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(21.71 KB 736x414 notcrying.jpg)
poetry thread Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 22:44:10 No. 5357 [Reply] [Last]
Loyal parents who sacrificed so much for the nation Never feared the ultimate fate. Now that the country has become red, who will be its guardian? Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years. The struggle tires us, and our hair is grey. You and I, old friends, can we just watch our efforts be washed away?
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(53.13 KB 604x604 bee.jpg)
>>10105 Another good poem by this man Молчяние - шит от многих бед А болтовня всегда во вред Язык у Человека мал А сколько жизней он сломал
Reposting >kept getting aggressively recommended to me in ads on Facebook, so I decided to check it out …I have some poem just for you right here, buddy. ''OP waited. The light of his e-cig blinked. There were trolls lurking in the thread. He didn't see them, but had expected them, now for hours. His warnings to the mods were not listened to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. OP was an internet user aged fourteen. When he was younger he watched the threads on imageboards and he said to dad "I want to make the threads, daddy." Dad said "NO! YOU WILL BE BULLIED BY TROLLS!" There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got older he stopped.

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I wrote a book of poetry amazon.com/dp/B08J2R4LD8
Have no real experience with English poetry (apart from trying original Shakespeare once and realizing that the translated version was way better), but I know a bit of Lithuanian poetry. I always loved the first three verses of this 19th century natlib poem that can be effortlessly made to be socialist. Tried to translate it as best as I could: You won't dam the river You won't dam the river, It would flow slowly if left on its own; You won't stop a new rising, Even if to greet it you are afraid. New ideas - not a work of a child: They throw storms and lighting when dammed! You won't the time: Fools can only hinder its works. People, the coming day At least our children will see! Let us break this ancient wall,

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Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 02:47:32 No. 5161 [Reply] [Last]
How did these clearly left wing books become a symbol for ancaps?
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>>16434 He was trying to get laid with the spook honeypot pretending to be his friend. Seriously, look it up, he literally sold out people because he wanted to have some sex before he died.
>>15707 >some rando on twitter fires a spicy take and gets ratioed >"it's literally just loike 1984 look at this tweet bros it is 1984"
>>16493 Ok liberal, stay mad and keep strawmanning >>16490 Wait seriously? LOL
>>16493 the numbers 2 and 4 and 5 are derived from Arabic numerals, which is NOT Western. The idea that 2+2 might not equal 4 because "muh culture" is absolute brainworms and resembles Orwellian propaganda. It's also something consistent with parodies and insane people. If you're getting mad over this being pointed out... you're probably one of them.
(170.76 KB 431x311 really makes us think.png)
>>5207 >anti-white (especially anti-U.S.A.)

(1.71 MB AmazonBlimp.mp4)
Dystopian Sci-Fimovies Anonymous Comrade 01/18/2020 (Sat) 18:06:13 No. 5426 [Reply] [Last]
What are some good dystopian sic-di movies.
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>>13469 >character is a literal cyberpunk Cringe. Sounds like more retarded shonen shit.
>>13780 >Muhhhh Shonen Pretentious pseudo-intellectual blow-hards like you make the Narutard stereotype look mature.
(359.62 KB 1600x883 mechock.png)
The gun you are currently holding is the Aperture Science Anal tunnelling device,ASATD for short.The device is designed to be a portable gel gun used for coating walls with Horse seme-I mean conversion gel. Please cum-I mean continue testing. Try not to Overclock the ba-I mean storage tanks Well done. You have completed this test with flying colors. Please enter the lift so you can come and fuck me-I mean get a physical exam...
cyberpunk died officially in 1995 (when reddit-effect happened) it was trash before that too (even cyberpunk writers say that, that it is a trash, it is just low-life sci-fi)
(24.65 KB 360x384 Avatar combo.jpg)
>>13425 >sequel Given how disappointing and garbage Terminator Dark Fems, Predator (2018) and Alien: Covenant were, I don't hold out much hope on it being good. I'm betting we're getting a BatmanVsSuperman-tier edit where Cameron inserts "Orange Man Bad!!!" into it. >>12521 >>12528 >>13193 >>13418 What I recall is the (hilarious) whole confusion of Avatar and Avatar: The Last Airbender on the internet. The Na'avi World Tree's similarity to The Foggy Swamp tree from ATLA's episode The Swamp (S2E4), didn't help. https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Banyan-grove_tree (Also ATLA thread here >>6738 ) >>13399 Nice dubs. Also Orwell thread (since Orwell is a dystopia writer) is located >>5161 OP didn't make a very good intro, so it drops down the catalog fast.

