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(173.13 KB 1346x342 Filteries.PNG)
Filteries Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 02:22:23 No. 2725 [Reply] [Last]
Political and Economic simulator. Just for fun. Post your results.
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>>2725 WTF is this idiocity? > Inheritance tax 100-100% > Sectors: publicly owned 100% > ???? > Economic system: Market Socialism
(249.65 KB 1520x648 Capture.png)
>>4669 If people buy stuff from the government with money and production is based on what sells, then you are basically talking about one big monopoly conglomerate that is also the government. It's kind of right but highlights that Filteries has other problems, like not accounting for the mode of production.
(8.36 KB 238x211 download (7).png)
>be me >get Egoist Anarchism Sounds about right.
>>4679 >>4669 (me) was just the tip of the iceberg. I wanted to make a governmentless society without banks AND money... a sorta AnPrim utopia but with tech. Also i tried to get Posadism but it seems like it's unobtainble in this game.

(38.07 KB 418x300 fallout-2-article_image.jpg)
(72.85 KB 640x640 1525740508234.jpg)
(155.68 KB 1125x1082 zkb6wuj3ana21.jpg)
Oldout thread Anonymous Comrade 10/24/2019 (Thu) 23:05:16 No. 1429 [Reply] [Last]
Old Fallout discussion, politics themes in the games and basic dunking on the shallowness of Bethesda's Fallouts.

Fallout 1&2 had some pretty anti-capitalist messages that never showed up in 3&4 methinks and the whole point of the series was shining light overexploitation and human conflict being self-destructing.
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It was only garbage because he didn't detect a flaw in the technology he was using and was too far along in his plan to correct it.
>Hoover dam was supposed to be about the midpoint of the map
Holy shit, what a goddamn waste
>>1436 >Caesar is on the surface a fascist but is really just a Marxist accelerationist who's playing the bad guy just to speed up the NCR's progress towards overthrowing its liberal democracy in order to face a real threat(he literally mentions dialectics and Marx and in the cut content you go to Flagstaff to help a slave revolt at which point Caesar reveals that was his plan all along and then kills himself I know what faction I'm playing as next time I run FNV.
>>1547 On the subject of Arcanum. Playing it makes me realized how ridiculous /pol/‘s view of society are, where sentient creatures still have their nature decided to be some arbitrary bullshit in the case of the orcs in the game and how even as much as they hate to admit it their views stemmed from religious creationism. But it’s still annoying to me how the only quest that deals with this is the quest about stopping the orc rebellion.

Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:42:21 No. 361 [Reply] [Last]
/hobby/, what are your interests besides leftism?
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go sports
>Top interest is Anime I would have expected nothing less.
>>1391 this
>>1813 >Penguins fan Based
>>4705 vidya is actually on top. Which is much worse cause there is some good anime.

(25.82 KB 680x350 98d.jpg)
(3.28 MB 500x288 1570722557915.gif)
(45.24 KB 680x635 d7a.jpg)
Acti-Jizz is already making a sequel to OW Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 10/30/2019 (Wed) 14:21:02 No. 1802 [Reply] [Last]
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It's more like a stand-alone expansion than a new game. It is the same multiplayer with one new mode plus some dumb PvE stuff tacked on. It should have been released as an expansion or free update for the original game, but they got to squeeze more money out of everybody. Fuck Blizzard.

I'd rather Studio FOW did an Overwatch movie.
>TF2 survived Overwatch
Let that sink in for a moment.
The one thing that made no fucking sense to me was how they tried to overhype the game's story even though its genre would make having a good story a nigh impossible task.
Yeah, but TF2 is a free game.
>>1802 >The first fucking thing they made for the game is a concept for microtransaction gear store Kek. Beyond parody.

Joker Comrade 10/14/2019 (Mon) 18:59:34 No. 7 [Reply] [Last]
What are your thoughts on the Joker movie? Could it be considered somehow leftist?
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NYC used to be an industrial city, when offshoring hit in the 70s it was one of the first cities to suffer this prompted the first wave of budget cuts. Late cuts were came from the feds during Regan.
https://www.thewrap.com/joker-director-todd-phillips-rebuffs-criticism-of-dark-tone-we-didnt-make-the-movie-to-push-buttons-exclusive/ >Todd Phillips (Joker's director) : >What’s outstanding to me in this discourse in this movie is how easily the far left can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda. It’s really been eye opening for me. >the far left can sound like the far right Loos like just another centrist to me.
>>4664 Who was far right in the movie? Wayne?
>>4668 I'm not sure but I think Todd Phillips wanted to make the clowns rioters looking both like the far left and the far right.
>>1740 IMO it's a good cautionary tale of what happens if you simply try to react to failing capitalism instead of being proactive with a grounding in analysis. The people were ready to rise up, and the guy who inspired them was just some crazy guy. If you replaced Arthur with someone who had some materialist analysis, the people would presumably follow from that.

