small ground clearance, and awkward hull shapes that tended to get them stuck in ditches or tip over on sharp inclines. As well they lacked radios beyond the B1, meaning that French tanks had to often communicate using signal flags or morse lamp. The Germans by 1939 were almost the complete opposite, their tanks were on paper dreadful, they were heavier, slower, and more lightly armed than the Allies's counterparts, with the best in service gun being the 3.7cm on the Panzer IIIs and Panzer 35(t)s/38(t)s with the 5cm universal gun being too expensive too see production at the time. However the Germans had built their tanks in cooperation with the Soviets and as such had extensive field experience with tanks, leading both the Soviets and Germans to prioritize ergonomics, off-road maneuverability, communication, and ruggedness. This meant that German tanks had 5 crewmen per tank compared to the French's 2-3. As well the brand new suspension created by Porsche allowed German tanks to travel over rough ground over large distances without needing replacement, something that French tanks found impossible due to their fragile suspension and low ground clearance. In 1940 France had 1240 "modern" tanks at its disposal with around 2000 slightly outdated tanks that could still pierce the armour of any German tank, while the German could muster only 570 modern tanks after Poland and 600 Czech models, bringing their practical strength to around 1100 tanks, the Panzer IIs and Is being redundant. However in reality the Germans had more tanks, entirely due to how divisional organization worked in both armies. In France tanks were not their own separate force, but integrated into the various arms of the army. Infantry and Cavalry tanks were not just monikers but quite literal descriptors, they were part of the Infantry and Calvary corps respectively. And they were in every single French division in the entire French army, working the same as any artillery or support division. In effect the French could muster anywhere from 20-80 tanks per division, with an experimental "Heavy" tank division mustering 200 tanks with 100 Char B1s, but only 2 of these every existed. What this meant was that the French, despite having more tanks than the Germans, were always outnumbered tanks wise. The Germans had concentrated their tanks into independent Panzer Corps, with supporting infantry and integrated aerial support to make up for heavy artillery, they were basically their own micro-army that could meet and overtake any opposing equivalent force with focus being on staying mobile. This meant that the Germans had 200 tanks per division against France's max 80 tanks per division, the French would have had to field at least 3 division for every German division, while more often they would have had to field, and coordinate 5 division to properly outmatch a single German division, and given the French's terrible communication system meant that was nearly impossible.
>>5383 Isn't that a copy+paste from the old thread? Cause I'm pretty sure I remember making that one lol.
is it true that soviets only got to space because of nazi rocket technology
>>5465 This is proven false by just a simple google search. Before ww2 the basis for multistage rockets and space flight has already been planned out by Tsiolkovsky and Korolev with even a few working prototypes in the GIRD series and later project 05 in 1933 pioneered by the same guy that designed Sputnik. On the whole Nazi science myth is pretty much a meme made of by Cold War warriors with not much evidence behind it. The R-1 was a V-2 but the rest of the designs look NOTHING like projected nazi rocket designs. The USA got almost all Nazi rocket scientists and tech from Peenmunde such as the nazi-sympathizing Wernher von Braun. The USSR got what were essentially lab assistants in the rocket science area.

(466.18 KB 1500x962 one-acre-farm.jpg)
/survival/ - Survivalism, Preparedness & Cost-cutting Anonymous Comrade 01/13/2020 (Mon) 20:48:34 No. 5280 [Reply] [Last]
ITT post practical survival, self-sustenance and cost-cutting tips, not utterly useless political/macroeconomic/philosophical theory (that you will never be able to implement anyway because you are just plebeian on the internet, not part of the ruling class) and whining that you see on /leftypol/ The target audience can range from scavenging hobos to minimum wagers to landowners with no mortgages.
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If you want to make a salad you must first implement a 5 year economic plan
>>5283 I'm better off so I can actually buy meat, but I know a lot of my friends suck at buying food from stores. Some tips: - Canned stuff is very expensive if you can make it yourself. Dried beans, chickpeas, lentils last a long time. When they get small insects, you can still cook and eat them no problem. - Beef, read meat is very expensive. Always avoid. - Chicken and pork is the way to go for meat protein. You want to get the fattiest pork at the cheapest price, which depending where you're from, the fattiest is the cheapest. - A lot of vegetables don't last long, you want to really avoid throwing away food. Potatoes last, tomatoes don't. Plan accordingly. - Avoid instant ramen. Shit's not good for you and you're better off cooking something cheaper and more nutritious. - Avoid dishes that are primarily meat, so mix meat with other stuff. Think stir fry, or rice udon, or chickpeas with meat. Space out your meat so it lasts longer. - Fuck milk, that shit spoils too quickly. Probably not that good for you. - On that note, avoid all juices. Pure sugar, expensive, not worth it. - Butter tastes delicious, but burns easily and is expensive compared to other oils. Use wisely. - Buy spices, itll make cooking the same ingredients less boring. - Chickpeas are great. Consider making a shit ton, it takes a full day of soaking in water before putting them to cook. - Lettuce, cabbage and similar vegetables are very low in caloric value but they can also be very cheap and make for good filler to whatever you're cooking. These become ugly rather quick, but they're still good to cook with (unless they're actually rotten). - This might be ridiculously obvious to some, but expiry dates are more like suggestions to watch out. Trust your nose and your sight. Beware of rotten bread.
>>5365 Also, this guy makes really good cooking videos. Really simple, no bullshit, proletarian cooking videos. Although he keeps bullshit to the minimum, he still manages to make them entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/user/ltdan1504 He won't show you how to make fancy shit you can't even find the ingredients for. Anyways, highly recommended.
(6.42 KB 251x251 1428344282497.jpg)
>>5367 >Channel Trailer: "That guy who said avocado toast is pricing millennials out of homes was right actually."