Music Theory Anonymous Comrade 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:55:48 No. 7411 [Reply] [Last]
I want to understand how you're supposed to play songs on piano. From what I've seen so far, you play the melody with one hand and with the other hand you play the chords, either as full chords or arpeggios. But how do you know which chords you have to play to fit a certain melody? I already know a bit of music theory so I tried figuring it out on my own. I looked up Katyusha on piano to see which chords are played. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gMx_Yiut9w The song is in D minor, and they play the chords in this order: Dmin x3 Amaj 2nd inversion x4 (Db E A) Dmin x 2 Fmaj 1st inv. (C F A) Gmin 1st inv. (D G Bb) Dmin, Gmin 1st inv. , Dmin, Amaj inv. , Dmin. I assume that some chords are inverted so that the transition between them is smoother. They play the same melody on the right hand side throughout the video, but in the beginning they only play the root notes of the chords with their left hand, after that they play the chords in different ways, and then they play the complete triads. And this is my question, how do you know which chord progression fits over a melody?

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>>7719 Nah it's the opposite. Music theory is really quite simple compared to something like math or physics. If they took the time to define terms then everyone would get it and we can't have that. There's gatekeeping in every field but the fact that music theory is really so easy makes it particularly necessary. What technical language are you having a hard time undertstanding? Intervals are the concept you really need to know, because everything else is ultimately based on them. Kinda like what f=ma is to Newtonian physics.
>>7411 > I guess because when a G is played in the melody over the Amaj it forms an Amaj7 which creates more tension. Yes, in minor keys the minor v chord is often made into a major dominant V so there's a leading tone to the resolving root chord. There's a dissonant tritone interval between the 3rd and 7th notes in the major dominant7 chord, which sounds good when resolved. The minor 7th chord doesn't have the same quality of sounding like the end of a phrase, you'd use it for a middle section that doesn't move anywhere. Prince actually called it the Chicken Grease chord because of its slippery, unresolving quality, as used in the D'Angelo funk song of the same name
(1.35 MB 2560x2057 Carnival of the Animals.jpg)
Honestly a good example of musical practise routines being used IRL is Carnival of the Animals, as the entire suit builds up piece by peace with relatively simple patterns that combine into a wonderful cacophony.
Anyone practice Hanon? If not, I highly recommend it for piano players
>>7483 unironically this, just experiment with different chords/progressions until you find something that sounds good. Applying theory is a decent starting point, but it's not going make music for you.