(104.85 KB 675x302 thisisreal.png)
Todd has done it again folks Anonymous Comrade 10/24/2019 (Thu) 04:01:49 No. 1311 [Reply] [Last]
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You're naive if you think the next Elder Scrolls won't just be Skyrim with more shit stripped from it with the kill and loot gameplay loop of FO4 and 76.
I predict a 0% chance that it will be as good as Skyrim
(1.92 MB 950x9888 d24.png)
Half-assed attempt at listing the many many lies from Todd NO NO NOT ANOTHER SKYRIM TODD PLEASE
Each installment strips features. Fallout 4 removed skills, so TES6 probably won't have them either. It'll probably play like the mobile TES game.
>>1341 What DLC did you prefer, anon?

Leftypol gaming Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 09:56:54 No. 1816 [Reply] [Last]
What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
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I like Brigador, but I mainly play Zwift. Elite Dangerous gets an occasional look in. Tried Total War: Warhammer as undead and rapidly kerb-stomped the AI.
Been playing Bloodbourne recently, fuck do I hate these things.
Pathetic, they don't even go past the knees. How am I suppose to crossdress while gaming with those things?

(456.30 KB 1279x1967 1 - hXvd53A.jpg)
(312.33 KB 1279x1967 2 - 99rJC6m.jpg)
(458.43 KB 1279x1967 3 - hRE5bAU.jpg)
Storytime - Superman Red Son Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 3352 [Reply] [Last]
What if instead of landing in the burger heartland, Kal-El landed in the middle of the Soviet Union? What if instead of Ma and Pa Kent, the man of steel was raised by the other man of steel?

In light of this thread >>>/leftypol/164364 I think it's time to storytime Superman Red Son. It's about 150 pages total, over 3 parts.
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>Batman is an ancap wet dream
Says who? Batman's class character is inherently porky and his actions are vigilantism see the Batman thread.
>Batman was the most nonsensical and poorly conceived.
Of course this is what a radlib American view of anarchism. They don’t understand it as inherently leftist but just “anarchy=le no rulez no tax!”.
(314.46 KB 1000x1000 batmancap.png)
>disregards the law, acting as vigilante
>has tons of gadgets invented by his military contractor employees (hypocritically dependent on the government)
>war profiteer
>collects child soldiers
>logo is black and yellow
What is class traitor?

(29.63 KB 1148x792 consumer_whore.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/17/2019 (Tue) 10:33:33 No. 3432 [Reply] [Last]
>Entertainment, Education, Technology, etc.
seriously retarded board
What the fuck do you people DO exactly? Sit and think of stalin?
Learning is fun, anon.
Check the catalog lmao
(278.07 KB 462x427 c3c.png)
We're just leaving it open for whatever people want to consider a 'hobby' (ie learning about non leftist things), don't have such a stick in your butt

Fantasy Anonymous Comrade 12/14/2019 (Sat) 01:25:48 No. 3288 [Reply] [Last]
Often when when talking about leftist fiction, it is in relation to speculative science fiction.
I'd like to have a thread to discuss not only fantasy with leftist themes, but fantasy in general.

So, read any good fantasy recently?
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(430.28 KB 972x556 ruski dwarves montage.jpg)
Not that anon, but I think dwarves usually have some kind of clannish guild system with a lot of heavy industry. Tolkien's dwarves were modeled after Jews, and IIRC they have some elements of the kibbutz system.

I did always think of dwarves as more like Russians than the Scots they're mostly portrayed as. Dwarven architecture normally looks reminiscent of brutalism with the raw concrete stone, massive blocky shapes and sharp angles.
(21.12 KB 220x334 MalazanBookOfTheFallen.jpg)
I really like this series. Very insane climaxes and twists, wouldnt call it leftist but there is a nation called letheras that is absolutely a critique of capitalism and imperialism
I read the first 100 or so pages of the first book and found it very hard to follow and the writing a bit pretentious. Shortly after trying Malazan, I tried the first book of the War of Light and Shadow series by Janny Wurts, which is a series people recommend alongside malazan, and I also found it incredibly purple and obnoxious to read.
I find that when people praise the " prose " of a series, it's usually just overly complicated purple horseshit. Simple, direct language is a virtue in writing, which is why I love David Gemmell so much.
The first book can be annoying to read and sludge through, but it picks up afterwards.
The problem is that the book was written after all of this was more or less played out in a type of DnD campaign by the writer, his friend who is also writing about this world and friends of theirs.
So that's why the first book throws you into the middle of the story right away without giving out ANY background.
(245.48 KB 1360x765 Nornickel.jpg)
(63.39 KB 800x564 ZIS3-gun-1943-px800.jpg)
(72.14 KB 600x841 dwarf industry.jpg)
THAT anon here:
>>3425 said it well, they are Largely brother-for-brother in their society and largely function like a giant industrialized/collectivized system reminiscent of Stalin-era USSR.


no cookies?