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(57.86 KB 1440x900 1300050166_gtaiv3.jpg)
Niko Bellic Appreciation Thread Anonymous Comrade 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:23:21 No. 7416 [Reply] [Last]
Appreciation thread for our favorite ex-Yugo, bowling playing, pussy slaying comrade.
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Isn't Niko kind of a slav equivalent of a gusano? He left his home country to go be a degenerate piece of shit in the US.
>>7477 he was looking to avenge the death of his Balkan village that got genocided. wasn't on vacation
>>7477 He left his country because of war and lack of opportunity to become involved with the Russian mob and only then went to the US. Going to the US and the degeneracy were incidental, plus he clearly dislikes capitalism and can observe and display contempt for the enhanced alienation of the cosmopolitan libs he encounters in Liberty City (which is basically NY)
he's a lumpy, stalin robbed banks too
>>7562 Based. Comrade Bellic will lead the revolution.

(162.03 KB 1280x720 510481118_1280x720.jpg)
Bunker musicians: the thread Anonymous Comrade 03/29/2020 (Sun) 19:17:16 No. 7568 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the people on this site who play instruments for fun or dollars. Talk about your setup, songs you like playing, techniques, performance. Today I'm with my Fender Player Precision tryna figure out some Geddy Lee bass lines.

(70.45 KB 1040x428 Hello There.jpg)
Star Wars Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 21:46:43 No. 7016 [Reply] [Last]
Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you
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>>7278 the Vader scene at the end of Rogue one makes the opening of Episode IV really funny though >we are a ship on a diplomatic mission <that is bullshit you retard I just saw you leave a fucking active battle site
>>7532 In the clone wars tv show a lot of things were revealed that made the CIS more based Like the fact that one of the main reasons they broke off the Republic was cause thsy thought it was runed by core world mega corps , also the fact that unlike using an army of slaves (clones) they used droids to minimize casualties and destruction Another interesting thing is the many millitary traditions of the rebel alliance from CIS officers , to alderan tradition and partisan tactics
Favorite fan edits/cuts? I'll start >despecialized editions >pulp empire >fear and loathing in the star wars holiday special
>>7545 Pulp Empire?
(35.02 KB 497x497 clone mmm.jpg)
>>7543 >they broke off the Republic was cause thsy thought it was runed by core world mega corps >used droids to minimize casualties and destruction This was also present in the prequel movies but as a background to the main character interactions. The series helped expand and provide the actual WAR to Star Wars as well as let background details be pushed to the front for while without ruining the pacing. Also the clones were in part, the republics attempt to do the same but with more versatile living units. >>7532 Nice overview - Go prequels!

(54.68 KB 259x195 BrainletTrump.png)
The triggering Anonymous Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 20:57:59 No. 6894 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone still browse 4chan? Anyone still post there with flair? Not encouraging brigading or anything, but it's kinda funny. I'll reply to something with a relativity benign comment and they'll get triggered really easy.
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>>6894 It's been a while, but I always liked posting on /n/. And I don't know about now, but there was at least some anti-Capitalist thought on /n/ before. Kind of a given being that Capitalism forces cagie cagie on everyone and cucks trains, bikes, et cetera from being meaningful forms of transit.
>>7034 Nice! I had a good friend help me to be better at it, overall it just takes practice and googling anything you don't understand though <3
(21.61 KB 400x400 14557856241797492.jpg)
Used to browse /vr/, /tg/, /x/ and occasionally /v/. Nowadays I just check /vr/ every other week for a rush of nostalgia and that is it. >/x/ has completely turned into a /pol/ colony that only talks about pizzagate and other burger conspiracy theories, if you are like me and frequented it for spooky stories it's no longer the place for you The russian imageboard 2ch actually segregated its spooky board into /sn/ for creepy things, /mag/ for magic larping and /zog/ for conspiracy theories. /x/ badly needed that a couple years ago but there's nothing that can be done anymore >/tg/ has been on a downward spiral for a while, but at this point it's just 50/50 hornyposting and /pol/ bait. Not worth browsing anymore. I used to think removing quests was a good thing but now I'm rethinking it, it seems that turned off a lot of creative posters >/v/ is pretty self-explanatory >even /vr/, being a niche hobby board suffered pretty badly, it's deader than ever before and full of stupid children, /pol/fag "culture" leaks there too from time to time The worst part for me though is that 4chan shit leaks everywhere, even to foreign websites. At this point 2ch is unusable either outside of niche boards, it used to be pretty good and even better than 4chan at points, now it's overrun by cargo cultist children who think that acting like 4chan /pol/acks makes them cool. So even on 2ch you can't go anywhere without running into someone who gets triggered by absolutely everything and starts ranting about SJWs and jews. And if you call them out on it they'll say you're a newfag and it's imageboard culture, even though you've been using imageboards since before /pol/ or internet SJWs even existed. It's like an actual unironic cancer that spreads everywhere. But the sad reality is that there is simply no place for an imageboard oldfag to go anymore, everything has been politicized and turned into shit, and smaller boards have ceased to exist.
>>7558 >if you are like me and frequented it for spooky stories it's no longer the place for you yeah, no joke all that kind of user generated content has moved to places like reddit. but mention this and you get a revised history about how 4chan was always this shit and only leftist cucks say it was possible to post apolitically.
>>7558 >there is simply no place for an imageboard oldfag to go anymore I stopped going on 4chan in 2016 and never really frequented anything else so I'm over it by now. But goddamn it is a sad state of affairs imageboards are in.

