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(512.30 KB 3102x1788 Crochet.jpg)
How do I crochet Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 03:18:24 No. 3337 [Reply] [Last]
I heard this was a hobby board and I want to get started crocheting.
What supplies do I need?
Where can I find tutorials or guides on crocheting?
Is it possible to crochet a person as a beginner.
Get a crochet needle and a ball of yarn. Just get a single needle that is right for the type of yarn you choose. Watch a few tutorials on youtube. Try to make a few squares until you get a hang of it.

(135.39 KB 602x679 tv.jpg)
/leftypol/ TV Anonymous Comrade 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:46:17 No. 3315 [Reply] [Last]
We can watch stuff together on cytube. The nazis have their own channel, why shouldn't we?


Right now there are prolekult documentaries on, some Soviet kinos, random classics, basically stuff I could find on youtube. But I will be uploading movies as time goes on.

>Why does it take long to upload a movie?
Movies are hosted on google drive. Google has an algorithm that compares the hashes of uploaded videos to hashes of known pirated copies of movies. So public torrent releases that you find on rarbg and tpb get flagged quickly and removed. To avoid this, a downloaded movie has to be transcoded (I only have a 4c/4t ryzen 3200g). The movie is then uploaded to google drive (this is the part that takes the least amount of time) and once it is uploaded Google has to process the video so that it can be streamed/watched (this can take anywhere from an hour to a day).

Feel free to suggest movies and shows you'd like to see and I will slowly add them.

If you register your nick with cytube (no email required, just username and password) I'll make you a mod so that you can adjust the playlist, change movies, etc.
If you wish to upload movies and add them you can!

How to:
>download a movie
>transcode (usually it is enough to just do a two-pass 1:1 transcode and copy the audio)
>upload to google drive
> "Get shareable link" from file
>add to cytube
Free google accounts come with 15gb storage, you can create as many accounts as you want.
You can't make any without a simcard anymore.
Maybe we should watch AVBC together
Yeah a bummer. Even yahoo doesn’t allow it now.
That's ok, I've got loads from before.

(103.33 KB 1200x675 C199tDkXcAEz2i8.jpg)
Comrade 02/17/2017 (Fri) 11:35:44 No. 93 [Reply] [Last]
Where does Bunkerchan stand with pewdiepie?
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>ironic nazi
>cuck-chan user
>makes boring ass, poorly edited videos of just himself talking into a microphone watching a video or playing a cringe game (not labour)
>millionare who made money through little labour of his own
Fuck him
Haven’t even seen any one of his videos. Isn’t his his primary audience in their early teens?
(11.11 KB 480x360 serveimage.jpg)
Imagine having literally millions of early teen girls willing to do anything to get your attention hnnnnnggggggggggg
i mean i would say the medium has always been defined by capital. but when i was young in the nineties represented such a niche interest that they didnt really monitor the ideas.
It's almost all boys lol, you're thinking of Onision (who might be going to jail soon where he belongs)

However PDP should go to gulag too for his Nazi propagandising

(518.15 KB 596x327 SettlersGame.PNG)
This Land Is My Land Anonymous Comrade 12/03/2019 (Tue) 06:55:20 No. 3122 [Reply] [Last]
Settlers: The Game
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I had my eyes on it. I'm surprised it's still in early access, I feel like I watched the trailer for this game like a year ago.
It looks cool, but I'm not touching it until it's out of early access.
every game nowadays looks the same and plays the same
Decided to give this game a go since it's rated quite highly on steam.
Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.

Fucking horrifyingly bad framerate even on lowest settings. The popup is so bad as well, boulders will literally appear and disappear right in front of you.

Dogshit early 2000s AI, literally everything just walks straight forward into walls and rocks.

Fucking dropped squads of soldiers on horseback directly onto my spawnpoint and I got spawnkilled half a dozen times

Melee is the most impotent shit, I've never seen a game like this with such an impotent melee weapon. You will stab somebody 20 times and they will still be alive.

This game doesn't feel like it should even be in early access, it's so fucking unfinished and jank. The entire game feels so fucking incredibly jank it's kind of amazing.
That's sad to hear. It looks like they've made other games so they should know better than to release something unfinished. I wish developers had a more realistic scope for producing polished games.
(850.77 KB 722x738 spacebase.png)
>Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.

You should never buy or play anything that's on early access to begin with, it's a complete scam

(66.62 KB 500x715 alyx_coverart.jpg)
HL VR Anonymous Comrade 11/21/2019 (Thu) 20:31:59 No. 2854 [Reply] [Last]
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I agree they're not very good (definitely overrated), but this looks like a completely cynical cash grab to me, which is a lot worse.
Being as this is a half-life thread, anyone recommend any good mods for HL2, bonus points if they're communist themed
How is it a cash grab? Making a VR half-life is guaranteed to make less money than a normal fps half-life. They made it because it happens to be what some valve devs wanted to make. Their company is run where the individual devs can choose which project they want to work on.
I should clarify I don't mean to defend Valve. They are very greedy with their business practices, but outside of the storefront itself they just make whatever they fancy. I guess they are afforded that luxury when Steam practically prints money.
>How is it a cash grab?
>Their company is run where the individual devs can choose which project they want to work on.
>They are very greedy with their business practices
yeah I'm thinking they want to do things that make money

The VR aspect isn't why I think it's a cashgrab. I think they want to have a killer app for VR, and they revived the Half Life IP as a cash grab to make people actually buy the shit. It's Valve. People would buy whatever game they made. They figured they could make more money by pretending they didn't just let Half Life turn into vaporware.