(6.33 KB 300x168 index.jpg)
Drugs Anonymous Comrade 03/30/2020 (Mon) 17:27:37 No. 7601 [Reply] [Last]
How many drugs have you used recreational/medicinally? After listing them out, the numbers make lose all hope in society
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>>15831 A prodrug is a drug that metabolizes into the drug which it is a prodrug to. No, you cannot get a prescription for it, and it is potentially illegal under the analog act, although available on the RC market.
>>15848 MDMA can't be more toxic than alcohol, I'd imagine. I enjoy drinking heavily every weekend if possible. I'd expect MDMA being an improvement over that. I've read that ketamine produces dissosciation and depersonalization. Why would these be nice in the context of a club? Seems like a numbing experience and detachment from the context. I'd again recommend everyone that if they have the means to do so, extract your own DMT or buy it, and stick it in a e-vape. It is a real chill experience with incredible visuals. Lasts like 30 minutes from baseline to baseline.
>>15847 >>15946 I'm in the midwest. Too pussy to grow, though I've researched it. I'm scared of picking because of lookalikes and also idk where to look.
I don't know if anybody else experiences this, but literally every time I take mushrooms I say everything that I'm thinking. Like completely unintentionally I will just narrate out loud everything that goes through my mind, even if no else is listening
>Alcohol When you learn your limits and how to use responsibly, it can be very fun. Can be pretty habit forming for some people though. >Tobacco Complete waste of time. You get a nice 10 minute head rush the first time you do it. And then you keep smoking it, hoping you get that same head rush again. Have no idea why so many people smoke cigarettes. Terrible for you. >Coffee Great way to start your day. One of the safest drugs you can take. Lifts your mood, improves focus, gives you energy, speeds up your metabolism, reduces your risks of certain types of cancer, and can even be good for your hearth health. Very cheap, very difficult to overdose on, but it is habit forming. >Weed Used to smoke a lot of pot back when I was a teenager. Don't do it nearly as much as I used to though. Great way to relax after a hard day of work. Superior alternative to alcohol since its not habit forming, extremely safe, and you cannot die of an overdose. Only drawback is that it shows up most commonly in drug tests. >Kratom At low doses, has a mild stimulating effect. At high doses, has a sedating effect similar to that of painkillers. Satisfies the opoid receptor without being an opiod. Will give you some good clarity and euphoria at the right dose. Very cheap, very safe, but high addiction potential. >K2 / spice / synthetic weed Shitty red-headed stepchild alternative to marijuana. Stick with pot. This bullshit isn't fun to do at all. >Magic Mushrooms / psilocybin Fun stuff. Makes you feel really weird and uncomfortable. Has therapeutic properties for those with mental health issues at lower doses. At high doses you get visuals. Not habit forming. Very safe. Make sure you're in the right environment for it. >4 ho met Very similar body high to magic mushrooms, with stronger visuals. Can be a lotta fun in the right environment. >LSD

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(12.53 KB 195x258 images (2).jpg)
(10.52 KB 197x255 images (3).jpg)
(637.46 KB 1811x2048 5c300eaeea36ff91f897d73a3bfcfe49.jpg)
/ARMY GENERAL/ Anonymous Comrade 09/22/2020 (Tue) 07:43:48 No. 16462 [Reply] [Last]
Any good military parades,books, Doctrines,weapon designs by any socialist country if its army related post it here
There is already a thread on that go see /leftypol/ if you want quike answers
>>16462 Leftypol's thread is poor and full of "muh military anti-communist" faggotry. Besides its more of hobby topic than a political topic.

(3.68 KB 299x168 m.jpg)
leftist music to listen to Anonymous Comrade 02/29/2020 (Sat) 11:55:47 No. 6497 [Reply] [Last]
post your best
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Anyone got anymore chinese stuff? https://youtu.be/iZd_5-RNnDM
Nicolas Jaar - Marks & Angles (full EP) https://youtu.be/IjDSWoQjYfU
>>6497 Try this,it will give you a need to revisit space https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DMoCM_FgLP8