Music Theory Anonymous Comrade 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:55:48 No. 7411 [Reply] [Last]
I want to understand how you're supposed to play songs on piano. From what I've seen so far, you play the melody with one hand and with the other hand you play the chords, either as full chords or arpeggios. But how do you know which chords you have to play to fit a certain melody? I already know a bit of music theory so I tried figuring it out on my own. I looked up Katyusha on piano to see which chords are played. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gMx_Yiut9w The song is in D minor, and they play the chords in this order: Dmin x3 Amaj 2nd inversion x4 (Db E A) Dmin x 2 Fmaj 1st inv. (C F A) Gmin 1st inv. (D G Bb) Dmin, Gmin 1st inv. , Dmin, Amaj inv. , Dmin. I assume that some chords are inverted so that the transition between them is smoother. They play the same melody on the right hand side throughout the video, but in the beginning they only play the root notes of the chords with their left hand, after that they play the chords in different ways, and then they play the complete triads. And this is my question, how do you know which chord progression fits over a melody?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Fuck it deleted my response. Basically theory is not prescriptive, it is descriptive. You need to use your ears to decide what chords to use over a melody. The other part of the answer to this is that theory can help you discover what chords and sounds you like and you want to use, it is a tool but not the end goal. This tripped me up too. What will help you discover what chords to use faster is being able to hear stock chord progressions and where they fit. I-V is the thesis of all western harmony, you need to know that I is home and V is tension everything between that is telling a story. Not all music has a V but if you can hear when it’s absent you’ll be better off. Explore stock chord progressions like I-IV-V, I-V, iiVI and the 12 bar blues form. Lot of rolling stones, zeppelin songs are just the blues form. It’s not fun or immediately gratifying but it’s a step to take you where you want to go.
Me again, lastly in minor, A is major because of D harmonic scale. We almost always use that scale as our foundation for minor pieces. The C# comes from D harmonic.
Music is a lot like love, it's all a feeling And it fills the room, from the floor to the ceiling
>>7514 Yeah, I figured that my question is kinda pointless. I mean, if it were that easy to find chords that fit a melody well, or write a nice melody over a chord progression, there would be no point in composing music. I don't even play piano, I just wanted to see if there was any logic or formula behind why these chords are chosen. I guess there's no simple answer to that. I'll listen to more chord progressions and I'll try to get used to them. I think it's fun to see how music is created. >>7496 >>7515 I didn't think about the harmonic minor. I didn't know it was used specifically to build chords, though I guess that explains the name. When I wrote down the song to see what chords they used I knew I had to look for I-V progressions but since that V chord wasn't in key that confused me because I didn't know where it was taken from. Anyways, thanks for your answers.
>>7523 One more tip: Anything you can sing, you can hear (and play to an extent.) Learn about solfege or singing scale degrees by their numbers. (Maybe go for the second option)

(437.50 KB 1280x720 hmin.png)
Television Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 03:35:09 No. 7366 [Reply] [Last]
Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days. Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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>>7531 yeah that's what i think it is weird crazy shenanigans there is some sentient french fry and a greasy guy who wears flip flops like I don't consider it to be bad but just not for my tastes in this age.
>>7533 ok boomer what kind of comedy tickles your interest?
>>7534 big bazinga and a half men I just like regular sitcoms man, I AM NOT A BOOMER!!!
>>7537 I sorta regret I've spent my entire childhood watching comedies like two and half men. It was comfy time though.
>>7552 what comedies do you watch nowadays superstore, b99 are some current good comedies.