(125.57 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
cringe anti communist songs. Anonymous Comrade 01/17/2020 (Fri) 03:32:17 No. 5380 [Reply] [Last]
i'll start with Johnny Wright - Hello Vietnam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNHOFyIaGD8 "We must stop communism in that land Or freedom will start slipping through our hands"
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>>5397 >With the largest pool of natural resources and an agriculture completely mechanized the poor american snowflake thinks he's gonna starve. It tells you something about the burger.
>>5380 Here’s one from my country. The anthem of Viet gusanos. https://youtu.be/bxRUaJrsEiQ Hilariously enough the song was originally composed by a communist in the 1930s for the Vietminh but then was stolen (with a few word changes to the lyrics) by the Southern puppets as their anthem. Gusanos still use it to this day and always get pissed when people point this out to them. To the point that they continue to try and change Wikipedia articles on the song to say that the composer made the song before he’s a communist when this is objectively false on every account and never sourced (aside from the glowie US anthem database). Here’s the original lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCltPtbEY4g
>>5397 lmao the bit about selling plasma is pure projection. remember in the late stage thread those capitalist advertisments saying "wanna pay off your student debt? sell plasma" or some shit?
>>5417 >they continue to try and change Wikipedia articles isn't this common with gusanos? i recall someone saying there is some polish dude (not a gusano, but this is just a similar example) who barred editing on certain threads about communism. either that, or it was an ARVN fag i can't remember exactly.
>>5467 Extremely so with Viet gusanos. Being the second most salty bunch about the revolution (only behind Miami Cubans), they get triggered constantly about anything remotely related The communist party. Even try to attack a household for simply using the current flag or having HCM on the altar. Cringe alert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjIHe5VSHc4 On the whole Wikipedia shit, most articles on the death toll of the war, the NLF (they insisted on calling them the derogatory name of Vietcong), HCM or the multiple made up massacres supposedly committed by the NLF are barred from editing by a bunch of gusanos even when new numbers and data on the war surfaces.

(309.26 KB 943x521 Darkest Hour.jpg)
/leftygsg/ Comrade 08/22/2019 (Thu) 06:25:11 No. 324 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussing grand strategy and similar games
Should 4X games be allowed in as well?

Also posting a link to Napoleon's Legacy, one of the few good things to come out of /gsg/:
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>>5436 I got Hitler. Well at least I’m not a ptsd ridden vegan like
>>5436 Took it & got Stalin. Interesting.
>>5346 Yeah, funny thing is that they could've kept Speer being a "reformist" (For lack of a better term) but have him do it because he believes it'll be easier for the Reich to manage their imperialist ambitions >>5343 >But sure do need some addons to remove your normal plebbit enlightened centrist content. Agreed, personally one submod for it I am definirely waiting for is one that'll dsiable the use of nuclear weapons >Chinese Dengoids Wait, what?
(11.94 KB 356x130 spanish anarchist tree.jpeg)
(121.60 KB 1080x1675 IMG_20200120_001816.jpg)
>>5436 Putingang gang

(281.46 KB 768x636 1551447017906-946386620.jpg)
Fiction so subversive you aren't allowed to read it Anonymous Comrade 01/18/2020 (Sat) 08:34:54 No. 5419 [Reply] [Last]
http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/fall_01_20/ Here's the remanents of one Anybody got a copy? What other fiction out there is too subversive for us proles to dare read?
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>>5419 The communist manifesto.
>>5457 >communist manifesto >fiction
>>5419 While not openly banned the Iron Heel and The Abyss are Jack London books purposely omitted from public mention outside of serious biographical works.
Venned Denmates >>5125

(82.55 KB 500x500 n8 just yiff already.png)
/furry/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:06:18 No. 1220 [Reply] [Last]
Yep, we back at it again.

Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.

I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
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(86.33 KB 294x441 cards001.PNG)
>>5416 that's a little rude to assume i'd drink horse cum or know anything about it i'm not that depraved i do like furries though
>>5446 Tomoko I've been chatting with you for a long time now both on leftytrash and leftyb. I remember you clearly telling me why drinking horse jizz acts as an anti-testosterone dose due to how it digests.
>>5446 >i'm not that depraved Fattest lie I've ever heard.
>>5455 Holy shit someone actually saved my screencap of Tomoko's boomer cocksucking fetish post LOL. But enough bullying Tomoko.
(643.20 KB 680x640 laughing furwhores.png)
>>5446 >he doesn't drink horse cum

(1.71 MB AmazonBlimp.mp4)
Dystopian Sci-Fimovies Anonymous Comrade 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:06:13 No. 5426 [Reply] [Last]
What are some good dystopian sic-di movies.
3 posts omitted.
>>5428 >>5430 I thought it was quite good, if a bit predictable through Chekhov's guns. The only problem is that ideologically the movie is closer to idealist revolutionaries like Sayyid Qutb / orthodox anarchists (the "hero of the crowd" type ones) than with more materialist socialism. Also isn't Brazil basically a piece of neoliberal propaganda (muh road to serfdom / muh ebil civil servants coming for our freedums / muh dysfunctional byzantine bureaucracy)?
>>5445 Brazil is a satirical view on bureaucracy and "authoritarianism" that stems from it. I mean, going to prison for not submitting a form or not doing it properly is not far from our current reality. It's Foucaultian if anything, systems of control and all that. It was also a criticism of consumerist culture. I saw it a long time ago, so I might be wrong.
(84.38 KB 672x960 american healthcare.jpg)
They Live is a classic
(102.05 KB 1000x691 1984-1000x691.jpg)
(78.56 KB 1440x900 ideas are bulletproof.jpg)
Obviously 1984 with John Hurt People also like V for Vendetta, though I found it somewhat mediocre. However I did enjoy this meme from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fldAYNmA6Q
>>5452 >split second of DDR flag TOP JEJ

(8.43 KB 739x169 PSO2 alphabet.png)
Generic advice for learning a European language Comrade 09/04/2019 (Wed) 14:36:48 No. 187 [Reply] [Last]
Before you learn anything else, learn how the various letter combinations are usually pronounced. For example, in English -tion is pronounced like shn for some reason, and in German it's pronounced like -tsyon. German sp is pronounced like the shp in hashpipe, and there are many other regular patterns like that. Autistically drill down this stuff BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE (I know I repeat myself).
>B-but anon, I can open any book introducing a language and it starts with a bit of that
I DON'T MEAN JUST A BIT. Try to get to the point where you can read something without an accent while you still don't have the faintest idea what the text is even about, reading it like a native when he encounters words he does not know and just follows the most usual pronunciation patterns of his language.

Suppose you don't do that, how do you learn the spelling and pronunciation of a word then? It will take much longer since it will seem to you like there's a big arbitrary element in the way the words are written – meaning a ton of rote memorization – and only after a lot of memorizing work will the regular patterns slowly reveal themselves. But if you start with drilling the regular patterns, the part of the writing system that looks arbitrary to you will be much smaller. It will be much easier then to guess how something is written just by hearing and it will be much easier to remember words.
42 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>5098 You're welcome
For those learning the vocabulary of a European language who already speak another European language, I think it's useful to know that many words translate along certain patterns. For example, many words starting with a d in English have a corresponding word in German starting with a t. Also, thd and tz for many pairs English → German. Knowing about these patterns and trying to come up with the right word in the language you are learning just going by the feel of it is a lousy strategy, but the pattern knowledge certainly helps when reading in the new language and guessing what a word means in your native language. Perhaps learning vocabulary as sets of words that shift following the same pattern has its advantages as well.
I'm 21 and an idiot American. Is it too late for me to learn something like German?
>>5382 It's never too late.
In the late 90s and early aughts, there were two or three iterations of You Don't Know Jack in German that were pretty good. Might be useful for becoming fluent in German. (A similar quiz game is "Weisse Bescheid" from 2007, though I can't vouch for the quality of that.)


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