Seventeen Moments of Spring Anonymous Comrade 11/18/2019 (Mon) 02:52:46 No. 2805 [Reply] [Last]
This Soviet TV series is probably the best TV show ever made. It is pure кино and deeply anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, and anti-USA. It's about a Soviet spy sabotaging peace talks between the OSS and Himmler (to allow the USA and Nazi Germany to team up on the USSR). It was made at the request of the head of the KGB. The tension and drama in this show is outstanding!
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Anyway, thanks for the rec. cheers!
Best thing you can do is make more topics and posts
Sadly don't have much to add about 17 moments of Spring (since everything I know and have on it is in Russian).

I do know of a film called Cross of Iron
It's interesting but still has some anti-soviet tones sadly.
We need to advertise on the other boards or on other chans like 2ch.
really good soviet comedy with english subtitles

(475.37 KB 2400x2400 jucika.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 15:00:48 No. 2935 [Reply] [Last]
jucika thread pls
(1004.57 KB 1017x458 Jucika.png)
100 Ft a hideg lánogos gyere vissza Kádár János
(997.25 KB 1000x450 jucika3.png)

(2.48 MB 1500x847 Citystate .png)
My CityState review Anonymous Comrade 11/30/2019 (Sat) 20:46:47 No. 3091 [Reply] [Last]
This is copypasted from /leftypol/, in case it gets deleted over there for offtopic or whatever.

Hello, I played the game for a good 10 hours (though half of that time I was only half playing and watching YT) so I can report back on how it went.

Overall, the comments that other people made are correct, it is impossible to play the game as a communist. I was of course expecting the abstractions of playing a Neolib citybuilder attempted to model communism, but I wasn't expecting how broken the game's core systems are.

I started out the game but quickly realised that in this game, you can't build a bridge over a river that is more than 1 tile wide. So, I nuked my save and went back to the terraforming stage.

After modifying the map some, I built a tiny little commie hamlet, with all lower class (that's what they're called in this game) trailer parks. I found it kind of funny how lower class residential buildings always have grey wasteland type terrain around them, even when they instantly are building on a fresh green forest, as if their slovenly ways drain the life from the very soil around them and they instantly create a trashpit to live in.

The game's systems are quite oblique, and there's no construction of for example power or water infrastructure, or schools, police, firefighters, so to increase living standards I had to just pop up the sliders in the economy tab for "healthcare" "education" and "security and justice".

Anyway, we quite quickly reached 'Utopian' level living standards, which I was quite happy with, but things didn't seem to be quite working as I would have liked. My answers to the political issues that had been coming through had not exactly endeared me to the upper classes, which I wasn't really expecting, but what I had overlooked was that this game diverges from Simcity 4's mechanics.

You see, in Simcity 4, you have Residential, commercial, and industrial demand, and then each of those has lower, middle, and high income demands. So for example, you can have a city with almost all lower and middle income residents but have plenty of fancy high income tech factories and the like.

However, in Citystate, there is only lower, middle, and upper income demand, and commercial and industrial buildings can't grow above the first tier of development without middle and higher income demand. So, if no upper class people want to live in your city, your factories can't grow to higher levels.

This left me a bit stuck for knowing what to do, but things had become even worse, because my open borders policy for the past years had led to a quickly spiralling problem of 'informal settlers'. Essentially, through a combination of factors I didn't really understand, almost all immigrants had settled in slum tiles that popped up rather than in growing my residential tiles to higher levels.

Eventually I noticed that there were even little 'caravan' tiles of a crowd of migrants that would come in from the sides of the map to your city and then create a new slum tile. Apparently, one way to deal with this issue is by building walls or army bases but I didn't do that, obviously. I eventually made a concession to the gravity of the situation and put my immigration policies to neutral, but the damage had already been done, and my city now had about 80,000 slumdwellers, which was more than the entire employed workforce that lived in residential areas. My 'quality of life' meter still read 'utopian', yet the majority of people were unemployed and living in favelas. My city was in a death spiral, and I was now losing a lot of money each month. What could I do?
4 posts and 3 images omitted.
>modern city builders are all trying to do agent simulation which further reduces the population that can be simulated
Is that really fundamental to agent simulation or is it shitty programming?
As I understand it, Simcity 4 had rudimentary agent simulation (people living in houses had jobs which they had to travel to and back through your transport network), and it could run cities of millions of people
I'm sure hacks that give roughly correct impression are possible, especially if the road geometry in a city-game is 90° angles only. You can fix movement patterns between agents in certain ways that you don't even have to do collision detection / collision prevention by AIs for >99.99 % of pairs, because they are logically prevented by the basic patterns of movement. You can have different zoom-levels of agent simulation. With the zoomed-out version the one that really counts in the end and that works in a more aggregated way (say 1 agent representing 100 people), and a more zoomed-in version (with actors literally only becoming visible, and only becoming real, when zooming in on a small part of the map) where you get a very small population of relatively clever AIs acting within boundaries set by the zoomed-out computation and not affecting the zoomed-out computation at all. Eye-candy, basically. You can read up on results from traffic studies, then do a top-down implementation with centrally steered actors roughly mimicking the results of these interactions – simulating the simulation, so to speak.
...well, don't ask me chief, I just like growing pretty skyscrapers.
I've been trying out this game. To repeat what the OP essentially said, the game operates on capitalist logic and actually trying to play the as any kind of communist simply does not work. It grows for a while, but after you run out of natural resources you're really just fucked. It might work if farmlands weren't so pitiful, but they don't employ hardly anybody and they produce pennies.