(54.64 KB 720x538 anne.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 12/26/2019 (Thu) 23:47:55 No. 4757 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Hypernormalisation
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>>5609 Bad takes like what it? Interested in watching it. But stuck in the living room so tell if there are any adult situations please
>>4757 It's appropriately Lynchian for our horrific post-modern fascist world. The book that coined the term is worth looking into: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexei_Yurchak an interesting talk of his (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg6Vq0cXvSc the book: https://libgen.is/search.php?req=Everything+was+Forever%2C+Until+it+was+No+More
Anne frank is really cute why did the nazis have to kill off so many qt jews omg
>>4757 Why was she so cute bros? She didn't deserve to die so early.
>>7506 Nazis were really autistic. Fuck them.

(50.79 KB 1260x600 films we just watched.jpg)
Films You Just Watched Thread Anonymous Comrade 02/20/2020 (Thu) 01:02:42 No. 6303 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, the most recent movie threads have seemed a bit unfocused, this thread is for the discussion of movies we just watched and other anon's takes on them. So, without further ado I'll begin. I just watched Parasite last night, it was pretty good I think, but not as cutting edge or witty as I was expecting. I thought it was a bit unfocused and threw a lot at the wall to see what stuck, but on the other hand, it was fun and more interesting than most. A solid 8/10. I do an IMDB rating for each film I watch, for my own reference mostly, but you can see each film I watched lately and my rating if you're curious or want to ask about them. If other anons have something similar feel free to post. https://www.imdb.com/user/ur46013471/ratings
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>>7436 >It would have been more interesting if anyone could have been the chosen one, as with only changing the deus ex machina resurrection Neo would stop being really special. All that was needed for his powers was to fully understand the truth of how the setting worked but this is exactly what happens. If trinity hadn't told him she loved him, he simply would have died. Her faith in him is what gives him the faith to hack the ultimate rule of the matrix and overcome death. It is established that they hack the matrix by overcoming the mental conditioning of its established rules. If they believe it is possible because it is just a simulation. On a purely thematic/storytelling level though I do agree with you that it would be much more interesting if the prophecy shit was dropped from the film. The movie kind of walks it back over the next two movies and it doesn't really need it.
also worth posting some of zizeks reading of the matrix. there's more good stuff in the full text, like agent smith being The Jew >Therein resides the correct insight of The Matrix: in its juxtaposition of the two aspects of perversion - on the one hand, reduction of reality to a virtual domain regulated by arbitrary rules that can be suspended; on the other hand, the concealed truth of this freedom, the reduction of the subject to an utter instrumentalized passivity. And the ultimate proof of the decline in quality of the following installments of the Matrix trilogy is that this central aspect is left totally unexploited: a true revolution would have boon a change-in how humans and the Matrix itself relate to jouissance and its appropriation. What about, say, individuals sabotaging the Matrix by refusing to secrete jouissance? >One of the great achievements of the second genre is the charmingly vulgar Conviene far bene l'amore (1974, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile), whose fundamental premise was that when, in a near future, the world run out of energy, doctor Nobile, a young brilliant Italian scientist, remembers Wilhelm Reich and makes a discovery that a tremendous amount of energy is released by a human body during the sexual act - on condition that the couple is not in love. So, in the interest of humanity's survival, the Church is convinced to invert its stance: love is sinful, and sex is OK only if done without love. So we get people confessing to their priest: "Sorry, father, I've sinned, I fell in love with my wife!" To generate energy, couples are ordered twice a week to make love in large collective hills, controlled by a supervisor who admonishes them: "The couple in the second row to the left, move faster!" The similarity with The Matrix cannot but strike the eye. The truth of both films is that, in today's late capitalism, politics is more and more the politics of jouissance, concerned with ways of soliciting or controlling and regulating jouissance (abortion, gay marriages, divorce-). > A supplementary twist is provided by the very end of the movie, when Neo magically stops the bad squid-like machines attacking the humans by merely raising his hand - how was he able to accomplish this in "the desert of the real," NOT within the Matrix where, of course, he can do wonders, freeze the flow of time, defy the laws of gravity, etc.? Does this unexplained inconsistency point towards the solution that "all there is is generated by the Matrix,'' that there is No ultimate reality? Although such " postmodern" temptation to find an easy way out of the confusions by proclaiming that all there is, is the infinite series of virtual realities mirroring themselves in each other is to be rejected, there is a correct insight in this complication of the simple and straight division between the "real reality" and the Matrix-generated universe: even if the struggle takes place in the "real reality", the key fight is to be won in the Matrix, which is why one should (re)enter its virtual fictional universe. If the struggle wore to take place solely in the "desert of the real," it would have been another boring dystopia about the remnants of humanity fighting evil machines. >To put it in the terms of the good old Marxist couple infrastructure-superstructure: one should take into account the irreducible duality of, on the one hand, the I objective" material socio-economic processes taking place in reality as well as, on the other hand, the politico-ideological process proper. What if the domain of politics is inherently -sterile," a theatre of shadows, but nonetheless crucial in transforming reality? So, although economy is the real site and politics a theater of shadows, the main fight is to be fought in politics and ideology. Take the disintegration of the Communist power in the last years of 1980s: although the main event was the actual loss of state power by the Communists, the crucial break occurred at a different level - in those magic moments when, although normally Communists were still in power, people all of a sudden lost their fear and no longer took the threat seriously; so, even if "real" battles with the police continued, everyone somehow new that "the game is over". The title The Matrix Reloaded, is thus quite appropriate: if part 1 was dominated by the impetus to exit the Matrix, to liberate oneself from its hold, part 2 makes it clear that the battle has to be won WITHIN the Matrix, that one has to return to it. > Perhaps, however - and this would be the only way to (partially, at least) redeem Revolutions - there is a sobering message in this very failure of the conclusion of the Matrix series. There is no final solution on the horizon today, Capital is here to stay, and all we can hope for is a temporary truce. That is to say, undoubtedly worse that this deadlock would have been a pseudo-Deleuzian celebration of the successful revolt of the multitude.