/occult/ Anonymous Comrade 09/09/2020 (Wed) 16:29:15 No. 15967 [Reply] [Last]
Share your knowledge, beliefs and opinions on the occult.
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(1.86 MB 1680x1050 pepewojakurbandestruction.png)
>>16227 (me) Forgot to post the 2nd video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B6yfmeqSxM >>16233 Also, check out "Conspiracy of Silence" here >>16194, a 1994 documentary about the Franklin PreSchool Murder/Satanism/Child Abuse cover up that was supposed to air on the Discovery Channel but was pulled from the air at the last moment (gee, that's not suspicious at all).
(147.25 KB 604x818 AHSJL23WV43GPCQSKDQMPCCUNY.jpg)
(79.70 KB 790x444 59dcd053fc7e93b7668b4573.jpg)
>>16239 We had our own '80s Satanic panic in Blighty, summarised in this review by Wildcat journal in' 91: http://wildcat.international/w15-moral-panics.html Meanwhile... children *were* being abused by people in positions of power, but they weren't part of a Satanic underground. Jimmy Savile, broadcaster and friend of Prince Charles, was helped by mates in the police: <for more than 20 years, serving and retired police officers had been among those attending Savile's so-called Friday Morning Club meetings at his penthouse flat. Dan Davis, "In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile" From the biography it seems he was a macabre character, liked to work in a hospice when he was a kid to be around the dying, wore a ring made from an eyeball stolen from a mortuary, and was maybe even a necrophiliac. But there's nothing in the book about him being a Satanist, or involved in occult groups. Cyril Smith, the Liberal MP was protected as well. But it wasn't as part of a Satanic network. He was allowed to get away with it because he was in a position of power: <There has clearly been a significant problem with deference towards people of public prominence, from the Whips’ offices to the police and prosecutors, although the investigation found no evidence of an organised paedophile network at the heart of government. https://aboutmanchester.co.uk/cyril-smith-was-protected-from-prosecution-in-a-number-of-ways-says-child-sexual-abuse-inquiry/ If you're already powerful and can get away with crimes, why would you need Satanism?
>>16235 >This critical analysis of the archeologist’s report concludes otherwise, that what the archeologist found was actually the filled-in remains of a rural family’s trash pit that pre-dated construction of the school. I knew "Satanic Tunnels under a Daycare" story was bullshit. People who are obsessed with this high level pedophile shit are just ragging narcissists, 99% of all pedophilia happens in you neighborhood and is done by your neighbors. If these people really though pedophilia was the most heinous crime ever they'd do something about all the kiddie diddling going on around them.
>>16342 >If these people really though pedophilia was the most heinous crime ever they'd do something about all the kiddie diddling going on around them. You'd have to actually be aware of that to do anything about it. Are you suggesting people randomly bust into their neighbors' homes to check if there's any pedos afoot?
>>16458 If wanting society to take care of the ill, including people like joker, makes me a leftist then sign me up

/leftyrapbattles/ - Anons BTFO Anonymous Comrade 09/22/2020 (Tue) 03:22:39 No. 16457 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we rap battle each other. I'll start: Bringing the heat to the NEETS at leftypol, Filling up Netanyahu mamas bibihole, Giving these anarkitty hoes the dialectic, Bitches got diamat when they sucked ma dick, Got a million different brands which one are you, I beat your ML ass like you had the China flu, You need to take the tip of the Cockshott, You cybercommies bouta get internet padlocked, Cuz Im Marx's specter Im about to haunt your ass, You a closeted porky about to REE in collapse

(111.98 KB 744x559 dig.jpg)
asceticism Anonymous Comrade 09/07/2020 (Mon) 19:16:44 No. 15837 [Reply] [Last]
Let's discuss asceticism.I am learning to embrace miserabilism ,obscurity,lumpen-ness (however i stay far away from obscenity) i was once,online,said to have CRAWLED out of a hole. I take revel and delight in that,and im honestly thinknig of digging a hole to live in in my backyard. My diet would be potatoes,grown in my own garden,and rain water/dew. my cloth would be a pant made of cheap fabric by myself,and my sleep,limited.
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1) There is a Permaculture thread 2) This kind of depressive stuff is >>>/dead/ content
I was once really into asceticism, or more like stoicism and ancient monasticism. But I came to realization, which was already theoretically obvious to me from the start, that this is just a giant cope for being politically impotent, for the world being shit. The self in this case functions as a safe space into which you retreat from the dystopia in which you actually live. So instead I became a weight-lifting alcoholic shitposter.
Because of a September meme about not fapping (essentially the No Nut November of Latin American, though I'll partake in NNN too) its been the longest since I've not masturbated (21 days). Now for regular situations I limit myself to jerking off at most 4 times a week, though I've found that even with quarantine it's not been that difficult. Have any of you gone a long time without jacking off? How did it affect you?
>>16430 I've tried and there was no effect, neither on psyche/motivation/etc nor on pleasure when jerking off for the first time after. Though I find that jerking off every two days is optimal pleasure-wise. If less than that I'm not maximally horny yet. And if more than that I'm already gettng used to not jerking off and the urge isn't so strong anymore.
>>16403 I'm not OP but why is /dead/ a "secret" board?


no cookies?