(165.39 KB 400x383 steam_slavery.gif)
Comrade 09/21/2019 (Sat) 23:47:50 No. 903 [Reply] [Last]
Steam and possibly other online digital distribution stores will be forced to let you resell games you buy from them if EU wins court case.


Would this be a win for socialism, komrades?
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>The theft of surplus value by the bourgeoisie does not making stealing products of worker labor less theft.
Yes it does. If you steal back from what was stolen from (people like) you, it's definitely less theft than if you stole something you have no claim to.
>There are cases where the ends justify the means, but there is no end in this action.
Obtaining the stolen thing is an end.
>There is especially no end considering the saved money from not purchasing the spectacle is simply going to be spent on some other commodity by workers who have their surplus value extracted, and that ethical consumption doesn't really do anything anyway.
Except that by getting something for free, you are able to get more things in total. How did you miss that?
By getting something without paying for it, you hurt the profitability of the business and hasten the falling rate of profit.
>Be disciplined, don't rationalize action you would do anyway on some unrelated principle.
Alternatively, form an understanding of as much of the context of your actions as possible, so your awareness of your impact as an economic actor can influence your behavior. As a general rule. You can and should also apply this to organizing and the like.
>Yes it does. If you steal back from what was stolen from (people like) you, it's definitely less theft than if you stole something you have no claim to.
The product was not stolen though, only the surplus value of the workers who created it, who (presumably) aren't you. If you stole surplus value and distributed that to the people it was stolen from that would be just, but that's not what you're doing. You might as well steal your neighbors tractor because they didn't pay someone else the full amount to rebuild it.

>Obtaining the stolen thing is an end.
When people say "the ends justify the means" they mean that from a moral perspective a negative action is justified by some positive outcome. Your consumption of the spectacle is not a moral end.

>Except that by getting something for free, you are able to get more things in total. How did you miss that?
Once again "end" is referring to some moral outcome, "getting more things" is not a moral outcome. Just like stealing the rims off some grannies car and getting "more rims" isn't a moral outcome.

>By getting something without paying for it, you hurt the profitability of the business and hasten the falling rate of profit.
You're redirecting profit from one industry to another because you're spending your funds anyway, capital will simply be reallocated to those industries which are making more profits on account of you spending the same amount of your wage on different things.

This probably isn't worth my time though, feel free to destroy all my points here, and that's what passers by will remember about this thread. I am unlikely to respond.
I liked your posts, obviously most who know how to pirate do but pretending that you being selfish is some altruistic revolutionary act is like anarchists who think they are helping the working class by having drug fueled orgies in their squats.
Um excuse me how is spreading HIV not a revolutionary act aimed at overthrowing the capitalists system and the hierarchy of healty hetero normative cis men?

You sound like a reactionary.
"Resellable virtual games" reinforces the idea that games are scarce objects with a physical existence, and are actual commodities. Thus reinforcing the idea of intellectual property.

Also, it makes gamers angry at capitalism, and this ruling will put a break on such sentiment, making it anti-accelerationist.

(45.14 KB 1280x720 opm.jpg)
bill burr on OPM Anonymous Comrade 11/25/2019 (Mon) 00:06:50 No. 2964 [Reply] [Last]

what does /hobby/ think of comedian Bill Burr's interpretation of "One Punch Man"?
Damn that was nice, was not expecting such a nice anti corporate analysis. I was probably the guy who just got fucking high and watched this bald headed dude punch half a crab in the face and watched it explode.
Bill Burr is basically stereotypical working class burger masculinity. His success in comedy and podcasting has given him some more bourgeois values, but for the most part he does a good job of maintaining a sense of what it's like to be a regular guy, and he's sharp enough to do inject social commentary. Some of his bits are simplistic "wew look at these triggered libs" but that's mostly bait to get drones to watch him when he makes more complicated points.
Wow, I didn't even consider his analysis of the crab or the mosquito lady and I've gone through the show and manga 4 or 5 times. In the case of the blood sucking whore it is pretty obvious in hindsight.


no cookies?