>>7511 <Robocommunism sounds pretty cool tbh <BECAUSE IT IS MY DUDE. ALL THE BEST STUFF OF COMMUNISM WITHOUT ANY OF THE THINGS THAT MIGHT MAKE IT FAIL. I wish there was more media or something to call this robo communism
>>7525 does star trek count?
(33.64 KB 1280x720 tfw_society.jpg)
>>7436 Alright, just finished the other two. Since they are basically two parts of one movie I'll look at them together. First of I guess I need to take back my accusation of the film being ultra-idealist, as the powers of the One are explained in M2 Architect scene (I will refer to the movies by M1,2,3). As far as I understand the One simply has an inherent connection to the machine network, which further explains Neo's powers outside of the Matrix and grounds them in reality: his connection to Matrix let's him stop the sentinels and later see the network sources, thus letting him see after the blinding. However this is not good for the film. While I dislike the "no spoon" idealism, it was an authorial idea, so what ever, however this new explanation of Neo being a predicted powerful anomaly ruins the "no spoon" explanation, as now he has powers simply because he is the one, which contradicts with the first film. I guess I will continue with other things that were sort of ruined by the second film. Number one is obviously Tank, who was a great character and at least for me one of the best from the first film, but gets unceremoniously killed of in the background before M2 and never even gets mentioned. Not that Link isn't a good character either, it's just that instead of him it should have been Tank. This section of my criticism is a bit hyperbolic al, it's not a big deal, I just liked the character and that's all. More seriously though, Agent Smith. In M1, Smith was really interesting. He basically was a rebellious machine, wanting to it self become free and escape from the fake world. This made him in my opinion a great candidate for an anti-hero / sympathetic villain if he had survived (if we pretended we didn't knew how M2-3 will go, we'd assume he was dead at the end of M1). However later movies change him. Now he pretty much becomes pure evil type of villain and acting like a joker wannabe, maybe somewhat resembling in his motivations a rogue AI villain. He talks a lot about purpose, and how he wants to get revenge for having his taken away, but in M1 his main motivation was escaping that purpose. Though at least I guess his actions are quite interesting, even if he is retconed himself: having lost purpose, he is lost himself, thus not being able to do anything else but hyperjokerfied nihilistic destruction. I don't really get the point of Smith being Neo's evil twin however. Also in the end Smith is just a mcguffin: he (and more specifically his destruction) is just a bargaining chip for Neo to offer the Architect in exchange for ending the war. Don't have much on Architect. For what he was he was written well and was pretty good character. However I think his counterpart of the Oracle is more interesting. I really like her position of being the one who tries to break the balance. It is quite clear Matrix is a stagnant and not too good of a system. It seems the Architect maintains it as a path of least resistance: he mentions to Neo that in case it fails he has plan B, yet would rather stick to this. Thus from a progressive Marxist perspective I do like Oracle's motivations. In the end I'd argue that Matrix did have a pretty good resolution. Oracle succeeds, the war ends and the wheel of history once again moves forward, breaking the cycle of the One. Sure it could have been more explained what really happens, but is that necessary? So here is how I see the world moving forward: peace is achieved between the machines and humans (Architect seems to be respectful of his deal with Neo and will likely honor it), with both civilizations learning to coexist and eventually rebuild. Machines have to use their plan B, whatever it would be, to find a new source of power, while the sleepers slowly awaken out of the Matrix (it is presumable that at the point the movie happens if the Machines don't crush Zion the awakening would rise exponentially: one council member says they rescued more than combined in last few years and the Architect alluded that the system destabilizes around the time the One shows up). Finally I'd imagine the Matrix becomes a machine world, basically the place where they truly live while only acquiring energy from the real world. I guess I might have missed some things but if so I'll try to post more if I remember. Final thoughts then I guess. I was going in expecting that I will walk away with the opinion that M2 and M3 shouldn't have been made, but no, I kind of enjoyed them. Sure they were cheesy as fuck at times and maybe relied too much on ebin action scenes while losing the tightness M1 had (I'd argue the bit where they fuck about in Zion, train-driver sub-program and the hangar battle could have been cut a bit, but hey, can't really hate on gangster looking mechs who shoot their 40k looking bolters sideways at an angry swarm of wasps). Also I did like the end and didn't really find flaws with it that are too pronounced. I guess that there were some plot-holes, like why does Merovingian, a seemingly rogue element, exists, why did non-Smith agents tried to kill keymaster even if it would fuck up the prophecy (I guess he's an exile, but still, Architect should have made sure he'd live) or why did Neo couldn't break the program rules the Train Master had but could fuck as much as he wanted with the Matrix as a whole or with Smiths world at the end. Yet I don't believe plotholes matter too much if they are minor, and in the end I will say that the entire Matrix trilogy is net-positive. w h y d i d y o u k i l l T a n k

