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(573.58 KB 1140x500 cyber_security.jpeg)
Privacy general Comrade 05/08/2016 (Sun) 16:12:51 No. 517 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades, we need a thread on privacy. Any decent activist should try ways of staying anonymous on the web and prevent being tracked by governments and corporations.

General tips

* Use free software as much as you can.

* Use GNU/Linux and keep it up-to-date, to be sure that you don't have unpatched security exploits

* Don't use Flash Player, use youtube-dl instead for watching streaming videos online

* Do not use Google, use DuckDuckGo or StartPage instead

* Use a password manager like Keepass or for GNU/Linux users keepassx. Create new passwords for every site that you visit and use a strong password as a master password. A tip for easy remembering of your master password is to use a sentence. "i fucking love cookies and tits!" with extra capital characters etc. is easier to remember than some random characters and long enough to prevent brute force attacks of any kind.

* Use the Tor Browser Bundle if you really want to stay anonymous.


* Go to Preferences -> History and set History to "Never remember history".

* See for additional tweaks: https://github.com/amq/firefox-debloat and https://vikingvpn.com/cybersecurity-wiki/browser-security/guide-hardening-mozilla-firefox-for-privacy-and-security


* Use uBlock Origin for preventing tracking etc. Bonus: use hard-mode to manually whitelist external domains on sites. Don't use uBlock but be sure to use uBlock Origin https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Blocking-mode:-hard-mode

* HTTPS Everywhere

* DecentralEyes: prevents CDN hosting from tracking you (Google for Jquery etc.)

* Self Destructing Cookies: only allow cookies that you choose to allow


* Encrypt your hard drive or home partition at least

* If you use GNU/Linux, you can try to restrict systemd or syslog from logging.

* Use a distribution which takes security seriously. Also, be sure that you don't install a lot of things outside the repository. It will cover most of your needs.

Real life tips

* Pay with cash if you can

Feel free to provide tips to each other comrades!
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You mean activities like posting on different topics on different sites under different pseudonyms and not presenting a full picture of your various interests all bundled in one place, but the point is that it isn't really up to you how much of you shows up online.

Here's the kind of story that happens every day: You are a member of a party. Of course, those members elected to important positions aren't anonymous, but there is no public database of all party members and you like it that way. At a small non-public meeting, a fellow party member takes a photo of you. You politely but firmly ask that person to not publish it. The person promises not to do that. A few minutes later the picture is online (but you don't know that immediately, you only get to know it with a delay, as it makes the rounds. The comrade is an old fart who lives off a pension. You still have most working years ahead of you. This information about you is now online forever. Any neonazi or potential employer can enter your name into a search engine and see that you are in a hard-left party.

There needs to be a cultural shift so that the people around you IRL don't fuck up your life.
It's true, we need a professional and disciplined attitude about security in our organizations. I think that's different from saying we can't have security if our family and co-workers aren't all disciplined.
This is what I get on https://searx.me after a few searches.

It's a shitty website. https://duckduckgo.com/ is superior to https://searx.me
>I get rate limit exceeded after a few searches on https://searx.me
Anyone can host a searx instance, even in your basement, the owners of the main instance put rate limiting to encourage you to host your own (which increases privacy, so long a small community uses it) and to avoid having to pay for it.
I prefer not having to go through the trouble of hosting my own search engine. I want user friendliness, which is exactly what DuckDuckGo gives me. On top of that, DuckDuckGo doesn't censor the results I receive.

Google has censored The Daily Stormer and 8chan, which is disgusting. I hate politically motivated search engines. Search engines should be just what they are: a program that searches the Internet for you for the content you requested.

(11.68 KB 474x308 r5635563456234.jpeg)
Packet sniffing and interception via PAU06 Panda wireless Comrade 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:32:36 No. 510 [Reply] [Last]
So I bought this pandawireless wifi card for packet sniffing.
i managed too get it running and in monitor mode on my computer, but, my machine keeps yelling at me about airmon-ng already being installed under "iw" which is what I used to put my dongle into monitor mode, but, I am not seeing any applications with iw loike airdump that allows me to monitor traffic in the area.

Can anyone help me actually make use of my wifi cards monitor mode?
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[email protected]:~$ airmon-ng

Command 'airmon-ng' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install aircrack-ng

[email protected]~$ sudo apt install aircrack-ng
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Package aircrack-ng is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
However the following packages replace it:

E: Package 'aircrack-ng' has no installation candidate

That's what happens when I try and install airmon.

All I want to do is monitor my network traffic and see who is using my network and what they are doing and, if possible, rate limit people/ deny them service all together.
Lmfao, i'm stupid. My repository needed updating. That being said I still don't know what to do with monitor mode.

crude monitoring capability should be provided by even the most gimped router's http frontend provided by ISPs. if you are serious about regulating your own wireless network, you should get router that allows custom firmware/openwrt from get go. Right now I would suggest you to just go wardriving and find any useful throwaway AP. keep in mind most ISPs of the world use few digits of hexadecimal number as WPA key so bruteforcing them is feasible
Yeah but how exactly do I go about monitoring and analyzing my network traffic?
Switch the card to monitor mode and run airodump on it, you lazy faggot. There's a lab session on their aircrack website about capturing a 4 way WPA-PSK handshake. Try that.