(52.73 KB 544x571 1577894364784.jpg)
Rewiring my brain Anonymous Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 15:21:48 No. 5733 [Reply] [Last]
I need to rewire my brain. i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, i am 99% sure that these are the result of "bad" thinking and not a genetic imbalence. this toxic negative way of thinking has been printed in me since childhood by my nutjob father. this is probably the most knowledgable chan out there, if i posted this anywhere else Anons would make fun of me
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>>7259 This is wrong anon. We can't force it. We musn't This is against the laws of nature. Butt Tank U
Anyone ever try Psilocybin Shrooms? I've had Visual Snow and DPDR for 6 months and it makes me wanna die. Shrooms could be risky but I honestly think it could help me break out of my mental prison. I just feel like I have all these thoughts and feelings trapped in the back of my head. I need to have them out in front of me where I can see them.
>>7402 i feel like visual snow serves as a reminder that we are interpreting the world through the limitations of the flesh and thus are unable to fully grasp the state of the world outside us. i find comfort in being able to distance mental existence from the chaos of external reality. I am however trying to recover from the argument that if we really were simply the experience of physical reality with no control over it we would be unable to posit the question as such but i refuse to accept a direct form of control as it runs so contrary to my own experience. Rambling aside a shitton of psychedelics certainly hasnt grounded me in reality and has given me visual snow so i wouldnt recommend it for that. But theyve led me to find comfort in the absurdity of existence (after fucking me up for quite a while), so thats a huge plus and could be very useful in your case if you have similar experiences. All psys are pretty similar in what they can do for you and its really just a matter of preference which one dissociatives made me decide to never kill myself so id also recommend them as a good last resort for that but they do, well, cause dissociation. they also can be pretty addictive unlike psys
Don't mean to necro but I just wanna say to OP that I'm having similar struggles, and I offer my sympathy and solidarity. Also I dont think youll get much advice on this anywhere on the internet, all the advice anyone can give you is always the same basics (endevour to improve diet, sleep, get exercise, try practising mindulness, expand and improve your friends, try to get some if you hane atm). Plus the exercise will help you to become involved more directly in the world revolution that is definitely and undoubtedly coming soon, I'm sure :')
>>7539 *if you dont have any atm


no cookies?