(104.85 KB 837x803 1501117252661.png)
cybersocialist planning poll Comrade 08/11/2019 (Sun) 06:27:35 No. 421 [Reply] [Last]

answer some questions about how you would like the hypothetical open source software to be written.
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Labor time anon here, I am practicing the Rust Actix + Diesel + Yew stack with another project right now, plus schoolwork. It will be a while before I post more progress.
rustanon, whats wrong with the rocket framework? seems more intuitive than actix
(270.29 KB plan_with_AIT.pdf)
Cockshott's plan, also detailed here in this (PDF), is a bit confusing in the sense that hes using a neural net for something non typical. Neural nets under capitalism are typically used for machine learning tasks like classification, regression etc. Wheras he is using it for a very atypical purpose (tractable solution to an LP problem).
As far as I can tell, Rocket and Actix-web have mostly the same layout for projects. Rocket just has a few more nice macros. On the other hand, Actix is much faster at the moment due to having async capability. Rocket says they're implementing the capability right now, but it's not there yet.

(44.67 KB 1200x630 sp.png)
Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 01:31:37 No. 405 [Reply] [Last]


its anonymous browsing (https, post, doesnt data mine) and also you can browse web page results anonymously with a proxy right on the page to btfo your employer and the glowniggers

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Maybe you've seen this one on 8chan's /tech/: https://wiby.me/ Hobby thing by one guy with a very small index. Doesn't even crawl the web, but relies on people submitting pages. The kind of site he likes is noncommercial without javascript and cookieshit.
Qant has a retarded name and picture.
Practically unusable and the lack of crawlers make it even more so. I'll stick with Startpage.
(428.14 KB 1505x595 night theme.png)
I took the Startpage pill the other day after finding out DDG may be less than trustworthy.
Try setting your Startpage theme to Night, I find it really comfy.
Gibiru is another one with no logs. They are run entirely by donations so no ads and no "anonymous" data mining.

Comrade 08/18/2019 (Sun) 13:25:34 No. 40 [Reply] [Last]
Is Red Tide worth playing?

(16.75 KB 474x266 lokinet.jpeg)
Lokinet General Comrade 08/16/2019 (Fri) 07:16:02 No. 398 [Reply] [Last]
I don't know if I am the only person here who knows what lokinet is, but, basically lokinet is an encryption service provider that acts like tor; tor in the sense that it encrypts your packets with multi-layer encryption and bounces them around through a series of relays.

What makes it different is that it also acts like i2p in the sense that it also encrypts the encrypted packets in a secure SSL tunnel while bouncing them around making it truly anonymous.

It's also a decentralized network of relays and nodes of which anyone can spring one up and become a part of and on top of that you can use it as your default DNS provider meaning you can use this network as a vpn with out having to go through shady capitalistic datamines claiming to protect your data.

The down side is it's small right now and not a lot of people use it. It's fast though.

Furthermore, I can't seem to get the relays you need when you try to use lokinet as a VPN to work. I spoke with the staff on their IRC network and they told me the relays are down for those specifically.

I don't know if they ever got them up.

Does anyone else fuck around with lokinet on /tech/?

Here's their IRC:

irc.volatile.bz +6697 or +9999
lolikaastbgo5dtk.onion +6697 or +9999
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(200.13 KB 361x363 1565932421608.png)
No you CAN connect to the outernet which is why it's so amazing, because, it also uses secure tunneling on top of onion routing; all ontop of a decentralized network.

I just can't get the fucking thing to work as my fucking VPN so I can stop sending all my data to a random database.

It's good shit though, anon.
well let us know how it goes
it goes like ass. it wont play nice with my DNS for some fucking reason.
(328.38 KB 1269x738 LokinetExample.png)
So last night they where apparently doing maintenance on the network. It's back up and running now and giving me no issues.

Follow this to get it set up. It's easy:

Next I will be attempting to route my traffic through one of their exit nodes:

(61.24 KB 1280x720 4432563466.jpeg)

Apperently, routing through an exit node is still broken and in an "experemental" phase.

(7.56 KB 283x178 648756887.jpeg)
Comrade 08/13/2019 (Tue) 06:28:04 No. 375 [Reply] [Last]
Setting up zeronet for 08chan is a fucking herculean task of epic proportion.
How the fuck has anyone gotten this piece of shit to fucking function?

I finally managed to figure out in order to post you need to get an ID from zeroID but after I did that it wouldn't post while I was using tor. So I backed my torrc file uninstalled (cause it automatically runs on linux apparently) re-compile zeronet and then I can't make another fucking ID cause it's attached to my IP address. Like what the fuck? So I wait again, and attempt to make a post, after getting my cert, with out tor on and then i'm getting the stupid "Your post is Xbytes > 0" Error.

AFTER SETTING IT UP FOR TOR WHICH WAS ALSO A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. I had to find out the hard way that the apt package, as usual, is fucked.

Ergo, had to compile it.

Literally how in the absolute fuck do you get this fucker to function?
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You can black list the identities that host it.
How do you do that and is it possible to do it preemptively?
(361.73 KB 365x698 leftypol.png)
fuck your cheese pizza shitnet
click their hash.
smells like windows in here.

(310.56 KB 600x400 techcrew.jpg)
(234.67 KB 600x400 techcrew2.jpg)
(249.71 KB 600x400 techcrew3.jpg)
cybermemes Comrade 08/13/2019 (Tue) 08:36:14 No. 384 [Reply] [Last]
some /tech/ memes.
(176.03 KB 600x400 techcrew4.jpg)


no cookies?